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Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 28 - Voyager

Months ago, when a September premiere was first announced, I challenged myself to make one new Outlander painting a week until the premiere. Now we’re less than a week away! As this is my last #droughtlander piece I want to take the time to say THANK YOU to all you wonderful individuals. I’ve been lucky to have met so many incredibly talented and kind friends over the past months, and you’ve all helped make Droughtlander pass so quickly!

To finish, here’s my concept of a S3 poster in the style of S1. Several people mentioned this would be cool to see, and I’ve finally gotten around to trying it :)

Enjoy the new season and thank you all for an amazing year filled with creativity and inspiration!

in my third year of high school i met my best friend, i think people tend to have the idea that best friends are people that have known each other for years, but i only started to get to know mine 2 years ago. did i have something to rival this before? no. i went through 15 years of my life without someone i could properly class as my best friend and so it’s important to remember that there is someone out there for you, someone who’s going to stick by you and help you through hard times. someone you can share laughs with and inside jokes. someone who’s always going to show you how much they love and appreciate you. sometimes, they just take a little bit of time to find.

March Spread 🌾

I’m going to try harder in posting my monthly spreads - but honestly it’s just my horoscope and spending tracker. Also, I’ve decided I will post my weekly spreads every other week so that both pages are done and you don’t see a blank page lol


No matter how you look at it, you’ve fallen for me too hard. You stole a friend’s car upon hearing of my collapse…you put your life on the life and couldn’t care less about your morning flight. And then you say you’ve gone crazy over me like it’s nothing. What’s wrong with you? 

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Some really cute domestic (as in living together) dizzee/thor headcanons?

oh wow here we go…u asked for it

  • thor’s hair ties are everywhere. everywhere. like if you were to blindfold yourself and walk to a random place in their apartment there would most likely be a hair tie. dizzee doesn’t mind though 
  • dizzee cuts thor’s hair in the kitchen. i have a Specific Vision of thor sitting at the table, shirtless and eating some fruit during the summer while dizzee cuts his hair and hums along to the record they have playing. their kitchen is painted a light yellow and it’s super warm and cozy and they like to bake a lot
  • which brings me to baking!!!! listen…they bake all the time. cupcakes especially because they like to decorate them. they’re probably Those People who throw little pinches of flour at each other and it’s so gross and cute
  • they shower together every day because 1) it saves water 2) they have to wash each other because there’s little specks of paint on every inch of their bodies that they sometimes can’t reach
  • they have a big dog and a cat and they’re best friends
  • they have an art room where they paint all over the walls and listen to music super loud and kiss and splatter paint on each other? also they paint the walls white every week so they can start over with new pieces and designs
  • thor’s definitely the type to be like “…just one more episode, i promise i’m not tired” and dizzee’s like mhm. sure enough five minutes later he looks over and he’s passed the fuck out, and dizzee has to half carry and half drag him to their bedroom
  • dizzee sleeps on his back and thor sleeps on his side, which means thor always clings to him at night and dizzee doesn’t even need a blanket because thor’s so warm and cozy
Friendly reminder to the ‘Ask the 7’ creator...

…that Percy is not an insensitive jerk.

Do you really expect me to believe that that would be Percy’s reply? Completely ignoring his friends feelings? 

There are only two outcomes that can come out of this situation:

Q: Do you still visit your families?

Percy : Excuse me? Are you sure you’ve read the books? Then shouldn’t you                 know not to talk about that stuff?

Annabeth : Percy-

Percy : We are not answering this question, sorry.


Q: Do you still visit your families?

Percy : Well, I still live with my mom. And she’s made me promise to IM her daily and come home every weekend via pegasi when I’m at New Rome.

Annabeth: Mo-Sally makes me come home and have dinner at hers almost everyday. She also laid down the same rules as Percy for me.

Jason : Piper and I live in LA now, but we come over for every holiday; also whenever Piper feels like it.

Piper: Having a Hollywood actor for a dad has its perks. Also Sally makes the best cookies for girl time.

Hazel : Frank had praetor duty and I have centurion duty, so we’re pretty busy. But, holidays are definitely spent at Percy’s. 

Frank: Yeah, she makes the best brownies.

Jason : I second that!

Leo : Daily IMs. Also, I try and visit her like every other week. The shop gets hectic sometimes.

Nico : Mom gets worried if I don’t come for the weekly dinner.

Percy : Hey guys, mom wants to know if next week is ok for a dinner? 

All : Yes.

Percy : Cool! Reyna, what about you, mom wants to meet you.

Reyna : I guess, yeah?

Percy : Sweet! 

Sally Jackson is a sweet woman who would probably adopt her child’s friends.

Percy is not an insensitive jerk, got that? Ok.

College AU! Yoongi - Photography Major

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Previous AU: Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, Hoseok

A/N: School has started and I’m also very sick so updates/posts will probably be every other week as I don’t have much time to write anymore :(

This College AU will be with all the boys, but with different scenarios

  • So Yoongi is a photography major
  • Who has a final project on capturing something that’s beautiful
  • He hears people in his class whispering about what they’re going to photograph; the list mostly consisting of nature and the sky. Hell, even food
  • He’s unsure what he wants to do the project on so he decides to just sleep on it and wait for it to come to him
  • But he still has to go to his last class of the day, biology
  • And when he walks in, his eyes instantly fall on you and it suddenly hits him
  • You have to be what he photographs for his project
  • So after class he casually walks up to you as you’re packing your things up
  • And nonchalantly asks if you’d be his model for some “lame project” he has to do for his photography class
  • Oh Yoongi, ever the cool guy
  • You already know of Min Yoongi before his proposal
  • With his handsome face and mint green hair
  • He kinda stands out
  • So you’re taken aback that he wants you to be his model
  • You don’t know why you agree but you do
  • Even though you know nothing about photography or pictures or modeling
  • So you voice your concern to Yoongi but he just waves it off and says there’s nothing that you need to worry about
  • He has you scribble your number on his arm in your bright purple pen, says he’ll call you and walks away afterwards
  • A few days pass before you get a call from an unknown number
  • Turns out it’s Yoongi and he wants to start his project today
  • It took a few days cause Yoongi didn’t wanna seem desperate and wanted to be as cool as always
  • So you guys plan a time and he tells you to meet him at some park close to campus
  • When you arrive, you find Yoongi fiddling with a giant camera and some other foreign equipment you’ve never seen before
  • You weren’t sure what to wear to meet him but judging by the way he scans your body
  • You assume you have the wrong attire
  • Yoongi doesn’t say anything, just grabs your wrist and walks you away from the park
  • He tells you to lead him to your dorm where he rummages through your closet, throwing clothes at you
  • He purposely throws them at your face to get a reaction out of you ‘cause he thinks you’re cute with your now messed up hair and pouting lips
  • Eventually he pulls out some simple dresses you forgot you even had
  • Hence why they were buried DEEP in the back of your closet
  • You bring them all to the park
  • And your shoot begins
  • It’s very awkward and you’re very tense at the beginning and you can tell Yoongi is getting frustrated with you
  • It’s actually very cute seeing him like that
  • Pouty, frowning lips
  • Fingers pulling and tugging at his mint hair
  • Yoongi doesn’t voice his frustration but instead cracks jokes and teases you to get you to lighten up and calm down
  • It actually works ???
  • Fast forward about a week
  • You and Yoongi have daily shoots, whether planned or not but usually the latter
  • Meaning you’ve spent so much time with the boy casually
  • At the beginning it seemed Yoongi was nothing more than brash and blunt and rude
  • With his constant teasing and insults and sass
  • You quickly realize that it’s just a front and he’s actually super sweet and caring
  • Like when he asks if you’ve eaten yet or tells you to text him when you’re home safe
  • Yoongi tells it how it is, whether you want it or not
  • And you recognize finally that you need that in your life
  • He tells you what you need to hear, not what you want
  • He’s basically a breath of fresh air and a positive being in your life that you truly need
  • And want
  • You guys decide to just go to random places around your campus and Yoongi just happens to bring his camera
  • Coffee Shops
  • Parks
  • Libraries
  • Even around your dorms
  • One night Yoongi texts you an address and tells you to meet him there the next day
  • When you arrive, you find out that it’s actually Yoongi’s studio
  • A place where no one is typically allowed
  • You’re so touched and honored that he allowed you to come to his safe and quiet place, the place he goes to escape the real world filled with responsibilities and stress that you tear up a little and get soft
  • Yoongi is very confused by your sudden hug and behavior but accepts it anyway
  • You don’t notice but he thinks you look beautiful in the dim lighting of the studio, concentrating on his work
  • So he takes your picture slyly every chance he can get without you noticing
  • You get so comfortable around Yoongi that when you two are just strolling around campus, you run up to a bench and just lay on it and tell him to snap your photo
  • “Paparazzi, take my picture.”
  • He proceeds to call you an idiot but takes your picture anyway and smiles
  • Days go by and Yoongi realizes he has a ton of photos of you to go through and he doesn’t actually need anymore
  • But that doesn’t stop you guys from hanging out and you having a movie night in his dorm
  • You actually fall asleep on his shoulder while you’re both lounging on the couch
  • Yoongi just has a gummy smile on his face as he gently lays a blanket over the both of you and just falls asleep with his head resting on yours
  • He surprisingly wakes up before you and when he looks down he’s just awe struck with how beautiful and peaceful you look while sleeping
  • The sunlight streaming through the window is hitting your face perfectly, your lips just barely opened as even breaths escape, the way your dark eyelashes fan out across your cheek
  • Yoongi thinks that this is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and can’t help but snatch his camera off the table and snap your picture
  • He ends up using that picture as the main focus of his project when he submits it to his professor
  • He realizes that he could potentially fail if his professor doesn’t understand what Yoongi sees but he doesn’t give a single shit because he knows that you are the most beautiful thing that could ever be submitted
  • It didn’t matter what you were doing
  • Whether it was blowing on your coffee, laying awkwardly on a park bench, looking at other photographs, running your fingers over the spine of books, or sleeping
  • You were the most beautiful thing he could ever dream to capture
  • When he tells you that his project is over, you’re unsure where that leaves you two
  • Were you guys done now that his project was?
  • Yoongi just laughs at the face you make, thinking it to be real funny and cute that you assumed he just wanted to take pictures of some random stranger for a “lame project”
  • He can’t resist himself but to grip your face in between his hands and tug you closer to him where he plants a kiss on your nose
  • Then on your forehead
  • You’re frozen to place as your eyes bug out to just stare at his cool expression
  • He gently places his forehead on your own and his voice is nothing but a whisper
  • “Saying my project was lame may have been…uh, a little wrong. It was on something that was beautiful.”
  • He waits until you register his words and before you can speak, he continues
  • “Y/N, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and when I went through all the pictures I have of you, it just proved that. Although my pictures don’t do you justice. Hell, I don’t think the best photographer in the world could capture just how beautiful you are.”
  • You actually tear up at his words
  • He jokes and says that, “Oh shit, nevermind. Guess no one can look beautiful while crying.”
  • You punch his arm and he makes it up by grabbing your face again and kissing you
  • Surprisingly Yoongi’s professor seemed to understand just what Yoongi saw as he passed his project with a fantastic grade
  • You demanded that he show you the picture he used for his project
  • And when he does, you just yell
  • “Why did you take a picture of me when I was sleeping?!”
  • “‘Cause you looked so terrifying that I thought I could sell it to some paranormal activity guys and make a quick buck.”
  • “Min Yoongi!”



Kensi & Deeks - Every kiss in every episode - S7E10 “Internal Affairs”

Thank you, Volker Beck!

Volker Beck has been a MP for the Green Party since 1994. Since then he fought for marriage equality in the Bundestag. He is one of the leaders of a movement that ended with marriage equality in Germany today. He made numerous petitions, handed in draft after draft, fought against discrimination and for equal rights. Not only in Germany but also internationally. He was one of those parlamentarians that never accepted a no, but also took every little step they could. When he started this fight homosexuality was still illegal, homosexuals weren’t accepted as victims of the Nazis, and discrimination of homosexuals was everyday normality. He was always open about being gay at a time when it wasn’t seen as normal by the majority of people. He made sure that homosexuals weren’t criminalised any more, he fought for victims of the Nazis and fought for a memorial for them, he fought for those that were criminalised for their homosexuality and fought that those crimes were erased, he fought for marriage equality ever since. When Germany was one of the first countries to allow same-sex civil unions, he didn’t stop there. He continued to fight for same-sex marriages and he fought that same-sex couples have the same rights and wouldn’t be discriminated any longer. It were many, many small steps that he made possible with his persistency. Ever since he became a MP he fought for the rights of homosexuals, but also every other marginalised and discriminated group. Last week he persisted that the Green Party makes marriage equality one of the red lines in their party programme for the next election. This lead to similar reactions by the FDP, the Linke, and the SPD. This prompted Merkel to say that they maybe should talk about it some time in the future.

Today was his last day ever in parliament and today he reached his goal! Germany has marriage equality. Thank you Volker Beck and good luck!

mayor charisse ref 🍳

info ♡ 

  • stressed 24/7
  • can be found running around town at 7am (though she’ll suddenly disappear between the hours of 12pm-3pm for a nap)
  • loves to cook and is an advocate in supporting local businesses
  • social butterfly that cries a lot
  • closest with pippy & hans

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2016 bones challengeday 5: favourite season(s) ~ seasons 5 and 9
“Nothing in this universe happens just once. Nothing. Infinity goes in both directions. There is no unique event, no singular moment.”

Better For Me (Part Six)

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Natasha (Reader sometimes calls her Natalia), Sam Wilson, let’s just say everyone in the fuckin compound lmao
Warnings: Swearing, cocky!Bucky, sexual tension, eventual smut, it’s a slow buuuurn. 
TRIGGER WARNINGS (CHAPTER 6): Attempted sexual assault, talks of past sexual assault/rape, violence, swearing, almost smut, angst
Summary: You meet one of New York’s richest Bachelor’s. He’s hot, he’s rich, and he’s an absolute fucking asshole. Luckily for you, you’re an asshole too and you could take a challenge any day. Within the first 24 hours of knowing each other, you’ve already pushed each other over breaking point. But when something comes up, you’re both forced to try and get along. Can it be possible?
Word Count: 3K+
Chapter Summary: You and Bucky spend the holidays with your family and he discovers something horrific about you and the only thing on his mind is getting out of there.
A/N: Chapter 7A coming soon! If I missed any trigger warnings, please let me know! If you want to be in the taglist, links are below!


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