and also fili but lets not even go there ok

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"talk to me about thorin and bilbo and bagginshield pls" um ok how about Dis arriving at the mountain and thinking she's going to find her brother even more brooding and serious now that he's officially a king, but instead there's this smiley dork who picks flowers and lets a Hobbit braid them into his hair


Dis like, “What in Durin’s name??!? Fili, Kili, does your uncle still have some… bizarre form of dragon sickness?” after her initial shock tho, Dis would totally love Bilbo and they’d be besties. 

ALSO. Dis’s beard is the most glorious dwarf beard in all of Erebor. she’s literally renowned for her long, full, flowing beard that she sometimes braids into intricate patterns and sometimes just lets it hang freely. just. fyi. and sometimes Bilbo teases Thorin because he will literally never have a beard as amazing as his sister’s, and Thorin just grumbles because he knows this.