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Hi! Do you have any tips for dealing with people that just put you down / make you feel worse about yourself? It's cutting into my motivation and I really want it to stop.

Unfortunately we all have those people in our lives, but they are also probably dealing with their own problems as well. You can always try addressing it with them and being honest about how their negativity is affecting you, and if there is an underlying issue they’ve been dealing with, you guys could maybe talk out? If they persist even after, maybe they’re not really your friends and don’t have your best interests and should distance yourself.

  • Jeremy: This could be it, Michael! I just want you to know that you're truly a one-in-a-million friend!
  • Michael: Thanks, buddy! You're the best ever!
  • Jeremy: I know you won't mind what I tell you!
  • Michael: No, t-tell me anything! Tell me what?!
  • Jeremy: I BROKE YOUR I-POD!
  • Michael: WHAT?!

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I love your redraws of kingdom hearts, lile you give sora the full on emotions he experienced. ALSO THE DRAWINGS OF DDD GOD DAMN IM IN A STORM OF HURT ITS SO GOOD. LIKE SORA NEEDS A THERAPIST OR A BREAK FROM BEING HAPPY

i want nothing more in this universe than to see sora get some REAL character development in-game. after the shit he’s been through (stabbing himself in the heart, becoming a heartless and feeling his thoughts and memories slowly slipping away, losing his two best friends, being separate from his own damn body for over a year, having his mind fucked with until he doesn’t know what’s real and what’s fake, finding out he’s really been helping the “bad guys” the whole time, being told he’s got other beings trapped inside his heart and that they’re in pain, and he feels that pain from them, and hallucinating things which only those other beings should be able to see, being told he’s not really sora, who is sora, what is sora, maybe sora doesn’t really exist, being put to sleep again and again and hearing his best friend calling out to him but he’s too far gone. so they wake him up again, bring him back again, and is he really alright after all of this?).

god i have too many feelings about this kid. how is he still happy? is he still happy?

he’s told he’s not special, he’s dull he’s dumb, none of this was meant for him, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. but all the weight is on his shoulders to fix everything.

SHINee has spent 9 whole years as a real, loving family!!! They have constantly shared their light with us in their uniquely colorful ways, both as five individuals and as one. I am so thankful for them, so happy for them, so proud, and I only wish them the best in the future!~ I will stay as long as I can. And I also want to thank them so much for the light they’ve brought into my life–my SHAWOLs, I never would’ve found your stars without SHINee’s light ferrying me to you. You have also changed my life for the better, and I only hope we can be together for a long time, so that I can one day return this love to you.

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Hi i have prompt for you, maybe the balloon squad boys except yousef meeting sana after the party clip, trying to distract her from yousef, maybe playing games or something? Just cute moments of her with the balloon squad boys


Sorry for the wait! 

Thank you so so much for trusting me with your idea and I really hope that you like it :) 

(Also, an anon asked me to put my writings under “read more” from now on, I have no idea how to do that but I’ve found an explanation on internet, I don’t knw if it’ll work, though)

Well, here it is: 


She ran out of the place as fast as she could. Her chest ached, her hands were sweating and her legs were shaking. None of that mattered; she needed to get out of there. She couldn’t stand watching her best friend and the boy she liked kissing for any longer.

She felt the cold air against her wet face –she was crying- as soon as she got out of the place. She kept running and running, with her house as her goal. She needed to get there, she wanted to go to her room, lie on the bed and cry until she wouldn’t have more tears. She wanted to forget about everything, but the image kept repeating in her mind over and over again.

She froze for a moment when she got to her house, what if her parents were there? They would notice that she was crying and they would ask her so many questions. Then she remembered that her mom had told her that they were having dinner with some friends and wouldn’t be at home until later. She sighed relieved, the tears still rolling down her face, she would have the house to herself.

Or maybe not.

She was so focused on getting to her room that she didn’t notice the shoes laying on the entrance, nor the noise of 4 boys coming out of the living room. Before she could do something about it she had already crashed against someone’s chest, Elias’ chest.

“Wow, Sana be careful” Elias said

“Sorry” she whispered keeping her eyes on the floor so he wouldn’t see her tears

“Are you okay?” he asked

“Yeah, I’m going to my bedroom” she said trying to walk past him but he stopped her

“Wait, Sana look at me” he said, but she kept looking at the floor “Sana, look at me”

She took a deep breath and looked up. Elias was taken aback for a moment. She looked like a mess, her eyes were red, tears were rolling down her face, dark circles under her eyes for the eyeliner smeared. She could feel all the boys staring at her, neither of them knowing what to do. They had never seen Sana like that, she had always been the strong and unaffected by anything Sana.

“What happened?” Elias wanted to know

“Is this…is this about the fight Sana?” Mikael asked

“We’re really sorry, we didn’t mean to cause any trouble” Adam added

“Things got out of control, we didn’t mean to hurt anyone” Mutta finished.

“It’s not that” Sana said biting her lip “It’s just girls stuff, that’s all”

“Where’s Yousef?” Elias asked suddenly.

Sana felt her stomach sink at the sound of his name.

“I thought you were with him. Where is he? What did he do?” her brother kept asking

“Elias, leave it alone” Sana asked

“Sana, if he did something to you”

“I don’t want to talk about it, okay?” she said looking at the other boys, she wasn’t planning of talking about her romantic life, which by the way was inexistent, with the best friends of the boy she liked.

“Elias let her be” Adam said putting his hand on Elias’ shoulder

“My sister is crying and I want to know why” he said

“She doesn’t want to talk about it, let her calm down” Mutta said

“Fine” Elias said crossing his arms on his chest

Sana nodded and turned around to leave to her bedroom

“Wait, Sana. Where are you going?” Mikael asked

“To my bedroom?” she said.

“We said you don’t have to talk about it, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to let you go to your room and be alone” Mutta said

“Guys, seriously…”

“No, no, no. We are going to take care of you and make you forget about whatever happened to you” Adam said with a huge smile

Sana looked at her brother waiting for him to talk the boys out of that idea

“Don’t look at me” Elias said shrugging “They have made up his mind about it, you’re not going to change it”

“Come on, come on, come on. Back to the living room” Adam said urging her to follow him with his hands

She rolled her eyes and followed them wiping away the tears from her face. She had stopped crying by then, but she was not sure when that had happened.

“Now sit here” Mikael said pointing at the couch

You do realize that this is my house, right?” she asked raising one eyebrow provoking a chuckle from Elias

“Today you’re our guest and we’re going to treat you as that” Mutta said “Want some tea?”

“You mean if I want my tea from my house?” Sana asked half smiling

“Our guest, remember?” Adam said

“Sure, I’d love some tea” Sana said rolling her eyes once again but internally smiling

“I’ll get to it” Mikael said leaving for the kitchen only to come back 20 seconds later “Yeah, I don’t know how to make tea”

“Do you know how to do anything?” Adam said covering his face with his hands

“I know sign language, what do you know?” Mikael said

“I know how to make tea, for example”

Prove it”

“I will. Mutta, help me” Adam told his friend.

The three of them walked out of the room leaving Sana and Elias alone.

“Feeling a little better now?” Elias asked

“Kind of”

“You know they’re not going to leave you alone the whole evening right?”

Sana smiled at her brother, a smile that turned into a laugh when the boys called Elias for help ‘cause seriously, how many boys were needed to make a cup of tea?


“Isn’t that the best cup of tea you’ve ever tried?” Adam asked proudly.

They were all sitting on the couches now drinking tea.

“It’s alright” Sana said

“You’re hurting me” he said acting offended

Sana smiled at him and took another sip from her cup

“So, what are we going to do now?” Mutta asked

“Let’s do something fun” Mikael said

“Define, fun” Sana commented

“What about…a music challenge!”

“I thought you said it was going to be fun” Elias teased Mikael

“Don’t worry, you’re not playing”

Rude” Elias said offended

Let’s be honest, you have no knowledge in music. You’ll be the judge”

“Sounds nice”

“How does the challenge work?” Sana asked

“We play two against two. Elias plays a song and the first one to name the title and the artist wins a point, the first one to score 8 points win. The winner of each duel will face each other in the final battle” Mikael explained

“Okay, sounds good. But I’m going to win” she said

All the boys laughed, including Elias.


Oh you’ll see” Elias said smirking


“How can you know every single song?” Sana asked exasperated

She was competing in the final battle against Mikael. She had beaten Adam by 3 points in her duel and Mikael had crashed Mutta in theirs, 8 to 1 points.

Now they were on their ninth song and Mikael was winning 7 to 2 points. If Mikael guessed the next song he would win.

“I spent my whole 2nd year at Bakka listening to pop songs, I know them all by heart” Mikael explained

“That’s not fair” Sana said, then she looked at her brother “Why didn’t you warn me?”

“It’s funnier this way” he said shrugging

She glared at him and then rolled her eyes.

“Okay, next song. Mikael if you guess it you win the game” Elias said

“We all know how to count Elias, just play the song”

“Relax, sister, it’s just a game” he laughed “Okay, song coming in 3,2,1…go”

He pressed play and before two seconds passed Mikael yelled.

“Shake it off by Taylor Swift!!”

“Correct!!! We have a winner!!!”

All the guys cheered him as he put his hands up celebrating his victory

“Yeah, whatever” Sana said

“Oh, don’t be a sore loser, Sana” Mikael said

“I’m not. But I thought the purpose of this whole thing was to make me happy. Me losing? Not happy.”

“Okay, what do you want to play?” Adam asked “Your wishes are our commands”

“Basketball” she said

“Fine, 2 against 3” Elias said

“I’m on Sana’s team” Mutta said raising his hand

“No, no, no. I’m on Sana’s team!” Adam argued

“I won the music challenge, I should get to be in Sana’s team” Mikael said

“Guys, guys. Neither of you are going to be on my team” Sana said

“Ouch! Have you heard that boys?” Elias said “Bakkoush siblings against you”

“Nope. Me against you four” Sana said

“What? Do you want to lose again?” Mikael asked

“Oh, I think I’ll do just fine” she said

“Okay, girl. Game on” Adam challenged her with a smile.


“Ah, see? I told you basketball was so much fun” Sana said as they all re-entered the house

“That was so not fair. How did you win against the four of us?” Adam said, then he looked at Elias “How is she so good?”

“I’ve been asking myself that same question since she was born” he said

“Don’t worry guys, someday you’ll beat me” she said bursting into laughs “I’m sorry, it’s just too funny to even think about that possibility”

“Yeah, yeah, alright” Mikael said rolling his eyes

“We should get going. It’s getting late, we are losers and we stink” Mutta said

“Don’t be that harsh on yourself, you only stink a little bit” Sana said still laughing

“Okay, guys. I’ll see you tomorrow” Elias said leading them to the door.

“Hey, Sana” Adam said before opening the door to leave “Just wanted to say that we’ve had a lot of fun today and that we’re here for you”

“For anything” Mutta added

“Anything at all” Mikael finished

“Aww, look at you finishing each other’s sentences, how cute” she said

All the boys rolled their eyes at her and turned to leave

“Seriously guys” she called after them making them look at her “Thank you for everything”

They nodded at her and finally left the house.

“You really had fun?” Elias asked Sana once they were alone

“Yes, the guys are great”

“And you’re one of us now” he assured her

Sana smiled to herself, it felt nice knowing that there were people out there she could rely on.


Sooo this is it! 

I really really hope you’ve liked it and that I haven’t disappointed you

Thanks again for sending the prompt 

And thank you all for reading♥

Yupp..I think the read more trick hasn’t worked…sorry!!

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So I've been dealing with depression a lot lately. I had family issues in the past and I was abused a lot. My best friend also left me recently and I've been feeling extremely alone. The only thing I think about nowadays is how much I just want to disappear. May I please have a star to keep me going? ♥

I’m so sorry, sara. You didn’t deserve to be abused, and you didn’t deserve to be left by your best friend.

I know what it feels like to be left like that, it’s happened to me twice with people I thought were best friends. You do feel alone and you feel like, maybe, on some level, it’s your fault.

I want you to know that it is not your fault, and you are not alone.

Things may be hard right now, but you are loved by every single person in this community, including myself. You are wanted, you are important, and you are not alone. Stay strong <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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I always viewed Megamind saying he doesn’t need Minion, as a teenager who wants to tell his parents that he is old enough to take care of himself now. (And that he kinda missed that out while growing up.) And sadly he verbally lashes out to someone who has parental responsibilities but is in fact a lifelong companion, who was not mend for this treatment. It just came to my mind, aside from big brother; godfather also seems like a good definition for what Minion stands for.

Ooh, godfather, that is interesting! 

I headcanon it that Megamind and Minion’s relationship doesn’t completely translate to human terms. It’s sometimes parental, sometimes fraternal, sometimes more of a caretaker role…big brother, godfather, best friend, cousin, minion, sidekick, valet, caretaker…they all express aspects of Megamind and Minion’s relationship, but none of them completely fit.

I figure that’s why Megamind’s mother says “here is your minion; he will take care of you”. The word, in their language, wouldn’t be “minion” exactly, but that’s what it translates to, in this context.

I also headcanon that not every person on Megamind’s planet is paired with a “minion”–only people who need extra help. Megamind has Minion not only because his parents wanted to send someone to help take care of him, but also because Megamind is neuroatypical for his species, and his parents probably already knew that. 

For first thing today I want to wish Happy Birthday to one of my Superhero: Roman Reigns 💕

I decided to support him since the first time I saw him in the middle of the ring and until today I support him and I will still to support him forever 🤙💕
I don’t care what think haters, for me Roman is one of the best in WWE 😍
He excites me every single time he enter in the Arena and his matches is always amazing 😍
Thanks to him I believe more in myself and I never give up at the first difficulty 😁
You are perfect, never change 💕

After this, Roman is also a great person … he is really a good guy 😊 Open with fans and has a big heart 💕

Thanks for everything Emperor 😊

I hope today is a great day for you, with your family and friends 🤙💕

23, E.D

“So y/n, who do you have a crush on?” Your friend said, wiggling her eyebrows.
Full knowing the answer already, as your best friend Ethan sat beside you. Also wondering the answer.
“Oh no one at the moment!” You said, her obviously noticing the blatant lie.
“Well, we know that’s a lie babe.” She said, Ethan automatically agreeing. “Yeah y/n there has to at least be someone.” Ethan said curious to know who it was.
“Well, there is someone. But you’ll have to guess.” You said, knowing he wouldn’t know it was him.
You had a crush on him, a big one.
Ever since you’ve met him, there was something that clicked, but obviously valuing your shared friendship, you never pursued the strong feelings. But maybe, this was your chance? Probably not, because if he didn’t guess, you weren’t going to spill.
“Okay so you have, let’s say 5 guesses.” You told him.
“Okay, um. How about Aaron?” He asked.
“No.” You replied.
“Alex?” He guessed once more.
Shaking your head in response, he decided to think about his remaining three guesses.
“Grayson?” He asked, man was he getting warm.
“No but close.” You said. Instantly making his eyes widen.
“Is it, me?” He asked. Which made your heart race as soon as he got it.
“Yep.” You whispered looking down at your feet.
“Really? You like me back!” He yelled out.
Wait what, he liked you?
“Well with that, do you want to go to the park or something?” He asked.
“What like a date?” You responded.
“Yes a date silly!” He exclaimed.
“Ok, lets go… babe.” You said, instantly making his eyes nearly pop out of his head.
I think he liked it.
As you entered the car with him, the ride was filled with silence, not awkward silence. An enjoyable one, just accompanying each other.
Hoping, maybe he’d ask you to be his girlfriend tonight. As you both had shared feelings, and this was technically a date, so what was holding him back? Nothing.
“Ok we’re here!” He yelled out in glee.
“Wait no! Y/n, i got the door hold on.” As he jumped out of the car before you could exit.
Picking you up, spinning you lightly.
“Hey, Ethan, can we talk please, nothing serious. Just about well this, what is this?”
You asked as the both of you were nearing a large tree.
“Y/n, here. Let’s lay down.” He said as you both neared the grass that laid under the large tree, and stars.
“So, we both like each other. So what is this, what if we ruin our friendship?” You asked.
“Y/n, listen I know since we both like each other. That would ruin our relationship if we never did pursue it. Also I know as well, we would be a cool couple. A really cool couple. Like the best one ever.” He proposed.
Couple? I’ll take it.
“So what your saying is that we’re a couple? When did that happen?” You asked.
As you said that, you decided to take a spot in between his legs, watching the stars as they shined in the nearly black sky.
“Oh yea, would you be my girlfriend?” He asked.
“Heck yea!” You laughed. Still laying in his lap, enjoying the company.
“Hey y/n? Can I play with your hair. It’s like really pretty and soft.” He said. Making you blush instantly. As he was still your awkward best friend you’ve always loved, dearly.
“Of course you can. Why ask?” You said. Knowing he’s played with your hair before.
He always had it was his thing, it calmed him as he would say.
“So, boyfriend?” You asked.
“So girlfriend?” He replied. Which made the both of you laugh. This was going to be a fun ride.

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Can we have some yandere skelemen headcanons of your choosing? I don't mind which one you pick. If you've done this before, could you please direct me to it? Many thanks

I feel all of the Sans are some type of Yandere.

Also, I love Yanderes.

UT! Sans: a huge Yandere, but very low-key about it. Will act like a good boyfriend and be friendly around your friends, but what’s this? Your best friend won’t talk to you anymore, and you have no idea why. When you tell Sans, he mentions that they must not be a very good friend though. When he’s alone he’s gonna burst into maniacal laughter. Oh what’s that? That guy looked at you for a second too long. Suddenly, a missing persons report. The only person who’s safe around you is Papyrus, because Sans trusts him. Hopefully you don’t ever catch on, and if you do, don’t say anything. If you do, you’re going to spend the rest of your life in his shed, chained to a wall. He loves you, and you’re his. You don’t get to leave.

UF! Sans: Starts out an insecure boy who is in need of affection. You give him everything and make him feel good. You told him you were going to hang out with your friends this weekend and he straight up tells you no. You tell him he doesn’t own you and he gets silent and leaves. The next day you find out all of your friends are dead. How? What? He appears in front of you and explains some things to you. He does own you, you are his. He sets boundaries and punishments and curfews. He runs your life now, and if you try to leave him, you’re dead. Get comfy, this is your life now. He doesn’t care if you like it or not, you’re gonna love him, you don’t have a choice. If you tell anyone about this, he’ll kill them as well. Becomes high-key with affection, even Papyrus doesn’t wanna be near you without Sans being there.

US! Sans: the ol famous Yandere Blueberry. As soon as somebody talks to you or looks at you in any way he doesn’t like, he’s gonna get them alone and either warn them to stay far away from you, or he’s going to kill them. If you ever find out and try to leave him he’ll keep you in his closet like a stray animal. Eventually, when he snaps one day he’s going to kill you. He’ll kill himself as well, because he can’t be without you, so. If you don’t try leaving, and you try to fix him, he’ll just be more discreet about it. He’ll never change.

HT! Sans: no fucks. Murders people right in front of you. Always has, always will. You stay with him because you’ve known from the start that if you leave him he’ll kill you. He told you that before you accepted to be his. The thing he didn’t tell you though, is that if you backed out and decided not to be his, he would’ve killed you anyways. You were his before you knew it. He loves you, and you better love him back.

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17, 4, 24

4- do you have a best friend?
Yes! But they don’t consider me their best friend and I’m always clingy and awkward and ruin everything :) plus thanks to my paranoia I’m convinced that she hates me. My best friends on Tumblr are @kindergarten-was-great @curlydans @pepperminthowell
17- how many times have you fallen in love? Requited or not
Well I have had countless little kid crushes but for real? Like I cry at night because the only thing I want is to be with them?
Once and it’s fucking hell but also Beautiful their happiness is yours
24- what’s your favorite thing about your best friend?
I can’t pick one thing c'mon man


Or claiming to be marrying your “best friend” when you haven’t ever been alone together. Do not get it.

I will never fucking get that.  I mean, I sort of do, because new friend infatuation is also a thing, but…there’s a difference between that and legit best friendship. 

Which perfectly parallels their romantic relationships, I guess.

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Hi! I need your advice, I have the opportunity to start hormones in like a month or two, and I have been really working for it, because my therapist is kind of "gate keeper", but I am still really scared to tell people in university that I am trans, just a few of my friends know, do you have any advice in the area of coming out in school and deal with the bullying? And also what would it be a good way to tell everyone, telling one by one it is a little exhausting Thank you, have a great day :)

Hey! :) 

If you’re finding it tedious to tell people one by one, you can do an online post/group message to most people, and tell closer friends individually. 

In terms of dealing with bullying, if you’ve come out to a few of your friends and they are supportive, then that makes it much easier to deal with people who are not as nice. I always just did my best to ignore people who were not accepting/spread rumours and just stuck with my friends. 

Luke Blurb

This blurb is for @happily-luke

Pairing: LukexSam

Originally posted by http-erikaxo

You were a part of a band, playing guitar. One day, you were playing in your garage where your band practice all the time. While making up a new song, you heard a “hello” from someone. You were so involved into making new music, you didn’t realize who it was.

It was Luke. Luke was your best friend. You grew up with each other. He also plays the guitar, but he’s not in your band. He is in a different, more successful band.

“New song?” Luke asked.

You nodded and gave him a hug.

“I could tell Sam,” he chuckled. “Can I sit?”

You nodded.

“Hey, are you okay. You haven’t said one word to me yet,” Luke laughed off.

“No, no. I’m okay. I was just trying to write and I…”

“Its for me?” Luke interrupted.

You both started laughing. You nodded again and more laughing because you went silent again.

“Can I hear what you have so far?” Luke asked.

“It’s pretty cheesy.”

“No, I want to hear.”

You started to sing and play the new song on the guitar. Luke seems he was really enjoying it.

“That was beautiful, Sam.”

You started to blush. Luke came into crab your cheek. You smiled and he kissed you. You started laughing.

“You want to go shoot some hoops?”

“Sure,” you smiled.

“Maybe go to the beach tomorrow?” Luke asked.

“That would be sweet,” you smiled.

The rest of the night, you guys played basketball. Maybe we will play some piano together later on. The date at the beach was fun and playful. You continued to date after that.

If you want a blurb…check out my post x

im so sorry this took so long :( and sorry its so short and bad. i havent written a blurb in a while. i know, no excuse is good enough for being this late. i hope you enjoy and have a nice night <3

mikesroad replied to your post: what do you think about Cornell’s mother in law…

also just because neither have ????? spoken out about it doesnt mean its some malicious action like??? think about it…….eddie lost his BEST FRIEND……he’s probably literally going thru some shit and like idk what cornell’s mother or toni is saying but … i cant imagine what eddie is feeling and he probs just doesnt want it to go to media…

I suppose it could also tie in with the expectation from fans that there’s something wrong or sinister unless they put out statements and announce the tribute show within 24 hours. Someone they loved fucking died. It’s bigger and more important than fan service.

We also don’t know what Ed’s plans are with these solo shows now. We assume based on what we think we would do. Maybe he thinks the show must go on for the man and the music. Maybe he’ll change the setlist. Maybe he’ll give it a go and cancel. We. Don’t. Know. Few decisions could be easy right now.

So. Mother’s Day is Sunday.
There are a million posts out there about showing your appreciation for your mother and it can make a lot of people with abusive moms feel guilty.

So this is specifically for the people dealing with that guilt: it’s ok to Not buy her a gift, and it’s also ok to go out and buy something super nice for her. Your health comes first, and whichever option helps YOU feel best, then do it.

It’s ok if you cringe when/if she thanks you, if she hugs you and tells you she loves you. That sense of wrongness is hard to deal with, and I’m sorry you have to be one to bear it.

I’m sorry there’s so much mothers day shit out there. I’m sorry it’s all over facebook where she posts with her friends and they all tell her she’s a wonderful mom.

You deserve better. This weekend will be over soon.

Keep yourself safe the best way you can.

Wanna talk about scary? Lose your girlfriend, and then realize she was also your best friend. You can’t listen to your favorite music, because it was hers too. Every song tears you up inside. Your favorite shows are haunting, because she’s not there to talk about them with you. Your favorite restaurants are filled with ghosts of dates you had. Your family wants to help you, but they can’t. Nothing can fill the hole in your life. Every time you think you’re doing better, memories of how much she meant to you cut you back down. Sometimes having someone perfect for you, can hurt like hell.