and also gonna be great in this

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I don’t know how there gonna help ya Schmidt! I mean there only living cartoon characters from the popeye the sailor man age who have beaten up satin himself! Also Mugman is cute and will be a great help when it comes to yer stress and anger issues.

One day I’m gonna get some sleep and it’s going be great. Unless its while I’m driving like I did this morning. We didn’t die praise Jesus.

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Fav fic recommendations?

I have like so many to recommend but I’m gonna just like list a few here:

@ginger-stilinski has some great stuff, go check out my wifey💜💜

@were-cheetah-stiles has like amazing fics like The Recruit and College Years oh! And Summer Fling! Literally, she’s amazing, I dare to go to her blog and binge read all her series

@minhosmeanhoe TPD was epic!!! Check it out and also her recent series Color of My world I think it’s called, I could be wrong.

@ninja-stiles Corporate is awesome y'all. Loving that story so far! And you will too!!💜💜

@thelittlestkitsune CEO OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOSHH LOVE THAT SERIES!! If ya haven’t read it you should check it out.

This is literally all I can come up with, don’t hate me if I missed you, I still love y'all💜💜💜

Y’all I was so scared about having a roommate because I’ve heard a bunch of roommate horror stories but my roommate is such a darling and she’s so great. It’s just like… nice to have a friendly face to come home to? We show each other funny shit we find, talk about our days, check in with each other, share food and stuff like that. She’s also just super respectful of the fact that it’s our shared space (I try to be as respectful as possible as well). She’s gonna be away for tonight because of a long weekend and she left this cute little note on our door. 

Like…we’re not in the same friend groups and we don’t travel in the same social circles really but we just get along really well and it’s so nice. 

I also just like??? Love my house in general. 

Renaming Legends as For F**ks sake Nate!

Ok for the second ep in a row it’s Nates fault things got worse!!!

But I did love the episode it was fast, fun and exciting. It had a great humour and interactions between the crew.

I love that Rip is telling the Time Bureau that the Legends are gonna be the ones to take on the big bad that is coming, he has faith in his friends even if he is still keeping it a secret.

I love that Ray got to science, he looked very hot throughout this episode but also got to show off his smarts Ray got to show his inventing, be sciency and even show off his Eagel Scout knowldge. Also damn was he cute poor boy and his cat alergy.

I loved Sara and Shaw’s fight, they have so much hate but also you can so see a growing respect in future eps and if it continues I’m so gonna ship them.

It really was Nate’s screw up and poor Jax and Ray got dragged into his problems and suffered for his mistakes.

I got Atomwave interaction so I’m super happy, Mick thinks Rays perfect and thats what I’m takign from his line! Also poor Mick realing mister Sneezels and being afraid of clowns, as always he’s a joy in each ep.

I’m very excited about Kuasa and the introduction of magics into the Legends world.

God fun episode with a bit of everything I like about this show even if Nate is being a pain!


andreil lil red riding hood au where neil befriends a golden wolf with sweets

i’m running with the wolves tonight

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The Sanders Sides!Patton: Morality

The others: RomanLoganVirgil


so me and @useless-protag started crying at this scene while watching the great gatsby and i promised myself ‘’i’m gonna draw this today or die trying’’

it’s 1 am im still alive B)


Mermaid moodboard : Mermaid + minimalism

In a war of waves, she was just another sailor lost at sea. - Eira S.

so taako and kravitz are on a date, probably like a later date, and kravitz is really getting into Backstory Territory and is explaining his sort of state of being… undead, generally ageless and immortal and also carrying an aspect of the raven queen and taako’s just like “yeah ok cool cool” and kravitz explains that the raven queen can exist through him and when she calls he has to answer and taako just immediately picks up on the fact that she can possibly hear through him and he’s like

“hey can she hear me like, right now?”

“um… probably, i mean–”

taako is waving a hand in front of kravitz’s face like “heeeello, is this thing on, hey, R.Q., listen I–”

and kravitz is just dumbfounded like… what is he doing no stop and taako’s like

“hey listen im taako, sure you’ve heard of me, kind of a big deal, it’s a pleasure. listen, im gonna fuck your son, okay?”

cue kravitz fluffing like a ghibli character, dark cheeks even darker somehow and is like “woah woah, taako what–”

but taako continues like, “no i really gotta put all this out on the table like, your son is super great and im really into him, and also im going to totally ride his dick. i hope that’s okay!”

and kravitz just covers taako’s mouth finally and they get into this like play wrestling session except kravitz is absolutely stronger than taako so he wins and he’s just like HEAVING like OH BOY PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS

and the raven queen just like whispers in the back of his mind like “get it, son.”

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Tbh kinda want there to be some langst in the form of Matt suddenly showing up and seeming like a the team wanting him to pilot blue lion

Lance didn’t mean to spy on them, okay, nor did he mean overhearing what they were saying. It’s just, he was going for some leftover goo after a well needed shower, and as he was rounding the corner, Shiro’s voice, laced with amusement, reached him and made him stop in his tracks.

“We’re gonna train you like a true paladin of Voltron,” he was chuckling, followed by a oh so familiar ‘oof’, meaning he had just patted the shit out of someone’s shoulder. The someone replied back, a little wheezy “Sure, because that’s exactly what I need” and- of course it was Matt.

Matt Holt, Shiro’s long time friend and companion, Pidge’s brother, miraculously back safe from the failure of the Kerberos mission. Everyone was overjoyed with having him on the ship, rightfully so, and he was a cool guy, with an acquired knowledge of Galra machinery that even the Alteans lacked. Had a smile for everyone, a biting humor that made even Keith laugh, and was also great with technical stuff. Basically, the perfect paladin.

And Lance was happy to have him back, of course, because he had never seen Pidge look so joyful, and Shiro looked less like he was contemplating leaving again to fistfight enemies in the astral plane. It was awesome, even.

But- lately his chest had inexplicably started to feel hollow. He was so happy, except for the constant pressure in the back of his eyes, and an annoying knot in his stomach. And sure, he could feel his control slipping with Blue, like their bond was just an echo of what it had been, like the connection was disturbed by a shitty cable plan, but it was going great. Zarkon was no more, Shiro was back with Matt, and the Galra army was still reorganizing itself, scattered and weak. They would be able to get it over with, finally, and go back home, leave all this shitshow behind and save the universe, whatever.

It only made sense to use every resource they had. And while Lance thought he had hidden his shortcomings well, what if he hadn’t? It didn’t matter. Of course they wanted Matt to pilot Blue in his place, because he was a shitty paladin anyway and wouldn’t it be better for everyone? He just wanted to go home, and him backing down was the faster solution.

So why couldn’t he bring himself to say it? To say, hey, Matt, I’m leaving Blue to you, treat her well, she’s a mighty lady. And why couldn’t his heart stop rabbiting in his chest, growing fangs to bite into his lungs and steal his breath? Why the fuck did he feel so empty?

He was surprised too, when a thud ringed clearly in the silence, and it was him hitting the floor, his legs suddenly giving out.

Confused, he watched two figures approach and- Shiro and Matt were looking at him weirdly, as he scrambled upright again, using the wall as a prop.

“Lance,” Shiro called, and he was frowning “Everything okay? We heard a noise.”

Lance laughed, although humorlessly. “Just tripped!” he lied, and now Matt was smiling, and he couldn’t bear it any longer, could he?

“No case of human slipperies, I hope,” Matt joked, and Shiro gave him a tight lipped, amused stare.

Lance winced. “Naah, I just took my shower a little too hot, I guess.”

Shiro looked relieved at that, but still suspicious, his eyes narrowed. “Good job out there, by the way,” he praised, slowly, clearly trying to make him feel better, and it hurt. Why did it hurt so much?

“A-Ah, of course! You, too,” he tried to hide the grimace behind a bright grin and a wink. An uncomfortable silence fell upon them. Huh. “Well!” he trilled “Now, if you’ll excuse me, my beauty sleep is calling me!” They laughed.

“Sure it is! Get some rest, Lance,” Shiro said, raising his hand to give him what would probably have been a reassuring pat, but Lance practically sprinted away, missing the troubled look Shiro and Matt shared.

Only when the door of his room was firmly closed behind his shoulders he let his legs fail him again, sliding down into a crouched position.

“Fuck,” he managed, low and broken, staring at his feet, as hot tears started streaming down his cheeks, “Fuck.”