and also because thaaanks!

Hi!! Well.. This is my first Follow Forever! Eeaa (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I wanted to do this looong ago because I reach a certain amount of followers, and also because it was time to do it haha

I want to thaaank all my followers! Because without them, my blog would not be worthwhile and no one could see my edits (That are only gifs, since I’m not good editing images) sometimes I wonder why they follow me hahaha xD

I also want to thank the amazing people I follow because they are INCREDIBLE BLOGS, although some may not know of my existence haha that make my blog to be more entertaining! And, well… I’m envious of them hahaha ^^


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As I said, I’m not good at editing, soooo pleeease don’t make fun of the picture, she is not to blame.. haha

PS: Maybe my English is bad because I don’t speak that language (ˊᗜˋ)