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How do the butts of each avenger rank against each other? What criteria determines best butt?

Oh man. Regrettably I’m no longer loopy, but I’m gonna answer this ask anyway. I’m also going to go with MCU because comic butts have been rendered by many an artist and that would take a bit more time. (Apologies to the actors [You are all wonderful people, I’m sure] for sitting down and judging your butts. I’m sure you’ll never read this anyway.)

First, a sample size:

Let’s start with Cap:

Steve Rogers has what I like to think of as a cut butt. He’s got little dimples on either side of the cheeks where the gluteus maximus overlays the gluteus medius. This contributes to what Sam Wilson refers to as “Captain Small Ass.” A small ass, firm, good for grabbing and also good at running past fellow joggers at a million miles an hour.

Iron Man:

Tony Stark has an infamous bubble butt. His glutes are high and pleasingly rounded, and this is emphasized even more by his tendency to wear lifts. Tony claims this is resultant of the squat craze in the 90s, but whatever the cause, his bubble butt is very pleasing to look at, especially because all his clothes are tailored to show it off from every possible angle.


Thor, I suspect, also has a cut butt. His jeans are a relaxed fit, but even so, there’s not much definition visible through the fabric. The, ahem, crease, does seem to sit rather high, however, giving us lovely back dimples and I butt that, I’m pretty sure, is a dead ringer for the Statue of David.


Clint Barton is the man with the unexpectedly pleasing butt. As you can see, both cheeks are perfectly rounded, but still nice and tight. Additionally, he fills out to the sides without having a perky butt like Tony’s. His is the quintessential peach butt.


Sam Wilson’s butt is surprisingly hard to find as it is frequently planking toward the sky and not toward his admirers. That being said, he has a workhorse butt. It is very solid, and looks like it could carry him for days. The overall shape is pert without being bubbly. An excellent butt.

Black Widow:

Natasha’s butt is the quintessential apple butt. Round and a little bottom heavy without being too much of any one thing. It is also a butt that is a serious contributor to her amazingly deadly thighs. Part of the power of her scissor kicks comes from her butt and she’ll never let us forget that.

The Hulk:

Bruce Banner, as arguably the most sedentary of the Avengers (when he’s not a giant rage monster), still has a very pleasing butt. As you can see above, he chooses the cuts of his pants well to show off his semi-cut butt, thus overshadowing both Barton and Stark in this photo. A lovely sitting butt.

The Winter Soldier:

Bucky Barnes butt shares qualities with Clint Barton’s butt, but it is overall a little more grounded. He, too, knows how to style to show off the best qualities of his butt, even when he’s dressing like a hobo. As you can see, his butt is full, not cut, and while it’s relatively flat, you know from his Thic Thighs ™ that he can probably crack walnuts between his cheeks.

In short, the Avengers (and bonus non-Avengers) are a team of very pleasing butts and surely there’s a butt among them for everyone who might wish to appreciate a butt.


Let’s Play Minecraft — Episode 123 [See part 1]

I sense a very sad story here, kinda my headcanon about Gavin’s people. However he offended them he didn’t really mean it, and now he hangs out with his new friends, but  it’s not easy to let old memories go.

Hugo: This is one of those awesome underwater caves you can’t see from the outside, you gotta come in through this long passage, but when you do it’s really cool, and it’s sort of lit up by the light refracting through the water, all cool and blue-green.

Me: Cool! I know what you’re talking about, that’s gorgeous, all right. Great scene setting. 

Hugo: AND the cave is shaped LIKE A SKULL. 

Me: …of course it is. Nicely done. 


Me: yes yes, you’re very Romantic, well d–


Hugo: …also there’s a stone that’s been worn away to look sort of like an altar
Hugo:  so there’s a sort of feeling like this SEXY DEATH CAVE is also SACRED 
Hugo: the altar feels HOLY you see 
Hugo: like it’s evoking something SACRED AND UNTOUCHABLE 
Hugo: like…naked women 
Hugo: it totally looks like a naked woman sat on it and then vanished , nakedly 
Hugo: probably a very white naked woman! for the visual contrast, and also because , you know , 19th Century, I am kind of appallingly racist by default here 
Hugo: so just to recap, GLOWING SEXY DEATH SKULL CAVE with the Aura of Naked Women Somehow 

Me: …is this…relevant?? at all?? I am waiting for that to be relevant, I Want To Believe , here

Hugo: Nah we’re leaving this cave and never coming back 
Hugo: btw there’s a giant octopus in here. Now let’s learn about forging!  

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*magic time* now you all are kittens! even you, Owl! :v

it has been so long since I’ve drawn a cat

JAY-Z, Trevor Noah and Dave Chappelle, photographed at Rihanna’s third annual “Diamond Ball” at Cipriani Wall Street on Thursday evening. Hov is wearing a Burberry Londonslim-fit wool and mohair-blend tuxedo blazer ($1,300) and tuxedo pants ($450)—a set he last wore at the Grammy Awards in February.

Hov had purchased a table for his Roc Nation family at a reported cost of $150,000. The event was held in support of the Roc Nation singer’s non-profit Clara Lionel Foundation, which benefits impoverished communities across the globe by supplying healthcare and education programs.

In support of his little sister Jay donated and signed a $35,000 “Nebuchadnezzar” bottle of his Armand de Brignac Rosé champagne. It is one of the most rare bottle formats in the world, with its 15 liter contents equivalent to 20 standard bottles. The champagne sold for $75,000 during the live auction. During the benefit Hov was also seen signing pairs of Rih’s Puma x FENTY x CLF “Creeper” sneakers to be auctioned off.

latin words for snakes

anguis: a serpent, snake; esp. in fable as an emblem: of terror, the snaky head of Medusa; of rage, the serpent-girdle of Tisiphone; of art and wisdom, the serpent-team of Medea

aspis: the asp, viper

coluber: a serpent, snake; of the Hydra; of Medusa; of Allecto

dracoa sort of serpent, a dragon; name of a constellation; in eccl. Lat., the Serpent, the Devil

hydrusa water-serpent, serpent; or Hydros, the constellation of the Waterserpent, called also Anguis and Hydra

serpens: participle of serpo, a creeping thing, creeper, crawler, snake, serpent 

vipera: adder, snake, serpent, in gen.,—prov.: “in sinu viperam habere,” Cic. Har. Resp. 24, 50: “viperam nutricare sub alā,” to nourish a viper in one’s bosom

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Creeper, let me see if I understand. Did you fall into one of your own traps?... really? oh boi...

wasn’t his fault he was completely focused on murder to remember one of his own deathtraps.

I'm pregnant not stupid

I work at a lovely Inn of such high Quality and I work the 11pm- whenever the lovely morning person decides to show (suppose to be 7am but hey ya know what does it matter if you show up at 8 or 9).
Now honestly I love customer service I honestly do, interacting with people is awesome but I’ll be damned if some people don’t need duct tape over their pie holes or a “asshole alert” to ring when they show up. Really the main things are as follow:
1. If you don’t have a valid (nonexpired) DL I can’t check you in, no we can’t take passports instead.
2. Yes the pool is closed along with the workout room, yes I know you’re upset but don’t yell at me because the owner hasn’t taken the few minutes to update the website which you didn’t even know existed till you left a bad review this morning.
3. When I ask if you want a paper copy or email copy of your receipt that does not mean sit there and say “yes” while texting on your phone, FFS PUT IT DOWN FOR THE 2 MINUTES IT TAKES FOR ME TO CHECK YOU OUT.
4. We have the continental breakfast, the restaurant that is attached is not affiliated with us expect for sharing the restrooms.
5. Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I’m unable to do my job, don’t sit there and try to tell my manager that I shouldn’t be working I’m trying hard enough to be kept on schedule as is.
6. If you see me put the coffee out do not sit there and try to BS me that it’s cold already YOU JUST WATCHED ME PUT IT OUT.
7. No I won’t give you a free upgrade because of the pool being out and you didn’t pay attention when I told you as you checked in, you already signed the agreement that’s not on me because you can’t listen.
8. I’m polite because I have to be, don’t mistake that as flirtiness and make comments how “if I were your husband I’d lock you up and keep you to myself” that’s creepy, period.
9. Do not proceed to stare at me and watch me work then get offended when I ask if you need something 3 times in a row because it’s part of the job and you’re making me uncomfortable.
10. Unless you’re a regular I’m not going to know you or what “the last person” did for you because I’m not them, and quite frankly I won’t give a damn even after you tell me.
11. You’re more likely to get things sooner if you say please or actually tell me you need something, otherwise don’t think I can read your mind then complain in the morning. I tell you right away as I check you in if you need something let me know (this also means don’t get a big creeper smile and say “Can I have you?” As you walk away. I will promptly be shuddering and hiding from you every time I see you.
12. Don’t. EVER. Snap your fingers and whistle at me if I’m in the middle of something. I will not respond even once you start with “hey, yo, are you deaf?” Because I’m petty and how hard is it to say “excuse me” really?
13. Yes I will take the front desk bell away from your child who is pounding on it, no I will not apologize when they start crying because you didn’t teach them manners.
14. Great you know the owner so do i, but the price is set and it’s not my call to change it but feel free to email oh wait you said she? Yeah no wrong hotel buddy.
15. (Coworkers) Just do your job. Please don’t call me in telling me it’s a medical emergency then let me hear you laughing about it to the manager cause now if you call and it is an emergency, buckle up buckaroo cause I won’t be answering my phone.

These are just a few of them that I wanted off my chest.