and almost stop the earth

The Quest for Captain GROUNDED | TheCrystalBamfs

Pearl and Amethyst were summoned from their rooms by sounds of fighting. It sounded far-off, but it was still something to investigate. After a quick check revealed their charge was missing, which set the mood as Tense. Amethyst lead the way, bounding out the door towards the path of footprints in the sand. She was so caught up in the footprints that she almost didn’t see the gemstones on the earth. She stopped abruptly, Pearl continuing the hunt before turning to inquire why Amethyst no longer followed her. The expression on her face sufficed to silence her questions.


Looking down, she saw the cause of her anguish. Garnet had been poofed– and Steven wasn’t here. That meant whatever they were up against, Steven was unprotected, in the RAIN, and they only had the faintest idea of where to look. Pearl gripped Amethyst’s shoulder, white knuckled against the skyfall.

“Amethyst, we need to find Steven,” She rationalized. Amethyst understood what she meant. Bundling up Ruby and Sapphire’s gems in her arms, Pearl and Amethyst took off after the footprints.

That little boy was going to be in huge trouble.

Of course, there wasn’t a lot that Ruby and Sapphire could do at the present moment. Their gems had been abandoned in the sand, and Steven? Who knew where he’d gotten off to? For the time being, the two little gemstones were tucked safely in their friends’ arms. They wouldn’t stay in their gems too long if they could help it. The fight that had taken place had been intense, and not in the way most went. No, it happened to be because Garnet had been absolutely livid.

However much time passed between Pearl and Amethyst finding them and then, it was time for them to reform. Ruby’s was the first gem to start glowing, as was to be expected. She always did reform a little faster than Sapphire did under the best circumstances. The red gem levitated out of the grasp of her charge, and after going through her past alterations she came down again and took her form. Sapphire was right behind her.

GROUNDED! YOUR ASS IS GROUNDED! A THOUSAND YEARS GROUNDED!” Ruby was still stuck in anger mode, clearly, and she thought that they were still talking to Steven. But as Sapphire dropped down beside her, the red Gem quickly realized that this wasn’t the case. Oh, she was still angry. The whole situation had been something that set Garnet off something fierce. But she realized that they weren’t fighting Steven anymore pretty quickly.

Sapphire was mad, too, but she wasn’t voicing that anger. That anger was translating into the cold stare she was giving the horizon. But she, too, realized that something was amiss. They both remembered being poofed, but… The blue Gem glanced up, and she saw Pearl and Amethyst there.

“Pearl. Amethyst,” Sapphire said at last.

“How long have we been in our gems?”

When he was all by himself he wasnt easily scared, but lately he had been on edge, Hanging out with Allison, he also hadnt been sleeping. Hearing her and seeing her jump, he reacted almost the same; but stopped a moment.

“Now why on earth?” Was al he got out, but then sighing again he exhaled a few times and then calmed himself. “What is going on?” He asked, showing he was still a bit on edge. Not with her exactly, just in general.

Pest Control

One shot, Dean/reader - You think you’ve got mice, but the exterminator that shows up is Dean Winchester… No worries, he takes care of things quite nicely…

The first thing you notice when you meet him is the beautiful green of his eyes.  A soft green, shot through with gold - in the sunlight his eyes look like they are lit from within, surrounded and shaded by long, thick lashes, dark blonde like his hair.  Eyes that are clear and candid, not bothering to disguise their appraisal of you, from the slight narrowing as their gaze lingers on your lips, to the subtle darkening as they sweep over your body and back up to your face.

And then he smiles, and the earth stops spinning, almost throwing you off balance.  Crinkles form at the corners of those stunning eyes, their sparkling galaxies focused entirely on you.  Those full, perfectly-shaped lips with the tiny upturn in the corners curve slowly, one side a shade higher than the other, and you see his tongue pressed up right behind those slightly-parted, perfect white teeth.

He lifts his chin a little as that smile broadens.  "Hey,“ he says in a voice that seems to resonate right from his chest.  "I’m Dean.”

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