and also because i love huge gifs

¡¡¡¡ FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS @jokublog !!!!

Eres una persona muy importante para mi y siempre es divertido pasar el rato contigo. Eres genial,divertida…¡y sin mencionar que también eres una gran inspiración para mi y para muchas otras personas! Nunca dejes de hacer lo que amas ni dejes de seguir tus sueños, pues sabes que tienes todo nuestro apoyo.

Pues…aqui dejo un gif (transparente) de ti con tus dos hijos xD espero que te guste ^^

English version and normal image under the cut / Version en ingles e imagen normal debajo del corte:

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Famous musicians talk about Queen and Freddie Mercury.


I know it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.

Only if you’re the groom.


“As also someone who’s making a deal, I will do my best to fulfill my duties.”

I’ve officially reached another huge milestone. 1k?? 1K?! Holy Harley Quinn Batman. You guys are the sweetest, cutest, most amazing followers ever. I don’t think I’ll ever be used to the fact that so many of you took the time out of your day and thought that my blog was worth following but I adore every single one of you guys to the moon and back. I wish I could be a more attentive fic writer for all of you guys because you beautiful nuggets deserve the world in the form of your otps getting together, so I promise to jump back in once this horrendous writer’s block goes away.

Until then, I compiled a huge huge huge list of you beautiful lovelies. If I forgot anyone, I sincerely apologize and just know that each of you holds a special place in my cold, black heart. Mutuals are in italics.

Also, I will most likely be doing blogrates next, so keep an eye out. (◕‿◕)

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hello! it’s hyeon here wishing everyone a happy new year filled with smiles and happiness! ♡♡

I decided to make an appreciation post in honor of the amazingly awesome people I have met on Tumblr since I created my blog(s), who are little shining lights in my life cheesy, ik . Thank you all so much for always being there for me, made me laugh, and gave me advice; I truly am grateful for all of you (p.s. i love youououo) even though I don’t usually say it often ;a;

to my followers! thank you for keeping up with my childish self, rants, and my lousy edits - you all deserve a huge huG and I hope you achieve your dreams because you guys are spectacular!!

also, huGE THANK YOU TO @beautyeol bababab for creating this lovely gif!

just a heads up, this blog is only a sideblog so I follow everyone here from vitaemin-s ^^. I consider you as a mutual if you follow me from either there or here (grumpyeols), or both blogs! 

without further rambling, because I’m not good with words orz, let’s get started!

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