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Karaoke night post-squip - feat. Boyf riends

It was a Sunday night, and Michael and Jeremy were at yet another party.

Jeremy said ‘another’ because it was a week until school was out, and their new friends really liked throwing parties. He hadn’t really minded at first – parties were fun! But it was starting to wear on him. You could only puke your guts out under an alcohol-induced haze so many times, he guessed. 

As soon as the door shut behind them, Jeremy and Michael were ambushed by Chloe, already drunk off her ass, and Brooke, hanging off her arm.

“You’re here!” Chloe squealed, giggling drunkenly. Then, she nudged Brooke. “Here, Heere. Get it?” 

Brooke smiled lazily and patted Chloe’s bicep. “Yeah. Nice.”

“We’re doing charaoke,” Chloe slurred. “Jeremy, your voice is decent. Come on.” She grabbed his arm and dragged him into the house, Brooke and Michael following close behind. Soon enough, they were swallowed by flashing lights and the bass line of an old nineties love song, and Jeremy tried not to breathe in the stench of teen body odor and alcohol. 

As they neared the end of the den, Chloe muttered something unintelligible and climbed up onto the miniature stage. To Jeremy’s mortification, she grabbed a microphone and said, “My boy Jeremy could be on fucking broadway and we’re gonna give him a shot tonight!” Only her speech was slurred and she drew out her vowels, so it sounded more like “weeeeee’re gonna give him a shoooot toniiiiiight!”

Behind him, Michael whispered, “Good luck!” and shoved him forwards. Jeremy stumbled up onto the stage next to Chloe.

Chloe grabbed his arm again and said, “I’m picking.” 

Jeremy groaned as her song selection popped up on the computer screen in front of him. “When I Was Your Man? Bruno Mars? Really, Chloe?” 

Chloe leaned towards him, swaying on her feet. “Just fucking sing, Jerry,” she said, and then Jeremy was alone on the stage. 

Jeremy glanced over the crowd, spreading his arms helplessly. “I am so, so sorry for what you’re about to experience,” he said. He prayed that nobody could hear the tremor in his voice. “But since I value my life, well…” He breathed a sigh of relief as chuckles spread through the gathering crowd before him. The first notes of the song spilled from Jake’s expensive-looking speakers, and Jeremy began to sway to the gentle piano against his will. The first line of the song appeared on the screen, and Jeremy inhaled. He shut his eyes against the strobe lights and faces below and started to sing. “Same bed, but it feels just a little bit bigger now.”

Somebody in the crowd whooped. He heard Michael mutter, “Holy shit.”

Our song on the radio, but it don’t sound the same,” he continued, pulling sound from deep in his chest.  “When all my friends talk about you, all it does is just tear me down.” Jeremy opened his eyes and looked out over the crowd. “And my heart breaks a little when I hear your name. It all just sounds like –” His gaze fell on Michael, whose mouth was hanging open. “Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.” He sailed through the rest of the song, singing louder and louder, keeping his eyes on Michael. As the music faded out, Jeremy felt better and more alive than he had in ages. He couldn’t keep the dorky grin from spreading over his face.

Suddenly, all that as left was silence. Jeremy let out the rest of his breath. Everything was still for a moment. And then the crowd erupted, and Jeremy was bowing, and Michael was up on stage, hugging him and talking faster than Jeremy had ever heard him.

“Jeremy, Jeremy, Jesus Christ, that was amazing, why don’t you sing more often? Dude, you have to do that more, you could be a professional, wow–” 

Jeremy felt himself redden. Then, he had an idea. Maybe it was the natural high, or maybe it was something in the air, but he opened his mouth and said, “We’re going to do the next one together.”

Michael never really enjoyed parties, but he usually tagged along anyways. There needed to be at least one person with a car who wasn’t as high as a kite or drunker than his grandmother on New Year’s Eve. And maybe he had jumped around a little, shouting lyrics to the songs he liked, but he didn’t – couldn’t sing. 

He stepped back. “Oh, no. No, no, no, no.”

“I’ve heard you sing before. You’re good,” Jeremy said.

“Have you heard me sing?” 

Jeremy cleared his throat. “When you’re high –”

“Okay, okay, point proven,” Michael cut in. “But still, no.”

“Come onnn, Michael.” Jeremy poked him. “I’ll go with you!”

And then the song was starting and it was too late to save himself. Michael read the title on screen. Carry On, by fun.. He kind of knew that one. 

Deep breaths, he told himself.

Jeremy started. “Well, I woke to the sound of silence the cars, cutting like knives in fistfights.”

Michael glanced at the crowd and felt his legs tremble. 

Jeremy continued. “And I found you with a bottle of wineyour head in the curtains and heart –

Like the Fourth of July,” Michael sang. He was sure he was by now visibly shaking, but he told himself to keep going. He adjusted his voice to match Jeremy’s, and kept going, growing more and more confident with every line. 

When they reached the first “carry on”, Jeremy grabbed Michael’s hand and held it above his head. Michael felt his face flush, and hoped that everybody still watching would attribute it to his nerves, or maybe alcohol he hadn’t drunk. As the verse ended, Jeremy brought Michael’s hand down, but didn’t let go. Jeremy started swaying to the music, and Michael felt himself follow suit. He kept his fingers wound through Jeremy’s. 

The second time they came around to “carry on”, some of the crowd joined in. Michael started to understand people who performed for a living. Part of him felt like he could fly. On a whim, he grabbed one of the microphones from its stand and held it in front of his mouth, bending his knees as he started the “Whoa!”.  Michael was singing like he hadn’t known he could sing. He shut his eyes and let his voice go.

The song ended. The crowd turned away, and slowly, the low buzz of mindless conversation returned. Jeremy’s eyes were bright, and Michael couldn’t help but admire how beautiful his eyes were. Jeremy hugged Michael, and pulled back, beaming. He looked Michael directly in the eyes, and Michael couldn’t bring himself to tear his gaze away.  They were breathing hard, and their faces were flushed, and Jeremy’s hair was adorably rumpled, and Michael felt his face redden again –

And then he was kissing Jeremy. No – Jeremy was kissing him. Michael stiffened, wondering for a split second if this was some kind of elaborate joke, before melting into the kiss. 

It was far from perfect. Michael’s glasses got in the way, and it wasn’t like either of them were experienced, but when they pulled back, Jeremy’s eyes were shining and Michael was the one beaming. 

“I love you so much right now,” Jeremy whispered, and Michael squeezed his hand.

“I love you too, Jer-bear.” he leaned his head against Jeremy’s shoulder. “I love you.”


Chapter 62 and Chapter 209 - compare: 1) How verbal they are and how much they convey: the more they speak, the less they understand each other; 2) How Jian Yi corners Zhan Xi and how Zhan Xi goes to Jian Yi willingly; 3) Zhan Xi’s touch. 

I think that this is the chapter that gave me more mixed feelings than any other before - and that’s even considering that I’d already had mixed feelings recently. (I still stand by what I said in this post.) It’s pretty hard to explain clearly, but I’ll ramble a bit about three things that moved me: the confession, the kiss, and the “I know”.

1) The confession:

The hope: Jian Yi takes the plunge because he feels accepted and safe enough to convey his feelings. He doesn’t escape from the question and sincerely gives an “I love you always forever, here and now” answer that would move even the coldest heart. 

The heartbreak: Jian Yi takes the plunge not hoping for anything, and in fact, by walking away, he opens a breach between him and the person he loves the most. Judging by his trembling hands and lips, he probably believes that the cost of his confession will be the loss of that closeness.

2) The kiss:

The hope: We’ve seen Zhan Xi touching Jian Yi’s fingers. They’ve hugged before. But most of the time Zhan Xi is both embarrassed and reluctant to be physically close to Jian Yi. However, he’s gradually grown comfortable enough for him to unwaveringly touch Jian Yi. He’s not trembling or flustered like he was before when he couldn’t understand what was going on in Jian Yi’s mind. (I’ll keep insisting on the importance of what was going on through Zhan Xi’s head during that time that Jian Yi was kidnapped. I really hope OX will tell us about it someday.)

It is my understanding -and I’d be glad to be corrected if I’m wrong- that kissing is not that common in many Asian cultures, especially not between friends in a serious way. A kiss on the forehead, however, is a symbol of closeness, trust, and deep affection. It’s a selfless kiss in that it doesn’t need a reply. It can transform into a different type of kiss if there is gentle touching, and that’s what Zhan Xi is doing. 

The heartbreak: A kiss on the forehead is not necessarily romantic. In fact, if anything, it’s a kiss that’s “chaster” than other kinds. So Zhanxi’s could have been a goodnight kiss. It could have been a “thank you for telling me” kiss. 

In any case, a kiss on the forehead gives off a sense of “I’ll be there for you no matter what,” which is consistent with Zhan Xi’s promise to protect and care for Jian Yi. “He and I still have many promises to fulfil,” he says to the girl that had tried to confess to him. Jian Yi never forgets this, and that leads me to the most puzzling part…

3) “I know.”

The hope: Their trust in each other has not been affected. The promise to remain together, to protect each other, is still intact. I know that you love me in your own way - this could have been said by either of them because their history together is real, so is their affection and concern for each other. If Zhan Xi is the one saying it, then it could mean that all his silences and his looks can be accountable, that he just needed to hear it clearly from Jian Yi, and that he believes that he’s being sincere. 

The heartbreak: Most of the times, it’s Jian Yi who gets the last word, and if Jian Yi is the one saying it, he could mean that he understands that kiss on the forehead as “we will always be friends” - or worse: it could mean “I shouldn’t have said it, because now I know that things will inevitably change.” What’s done is done, and even if he knows that Zhan Xi will not leave him… Well, how painful could it be to maintain that unrequited love for years? 

Also, the background of “I know” is dark. But it probably means nothing, right? … Right???

Definite shitposting ahead:

Once again, I’m not sure what I expect: a change of scenery, perhaps - either He Tian and Mo gossiping about JianZhan (I, for one, would love to see that), or He Tian asking Jian Yi what happened with Zhan Xi and possibly comforting him. Just imagine He Tian passing his arm around Jian Yi’s shoulders and Mo getting slightly jealous, heh. Anyway, this is all that pops up in my head if I go down the heartbreak route. If I’m hopeful, however, I could think of Zhan Xi and Jian Yi holding hands and sleeping next to each other. (As much as I hope for another type of kiss, unless Zhan is really willing to go through with it, it would just be cruel to Jian Yi.) 

I really want to be hopeful and think that, just as they’ve both matched each other’s feelings before, they will come together once more. (At this point, I no longer think the first one-shot and anything before chapter 50 could be taken as an indication of what we’re supposed to expect.)

(Also, I should probably change the “funny and cute” tag I’d set for 19 Days. I’m not even sure if OX themselves foresaw what this story would become.) 

Should You Fight This Footballer?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Please do it. Please fight him for all of us. You’ll probably lose because he’s jacked, but you also might make him cry and that’s honestly worth it. Please, please make Cristiano Ronaldo cry. 

Lionel Messi: I mean, you could fight him. You would probably win? But like, sometimes you just have to ask yourself, you know, why? Why are you fighting Lionel “Warm Milk” Messi? Do you not have more constructive things to do with your time, like eating ice cream or riding scooters? Don’t fight Lionel Messi. Take him to Disneyland.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Oh my god, don’t fucking fight Zlatan. Don’t do it. Dude is 6'5" and a black belt. Love yourself. 

Andrés Iniesta: Uh, this would be like fighting a small piece of cheese, except the cheese is a dear kind little man with a wife and daughter and like honestly, dude, what the fuck? 

John Terry: Yes, fight John Terry. Next question.

 Luis Suarez: Please don’t do this. Not because he doesn’t deserve it, but because I’m honestly not sure if you’d come out of it with all your skin still attached? Like, this could go one of two ways: either he falls down as soon as you breathe on him, or he rips your liver out and eats it. Don’t risk it. Don’t fight Luis Suarez.

Andrea Pirlo: At first glance, Pirlo looks like the kinda guy you want to fight. I mean, he’d probably be too concerned with deep-conditioning his beard and avoiding bloodstains on his white linen capris to pose a threat, right? But he’s also probably running an organized crime ring, or the government. So don’t fight him. 

Leonardo Bonucci: Why the fuck would you fight Bonucci? He punched an armed robber. In the head. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Bonucci. 

Mario Götze: Oh my god, yes. Do it. Fight Götze. Doesn’t he just look like he smells like ham? Is there anyone in football with a more punchable face? Please, please fight Mario Götze. Fight his ham-smelling, Beats-wearing, Bieber-listening ass.

Javier Mascherano: Dude, do you hate yourself? Masche may only be like 5'9" but he will literally fight anything. He tore his anus on the football field and just kept playing. He humped Zlatan’s leg and lived to tell the tale. He probably has a side gig going as a hit man, I mean, have you seen how bald he is? Don’t do it. Don’t fight Mascherano.

Marco Reus: He is kind of fightable, isn’t he? But don’t do it. Don’t do it because he’ll break and it’ll be your fault and he’s been through enough already.

Mario Balotelli: Literally everyone in the world exists in a constant state of fighting Mario Balotelli. Leave the dude alone, okay? He likes dogs. Let him play with some dogs. We don’t need to be fighting all the time.

Luka Modric: Why would you fight the king of the elves? Do you not fear their ethereal retribution?

James Rodriguez: God, yes, please fight him. Has any other player ever been so punchable while still basically being a good person? I mean, I can’t think of any real reason to, but fight him anyway. Fight his stupid charming face. 

Franck Ribery: I mean, you could fight him, but like, that would probably mean touching him. I’m honestly not sure I can ask anyone to do that? Not even for a good cause (i.e. fighting Franck Ribery).


consider: guts, a teenager (? how old was he at this point in canon? young anyway) just killed a man in cold blood and accidentally killed a child (not a thing he does in either case, at this point) for griffith, then is wounded and hits his head

… this is somehow the first time I noticed he hits his head that hard and probably has a concussion at this point…

has just hallucinated his childhood traumas with himself in a villain roll, staggers in and asks immediately for griffith

at this point he must be delirious to some extent and he’s just focussed on finding griffith to report, but I think also for comfort? to be told he did the right thing, he did well, it’s all okay

(and what happens is he overhears that stupid conversation while still fucking concussed and oh my god berserk is PAIN)

Jughead Playlist

I’ve been meaning to finish this for a while but have just been way too busy with college to compile it all and upload it - until now that is!

Juggie gives me a lot of feels (protect that pudding!) and as someone who loves music I’ve been thinking a lot about what genres he’d be into and what music best represents where he and bughead are at in the series right now. Nothing pop or with an especially quick tempo because I doubt Jug would stand for it, (lol) but I also don’t think he’s a huge metal-head or anything either. I also think, as a writer, he probably pays more attention to a song’s lyrics than its melody. So! With all that in mind I made a big ol’ Jughead Jones playlist full of songs I think tonally and lyrically scream of Jug, bughead, and/or the Jones family dynamic. Like Juggie it's a little cynical, a little angry, a little sad, but pretty beautiful, too. Enjoy!

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Radiohead - Creep (Bughead)

Skunk Anansie - Secretly (Bughead)

Pain - Shut Your Mouth (Jughead - Little nod to Big Daddy with some of the lyrics of this one!)

Semisonic - Secret Smile (Bughead)

Rilo Kiley - Better Son/Daughter (Jones family - and the Cooper’s too, let’s be real.)

Razorlight - Wire to Wire (Bughead)

Cold War Kids - First (Jones family)

Elliott Smith - Between the Bars (Bughead) 

Seether - Fake It (Jughead)

The Killers - Romeo and Juliet (Bughead)

Metallica - Low Man’s Lyric (Jones family)

Aimee Mann - It’s Not (Bughead but also Betty - had to slip this one in!)

X Ambassadors - Unsteady [Erich Lee Gravity Remix] (Jones family)

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Fighting With the Boys

Requested by @cityofdespair9

Summary: Being with a batboy isn’t easy and leads to quite a few fights.

Warning(s): None (Damian’s turned into a drabble so…you’re welcome?)

Dick: It’s usually trivial things that set either of you off. Like when Dick spills his cereal on the floor and doesn’t clean it up, he’s just…he’s a fairly messy guy and it gets irritating. And of course going off about one thing leads to another.

“Will you cleanup the spilled milk on the counter for once?! Oh and I don’t know, maybe tell me next time when you decide to play dead?!”

That’s what this is really about, (Y/N)?! I told you why I couldn’t tell you and that should be enough!”

Make-ups usually lead to a heated make out session with Dick. Either that or a cuddle marathon where you both apologize and he gives endless kisses to the top of your head and plays with your hair. If you get angry to the point where you walk out he usually walks right after you and will apologize…or just pick you up and carry you back to the apartment. He doesn’t like leaving you angry.

Jason: It’s actually really hard to tell when Jason’s angry at you. Probably because he’s angry all the time, but also because his anger(at least towards you) comes out in the form of extreme sarcasm and morbid jokes.

“Geez, I must be dead to you…again.”

After you catch on to his anger you have to pry the reason out of him, most times you don’t catch it and he just gets over it. But when you’re mad at him - oh boy, the whole thing changes. Jason flares up ready to retaliate until he gains control of himself(or joins in the screaming match.) Hugs from you are his favorite of your apologies, or just a lot of sighing and talking things out, and he will never deny a post-fight movie night.

Tim: The main arguments that come up with Tim are he doesn’t get enough sleep, forensic geek talk(more like squabbles though), he’s stressing himself out wayyy too much considering how young he is, and that he tries way too much to pretend he isn’t struggling trying to keep up a social life as well.

“Tim, you don’t have to go to the school play…no one’s gonna notice. It’s just a cheap production of Aladdin anyways.”

“But, (Y/N), my best friend is the lead, I have to go.”

And then he’ll stay up all night trying to catch up on the time he missed at the social event, leading to the real fight. Most of the time Tim will give in(especially if it’s about sleep) but he’ll occasionally disagree with you to the extreme and he’ll lock himself away, or stop seeing you for a couple days. But he’ll come out of it and pretend like nothing happened afterwards.

Damian: You pointed out his flaws - and quite a few of them - leading to your first fight(minus all the miniscule daily quarrels which are the majority of your “fights”.) The comment that angered him most was your accusation that he was incapable of any real emotion. Real emotion? He had emotions - didn’t he? Regardless, he did as he usually did - insulted you and proceed to walk away.

“How would you know? I doubt anyone in their right mind has ever shown your worthless being emotion!”

The hurt in your eyes confirmed to Damian that he did in fact have emotions and he didn’t like what he was feeling now. Regret? Guilt? It didn’t matter, what was done was done and he stalked off to brood in his room. Over a week passed and both of you were suffering, until Damian caved. He knocked on your door and when you opened it he held out your favorite chocolate bars and flavor of soda, along with the movie you’d been dying to buy(but were too cheap to actually purchase.)

“Here,” He pushed them into your arms and turned to leave.

“Damian,” You stated plainly, making him stop and turn his head, slightly afraid you were rejecting his gifts, “I’m gonna need a movie partner.”

Jonsa Week, Day 4: Modern AU

Only the Best Things Happen at 3AM [Ao3]

@jonsa-week sorry, it’s super duper late again!

Summary: When Jon wakes up to Ghost’s barking at 3 in the morning, the last thing he expected to see was a beautiful redhead sobbing while cuddling his dog.

Jon likes to think he’s a fairly level-headed guy. There isn’t much that really fazes him. He’s had to grow up fast due to his mum dying when he was young, so life really has already thrown its worst shit his way. At twenty-five, Jon is confident he can handle everything else, so when he wakes up to his dog barking loudly at three in the morning, evidently not in the house, Jon is only a little concerned. Ghost is a big Husky with red eyes and most people tend to take one look at him and run the other direction.

Except it’s three in the morning and those barks don’t sound angry or territorial.

It’s not quite a cause for concern, but it does make Jon apprehensive when he unlocks the backdoor to the garden. He’s not sure what he was expecting, maybe a burglar or one of those annoying students from the nearby university that like to play pranks on the hard-working local residents. But he’s sure as shit wasn’t expecting a drop dead gorgeous girl in a plaid shirt tied in a bow just below her breasts and cut-off denim shorts that are far too short to be appropriate attire anywhere. Not to mention the even more absurd fact that she’s sobbing uncontrollably while cuddling Ghost like he’s some lap dog instead of the guard dog he’s supposed to be.

Not wanting to startle the girl, Jon clears his throat. Instantly, her eyes snap up to his, watery and startled like a doe before the slaughter. He feels guilty for it, like he’s encroaching on something he shouldn’t be, but goddamnit, it’s three in the morning and this is his house. “Are you okay, miss?” he asks because his mum did raise him to be polite. “Are you lost or something?”

She blinks, wipes the tears away with the back of one hand, while the other remains circled around Ghost, who just sits there wagging his tail, tongue lolling out like a bloody traitor. “I –” she hiccups. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!” And then just like that, the girl starts sobbing all over again and Jon immediately rushes to her side despite the warning bells in his head saying that maybe this is all a ruse and she’s one of those rare female serial killers.

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Time for a story - Little Oliver

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When Felicity heard the keys turning in the lock, she rolled her lips into his mouth and pressed them together. She couldn’t say why it was, but she felt like she was on the verge of bursting out into laughter when really there wasn’t anything funny about this. She took in a deep breath, trying to take back control over herself. She was like a hundred percent sure that her imagination as well as the weird dreams she had had these past nights were trying to make this a lot funnier than it actually was.

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This may be random, but I always kinda wondered this. When Remus was bitten by Fenrir Greyback as a child, where do you think he bit him. I always imagined a place like his shoulder or arm, but what do you think? Also, I assume it would scar? Do you think he was ever ashamed or insecure about that?

Now this is an interesting question. And I’ve had some lengthy conversations with one meerkat in particular about it, and it’s safe to say that this is one of those things that differs widely between Remus fans. I’ve seen fanart–brilliant, all of them–that never seem to depict it in the same place. So I like to think about it logically, which… when dealing with wizards, and often times with Remus, is never as simple as it sounds.

First we have to deal with sifting through what we know concretely about the night of the attack.

At the time, Voldemort was making strong headway in his first rise to power. There was an uptick in the number of attacks and sightings from Dark Creatures, who unbeknownst to the Ministry at the time were being recruited by Voldemort in unheard of numbers at the time. In order to investigate the cause of the attacks and put a stop to the fear, the Ministry called in all experts on Dark Creatures, including those in “lower”, less dangerous classifications like the Boggart or the poltergeist. Enter Lyall Lupin, encountering Fenrir Greyback as part of a Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures investigation for the deaths of two Muggle children.

Right away, that gives us one very important piece of information: that Fenrir Greyback was already experienced in his signature attack style just in the year 1965, well before the 1990s. In fact, he was experienced enough that he was even under investigation–though not well known, because he was able to convince the committee that he was just a Muggle tramp despite what (I hope) was a reasonable trail of evidence that eventually (hopefully) lead to the families getting some kind of reparations.

Anyway, this is a man who knows his intended victim well enough to isolate them from their families before he transformed and was out of his own control. We can argue that Greyback “works” with his wolf, that he can target someone whilst transformed, but there’s no evidence to suggest anything other than a blind bloodlust which will attack anyone. In other words, if a werewolf fails to isolate his intended target before moonrise, his wolfish self will likely seek an easier target despite all intents to the contrary. That’s why Greyback actually forced open Remus’ bedroom window while he slept. That’s how he got in.

Here’s where things get messy:

In order to force open the window, I assume that Greyback is in his final minutes as a human. I assume that he needs his thumbs and his human intelligence to do so. Pottermore states that Lyall “reached the bedroom in time to save his son’s life”, which to me seems to indicate that it took him some time, because more than hearing Remus’s screams, falling out of bed, stumbling down the hallway and reaching the bedroom, first thing’s first: Greyback had to transform. Remus has told us how brutally painful, how agonizing it is to transform into a werewolf. I think even a man who relishes in it would still scream. And so he did, waking up a four year old boy trapped in his bedroom.

Remus’ transformation in PoA is exactly five lines long. Five tiny lines in a scene with major plot implications, and one that I expect was deliberately kept short both for moving the story onward and to save the readers a gruesome experience. Magic aside, we have to be a tiny bit honest: the logistics of going from man to beast takes just slightly longer than five lines. It takes time, it takes energy, and it’s not a small chunk of change. And what’s to stop a target escaping while the transformation happens, like Peter did many years later? I have a strange gut feeling that Greyback would also have blocked the door before he transformed, trapping Remus and also further preventing a timely intervention by the only armed wizard in the home. I picture Lyall trying the doorknob, then pounding desperately on the door to try and force it, and then finally, desperately, taking his wand and blasting it open and blowing the werewolf away from tiny, crumpled form of his son in one terrifying and heart-wrenching moment. All the while Remus screams, and Greyback had to actually be driven out of the house with multiple powerful curses. So he likely escaped punishment in the end unless Lyall barged into the Ministry later on and demanded justice. But how can they prove it was one specific werewolf, when, as we saw, they couldn’t even decide if Greyback even was a werewolf at that time?

But back to the attack. Have an interesting tidbit:

In the late nineteenth century the great English authority on werewolves, Professor Marlowe Forfang, undertook the first comprehensive study of their habits. He found that nearly all those he managed to study and question had been wizards before being bitten. He also learned from the werewolves that Muggles ‘taste’ different to wizards and that they are much more likely to die of their wounds, whereas witches and wizards survive to become werewolves. [x]

That right there means that there’s something beyond pure bloodlust when a werewolf attacks. Sure, a werewolf will attack anyone and everyone blindly, without pause. But they are magical creatures. And they are creatures that are physically incapable of reproducing sexually. (See the pack of wolves in the Forbidden Forest for more on that.) This means that the only way for the werewolf to procreate and ensure the survival of the species is to infect another human with lycanthropy, most commonly via the transfer of saliva during a bite. And Muggles are most likely to die after a bite. This give the werewolf a biological incentive to seek out magical people. Still, werewolf bite victims do still die, and probably with some regularity. After all, bloodlust is a powerful drug. And an animal can’t always resist going a little too far. Sometimes there just isn’t enough inhibition. It’s nasty business.

Fenrir Greyback has killed. He killed those two Muggle children. And he’s been known to transform in whole crowds, using himself as a weapon of mass destruction. He purposely ruins lives. Greyback is okay with murder, but that isn’t what he wants. His purpose in life is to create as many werewolves as he can; to infect as many innocent people as he can. And more than inflicting maximum suffering (which I am not about to argue that he did not want to cause, because he most definitely did), turning children means that there’s less chance of escape, less change of a physical struggle, less chance of lasting damage. Children are more fragile than the standard adult, but then, children also recover quicker.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it was as simple as that. Children squirm. Terrified children squirm like their life depends on it, which in this case, it very much does. When Remus heard the sounds of Greyback transforming and awoke, his first instincts would either be to hide or to flee. He’s not quite 5 years old. What else can he do? And so my guess would be that he tried to run, first to his parents’ room which if Greyback were smart he would have blocked off. But he could also have tried to make a run for the closet, or tried hiding under the bed.

Or, honestly, he may have cowered right there in his bed, frozen. Either way, the werewolf probably pounced at him, knocking him down. Remus would have been scratched by the claws. And his instincts would have driven his arms up to protect his face and head and neck, to use them as a shield. This is most likely where he was bitten, and in the violence of it all there is no way it was one of those “clean”-looking dotted rows. Dog bites take a variety of shapes. … I looked. Remus would probably have been swatting, hitting, kicking… He may have been bitten on his legs, too, or on his bare feet. Honestly it really depends on how the attack actually happened, and we have very little detail about that traumatizing event to say. We may even go so far as to suggest that it wasn’t just a single bite, because these kinds of things are just so chaotic and messy. We just don’t know, but logically it makes a lot of sense for it to be on his arm in an attempt to shield himself. So that’s where I tend to hover.

And yes, they would scar. All werewolf injuries scar, no matter how minor. They’re cursed, and thus leave a permanent reminder. And supposing that the bite mark and other scars are present on his arms, Remus would likely try to hide behind long-sleeve shirts at all times. People stare at scars. We’re all told not to, but sometimes we just do anyway, without even noticing. Even without a stigmatizing illness to hide, the scars, if gruesome or large, or glaring, are noticeable. Many are not: Remus is able to lie and claim he has an obnoxious cat, etc, and we have the story about the badly behaved rabbit. But nonetheless, any scar to Remus is an open invitation, a question waiting to be asked, and it would be something he would not want. So yes, I do think there would be insecurity.

Switching Places: Epilogue Part 3 & 4 (SMUT)

Title: Switching Places Epilogue Part 3 & 4
Fandom: Kiss By The Baddest Bidder & Metro PD: Close To You
Rated: Drama, Thriller, Angst, Fluff, Smut, Mystery?
KBTBB’s MC: Mia SAKATA (reference)
Characters: Kirisawa, Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru, Baba, Ota

Summary: SMUT FOR YOU ALL, closure for Mika, Eisuke and Soryu (Mamoru sort of?) Previously, Mia sort of tricked Mika back to the penthouse to celebrate Baba’s birthday, one thing led to another and Mia suggested to have a THREESOME?!

Notes: The moment you’ve all been waiting for- are Mika and Eisuke gonna do it or what? Also, this is LONG! I haven’t forgotten about Soryu either. Highly suggest you read this when you have time & probably sitting down.

@ladystar0710​ / mysticliz26 / silver-red-rose / sunflowerblackrabbit / donnaintx / ayaka-oh / dms-903 / icedragonprincess / mirandaflamel / medievalbingeprincess69

hifftn - try not to hate me (too much)


The King Almighty, on both his knees in front of you, he takes one last glance at you before lowering his head between your thighs and feeling his warm finger pushes your panties to the side and licks your sex. You let out a sigh, well at least he’s doing something right. His tongue penetrates your pussy lips and eagerly swirls it inside, desperate to taste you, to satisfy you.

You watch him from above, hand on his head, occasionally pats and plays with his hair while Eisuke Ichinomiya, the CEO of Ichinomiya’s group is exploring your sex with his tongue. This guy sure has a smart mouth, you’ll give him that.
“Ahhh..” Arching your back to the Italian sofa of his as he squishes his handsome face into your pussy and fucks it fiercely, moving his hand to your clit to only find you stopping him, he immediately looks up, slightly confused. A playful grin tug at the corners of your lips, “You can’t make me cum with just your tongue?” His eyes darken at your challenge and proudly replies with his signature smirk, “Oh I will make you cum alright, just make sure not to wake Mia.”

Getting back to his unfinished business but this time his eyes are locked on you, he wants a show, let’s give him one. Your hands begin to unbutton your blouse and fondle your own breasts, pinching your nipples through your black lace bras till they are red and standing. “Ohhh….” Letting out a short gasp right after he twitches his tongue around, driving you close to the edge. “Not close enough.” You mutter and buckle your hips forward, Eisuke gets the hint, thrusting faster and harder, anxious to see you cum.

The infrequent hmm and ahhh along with the squishing sound becomes music to his ears but that’s not enough, he wants more, he needs more. Your whimper, you moaning his name, he’s been fantasizing long enough, this is real. You keep panting until you are overcome with bliss and cum with a sigh of relief. Eisuke continues licking and sucks up all your juice, sticking his tongue deeper into your pussy before pulling out.

He chuckles, straighten up himself with his knees still on the white carpet. You stop him again, placing one foot on his left shoulder, pushing him back down with his bottom touches his own ankles. Your foot trace to his broad chest then eventually down to the budge in his trousers. Eisuke chuckles again, this time more arouse, “I like where this is heading.” Oh really? You think to yourself while he impatiently unbuckles his belt and free his “pride” from agony. Not bad, but not as impressive as Mamoru’s, not that he wants to know.

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hc's for what the paladins do after getting in an argument with their s/o and their s/o is now locked up in their room?

First one! Yay! Thanks for the request!

- He feels pretty guilty about it almost as soon as his s/o runs off.
- That being said, he also knows to give them a little time to cool off before going to apologize. He knows emotions would still be too high (for both of them) for that to work out so well.
- Would probably wait at least a couple hours before going to knock on the door.
- “I wanted to apologize, and if you don’t want to talk right now, that’s fine. But I think we should talk about it soon.”

- He’s real heated about the argument for a while. It takes some time for him to calm down first.
- Once he does, he feels like a grade-A asshole
- Probably tries to knock on their door and try to apologize (probably with limited success).
- Not gonna lie, I’m kinda picturing like that scene from Beauty and the Beast, where the beast is trying to get Belle to come to dinner and she refuses and he just gets real frustrated. That’s how I see Keith being.
- But he’s also stubborn and would probably park his ass right outside the door until they finally answered so he could apologize for real.

- Instantly feels bad for it, if it was his fault. If it wasn’t his fault, gets a little exasperated about it.
- Either way, Hunk is good at resolving conflict with food, so he will whip up a peace offering. Besides, cooking helps him clear his head. He gets to plan what he’ll say while he’s cooking.
- He and his s/o will likely talk it over while they’re eating together in the s/o’s room.
- People bond over food, man. Hunk is just the master of it.

- “No, no, wait! I didn’t mean it like that!” Door slams in face.
- He mopes. Like nobody’s business. 
- Like, full on waits outside the door, trying to get his s/o to open up. Probably tries some cheesy pickup lines (like he did with Blue).
- When his s/o finally does open the door, he’s all apologies.

- She sulks for a bit. Might not even be wanting to go an apologize
- In fact, it’ll probably take some coaching/encouragement from one of the older Paladins (honestly, probably Shiro), before she’ll go talk to her s/o.
- She does feel bad for upsetting them, but also isn’t going to take all the blame because the argument really was a two-way street there.
- Mumbled apology through the door, followed by some real talk once her s/o finally lets her in.

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What highschool clique would they be in?

Denmark: The easy answer would be “oh he’s a jock obviously” but frankly that’s boring and as I see it, inaccurate. Denmark is too hyperactive and bubbly to be accepted by a bunch of ultra masculine teenage boy hopped up on testosterone and protein shakes. I honestly think he’d be one of the nerds. He’s just a happy guy who enjoys his hobbies and interests even if others find them weird.

Norway: Punk, emo, or goth, depending on  how you think teenage!Norway behaves. Is he angry and wants to watch the world burn? Punk. Is he a sad guy who writes angsty poetry? Emo. Is he more dramatic and performative about his angst? Goth.

Iceland: I don’t think he’d actually be in a clique. He’s not… it’s not that Iceland doesn’t want to fit in, but I doubt he would engage in the specific behavior that lends itself to cliques

Finland: My first impulse is to say that he would be a metal head who always wears grubby t-shirts and grew out his hair into a stringy, greasy mess in a lapse of good fashion judgement. But that doesn’t seem quite right. If you look at his overall personality, he’s probably something of a perky goth-type. Perky metalhead?

Sweden: Tie between artsy kids and nerds. I think his personality lends itself to either group. He’s interested in handicrafts and has a quirky way of interacting with the world but he’s also more straight-laced and likes stereotypical nerdy things like video games, computers, reading, and so forth.

Mod Amanda

Matt Hardy Sex Headcanons

The other brother. It seems mean but I didn’t like him that much as a kid, but now I’m older I’ve learnt to appreciate him because he is piss funny. I loved his ‘broken Matt Hardy’ gimmick as a kid and tbh I still love it now. 

I’m trying to filter out all my requests and this one was almost finished so I just added a few more points to it. I hope you enjoy it.

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- He is so much more rough than Jeff. So if you’re into that type of thing, Matt is your guy. But he’s also really sweet if you need him to be.

- Will pin you to everything.

- He can’t go as many rounds but he makes them count. 

- Very big fan of dirty talk

- Eating you out is basically as enjoyable as sex to him because he loves to make you cum. 

- He’s probably the type who would probably have giggly sex with you. 

- Orgasm ratio will depend. I’m gonna say 2:1 but it can be 3:1 if he’s in the right mood and all riled up.

- He loves to pin your hands down; whether its to either side of you or above your head, as long as you can’t touch him.

- He likes you to run your hands through his hair and scratch his scalp a lot. 

Pink Lines

Requested by anonymous: Can you do one where you find out your pregnant with shawn (like you’re not married and all) and you’re panicking because you think shawn wouldn’t want to be a parent and you blurt it out when he’s about to leave for the plane and he’s so overwhelmed and happy 

Note:  this was so much fun to write omg! such a cute request 


You had been sick for days now, throwing up at the smallest scent of foods that would normally never make you feel sick. You were also late. Not that that’s a huge deal most of the time - you were sometimes late because of stress related reasons while your doctors reassured you that you were fine and not pregnant.

However, as you kneel over the toilet for the third time this morning, you were convinced that something more than just stress and the flu was going on. You and Shawn had of course been hanging out lately, since he was due to leave Canada soon, but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him something so life changing on a hunch.

You of course, not wanting to deal with this on your own, you called your mother.

Would she be a little angry? Maybe, but maybe not. Your mother was your best friend and you couldn’t even imagine your life without her. If anything, she would be disappointed, but wanting to know if you were okay was her main priority.

So, you reach for your phone, dialing your mother’s number.


“I need you.” You weakly say.

Within ten minutes, she was on her way home from work where she was a bank teller - unfortunately, the bank was going to have to deal without her for a while.

“Y/N?” You hear your mother call throughout your house.

“In here.” You try to yell from the upstairs bathroom, only being left in a dry heave.

“Oh, sweetheart,” your mom says, rubbing your back. “You look awful, what’s going on?”

You narrow your eyes at her.

“Thanks mom, exactly what I needed.” You sarcastically say, wiping your mouth with some toilet paper.

“Sorry, hun. What’s going on, huh?” Your mom looks at you, watching as your eyes filled with tears and she grew extremely concerned.

“I think I’m pregnant.” You whisper, not being able to confirm anything yet.

And your mother did exactly what you wanted her to do, held you.

It took a little, but your mother somehow coaxed you into bed while she ran to the drugstore and picked up some tests.

And that’s where you were right now, analyzing the packages after you had already taken them.

Two pink lines meant pregnant. One meant not pregnant.

As you sit on the toilet for the next two minutes, it feels like an absolute eternity and your heart is about to flop out of your chest.

This was the worst timing too, Shawn was about ready to leave for Sweden, starting the European leg of his world tour.

You felt sick to your stomach, and not just because the eggs Shawn made for breakfast weren’t sitting well with you, but because you weren’t sure if Shawn even wanted to be a dad. Of course, he does want to be a dad, but not right now, barely nineteen and unmarried? Yeah, probably not.

That’s what scared you the most.

But, you also didn’t know if you were ready to be a mom, either. You were sure you aren’t, but now that you’re facing this decision head on right now, you knew that abortion was out of the question - even Shawn wouldn’t go for that if he didn’t want the child.

You knew Shawn was going to come over later today and if you were pregnant, you would have to tell him. If not, there was nothing to tell him other than that you’re sick.

The timer went off and you took a deep breath before you stood up, going over to the sink. With shaky hands, you flipped all three of them over - each one of them bearing two pink lines.

“Oh no,” you mumble shakily, resting your head against the cool counter.

“Y/N? Honey, please let me in.” You mother called from outside the door and you reluctantly let her in, allowing her to see the results herself and the panic on your face. “Oh, baby…”

You sniffle, walking into her arms as she shush’s you.

“You know, whatever you decide to do, I will support you 100%. You are not doing this alone.”

“What am I going to tell Shawn, mom?” You cry, not being able to express the mental anguish you’re currently in.

“The truth.”

“But, he’s going on tour, today!” You cry even louder, making your mother hold you harder.

“It’s not going to be easy, but he deserves to know. He loves you with everything he has, Y/N.”

And boy, did you know that was the truth. But, you didn’t exactly know how much he would love you after you told him the news. 

It was about three hours later when Shawn was due to show up, and he arrived on time.

You heart pounded against your chest, wanting to fly away and you didn’t blame it. Your mom had to go back to work, leaving you alone with your thoughts until Shawn arrived.

“Babe?” His sweet voice rang through your home, as you tried to get yourself together.

“Hey,” you falsely smile and walk into the living room.

He smiles wide as he sees you, immediately embracing you in a large hug. But, he pulls back the second he knows you’re not feeling it.

“Are you okay?” He asks, concerned, looking at you in the eyes.

You nod, just wanting to be in his embrace for a little longer before you have it so viciously ripped away from you.

His lips press against yours for a moment, your bodies resting against each other and you breath in his scent. At this very moment, he smelled like laundry detergent and it made you feel comfortable.

“Y/N, are you sure you’re okay?” Shawn asks you again, still concerned.

“Actually,” you stop. No, you weren’t okay and you knew Shawn wouldn’t be either after you told him this. But, it needed to be done. “I’m pregnant.”

Shawn doesn’t say or do much after you tell him, his face dropping into something that is very blank and you immediately get worried, not knowing how he’s feeling.

“I know it’s horrible timing and that you don’t want to be a dad right now - I get that and it’s not only my fault, I mean, you were obviously a factor in this. And I’m really sorry, Shawn, because I love you so much-”

“Y/N, stop. I’m not mad,” he says, his face erupting into the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. “This is - I’m going to be a dad.” He says in awe, looking at you.

You have never been so relieved in your entire life.

“And you’re going to be a mom, oh Y/N, you’re going to be the best mom and-” he stops suddenly, his eyes dropping to your stomach.

His large hand sprawls across your abdomen and you can see him visibly tear up.

“There’s a baby in there, that we made together. A small human.”

You lightly chuckled, tears forming in your own eyes due to relief.

“Y/N, I can’t get on the plane now.”

“What?” That for sure snaps you out of your happy daze.

“Y/N, we’re having a baby together, I can’t start this tour right now.”

No no no no no, that’s not what you wanted to have happen.

“No, Shawn, you can’t do that. You have fans who are waiting to see you, you can’t just stop everything because I’m pregnant.” You say, rationally.

He shakes his dark brown locks, giving you that look when he knows you’re right about something.

“Then what am I supposed to do?” He asks softly, standing and resting his forehead against yours.

“I promise you, that when I can, I will visit you on tour so you’re not missing out on much, okay?”

“You promise?” He asks you.

“I promise, Shawn.”

“Good, because baby Mendes needs to be sang to by his daddy every night and not just over FaceTime.”

You smiled at the thought of having a mini Shawn, that baby would be pretty damn cute.

“I love you, Y/N, and our baby, already.”

“I’m glad, because so do I.” You smiled, tilting your head up to kiss your boyfriend before he had to leave for the airport.

This was just the beginning of your journey together.

William Price and Rachel Amber

Holy shit. So apparently Max says she thinks of William when she looks at Chloe’s snowglobe, the doe one. So like many people have said, the doe is most probably William Price and not Rachel Amber. So guess what Rachel Amber’s spirit animal actually is?

Chloe’s is blue and Rachel’s is yellow and purple.

Notice how the scrubjay is alone in Chloe’s room. Just like Chloe. The scrubjay is definitely Chloe’s spirit animal, it is always busy, mischievous and in Native American folklore visits the land of the dead often. 

See the purple and yellow?! That’s Rachel Amber! Her bird is often seen with the black and white bird, which is Kate Marsh’s.

Notice the black and white bird on the right side of this picture ^.

So why is Rachel Amber’s bird not together with Chloe’s? Because birds of the same feather flock together. Rachel and Kate have both been victimized by Mark Jefferson.

So wtf?! Rachel isn’t a doe? I’m not entirely sure, but it’s more likely to be William.

It would make perfect sense that if it’s William then it would be actually inside the Price household right? And yes Max said that it reminds her of William. So here’s the thing:

William has been guiding us to save his daughter Chloe’s life over and over again. 

He also guided us to Rachel. That’s why he lowered his head in grief watching Chloe cry. That wasn’t Rachel Amber lowering her head, feeling guilty that she left her best friend alone again, it’s William feeling guilty that he died and left his daughter alone. (either ways that’s pretty sad)

So now you’re probably going to ask me, what if Kate Marsh’s spirit animal is the bunny? What if Rachel is the doe? I mean Max does refer to the doe as a “she” too. What if Chloe is the butterfly? 

Honestly, I don’t know. It almost seems like everyone has two spirit animals, if that is possible? But Samuel did say that Max’s spirit animal is the doe, so after William died, he became a doe, aka Max’s spirit animal.

Also something important: the reason why Max does not have powers in the alternate universe is because William didn’t die. He didn’t die, Chloe wasn’t friends with Rachel, he was never a spirit doe and Max never had the reason to investigate Rachel’s death with the doe’s help hence she wasn’t given her rewind powers. 

Frank has a killed deer as a tattoo, does he have anything to do with William’s death?

David also hangs deer heads in the Price household, does that mean he is involved in his death or is he just taking William’s place?

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Also, you may read my theory about Nathan Prescott and Rachel Amber here.

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hello! not a request just a curious question, from aizawa, hizashi, fatgum, dabi and tomura what they would prefer on a s/o, the chubby or skinny one? thank you and sorry for bothering!

This is a difficult question that I won’t give actual answers for because I’d rather let these boys love whoever with their heart. So let this be a positivity thing because body weight shouldn’t be focus at all. 🙏🏻


- Dabi probably doesn’t consider himself to be the most appealing guy because of his burnt flesh/stitches either, the looks/weight is the least of his concerns right now. I think he’d prefer someone who’s far short than him because he loves picking your body into his arms and also resting his chin on top of your head. It must be something fragile he wants to protect. Also I think he has a thingy for those booty’s, yes your ass, small or big this boyfriend of your id going to be groping whilst you passing by. Also those thighs are 👌 to him, he gonna be pressing his lips all over them.


- I can see this man being all over breasts and fondling them around with his face burying into them. It has a soft pillowy consistency to it, which means he will be poking them around and kissing your chest as he lays with you. I think what he prefers for a lover is some of their comical traits and someone who brings the fun to the tables or something along those lines? They should be willing to withstand his loudness and ecstatic personality as he is one heck of a loud and hyper guy.


- I don’t think weight really matters I him because he adores everyone, shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter to him. I think Taishiro would prefer someone is brings out the parental vibe as he is considered to be fatherly himself. I guess someone who’s friendly and easy-going as he is! He probably wants someone who can cook decently because heck, he is a living vacuum waiting to devour every single food/desserts form you. Also, he is one of the taller guys so he shall lift your body from the grounds and give piggy back rides. (Like around 8 ft????? Boi give me some piggyback ride.)


- He might prefer somebody who knows what they’re looking for and know what they want in life, or something like that really. As scrubby as he is without properly taking care of combing his hair or shaving, you can be either the same with him or having some daintiness to yourself. He will still love you regardless of your presentment. I can also see him having a thing for thighs, with the thigh highs on and you shall receive all the praising from him in bed.


- This boys wants all of you, and I mean, all of you. Tomura merely craves all of your affections and touches on his thin asf sickeningly body. Maybe he does prefer smaller lovers because he enjoys feeling superior for some reason as he is looking down at you, literally. He gives you the pat on the head and chuckles when you’re embracing him as he can tell height differences so much. He’s insecure about his own body so why should he be worried about you being skinny or chubby? That’s kinda hypocritical of him to be selfishly thinking that.

Match | 3

Originally posted by nnochu

Summary: Jeon Jungkook wasn’t just a playboy. That term would only loosely describe him. He had girls falling at his feet, but he didn’t notice them. His goal was to get the girls that played hard to get, use them for a temporary fuck, and block their number the second after he left their place for the final time. It gave him a rush to leave girls constantly wondering where they stood with him. They let him do it to them. It’s what made him feel so powerful.

Genre: Angst | Romance 

Previous Chapters: Part 1 Part 2

A/N: HELLO! I am so sorry that this took so long! I had a lot going on and I had a huge case of writer’s block. But I pulled my shit together in the last couple of days and worked super hard on this. This chapter will feature mature content and it’s my first time writing it. So I’m super nervous about that and I’m so sorry if it isn’t the best. But I plan on working on it more the future. HUGE THANKS TO @blueagust. Louisa was really there for me throughout me trying to fucking write this chapter and I can’t thank her enough. She’s my baby and you all should go check out her works. She’s really fucking talented. BUT ANYWAYS THANK YOU LOUISA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH . Here it is. Match | 3.

Warnings: Mature Content 
Word Count: 2,102


Jackson Wang had been your first love. 

He was two years older than you. The same age as your sister. You were seventeen when the two of you got together. 

You dated for 6 months. You were head over heels for him before you started dating. You were head over heels during you two dating. You were head over heels after you two broke up. 

Actually, a more appropriate choice of words would be ‘after he broke up with you’. 

You trusted him with your life. Which turned out to be a mistake. 

He had taken your virginity after a party one night. Neither of you were drunk. You consented. It had been amazing. But he was gone the next morning. Sent you a text telling you that he didn’t want to be with you anymore, and then went back to treating you like what you were. Yoona’s little sister. 

You had just gotten over him in the previous months. 3 years. It was kind of pathetic. But in your defense he had broken up with you after taking your virginity, and you were in love with him. 

You had been putting up walls to defend yourself after that. But it all came crumbling down when you found out that your sister was engaged to him. 


You typed away at your keyboard, trying to finish a list that Jae needed you to finish by tomorrow. 

Your phone rang and you picked it up without checking the caller ID. 

You didn’t have time to speak before the shrill sound of your sister’s voice came through on the other end. 

“Y/N! Oh my god it’s been so long!" 

"Yoona! It’s so good to hear from you!” The tone in your voice was no short of fake, but your sister clearly couldn’t decipher that. 

“You too! Jackson and I are going out for dinner tonight, and we’re going to be in your area. Why don’t we meet up?" 

"Yeah. Sure that would be great.”

The two of you hung up minutes later after sharing the details of where they wanted to meet you.

You picked up your phone to call Jungkook. You were not going to that shitshow of a dinner without a boyfriend. Even if the boyfriend was fake. 


"I need a favor.”

“Shoot.” The smirk in his voice was evident. 

“I need you to go to dinner tonight with me and my sister. I’ll pay you. I’ll give you an– ”

“I’ll do it." 

"Wait really? What’s the catch?”

“No catch. But you’ve done me favors so I’ll just repay you know." 

You felt yourself let out a sigh of relief, as you thanked him and gave him the time and name of the restaurant. 

You knew he was probably going to pull something at some point. Him just simply helping you out wasn’t normal for him. But the only thing you could focus on was the relief that went through you, knowing that you wouldn’t have to face the two of them alone. 


You looked at your reflection in the window of the restaurant, messing with the hem of your dress. You wrapped your arms around yourself, shielding yourself from the cold as you waited for Jungkook. 

As if on cue, he strolls up. He looks absolutely mouth watering and you can’t help but do a double take, despite the fact that he was late.

"It’s about damn time." 

"I was 5 minutes late, baby. No big deal." 

Baby? Goddammit Jeon.

"Fine,” You clear your throat. “Anyways. My sister is prestigious. She thinks she’s better than most people. She puts on an act, and pretends that she’s the sweetest person ever. Don’t be fooled. Her fiance is an asshole. I’ll leave it at that. Now,” You take a deep breath. “Shall we?" 

He gives you a nod, as you open the door to the dimly litted restaurant. 

You spot Yoona and Jackson right away. The sick feeling in your stomach becomes nearly unbearable when you spot the two of them whispering in each other’s ears, and being all lovey dovey.  

Jackson Wang had broken your heart as a teenager. You were over him. That doesn’t mean that you still didn’t hate the sight of him. Especially considering that he was with your sister. The sister you had always been secretly jealous of. 

You took your attention off of the two of them, and focused on the hostess in front of you.

"We’re here with Yoona.” You told the her with a smile. 

She returned the smile and guided you over to Yoona’s table. 

“Y/N. It’s so good to see you.” Yoona pulled you into a hug, the sickeningly sweet smile she always had on was settled upon her lips. 

“I know. It’s been so long.” The same smile she wore, was the same smile you wore. The smile that all of your family members were good at. A fake smile. 

You directed your attention to Jackson who stared at you with a blank expression. 

“Jackson. So good to see you.” You pulled him into a small hug, which he returned, not wanting to be rude.

“Y/N. Is this your boyfriend?” Yoona look at you with a raised eyebrow. 

“Yes. Yoona, meet Jungkook. My boyfriend. Jungkook, meet Yoona. My sister." 

He throws her a genuine smile and shakes her head, "It’s a pleasure to meet you." 

Yoona catches your eye and you can tell from the look she gives you our of the corner of her eye that she’s pleased, something that was hard to come by with her. 


For the past five minutes you had been intently ignoring Jackson, Yoona, and Jungkook. The three of them seemed to be having a grand time. Meanwhile, you would have preferred to be burning in the pits of hell.

"So do you have a set date for the wedding?” Jungkook asked. 

Suddenly you were interested in this conversation. 

“Yes, as a matter of fact. We’re thinking next month.” Jackson said, earning a smile from Yoona. 

“Next month?” You asked, nearly choking on your drink.

That damned smile stayed on Yoona’s face. “Yes. Next month, we wanted to do it as soon as possible. I love him, and he loves me. Why wait?" 

You shook your head, placing your drink back onto the table. "Do mom and dad know any of this." 

Yoona cleared her throat, "No. Not yet. I’d also appreciate it if you wouldn’t say anything either. They’re both very traditional and probably wouldn’t approve of something so simple and so…soon." 

You forced a smile onto your face, "Yes. Of course. My lips are sealed." 

The three got back into conversation and you tuned them out. 

You were satisfied right now. The night was nearing its end, and your brain was letting you completely block out the topic of conversation. 

Everything was going decent as of now. 

That was, until you feel Jungkook slide his hand onto your thigh. 

You feel your entire body tense up at the feeling. You knew exactly what he was going to do, and you felt the anticipation of it run through you. 

His hand made his way to the hem of your dress and pushed it up slightly. 

You felt a chill run up your spine, but the sound of Jackson’s voice broke you out of the trance Jungkook had just had you in. 

"Y/N, can I just say I’m so happy that you’re okay with this wedding. Especially considering our…” He trails off, almost as thought he’s looking for a right choice of words, “History." 

Your throat closes up, and you feel your face flush as you whip your head up to look at him. 

At this point, Jungkook’s hand was off your thigh, and looking at Jackson with a curious expression. 

Yoona, however, looked as thought she could slap someone. 

Your relationship was Jackson was no secret. Yoona hated to bring it up. So did you. 

"I–uh– Excuse me?” You managed to get out. 

“You know what I mean, Y/N. No need to explain it to everyone.” He grinned. 

But that grin was full of shit and you knew it. 

You stood up, pulled your wallet out of your bag, and threw money on the table. 

“It’s been a fantastic night. I wish both of you the best but I have work tomorrow so I should probably go." 

The two didn’t say anything. Yoona had a disgusted look on her face as she took a sip out of her wine glass. You didn’t blame her. 

But as you were exiting the restaurant, Jungkook in tow, you didn’t miss Jackson’s condescending grin shooting right in your direction. 


Jungkook didn’t say anything as he followed you over to your car. He offered to drive so you tossed him the keys and didn’t waste anytime getting into the car. 

You were both quiet from the time he started your car, all the way up until you had made it to your apartment and you were unlocking your door. 

You both made your way inside, he leaned against the wall beside the door as you shut it. 

You slipped your coat and shoes off but once they both hit the ground you made your way over to Jungkook, slamming your lips against his. 

He instantly responded, his lips moving as quickly as yours were. 

He gripped onto the back of your thighs and hoisted you up so your legs were resting on either side of his waist.  

Your back slammed against the front door as his lips made their way to your neck. 

He sucked harshly on a patch of skin, causing you to let out an involuntary moan. "Bedroom.” You breathed out. 

Jungkook got your message, pulling you away from the wall and making his way down the hallway. 

He kicked the door open with his foot and slammed you down onto the bed. His arms kept most of the weight as his body slid over you, reattaching his lips to yours. 

You stayed like that for what seemed like minutes, but was easily just seconds, until he leaned up. His hands found the neckline of your dress and ripped it down the middle. 

It was one of your favorites but that was the last thing on your mind as he slipped the torn fabric off of your shoulders and threw it across the room. 

You felt like you were in a daze as he kissed and sucked his way down. 

Leaving reddish purple hues along your chest, the middle of your stomach, and on your hipbones. 

You lay still as he slowly pulls the thin lace material down your legs, wasting no time licking a stripe up your slit. You immediately grip onto the sheets as he gives tiny kitten licks all over. 

He sucks your clit into his mouth and one of your hands fly to his head to grip onto his hair. 

You arch your back at the blissful feeling of him lapping you up. 

Within just a couple minutes your already nearing the edge. 

Your hand tightens its grip on his locks and he groans against you, adding to the pressure. A loud moan leaves you mouth and pushed you closer. 

Your head starts to go fuzzy, and you’re so close you can taste it. 

Until Jungkook pulls away, causing you to let out a whimper at the loss of contact. 

All complaints are pushed aside, however, when you see his pants and boxer shorts drop around his ankles. 

He steps out of them and enters you in one swift motion. You rank your nails up his back, causing him to let out a throaty groan. One that turns you on even more. 

“Jungkook I-I’m–Fuck!” You shout, arching your back once more. 

“Not yet.” He rasps out, gripping onto the headboard. 

He thrusts into you a couple more times before he finally tells gives you permission, “Go ahead, baby." 

You don’t have to think twice before you release. You grip onto the sheets as you come down from your high. 

He was still thrusting, and the overstimulation became evident now that everything came into focus. 

You winced slightly as he thrusted one more time, before pulling out and releasing all over your stomach. 

You calmed your breathing and Jungkook took a second to regain himself before laying down on his stomach beside you. 

You stared aimlessly at the wall, then directed your attention at Jungkook who was inbetween sleep and awake. he didn’t say anything as his eyes fluttered close. 

You followed soon after, letting your eyes flutter close. 


Let’s talk about how the ant*s think the scene where surprise Force Skype initiates and Kylo’s only half dressed and Rey gets flustered is Kylo’s fault and he’s out to make her uncomfortable.

First of all, it was either The Force or Snoke controlling the timing, not Kylo.

Secondly, it was Kylo’s body that was exposed naked from the waist up, what if he was the one who felt uncomfortable?

Furthermore, we have no official info on how he feels about his body and appearance save for the clues of him being covered from head to toe and a helmet to change even his voice. Which leads me to say probably not so good.

Also, Kylo clearly expressed when Force Skype started up that he didn’t want to talk right at that moment any more than Rey did. In fact, it was Rey who pressed the issue and continued the conversation.

Not that his discomfort is allowed to count if you ask the ant*s.

The level of dehumanization of Kylo/Ben they have going on has never sat well with me. It also makes them seem pretty stupid since one of the major points of Last Jedi was-y’know?-humanizing Kylo/Ben?

Has he done terrible things? Yes.

Does that rob him of the right to be treated like a person? No.

Friendly reminder that Rey will fight a b*tch if someone does try to strip him of all humanity. Even when she was getting rag-dolled by Snoke her thought was to verbally defend Ben Solo and tell Space Hefner Kylo wasn’t as heartless as Snoke seemed to think and that he dun’ f*cked up because of it.

Guess what? Snoke dun’ f*cked up.

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Castiel nsfw additional headcannons??

  • Hmm, I bet Castiel’s dick is like a really nice color like, not too pale but not super dark or red. Like a shade or so darker than his skin tone. It just doesn’t look weird like some penises do.
  • Speaking of dick it’s probably about 6-7 inches and he’s got dat thicc dicc too. It’s not all bulky and girthy but it aint no stick either heheheheehe
  • Sloppy but nice stroke game. He knows how to snap his hips at just the right angle to get you screaming his name. He also likes to reach down and rub your clit while he’s thrusting into you. A+ Cassy.
  • I can’t remember if I said his head game was good or bad but I feel like it’s mehhh. It feels good but it doesn’t hit the spot. He prefers receiving oral anyways. Give him a sloppy toppy and he’s yours.
  • Favorite position while lying down is cowgirl, reverse or regular. When it’s regular he likes to lean up and nibble on your tits, but if it’s reverse he likes to spank your ass
  • Looooooves shower sex
  • He might be into anal if you coaxed him enough to try it
A bit about what Garak and Andy really mean to me.

I was just thinking about how much Garak means to me as a queer person because he’s a queer character and how grateful I am that Andy has kept being insistent all these years upon Garak being pansexual even when corporate people were pushing against it. I wanted to talk about how I see Garak as a positive role model–which is probably fucking weird as hell since he is a spy, assassin, torturer, and a number of other ‘nasty’ things.

But there are so few queer characters, and Garak is strong, clever, intelligent, witty, loyal, creative, and unashamed of himself as far as his sexuality and gender expressions go. Garak is portrayed at times as effeminate, and yet he will fucking kill you, okay? It’s so powerful and awesome that Garak embodies BOTH these things. I mean we live in a culture where strength = masculinity, and effeminate men are portrayed as being ‘weak’ which ties right into women being portray as ‘weak’ too. Garak says fuck that shit I am a badass, and I can also make you a lovely cocktail dress that will turn all the heads, and either way I will blow your fucking mind.

I was thinking about how Garak must deal with claustrophobia, crippling anxiety, addiction, and probably depression too though that’s not as explicitly indicated in the show. But no doubt he has felt that in being an exile–he felt so bad that he turned on his wire just to escape and to deal with his life. Garak has many emotional problems, but he stays alive. He keeps fighting. He keeps doing his thing. He is an outsider on this station full of people who are not like him, full of people who hate him, full of people who’d probably rather see him dead–and if that doesn’t sound like the shit that is going on in the U.S. regarding the LGBT community and other minority groups, I don’t know what does. Many of us live in this place where we feel like we are lost, unwanted, feared, loathed, treated as people who are disgusting, wrong, and undeserving of a happy and productive life. A lot of us in the LGBT community feel like outsiders, like exiles in our own world. But Garak keeps moving on. Not only that, but at the end of things, he gets to go home again.

His home is destroyed by war, but he does get to go home. He gets to find his place again. There is still some bit of hope there even though so much bad has happened. To me… that kind of gives me hope that maybe I will find my place one day too.

I just love Garak so much, and there are so many reasons why, but these reasons are deep and personal. I think there are a lot of other people who understand this too. Garak does seem to be a favorite among queer folks in this fandom and the reasons are obvious.

I’m so thankful that Andy made the choices he did, was bold enough and brave enough to say, ‘fuck it I’m going to do this’, has been consistent through the years in insisting that Garak is queer, and that he portrayed this amazing, complex, character who faces so many obstacles but he keeps on going and living even if it’s only out of spite, or instinct, or whatever.

After the election, there were tons of helplines and suicide prevention numbers all over my facebook feed because people in the LGBTQIA community were so terrified. We still are. Our country has elected a man whose platform would see our marriages ended, our rights taken away, our people forced into torturous conversion therapy, and hormone therapy ended for those who are transgender or nonbinary. My best friend was very upset over the election and at one point I told her–we must keep fighting. Garak and Damar wouldn’t give up. I was thinking about them huddled down in the basement while outside Cardassia is being destroyed by their enemies, about them facing the Jem’Hadar, Garak charging forward screaming FOR CARDASSIA. Later she told me that it was ‘silly’ but that telling her that they would not give up had helped her find a source from which to draw strength.

Sometimes shows are just shows, stories are just stories, and characters are just characters.

But sometimes they are so much more than that.

I hope that Andy really knows how much he is appreciated, and how much of an impact he has had on some of us. A lot of us have few people who stand by our side. It is good to know that on a fictional space station there is this guy with scales and a well-tailored tunic who would sit down with us at lunch and tell us that we are okay.