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Patti LuPone Cast in a New Role for 'Penny Dreadful' Season 3
Patti LuPone is back for more "Penny Dreadful." The Broadway legend, who guest starred as Joan Clayton (aka the Cut-Wife) in the sophomore season of Showtimes's Victorian England-set horror series,...
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Word of advice from an older directioner: if you're turning 21, then you were probably too young to remember NSYNC at their prime and the fact that Joey had a child during it. While it was long before the social media revolution and it was Joey as opposed to JC or Justin, the fact remains that *NO ONE* knew about Brianna (funny coincidence) until she was maybe 3. My point being: if we know about Louis's "baby," we're supposed to. Happy (almost) 21st Birthday, Larry is real and be safe.


It’s not enough to be connected by the lips (and even that’s a pretty intense connection cus we can all see that tongue). Blaine has to roll forwards and gently move their foreheads and noses closer together, too; Kurt has to shift his hand on Blaine’s shoulder just to encircle him that little bit more; they have to breathe each other in and sync their entire bodies with the kiss because their connection is so much more than lips touching lips.  

IN SOME COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD ITS STILL VALENTINES DAY, so technically Im not too late to join the party xD hi missromancedy

Ayasha is a huge nerd when it comes to learning about cultures and their different spiritual ways of life, since she wants to gain as much wisdom as she can from all parts of the world. Since she never comes to wear any clothes in the wild except for spiritual ceremonies of her Tribe, I like to imagine that Ayasha has a soft spot for wearing elegant, cultural clothes. Dresses like the south asian sari here for example are something extremely special for her and she wears them with all her love and pride.

And YES Im still alive :D HI PEOPLE
Dress inspired by THIS AMAZING SARI

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I’ve seen a few of these floating around recently, but hadn’t seen one for The Raven Cycle yet! I also didn’t want the rules to be as strict as others, so I thought I’d do something a little different!

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I think now’s a good time to remind the ‘Steven Universe’ fandom that canon doesn’t have to have anything to do with shipping. Shipping is for having fun outside of the canon story for most people. People can ship non-canon couples and still be 100% behind the relationships presented in canon. Shipping something doesn’t mean you’re trying to “erase” representation or make any kind of statement about what you believe the canon should be. It’s just for fun.

So let’s not be childish about it, ok?

i just saw inside out and oh my god

i cried so much it was such a good movie but what really got me was that whole metaphor for depression

if you’ve ever been friends with someone who has depression and you’ve gone through those stages of constantly trying to cheer up, distract, and get your friend to just stop being sad and that frustration that comes with that, they show that perfectly in this movie and more importantly they show that none of those methods are effective or helpful in anyway

it shows that the only way you can help is to just accept that person for who they are, and let them know that you still need them and you still love them

that is just such an important lesson to get out there, i’m so proud that this movie did so well and is actually popular

i love the kanaya piercing headcanon that she has her glittering bling a-dangling from her ears, all moonlight and emerald, but here’s another:

when kanaya meets porrim, porrim is the closest thing she has to a role model. her lusus was lost to sgrub and its curse, and now she is the mother of the meteor, trying to hold together by constantly worrying about everyone else. she is soft, she is gentle, and she can still remember the feeling of tearing eridan in half. then, in the dream bubbles, all apologetic smiles with lips curled down over her fangs, all glowing skin and suppressed thirst she meets porrim. porrim with her tattoos, her piercings, her bare skin and her predatory fangs, a huntress and and absolutely unashamed. kanaya sees her and shys away, seeing nothing of herself in that strength, but over time, she gets to know porrim, and she learns that they are alike in many, many ways.

it starts slowly, with a single hoop in each ear, and then another, and another, and then a stud through her lip, and then her tongue, and still more hoops in her ears until every movement is accompanied by a sound like wind chimes, and finally a tattoo, one of her and porrim’s shared aspect, and feels a certain sisterhood that she could have found nowhere else.

she curls her lips back from her teeth and smiles.

(dear lord, i’m sorry my scanner is so shitty and this is so rushed.)