and almost just trashed it

im so tired of seeing people hate on hamilton just cause it got “too big” for them to deal with. yes, there has been amazing, exceptional and groundbreaking musicals this season on broadway BUT hamilton was a game changer, it was in a whole different league. like, it was one of those musicals like RENT that just raises the bar and sets everything else in motion. lim manuel-miranda knows how expensive tickets are and he has tried his damn hardest to make it accessible for everyone - which other broadway show performs outside of its theatre once a week for the fans to come and see?? invited groups of AP history students to come and see it??  if anyone tries to deny the did not deserve every tony they won tonight then just stop. lim manuel is a force to be reckoned with and people should not take this away from him !!!! 


sorry that I made you think our future lay together


Nekoma and Food

Kondou Shouri (Kuroo)
Cooked for myself today.  
I didn’t eat anything since lunch so I’m eating a lot!
You probably think that’s yakisoba sauce, don’t you?  But it’s miso!

Nakamura Tarou (Inuoka)
Heyyyy is that fried chicken?  Is it?  Is it???

Shouri (Kuroo)
Come to think of it, my dinner today has a lot of Inuoka’s favorite food,* lol!

Tarou (Inuoka)
Yep!!  Make me some next time!  

Shouri (Kuroo)
One of these days I will!  I’ll pour all my gratitude into it.

Tarou (Inuoka)
I’m touched but since I’m the grateful one, I’ll bring double the rice!  

Nagata Takato (Kenma)
Mm, well I guess it can’t be helped, so I’ll eat it all.  

Tarou (Inuoka)
Pretty sure you’re not using that phrase right, Takato-kun.

Shouri (Kuroo)
Yeah, but I actually really like when he throws us a curve ball like that.  ww

Takeshi Naoki (Kai)
Just make us some miso.  Just miso is fine.  

*Inuoka’s favorite food is fried chicken and rice

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

“This probably wont work, ‘cause you’re kind of a jerk. And for sure, you’re way too cool for me.”[x]


✨ aug 30 - rewriting some physics notes ✨

I want Stydia to kiss in the hallway at school. I want it to be them walking down the hall after class and Stiles tries to hold Lydia’s hand, but she’s hesitant and pulls away. I want Stiles to stop her in the hall and ask her what’s wrong. I want Lydia to explain that she’s still scared that maybe this is all too good to be true. I want Stiles to pull Lydia aside, against the lockers and grab her face, and stroke her cheek, and tell her he’ll never leave her side. I want him to lean in, and just linger with their noses touching building the moment. I want him to slowly kiss her and pull away. I want him to look back at the love of his life and know that they’re going to be okay as long as they’re together. I want Lydia to pull Stiles’ face back to hers and kiss him tenderly. I want her to look at him, like he is her entire world. I want Stiles to put his arm around Lydia’s shoulders and pull her back into the crowd of kids walking to and from class. I want Stydia to kiss in the hallway at school. 


“No, seriously Jean.”  Marco puts his bottle down.  “When did I make fun of you?  I really want to know—I’m not, like, being an asshole or anything.” (x)

soooooo this was an experiment of sorts, one that i learned all sorts of things from. namely, how NOT to draw a comic (ahahaha), but that in itself is a valuable lesson. i probably spent the amount of time on all six pages that i should have spent on one, but that’s neither here nor there. i just wanted to get a good feel for the process of creating something longer than a couple of panels. so consider this an exercise in paneling, lighting, coloring, prose adaptation, flow, etc, etc, etc.

and i mean it’s jeanmarco doujin okay do i even need an excuse?

scene from autoeuphoric’s You Are Not A Robot. (it’s written way better than i draw btw, so GO READ IT)

(oh and i’m sorry it’s super zoomed out, but if you open each pic in a different tab, you can see it in its full disgusting glory…i’m like super bad at formatting stuff agh)