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Yesterday I hit 1k followers, which is so mindblowing for me, because I run this blog for only 7 months and I never thought that I will gain that many, but here we are!I appreciate and love all of you so so much, for sticking around with me for that long, it means a lot!!

So, I decided to make a follow forever, where I will basically tag some really nice people which I love and appreciate, to say thanks!

I can’t tag all my mutuals bc it would have been huge, sorry, but if I am following you and you are not here ily ♡

Also, my loves @therealjacksepticeye , @danisnotonfire , @amazingphil

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Although I’m a huge Gabelena fan, I just love this scene, when I look at these four, I also feel a little jealous, because they are just best friends, who will do anything for each other, who will always be there for each other, who will always protect each other, who will give up and sacrifice anything for each other. When I look at them, all I could think is that at some point in my life I should have a friend like this, we all should, some people already have, some search for it, some never finds it…

People who have friends like this are the luckiest people in the whole wide world. I guess those four are really lucky to have each other…

can we talk about how RIDICULOUSLY STRONG bae is, freakin’ Hercules come to life
ALSO, at this very scene I was stressing my life out because I was scared that Lucifer would be a huge DOUCHEBAG and squeeze the doors stronger for Sam’s arms to snap, I WAS SCARED FOR HIS AND MY LIFE OKAY, IF SAMMY GETS HURT, MY FUCKING HEART WILL BREAK FOR THE 78TH TIME DAMN IT

¡¡¡¡ FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS @jokublog !!!!

Eres una persona muy importante para mi y siempre es divertido pasar el rato contigo. Eres genial,divertida…¡y sin mencionar que también eres una gran inspiración para mi y para muchas otras personas! Nunca dejes de hacer lo que amas ni dejes de seguir tus sueños, pues sabes que tienes todo nuestro apoyo.

Pues…aqui dejo un gif (transparente) de ti con tus dos hijos xD espero que te guste ^^

English version and normal image under the cut / Version en ingles e imagen normal debajo del corte:

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7 Reasons Why I think they are going canon, yes canon, in Season 7 -

Episode 10

gif by xxxmahteddykiss

(contains s7 spoilers)

1. Mirroring -   Let’s review. Both go running off in opposite directions, both have search parties follow them, both are running for opposite reasons, both get injured, both had emotional appeals to return home, and their fates are left unknown not only at the end of ep 15, but then again at the end of ep 16.  Why are they so obviously mirroring these 2 characters (who are closely connected) except if their destiny is to eventually come together.

2. Plot Device - (er, Tobin) Traditionally in a slow burn the always introduce a plot device love interest to muddy up the situation BEFORE the ship goes Canon which offers a way of keeping the couple apart longer AND makes the audience despair for a bigger emotional payoff. Examples: Julie to Ross & Rachel(Friends); Karen to Jim & Pam (The Office); Jessie to Rick & Michonne (TWD - you should know this one)

3. The Trailer - Oh yes, do not forget that they played up Caryl in the Official Walking Dead trailer. I have heard so many theories for what it means (trying to discredit it) but every theory points to Daryl loves Carol MOST. His dying thoughts? His happiest memories? Future plot points? It was when he was protecting her and giving her hope. He wants that and maybe wants the family like Rick has - did you notice the baby part? Carol is his person.

4. The Misdirection - They have downplayed the last 2 reunions and I know why,  Because the next one will be HUGE.  If they keep showing reunions it lessens the impact of what they are about to do, so they just didn’t really show it.  Also, in the trailer for East they made it look like Daryl would go after Carol. Troll much AMC? They are fully aware of what we want and how to push our buttons, and I believe they are about to deliver.

5. Daryl Dixon - He is thinking relationships. Abraham asked him if he thought of settling down, and Denise told him he wasn’t trying, and that she SHOULD HAVE told Tara she loved her, but she didn’t because she was scared. Who does that sound like? Glenn told him that he should come HOME. And now all 3 of them are dead, and 3 couples shattered.  He is thinking of Carol, and he will want to see her, and stop screwing around. In this world you are not guaranteed a tomorrow. This will be on his mind.  

6. Only Card They Have- This is really the only big card they have to play this season. Richonne has happened, Negan has happened. They’ve had major character deaths, and they’ve had minor character deaths. Sure, there will be some cool story lines and things happening, but as far as emotional scenes this one is the biggest the could play.  There is NO OTHER PERSON that they can pair Daryl with that would even make a dent of an emotional impact, let along the massive impact Caryl would be - 2 of the shows most popular characters.

7. Emotional Payoff - Okay why ep. 10? because we know they reunite then. All this stuff that’s happened with them, and they’ve been separated all this time. The buildup is so big that thee should be a huge emotional payoff. They used midirection, they used a plot device love interest, they trolled their deaths, they have been injured, abused, and hurt.  They are separated forever?? (big plot device for a love arc) and this is the first time they are coming together. This reunion will have to be bigger than Terminus (which is nearly impossible). Not to mention 6 seasons of slow burn. The emotional payoff of this moment will be huge.  It has to be a big moment with this much buildup.

 I think there will be a love confession, and probably a kiss, and yes I think Caryl will go canon, officially. I think after that they will probably be separated though plot devices to keep them interesting. I don’t even expect them to fully consummate it at this point, but yes, I think it’s happening…and we still have to wait a long damn time to see it!

hi everyone! steph here!
so I’ve decided to do another follow forever because the last time I did one was in april and since then I’ve followed a lot of really great people and a lot of really great people have followed me also! i’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone who’s supported my blog this year and helped me come so close to my goal of 900 followers. so here’s my follow forever and like I said in my last one it’s short because I don’t follow enough people lol.

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I was tagged by the incredible @achillae to do the tsoa challenge where you have to share your fav tsoa headcanon!

Mine is a modern au Patroclus and Achilles where they’re regular teenagers but Achilles is super into going out clubbing and Patroclus is basically a huge nerd terrified when Achilles asks him to go out with him to a club.

An also a Christmas modern au where Patroclus and Achilles are teenagers and are in the Christmas party that both of their families do every year and Achilles asks Patroclus, to close his eyes, and then he kiss him…Patroclus finally thanks Santa because after all the years he received what he has been asking every year…a kiss from Achilles

I tag: @achilltatos  @homer-is-my-homie @puns-androses @girlalright-y

Yeah I know I’m cheesy but i love it!

December 2015 Printables // freebies from The Arialligraphy Project

Oooh last calendar for the year!!!! Huge thanks to those who used my past calendars and to those who sent their thoughts about them! I am definitely going to continue posting calendars next year (with a new design and layout, of course!) because of the good feedback that I received, so I hope you stick around!

Download this month’s freebies
standard calendar layout (week starts on a Sunday or Monday) / list layout + goals for the month

A tagged snapshot of your computer, phone, or study space using these freebies will be very much appreciated. (Use #thearialligraphyproject or #arialligraphy!) 😊


Famous musicians talk about Queen and Freddie Mercury.


I know it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.

Only if you’re the groom.


“As also someone who’s making a deal, I will do my best to fulfill my duties.”


First of all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! 2014 has been an amazing year. I want to thank all the people that make my dash a wonderful place. Also, here’s a huge thanks to all of my beautiful followers because my blog wouldn’t be what it is now without you. (I’m getting pretty close to my next follower goal which is the number I would never imagine, so thank you ♥) I love each and everyone of you. You guys are the best.

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I’ve officially reached another huge milestone. 1k?? 1K?! Holy Harley Quinn Batman. You guys are the sweetest, cutest, most amazing followers ever. I don’t think I’ll ever be used to the fact that so many of you took the time out of your day and thought that my blog was worth following but I adore every single one of you guys to the moon and back. I wish I could be a more attentive fic writer for all of you guys because you beautiful nuggets deserve the world in the form of your otps getting together, so I promise to jump back in once this horrendous writer’s block goes away.

Until then, I compiled a huge huge huge list of you beautiful lovelies. If I forgot anyone, I sincerely apologize and just know that each of you holds a special place in my cold, black heart. Mutuals are in italics.

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