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You’re right, little brother. I can’t forgive you for destroying our hometown. ‘Cause I ain’t gonna let it happen.

Reasons why to keep Cassandra Clare away from Shadowhunters:

And these are very valid reasons, mind you:

  • She has [and still does] bullies fans and has even gotten a girl expelled from her university years ago.
  • She plagiarizes and won’t apologize for it and tries to hide that away.
  • She blocks fans who point out problematic content/flaws in her novels instead of sorting it out and discussing it.
  • She has a incest fetish [which is disgusting] to the point she makes an incest storyline about Jace/Clary’s fake relations and makes them lust after each other after thinking they are siblings. She also made Sebastian attempt to rape Clary. She also ships Stefan/Damon from TVD [The Vampire Diaries] and they’re brothers.
  • She prompts female/female hate, making Clary hate Isabelle for being more beautiful than her [which is ridiculous].
  • She slut-shames Show!Isabelle and says she looks like Sebastian’s girls because of the clothes she wears [meaning; she’s trashy].
  • She slut-shames BOTH Clary and Isabelle.
  • She made Isabelle get slut-shamed in the books by everyone around her.
  • She fetishizes a gay couple [Malec] and is writing their first time for the Trevor Project, to make fucking money [which is disappointing[.
  • She claims her books are diverse but treats her POC/LGBT characters like shit.
  • She made a girl [specifically a biracial girl, Maia] go back to being in a relationship with her abuser [romanticizing abuse is disgusting and sadly still happens in media. An example is Reylo.]
  • She sidelines her one lesbian couple [banishing them to Wrangel Island] and doesn’t give them development what so ever.
  • She once clarified in a post, first referring to Magnus as ‘Half-Asian’, then later, referring to him as ‘Asian’. [-.- WHICH IS IT CLARE?]
  • She said in a tweet that Magnus is Pansexual but currently identifies as Bisexual [which shows her ignorance of the LGBT community and sexualities]
  • She’s a misogynist.
  •  She just has LGBT characters in her books as her Token Lesbian/Gays and gives them little to no page time and scenes.
  • She made Alec biphobic [he showed disgust towards Magnus being a bisexual man and makes biphobic comments].
  • She attempted to get a producer from the show fired AND EVEN ENCOURAGED A FAN.
  • She is exploiting Malec for profit and money, which is wrong and disgusting.
  • She hates Shadowhunters [and made it clear in her tweets and shades] and now wants to be more involved in season 2.
  • She’s a homophobic, biphobic, a misogynist, a slut-shamer, a plagiarist and a malicious, incest/rape/abuse and LGBT fetishizing woman who needs to stay the fuck away from Shadowhunters.

That ending was truly perfect (for me anyway). Elena lived her life after her parents died, blaming herself for their deaths and missing them SO MUCH. She found Stefan and found a life again, but that kind of longing never truly goes away no matter how happy you are. 

In this life, Elena found her soulmate in Damon Salvatore, and lived a fulfilling and meaningful life with Damon and probably their children. One day, when both of them were well-along in years and had lived full lives together, they died. Elena found her peace with her parents, including John, and Jenna. The people that she loved and who loved her unconditionally. 

Damon found his peace with his brother. The man who sacrificed himself so Damon could live a life with Elena Gilbert Salvatore. There is no greater ending than two brothers being reunited in heaven for all eternity, and Elena being able to be reunited with her family, and also Damon, as Julie Plec confirmed they were. 

They all found everlasting peace. Damon and Elena. Damon and Stefan. Bonnie and Enzo. Elena and her family. 

Hallelujah Money

Ayyy not like anyone cares but I wanna put some positivity on here about yesterday’s song release. I can’t make a nice insightful analysis of the song because I’m not so great with words and writing. I’ve read a ton of negative and hateful comments towards Gorillaz on all their social medias and it bummed me out. I loved Hallelujah Money; the song is beautiful the video is beautiful and so intense. Benjamin Clementine’s voice is so so powerful in the song and I’m glad I got to discover him as an artist today. I really am thankful Gorillaz are back for phase 4. I’m so excited for what’s coming and yesterday was heart racing for me trying to figure out what they meant by the “transmission”. I wasn’t disappointed. You do you, Gorillaz. Thanks Damon and Jamie and everyone else involved!