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HEY who wants shitty cell phone progress photos? Well here they are anyway. Mainly because I’m excited about it. >v>; I had’t put all the pieces together till today so I’m happy that it’s looking good! The knees (for now) work, but they’re annoying to put on so I didn’t bother for now. Photoshopped in the tattoo cause why not, and I’m not about to waste one of the real ones on a dress rehearsal. I’ll get better photos at the actual con and/or when the bow is done. This is probably 99% complete with time to spare to help my friend do his Mercy.

Also, yes, I added the D.Va selfie pose cause it occurred to me that maybe the first time I show my actual face around here I shouldn’t look like I want to murder the world. >_>;

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Any thoughts on Phil's liveshow? If you do, I'd love to hear them!

yaaaa omg i actually just didn’t get a lot of specific/excited questions about it and therefore got sidetracked watching the young pope lmao but YES, it was so good and def several things worth noting: 

1. the signed pic of angel in a bubble bath. like, wow. i can’t believe that phil opened with this. i can’t believe that we’re at a point where phil is comfortable showing this. i wonder if he felt dan backed him into a corner tho? bc it def didn’t seem like he had any intention of telling us beforehand and then he kept sort of mentioning that “everyone was asking” him about it and tweeting him about it and wanting to see it so i just wonder if phil was like very much not intending to ever let it see the light of day but then felt pressured by everyone asking and then i wonder whether dan had to sort of talk him down from being worried about it in some way??? ???? ? ? idk!!!!! like he seemed very calm and giggly about it but only bc, in my opinion, he seemed to have prepared a story around it that was designed to dilute its impact (that he has loved buffy for ages, that dan was for sure looking for a sarah michelle gellar photo and couldn’t find one so he settled for this one, as though there were no other shops anywhere that would have sarah michelle gellar photos for dan to find. that it “wasn’t the signed buffy photo he was expecting” etc. etc.) and then many comments about being very put off by the photo, all of them slightly tempered by the fondness in his eyes and the loveliness of his laughter. idk, overall, such a big step that he shared it (possibly against his original will), but he still did it very much on his terms, in a language he is comfortable with. 

i just love that dan literally bought phil a nude photo of a dude in a bath for his bday like how are we at the point that that is a confirmed thing that we have seen with our own eyes and that we are allowed to KNOW? i feel like i’m living in some alternate reality and every single day things keep happening with them that make me literally wonder when the fuck it happened and just rejoice that we’re getting to see it aeorijaoweirjaowierjaoewr fuck man

2. the little commentary from phil about how in their photoshoots dan is the one who gets to “do the nice smile” and people always make phil do a weird face which inevitably leads to his infamous crazy eyes. that was interesting to me bc i didn’t realize it would be so set in stone that they’d be asked to assume those roles in their professional pics but i guess it makes sense and matches up to the “branding” of phil as strange/quirky and dan as the normie/ “straight man” that is and has been discussed to death. to me it was more interesting that phil didn’t really seem that bothered by it and to also hear him talk about photo anxiety yet again, and always resorting to big eyes as a way to save him from the awkwardness of figuring out how to pose his face in a more serious fashion 

3. YET ANOTHER movie date why are they living in a utopian ideal of domestic bliss i hate them. and yet another date/outing that was accompanied by a heaped serving of social awkwardness and catastrophe. i swear their life is simultaneously too funny and lovely to be real. my fav part of this was that the story started with phil referencing the poor middle-aged dude face-planting into “dan’s popcorn” but then by the end he was saying “our popcorn.” cute. the fact they saw another movie together. with footstools. so, so cute. the fact that phil was very open and intentional and repetitive with his explanation that he went with dan, that it was he and dan in the darkened theater, dan and phil getting accosted by a falling man,,, he could’ve potentially told that story without dan? and maybe would’ve done so at some point in the distant past? but not this time. and the casual “we” he used throughout the live show was lovely too.

4. his thoughts on manchester by the sea sounded very similar to dan’s style of reviewing films in live shows and v un-phil. phil normally sticks to broad opinions: either he liked it or it was ‘okay’ or ‘not the best,’ but this time he gave v specific things he liked and a bit more nuanced opinions and i was into it. 

5. so much about the gas leaks that i don’t really even know where to start. first of all: “you need to move.” “i know.” this is the first direct acknowledgment of moving, i believe, from either of them. holy shit? and then the fact that he said “hotel vlogs” if they were to go to a hotel, as though that’s something they’d ever give us. and then towards the end of the conversation: “is dan okay?” “yes, we’re fine.” i love when one of them answers on behalf of both of them, it’s gross and also so instinctive and it makes my heart soar. i feel like all of the jokes have been made about the very universe trying to force them to move and i’ve written so much on how sure i am that it’s going to happen soon, so i have nothing to add there. it’s happening SOON yall. they’re moving. i guarantee. 

6. phil retelling the meerkat story was so adorable. phil googling random things to have as pets like sugar gliders and talking about dog breeds before once again saying he should stick to plants was adorable and also just continued to solidify for me that they’re BADLY in want of a dog and just as firmly do not feel that it is the right time for it. phil’s coat…. is adorable ….. i HATE having nothing to say about phil things beyond “WOW SO CUTE” bc it’s dumb and reductive a lot of the time but genuinely, during this ls, a lot of the stuff that was under discussion was just v fluffy and cute. 

overall: heartwarming. a bit groundbreaking. ironically, both of those things applied to nearly every piece of content dnp have made so far in 2017. just sitting here totally unprepared for each new development that seems to be happening with each passing day :’) 

(live show: inappropriate birthday gift - 02.09.17)

I’m getting nostalgic over starkid and wanted to make a post about when I met them at the convention a few years back and my key memories of them

Joe Walker: all I remember is sitting in the same bar as him and Traci because he had to leave early and there being no one else in there because they were at a glee panel and me trying my best not to look at him and make things awkward.

Joe Mo: I actually don’t remember meeting him but I have a photo and it seems fake.

Lauren Lopez: Awkward corridor smile.

Brian Holden: his faces at the fanfic reading and that really weird autograph photo where he is in a terrible pose and wrote thinking about (my name)

Dylan Saunders: Accidentally shouting at him to hug me

Meredith Stepien: The camera breaking right when we were posing for a photo so she did this little robot dance whilst we were waiting plus her yelling yay like 10 times whilst signing my auto.

Joey Richter: Going to hug me as I walked in for the photo and me panicking because omg that’s Joey richter, Also Joey contracting the plague on the Saturday evening so thinking I wouldn’t see him the next day but then cause he is literally the kindest person ever him coming In half way through the day to make sure everyone got photos and autos and talking to me about comic con for 5 minutes only for me to reply with three words because omg that’s Joey richter

i dont know why i decided to look through my grade nine graduation video and Look For Me but 

almost 80% of the shots with me in them (there isn’t a lot) have my face covered, me turned away from the camera, or just obfuscated in some way. its great like

look at lil me and her incredibly awkward pose. you cant, because half of her face is covered by someone else in this class group shot. i love it.

Okay so obviously the new picture of Rey channeling her grandpa with the Skywalker saber adds to the ever-growing pile of Rey Skywalker receipts. BUT my favorite part is that they’re willing to revisit the Awkward Family Photo aesthetic of the prequel photoshoots.

So if you’re reading this Lucasfilm (and you obviously are), might I suggest you also try to recreate…

Junior prom photo realness

A+ demonstrations of how to safely pose with a lightsaber 

Totally not phallic hand placement (take your lightdick back, dad)

And give anyone who doesn’t get a giant glowing rod isn’t a jedi something that looks like a vibrator in their pocket 

TY for your time


When it’s close to a con and you still haven’t finished Reapertale Chara. Resort to a think you have never seen before in your life.

I give you Fresh!Chara. I took reactive insight on what they could possibly be wearing since I haven’t seen any Fresh!Chara yet. 

I literally bought most of this today. The tights, glasses, suspenders and the gloves and the mood locket. The wig and knife where bought around November time I believe. The shorts where things I wasn’t comfortable wearing in summer and that t-shirt… Who knows. I need shoes and already have my eyes on a pair that I plan to get. For now the t-shirt is temporary. I think I’m gonna get something along the lines of this with the ridiculous panels but looking more 90′s style. 

But yes Fresh!Chara. Rest in piece anyone who encounters them.

Fresh and the Parasites that make you into a Fresh character belong to @loverofpiggies 

Edit: Heres the new updated version on what I am officially wearing

I’ve wanted to get this baby for a long time now, and finally I found him! It’s a beta (unfinished) model though, so it’s even worse than Junkrat. Also he’s not as expressive as I hoped. :C The lower face sliders don’t work together, so each mouth pose invalidates the other.

For some reason his eyes were blue, and the pupils were tiny, so he looked really weird. I dilated them and changed the iris color, also got rid of the lashes because they were just awkward. 

Had to deepen his smile in Photoshop, since the sliders can’t even pull out a decent smile and he looked like someone hurt his feelings.

Considering that the hands of the wall clock are semaphoring five-thirty in the morning, there really should not be so much noise coming from the balcony.

Steve fancies himself a reasonable, tolerant person. Now that he’s no longer living alone, there are always noises coming from one odd corner of the house or another, noises that ought to make him jump but don’t. The hiss and slither of Natasha’s ball python, Therapy Snake, whom she refuses to rename. The bang of the door as Natasha herself returns from one of her mysterious after-dark errands. (”I’m not a spy today, Steve, I can make noise if I want to, and what do you mean you were asleep? You’re an artist, you’re supposed to keep artist hours, not go to bed at ten-thirty.”) The beat of metallic wings, followed by the thud of running feet on the roof, punctuated by the occasional loud curse. (”I was being chased by killer wasps, Steve, stop laughing and help me oh my god.”)

The trouble is that Sam and Natasha are supposed to be in Bangkok this week, having a belated kind-of-honeymoon-but-not-really-I-mean-is-it-a-honeymoon-if-we’re-not-actually-married? And when Steve pads into his bathroom, thinking he might as well brush his teeth and go for an early run now that he’s already up, he realises that his toothbrush has vanished.

This would be annoying in the daytime. At an ungodly hour like right now, it’s preposterous.

Steve storms towards the balcony. “Sam, have you seen my toothbrush? Or Nat, or whoever you guys invited into my house, because I sure as hell didn’t say you could borrow my–”

He stops dead on the threshold of the balcony door. Then, with all his ex-showman eloquence, he says, “Oh.”

Bucky Barnes, dead man and occasional ghost, is crouched on the balcony, sniper rifle set up on its tripod and pointed somewhere down the street. What Steve can see of him is approximately one part unwashed hair to three parts menacing shadow. It would be an alarming sight, if Bucky wasn’t also contorted into some sort of odd yoga pose in an attempt to reach the grooves on the back of his cybernetic bicep. With Steve’s toothbrush.

“Awkward,” says Steve. Because, really, the last time they’d met, Bucky had been trying to beat his face in. While crying.

Bucky doesn’t so much as blink. Neither does he relinquish the toothbrush. “I need to shoot the guy that lives across the street,” he says in his creaky, disturbingly uninflected rasp. “HYDRA. I promise. So I need your balcony. And later you gotta help me bury the body.”

“O… kay?”

“And my arm’s got sand in it. So.”

Bucky waves the toothbrush in an almost-sheepish, almost-apologetic gesture. Steve knuckes the bridge of his nose. He wants to cry, or laugh, or do both at the same time, but it’s far too early in the morning for hysterical reunions. For heaven’s sake, he hasn’t even gone for his run.

“You better buy me a new ‘brush,” he says at last. He stomps over and plops himself down beside the rifle scope. “Shove over, lemme see this HYDRA neighbour.”

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