and along the way you two are going to bone

basketball player!jungkook

author’s note: this is part of a sports series with my girl @wangpuppo (: and a request from one of my cute anonies that i miss. also, the bit with meeting a cute boy in philosophy happened irl and inspired this so heh enjoy!

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  • meet jeon jungkook, power forward of seoul university and computer science major extraordinaire
  • you would think from the size of his thighs and his arms that he was a hockey player but he assures anyone that it’s really just a hobby for him and that basketball actually has his heart
  • his mom is actually the reason how he got acquainted with the sport bc a little before he was born, she was actually a college player with a semi-pro spot ready for her until she met his dad who was actually the waterboy
  • they shyly flirted with one another until some of her teammates locked them in a supply room closet together bc it was so unbearable for everyone else to deal with their feelings (lol) so by the time they were out of the closet they were together and happily so
  • however, come around their final year in college when things go kinda wrong and she ends up pregnant with baby jeon and of course they’re ecstatic but holy shit they haven’t even graduated yet and they’re gonna have a baby and well…. she didn’t go onto the semi-pro team and jeon’s dad did his best to work hard for them while she finished getting her degree WHILE nursing jungkook for 9 months
  • to say the least mama and papa jeon managed to get through the whole ordeal with degrees
  • by the time they graduated, baby jungkook was born and he became the light of their lives and despite their initial struggles they did their best to provide the family and make it as comfortable as they could for him because dammit they brought him into this world, they wanted to make him live well too
  • the comfort of their lives came the moment papa jeon scored a position as a nutritionist and mama jeon became a physical therapist so that’s how jungkook got acquainted with the world of fitness and finding interest in the way his parents could take care of people
  • however, the moment he fell in love with basketball was when he saw his mom’s basketball tapes. all the glorious videos of her scoring that winning shot and zooming around the court with such swiftness and agility he damn near got whiplash from trying to keep up
  • and from that moment on, he wanted to play too
  • of course, his parents were very ecstatic about that and enrolled him in a community team and he excelled so damn quickly
  • for the next nineteen years of his life, he played basketball and loved every damn second of it and along the way he found an interest in computers too. (let’s just say he read a few books that his high school computer teacher gave him and he was determined to take apart a computer and put it back together - he succeeded) and so that is why he has a full ride to SU with a basketball scholarship as a compsci major
  •  anywho, seeing jungkook on the court is honestly a sight because you would expect him to be stomping around, too slow for the muscle all over his body, but jfc no he is so goddamn quick and agile. he could be on one side of the court and somehow end up right in front of the opposing member to block for his teammate to make that shot
  • he’s a great team player really, not much for the glory and usually to himself, but on a handful of occasions he’ll surprise even his members with a half-court shot
  • he doesn’t care much for the glory of the winning shot, just the feeling that basketball gives him when he’s on the court, gaining callouses from the ball, and running around until he can’t seem to feel his calves and god the happiness on his parents’ face always gets to him
  • so yeah, that’s jungkook as a basketball player - a really sweet and hardworking boy who loves to make his parents happy and to make his teammates happy too
  • remember how i mentioned how he’s a compsci major?
  • well, you’re actually a compsci minor because you find computers really fascinating and cool and unfortunately quite a few others do too so it leaves you two at a disadvantage as first years compared to the upperclassmen so you’re both resorted to taking these random General Education (GE) classes i.e intro to philosophy
  • it’s hard not to notice jungkook that’s for sure, especially when he’s lugging around his sports bag and when he’s cute as all hell in your honest opinion
  • you once told this to your friends and they never let you down about it either. honestly they’d tell you when he’d walk in or try and get you to sit by him but the closest you’ve ever gotten was probably sitting one person away and that was on the final exam day
  • on a few occasions you two would actually inadvertently glance at one another during your discussion (dear god none of your friends let you live, best believe that) but you were always too shy to approach him and he was actually quite shy himself because let’s face it baby boy is a shy nugget who only knows basketball and comp sci and some philosophy (barely tho lol but it’s okay cuz you knew the bare minimum too)
  • anyway, that quarter you didn’t get to know him as you wished and both of you ended up regretting that because damn y’all thought each other was cute. for him it was especially seeing you laugh with your friends and for you it was that little perplexed expression on his face when the professor would mention soundness and the theories about the concepts and dshgjds yeah you really wished you had taken that chance to tell him he was cute on the last day like you initially planned but was too chicken to do
  • but guess what?
  • the next quarter you see him in your intro to computers class and somehow you two end up seated by one another and although there’s no seating chart, it just becomes a thing that this is that person’s seat the moment they sit there more than twice and so you both are seated not too far from one another
  • your hair is a slight mess and your eyes are puffy while you sip your coffee and he looks fairly content albeit sleepy with his hood drawn up and you both don’t even realize it’s each other until hour two of the lab goes by
  • you’re both starting to wake up and looking around at each other cuz people are shuffling around and some are moving closer toward one another and then it strikes you that the kid with slightly ruffled hair is very familiar and then it hits you and you’re just like “wow ok holy shit cute person from that philosophy class!!!!”
  • but this isn’t enough to get you two to start talking to each other
  • that self-established seating chart has already set in notion and so there’s no honest chance in getting to know him from that and so you kinda give up because you’re very sure he probably doesn’t remember you and dammit your TA is standing over your shoulder staring at your codes with narrowed eyes (rip you but he was just playin’ cuz he liked what you had)
  • this whole exchange isn’t to say you both never talk because on this chance encounter of finding out why he lugs that damn nike bag around all the time comes full circle
  • so you do work at the infirmary, usually filing papers and the like since it’s sort of the track for your major and on a particular day comes in jungkook!
  • he looks like he’s in a lot of pain clutching his shoulder and the nurse gets him to do the necessary papers and shovels him off to the doctor who tells him that he has a pretty bad fracture and he won’t be able to play for the rest of the season (at least that’s what they think)
  • reason: some asshole from one of the other teams hit him a little too hard after one too many unnecessary roughness calls and on this blow jungkook fell a little too hard and too awkward for it to just be another minor bruise and yeah :(
  • he’s pretty devastated about this and he has to go through a bunch of testing and whatnot and as an assistant you usually run around making copies until you have to hand off some paperwork for him to fill out
  • prior to this, you noticed how most of his appointments took up his time during the labs and the lectures so you nicely set a copy of your notes with his, adding in things you figured he might need to know from the lecture since he was unable to attend and the moment he receives the large stack his eyes grow wide
  • and you’re like “oh so i remember you from my comp sci class and i figured you might these notes… -oh and those are just basic info that the doctor wanted you to sign off on and the like”
  • he blinks at you, still pretty surprised at your kindness (and totally not freaking out that such a cute person is chatting from him aka the same one he’s wanted to talk to for a while) but he flashes you a small smile (and omg you love it so much) and thanks you
  • coincidentally most of your volunteer shifts are during his appointments and whatnot so you talk every now and then, usually about the notes and eventually about your majors
  • the doctors and the nurses think it’s absolutely adorable so sometimes they let you two chat a little longer than usual just for young love to bloom <3
  • this exchange goes on from some time until he finds the guts to ask for your number when you hand him the large stack of notes in this rushed blurting of words i.e. “soumiwaswonderingificould-maybe-getyournumber??”
  • you: “wait what”
  • he looks down, cheeks quite pink, “can i -um- get your number? since y’know we have comp sci together so it’d be easier to like study for exams and talk about it and stuff…. yeah….”
  • you grin and nod, scribbling it onto one of the notes and the two of you can’t deny the butterflies and erratically beating hearts y’all have going on
  • you both see each other during his check-ups but he’s healing quite quickly thanks to having such strong bones so he may not be out for the rest of the season like they thought thankfully and so when he’s fine and his check-ups are less and less
  • so along the way, you two end up talking day by day even sitting by one another in your comp lecture because you’re semi-friends now and it’s just nice to have someone you know in that class since none of your other friends were interested in comp sci like you so nowadays you’ll text one another about the class and how your days are and those little butterflies emerge whenever you wait for his text or receive a response and you’re just like “dsjghsdjgshdgs”
  • little do you know he’s honestly the same exact way and his roommates jimin and taehyung are always like “???? WHO DAT? :D” and jungkook’s like “lol gtfo bye”
  • anyway, one day you text him about the upcoming final bc you’ll be damned if you miss out on your chance to actually ask his kid out and studying together and he agrees but it’d have to be after his practice and you ask him about his shoulder and if he’ll be good to play at championships
  • and he’s like “oh yah!”
  • and you’re like “o: woah, can i come watch? i haven’t gone to a game and i wanna see you play. prolly treat ya out if you win”
  • and ok, at first he’s a lil’ shy but he says “ok sure, just say you’re with me at the door” and you do and jin (the RA)’s at the entrance like “O: WHAT MY FLOOR CHILD HAS A GIRLFRIEND, THAT PUNK KSJHFJS” but before he can say anything else one of jungkook’s buds urges you to sit by the front and you do until you see jungkook and he looks so nervous, glancing around until his eyes settle on you and he just flashes you a grin and wave which you return as well
  • the game is going by swimmingly and you can’t help but watch jungkook especially because even though he’s the power forward he’s also very conscious of his shoulder which you were extremely worried about until you feel like you can finally breathe when your school wins and you stand with the crowd cheering like crazy
  • out of everyone tho he actually approaches you first with a grin and you’re congratulating him and he feels so elated he really just wants to take you up in his arms and kiss you tbh but he has self control and mercy bc he’s sweating like crazy
  • ngl tho he looks crazy attractive in your opinion
  • anywayy, as you two are talking since you did tell him that you’d buy him food on his win, the rest of the team’s like “yooo kook! party at jackson’s!!!! you in??”
  • and although you’re disappointed you tell him you won’t mind if he goes but he turns to you and says with a grin “nah i got plans already” and jsdkghsjgh the team goes “oOOOOoooooOoooo” but y’all ignore them and he goes “i’ll be back ok? gonna get cleaned up and we can get food?”
  • so you’re content to wait by the locker room for him, grinning af bc holy shit the cute boy you really wanted to get to know last quarter is going to dinner with you!!!!!
  • meanwhile jungkook’s so nervous and stuff cuz he plans on confessing and stuff since it just seems right and his teammates clap him on the back like “yo you got this bro!!!!!!! goood luck tho jin definitely sent him some salty messages and warnings to be safe ahahaha
  • and ok so y’all go to dinner at this nice ramen shop and it’s really great! and you two are laughing your asses off about how this one time oneo f his roomates taehyung got stuck in between the washing machines because he was so certain he could fit and how they had to call the fire department to get the boy loose and yeah ahaha
  • and he’s just in awe with how damn beautiful you look when your laughing and he just blurts out “you have a really nice laugh” when you ask him why he’s staring and you’re like “o: oh thank you…. you do too”
  • and he says “i wanna hear you laugh more and be the reason why you do….” he lets out a deep sigh, appearing a lot more nervous than before, “i like you a lot. i think you’re incredibly cute and i love that you love compsci as much as i do and talking to you these past few weeks have made me happy and god i really wanted to kiss you after the game but i didn’t want to scare you and i feel like this is a lot less eloquent than in my head so i’m sorry”
  • and you’re just in awe because damn you really planned on confessing first but you can’t deny the smile spreading on your face and you tell him “kook, i like you too. and i’d really like it if you kissed me, by the way”
  • and he’s all wide eyed but he grins and after y’all eat and you’re strolling around the city with his arm draped over your shoulders, you guys stop at the top where it overlooks the city lights and on a particular moment when you both are still and quiet and glancing at one another you lean in and do it
  • and it leads to a shocked expression on his face but he lets go of your shoulders and puts his hands on either side of your face and kisses you again
  • and ahh it’s just so damn sweet and neither of you can stop grinning because damn it really worked out as you both hoped
  • dating jungkook entails a lot of visits to his practices after you’re done with volunteering where you’ll come by with ice packs and water and snacks and usually you’ll bring enough snacks for the others who absolutely adore you for that
  • you also have a tendency to fuss over him whenever he overexerts himself because he’s a very big overachiever in sports and academics and sometimes you gotta threaten to withdraw your kisses and affections just to get him to settle down honestly
  • his roommates were so happy to hear how things turned out for you two and they go out of their way to tease him whenever you’re around and dear god Jin
  • well when he found out you two got together, he saw y’all holding hands and he literally sat you both in the lounge, brought out some snacks and just chatted with you
  • to jungkook, this was horrendous but you loved chatting with jin because he’d lay out a bunch of things about kook like how he isn’t the cleanliest and you shouldn’t be surprised to find anything and everything under his bed and how there was one time when jungkook spent an hour googling how to work the washer and dryer were right by the bulletin board in the room and that’s when kook lost it and dragged you away
  • it was then decided that jin approved of you tho
  • bc after the season when everyone is still training after, jungkook’s shoulder was bothering him and he refused to admit that he might’ve overexerted it and you stormed over to the dorm and scolded him for not taking proper care of himself before running around just to grab some ice packs and just a mini kit of dealing with this brat and jin just knew that you’d take care of this kid so he leaves y’all be and even closes the door to the dorm tho you pay no attention as kook starts opening up to you
  • even on days when he feels his worst like he feels like everyone depends on him and he’s not sure if his abilities are good enough since his shoulder’s constantly bothering him and all you think to do is give him words of advice and kissing him to let him know that he isn’t alone
  • because although you count on him, you want to be there to support him and well…. jimin and taehyung aren’t in the room and with the ice pack on his shoulder, you climb atop the bed, sitting on his lap and kissing him with more and more fervor that he reciprocates
  • you convince him to let you take care of him and you do indeed~
  • the one day he actually loses a game (bc hey no ones perfect) and you’re there doing your best to comfort him he just tells you how much he loves you and is grateful for you being there
  • and holy shit this is the first he’s told you this, you tell him you love him too and god he looks significantly happier
  • on days when you’re at your worst, he tries his best to get your mind of it, taking you on walks to your favorite places and carrying you when you’re too tired
  • other days he’ll even forgo practice, finding the frog leaps on the stairs worth it, when he can pick you up after your volunteer shift just to surprise you with snacks and a semi-well made bento box and boba and it’s just so damn sweet ok
  • you and jungkook manage to complement one another in the best way possible and when you’re both overexerting yourselves you’re there for one another to tell each other to chill
  • to say the least, both of y’all have never been more grateful for a philosophy class even if you both suffered incessantly in that damn class
Just My Type

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Request: HI! i recently read your entire master list and it’s amazing!! If you could, would you write an ABO fic with Alpha! Dean where like he finds his true mate but she’s nothing like the girls he normally goes home with.

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!reader

Word Count: 1,500ish

Warnings: smut, language

A/N: I have so much fun playing with these ABO fics…

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Ishida Akira (Yakumo/Kikuhiko) x Hayashibara Megumi (Miyokichi)


Interview and text: Maeda Hisashi

—The two of you have acted together on many different shows, beginning with Slayers where to you played Lina and Xellos, and Neon Genesis Evangelion where you were Ayanami Rei and Nagisa Kaworu. How did you feel when you found out that you would be acting together in this show?

Ishida: When I found out that Hayashibara-san would be my counterpart, I was like “Oh boy, what a frightening partner…” In a variety of ways.

Hayashibara: What’s this? Where? And how come? …like this, you mean? (chuckles)

Ishida: Oh, no no (chuckles). As everyone is well aware, you’re an incredible actor, right? Such a person is probably strict with themselves, and also with those acting beside them. At least, that’s what I figured.

Hayashibara: “That’s what I figured”…could you make sure that’s in large, bold font? (chuckles)

Ishida: Like, should I try to fake it, with my level of ability, you’d see right through me. You’d see through me no matter what I did, so I put myself on guard right from the start.

Hayashibara: Say what?!

Ishida: It’s especially true for this anime, but even for the other shows we’ve worked on together, I’ve always thought that you’re someone who makes the people you are acting with rather tense, no matter what the atmosphere of the studio seems like on the surface.

Hayashibara: Is that so…how interesting!

Ishida: “There’s so much pressure just in the fact that I have to do rakugo…and on top of that, I’ll be working with Yamadera (Kouichi)-san and Hayashibara-san, huh? Good heavens…” That’s pretty much what it felt like (chuckles).

Hayashibara: As for me, I was offered the part only after Yamadera-san, Ishida-san and Seki (Tomokazu)-kun had all been confirmed. So somewhere in the back of my mind, I feel that, if it hadn’t been you and Yamadera-san in those roles, then it probably wouldn’t have been me either. I’m not sure what it is, perhaps the balance of our voices, or our mentalities, or perhaps the wavelength we’re on, or our bonds in our previous lives (chuckles), but we just match, somehow. It was the same when I did Cowboy Bebop. Ishizuka (Unshō)-san and Yamadera-san were chosen first, and then I came in as the voice between them.

—After you started recording, could you tell us about what you sensed and took from each other’s acting?

Ishida: It was like Miyokichi was moving the story along at my pace, in a good way. Or perhaps, I felt that it was good that they met when the story was moving along. And just as I was becoming comfortable with the atmosphere of the studio where we were recording Rakugo Shinjuu, Kikuhiko was becoming comfortable with Miyokichi—this is probably something that men tend to do, but it felt a bit like a part of me was standing somewhat above her, looking down on her. I’m really glad that there was such an overlap, where the way that my character became familiar with his partner reflected my own experience in the studio.

Hayashibara: As for me, rather than being able to ‘take from’ Ishida-san’s acting, it was all I could do to try and grasp who Miyokichi was. I’m sure that Ishida-san and Yamadera-san both struggled with and spent a lot of time thinking about their own characters as well, but from my perspective, they were already Kiku-san and Sukeroku through and through. Just how could I slip into the space between them as Miyokichi? I wasted a lot of time during the recordings for the first half of the series trying to figure that out.

____Was Miyokichi a difficult character to play?

Hayashibara: Just the other day, I saw the latest episode on TV, and even then I found myself reflecting a little, like “Oh dear, was this correct…?” Which is really unusual for me (chuckles). There’s a line where Miyokichi says “I’m stupid, so…” but what I took from it was “This girl is no idiot, is she?” How much of that is just her acting out the part, and how much of it is real idiocy? It was pretty difficult treading the fine line between the two. And Kiku-san probably loves that idiocy in the way that a man loves “a woman who is just a little more broken than he is.” Whatever he says, he sees through the way she acts and what he finds on the other side, he loves even more. Or something like that. In playing Miyokichi, I was caught between the two (acting vs. real idiocy). It was in that episode 9 scene with Sukeroku that she finally settled on one side. That line of “Did something happen? I’ll hear you out…”—at first, I was directed to play it more listlessly, as if I’d lost everything. But Kubota Haruko-sensei, the mangaka, was actually at the studio when we recording that episode, and she said: “That line actually represents the point where she starts taking her revenge.” With that, the direction changed again, and I thought to myself “She really is no idiot.” It was then that I finally felt I’d grasped Miyokichi, just a little. Nevertheless, I honestly believe that there are points where her actions are motivated purely because she’s in love, and it’s precisely because she’s a woman who’s almost impossible to grasp that Kiku-san, too, is captivated by her. That’s right, a woman that Kiku-san would really fall in love with—just what kind of woman is that? In pondering that very question, I definitely used parts of my brain that I’d never used before. …hey Kiku-san, what exactly do you love about Miyokichi? (chuckles)

Ishida: (chuckles) Well, if I pick up the thread from what Hayashibara-san has just said, then Kiku has probably never thought that Miyokichi was an idiot. He knows that she’s someone who has used a range of wiles to survive, to get to where she is now. And because he sees her in this way, what he feels for her for her isn’t the kind of romantic love held by the average, modern high schooler who’s in love with his or her classmate. But when she’s there beside him, he finds himself responding to her allure. He’s a pitiful guy, after all. In that way, he lets himself be influenced by her, but at the same time, he’s cooly looking at himself, saying “This isn’t romantic love.” And he probably thinks of himself, of this person looking on so cooly, as “a real slime-ball,” too. But he is simply unable to throw away that feeling of comfort that he gets by being by her side. He’s a weak guy…or rather, an unfair one. In episode 8, he gets angry when he comes back from the regional tour and sees Sukeroku and Miyokichi in an embrace, doesn’t he? Personally, I don’t think he was that angry, not really (chuckles), but I also kind of understand why he was upset. Even though he didn’t regard himself as being in love, he gets irritated at the thought of parting with her. So, I also have to reflect on my performance, just like Hayashibara-san. That scene where Kiku says “I am (being a man). This is the greatest lie of my life”—when we recorded it, I went into the scene taking those words quite literally. But now that I think about it, it’s not like Kikuhiko was prepared to keep their relationship going—that kind of thought was probably in the back of his head, too. Hence, I’m sure that those words that he said to Sukeroku were, at some level, a lie aimed at deceiving himself as well.

Hayashibara: There are so many emotions on the other side of “I love you” that we no longer know which of them are right and which of them are wrong. In particular, in the middle part of the show, I felt like I was waiting for the directors’ guidance with regards to what was coming out of me naturally at that time. But if we think about it, that’s what real romantic love is like. It’s not like you’re reading out a love letter that expresses everything clearly in a set number of words. The attitude your partner takes at any particular point also changes the words you use, and it’s not as if it will play out the way you have planned. In that sense, even those elements of my performance that I thought may have been incorrect, may have been right as far as results go—I’ve been trying to think about it along those lines without trying to justify myself. Beyond that, all that remains is to leave it up to the viewers to decide how they feel about it.

—How do the two of you perceive Sukeroku?

Ishida: He’s someone who is real to the bone, with no artifice.

Hayashibara: Yup, I’m with you there. And that’s why he gets messed up (chuckles). Miyokichi envied him, just because he and Kiku-san got along too well. Something may have happened in Manchuria as well, but she simply has no interest in a guy who foolishly tries to woo her, so openly, too, despite knowing that she’s his master’s mistress (chuckles). In the end, a man like Kiku-san is more appealing to her—someone who fights to restrain himself, thinking “I can’t touch her because she’s my master’s,” but who gradually loses that fight and lays his hands on her. Hence, if Kiku-san hadn’t gotten involved with her, I don’t think she would have taken any interest in Sukeroku.

—And that did not change even after she took him back to her hometown?

Hayashibara: Because this was her revenge. But since Sukeroku just has so much warmth about him, I think that being with him may have felt comfortable to her. In that sense, she may have felt at times that he was causing her to forget (what she wanted). With Kiku-san, he’s so cold that she feels that she has to warm him up, but Sukeroku is just warm, unconditionally warm. Like the stomach of a golden retriever (chuckles). That kind of warm, comfortable feeling.

Ishida: I think that Kikuhiko has always been frustrated and envious of how Sukeroku found success with his completely different way of living, but if you ask me whether he felt something particular when he saw Sukeroku and Miyokichi’s together, then I suspect that he probably didn’t. In fact, given that he was, at that time, thinking that it wouldn’t be a good idea to keep dragging things out with Miyokichi in that way, it was like a godsend to him. Not that he’d say it, but I suspect that he probably felt something along the lines of “Thank you for creating the opportunity for me to break up with her.”

—As for Kikuhiko and Sukeroku, it was like they had a shared fate through rakugo, but it was ripped apart because of Miyokichi. How have you interpreted that aspect of the story?

Ishida: Kiku probably wouldn’t have ever imagined that, as a result of him dumping Miyokichi, that she would move to the countryside with Sukeroku. And there’s no way he would ever have wanted such an outcome.

Hayashibara: But if I look at it not from Miyokichi’s perspective but simply as a viewer, whether Miyokichi had been there or not, I feel that it would have been difficult for Sukeroku to continue doing rakugo in Tokyo. He would probably have distanced himself from Kiku-san, don’t you think?

Ishida: I suspect that Kikuhiko probably didn’t think of such a possibility. Sukeroku was getting a lot of backlash because of what he was doing, what he was aiming for, and a lot of problems were arising as a result. But fans were also full of praise for for his amazing performances. Hence, whilst it would have been best if Sukeroku did not cause any problems, but if he did, then Kikuhiko intended to continue backing him up. And I think there still was quite a way to go before he ran out of patience.

Hayashibara: I see…then Miyo-chan did indeed take Sukeroku away… That girl really is no idiot. The “revenge” that Kumota-sensei spoke about was that very act.


Shore Leave : Beautiful

Summary: Jim x Reader x Leonard:  It all started when the crew of the Enterprise took some much needed shore leave on Yorktown. On the first night, you decide to go out with Scotty, Jim and Bones to the local bar. It’s when Scotty calls it quits for the night that things took a turn for If “best” meant being in between the most handsome men on the U.S.S Enterprise. Nothing like a good ole romp in the sack with the Captain & Doctor, at least for one night. One night, right? Or will this be the best shore leave you ever had?

Part One - Midnight Whiskey   Part Two-  Suprise

Part Three- Beautiful   Part Four- Screwed

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Just Watch

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Warnings: Vouyerism? 

“You guys sure you don’t want to come with us?”

“We’re sure,” you reassured Jinhwan with a smile, “the movie’s just getting to the good part.”

Hanbin nodded beside you and picked up the remote. “I wanna know who the killer is. But you guys have fun.”

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Okay it’s a canon thing that will uses every excuse under the sun to go to the city of bones to see jem but what about TESSA????
“sophie, will and I are off to the city of bones”
“i seem to have developed a huge bump on my stomach that seems to grow with each passing day, i fear it may be benedict lightwood controlling a worm parasite from the grave to spite will and myself”
“Ur still going anyway aren’t you”
“can’t be too safe bye dont tell charlotte” she says as she struts out of the institute, high-fiving will along the way while mouthing, nailed it

Scene from a fanfiction I’m trying to write. Yay.

It was at some point during the practice matches when Rainbow Dash realized how much pain her wings were in. It had been a good two hours and a heavy throb like a broken tooth ached all the way along her humerous bone down to her primaries.

“You guys, timeout.” Rainbow Dash called and some of the activity lessened on the cloudisseum, though most continued without any pause while she floated to a platform, rubbing her left shoulder  with a pained look. Above her April Showers caught the cloud ball and looked down at Dash.

“Want us to wait for you?” she asked. Rainbow Dash palmed her shoulder then shook her head. “Nah, it’s good, I’m just going to rest my shoulder for a little bit.  Rainbow Dash went towards the benches and sat down with a heavy sigh. Only a moment later Dash felt the twinge of pain return, darting in and out of her sensory awareness like small yet intense pen needles. Just as she was about to head for the locker room to grab some muscle cream, Dumbbell landed in the stand next to her.

“Need some help with that?” he asked, referencing her shoulder.  Dash shrugged. “Sure, you got something to rub on this?”

“Just these miracle workers.”  Dash felt his fingers press into the tenderness of her trapezius muscle.

“Oooh…ung…mm!” She clamped a hand over her mouth, but the sensation was indescribable. The pain was just…leaving! Sliding away like hot oils down her neck, and out  through the tips of her wings. “Where did you learn how to do this?” She breathed sharply and scowled when Dumbbell chuckled behind her.

“Just something I picked up from a masseuse who used to live up here a while ago, I think he lives in Ponyville now.”  

“Ah, okay.” Rainbow Dash couldn’t allot enough brain cells to completing her sentence as Dumbbell’s applications cut through her shoulder and wing pain like soft butter.

“Looks like Shine did a real number on you. I don’t remember her playing this hard since flight school.”  

 In the cloudisseum, Rainbow Shine deflected a cloud ball with a gust of wind powerful enough that the twirling cloud mass shot back to the other side, and  straight through the opposite goal post before anypony could stop it.

“She must have practiced a whole lot.” Dash mused. Dumbbell sat next to her when he finished her quick massage. A few minutes passed by as they watched the other players passing and maneuvering deftly through the air.

“Yeah, we can barely get her to lift a finger in the cloud factory but out here she works like a dog,” he said. “Damn near every day since the last time you two had a 1 v 1 in the flight school arena.”  There was a pause, Rainbow felt her ear twitch in annoyance when an awkward beat of silence ran between them. Dumbbell continued. “Do you remember that day?”

Rainbow Dash’s ears fell and a phantom pain ghosted across her back. “I remember,” she tugged absent-mindedly at a feather.  “You got me kicked out of school.”

“That was the day after.” Dumbbell corrected. “After you broke Rainbow Shine’s wing.”

 Rainbow Dash’s back arched.  “That was a long time ago, why bother bringing it up now?”

The stallion rolled his eyes. “I know you’re practically blind, deaf, and dense, but you can’t tell me that you haven’t picked up on the very un friendshippy way Shine’s been around you since you’ve been here,”  He couldn’t help but smile. “She makes us look like the best of pals.”

 In fact RainbowShine’s wing was broken once…but-

“What happened back then isn’t important. It’s in the past.” she growled.  

“And I’m pretty sure Shine was trying to break my wings. What I did was in self defense.”  When Dumbbell’s grim expression failed to change she added. 

“She was trying to kill me.”

“Oh yeah?” Dumbbell smirked, his eyes narrowing. “Pretty sure four years ago I was the one trying to kill you.”

“As if you had a chance.” Rainbow Dash muttered. In the span of that exchange, the awkward mood soured into something deep and regrettable, something Rainbow Dash couldn’t sound the depths of.  She averted her eyes not wanting to face Dumbbell’s accusing gaze, that and she wouldn’t admit that she could not face it.

“What’s bothering Shine is bothering me,” Dumbbell’s tone hardened.  “It’s bothering all of us. But she won’t tell us the truth. So I figured I might as well get the truth out of you.”

“None of that was my fault.” she whispered.  Behind her Dumbbell snorted. 

“That’s not the way she tells it.”

Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

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Warnings: Heated make out scene. Minor editing. And, that’s all I believe. This chapter is mostly plot!

Word Count: Roughly 2500

Sam watched as you tore your shirt open, not caring that the buttons popped off in the process. Slamming the door behind you as you discarded the cloth in record time. Your shorts were kicked off before you ever reached the bed he was sitting on. The dark green lingerie barely covered you as you moved to straddle him, pushing his book away without a second glance. He didn’t get a chance to admire the view before you bent down to press your lips greedily into his.

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I think....

A/N: I’m so terrible for not proofreading this it’s just that my internet is running out in 5 minutes and I need to quickly upload this. Part 2/the continuation will be up soon, I promise.

For now, just enjoy this

Pairing: Quicksilver x Reader.

Warnings: Fluff, maybe some swearing, I’m not sure.

Summary: A day off is a very rare thing at the X-mansion, so when it does happen to occur, Peter will use it to his advantage to try and hang out with Y/N. The two of them decide to spend the time playing a little game that just might reveal how they truly feel about each other…


The sun beamed luminously onto the freshly cut lawn of the X-mansion, casting a warm orange glow over the entire perimeter that was occupied with groups of students splayed over and across the green patch of grass. Some were conversing avidly, while a few others—the minority—were engrossed in their books, carrying out what you could only assume were study groups.

Today was one of the few—and rare—days off for you and the X-men. A warm tranquil Sunday afternoon, with the entire school—staff and teachers included—spending the day indulging in mindless self-pampering and relaxation.

You particularly had decided that the afternoon would be spent out here—in the sun, on the freshly cut grass, basking the serendipity of it all. Of course, once the news reached Jean—whom you had invited to join you (she turned you down for Scott)—it also somehow managed to reach Peter, who had insisted on taking her place.

And so you let him.

The two of you were good friends from day one, and so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for him to instigate such offers. But that was the problem. That was all you were. Friends; nothing more.

You lay on your back with your hands folded over your stomach, and your head rested on your backpack acting as a pillow, when you felt it crawl upon your face, and into your y/e/c eyes, causing you to stir slightly.  You shut your eyes, and pulled the visor on your cap lower onto your face, trying to return to your state of relaxation as you sighed contented. Your hand returned to its place on the mid of your belly when you heard Peter speak up.

“Is the sun bothering you?” he asked, concern present in his tone.

You lifted your head of your backpack slightly to turn to him, lifting the visor to reveal your attentive eyes. He was laying but a few inches away from you, his hands tucked under his head of silver, and feet propped up on a ball of both your jackets that he had crumpled together. He had on a pair of boxy silver sunglasses that you had teased him numerous times to throw out, but from the way his head was tilted towards you, you could tell he was looking at you.

You shook your head, shrugging nonchalantly. “Not really. I’ve got this bad boy.”

You pinched the tip of your visor, wiggling it slightly just for enough show.

Peter nodded.

“Alright.” He replied simply, head still craned towards you, but silent. You too remained looking at him, and were about to say something, already parting your lips.

But as soon as you opened your mouth to speak, only a gasp of breath coming out, Peter’s head flopped back so that he was face up.

You shut your mouth, and then mirrored the silver-haired boy, letting your head loll back onto your backpack. You were once again flat on your back, and were about to shut your eyes when—

“You look nice today.” Came Peter’s voice, resonant but yet ever so casual like it always was. It was sort of a trademark of his, his nonchalance, and it fascinated you. For a guy who traveled faster than time itself, the ability to be so suave and laid back was definitely something to appreciate.

“What?” you asked, taken back slightly, then turned your head again so that you were looking at Peter.

He was still looking up at the sky when he replied.

“I said you look nice.” He repeated.

He then let his head mirror yours, and turned it so that he was looking at you. The corner of his mouth twitched up in a tight-lipped smile, and one of his hands shifted from under his head to remove his glasses. You watched as he folded them, and then tucked them away in the front pocket of his jeans, your eyes following his movements. Your gaze shifted back up to his.

You licked your lips and nodded slowly. “Thanks.”

Peter merely nodded in affirmation, and it took a second before he rolled onto his back, his hand going to rest on his stomach instead of under his head. He shut his eyes, and you heard a quiet breath escape his lips.

You were silent for a moment, but decided to speak up.

“It’s not just today, is it?”

Peter’s eyes peered open at the sound of your voice, and he craned his neck towards you, only to catch you already on your back, your gaze fixed on the blue sky above you. He could see the uncertainty that came with your admittedly bold statement. You were practically sweating. The silver-haired boy, however, didn’t try to make much of a scene out of it. In the end, he thought you looked even more adorable when you were nervous.

A brief chuckle fell from the brown-eyed boy’s lips as he replied. “Not even the slightest.”

You turned to look back at him.

“You look nice too.”

“I always do.”

You let a hearty chuckle slip from your lips as you tucked some hair behind your ear. “You’re not wrong about that.”

“I know, I know.” Peter grinned at the beaming sun. “It’s one of my trademarks.”

“Alongside being an absolute ass.” You snorted as you sat up, looking around for you visor to keep the sun at bay.

“You’re too kind.”  Peter’s body rumbled with laughter as he rolled onto his side. He spotted the discarded hat a few feet away, and pointed a finger at it when he realized it’s what you were looking for. “There.”

“Thanks,” You muttered, fixing it onto your y/h/c head.

“So, what else do you think of me, if I may ask?”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t act like you didn’t hear me.”  Peter smirked coolly, his entire causual bravado ever present.

You eyed him incredulously before your face split into a grin.

“You want me to tell you what I think of you? Peter, we’ve known each other for weeks I think you al—“

“C’mon, it will be like a fun game. We can both do it. Here, I’ll go first.” Peter replied, pushing himself up to sit. He crossed his legs Indian style, and turned to you, still wearing a lopsided grin.

“I think you sneeze the loudest among the people I know.”

“Screw you.” You laughed, your face contorting in an incredulous manner.  Peter’s laugh echoed onto you. It was warm, encapsulating, and vibrated all the way into your bones.

“Your turn.” He jerked his chin at you, still smiling.

Your eyes widened, simper fading from your mouth.

“Wait, you’re serious?” You asked. Peter merely nodded solemnly.

You were hesitant, but decided to go along with his antics, nodding your head and trying to think. It took a second or two of silence, Peter’s eyes fixed on you profusely, before you came up with what to say.

“Alright,” you affirmed, gaze fixed on his.

“I think you are one of the most self-absorbed people I know.” You declared, raising your chin in triumph. At that, Peter’s teeth peered from behind his pink lips as he nodded.

“Can’t say you’re wrong.” He chuckled, and you mirrored him.

“Okay, go.” You gestured a lazy hand towards the brown-eyed boy. He nodded.

“I think,..” He bit his lip, mischief twirling in his eyes, “…that you are a complete dork.”

Peter laughed, self amused, as he fired finger-guns at you.

You couldn’t help but shake your head and chuckle.

“Well,” you cocked your head to the side, and looked Peter in the eye, smirking devilishly.

“ I think you’re not as fast as you think you are.” You stated.

Peter let out a gasp, and his hand immediately flew to his chest.

“I think you’re wrong.” He said, his hand still fixed over his heart. A throttling laugh broke through you, sending you falling back slightly, only to catch yourself on your palms as you giggled.

“I think your hair makes you look like an old man.” You supplemented, feeling the prick of the grass blades in your skin.

“Well, I, on the other hand, think it makes me look wiser beyond my years.”

“I think you’re an idiot.”

“I think you’re on to something, honestly…” peter grinned widely, and the both of you burst out into howls of laughter that you’d been suppressing.

Peter tilted forward, his shoulder shaking with each breath that left him as you mirrored him.

A second, two seconds, three, passed, and the two of you were somewhat back to normal. Remnants of your smile remained on your lips as you looked up from the patch of green grass and into Peter’s eyes. They were already set on you, and by now, he had stopped laughing. He was instead staring at you as you giggled mindlesly, the corner of his mouth twitched up in an almost smirk, and his tongue lightly resting on his bottom lip. If you’d looked just a little higher, you’d find that his pupils were dilated.

You remained with shoulders shaking over so slightly, and furrowed your brow at him.

“What?” you asked, eyes squinted ever so slightly.

Ever so slowly, a soft warm smile began to spread onto  the silver haired boy’s face.

He nodded his head at you.

“I think you look really cute when you smile like that.”


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FNaF SL: Custom Night additional Voice Lines

Hey guys, here we have the additional voice lines from the Sister Location Custom Night for you. Enjoy! :)


- “Save me a dance for another day, perhaps?”
- ♪ “All I do is dance alone;
 but now I hear your flesh, bone;
 I roam these halls along all day;
 But now you’re here - a friend or prey?” ♪


- “I don’t want to play hide and seek!”
- “I’m going to find a way inside!”
- “I’M GONNA GET INSIDE!” (Probably Bidybab)

Funtime Bae Freddy

- “BAWHN BAWHN, let’s not keep our friend waiting!”
- “Knock knock, anybody home?”
- “Ooooh, Birthday Booo~y! ♪ ”
- “Ready or not, here I come!”
- “BonBon, go get ‘em!”
- “Hey BonBon, go get ‘em!”
- “Get ready for a surprise!”
- “Well, hello again! (laughs) Are you ready for Round Two?”
- “What a party pooper!”

Bonnet or Minireena 2

- “Take me with you!” (We think it’s Bonnet, but we’re not sure.)

Take care~


Naive {Part 2}

A lot of you guys wanted a part 2 for Naive, so I wrote it. Ugh, I hope you guys like it because this took me a day and a half to come up with eek. I also added another part for those of you who have read this.

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I was inspired by this BEAUTIFUL piece of art by @thacmis. I hope it’s alright that I wrote something for it! Thank you for everything you do for this fandom <33333333


The opportunity comes in the dead of night, without warning.

Erik’s cell is shapeless and suffocating in the darkness, and the sudden flare of torchlight in the hall wakes him like a rising sun. There are muffled voices in the distance, a shout echoing off stone, and Erik can touch metal with his second sense, can feel the sharp line of a sword as it plunges into flesh and blood.

He’s on his feet in an instant, sticky sleep fleeing from his eyes in time to see Raven slipping down the corridor looking from cell to cell.

“Here,” he calls and she runs to him in an instant, looking over the complicated wooden lock and door before she’s pulling her battle axe over her shoulder and saying, “Stand back.”

The thump of her axe against the door sets his teeth on edge, overly loud in the isolated silence of the dungeon. Finally she breaks through, wood splintering under the blade and bursting across the moldy flagstone floor. Erik hastily pulls the door open, jagged wood cutting into his palms as he panics for a moment with freedom so close at hand.

“Tell me you have something for this,” he says as he finally joins Raven in the hall, pulling back his sleeve to hold his bands in front of her face in the dim light. She has blades strapped to her ankles and thighs and along her belt and they call to him but he still can’t touch them, imprisoned in the only way that matters.

She shakes her head. “Not yet – I’ve got someone on the outside who thinks he can help.” She hands him her axe and pulls two long, jagged blades from her belt. “You’ll have to make do with that for now.”

He weights the axe in his hand. He feels clumsy and slow without his gift, weeks of torture and isolation stretching bruised skin over his bones, but he tightens his hands along the handle and steps further into the dungeon.

“Where are you going?” Raven hisses impatiently. He steps up to the first door, and then the next, checking each cell and finding nothing. Raven follows closely, watching the stairs leading back up into the castle with tension and frustration radiating off of her skin. Finally he comes to a cell with someone inside, a figure in white huddled against the back wall. He raises the axe and brings it down against the door, willing his weary body to move, to strike harder.

Finally the door gives way and he’s able to push inside. Charles is still sitting against the wall, but he’s alert now, watching Erik with sharp eyes that look black in the torchlight. Erik holds out his hand, ignoring how it trembles.

“We’re getting out of here.”

He expects Charles to scramble to his feet, to take his hand and press his thumb in between the sharp bones of Erik’s knuckles like he did when they were children. Instead Charles’ mouth firms stubbornly, and he shakes his head.

“No - Erik, you need to go.”

It’s so at odds with his fantasy that he reels for a minute. He stumbles forward, reaching for Charles who pushes his hands away. Above them the clatter of sword play gets louder, moving closer and becoming more chaotic.

“Erik…” Raven murmurs from the doorway as Charles twists his wrist out of his grasp.

“Erik, go,” he chokes and now that he’s closer, Erik can see the track of tears down his cheeks, his face drawn and pale and miserable. He falls to his knees at Charles’ side.

“What did he do?” he whispers, his heart and stomach swimming nauseatingly at the back of his throat.

“Go - please go,” Charles begs, shoving at his shoulder. Erik grabs his hands and Charles cries out in pain, a horrible, wounded noise that Erik is sure will haunt him in the nights that follow. Charles curls forward, his forehead nearly touching Erik’s shoulder.

“What is it?” His ears are ringing and his own voice sounds muted, a low, unfeeling monotone.

“It’s my legs. My legs, Erik, oh god - “

A pure and unholy wrath fills Erik like a tidal wave of fire and he nearly blacks out. His hands cling to Charles like a lifeline and he waits for his vision to clear.

“I’ll carry you,” he says, and moves to stand, but Charles shakes his head, panicked.

“No, no - Erik you have to go. You have to get out.” Erik’s hands go to his face and he grips him tightly, his thumbs pressing into the soft curve of Charles’ cheek.

“I’m not leaving you. I won’t.”

A voice cries out from above, followed by the heavy sound of footsteps.

“Erik,” Raven says again, louder. Erik holds Charles tighter and wishes they were back at his mother’s cottage by the sea, playing on the shore in the safety of the sand and not adrift in a churning ocean, the leviathan swimming at their ankles preparing to swallow them whole.

“Don’t make me do this.” He can feel tears on his own cheeks now, hot and bitter and blurring Charles’ image in his eyes. “Please.”

“I would if I could,” Charles says, holding up his wrist and his own suppression bands.  “I’m asking you instead.” There is a crash from above, broken glass or ceramic and they both jump. Charles puts his hands against Erik’s chest, his face white with fear. “Go.”

Erik holds him for a moment longer, memorizing his face in the dim light.

“I’ll be back,” he whispers fiercely. “We’ll be together again. I promise.”

Charles nods and winds his fingers into Erik’s shirt, clings to him with two fists pressed against his heart. And then he pushes him away.

Later Erik will destroy the old table in Raven’s cottage in the woods, his fury pummelling through wood and rusted nails. Later he will choke back the scream that is howling inside his chest until his throat aches, until his veins feel ready to burst from his skin. He will curse himself for leaving Charles behind and condemn his own stupidity, his own frailty. He will conjure a million nightmares about what will happen to Charles in that dungeon and live in the hell of his own creation.

He will allow Raven to bandage his hands and wonder why he didn’t tell Charles that he loved him.

He will remember his promise, and begin to make plans.

Eerie V

//Chen x you 💙  (somewhat 💜  maybe?)

Word count: 2,081

Part I   VI

@lets-learn-this let’s say, you ask I deliver. Hey, guys, you’ve made it! I updated Eerie, say thanks to Jongdae for being totally sexy with that crane in his hands. I appreciate. Let me only remind you that, Magic, Fabled and Eerie are in the same universe, so every single one of them is a stripper. Which they try to prove in  Artifical Love, and no one is complaining.

“Just don’t talk to me.” Your voice is muffled. No surprise there, since your nostrils are blocked with your own blood.

You can feel Jongdae fidgeting by your side. You don’t look at him, dog tired and uncomfortable on the plastic hospital chair. You heard him apologizing like million times and you are not in the mood to hear it again.

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anonymous asked:

Ok I have the GROSSEST prompt for you, I apologize in advance: my anat profs always suggest that we study the muscles & bones on another person so we can kind of figure out the geography of them on someone who isn't a cadaver (eek). So (i think you see where I'm going with this) Clarke studying musculoskeletal anat on Lexa bc I think it would be so damn adorable !!!!

‘this better wash off.’

you laugh. ‘it’s just a ball point pen, lex.’

lexa huffs beneath you, into the mattress. you’re perched on her hips, her small back, and you’re sure she’s uncomfortably turned on, because you are too, but you really have to get this down for your anatomy exam, and you want to write things out at least a little bit because spelling isn’t your strong suit at all.

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Don’t look


Scott could smell it all over him. His soulmate. His Philip. Surrounded by a haze of the musk of sweat that made Scott want to claw Philip’s skin off to get rid of every trace of it. The only person that Philip was supposed to smell like was him. They were soulmates. Scott thought they were doing so well.

It hurt. It wasn’t just an emotional pain, either. Yes, his heart broke, but everything else broke with it. His head ached so badly he felt like his skull was going to split open. His stomach wrenched and twisted and his breakfast rose in his throat. His bones ached like they were going to snap under the weight of the terrible truth he was having to face now.

The alpha slammed his supposed soulmate’s locker shut, human nails scraping along the rough paint-covered metal in a way that served to do little more than leave his fingers throbbing like he’d nearly torn his own fingernails off with the force. He was hurt. He was angry. Two feelings that never ended well for anyone.

“You want to tell me who’s fucking you? Because I was under the impression we’d agreed that we were a thing.”

Mr. Walking-I.E.D

Summary: Liam has a crush on Scott’s step-sister

Note: Not really sure how I feel about this but oh well. I figured I’d post it anyways.

“Okay, let me get this straight.” Stiles poised his hand in the air, ready to tick off the things he was going to list on his fingers. “You’re telling me that you’re in love with Scott’s half-sister that he found out he had four months ago which led to him shifting in front of her which led to her knowing everything?”

           “Yep.” Liam nodded, feeling rather glum. The two boys were seated on the sidelines, completely ignoring the lacrosse game going on feet away from them. They had bigger problems at the moment.

           “Y/N? Scott’s step-sister? That Y/N? Are you serious?”

           Liam groaned. He was starting to become frustrated with Stiles. “Yes! Y/N! That Y/N! Why don’t you say it a little louder; maybe Scott will be able to hear you over the crowd- hell, maybe Y/N would be able to hear you, too.”

           Stiles rolled his eyes. “Okay, calm down, Mr. Walking-I.E.D.. I really do not want you to shift and accidentally rip my face off. I’m kind of fond of it.”

           “I’m fine.” Liam grumbled. “I just don’t know what to do. All I can think about every moment of every day is her. It’s driving me crazy.”

           “Hmm.” Stiles mulled over the new information.

           “Is that bad?”

           “I’m mildly concerned. Mildly. It’s a little creepy, dude. Then again, I’m not really one to talk, but I’ll admit that I’m a hypocrite, so-” Liam sent him a look that had Stiles backpedalling. “Okay, okay, I think in this situation, at this stage, you’re supposed to ask her out. If she likes you, that is. If. Does she like you?”

           Liam bit down on his lower lip, glaring down at his muddy cleats. “I don’t know.”

           Stiles snorted. “You don’t know? Great.

           “Alright, sarcasm really isn’t helping right now.” Liam growled. “You know what? Forget it. I don’t even know why I asked you anyway.”

           “I can’t just forget it, Liam. I’m incapable of forgetting this. It’s a juicy tid bit of information. People’s brains are practically hard-wired to remember this kind of stuff.” Stiles examined the field briefly, as if an answer would appear among the players. Liam had started some kind of retort, but Stiles cut him off. “Why don’t you just tell Scott? That way he can see if she likes you.”

           Liam shot to his feet. “Are you crazy?” He hissed. “Tell Scott, who happens to be Y/N’s brother, and also my Alpha? Are you out of your mind?”

           Stiles’s eyes tightened. “No.” He said evenly. “Why does everyone always ask me that?”

           “Because your ‘game plans’ and ‘grand ideas’ freaking suck.”

           “Do you want to chill, maybe? Your eyes are becoming the glow stars on my ceiling.” Liam raised his eyebrows at that, inquiring, “You have glow stars on your ceiling? How old are you?” Stiles just rolled his eyes for what felt like the millionth time that night.

           “Okay, ha ha, that’s very cute and original. Now, are you going to tell Scott, or am I going to have to?” The second the words had left his lips, Stiles was being grabbed by the collar of his shirt and slammed back against the bench.

           “Don’t you even think about it!” Liam hissed. He could feel his claws pushing through his skin. Gasping, he squeezed his eyes shut, trying to reverse the shift- but it was no use. His teeth dug into his lips; his ears bent at awkward angles inside the restricting helmet.

           “Oh… oh God…” Stiles quickly stood, grabbed Liam by the shoulders, and practically dragged him to the locker rooms.


           Liam snarled when Stiles finally yanked off the last of his padding and shoved him under the showerhead. Cold water rained down all around him, making him shiver and growl. He fought against the hold Stiles had on him, snapping his teeth and digging his nails into Stiles’s shoulder pads. Eventually, his struggling came to a stop as the cool water snapped him out of it. Taking a deep breath, Liam clapped Stiles on the arm before sliding to the floor.

           “Thanks.” He wheezed over the pounding of water.

           Stiles snorted. Sometimes he reminded Liam of an extremely skinny pig. “Yeah, sure. Thanks for not killing me.”

           Liam just nodded, closing his eyes and resting his head against the stolid tile wall. He felt tired. He wanted to go home and slip underneath his blue comforter. He knew that he’d dream about Y/N, and that he’d wake up with a pounding heart and shaking hands, but that didn’t matter. Now that someone knew, at least- even if that someone was Stiles, of all people- the whole situation seemed less stressful. Maybe that was because it was one less secret he had to keep.

           “What happened?” Liam jumped at the sound of his Alpha’s voice. His eyes flew open to take in Scott standing beside Stiles, decked out in his lacrosse gear.

           Luckily, Stiles was quick to explain. For once Liam was glad that Stiles was such a talkative person. “Nothing serious. We were talking, I pissed him off, he started to shift, I brought him here to cool him down, and the rest is history. Same old, same old. What are you doing here? Is the game over?”

           Scott dropped his mask on the floor, along with his stick. “No, I just noticed you two were gone so I figured out a way to get benched.”

           Stiles smiled. “Wow, that’s nice. Such a nice thought… well, I’m going to get back to the game and, uh, Liam here has something he wants to ask you about.” Stiles winked before breaking into a half-run, half-walk out of the room when Liam jumped up. Adrenaline and anger electrified his bones, making his eyes lighten once again.

           “No, Liam, calm down.” Scott hurried over to make sure Liam stayed under the water. “Don’t listen to Stiles. Breathe. Change back. You can do this.”

           Slowly, Liam felt his heart beat even out. He squenched his eyes shut. When he opened them again, they were his signature baby blue. He sat down again, and Scott shut off the water before crouching in front of him.

           “Liam,” Scott started. “Tell me what’s going on.” His persuasive tone had Liam’s resolve crumbling.

           “I don’t think you’re going to want to hear it.” Liam’s eyes danced around the room before hesitantly returning to Scott.

           Scott shook his head. “I want to hear it. Tell me. No  matter what it is. You’re my Beta, remember? We’re brothers.” He offered Liam a small smile, but was shocked when Liam’s features twisted into a grossed-out expression.

           “That makes it even worse.” He said.

           “Tell me right now.” Scott demanded. “Please.”

           Liam crossed his arms over his strong chest, suddenly feeling self-conscious. A droplet of water trickled from his hair to skid down his nose. “You know Y/N, right?” Scott raised an eyebrow. “Dumb question, sorry. Well, the thing is… I might actually be kind of in love with her.”

           Scott’s cheeks puffed and then he blew out all the air as his eyes averted Liam’s to favor the wall. He rocked back on his heels before plopping on his butt. “That’s… um, that’s… not really what I was expecting…”

           Liam’s heart dropped into his stomach. He knew it. There was no way that a girl that incredible, that amazing, just… too beautiful for words… could ever like him. He hated himself for even imagining that he had the smallest chance. He focused on the grooves in the tile, trying to keep himself in-check.

           “I mean, I had this same conversation with her right before the game. It’s just a little weird.” Liam slowly raised his head to look at Scott. He wasn’t sure he was hearing his Alpha right. “But she was, um… gosh, she’s going to kill me for this… she was going to ask you out after the game.” Liam’s brow furrowed. Scott smiled, “She’s um, she’s crazy about you.”

           Liam started at this. “Really?” He asked. “You’re not just saying that, are you?”

           Scott laughed. “No, I’m serious! Y/N really likes you, man.”

           A gasp caused both the wolves to jump to their feet. “Scott McCall, you did not just tell him that! That was supposed to be a secret! I told you that I liked him in confidence! Oh my God, this is so embarrassing! I’m going to kill you!”

Walk with a Vampire Pt. 2 (V) *NSFW*

Part 1

Tightening your grip on the canvas grocery bags, you strained your ears to ignore the various noises of the city and focus. Your blood ran cold as you picked up on the steady sound of light footsteps behind you. The sky was beginning to darken; you had woken up late due to Taehyung having tired you out last night. Yesterday, Taehyung had been there to protect you but it had not crossed your mind that your follower last night was a stalker. You had stupidly assumed it was a onetime thing, some depraved creep or murderer, and gone out to get groceries. You mentally scolded yourself as you realized you had put your life at risk all because you were craving avocados. If you had your phone, you could have just called the police, or Taehyung. You tried to slow your racing thoughts and focus on the situation at hand. To test whether whoever was behind you was really stalking you, you slightly sped up your steps. When your follower followed suit, you stopped trying to deny the danger you were in and continued to walk back to you apartment.

With the darkness beginning to bleed into the sky, you hoped Taehyung would come visit. You wanted someone at the apartment with you because of how on edge, how afraid you were. You continued walking, hoping your stalker would stop at stalking and you would be able to call the police once you got home. When your apartment building came into view, you couldn’t help but sigh audibly in relief. Usually, you had a love hate relationship with the dingy apartment building. It looked more like a roadside motel than an apartment building to be honest. But seeing it now, it was the most beautiful thing, and hearing the continued footsteps behind you, you couldn’t help but break into a sprint once you got to the stairs with your follower continuing after you. Hearing him run after you, your heart dropped and you desperately tried to get into your apartment as quickly as possible, holding your key ready in your hand as you rushed towards the door.

You managed to swiftly get the door unlocked and slip inside but right as you were closing it, a hand shot into the apartment. You slammed the door down onto your stalker’s hand but he quickly moved forward, forcing his way through the door. You grabbed a high heel sitting in the entrance and lobbed it hard at his head before running further back to the kitchen to search for a weapon. You heard your attacker continuing after you and you had just managed to wrench open the silverware drawer when he grabbed you from behind. You threw your head back, trying to head butt him and he loosened his hold on you momentarily, allowing you to rush forward to grab a knife. You were just about to turn around when he slammed you forward, causing your head to bang into the counter and pinning your body against the drawer. The force caused you to drop your knife and with the sound of it clattering against the floor rang in your ears as you realized you were trapped. Leaning all of his weight onto your body, the man leaned down to talk into your ear.

“Yesterday, who was that man?” his breath was uncomfortably hot against your face and you winced.

“Who the hell are you?” you question back, not wanting to give in.

“I’ve always watched over you. I’m your guardian angel. I have always kept you safe. I was so worried yesterday,” he rambled and you felt yourself growing paler and paler with every word. This guy was crazy. You fell mute as you hoped he might eventually back off as he rambled. “I saw you at the park. You were so beautiful. You deserve someone like me, not him. Who was he?” he asked again.

“You say you’re my guardian angel but this is not what I would call guarding,” you said referring to the current situation. “As for who that man was, he was my guardian angel considering he saved me from you and your nice guy bullshit.”

You mentally cursed your unending desire to sass obnoxious shits like this guy but another part of you really didn’t have time for his creepiness. You suddenly realized you had not screamed and considering how thin the walls of your apartment were, beat yourself up for not having thought to do so earlier. Screaming at the top of your lungs, your attacker freaked out and pulled you back by your hair to try and cover your mouth to muffle the scream. He started to try to drag you out of the kitchen but you thought the whole time, biting down hard on his hand. He pushed you away and you fell to the ground. You quickly got up, expecting to have to fight him again but once you were standing and could properly look, he was gone. Shifting your gaze slightly to the right you saw that Taehyung had him pinned on the ground, twisting your attackers arm just a smidgen to far behind his back.

“I should have gotten you yesterday,” Taehyung said in an unhappy deadpan as he came dangerously close to dislocating the man’s shoulder. He looked up at you, his bright eyes worried but stern. “Are you okay?”

“Mostly, yeah, I think,” you said as you were finally able to relax, your body shaking slightly from the adrenaline which had just previously surged through it.

“Call 119,” Taehyung said as he continued to sit on the man on the floor, reaching into his back pocket and throwing your phone to you.

“Oh thank god, you found it,” you said dialing the police.

Once you had, Taehyung had you go wait outside for the police and you thankfully left the mess of any apartment as Taehyung eyed your stalker with contempt. Walking out, you leaned against the cool wall of the outside walkway, waiting for the police. You head pounded and your whole body ached from the fight but you felt like you did more damage to the stalker and that made you feel surprisingly satisfied. You saw the bright lights of police cars in the parking lot and you brought them up to date as they entered the apartment. As soon as the police were in the room, Taehyung got off of the stalker and rushed over to you. You gave held onto his shirt, searching for an anchor as the police handcuffed the stalker, who had a freshly dislocated shoulder thanks to Taehyung.

Before you knew it, you were both in the police station giving your sides of the story. The entire time, Taehyung comforted you. Either with words, whispering how sorry he was that he couldn’t be there sooner, congratulating you on how you had beat up stalker, or with simple touches. Both on the way to the station and once you were there, he gently ran his hands through your hair or rubbed the side of your neck, telling you silently everything would be okay as his eyes were trained on everything around him, watching for threats.

“We should go to the hospital,” he suggested worriedly as he observed fresh bruises forming along your arms and collarbone as the two of you waited after giving statements.

“I’m fine, really,” you tried to protest, just wanting to go home but as soon as you were finished at the station, Taehyung had dragged you to the hospital to get checked for a concussion. Taehyung himself couldn’t keep his hands off you, constantly making sure you weren’t bleeding and you had no broken bones before resuming to his comforting touches.

Once the doctor had finally affirmed you were okay, Taehyung had taken you home. In the cab on the way there you laid your head on his shoulder without thought, thoroughly drained. He reached the arm you weren’t leaning on up to run his fingers through your hair again and before you knew it, you had fallen asleep.

You woke up to Taehyung trying to pick you up to carry you into the apartment.

“I can walk. I’m awake,” you said quietly as you moved to get out of the car.

“You don’t need to walk though,” he retorted with a smug smile as he proceeded to pick you up anyway. He brought you up to your apartment and set you down and you sighed when you saw what a mess it was. Various shelves had been knocked down in the fight and the silverware drawer had at one point been entirely pulled out from the counter, laying now on the floor. You moved to start picking stuff up, not wanting to just leave it on the floor, but Taehyung wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pushed you along to the bedroom, spinning you around and sitting you down on the bed.

“You need to rest before anything. I’ll clean,” he said, nonchalantly caressing the side of your face.

“Or, we could both rest and then we could both clean,” you suggested bring your hand up to his to hold it. You pulled his hand down towards the bed to bring him closer to you, holding his gaze the entire time before finally closing your eyes as you kissed him. He moved so his legs were on the bed, slowing leaning down as he kissed you until you were laying down on the bed. He brought his hand from yours to cradle the side of your face as he kissed you, the other dipping beneath the hem of your shirt to rub small circles along your side.

His kiss was incredibly soft, as was his every touch. You could tell he desperately wanted to feel every inch of your body but was holding back. He pulled away from the kiss for a moment and looked at you, slightly unsure.

“Tae, it’s alright,” you said moving your hands to his face.

“I don’t want to hurt you. You’re already all bruised…” he brought a hand up to ghost over the bruise forming along your shoulder before going up to rest on the bandage on your neck. “And I’ve hurt you too.”

“Who put this bandage on me?” you asked firmly.

“I did.”

“Who dislocated the shoulder of the bastard who nearly killed me today?”

“I did.”

“Who saved me from the same bastard yesterday?”


“And who found my phone?”


“Taehyung, I think you do more good than harm.”

“But I’ve still done harm.”

“Look, I donate blood all the time and, honestly, that’s more painful than you biting me because they can never find my vein,” you said exasperated. “This has been a really hard day and you have helped me to get through it so much. I know you’re holding yourself back right now so just stop, let go.”

He hesitated for one moment before rushing to meet your lips with his. His kiss was still gentle, but also deep and feverish. He pulled your shirt up and broke the kiss to take it off, taking off his own before resuming the kiss. He unhooked your bra and slid it off your shoulders, throwing it to the side. His hands slid up your torso, to massage your breasts as he kissed you. He moved his kiss down your jaw and down your neck and began to suck along your collarbone. The cool feeling of his mouth was refreshing, healing even, and you brought your hands up to run them over his tan, toned chest before holding onto his shoulders to pull him closer to you. He resisted for a moment only to get up take off his pants, giving you a look to take yours off too. He retrieved a condom from his wallet and slid it on. You quickly unbuttoned and kicked off jeans as you watched him slide the condom on. You were about to take off your panties when Taehyung stopped you, taking them and slowly pulling them off himself before situating his face between your legs. His tongue began to swirl around your clit and you instantly brought your hands to his hair for an anchor. He continued to slowly swirl his tongue around your clit as his fingers ran up and down your folds slowly. Eventually he slid one long finger in and began to pump it in and out as he sucked lightly on your clit. After a short while, he added another finger, hooking them slight so they hit your g-spot as continued to finger you. You moaned his name and your grip on his hair tightened as he returned to massaging your clit with his tongue. You wanted him to continue forever but he pulled away from your clit and slipped his fingers out from you. He cleaned them off with his mouth before grasping your upper thigh. He brought his mouth down to wetly kiss it before biting down. You bit your lip at the initial bite but soon found yourself relaxing as he sucked at the erogenous zone. He eventually brought his mouth away, licking at the wound slightly before crawling up your body to kiss you again, his mouth soft and coppery. He pulled away from the kiss for a moment to situate his lower body before returning to kiss you as he easily slid in. You moved your hips in rhythm with his as he fucked you deeply but gently. His hands returned to your breasts, massaging them and, every so often, pinching slightly harder, causing you to moan. Taehyung meanwhile expressed his pleasure in the low moans he made as he kissed you, the sound of his low voice incredibly sensual. You wrapped your hands around his shoulders and broke the kiss to pull him towards you and suck lightly along his neck and collarbone, claiming him as yours. You could hear his moans and feel his breath on your ear and you relished in your proximity. You let your head fall back against the bed again as you felt yourself nearing your climax. He kissed you again hard, his tongue mingling with yours and you quickly felt yourself reaching the edge. Your muscles clenched and your nails dug into his shoulders as you came. Taehyung quickly followed suit, letting out a guttural groan as he did before pulling out and throwing the condom away in the bed side trashcan. He immediately flipped back over and pulled you close to him. He wrapped his arms and legs around you and you laughed at him but didn’t push him off. He laid his head against your chest and you simply ran your fingers through his hair.



“You definitely aren’t harmful.” He looked up at you and smirked slightly before returning his head to your breast.

“What am I then?”

“Hmm… healing?” you said jokingly, but with a bit of truth.

“Then I guess I’ll have to come by often to make sure you’re okay.”

“I’d be thankful,” you said leaning up to place a kiss on his head.

Taehyung snuggled closer to your body and with him holding you, you were able to quickly fall asleep, tired from the day’s events.

Just Like the Movies

Summary-    Dean is on a hunt for a ghost murdering people in a movie theater, little does he know that theater is hosting a movie premiere for the latest Hollywood Horror Blockbuster. He ends up running into the star of the film and ends up getting more than he bargained for when she turns out to be more than just an actress.

Written for @kittenofdoomage​ ‘s Summer Lovin’ Challenge. I decided to do a twist on the Blockbuster idea that I hope you all will enjoy. (Ao3 Link) 

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Content: Fluff

Word Count: 1858

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Seventeen: girlfriend dancing/singing to their songs

Yay first seventeen request !!! alright so since seventeen is an upcoming group it’s really hard to find gifs for all of them so I’ll have to use combined gifs and the whole “pretend that you’re *insert member name here*” thing so I apologize. ~ I own none of the gifs used. They belong to their rightful owners ~ Summary: The boys catch you aggressively lip-syncing and dancing to one of their songs while you clean.

S.coups: As Coups rounded the corner to the room he felt you in, he heard some music coming down the hall. When he pushed the door open he saw you aggressively dancing to “Ah Yeah,” with a stray bottle in your hand as you tried to rap along with Vernon’s part. When the song finished, you turned around and nearly jumped three feet in the air when you saw Coups standing in the door way. He just kinda gave you this look like “whatcha doin y/n?”

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Jeonghan: As the two of you cleaned separate parts of the house, Mr. lazy bones would get bored with cleaning and go in search of his lost princess aka you. Whilst walking through the apartment you two shared, he would hear the faint sounds of music coming from your bedroom. When he pushed the, already slightly ajar, door open he would see you jumping around of the bed you shared, while aggressively whisper/yelling the words to Adore U. A smile would appear on his face as he watched you finish the dance by dramatically falling like they do at the end of the song. Once you fell, you finally noticed your adorable boyfriend in the door way with the expression of “I’m going to suffocate you with cuddles.”

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Joshua: Jisoo would some home late from practice one night, expecting you to be waiting on the couch as usual, but would be surprised to not see you there. He would faintly hear a familiar singing voice coming from the backyard. Slowly making his way towards your voice, he would see you through the window. You had your back turned towards him and you were singing “Mansae” as you cleaned. He watched you from the other side of the window and as soon as the course came on you started dancing along to the choreograph you’ve seen plenty of times. When you turned around to clean the other table you dropped the glass cleaner out of surprise of seeing Jisoo just watching you from inside the dark house. He blew you a kiss and stepped outside to greet you.

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Jun: Jun would step into your shared room to see the mess you called ‘dancing.’ You had your music all the way up so you didn’t even notice him standing behind you with certain look upon his face. As you spun around at the end of the song and just screamed out of fear due to not noticing him through the entire song. He just stared in disbelief and the look on his face made you start crying from laughter.

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Hoshi: *pretend that you’re Dino* Once Hoshi spotted you dancing in your shared living room with a broom in your hand, he would automatically run up to you and started dancing with you. Hoshi loved when you were happy and danced around with him so this was just a giant plus for him. Once the song finished, Hoshi pulled you into a tight hug and kissed you lightly.

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Wonwoo: When Wonwoo pushed the backdoor open, just to see you rapping his part in the hip hop unit’s version of “Lotto,” whilst cleaning the outdoor table. Wonwoo had heard you rap before but it was only briefly as he passed the bathroom door while you were in the shower. He never knew you were this good at rapping so he just took a seat in one of the chairs and just rapped along with you. Once it switched to Mingyu’s part, you walked over to greet Wonwoo after his long day of practice. Once you finally stood in front of him he pulled you into his lap and kissed you before hugging you tightly.

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Woozi: You hoped this day would never come, knowing Jihoon was like the master of everything; dance, singing, and rapping. As you cleaned you had a habit of singing and dancing around even though you knew dancing wasn’t you surplus so the day Jihoon came through the bedroom door, only to be greeted by the sight of you attempting to dance to Adore U while singing it perfectly, it just wasn’t working out like you had planned. Jihoon had be standing in the door silently laughing the entire time and you finally saw him when you turned around to grab water. He honestly scared the life out of you and you nearly feel from jumping. He grabbed your arm and steadied you so you wouldn’t actually fall. The two of you just laughed from the awkward situation and hoped it never happened again.

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DK: Once this smiley dork heard you singing along to his voice whilst you cleaned the main bathroom, that adorable giant smile would appear on his face. He would push the door open and be greeted by your beautiful singing voice resonating throughout the tiled bathroom. He would join you in your singing as you scrubbed the wall thoroughly. When the song finished you’d both just laugh and smile at each other, until the next song came on.

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Mingyu: Once Mingyu heard your failed attempt of a rap from the other side of your bedroom door, he’d slightly push the door open and watch you clean and “rap” until you noticed you. Once you did, you would get very embarrassed and just start apologizing for the second-hand embarrassment you just gave your (titan)boyfriend. He would just wiggle his finger in your face and walk away laughing.

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The8: *pretend that you’re Hoshi* Minghao had walked in on the perfect time, just before the coarse started in “Mansae.” He ran up to you, nearly slipping on the freshly mopped bathroom floor, and you both started dancing together, the best couple bonding out there. Once the song ended, Minghao pulled you into a tight hug and kissed you lightly as the both of you laughed.

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Seungkwan: Once cutie Boo walked in on you attempting to hit his high notes in “Mansae,” which only turned out to your voice squeaking and just dropping an octave. Your dancing was alright but it was just your high notes that could use a tad bit of work. Once you connected eyes, he just gave you a look and then you both started laughing.

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Vernon: Once Vern walked into the room to see you rapping and attempting to dance, he’d just stand in the doorway with the blank, slightly scared look on his face. He knew you could rap but he also knew dancing wasn’t your surplus. But he didn’t think it was this bad.

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Dino: *pretend you’re Seungkwan* Dino knew if he taught you a certain dance, you would be able to dance it well, otherwise it would just be terrible. He walked in on you “dancing” to “Jam Jam” and just started dying.

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#81: You Tell Him You're Pregnant

Ashton: You sat in the bathroom, the small plastic indicator dangling from your fingers in stunned silence. You wanted this, you really did. You were happily married but the thought of something inside your stomach was enough to send nervous shivers up your spine. With your free hand you rested it upon your flat stomach, soon there would be a massive bump protruding from your abdomen. You looked in the mirror and looked at your reflection. It was surreal really, to think that in nine short months you would be swollen, hopefully with the happy pregnant glow, and a soon to be Mother. You sucked in a breath, running a hand through your hair, exhaling as you placed the indicator on the vanity with shaky hands. You took a deep breath trying to settle the jitters in your stomach, the way your hands shook slightly, and the frazzled look upon your face. You had a lingering thought in the back of your head that this time was different. You felt different, your period was late. It was something gnawing at the back of your head. So on a whim you bought a pregnancy test. Your thoughts were confirmed when you saw the + sign develop. The more you though the more you realized that you had to tell Ashton, hell he would be over the moon, but it was how and when to tell him. Would he be excited though? Did he want to start a family now? Your body trembled at the thought of Ashton’s despair upon hearing the news of your pregnancy. How could you think like that? Of course he would be excited. You stood up, gathering what little courage you had you stepped out of the washroom to see Ashton standing there with furrowed eyebrows. “Are you alright? Are you ill?” He asked, coming over and placing a hand upon your brow. You sighed, shaking your head. “I’m fine,” But the words caught in your throat, making you suddenly stare at Ashton. “Ash we need to talk.” You said, wringing your hands in front of you. You toyed with the band on your ring finger - the symbol for all of your love that you shared. His face paled and he nodded his head, grabbing your hand and intertwining your fingers with his. He led you to your sitting room, pulling you down beside him and angling his body towards you. You stared nervously at him, trying to think about this. The only fear you had was you and Ashton had never truly sat down to talk about starting a family. He had told you that he did want kids, but you worried if this was the right time. “You’re killing me (Y/N). What is it?” Ashton said, tapping his foot out of nerves. You took a shuddering breath, before trying to smile. “I”m pregnant Ash,” You said. You didn’t want to draw it out, so you chose to simply tell him. His expression changed in seconds. His face was slack with amazement, but then he broke out into the most breathtaking smile. “You’re serious?” He exclaimed, the smile still etched upon his beautiful face. You nodded your head, your heart pounding. “You’re not… upset?” You asked, as he grabbed your hands. He stared at you in bewilderment. “How could I be upset? (Y/N), we’re having a baby! Unless you don’t want it…?” He trailed off, his smile faltering. You shook your head, suddenly overwhelmed with joy. His reaction had triggered the reassurance that this was right, and that you were in fact going to start a family. “No Ashton, I’m so excited! I just didn’t know if now was when we wanted to start a family,” You said. He shook his head, the dazzling smile returning to his face. “Of course I want to start a family! We’ve never sat down and talked like ‘lets have a baby now,’ but of course I want to start a family with you! (Y/N), this is incredible news!” Your eyes welled up and you couldn’t help but smile. “Ash, I’m so happy!” You said, now realizing that there was something so tiny growing inside of you. “We’re going to be parents.” You murmured, stunned. “We’re going to be excellent parents is what you mean.” He corrected making you smile. “Come here,” He said, grabbing you gently around the shoulders. He pulled you into a tight hug before kissing your temple. “This is so incredible.” He whispered, in a hushed voice. “I know,” You said, placing a hand on your flat stomach, realizing that there was someone in there. He placed his hand over yours, kissing your lips. “Well Mrs. Irwin, I think we are going to make excellent parents.” He said, kissing you again. You kissed him back, smiling as he traced your spine. 

Calum: “Hey, how did the doctors appointment go?” Calum asked as soon as he saw you. You had to see your OBGYN today in regards to your baby. It was a routine check up and Calum was unable to make it because he had a meeting with the record label. You had dismissed it, not thinking anything of it. It was your first appointment, it would go over the basics, and it was too early to tell the gender. So you had gone with your friend, just for moral support. You were just beginning to show, your tummy beginning to get a little bump to it, and your hand rested upon it with a protective clutch. “Cal, you need to come here.” You said, making your voice serious. He came around the couch instantly, sitting down in front of you on the coffee table staring at you with concerned eyes. “What’s wrong? What did the doctor say? Is it okay?” He asked, putting a hand on your knee. “Calum, I have to tell you something.” You took a deep breath before lifting your eyes. “Its the baby…” You said, drawing it out. “Oh god, it’s sick isn’t it?” He said fretfully. “No, its not that.” You said, hesitantly. “I’m not going to tease you any longer. We need to start getting double of everything… because we’re having twins.” You said, smiling at him. He blinked dumbfounded, before opening his mouth and closing it again. “Twins?” He squeaked out. You chuckled before nodding your head. “Yes Calum, good counting! There are two little guys inside of here,” You said, rubbing your belly. “Oh my god…” He said breaking out into a smile. “The doctor did the ultrasound and she said she could hear two heartbeats. And that they were strong, so she concluded that there are two little guys in here. And that they’re healthy, but its too early to determine a gender.” You said, smiling and leaning forward. “Calum, we’ve always wanted this!” You said laughing. He shook his head, the smile so enormous it almost looked like it hurt his cheeks. “(Y/N), well we did say we wanted more than one. Give them siblings.” He said laughing. “I know,” You said. He stood up, grabbing your hands and enveloping you in a bone crushing hug. “I am so happy (Y/N).” He said, his voice muffled by your hair. You hugged him back, loving the way you two fit against each other as if you were puzzle pieces. “Just think, picture two little guys running around. Its going to be such a busy household.” He said, still hugging you. “We can handle it though.” You said, kissing his cheek. “I guess we could start telling people?” You said, running a hand along your bump when he released you. “That’s a good idea,” He said, still stunned. “I’ve got the boys. You call our parents?” He said, pulling out his phone. You nodded your head, first ringing your Mum. She was thrilled to say the least. When you called Calum’s Mum she began to cry on the phone. You smiled, getting a little teary yourself. “I am just so happy for you two,” She said into the speaker. “Thank you, we’re over the moon.” You said, finally beginning to chat with her. You two agreed that you would be going for lunch one of the near days to catch up and start talking pregnancy. You wanted to involve both your Mum and Cal’s Mum in this whole experience. It would be both of your parents first grand-babies. When you finally hung up, Calum was still talking with the lads, and you could see tears glimmering in his eyes. You caught figments of his conversations, words like “Dad,” and “there’s two. Two.” When he saw you looking at him he turned around, smiling more to himself and wiping his eyes. You came up behind him and hugged him, resting your head on his shoulder. He leaned back into you, his body not fitting as well as it used to because of the bump protruding from between your hips. With a few departing words, he hung up, turning around to hug you. “You’re so affectionate,” You said, nuzzling into his shoulder. “I have to be, I have to give enough love for three now.” He said, his hands running down your sides to lay on either side of your belly. He rubbed small circles with his thumbs, along the ridges of your hips, and moving upwards to lay on the middle of your stomach, continuing the lazy tracing on your skin. He sank to his knees, so his face was level with your belly as he rested his nose against your skin. “I love you guys, and I always will.” He said, his voice low. “I can’t wait to finally meet you two.” His words were soft, and you ran your hand through his thick hair. “You’re going to be the most loved children in the entire world. Because you have (Y/N) and me as parents. You’re so, so loved.” He hummed into your stomach. With each vibration of his voice you could feel a small flutter deep inside you, and at that moment, you knew all was well. 

Luke: You had everything ready for tonight. It would probably be one of the biggest nights in your life, so you had decided to go all out. You had booked a doctors appointment without Luke’s knowledge just to confirm your suspicions. And after leaving with a ball of nerves and jitters in your stomach, you knew you had to make telling Luke special. He was working on a promotion at a radio station, so it would be a bit before he came home. You went to the supermarket to pick up some groceries, trying to treat it like a normal day but your mind kept wandering back to how radically different your life had changed. You picked up some makings for dinner, before heading out to the shop down the street to get a cake made, with the simple words ‘congratulations’ written across it in green icing. Bringing it home and unloading the groceries hadn’t taken that much time, and you needed to distract yourself somehow. Although you had cleaned just a couple of days ago, your home could always use a little clean. You began your attack on odd ball jobs, all the while playing with the wedding band on your finger. Time flew with the ease of a job, and you began to cook dinner, humming to yourself. You heard the front door open and close, the familiar sound of keys hitting the cup. “Hey (Y/N),” He said coming over to kiss your cheek. You greeted him, leaning against the counter. “How was your day?” He asked shrugging off his coat and placing it on the back of the bar chair. “The same, did some errands, cleaned up.” You said, trying your hardest to not let your voice change. You so badly wanted to tell him but it would ruin your artfully created plan. “How was the promotion?” You asked, stirring the pot. “Same old, nothing new.” He said, smiling at you. “Whats with the special dinner?” He asked, nodding towards the stove top. “You only cook it on special occasions.” He added. “I just really craved it. We haven’t had it in a while.” You said shrugging your delicate shoulders. He grinned, nodding his head. “It is one of my favourites.” He said. “I’m just going to shower, I’ll be out soon.” He said, kissing your cheek again and leaving you. You blew out the breath you were holding before smiling. That was a close call, but you had hopefully convinced him that it was nothing. He came out of the shower smelling strongly of his body wash that always made your heart flutter. It was those little things that still sent your heart racing and still reminded of how madly in love you were with him. You sat down to a wonderful meal, talking about each others day and the usual things. It was just as if it was another night, but little did Luke know his world was going to flip upside down. You cleared the dishes, as he leaned back in his chair. “Good God, have you ever thought of becoming a chef?” He said, laughing. You snorted before grabbing the box from the fridge. “Well I’ve had a different career idea.” You said, placing the box in front of him. “What do you mean? I thought you were happy with your job?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowing. You shrugged, trying to hide the smile. “Somethings come up. Open the box Luke.” You said, gesturing to it. He looked at you quizzically before opening the lid and staring at it. “Congratulations?” He said. “Am I missing out on something?” He asked. You pulled your chair to sit beside him. “You are actually. Well my new career move is going to be important, and it involves you. Because I’m going to have to take a year off or so for it, or even longer. Because well, Luke… I’m striving for motherhood, and it should be nine months when my new career starts.” You said, grabbing his hands, and smiling. He blinked and stared at you in complete amazement before staring at you. “Wait…” He said. “You’re going to be a mother… OH MY GOD you’re pregnant!?” He yelled, almost at the top of his lungs. You laughed and nodded, and before you could say anything he grabbed you in the most bone crushing hug you had ever received. “Luke I can’t  breath.” You wiggled out, as he loosened his grip on you. “We’re going to be parents…” He trailed off, pulling back to stare at you. “I went to the doctors today because I’m late, like really late. And I just had an idea. So they ran a test and its confirmed, we’re going to be parents.” You said, smiling at him. “Oh my god,” He said smiling. “I love you so fucking much, I love both of you!” He exclaimed, kissing you. You smiled into the kiss, murmuring a reply and basking in the happiness that this event had brought.

Michael: “Hey Mikey? We need to talk.” You said, coming to sit down beside him. He looked up, smiling at you, but when he saw your face all things changed. He grabbed your hands, and pulled you down beside him. “Whats wrong?” He asked, brushing a few strands of hair that were caught on your eyelashes. You took a deep breath. “I know we’re older. And that being in our twenties is the right time to do this but… I’m pregnant.” You said, gauging his reaction. His mouth fell open, almost in confusion before smiling. “Why are you so upset?” He asked, brushing a tear from your face. “Because I’ve ruined your career Michael! You’re going to be a Dad! That ruins the look the band is going for!” You said, trying to muffle a sob. “I don’t care, I love you. I want to be a Dad! Why would you think otherwise? (Y/N), we’re in our late twenties, and we got married last year. Its fine!” He said, hugging you. “Besides, I think once we got married the fans realized that I’m off limits. I want to start a family with you (Y/N), we’ve talked about this!” He spoke slowly. You smiled despite the tears nodding your head. “We can make this work,” You breathed out. “Of course we can! When I’m on tour you guys can come or there’s always skype! We can postpone tours, I don’t care. I’m not missing out on my babies life. I want to see the milestones. I want to be there. I want to be there for it.” He said kissing your cheek. “Why were you so scared to tell me? This is supposed to be a happy moment.” He said, kissing right next to your your lips. “Because of your career. You don’t hear of rock stars having babies this young. And I didn’t want the band to hate me, or the fans to hate you.” You said, playing with his fingers. “Never be scared to tell me anything. You come first. Remember our vows? Despite not having such a normal life, I promise to be there for you through everything. To be there when your sad, to be there when your happy. To be there when your needing me. I will never leave you, I will be your rock, your anchor and your stability. You come first, because my heart only beats for you. Do you remember that?” You couldn’t help but smile whenever you heard that, and this time was no different. “I do,” You said, nuzzling into his shoulder. “This is great (Y/N), we’ve always wanted to start a family. This is it.” He said. “We can start planning out a nursery. We should probably tell people, like our families, and the lads. Its going to have some crazy Uncles. But it will be the most loved child ever. I’ll even change diapers.” He said making you laugh. “Do we start telling people today? Or wait a little?” You asked, kissing his knuckles. “Why not today? We can make a trip to our parents, actually tell them in person. Why don’t we get cleaned up, and I’ll ring them seeing if they’re home, and we can start sharing the joy.” He said, kissing you. You nodded your head, smiling. “What would I do without you?” You asked, seriously considering the question. You would be lost, a mess, and certainly lonely. He was your best friend, your lover, and most of all the other half of you. He smiled, before kissing you. He put a hand on your completely flat stomach, smiling. “There is someone in there. How crazy is that? Can you feel anything?” He asked. You shook your head laughing. “No. Because its way to early. I’m not even showing yet!” You said. “We’ll go get some pregnancy books too today.” He said nodding. You laughed, picturing Michael reading the books. “What?” He asked, quirking an eyebrow. “Nothing, just happy.” You said, standing up and going to get ready. He pulled out his phone, dialling your Mum first. You walked into your bedroom, smiling as you stood in front of the mirror. Soon there would be a massive bump protruding from your stomach, and you were actually pretty excited for it. You sighed, wondering just how dramatically your life would change.