and also a creeper


Rihanna stepped out after midnight for a meal at an Italian restaurant in Soho, wearing a Black Shearling coat, Orange Camo pants, and her hard to get, Fenty x Puma Creepers , also in Orange Camo. She arrived to the restaurant 10 minutes after they closed, at 1:10am, and forced them to stay open passed 6am, 5 hours overtime, as she wined, dined and had a business meeting inside.

can't stop thinking about sleepy Sormik and Elysians watching over them

Baby sormik finally falling asleep in Zenrus’ arms after crying for what felt like an eternity, Moymor and Myrna heaving a sigh of relief.

Tiny sormik holding hands in their sleep while Taccio, Medea and Shaun rejoice that Sorey finally grow the same size as Mikleo.

Kid sormik sleeping in their bed, Mikleo cuddling his pillow, Sorey snoring, arms and legs completly stretch out, Shiron and Kyme losing their shit at how cute they are (Shiron clunching his fist and Kyme eating some clothe, both crying)
The kids napping at each side of Lawrence, the fire seraph finally able to rest cause damn those kids are exhausting, Cynthia and Melody giggling at the sight.

Nathalie and Mason worrying about the teens after not seeing them for two days and finding them on Sorey’s bed, covered in dirt and certainly passed out after exploring ruins once again, Sorey happily drooling on Mikleo’s belly and Mikleo grimacing in his sleep because of the weight.

16 years old Mikleo and Sorey taking a nap after a meal, Sorey’s right arm around his best friend’s waist, Gramps putting a blanket on them, and Sorey feeling so comfy he throws his other arm around Mikleo and uses him as a pillow, said pillow mumbling something at him but not waking up.

Sorey and Mikleo reading against a tree, Mikleo falling asleep head resting against Sorey’s shoulder. After a while Ed and Loanna approach to go hunt prikleboar, Sorey not fond of the idea to move and risk to wake the water seraph but their talking wake him anyway, Mikleo opening his eyes to Sorey gentle gaze and warm smile, Mikleo blushing slightly and then he saw the two others, feels his cheeks burning even more at Ed teasing smile and abrutly stand and find some excuse to go away, a really confused Sorey calling to him…

ironbloodaika  asked:

Anne Maria

Why I like them
Something I find funny about Anne Maria is that she’s almost pretty much designed to be despised, and yet she’s one of the more interesting and entertaining characters from the second generation. A little two-dimensional, admittedly, but she’s surprisingly friendly and I like how she can be surprisingly useful in challenges. Also, unlike a certain somebody that shall not be named, her entire character did not revolve around another character just because they needed the obligatory love interests of the season.

Also, have you seen her HIPS?!

Favorite episode
Finders Creepers”. It’s the most her character is used, she has great interactions with a good chunk of her team (I do kind of wish she and Jo had a bigger conflict in the season), and she contributes to her team. It’s pretty much my go-to episode to show why I call Anne Maria one of my favorites from the season.

Favorite outfit
Her magenta(?) bikini.

Eat it, Zoey.

I actually like her and Vito together… too bad that’s absolutely impossible to happen now.

Head Canon
She and Leshawna met sometime during All-Stars and started hanging out and became friends.

Unpopular opinion
Anne Maria > Zoey

Though is that really an unpopular opinion at this point?

A wish
Simple, I would like for Anne Maria to return. Whether in Total Drama or another Ridonculous Race season, I’d be fine with either or.

every time i think of this quote “i have been the subject of enough ridicule and innuendo…”, my heart breaks. because miranda was already treated awfully by london’s society. i mean, we saw the way alfred hamilton treated her and she just took it. and she was ready to take things upon herself again to divert attention from thomas and james. she loved them so much and i can’t deal.

and then she goes to nassau and it’s even worse:

people call her a witch. she’s most likely completely isolated because of it and also being stalked by a creeper of a pastor.

we talk about what flint went through so many times, but we don’t mention how miranda went through the exact same thing often enough. she lost her husband, the man she loved. she lost her home. she was irreparably heartbroken because of it. and unlike flint she wasn’t allowed to go on and let all that rage and misery upon others. she had to remain on the interior being hated by everyone while flint went about pirating. 

i think about the scene above and the way it’s framed and shot and my heart breaks into a million pieces again because she’s so alone. what must her days be like when flint’s away?

and looking back at what we saw of miranda in the flashbacks and what we heard from abigail, "i remember watching her talk with my mother from across the room and how she’d make my mother laugh”, i think miranda was someone who enjoyed socializing. she was clearly outgoing, she enjoyed being with people. and she had to spend ten years all alone. 

and by s1 she’s finally reaching her breaking point:

and “what does it matter now? […] what does it matter what happened then if we have no life now? because there is no life here. there is no joy here. there is no love here.”

she suffered so much, she endured so much. but unlike flint she didn’t allow herself to succumb to it the way he did. because make no mistake, she was as angry as he was. and a part of her wanted revenge as much as he did.


is to me miranda admitting she told flint about the maria aleyne because a part of her wanted flint to kill alfred hamilton. she knew what would happen and she told him anyway because she wanted it to happen.

miranda’s anger is one of my favourite things about her. because it’s so clear to me that it has been there since the night thomas was taken:

she didn’t give into it and i love her for it, but it was always lurking. and it rises to the surface again just before she goes on a vacation dies: “what do i want? i want to see this whole goddamn city, this city that you purchased with our misery, burn. i want to see you hanged on the very gallows you’ve used to hang men for crimes far slighter than this. i want to see that noose around your neck and i want to pull the fucking lever with my own two hands!

some people have expressed disappointment in not being able to see miranda going off completely after the “ashe was a traitor” reveal. and i agree entirely. i would have loved to see a miranda who does not care for england anymore, who is as done as flint, as unforgiving. that would have been spectacular and i’ll forever mourn the fact that we didn’t get it.

i love miranda barlow/hamilton a lot and i miss her every day.

Internet friends?

I need an internet friend! I am really shy but I will open up after a while. My favourite bands are guns n roses, escape the fate, bon jovi and creeper but I love so many more. I also love artists like Melanie Martinez, Ariana Grande, Mod sun and Eminem. I don’t care about gender, sexuality or race but no one racist or homophobic. I love anime and youtubers like danisnotonfire, amazingphil, leafyishere and more. Please message me but please don’t just leave after one conversation.

Creeper Gavin AU

So I was thinking about the ender eye AU and thought what if Gavin had a similar incident, but as a creeper.

Most people know him from the pelt that he oh so proudly claimed from a creeper he had slain. Over time the pelt became a bit worn but still possessed its spark and creeper essence. While he wears it, he notices that his instincts rise and he is more aware of his surrounding. Gavin also has a strange need to hunt and seclude himself from the other. After some time he begins to hiss and his already green eyes become brighter. His skin, after time, begins to grow over and into the pelt, fusing it into his body. It’s clear to everyone as he develops the behaviors and in some aspects the appearance of a creeper, that he is becoming one as well.

Also, since in Minecraft creepers only see in green so he starts to only see green. And the idea that creepers and endermen don’t get along just leads to more bickering and such between him and Ryan if Ryan has the ender eye/abilities.

Can we just talk about the entire personal tragedy Grell’s going through in the background with regard to the dress?

Madam Red already said Grell’s going to be her butler as per usual, and Grell was absolutely horrified last page.

When Madam Red says she wants a daughter, specifically “a charming girl who looks wonderful in frilly dresses.”

Grell’s in the background “M-Madam, what about me…”


“Um… Please…”


Grell has a sad.

Which is also ignored.

Grell really wants to be in the dress. Really, really, really wants to. Lingering looks of longing levels wants to. It also looks as though she might’ve been the one to spot the dress first. She does seem real worried about it during the party. What sort of horrible betrayal was it that they took her dress and put it on Ciel?

Five minutes later she does go and murder a woman, so um. There’s that.


how many times will i play your games
before you disappear and i’m the only one to blame
well i don’t know
i don’t know…


Took photos of my Tadashi while he wasn’t paying attention…mwahahah nice lighting bro <3  He’ll never find me taking creeper stalker photos—


….or not.

aka taking creepy pics of friends while other friends are doing their photoshoot 

Myself as Hiro, eugeneration as Tadashi.  He used that fancy camera to take last pics.

Moving from a city to a “quiet” place...

It cracks me up how trusting people are in “quiet” towns. The place I grew up in? If you left your bike in the yard for 5 minutes, it was gone. You also developed a “creeper” radar over time, and could spot them a mile away (and avoid them accordingly). You also knew how to be on time, and hurry the fuck up.

People in quiet towns? They leave all their stuff laying in the yard. Cars and houses are constantly unlocked. “This guy is trying to sell me a used cell phone?! Oh, he must have gotten a new one, bless him!”. “The party is at 5:00pm? I’ll be there at 6:15, I started talking to so-and-so at Walmart and lost track of time!”.

It just… cracks me up.

Okay so you know how people always say “don’t pick up hitchhikers they could be serial killers” and also “don’t get into cars with strangers cuz they could be serial killers?”
Well like what if a serial killer was driving along and picked up a hitchhiker but then the hitchhiker was also a serial killer and they get to the first killers creeper house or whatever and they both pull out their knives and just stare at each other for a good ten seconds until one of them says “Well this is awkward.” And then they just go inside and have a cup of tea and swap stories about creepy barns.


“I didn’t know you liked kids,” Theo whispers to Madeleine.

“I didn’t know you had kids,” she counters.

“Kid. Singular. Just the one.”

“She’s very sweet.”

“You’re very sweet,” he smirks as his hand grazes against her lower back. “And I’m sure Lila is not the only one who would enjoy having you over tonight.”

“I know,” Madeleine nods solemnly. “And I’d really love to spend more time with Sully, but I need to be heading home. I’m expecting a phone call.”

“Call them back,” he replies, his smooth, sultry voice falling over her like black satin sheets.

“I really shouldn’t,” she breathes.

“At least come and eat dinner with us. Please?” Theodore implores. “For Lila?”

“Well…” Maddie hesitates, but glancing over at the child and her dog a small smile slowly creases the corners of her lips. “Okay. For Lila.”

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