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People continue to cancel my daughter's trades because she cannot spell or read yet (I teach her rarities by colors, green for common red for rare) she is also COPPA'd, today three of her very fair trade offers were cancelled and they all left a message. She asked me to read them out to her, I didn't. But one person said, "are you blind? Read my rules" and their only rule was "LEAVE. A. DANG. MESSAGE.", Another was "Cancelled because you are incompetent." What the heck? I'm disappointed.


*more drowning noises*

((hahah, woooow assignments were, and still are, an ass but finally got around to finishing this weeeeeeeeee. So Cloud can’t swim, but he makes stupid faces when he’s drowning sooo fAIR TRADE I GUESS. Also, sorry ask-humming-way but I really, rlly wanted to add a mermare into this piece since it was marine-themed but I couldn’t find anyone else who had a mermare oc sooo I had to use Swirls for this one…uhhh, hope you’re okay with that..! srry))

Ashley S are you stupid??? No one is going to trade you a minifee body for your ugly yosd body! Also that trade wouldn’t even be fair to the person Trading with you. So you should at least be asking for you yosd to be partial trade and offer money to make up the value difference. A minifee body alone is worth $300-$340 on the second hand market. To buy just the body from fairyland is $365.



New Zealander Unna Burch, who blogs at The Forest Cantina, taught herself everything she knows about good home cooking — and now, with her second Forest Cantina cookbook, she’s ready to teach you. 

“During the week I want fuss-free meals. Tasty food that isn’t too complicated to put together,” she says. “Weekends or during the holidays I like to make dishes that require a little more time and attention. My food philosophy is fresh, free range, and fair trade.”

The book also provides a guide to suburban self-sufficiency, including how-tos on keeping gardens, chickens, and bees — yes, bees! Dig in to the project here.

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Please post your reasons for rage about Victoria's Secret.

oh, it’s not…. really specific to victoria’s secret, it’s just that victoria’s secret happens to be where i buy a lot of my bras. so they get my money but also my disdain, which, honestly, i think is a pretty fair trade-off in a global capitalist society such as our own.

it’s really more my fury about having to buy bras and them being so expensive and also buying bras is like, an exercise in Stand In Front Of A Mirror And Silently Criticize Your Body And Probably Your Character Flaws, Why Not, You’re Here Anyway, You Might As Well Think About That Time You Embarrassed Yourself In Front Of A Boy You Liked, And While We’re At It You Don’t Donate Enough To Charity, Asshole. and then of course there is the whole set up of a victoria’s secret/any lingerie store, which is designed to a) make you consider buying a sexy red teddy because if you don’t buy sexy lingerie you’ll never!!!!! be karlie kloss!!! despite the fact that i’m SORRY, mollyhall, but you’re never going to be karlie kloss ANYWAY, no matter HOW many of those weird corset things you look at for 20 minutes pretending you’re going to buy them, you’re not going to buy them, you KNOW you’re not going to buy them you think they look like torture devices!!!! why are you still standing there!!!!! buy your bras and get out!!!!!, and b) make you think you’re supposed to look sexy when you’re comfortable??? i mean i know that’s literally a model’s job, to look good in things, i know that, intellectually, these women put on sweatpants and look beautiful and then someone with a laptop takes away every single flaw they’ve even considered having, of course i know that, but when you’re going in to buy a tool that’s vital to your being comfortable in the body you’re pretending to be a human in you don’t, necessarily, want to be AFFRONTED with these women lounging around like they just woke up looking perfect in fucking WINDBREAKERS or whatever. i mean!!!!!!!!!!!!! it should be illegal!!!!! to look delicate!!!!!! in A TRACK SUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!


i mean it’s fine, obviously. people should be able to buy and wear and love track suits. this is a no hate blog. and also of course women do look sexy when they’re comfortable, it’s not to say that looking sexy when comfortable is impossible it’s just that for ONCE in my life i’d love to see a huge ad for sweatpants that is just a person coming off day 4 of not showering, laying on her couch with potato chips literally sprinkled on her body where she missed her mouth, watching netflix and, i don’t know, cleaning her ears or something, in sweatpants and no shirt. YOU KNOW WHAT? THAT LADY IS LIVING HER BEST LIFE. I’D BUY THAT LADY’S SWEATPANTS. 

anyway my anger at victoria’s secret is not really anger at victoria’s secret itself, which is a corporation designed to play on my insecurities in order to get my money, a job which they are executing to perfection. it’s more at the entire way that things are marketed to women and also probably has something to do with like, taxes on tampons and our razors being more expensive, i don’t know. my brain’s a jungle. i wouldn’t go in there at all if i could avoid it. 

Autonomous E.

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the world’s first standard-production vehicle to be awarded a test license for autonomous driving in the US state of Nevada. In a world first and also in time for the leading trade fair for consumer technology Consumer Electronics Show “CES” in Las Vegas, three standard-production E-Class vehicles have been approved to drive themselves.