and also gonna be great in this


4CC 2017

Tessa & Scott (top right corner) doing The Lean™ during the gala [x]

Dedicated to @cuteiceprincesslove <3

maliussparkle  asked:

How's your animation going?? :) is it doing well? Are taking rest after hours of work on it? Because I hope you do! I don't want you to overwork yourself! Please, take your time. Haters are just gonna have to wait a little longer. Besides that, I hope you have a great day/night! ^^

It’s going well ^^~
And yea, I definitely take my time :) I’m sorry that it takes sooo long, but I don’t have the same energy as with ECHO where I was sitting daily 3 hours after work on it :V….

I need to do some normal illustrations or just chill a bit for a change haha
Also the quality has gone quite up I think, so this takes even Qualitywise more time then ECHO :’D ….

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Does it make sense to post original content on AO3, or do you know a better site for stuff that isn't fandom based?

That’s a tricky question, AO3 isn’t hostile to original content or anything but I’d say even if you have an audience on AO3 the chances of them also reading your original stuff is… low. You’re just gonna get a lot less hits/kudos/etc and that can be kinda depressing to have all in one place where you can really look at them side by side and see how few people are reading your original stuff versus your fan stuff.

When it comes to publishing original works in a serial format, I like doing it on my own wordpress site the best, but also understand if that’s… not really doable, for most people. Because it necessitates having your own wordpress site. Uh.

Honestly I might just say make a sideblog with a good readable theme and a consistent tagging system, to make it easy for people to read the whole thing with /chrono? Kinda setting it up like a webcomic, I guess. I know there are sites like wattpad and whatnot but I know approximately fuckall about them. But anyway if you put it on your own tumblr, or a wordpress, then you can also do things like link to your Patreon or your, which is something that’s actually against AO3 policies but which can be a big help if you want to be able to share your writing for free while working towards making a living off it.

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KK and JJ have a boner for Crayola. It's fucking obvious since they are fine with being ambiguous and shit about his motivations. I'm tired of this. I think that KK gave in on John because she figured that she could push JJ to remove all of his badass scenes, which he did, and knowing that Rian wanted to focus on Rey and Luke for the next installment, Finn is in the shade. I cannot tell you how fucking galling it is to hope for representation, say it's coming, and then get this bullshit.

i feel for you, anon. i know i’ve said before that i personally am not too worried about it because the general audience LOVES finn, every review had nothing but great things to say about finn/john, and john himself seems genuinely excited about where finn’s story is headed - but i’m also white and see myself literally everywhere all the time so the last thing i’m gonna do is sit here and tell you not to be upset or worried, especially with kathy “somehow manages to get even worse every time she opens her mouth” kennedy at the helm. 

your fears make complete sense. i watch a ridiculous amount of television. i know what happens to characters of color, especially black characters. i’ve seen them start out as leads and end up dead or marginalized to the point they might as well be (looking at you supergirl & the 100 and basically everything on the cw except maybe the flash) as a response to a racist ass fandom like this one. it’s good that tv and movies are so totally different, because since the general audience and critics both adored finn, and they did rewrites for ep viii because of this response, it makes it more likely that the best has yet to come for finn.

at least i really, really hope i’m right about that because you deserve so much better.

I’m gonna be doing some HCs

I’ve been inspired by one of my new friends, @another-tyler12-blog and I want to start doing headcannons for Ethan. If you would like anything feel fre to message me and I will get right on it! Also make sure to check her blog out because Harley makes amazing headcannons and imagines for Tyler and I love them so much. Have a great day!

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'There's no bitterness': Louis Tomlinson gushes about his One Direction bandmates as he praises their support for his first solo performance - what a positive headline from the DM. I think it also came first from a Rolling Stone article (they wrote the article first I mean and DM copied) which was surprisingly accurate. I'm gonna go ahead and suspect that simon had nothing to do with this particular article lol

yeah i think the DM tends to flip flop and follow the money as opposed to any particular allegiance (unlike the sun).

but that’s great! I’m all for some positive press to break up the nonsense.

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I've been out of the fandom for three days and I just read Mani's gonna be on DWTS 👏👏👏 I'm so excited for our girl 💕 I didn't know that it was her dream to be on that show, and she's an amazing dancer, she's gonna slay. Hopefully she wins. Also this means Mani will get more recognition and the girls will get promoted. I think it's a great gig.

it makes me so happy flashing back to the times she’s said she’s wanted to be on there so badly and how the others have said they’d be there to support her😭


aight so i took my portrayal anxiety from last night and flung the fucker out the window. like. genuinely, heck that. i???? love my muse. he’s great and i’m gonna write him. so ye, no semi-hiatus. @ anxiety, bye. 

also unrelated but the shirt i bought today is legitimately my sexuality. it says ‘leave me alone’ in huge letters.

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Our gemsonas are yellow!! *w* Mine it's Citrine haha what makes a citrine and topaz? I'm planning to do a fusion ^^

I think Heliodor makes great *-*
(Also Heliodor is Opal and Topaz fusion)
BUT i’m gonna change it for spirit Quartz.

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I'm 14yrs old 5'4 1/2 and my current weight is 144.3 lbs (as far as I know) I try to eat as little as possible, and am a vegetarian, trying my hardest to (and succeeding) become a vegan. What should my GW be? Also how long would it take to reach it? I would like to be skinny by summer soo.... Ps. I loooove your blog <3

Hi i think your goal weight should be around 105-110 lbs. Its a really great step to go vegan! I hope youre gonna reach your goals by summer! Stay safe❤

seaborgs  asked:

gabe was a drama kid and also did ballet. his moms were lesbians. if you compliment him he's like duh ofc but secretly rly appreciates it. his work mode personality and off work personality are very different

I’m gonna cry I?? love this?? He definitely had two moms and they were the toughest kindest women imaginable. the guy knows he’s great but /loves to hear it/. 

LIKE my hc is just. I love to think of gabe as tough at work but super nice off duty. loud laughter and doesn’t stop talking about anything/everything. the only time he’s silent is when he’s /genuinely upset/ and then you’re just like “..oh no. oh no say something back /please yell back no don’t be upset/” 

Holy Dingus I am back!!

After 92 days I am back home! I can’t wait to draw again~ I am first gonna draw something I wasn’t able to do while I was there.

Hopefully in a week or so I can start drawing daily again! I have trouble typing and walking around in GW2….I feel so silly xD

Also thank you everyone who liked, reblogged and started following my work while I was gone. I love you all so much. Hope you have a great weekend sweeties <3

- Joyce

“Met up with a bunch of the Wings last night, mostly for booze and a chat. It was nice to put some faces on names, at any rate. Ended up hanging with Shushulo for a bit, and she gave me the gun she promised when we were out on a job last. I admit I am not that great with it yet, but it’s good to have a fallback for when Fatespinning isn’t gonna work as well in a fight. Shu said there was somethin’ she could add to it to make it draw Aether instead of use bullets, but until I run into her again and she remembers the parts, bullets it is! 

“She was also right about the explosions the fire elementals out here in Southern Thanalan make. Whew! If I had got any closer to the last one, I’d be out eyebrows!”

How J'onn found out
  • J'onn: (thinking) hmm, alex seems distracted lately, i hope nothing's wrong.
  • J'onn: *reads alex's mind*
  • Alex: (thinking) i'm gay, i'm gay, i'm so fucking gay.
  • Alex: i wonder if j'onn can tell that i'm gay.
  • Alex: he probably can. it's so obvious.
  • Alex: also, he can read minds.
  • Alex: shit. alex, think of something straight.
  • Alex:
  • Alex: boobs
  • Alex: shit
  • Alex: he can totally tell
  • Alex: shit shit shit
  • J'onn: (speaking) so how are you today, alex?
  • Alex: i'm gay
  • J'onn:
  • Alex:
  • J'onn:
  • Alex: i'm gonna go over there now

You’re right, little brother. I can’t forgive you for destroying our hometown. ‘Cause I ain’t gonna let it happen.