and also gonna be great in this

After watching “Welcome To The Madness”,here’s my prediction about Otabek Altin being a future (damn great) coach

Agape’s coreography it’s like is sewn on Yuri’s angelic appearance. Victor, as a friend and also newly-coach knows his skater’s personality very well, and he gives to him the unexpected “On Love” version because he definitely gonna kill it. But at the same time I feel like he didn’t follow Yuri’s heart (maybe because he was actually Yuuri’s coach, and he have to follow him first). I mean ok, Yuri also have a soft side, an “agape” who’s pictured by his beloved grandpa (and later, friends and yep, Beka), but I think that a skater have to make his best and gets some fun into the coregraphy, not demostrate their twisted inner psycology XD What I trying to said is, Otabek could be in future a freaking great coach: he saw what’s in Yuri’s heart from the very first minute, choosed the best song, and actually manage to agree with a so freaking particular personality like Yuri in just one night, finding the best moves together. Otabek is a future genius coach. XD
And here lies my two cents.
THIS IS MADNESS! *throws confetti*

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so, i'm going to see hamilton in chicago in a few weeks and i'm a little nervous because i have no idea how i'm going to react to act 2 but... that's not as bad as the FEAR i have FOR WHEN YOU START PUTTING UP VIDEOS FOR EM' BECAUSE, WITH YOUR IDEAS AND DIRECTION, I'M GONNA BE IN HECKIN' SHAMBLES AND IT'S GONNA BE GREAT.

omg im so happy for you!! i hope u have fun! 



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OH GREAT BIRB, GRANT ME YOUR WISDOM! (please). How do you write a character being super clingy but with no physical contact? They're also pretty young (eight-nineish)? Idk what I'm doing... sigh... any suggestions would be great...

thanks for saying please!

Clingy behaviors are pretty common in young children, so don’t fear! I’m sure we can figure something out!!

We’re gonna call the clingy kid smol and the person theyre clinging to tol

smol may follow tol around the house. If tol moves for some privacy, smol will probably move to be in the same room as them, or on the same side or area in a bigger space.

Smol will also go to tol first for everything. If they’ve done a drawing, tols attention will mean the world. If they’re sick, smol will go to tol for help. Smol will go to tol first for everything- do you think my doll is pretty, look at the grade i got on my test, this thing happened today and im going to tell you everything about it, i want a dog

Also, if smol is really clingy of tol they might try to mimic tol a little bit. Tol doesn’t like carrots? Well now smol doesnt even if they used to love it. Tol has a job? Thats what smol is going to be when they grow up!!!

I couldnt find any articles on clingy behaviors- only how to react to them. In case thats helpful, I’ll link one here

Let me know if there’s anything you think I missed!

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AHHHH SAPHAEL IF FREAKING CANON!!!!! And I have I theory about the whole cheek touching thing!! If you look closely in the back of the photos you can see a mic! A mother freaking MIC!! That means Simon was doing a performance!! Remember how Alberto said that he hopes that Simon will sing this season?! I'm pretty sure simon is gonna sing in 2x11, and Raphael is gonna be there to watch!! And I think he hangs out with Simon after to tell him how great he was!!!! What do you think is going to happen

here’s the mic incase you missed it and there’s also a drum set you can see from the first picture. I like your theory but I’m sure those things are there because Simon is now living in the boathouse and probably just wants to be more comfortable and at home, though I’m totally not opposed to Simon singing and wooing Raphael.

I actually have several theories on this!

#1 - What I really really hope is happening!!

I really want really want it to be Simon singing and Raphael just lurking around in the back, being all dark and Raphaelish but he sees how happy Simon is when he’s singing but also so lonely at the boat shed. Then he startles Simon because he won’t be Raphael frigging Santiago if he didn’t and I imagine them having a heart to heart and both apologizing for the shit they did (c’mom how hard is it for Simon to admit that he fucked up too/ first) Also I really want Simon to feel things for Raphael (like love, preferably love) and Raphael asks Simon to come back to the DuMort, which Simon agrees to.  

#2- wHAt is probably gonna happen 

Raphael will come looking for Simon only because Simon’s a daylighter and the writers love making Raphael an asshole, he still asks Simon to come back to the DuMort but for his own selfish needs.

#3 - What better not be fucking happening

I’ve been seeing this around, and I swear to god it’s really Clary is disguise I will frigging murder a bitch! this is a possibility and if it is true, the writers can burn in the darkest pits of hell, Jace needs to get Clary away from Simon as fast as possible and they need to stop the shit they’re doing to Raphael.

I mean, who really knows what’s going on. For now, i will just live in the bliss of these new photos and hope for the best!

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Recently, I've been having a lot of really bad days and I'm always upset and have really bad panic attacks but I don't really have anyone to actually help me through them, so do you know anything hat would help ease the stress a little? That would help a lot. Also, I fucking love your art they're the reason why I'm still alive and I mean that as literal as possible.

I dont really feel like im great at giving advice but im gonna try my best!
Its okay to feel overwhelmed and stressed out, and its okay to take time for yourself. Try taking a hot shower or maybe a nice bath. Take a walk so you can just get out for a little a put some distance between you and the stressful stuff. Read if thats something that calms you. Watch an old movie you love and just try to let yourself be at easy bc its okay to take time for yourself.
I hope this helps even just a little
Lots of love Nonny💕

When I wake up (idk when that will be).. I’ll be answering my tumblr questions.. creating new things, thinking, writing, more thinking and being honest w. myself.

If you’re not honest with yourself for at least a couple minutes each day then you really have some work to do. on yourself. Remember that the worst thing you can do to yourself no matter how big or small of a situation or blessing it is.. and I mean it could literally be ANY…THING… you have to have inner conversations and mental connections in order to not only let yourself know but your universal self/soul KNOW that you have the capability to let go, forgive and accept. If you’re in the best place you’ve been in months mentally/emotionally, tell yourself “I’m gonna be okay, I’m doing so great, I’m proud of myself.” If you’re afraid of what the future might hold.. it’s also ok to admit that. As long as you’re admitting those things to yourself, you’re giving both your mind and body this sense of tranquillity and trust with knowing that you’re not lying to yourself just for the sake of everyone else’s happiness. Those were simply two common examples but later on I will be writing and posting more; especially mine because I’m going through something that requires mental strength and stability, and has a lot to do with constantly reminding myself that it’s okay to feel the way that I feel right now but I can’t let my past dictate my future. There’s nothing wrong with being so happy that you can’t stop smiling from ear to ear and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being sad and feeling confused. Your peace of mind matters. Fuck everyone else’s. You come first.
Let that sink in.

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Do any of the boys shave their legs and/or armpits and/or privates? As like a sex thing?

My head canons around their body hair:

Alex is au natural. No trimming, shaving, nothing. Leg hair is coarse and black, pubic hair is silky black.

Laf manscapes his junk for sure. Keeps it pretty trimmed. Soft, fuzzy leg hair, tightly curled Luis hair trimmed up nicely.

John. Sweet summer boy. Waxes his legs, his ass, his pubes. This is a habit from swimming in high school and college, and he just likes it. He might leave a little patch of pubic hair, or a landing strip (lmfaoooo) but he likes to be hairless. Laf and Alex leave great beard burn.

Also, in gonna go on record of saying, I am like John (full Brazilians every 4-5 weeks, legs too) and there is no greater feeling than having your asshole waxed. John agrees.

I feel like bellamy is gonna see that little girl and get all excited because you know how bell is around children. and then he is totally going to adopt her with clarke. 

i am just so ready for bellarke to adopt this child and be a beautiful happy family ahh

SPEAKING OF BELLARKE, Wow i just realized Pacey and Joey are also a great example of how time jumps can work (super well still) on romance



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hi, I’m still here

Well, fuck, it’s been two months since I’ve been on here. Oops. Life’s been pretty busy, which is great. I’ve had a long-term temp job at a media company, which I might get hired at which would be really cool. I would honestly love to work there, it’s a great, inclusive, diverse, supportive environment. It’s a company run by an amazing woman, and employs mostly women. (there’s like 5 guys out of 40 employees) Everyone is awesome and super pretty because it’s LA and WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE SO FUCKING PRETTY HERE. 

Also, I have a big crush on a straight girl which SUCKSSS.

Final update–in exactly three weeks I’m going home to visit my family, who I haven’t seen since I moved here last December. I’m so excited to see all of them!!!

Oh, and I’m gonna try to be on here more often. I think I’m going to rework this account though, since I don’t pay attention to the 1oo at all anymore. Obviously a part of me will always love Clexa, but I’m 100000% done with that show and have been for quite some time. I literally do not care about it lol. (I obviously care about the actors on it, I hope they’re happy and eating well, I love them <3)

So, yeah. Changes to come, just might take a bit of time since, well, I don’t really use my time to go on tumblr anymore. But I miss you all and I definitely want to start getting active on here again.

<3 Isabel

well since PWR BTTM is cancelled. time to break out the good ol’ list of “”LGBT bands and artists you might have heard of but if you haven’t, definitely need to be listening to them””**  my favs are gonna be bolded

The Cliks - if you haven’t heard Lucas cover ‘take me to church’ then go the fuck home. also, dirty king is a jam

LEIF - AMAZING gay rapper. 

Angel Haze - they’re perfect

Ladyhawke - funky autistic lesbian synthpop 

Eli Lieb - i honestly only listen to his lana covers BUT he does have some good original music lol

SÄLEN  - gay as fuck synthpop 

Spoonboy - Linus and Me is good. anything that’s punk w/ trumpets is A+ to me

Beth O’Reiley - gay as fuck and acoustic. does a lot of covers but her original songs are pretty great. 

Radical Face - gay man, makes rly chill music. gives me death cab vibes. but gay

Dodie Clark - bi and a beautiful voice. her ‘teenage dream’ cover with tessa violet is v gay

Years And Years - funky gay beats and rly good vocals

Wasi - Gay synthpop and its fucking amazing

Mykki Blanco - Hip Hop/R&B and rly fucking good

MIKA - theatrical shit. a little too campy for me. but some ppl rly like him

Neon Trees - “songs i can’t listen to” is my favorite by them

Passion Pit - didn’t know the lead singer was gay until recently bc im lame. but i love their music

WoodKid - tbh idk how to describe woodkid. but he’s gay and makes good music

PVRIS - reminds me of troye sivan but lesbian and way more rock

Beatrice Eli - “girls” is the gayest song ive heard in a long time 

Ria Mae - “clothes off” comes as a close second to the gayest song ive heard in a long time

Adore Delano - was on americna idol, became a drag queen, katy perry meets ke$ha but also gay

Courtney Act - was on australian idol as a drag queen, is actually genderqueer and a pretty good singer

Shura - chill vibe, late night car rides, kinda sad, kinda not. very lesbian

Pansy Division - gay greenday 

Perfume Genius - my sad gay husband tbh

Tom Goss - a little bit country a little bit rock n’ roll. all gay

Mr. Twin Sister - ‘Blush’ makes me wanna kiss a boy in a smokey bar 

Rostam - used to be apart of vampire weekend and his music had a lot of the same sound. (also check out vampire weekend lol)

the XX - a gay man and a lesbian make some sad tunes my dudes. the song “angels” took on a whole new meaning when i found out they were gay

Superfruit - The two gays from pentatonix have some good disco-style jams

**honourable mentions bc you’ve probably already heard of them: Sia, Debbia Harry/Blondie, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Mary Lambert, Sam Smith, Troye Sivan, Frank Ocean, Hayley Kiyoko, Tegan and Sara, Todrick Hall, Willow Smith, Adam Lambert, The B-52s, 


andreil lil red riding hood au where neil befriends a golden wolf with sweets

i’m running with the wolves tonight

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so me and @useless-protag started crying at this scene while watching the great gatsby and i promised myself ‘’i’m gonna draw this today or die trying’’

it’s 1 am im still alive B)

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If possible please show off some more of pet shops SSStier bullshit nonsense. People need to know this bird is NOT NICE

ye, so there’s a plethora of reasons why petshop is considered “petshop tier”, and is usually super-duper banned when the game is played competitively, probably a lot more than i’m aware of but i’ll tell you what i can

much of petshop’s bullshit revolves around this move right here, these ceiling icicles. it’s performed by holding down Light, Medium or Heavy and releasing. all 3 can be held down at the same time

these icicles hit high, is an important thing to keep in mind here

being able to charge up these icicles by holding down the buttons you’re not currently using basically means you always have some way to apply pressure and scare your opponent into blocking, which is what you want because that means you can do this shit

if timed properly there is zero way to block this, and it leads into petshop’s basic bread-and-butter combo

did i mention his bread-and-butter combo does 100% damage, by the way? because that’s a thing, and is probably the #1 reason he’s banned

if his opponent isn’t in the corner he can’t do the unblockable high/low shit as effectively, but he can still get left/right mixups thanks to his “teleport”

but even without this “teleport”, the icicles still leave him with an effective way to keep the opponent away from him, and SPEAKING OF

his keepaway can be really strong and really annoying, because his primary projectiles are done with the Stand button, i.e. NOT any of the buttons used for his ceiling icicles. this allows him to use both at the same time, and it can make him really hard to approach

capcom must’ve been at least somewhat aware of how good he was, because petshop’s projectiles do not deal chip damage. that’s not much of a fix when his actual combos do 100%, but it does at the very least incentivize him to come to you when you have a life lead. this is what you want, because if you hafta chase after him you’re gonna hafta wade through a minefield

petshop also has crazy mobility, moreso than any other character. he can freely fly around (he has no jump, though), dash in 6 directions and can pretty easily escape from danger when he manages to get trapped in a corner. it’s a big problem. 

he also outright avoids a decent amount of low attacks just by floating there, so he can be hard to even land hits on once you DO get close enough, especially if your character’s reliable combo starters happened to be lows

a character having one or two of these qualities would be great, but petshop has all of them. he can do whatever the fuck he wants and there’s not much anybody can do about it. my advice is to main petshop–that’s what i did!

i probably missed some shit, truth be told i’m not super knowledgeable about this game (or jojo in general). if anyone wants to know more, i recommend asking @grooveonfight, they can tell you a lot more than i can!

why b99 season 4 gives me life
  • Jake and Amy getting through Florida
  • Gina becoming a part of Charles’s family
  • jake and rosa’s friendship
  • the fact amy and rosa stuck together while jake was in Florida
  • “gross!! rosa, those are our dads!” 
  • we finally met Kylie. like four years later guys. we did it.
  • Gina got hit by a bus and she didn’t even break her stride (aint nothing gonna slow her down)
  • doug judy came back and kicked ass
  • “go to sleeeep daddy’s deaadd but his ghost’s always watching….”
  • the squad tackled racism like terry tackles firemen (strongly and efficiently)
  • Amy Santiago is gonna be a sergeant 
  • Jake and Amy’s relationship is so supportive and healthy i genuinely want to cry somethings
  • charles has a son now and he’s a great father, super supportive and learning things about his child’s native country
  • the show went from having fat jokes in season 1 to having an episode arc where Terry relates getting “emotionally healthy” 
  • jake not letting amy compromise her dream’s for his sake because her dreams are also his dreams

feel free to add ur own but basically this entire show is a blessing but this season is a treasure