and also 'he's probably not right in the head either'

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On the subject of heats... Tord. Do you enjoy Tom's heats? No lying!

Tord: *shakes head* No. I don’t like them at all. I know it might sound weird ‘cause I really like having sex with Tom, but since he’s not thinking with his head and he’s in an altered state of mind, I’ve never felt truly comfortable with it. It doesn’t seem right. I also refuse to do anything with him if he’s drunk. Hell, if he wasn’t in so much pain during his heats, I probably wouldn’t do anything with him during them either.

Marauders music listening headcanon
  • James: always seems to get the lyrics wrong, but gets super excited to sing along anyways, to the dismay of the other marauders. When he's particularly passionate, he screams out half right lyrics while fist pumping the air (Sirius keeps yelling at him to learn the lyrics which probably leads to him purposefully saying the words he does know wrong).(He does try to sing properly with Lily but he still messes up a lot and actually gets embarrassed then, only for her to keep encouraging him to continue)
  • Sirius: also gets super into music easily, even if he's in a chair he'll be shimmying and doing half body rolls in his chair. When it's a song he really likes he jumps right out of his chair and points at Lily, and depending on if they're in class or not he'll either get an enthusiastic response or an awkward "NOT NOW" head shake. He's not particularly coordinated (despite his classical training), but it's fun to watch him flail and shimmy and spin and do the occasional booty wiggle.
  • Remus: tries not to be super into music, but can't help singing along anyways. It's usually under his breath, but if you are able to hear it it's super nice. When he's super into a song he more easily lets Sirius coax him into dancing an awkward dad half shuffle, or when he's on his own he'll actually sing audibly (little does he know everyone can hear him singing in the shower all the time).
  • Peter: usually listens to music completely quietly, bouncing a little bit. He is, though, the best out of all of them at impersonations/lip syncing. If you can convince him to get really into a song, he'll act like he's under the spotlight on stage, hands waving and fingers snapping and fake mic and everything. He'll even do the finger pistol and wink at one of the marauders (usually James) who will fake a dramatic swoon and fall back onto his bed.
  • Lily: always sings harmonies to the songs. It started out as a test to see if he could do it, but grew into a habit where she's usually too bored of the regular song and absolutely has to do harmonies (occasionally she can convince Remus to sing with her when they're alone, bc "no one wants to hear just the harmonies! :(" ). When she gets really into it, she joins Sirius in dancing, turning into one big messy dance number. Her dancing style involves a few shimmies, but mostly bouncing around and the occasional fancy footwork to Sirius's cheers

Not sure if I’m seeing Steve massively in love with Bucky or Chris trying to wrap his head around wtf is Seb saying. Like whoa there Sebastian, did you just say… nevermind…
Seb probably got the line wrong, should’ve been: too dumb TO run away from a fight. In case he didn’t run. And he didn’t.

<p>I&rsquo;ve about 20 messages about this . I saw Harry get hit on the head with something small while he was on the bench. Someone also threw a banana at him, I think it hit his leg. Tbh I was too busy trying not to cry after he blew me a kiss that I probably missed something. <br/>
I didn&rsquo;t see him nearly fall off the stage either. I saw him trip slightly and then limp a bit. <br/>
People were firing stuff at Louis though. Water, clothes, food, all kinds of crap.</p>

<p>If anyone has a video of Harry blowing kisses to his right of the stage please send it to me. Thanks!