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Karaoke night post-squip - feat. Boyf riends

It was a Sunday night, and Michael and Jeremy were at yet another party.

Jeremy said ‘another’ because it was a week until school was out, and their new friends really liked throwing parties. He hadn’t really minded at first – parties were fun! But it was starting to wear on him. You could only puke your guts out under an alcohol-induced haze so many times, he guessed. 

As soon as the door shut behind them, Jeremy and Michael were ambushed by Chloe, already drunk off her ass, and Brooke, hanging off her arm.

“You’re here!” Chloe squealed, giggling drunkenly. Then, she nudged Brooke. “Here, Heere. Get it?” 

Brooke smiled lazily and patted Chloe’s bicep. “Yeah. Nice.”

“We’re doing charaoke,” Chloe slurred. “Jeremy, your voice is decent. Come on.” She grabbed his arm and dragged him into the house, Brooke and Michael following close behind. Soon enough, they were swallowed by flashing lights and the bass line of an old nineties love song, and Jeremy tried not to breathe in the stench of teen body odor and alcohol. 

As they neared the end of the den, Chloe muttered something unintelligible and climbed up onto the miniature stage. To Jeremy’s mortification, she grabbed a microphone and said, “My boy Jeremy could be on fucking broadway and we’re gonna give him a shot tonight!” Only her speech was slurred and she drew out her vowels, so it sounded more like “weeeeee’re gonna give him a shoooot toniiiiiight!”

Behind him, Michael whispered, “Good luck!” and shoved him forwards. Jeremy stumbled up onto the stage next to Chloe.

Chloe grabbed his arm again and said, “I’m picking.” 

Jeremy groaned as her song selection popped up on the computer screen in front of him. “When I Was Your Man? Bruno Mars? Really, Chloe?” 

Chloe leaned towards him, swaying on her feet. “Just fucking sing, Jerry,” she said, and then Jeremy was alone on the stage. 

Jeremy glanced over the crowd, spreading his arms helplessly. “I am so, so sorry for what you’re about to experience,” he said. He prayed that nobody could hear the tremor in his voice. “But since I value my life, well…” He breathed a sigh of relief as chuckles spread through the gathering crowd before him. The first notes of the song spilled from Jake’s expensive-looking speakers, and Jeremy began to sway to the gentle piano against his will. The first line of the song appeared on the screen, and Jeremy inhaled. He shut his eyes against the strobe lights and faces below and started to sing. “Same bed, but it feels just a little bit bigger now.”

Somebody in the crowd whooped. He heard Michael mutter, “Holy shit.”

Our song on the radio, but it don’t sound the same,” he continued, pulling sound from deep in his chest.  “When all my friends talk about you, all it does is just tear me down.” Jeremy opened his eyes and looked out over the crowd. “And my heart breaks a little when I hear your name. It all just sounds like –” His gaze fell on Michael, whose mouth was hanging open. “Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.” He sailed through the rest of the song, singing louder and louder, keeping his eyes on Michael. As the music faded out, Jeremy felt better and more alive than he had in ages. He couldn’t keep the dorky grin from spreading over his face.

Suddenly, all that as left was silence. Jeremy let out the rest of his breath. Everything was still for a moment. And then the crowd erupted, and Jeremy was bowing, and Michael was up on stage, hugging him and talking faster than Jeremy had ever heard him.

“Jeremy, Jeremy, Jesus Christ, that was amazing, why don’t you sing more often? Dude, you have to do that more, you could be a professional, wow–” 

Jeremy felt himself redden. Then, he had an idea. Maybe it was the natural high, or maybe it was something in the air, but he opened his mouth and said, “We’re going to do the next one together.”

Michael never really enjoyed parties, but he usually tagged along anyways. There needed to be at least one person with a car who wasn’t as high as a kite or drunker than his grandmother on New Year’s Eve. And maybe he had jumped around a little, shouting lyrics to the songs he liked, but he didn’t – couldn’t sing. 

He stepped back. “Oh, no. No, no, no, no.”

“I’ve heard you sing before. You’re good,” Jeremy said.

“Have you heard me sing?” 

Jeremy cleared his throat. “When you’re high –”

“Okay, okay, point proven,” Michael cut in. “But still, no.”

“Come onnn, Michael.” Jeremy poked him. “I’ll go with you!”

And then the song was starting and it was too late to save himself. Michael read the title on screen. Carry On, by fun.. He kind of knew that one. 

Deep breaths, he told himself.

Jeremy started. “Well, I woke to the sound of silence the cars, cutting like knives in fistfights.”

Michael glanced at the crowd and felt his legs tremble. 

Jeremy continued. “And I found you with a bottle of wineyour head in the curtains and heart –

Like the Fourth of July,” Michael sang. He was sure he was by now visibly shaking, but he told himself to keep going. He adjusted his voice to match Jeremy’s, and kept going, growing more and more confident with every line. 

When they reached the first “carry on”, Jeremy grabbed Michael’s hand and held it above his head. Michael felt his face flush, and hoped that everybody still watching would attribute it to his nerves, or maybe alcohol he hadn’t drunk. As the verse ended, Jeremy brought Michael’s hand down, but didn’t let go. Jeremy started swaying to the music, and Michael felt himself follow suit. He kept his fingers wound through Jeremy’s. 

The second time they came around to “carry on”, some of the crowd joined in. Michael started to understand people who performed for a living. Part of him felt like he could fly. On a whim, he grabbed one of the microphones from its stand and held it in front of his mouth, bending his knees as he started the “Whoa!”.  Michael was singing like he hadn’t known he could sing. He shut his eyes and let his voice go.

The song ended. The crowd turned away, and slowly, the low buzz of mindless conversation returned. Jeremy’s eyes were bright, and Michael couldn’t help but admire how beautiful his eyes were. Jeremy hugged Michael, and pulled back, beaming. He looked Michael directly in the eyes, and Michael couldn’t bring himself to tear his gaze away.  They were breathing hard, and their faces were flushed, and Jeremy’s hair was adorably rumpled, and Michael felt his face redden again –

And then he was kissing Jeremy. No – Jeremy was kissing him. Michael stiffened, wondering for a split second if this was some kind of elaborate joke, before melting into the kiss. 

It was far from perfect. Michael’s glasses got in the way, and it wasn’t like either of them were experienced, but when they pulled back, Jeremy’s eyes were shining and Michael was the one beaming. 

“I love you so much right now,” Jeremy whispered, and Michael squeezed his hand.

“I love you too, Jer-bear.” he leaned his head against Jeremy’s shoulder. “I love you.”

Jughead Playlist

I’ve been meaning to finish this for a while but have just been way too busy with college to compile it all and upload it - until now that is!

Juggie gives me a lot of feels (protect that pudding!) and as someone who loves music I’ve been thinking a lot about what genres he’d be into and what music best represents where he and bughead are at in the series right now. Nothing pop or with an especially quick tempo because I doubt Jug would stand for it, (lol) but I also don’t think he’s a huge metal-head or anything either. I also think, as a writer, he probably pays more attention to a song’s lyrics than its melody. So! With all that in mind I made a big ol’ Jughead Jones playlist full of songs I think tonally and lyrically scream of Jug, bughead, and/or the Jones family dynamic. Like Juggie it's a little cynical, a little angry, a little sad, but pretty beautiful, too. Enjoy!

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Radiohead - Creep (Bughead)

Skunk Anansie - Secretly (Bughead)

Pain - Shut Your Mouth (Jughead - Little nod to Big Daddy with some of the lyrics of this one!)

Semisonic - Secret Smile (Bughead)

Rilo Kiley - Better Son/Daughter (Jones family - and the Cooper’s too, let’s be real.)

Razorlight - Wire to Wire (Bughead)

Cold War Kids - First (Jones family)

Elliott Smith - Between the Bars (Bughead) 

Seether - Fake It (Jughead)

The Killers - Romeo and Juliet (Bughead)

Metallica - Low Man’s Lyric (Jones family)

Aimee Mann - It’s Not (Bughead but also Betty - had to slip this one in!)

X Ambassadors - Unsteady [Erich Lee Gravity Remix] (Jones family)

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Should You Fight This Footballer?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Please do it. Please fight him for all of us. You’ll probably lose because he’s jacked, but you also might make him cry and that’s honestly worth it. Please, please make Cristiano Ronaldo cry. 

Lionel Messi: I mean, you could fight him. You would probably win? But like, sometimes you just have to ask yourself, you know, why? Why are you fighting Lionel “Warm Milk” Messi? Do you not have more constructive things to do with your time, like eating ice cream or riding scooters? Don’t fight Lionel Messi. Take him to Disneyland.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Oh my god, don’t fucking fight Zlatan. Don’t do it. Dude is 6'5" and a black belt. Love yourself. 

Andrés Iniesta: Uh, this would be like fighting a small piece of cheese, except the cheese is a dear kind little man with a wife and daughter and like honestly, dude, what the fuck? 

John Terry: Yes, fight John Terry. Next question.

 Luis Suarez: Please don’t do this. Not because he doesn’t deserve it, but because I’m honestly not sure if you’d come out of it with all your skin still attached? Like, this could go one of two ways: either he falls down as soon as you breathe on him, or he rips your liver out and eats it. Don’t risk it. Don’t fight Luis Suarez.

Andrea Pirlo: At first glance, Pirlo looks like the kinda guy you want to fight. I mean, he’d probably be too concerned with deep-conditioning his beard and avoiding bloodstains on his white linen capris to pose a threat, right? But he’s also probably running an organized crime ring, or the government. So don’t fight him. 

Leonardo Bonucci: Why the fuck would you fight Bonucci? He punched an armed robber. In the head. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Bonucci. 

Mario Götze: Oh my god, yes. Do it. Fight Götze. Doesn’t he just look like he smells like ham? Is there anyone in football with a more punchable face? Please, please fight Mario Götze. Fight his ham-smelling, Beats-wearing, Bieber-listening ass.

Javier Mascherano: Dude, do you hate yourself? Masche may only be like 5'9" but he will literally fight anything. He tore his anus on the football field and just kept playing. He humped Zlatan’s leg and lived to tell the tale. He probably has a side gig going as a hit man, I mean, have you seen how bald he is? Don’t do it. Don’t fight Mascherano.

Marco Reus: He is kind of fightable, isn’t he? But don’t do it. Don’t do it because he’ll break and it’ll be your fault and he’s been through enough already.

Mario Balotelli: Literally everyone in the world exists in a constant state of fighting Mario Balotelli. Leave the dude alone, okay? He likes dogs. Let him play with some dogs. We don’t need to be fighting all the time.

Luka Modric: Why would you fight the king of the elves? Do you not fear their ethereal retribution?

James Rodriguez: God, yes, please fight him. Has any other player ever been so punchable while still basically being a good person? I mean, I can’t think of any real reason to, but fight him anyway. Fight his stupid charming face. 

Franck Ribery: I mean, you could fight him, but like, that would probably mean touching him. I’m honestly not sure I can ask anyone to do that? Not even for a good cause (i.e. fighting Franck Ribery).

Fighting With the Boys

Requested by @cityofdespair9

Summary: Being with a batboy isn’t easy and leads to quite a few fights.

Warning(s): None (Damian’s turned into a drabble so…you’re welcome?)

Dick: It’s usually trivial things that set either of you off. Like when Dick spills his cereal on the floor and doesn’t clean it up, he’s just…he’s a fairly messy guy and it gets irritating. And of course going off about one thing leads to another.

“Will you cleanup the spilled milk on the counter for once?! Oh and I don’t know, maybe tell me next time when you decide to play dead?!”

That’s what this is really about, (Y/N)?! I told you why I couldn’t tell you and that should be enough!”

Make-ups usually lead to a heated make out session with Dick. Either that or a cuddle marathon where you both apologize and he gives endless kisses to the top of your head and plays with your hair. If you get angry to the point where you walk out he usually walks right after you and will apologize…or just pick you up and carry you back to the apartment. He doesn’t like leaving you angry.

Jason: It’s actually really hard to tell when Jason’s angry at you. Probably because he’s angry all the time, but also because his anger(at least towards you) comes out in the form of extreme sarcasm and morbid jokes.

“Geez, I must be dead to you…again.”

After you catch on to his anger you have to pry the reason out of him, most times you don’t catch it and he just gets over it. But when you’re mad at him - oh boy, the whole thing changes. Jason flares up ready to retaliate until he gains control of himself(or joins in the screaming match.) Hugs from you are his favorite of your apologies, or just a lot of sighing and talking things out, and he will never deny a post-fight movie night.

Tim: The main arguments that come up with Tim are he doesn’t get enough sleep, forensic geek talk(more like squabbles though), he’s stressing himself out wayyy too much considering how young he is, and that he tries way too much to pretend he isn’t struggling trying to keep up a social life as well.

“Tim, you don’t have to go to the school play…no one’s gonna notice. It’s just a cheap production of Aladdin anyways.”

“But, (Y/N), my best friend is the lead, I have to go.”

And then he’ll stay up all night trying to catch up on the time he missed at the social event, leading to the real fight. Most of the time Tim will give in(especially if it’s about sleep) but he’ll occasionally disagree with you to the extreme and he’ll lock himself away, or stop seeing you for a couple days. But he’ll come out of it and pretend like nothing happened afterwards.

Damian: You pointed out his flaws - and quite a few of them - leading to your first fight(minus all the miniscule daily quarrels which are the majority of your “fights”.) The comment that angered him most was your accusation that he was incapable of any real emotion. Real emotion? He had emotions - didn’t he? Regardless, he did as he usually did - insulted you and proceed to walk away.

“How would you know? I doubt anyone in their right mind has ever shown your worthless being emotion!”

The hurt in your eyes confirmed to Damian that he did in fact have emotions and he didn’t like what he was feeling now. Regret? Guilt? It didn’t matter, what was done was done and he stalked off to brood in his room. Over a week passed and both of you were suffering, until Damian caved. He knocked on your door and when you opened it he held out your favorite chocolate bars and flavor of soda, along with the movie you’d been dying to buy(but were too cheap to actually purchase.)

“Here,” He pushed them into your arms and turned to leave.

“Damian,” You stated plainly, making him stop and turn his head, slightly afraid you were rejecting his gifts, “I’m gonna need a movie partner.”

Switching Places: Epilogue Part 3 & 4 (SMUT)

Title: Switching Places Epilogue Part 3 & 4
Fandom: Kiss By The Baddest Bidder & Metro PD: Close To You
Rated: Drama, Thriller, Angst, Fluff, Smut, Mystery?
KBTBB’s MC: Mia SAKATA (reference)
Characters: Kirisawa, Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru, Baba, Ota

Summary: SMUT FOR YOU ALL, closure for Mika, Eisuke and Soryu (Mamoru sort of?) Previously, Mia sort of tricked Mika back to the penthouse to celebrate Baba’s birthday, one thing led to another and Mia suggested to have a THREESOME?!

Notes: The moment you’ve all been waiting for- are Mika and Eisuke gonna do it or what? Also, this is LONG! I haven’t forgotten about Soryu either. Highly suggest you read this when you have time & probably sitting down.

@ladystar0710​ / mysticliz26 / silver-red-rose / sunflowerblackrabbit / donnaintx / ayaka-oh / dms-903 / icedragonprincess / mirandaflamel / medievalbingeprincess69

hifftn - try not to hate me (too much)


The King Almighty, on both his knees in front of you, he takes one last glance at you before lowering his head between your thighs and feeling his warm finger pushes your panties to the side and licks your sex. You let out a sigh, well at least he’s doing something right. His tongue penetrates your pussy lips and eagerly swirls it inside, desperate to taste you, to satisfy you.

You watch him from above, hand on his head, occasionally pats and plays with his hair while Eisuke Ichinomiya, the CEO of Ichinomiya’s group is exploring your sex with his tongue. This guy sure has a smart mouth, you’ll give him that.
“Ahhh..” Arching your back to the Italian sofa of his as he squishes his handsome face into your pussy and fucks it fiercely, moving his hand to your clit to only find you stopping him, he immediately looks up, slightly confused. A playful grin tug at the corners of your lips, “You can’t make me cum with just your tongue?” His eyes darken at your challenge and proudly replies with his signature smirk, “Oh I will make you cum alright, just make sure not to wake Mia.”

Getting back to his unfinished business but this time his eyes are locked on you, he wants a show, let’s give him one. Your hands begin to unbutton your blouse and fondle your own breasts, pinching your nipples through your black lace bras till they are red and standing. “Ohhh….” Letting out a short gasp right after he twitches his tongue around, driving you close to the edge. “Not close enough.” You mutter and buckle your hips forward, Eisuke gets the hint, thrusting faster and harder, anxious to see you cum.

The infrequent hmm and ahhh along with the squishing sound becomes music to his ears but that’s not enough, he wants more, he needs more. Your whimper, you moaning his name, he’s been fantasizing long enough, this is real. You keep panting until you are overcome with bliss and cum with a sigh of relief. Eisuke continues licking and sucks up all your juice, sticking his tongue deeper into your pussy before pulling out.

He chuckles, straighten up himself with his knees still on the white carpet. You stop him again, placing one foot on his left shoulder, pushing him back down with his bottom touches his own ankles. Your foot trace to his broad chest then eventually down to the budge in his trousers. Eisuke chuckles again, this time more arouse, “I like where this is heading.” Oh really? You think to yourself while he impatiently unbuckles his belt and free his “pride” from agony. Not bad, but not as impressive as Mamoru’s, not that he wants to know.

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Matt Hardy Sex Headcanons

The other brother. It seems mean but I didn’t like him that much as a kid, but now I’m older I’ve learnt to appreciate him because he is piss funny. I loved his ‘broken Matt Hardy’ gimmick as a kid and tbh I still love it now. 

I’m trying to filter out all my requests and this one was almost finished so I just added a few more points to it. I hope you enjoy it.

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- He is so much more rough than Jeff. So if you’re into that type of thing, Matt is your guy. But he’s also really sweet if you need him to be.

- Will pin you to everything.

- He can’t go as many rounds but he makes them count. 

- Very big fan of dirty talk

- Eating you out is basically as enjoyable as sex to him because he loves to make you cum. 

- He’s probably the type who would probably have giggly sex with you. 

- Orgasm ratio will depend. I’m gonna say 2:1 but it can be 3:1 if he’s in the right mood and all riled up.

- He loves to pin your hands down; whether its to either side of you or above your head, as long as you can’t touch him.

- He likes you to run your hands through his hair and scratch his scalp a lot. 

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This is a tumblr prompt which tagged @imagineclintcoulson. Boss: Know why I called you in here? Me: Because I accidentally sent you a dick pick? Boss: [stops pouring 2 glasses of wine] Accidentally?

Author’s notes: while the fill isn’t NSFW exactly, it could be considered kinda dodgy because, well… dick pics!

Clint slumped onto the couch beside Natasha looking like death warmed up. Proving his fragile state of mind he stole her coffee mug from her hand swallowing a couple of mouthfuls before returning it to her with a grimace. Sugar. Yuck! But needs must and under the sweetness it was still caffeine. And now she would either kill him or slap the back of his head which, right now going by his hangover from hell, would probably also kill him. Either way it would probably be a blessing the way he was feeling.

She did neither. She looked at him sympathetically. Fuck! He must really look rough.

“Bad date?”

Clint nodded and regretted it immediately. Owie! He wished he was wearing his wraparounds.

“The worst. Didn’t get beyond the bar. Got drunk. Ditched him. Came back here. Got more drunk. Yada yada.”

Having a father like his meant he didn’t drink often but on the rare occasions he gave in, it was usually when he was feeling shitty and right now he was feeling very shitty – mostly to do with pining over his handler… again.

“Sorry about the dick pic by the way,” he murmured giving her a sideways glance that made his eyeballs hurt.

Natasha raised an elegant eyebrow at him in query.

“Or there might have been two… maybe three. Anyway… sorry. Wouldn’t have blamed you for kicking my ass.”

“No dick pics, little bird,” she told him sounding amused.

“Stop fucking with me, Tasha. Brain won’t handle it today.”

She pulled out her Stark phone and showed him. She’d received several texts each complaining about the self-centred, whiney futz of a date he had the misfortune of being with but there were definitely no MMS messages. Clint paled.

He removed his own cell from his pocket and opened up his last few texts. There they were. Three dick pics with the member in question getting progressively larger and thicker as he presumably jerked off to his favourite spank bank subject, his BAMF handler. Seriously! Why would he even think of sending​ these to Natasha? Or anyone else for that matter? He looked at the name against the images… and stopped breathing while simultaneously trying not to throw up or black out. Aww dick pic no! It couldn’t be any worse.

“Who did you…?”

With a horrified expression, he turned the phone to face her. He expected no sympathy and was unsurprised when he got none. But he did get a smirk, which turned into a snort and then full-scale laughter almost causing her to spill the remainder of her coffee.

“Maybe he didn’t get them?” Clint said hopefully.

“Barton. My office in ten. You know what… make that twenty. You need a shower.”

The curt tone of Coulson’s voice from right behind them was unmistakeable. It was his ‘don’t fuck with me’ voice. Natasha bit her lip trying to stop the giggles and Clint almost needed new underwear.

“Just put something nice on my tombstone,” he said as he dragged himself off the couch and headed to his doom.

“Here lies Clint Francis Barton aka ‘Hawkeye’ - the World’s Greatest Marksman. He never missed… except with his dick pics,” she called after him before dissolving into a fit of the giggles again.

“I hate you right now,” he countered flipping her off.


Clint stood before Coulson at parade rest, head bowed, mortified beyond words. While he was in the shower, Natasha had taken pity on him and left him a pot of fresh black coffee which he gratefully downed from the pot, swallowing a couple of Advil for his thumping, hungover head. He’d thank her properly later. After brushing his teeth trying to make his breath smell less like stale alcohol and coffee, and a quick sniff of his armpits (shower definitely helped but he sprayed anyway) he dressed in jeans and a faded tight-fitting purple t-shirt then reluctantly left for Coulson’s office in the Tower.

“You know why I called you in here?” Coulson asked quietly from behind his desk. As always his face was inscrutable.

“Because I accidentally send you a dick pic?” Fuck this was torture. In fact give him torture instead. This was excruciating.

“Accidentally? I see.” Coulson hesitated before adding, “And… it was three dick pics.”

Clint only just managed to hold back a groan of embarrassment. He couldn’t fuck up once? No had to be three times!

“Is there anything you’d like to say?”

The archer hung his head so that his chin was almost touching his chest.

“I’m sorry, sir,” he said meekly, half wishing he floor would open up and swallow him already. As an Avenger you had be careful about what you actually wished for. It might come true but with horrible consequences depending on the villain of the week.

“Huh. I guess from the… images, your date didn’t go so well last night.”

Clint raised his head to look at the other man. Kinda personal for Coulson. Plus he didn’t realise he was keeping tabs. However, he couldn’t meet his eyes for long and ducked his head again reaching his hand up to the back of neck to give it a quick rub. A sure sign of his discomfort.

“Yeah… not so much. But I guess I kinda expected it.” Shit! What was he saying? “Besides… he wasn’t really my type.” Yeah. That’s much better. Not that it mattered, he wasn’t exactly going to tell Coulson he was his type. Or that he was the reason his dates kept failing. It’s not like Coulson felt the same way.

“Sorry to hear that.”

“Not as sorry as I am about the… uh… pics, sir. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. It was a mistake and I… uh… really regret it.”

Coulson didn’t speak for a moment but when he did there was a slight change to the timber of his voice. To Clint it always had a slight huskiness to it but now it was gravely as though he’d been gargling with rocks.

“And if I said… I liked the photos… would you still regret it?”

Clint had his aids in but he wasn’t sure he’d heard correctly. Well he had but he needed confirmation. He tipped his head to the side and looked at Coulson whose face was still impassive.


“If I said I liked your photos, Clint. That perhaps… I’d like to see more of the content. Maybe in the flesh. Would you… still regret it?”

Clint raised his head again this time maintaining eye contact. Coulson’s face and neck were slightly flushed and Clint was pretty damned certain it wasn’t because he was embarrassed. Aroused maybe… a bit like he was becoming himself. All this dick talk was definitely making his twitch in his jeans.

“No, sir. I wouldn’t. I’d say maybe I’d hit the right target after all.”

Author’s notes: 

I debated whether or not to make this fill NSFW but I decided to post as is. When it makes it onto AO3 maybe I could add some smut and change it to an Explicit rating…

Thanks for tagging us in the prompt, @ayankha - hope you enjoyed the fill.

We at @imagineclintcoulson love to receive prompts from you but it would be great if you could send these through our ***submit prompts here*** link. Many thanks and please keep those requests coming :)

~ lola381pce


okay so someone pointed out that daniel’s voice actor was placed where the main characters usually are, so that might mean he’ll come back in a later episode, which in itself is terrifying. but he may also come back even more fucked up than he was before, which makes matters worse.

but imagine if he comes back in, let’s say, the last episode of the season. david’s probably gonna have to do something about it then, right? well, that’s where my hc comes in.

i’m thinking daniel is gonna try attacking one of the campers (probably max) and david is gonna fucking lose it and bash daniel’s head in with his guitar.


and either daniel dies or maybe someone calls an ambulance/police.

idk that’s just what i think

edit: then the kids proceed to stare at him in horror/awe (nikki: that was AWESOME!! max: …okay, first of all, DAVID, THAT WAS FUCKED UP. second, i agree with nikki.)

Pink Lines

Requested by anonymous: Can you do one where you find out your pregnant with shawn (like you’re not married and all) and you’re panicking because you think shawn wouldn’t want to be a parent and you blurt it out when he’s about to leave for the plane and he’s so overwhelmed and happy 

Note:  this was so much fun to write omg! such a cute request 


You had been sick for days now, throwing up at the smallest scent of foods that would normally never make you feel sick. You were also late. Not that that’s a huge deal most of the time - you were sometimes late because of stress related reasons while your doctors reassured you that you were fine and not pregnant.

However, as you kneel over the toilet for the third time this morning, you were convinced that something more than just stress and the flu was going on. You and Shawn had of course been hanging out lately, since he was due to leave Canada soon, but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him something so life changing on a hunch.

You of course, not wanting to deal with this on your own, you called your mother.

Would she be a little angry? Maybe, but maybe not. Your mother was your best friend and you couldn’t even imagine your life without her. If anything, she would be disappointed, but wanting to know if you were okay was her main priority.

So, you reach for your phone, dialing your mother’s number.


“I need you.” You weakly say.

Within ten minutes, she was on her way home from work where she was a bank teller - unfortunately, the bank was going to have to deal without her for a while.

“Y/N?” You hear your mother call throughout your house.

“In here.” You try to yell from the upstairs bathroom, only being left in a dry heave.

“Oh, sweetheart,” your mom says, rubbing your back. “You look awful, what’s going on?”

You narrow your eyes at her.

“Thanks mom, exactly what I needed.” You sarcastically say, wiping your mouth with some toilet paper.

“Sorry, hun. What’s going on, huh?” Your mom looks at you, watching as your eyes filled with tears and she grew extremely concerned.

“I think I’m pregnant.” You whisper, not being able to confirm anything yet.

And your mother did exactly what you wanted her to do, held you.

It took a little, but your mother somehow coaxed you into bed while she ran to the drugstore and picked up some tests.

And that’s where you were right now, analyzing the packages after you had already taken them.

Two pink lines meant pregnant. One meant not pregnant.

As you sit on the toilet for the next two minutes, it feels like an absolute eternity and your heart is about to flop out of your chest.

This was the worst timing too, Shawn was about ready to leave for Sweden, starting the European leg of his world tour.

You felt sick to your stomach, and not just because the eggs Shawn made for breakfast weren’t sitting well with you, but because you weren’t sure if Shawn even wanted to be a dad. Of course, he does want to be a dad, but not right now, barely nineteen and unmarried? Yeah, probably not.

That’s what scared you the most.

But, you also didn’t know if you were ready to be a mom, either. You were sure you aren’t, but now that you’re facing this decision head on right now, you knew that abortion was out of the question - even Shawn wouldn’t go for that if he didn’t want the child.

You knew Shawn was going to come over later today and if you were pregnant, you would have to tell him. If not, there was nothing to tell him other than that you’re sick.

The timer went off and you took a deep breath before you stood up, going over to the sink. With shaky hands, you flipped all three of them over - each one of them bearing two pink lines.

“Oh no,” you mumble shakily, resting your head against the cool counter.

“Y/N? Honey, please let me in.” You mother called from outside the door and you reluctantly let her in, allowing her to see the results herself and the panic on your face. “Oh, baby…”

You sniffle, walking into her arms as she shush’s you.

“You know, whatever you decide to do, I will support you 100%. You are not doing this alone.”

“What am I going to tell Shawn, mom?” You cry, not being able to express the mental anguish you’re currently in.

“The truth.”

“But, he’s going on tour, today!” You cry even louder, making your mother hold you harder.

“It’s not going to be easy, but he deserves to know. He loves you with everything he has, Y/N.”

And boy, did you know that was the truth. But, you didn’t exactly know how much he would love you after you told him the news. 

It was about three hours later when Shawn was due to show up, and he arrived on time.

You heart pounded against your chest, wanting to fly away and you didn’t blame it. Your mom had to go back to work, leaving you alone with your thoughts until Shawn arrived.

“Babe?” His sweet voice rang through your home, as you tried to get yourself together.

“Hey,” you falsely smile and walk into the living room.

He smiles wide as he sees you, immediately embracing you in a large hug. But, he pulls back the second he knows you’re not feeling it.

“Are you okay?” He asks, concerned, looking at you in the eyes.

You nod, just wanting to be in his embrace for a little longer before you have it so viciously ripped away from you.

His lips press against yours for a moment, your bodies resting against each other and you breath in his scent. At this very moment, he smelled like laundry detergent and it made you feel comfortable.

“Y/N, are you sure you’re okay?” Shawn asks you again, still concerned.

“Actually,” you stop. No, you weren’t okay and you knew Shawn wouldn’t be either after you told him this. But, it needed to be done. “I’m pregnant.”

Shawn doesn’t say or do much after you tell him, his face dropping into something that is very blank and you immediately get worried, not knowing how he’s feeling.

“I know it’s horrible timing and that you don’t want to be a dad right now - I get that and it’s not only my fault, I mean, you were obviously a factor in this. And I’m really sorry, Shawn, because I love you so much-”

“Y/N, stop. I’m not mad,” he says, his face erupting into the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. “This is - I’m going to be a dad.” He says in awe, looking at you.

You have never been so relieved in your entire life.

“And you’re going to be a mom, oh Y/N, you’re going to be the best mom and-” he stops suddenly, his eyes dropping to your stomach.

His large hand sprawls across your abdomen and you can see him visibly tear up.

“There’s a baby in there, that we made together. A small human.”

You lightly chuckled, tears forming in your own eyes due to relief.

“Y/N, I can’t get on the plane now.”

“What?” That for sure snaps you out of your happy daze.

“Y/N, we’re having a baby together, I can’t start this tour right now.”

No no no no no, that’s not what you wanted to have happen.

“No, Shawn, you can’t do that. You have fans who are waiting to see you, you can’t just stop everything because I’m pregnant.” You say, rationally.

He shakes his dark brown locks, giving you that look when he knows you’re right about something.

“Then what am I supposed to do?” He asks softly, standing and resting his forehead against yours.

“I promise you, that when I can, I will visit you on tour so you’re not missing out on much, okay?”

“You promise?” He asks you.

“I promise, Shawn.”

“Good, because baby Mendes needs to be sang to by his daddy every night and not just over FaceTime.”

You smiled at the thought of having a mini Shawn, that baby would be pretty damn cute.

“I love you, Y/N, and our baby, already.”

“I’m glad, because so do I.” You smiled, tilting your head up to kiss your boyfriend before he had to leave for the airport.

This was just the beginning of your journey together.

A bit about what Garak and Andy really mean to me.

I was just thinking about how much Garak means to me as a queer person because he’s a queer character and how grateful I am that Andy has kept being insistent all these years upon Garak being pansexual even when corporate people were pushing against it. I wanted to talk about how I see Garak as a positive role model–which is probably fucking weird as hell since he is a spy, assassin, torturer, and a number of other ‘nasty’ things.

But there are so few queer characters, and Garak is strong, clever, intelligent, witty, loyal, creative, and unashamed of himself as far as his sexuality and gender expressions go. Garak is portrayed at times as effeminate, and yet he will fucking kill you, okay? It’s so powerful and awesome that Garak embodies BOTH these things. I mean we live in a culture where strength = masculinity, and effeminate men are portrayed as being ‘weak’ which ties right into women being portray as ‘weak’ too. Garak says fuck that shit I am a badass, and I can also make you a lovely cocktail dress that will turn all the heads, and either way I will blow your fucking mind.

I was thinking about how Garak must deal with claustrophobia, crippling anxiety, addiction, and probably depression too though that’s not as explicitly indicated in the show. But no doubt he has felt that in being an exile–he felt so bad that he turned on his wire just to escape and to deal with his life. Garak has many emotional problems, but he stays alive. He keeps fighting. He keeps doing his thing. He is an outsider on this station full of people who are not like him, full of people who hate him, full of people who’d probably rather see him dead–and if that doesn’t sound like the shit that is going on in the U.S. regarding the LGBT community and other minority groups, I don’t know what does. Many of us live in this place where we feel like we are lost, unwanted, feared, loathed, treated as people who are disgusting, wrong, and undeserving of a happy and productive life. A lot of us in the LGBT community feel like outsiders, like exiles in our own world. But Garak keeps moving on. Not only that, but at the end of things, he gets to go home again.

His home is destroyed by war, but he does get to go home. He gets to find his place again. There is still some bit of hope there even though so much bad has happened. To me… that kind of gives me hope that maybe I will find my place one day too.

I just love Garak so much, and there are so many reasons why, but these reasons are deep and personal. I think there are a lot of other people who understand this too. Garak does seem to be a favorite among queer folks in this fandom and the reasons are obvious.

I’m so thankful that Andy made the choices he did, was bold enough and brave enough to say, ‘fuck it I’m going to do this’, has been consistent through the years in insisting that Garak is queer, and that he portrayed this amazing, complex, character who faces so many obstacles but he keeps on going and living even if it’s only out of spite, or instinct, or whatever.

After the election, there were tons of helplines and suicide prevention numbers all over my facebook feed because people in the LGBTQIA community were so terrified. We still are. Our country has elected a man whose platform would see our marriages ended, our rights taken away, our people forced into torturous conversion therapy, and hormone therapy ended for those who are transgender or nonbinary. My best friend was very upset over the election and at one point I told her–we must keep fighting. Garak and Damar wouldn’t give up. I was thinking about them huddled down in the basement while outside Cardassia is being destroyed by their enemies, about them facing the Jem’Hadar, Garak charging forward screaming FOR CARDASSIA. Later she told me that it was ‘silly’ but that telling her that they would not give up had helped her find a source from which to draw strength.

Sometimes shows are just shows, stories are just stories, and characters are just characters.

But sometimes they are so much more than that.

I hope that Andy really knows how much he is appreciated, and how much of an impact he has had on some of us. A lot of us have few people who stand by our side. It is good to know that on a fictional space station there is this guy with scales and a well-tailored tunic who would sit down with us at lunch and tell us that we are okay.

Seiyuu Sensibility - Part 3

It’s been a minute since I’ve done another one of these, but with so many amazing seiyuus to choose from, I want to make sure that I do these right.. So, without further ado - some of my favourite seiyuus (and probably some of yours too)!

1 - Kousuke Toriumi

The first time: If you know me, then you should know exactly where I first heard him - as the voice of Asuza Asahina from Brothers Conflict.

What I like: He has a soothing type of voice that kind of makes you feel almost safe, which usually tranlates to those kind, dependable characters like Asuza (Brothers Conflict), Kosuke Wakamatsu (Kuroko no Basuke). He also uses that voice to either go up a level from there, e.g. Cecil Aijima (Uta no Prince-sama) with his head-in-the-clouds kind of attitude, or down a level, e.g. the more serious, straight shooter Haruhiko Usami (Junjou Romantica). Of course, every “nice guy” can also have a darker side, and we get a good glimpse of that as he plays one of the sadistic vampire brothers, Shuu Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers). As is always the case, the reason we love these voice actors is because they have voices that we recognise as soon as we hear them, which just makes a show that much better for having them in it. Having Toriumi there is no different.

2 - Kouji Yusa

The first time: This would be in his role as the decadent, off-beat, never-in-the-loop, chinese opium den owner Lau (Kuroshitsuji). Completely lax and completely relaxed, unless he’s hatching a scheme somewhere..

What I like: His voice is one of those that you recognise but it might take you a second to recognise who it is. That’s because he’s got range that allows him to play someone as disaffected as Lau but at the same time play someone as stern and intense as Ryuuya Hyuuga (Uta no Prince-sama). That said, a number of his characters have a little bit of mischief up their sleeves, e.g. Tsukitachi (Karneval) and Farlan Church (Shingeki no Kyojin) which makes me think that perhaps he’s got a bit of that going in real life too.. Lol.. He’s got what can best be described as a pleasant voice to listen too and I have no objections to that kind of soothing sound.

3 - Yoshimasa Hosoya

The first time: This would have to be a toss up between Reiner Braun (Shingeki no Kyojin) versus Yuusuke Asahina (Brothers Conflict). Technically, the first time I heard him would have been as Reiner since this was one of the first animes I watched (yes - I am a bit of a noob to anime by comparison to some of the veterans out there) however, the first time I took notice of that voice was when he played the fiery 11th brother of the Asahina household.

What I like: Hosoya has a voice that you could hear a kilometer away and you would immediately know that it’s him. He joins the ranks of Suwabe Junichi, Hirakawa Daisuke and Ono Daisuke (among others) in having one of the most recognisable voices around. Of course, like the others, this doesn’t mean that he’s limited as a voice actor, however I do see that he usually gets those roles as the brash young man with the voice to match. No one shouts, growls, rumbles and makes a fuss quite like the characters he plays, whether it be Junpei Hyuuga (Kuroko no Basuke) shouting at his team mates and telling Izuku to “die” whenever he makes a pun, or Yuusuke-kun who is always fighting with his younger brother Fuuto. He can also bring out a bit of off-beat mischief-making characters like Loki Laevatein (Kamagami no Asobi), all of which makes for some really entertaining viewing.. Distinct, rough and sometimes positively adorable for it..

4 - Takahiro Sakurai

The first time: To be honest, I guess the first time would be as Hikaru Genji (Genji Monogatari) - the soothing voice of the most beautiful prince who was also the biggest playboy around.. 

What I like: Sakurai is like a vocal chameleon. That is the only way I can describe it. A lot of voice actors are distinct, and don’t get me wrong - he is as well, however he is the only one that I have been completely fooled by on more than one occasion. The best example of that being when he played the role of Misaki Takahiro (Junjou Romantica)! Had I not bothered to look into the show/Sakurai, I don’t think I ever would have figured out that the person voicing that young fresh-out-of-high-school boy would be the same person voicing someone as stoic, almost depressed-sounding Luka Crosszeria (Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru)! In addition to young, fiesty and stoic, Sakurai can also do sadistic and calculating - voicing those characters that you love to hate - the sames ones you hate to love.. Playing the demon Claude Faustus (Kuroshitsuji II) made you want Sebastian to take him out back and teach him a lesson and his work as Shogo Makashima (Psycho-Pass) was near sheer brilliance. That cool, calm, calculated tone that just lets you instinctively know that the person you’re dealing with is dangerous. A true master of his craft and someone whose roles are as diverse as the voices he can play. Now that I know him better, I can pretty easily pick him out when I hear him, but I’ll always be impressed with how easily he can fool me..

5 - Nobuhiko Okamoto

The first time: More boys-love here and this time it would be in his role as the cute, baby-faced 30-year old Kisa Shouta from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

What I like: There is no getting around it - Okamoto has a voice that could probably put some women to shame. Nothing came as a bigger surprise than hearing him voice Hikaru Asahina (Brothers Conflict) - the cross-dressing novelist brother that loves to stir up trouble.. Okamoto has a gift for playing these slightly effeminate characters that just make you want to love them even more. Case in point has to be Mikoto Mikoshiba a.k.a. Mikorin (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun) - you can’t tell me that you don’t adore him.. It’s impossible! When he gets discovered at the figurine store, or if he’s feeling left out at the fake mixer, or trying to figure out the best position for art poses, Okamoto brings our lovable Mikorin to life like no one else can. That doesn’t mean that he gets typecast all the time in those roles (although I don’t think anyone does it better - except for maybe some competition in the form of Yuichi Nakamura - something that still shocks me) but he can also be the ultimate dude, something we get to see in Beezlebub when he takes on the role of Miki Hisaya. A great voice that spot-on suits the roles he plays..

That wraps up this edition of my favourite seiyuus and the roles they play.. If anyone feels like adding to the list or letting me know of other roles these guys have been in that have impressed you, feel free to let me know.. I’m always interested to see where else they pop up and what else they’ve done… There will definitely be a part 4 so keep your eyes peeled and watch this space!

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Strikhedonia - The pleasure of being able to say “to hell with it.”

Clara & Garrus

The presidium lakes glittered under the artificial sunlight of the Citadel, a gentle breeze rustled the trees muffling the voices below. Garrus leant against the railing idly watching the streets below, ordinary people, leading their ordinary lives, it was beautiful. Once upon a time he was part of this hive, his life flowing in unity with the beat of the station. His gaze panned the scenery, just over there he would meet Lana when they both found enough time for each other, just past the catwalks was the little café that served the best damn dextro pancakes in the galaxy, and the C-Sec building loomed just to the left. It felt a life time ago, he wondered how Lana was doing, he never said goodbye, it all happened so fast, the asari no doubt moved on by now. Shepard’s appearance came like a flood, it swept him under and carried him off to a new life, a brand new galaxy which he never noticed before, but it was always there, he was just too busy to see it.

Garrus almost missed it, the normality of it all, the steady rhythm, the predictability. A nostalgic melancholy washed over him, for a life he may have had.

“Hey, you ready?” Shepard appeared at his side, he was too lost in his thought to notice her approach, a fatal mistake under normal circumstances.

“Do you even think of what could have been?” he asked quietly.

“If things worked out different?” she lent on the barrier next to him.

“Yeah, if there were no Saren, no Collectors, no Reapers?” he looked down at her and his heart did a flip, he was so used to the sensation these days it didn’t even phase him. He would not trade Shepard for any comfort or normality this universe could offer him. Every moment in his life led him to her, all the suffering and pain, it was all worth it, just to have her standing by his side like this. This tiny fierce woman lit up his life like a supernova, his past paled in her afterglow.

Shepard smiled, reaching out for his hand that gripping the railing, she rested her hand on his gently entwining their fingers “Well, I suppose I would be a fully-fledged Spectre by now. Probably gallivanting around the galaxy with Nihlus, pissing off the likes of Samara”

“Even the idyllic version of you manages to find and prod the Thresher Maw in the eye” he laughed, gently pulling her into his arms. She stood with her back against his chest, whilst he encircled her with his arms, she melded perfectly into him and he let out a content sigh. She was more than the woman he loved, she was his best friend, she was his other half in battle, when they were together he felt indestructible.

“What about you, what would you be doing now?” Shepard twisted her neck to look at him.

“Hum” he mused, resting his chin on her head, looking out over the lakes “I suppose I would still be in C-Sec being a ‘good’ turian. Hopefully promoted, more likely fired” he laughed.

They stood in comfortable silence, pondering the life that never was.

“Of course it would also mean that I would have never met you, and that doesn’t bare thinking about” Shepard spoke after a few moments, nestling deeper into his arms “God, imagine the disaster that would have been me and Nihlus”

Garrus shifted and gently nuzzled the top of her head “You would either have killed each other or got one another killed”

“You’re probably right, how could I possibly survive without my Archangel!” her laugh dripped with sarcasm.

Garrus smiled into her hair, she was a little shit, but she was his. Her warmth against him still made his heart race, the stray fiery strands of hair that tickled his face smelt of summer, moments like these were rare, and he wanted to melt into this one, wanted it to last forever. But the war was a constant background noise to them, almost but never truly tuned out. He hugged her tighter unwilling to let her go. If he was honest with himself, he wanted to be a very bad turian, he wanted to take her away from here, wanted her safe in his arms, it was selfish, it was stupid but he couldn’t help himself.

“I love you” she whispered quietly.

His heart picked up pace, he closed his eyes and inhaled. He learnt the hard way that there is no certainty, there may not be a tomorrow, hell the Reapers may hit the Citadel any second now. His thoughts raced, but something inside stubbornly stood its ground, a new kind of bravery he never knew he had, it urged him to take the leap, to find release.

“Will you come to Palaven with me…” his subharmonics faltered, cracking under pressure of his own words.

Shepard slowly turned her head towards him and blinked “Garrus, the Reapers, it’s a warzone?”

A feverish laugh bubbled up out of him, a mixture of pleasure and relief flowed through him “No, Shepard I don’t think you…”

“No, of course” she interrupted “Of course I will come, once all of this is over. I have heard about the Auroras, I’ve never seen one, but you have to come with me, to Earth”

Garrus closed his eyes and shook his head laughing “You’re an idiot”

Shepard twisted in his arms to look at him properly “What? What did I do?!”

He leant down and gently pressed his forehead to hers “I just asked you to marry me, and you bring up the Reapers”

Shepard went slack in his arms, her eyes became huge, and she opened and closed her mouth soundlessly.

Garrus smiled and pressed a light kiss on her lips “I’ll ask another day then, I love you”

Merry Meta Christmas!

Some grossly romantic Hollywood movie star KageHina fluff~ ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ (not part of santababy… just something I wanted to write)


A Beverly Hills Christmas (almost). It’s December twenty-fourth, Christmas Eve, and the mansion is still busy with activity. There are no plans for a Christmas party this year, but many of the staff have stayed on tonight on a volunteer basis—though Kageyama is sure the amount of alcohol he has provided has something to do with that. It’s nearly a party anyway, and the hustle and bustle is sort of festive—plus, he needs all the help he can get.

Hinata has been shooting on location for three weeks in the south of France. He gets home that night (in five minutes, apparently, because he never calls ahead), and Kageyama has organized—with copious amounts of help from their friends and managers—turning the mansion into a surprise winter wonderland just in time for Hinata’s return. Hinata loves Christmas, and Kageyama loves Hinata, and so dumping him right into the spirit of the holiday season seems like a good way to say, “Welcome home (I missed you)”.

“Update—all the stairway lights are done, and they just hung the star on the tree in the foyer,” Suga says, falling into step beside him as he hurries down the stairs. “And you look very nice.”

Kageyama smooths his black vest over the dark red (Suga and Hinata would both call the shade wine) button down he’s wearing, and nods.

“Thank you for helping with this,” he says. Suga waves him off. He’s busy snapping pictures of the decked out house with his phone, which Kageyama is sure will go up on all their official social media pages in mere moments.

“I don’t fly out for another three days,” Suga says. He’s going back to Japan to see his parents, but wanted to skip the holiday airport traffic. “Yachi is hosting a little get together tonight, but that doesn’t start until later.”

They step into the foyer and Kageyama takes a moment to stop and admire the Christmas tree that’s been set up right in the middle. The mansion is three stories, and it has uninterrupted space in the entryway, right up to the lofty ceiling. The tree nearly touches it, soaring high into the air—they’re in the process of taking down the ladder necessary to reach the top.

“Excellent,” he breathes, staring at the intricate white lights and ornaments, and at the top, a gleaming gold Hollywood star that makes him smile. “It looks bloody brilliant, Suga.”

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Yakov Theory

Yakov and Lila are going to trouble in ep 9 and Yakov is trouble for the future.

First things first Yakov is a great coach. He has trained Victor, Yurio and Georgi which is quite the feat. He must of been a top figure skater himself in the past.

And perhaps in ep9 when Yuri performs he will have a flashback and it will remind him of himself and Lila’s past love. Maybe making him regret how badly he treated Yuri.(more on that later in the post)

Now Yakov has known Victor the longest out of any of our characters so its fair to say he knows Victor & his past better than the rest of us. So we may get more of Victors past out of him next ep in conversations with Yuri.

Yakov is concerned about Victors future, not only for Victor but more for himself.

 Victor is his star pupil and by threatening him by saying he ‘wont be able to come back’ to skating is a no threat to Victor. He is confident enough, that he can take time off and come back.

Still Yakov continues to play with this prospect, in a vain attempt to get Victor back.

So Yakov will do anything in his power to get him back, considering Yurio & Georgi are not flawless winners like Victor.

Victor also has star power, which is good for his image as well. He probably gets lots of advertising money for a star like that.

 Also to Yakov Victor is still a selfish man playing coach.

Perhaps Yakov is right maybe in the past Victor may have done it for the attention but our Victor has change he has clearly fallen head over heels for Yuri.

aww I love them <3

Now Yakov continues to give Victor the cold shoulder of disapproval #megashade

Now for a second here apart from his own gains of getting Victor back perhaps he pities Yuri or will at least pretend to in ep 9.

He either feels sick that Victor is using Yuri for his own gain or he feels sick that his own star pupil has ran off and disgraced him just to play pretend coach.

Not only does Victor’s coaching undermine his own reputation as a coach and by extension any one he trains.

Now back to ep 8

Victor clearly trusts Yakov enough to leave Yuri in his care.


Yakov wants Yurio to win it is his last chance of having a winner at the GPF (Georgi is out) and no way in hell is he going to let Yuri best him.

So what’s he going to do it?

In all likely-hood he along with scary Lila will tell Yuri about Victors past.

How much of a selfish boy he is etc. and here’s the clincher Yakov or Lila will say that Victor did it to impress the audience and strengthen his own career rather than helping our Yuri.

Anxiety is something that doesn’t go away easily, it will crawl back and Yuri will doubt himself, Victor and their relationship.

Enter our saviour Yurio

Now Yurio I expect will come and support him and tell him how much Victor has changed due to Yuri. Inspiring Yuri to do his act and get to the GPF.

Victor and Yuri will meet up but the moods going to be darker but that is for another theory :)

thank you for the request~

Rap Monster: he wouldn’t even try to hide the fact that he likes what he sees, he’d slowly walk towards you and wrap his arms around your waist and say “Jagi have I ever told you how crazy sexy you can be” followed by him placing a kiss on your jawline making you giggle. Followed by some side tracked making out causing him to be late to wherever he was headed in the first place. 

 V: His eyes would be wide open not believing what he sees, blinking twice then quickly start to rub his eyes and look away once he realized how hard he was starring then his sweet rectangle smile would turn to a sly devilish smile and say “Next time you should tell me when your going to do this so i can join you” then pulls you into a slow kiss 

 Suga: he’d definitely look at you from head to toe slightly biting his lip but would whine and say “why now, you know we have to be somewhere shortly why are you teasing me” but then would still try to at least squeeze in a make out session before pulling away leaving you wanting more and say “you’re not the only one that can do the teasing around here” as he leaves.

Jimin: his eyes would be glued on you and after a few seconds he’d turn around and apologize. His cheeks would probably be burning up and super red from embarrassment. When you tell him it’s okay he’d keep repeating how he should’ve knocked and how disrespectful he is for staring at you in such a vulnerable position. Once again you’d reassure him that he’d see you naked someday and that it wasn’t a big deal he’d break out into a nervous laugh and sneak a peek over his shoulder.

J-Hope: When he sees you he’d probably freeze right on the spot. Scanning the length of your legs then looking at you and say something like “i still can’t wrap my head around the fact i have such a beautiful girl to call my own” and he’d bite his first before congratulating himself. Hoseok is also the type to do some type of celebratory dance making you laugh and reminding you why you love him so much.

Jin: He’s the type to either be in complete shock or just act like it’s a normal thing to see you walking around half naked. Seeing you in just a tshirt and undies when he has to leave he’d probably be complaining on his way out how it’s not fair. He’d probably be dragging himself on the walls saying “why do you do this to me, i have to go but i don’t want to now. You did this on purpose jayigaaa~” and even point on the fact you’re wearing his favorite pair of undies. 

Jungkook: This guy would either turn to a bright tomato or take you by surprise and lift you off the ground and attack you with kisses. You’d probably have to remind him that he was on his way out and he can’t be late to practice or he’ll get in trouble. He’d quickly pull away and as he rushes out the door give you one last glance and repeatedly blow kisses at you. Keep in mind he’ll probably resume the fun as soon as he got back.

- Ellie&Kiity

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Your mermaid AU gives me feeeeeeeeeeels!!! ♥

Yay! I want you to have the feeeeeeels!!!! So here! Have another update! <3

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7/ Part 8/ Part 9/ Part 10/ Part 11 /Part 12/Part 13/Part 14/ Part 15/ Part 16/ Part 17 / Part 18/ Part 19/ Part 20/ Part 21/ Part 22/ Part 23/ Part 24/ Part 25/ Part 26/ Part 27/ Part 28/ Part 29  

Mermaid AU Part 12

Bucky flipped over in the safe. His new position didn’t feel any more comfortable than the last or help him silence his thoughts.

He had lost some of his memories, and not just memories of when he was a baby or a kid, but recent memories–months of memories. Were the memories he’d had in the last two months real or were they fake ones created by Loki? It was so hard to tell. Fake mundane memories were worrisome but something he could overcome, but what about memories of spending the afternoons with Steve, Sam, and Natasha? Were those fake? Those were the memories that turned his insides cold with fear at the mere thought of them being fake.

Bucky stomach roiled and he wanted nothing more than to go to Steve for encouragement, but to do so would mean he’d have to see Tony too.

Bitterness rose up in Bucky at the thought.

Why was Steve being so nice to that punk anyway? Sure, Tony was pretty with his colorful tail and shimmering fins that probably dazzled in the sunlight. Heck, he even had a cute face, but Bucky was Steve’s best friend. Steve should have been on his side and comforting him, not Tony.

Bucky rolled over again and scrunched his nose.

Okay, he could admit, maybe Tony needed some help and comfort too, but not to the point where Steve turned on Bucky and abandoned him. Hadn’t Steve cared that Bucky was missing huge chunks of memory? Wasn’t he worried about how terrifying that was for Bucky? Just because Bucky hadn’t been the one looking like he’d had his heart crushed, didn’t mean Bucky was unaffected by this magic stuff.

Bucky blew out a stream of bubbles and finally gave up on sleep. He was too frustrated to rest anyway. He floated out of the safe and drifted through the ship, mindlessly searching for Steve, but not putting any real effort into it.

It was Tony’s tail poking out from the floorboards that caught his eye as he was wandering that led him to Steve.

Bucky recognized the room–it had been the most interesting room because unlike all the other ones there was a hidden space tucked into the floors. When Steve and Bucky had first found it a chest as well as several items had been tucked inside. Steve and Bucky had theorized that the lander who owned the room must have been trying to hide all of their goods from the others and either made the secret compartment themselves or had had someone else do it. Either way, the space was large enough that Steve and Bucky had often used it as a resting spot when they were younger.

Seeing Steve and Tony tucked into that same space now, back to back, clenched on Bucky’s heart and dragged it down to the depths of his gut where it was eroded away by an acidic feeling.

He hated that feeling.

Bucky didn’t know how long he lingered, but it was enough for him to catch Tony’s tail flicker, his brow burrow, and his body squirm. Tony emitted a high pitch sound that cut through the horrible feeling in Bucky’s gut.

Bucky’s protective instincts flared and he was trapped in place as his desire to help warred against a pettiness that had taken a hold of him.

Tony’s eyes fluttered and opened. Groggy brown eyes stared up at Bucky. Lips curled upward and relief and happiness entered Tony’s voice as he whispered, “Bucky.”

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regalius  asked:

Cue Gilgamesh magically returning her ahoge to its rightful place atop his little sister's head. She was adorable either way, but how dare a masked figure force her to do such a thing.

Gilgamesh has Lily’s thanks as she’s returned to her normal state. Who knows how long she would have been stuck like that otherwise?

He also got a very big hug from the Saber. She’d probably be clinging tightly to him until he pulled her from his waist. No one would be able to make her do anything when she was safe in his presence, right? ❀ 

About Ueno (Koe no Katachi)

Well, I did not like her from very start but she also gave me this uneasy feeling that I was supposed to gradually forgive her. And I didnt want to (and still dont). At some point I also started to wonder if she was supposed to be Ishida’s antipode - because she goes the same path Ishida does (trying to redeem themselves in the eyes of the person they bullied) but unlike him she does not really regret things she done. She just wants to be forgiven and liked.

She’s quite difficuld character to rant about but something about her is very clear to me - the thing that completely stops me from giving her current self a chance is that she tries to win Ishida’s favor by manipulating him. She is pressuring him in weakest spot he got - that he was a bully too. Ueno uses it against him several times to comfuse his feelings so he would give her a chance (like when she says ‘Nishimiya-san must have felt the same way!’ when he told her he doesnt want to see her anymore).

She misses a difference by a mile - Ishida was given a chance because he understood, properly, just what kind of pain he caused Shoko, and went to apologize not to win her favor or gain anything, but to convey his regret and maybe try to heal the mental wound he caused her. Ueno? Most likely doesnt even realise that 'that time he was bullied’ fucked him up enough to push him toward suicide and the amount of self hate he got may be even greater than Shoko’s. About only time Ueno was actually sincere in good way was when she made Ishida go to the bridge to try to make up with everyone after they find out he was a bully. But even then she only regreted that things got bad with Ishida again, because she likes him, but she still keeps believing that her behavior in the past was somewhat justified

Now we jump to the present where Nishimiya’s suicide attempt caused Ishida to fall from god knows what hight. We dont know how badly he got hurt. Badly injured shoulder and hip? Probably means he fell on his side. His head and spine not mentioned, so they must be fairly fine, and he was rescued right after the fall, so the lack of oxyden to the brain probably also was avoided. At this point scariest outcome will be him loosing some of the mobility of his arm or leg and I am still on stand by with theory that he might go deaf. 

What Ueno does, is yells at Nishimiya. And it’s completely for her own satisfaction - Nishimiya is deaf. She doesnt hear. She doesnt look at Ueno’s mouth either, her face is completely covered with her hair. And Ueno doesnt even try to be heard, she just goes with her own rage and pain and fear - and it’s really ironic that just few pages ago Ishida’s own mom just learned that her son is uncosious in hospital with severe damages because of Nishimiya, and yet she doesnt show even ounce of anger. But Ueno is manic with it, she’s borderline crazy pulling Nishimiya by the hair like some rag doll, hitting her and punching her - last time we heard from her was her text message to Ishida 'what should I do to show you that I changed?’ and honestly, it wasnt that.* She tries to punch into Nishimiya all her pain and fear she’s feeling, but Nishimiya already got plenty of her own - she was there. She saw Ishida fall. No matter what Ueno can yell at her and no matter how hard she can hit, there’s nothing that can make Nishimiya feel worse than that moment Ishida fell in her stead.  I honeslty dont know how she gonna heal from that, because I already can picture Ishida’s weak smile from hospital bed, going, 'thank god you’re okay’. And. Ugh. Anyway, I really wonder what Nishimiya’s mom gonna tell Ueno now. But mostly I just want to see Ishida, please.

*nicole-blanchard pointed out that message was indeed from Sahara and not Ueno! I got confused because panel before that all the messages were from Ueno. Ooops.

Marauders music listening headcanon
  • James: always seems to get the lyrics wrong, but gets super excited to sing along anyways, to the dismay of the other marauders. When he's particularly passionate, he screams out half right lyrics while fist pumping the air (Sirius keeps yelling at him to learn the lyrics which probably leads to him purposefully saying the words he does know wrong).(He does try to sing properly with Lily but he still messes up a lot and actually gets embarrassed then, only for her to keep encouraging him to continue)
  • Sirius: also gets super into music easily, even if he's in a chair he'll be shimmying and doing half body rolls in his chair. When it's a song he really likes he jumps right out of his chair and points at Lily, and depending on if they're in class or not he'll either get an enthusiastic response or an awkward "NOT NOW" head shake. He's not particularly coordinated (despite his classical training), but it's fun to watch him flail and shimmy and spin and do the occasional booty wiggle.
  • Remus: tries not to be super into music, but can't help singing along anyways. It's usually under his breath, but if you are able to hear it it's super nice. When he's super into a song he more easily lets Sirius coax him into dancing an awkward dad half shuffle, or when he's on his own he'll actually sing audibly (little does he know everyone can hear him singing in the shower all the time).
  • Peter: usually listens to music completely quietly, bouncing a little bit. He is, though, the best out of all of them at impersonations/lip syncing. If you can convince him to get really into a song, he'll act like he's under the spotlight on stage, hands waving and fingers snapping and fake mic and everything. He'll even do the finger pistol and wink at one of the marauders (usually James) who will fake a dramatic swoon and fall back onto his bed.
  • Lily: always sings harmonies to the songs. It started out as a test to see if he could do it, but grew into a habit where she's usually too bored of the regular song and absolutely has to do harmonies (occasionally she can convince Remus to sing with her when they're alone, bc "no one wants to hear just the harmonies! :(" ). When she gets really into it, she joins Sirius in dancing, turning into one big messy dance number. Her dancing style involves a few shimmies, but mostly bouncing around and the occasional fancy footwork to Sirius's cheers