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Man, look at that Doc Rick. It’s like he slowly went from a circle with no brows to an oval with a unibrow. Also look at that show color and socks. <3 At least the color palette for the rest of him is largely the same. 


서울의 달 (Moon of Seoul)
서울의 달 (Moon of Seoul)

Baekhyun - Moon of Seoul (170206 IG Live)

I downloaded the original recording from here(cr:kyongkyong_0506), but it was lagged and I wanted to fix it for myself. And it turned out pretty well so I thought I can share for whoever wants to listen a (kinda) hd version.

Download Link


i feel so bad for my modern au rey

Ahhhhh not again (;______;)

Guys, I noticed that a YOI artist I was following deleted her blog but also twitter so I was wondering why all of sudden. And I discovered that they were actually copying other’s arts without crediting them (and selling those as prints)  :’(( (there are other posts, I only chose it as example)

So personally, I am gonna delete everything I reblogged in the past from them just in case. If you are worried as well, the artist username was 46mado4.


everyone pls subscribe to my honeybun ivory towers’ new channel and support the relaunching of her youtube career!!! ♡♡♡♡ she’s having editing issues so…gurl, take it easy!!! 

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An Appreciation Post for Michaela Dietz

By request of @purple-apple578!!! (please note that i will not make any more of these posts by request)

See this lady right here? This is Michaela Dietz! She’s an american voice actress, and a lesser known one at that.

Michaela is most commonly known for playing the roles of Riff from Barney and Amethyst and Hoppy from Steven Universe.

Michaela has also had small roles in movies and video shorts such as Discover Me, Red, Black & Blonde, K-Town, Fo Fo Figgily Animated Series, and Totally Smooth. Besides Steven Universe, she has had roles in the TV shows Workshop, My America, and Louis and Georges. She also did voice acting for the video game Grand Theft Auto V.

Michaela is also the voice of the woman in Starburst commercials that says “Starbusts! Unexplainably juicy.”

Her birthday is July 10.

Michaela also has a Twitter account! @whammybah. I’d recommend following her, she’s pretty funny!

Sorry it’s all just Steven Universe. It’s hard to find anything about Michaela that isn’t related to Amethyst or Steven Universe.

Anyways, if you’d like to see some jokes from Michaela, follow her on Twitter if you have an account! If you’d like to see more of her acting, start keeping up with Steven Universe!


Natasha + Poop

anonymous asked:

And it looks like Conor may have moved in with Alex, per Conor's last IG post -- paid his first rent check to Alex.... Conor has always been supportive of S -- he liked S's IG posts in the racing suit and of her and J congratulating him on the win (he also liked S's congrats tweet, when he doesn't follow her on twitter). Conor didn't like GF's post with J, though (but did like the GF's post with Jenna and with the SPM team in front of car.

I think he’s supportive of both girls and James in general… but maybe he'r had enough third wheeling with Barbie and Hot Rod Ken.

The Unprecedented

Meet the stylish artist creating inspiring prints and outfits

Fashion and art go hand in hand, an no one shows this better than the elegantly creative artist and style blogger Randa Salloum. When she’s not sharing her daily looks on her style blog The Unprecedented, this globetrotting Vancouverite creates beautiful works of art for her own shop, I See Noise Prints. Her love for fashion and art are not mutually exclusive, as made evident by her prints inspired by Chanel and Christian Louboutin, so it’s no wonder her thousands of friends and followers always have something fun and visually stimulating to look forward to from her posts.

Meet Randa and get inspired by her art and sense of style.

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Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superheroes Than You is a project where superheroes are drawn based on the costumes of young girls.

This unbelievably cool superhero is a 14 year old named Shiver, who has the power of creating and controling ice, and freezing people and objects.

This submission was drawn by the amazingly talented Cathy Hookey! If you would like to buy prints of Shiver, you can find them on Cathy’s Society6 store. You can also follow her on Twitter: @cathyhookey