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I Love the idea of comforting cryptids . monsters who live under your bed to assure that nothing bad can fit under there because They’re there & there’s no more room . unspeakable eldritch horrors that follow you around just so they can tell you shitty puns . Mom Friend™ poltergeists who passive aggressively disrupt all your electronics when ur a lil shit who should be sleeping because “you have an exam in the morning!!” , but Also tag along on blind dates in case you suddenly need an out . sirens who work as lifeguards & sing so instead of panicking you can focus on your movements & breathe easier . forest ranger Bigfoot who patrols the woods in case anyone gets lost & needs a guide out . 

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Joonie! Have you ever drawn all of your friends together?

The day after we celebrated my birthday, last year, I woke up pretty early and they all looked cute, smushed together, so I went to grab my sketchbook and made this!

i only have a few surefire make-a-terrible-day-less-bad songs, songs that feel like a great big hug from your best friend, songs that make all ur problems feel less consequential at least for a few minutes, and they are:

  1. paranoid by kanye west
  2. common people by pulp
  3. dance yrself clean by lcd soundsystem
  4. you are the light (by which i travel into this and that) by jens lekman
  5. the middle section of impossible soul by sufjan stevens
  6. countdown by beyonce
  7. come on siobhan by titus andronicus
  8. bodys by car seat headrest* but this one is a double-edged sword

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do you remember that one time a couple years ago you made a boku no pico joke and your entire following of impressionable 15 year olds got SUPER uncomfortable with you making light of pedophilia and all your precious maggotmaster-troupe friends disowned you? and you literally cried like a baby and begged for them all to forgive you and take you back? i think that's a much better look for you, it's definitely less obnoxious than you pretending to know what you're talking about.

i, too, hold grudges on social media websites for literal years and assume people i dislike are incapable of change or growth

friday night Ivar prompt

I made this a continuation from my previous Ivar prompt which can be read here.  Though it should still make sense if you don’t ;-)

You’re passing a horn of mead around the fire when one of the shieldmaidens from another kingdom proposes a salacious game from her homeland. She sets before you Ubbe, Bjorn, and Ivar and tells them to close their eyes and not to move no matter what happens. She instructs you: “choose one of them to slap, one to lick, and one to fondle.”

You blink and shake your head, thinking that it’s a good thing you and your friends have been drinking all night. Your once large party has now turned into a small one as the evening went on, and now it happened to be the wee small hours in the morning, where in the past, you’ve been known to make a bad decision or two. And as only the gods knew, you were about to make big one. 

At first, you have no fucking clue what to do and spend many moments mulling over scenarios in your head. Two of the brothers have partners and you are not sure how to handle that, even though neither of the women are present for your little after-party. 

You walk over to Ivar first, thinking he should be a pretty easy decision. He definitely deserves to be slapped. First for attempting to beckon you like some servant earlier, and then for tossing a blackberry into your drink and splashing mead in your face. You even raise your hand in the air to do it … but for some reason, you cannot bring yourself to. There is something about his expression, even though his eyes are closed. Before this game, he’d seemed strangely relaxed, as if he was enjoying being included, but now? He seemed nervous … almost as if he expected to get the slap. What others might perceive to be the choice for the person on the bottom of the list. 

You take your hand down and shrug, acting as if you are still painfully undecided and move on from Ivar, prompting some giggling from your friends. Ivar frowns, sensing that you had been in front of him but are now gone, and he is not sure what is happening. You decide this is a good thing … keep him guessing. 

You then step over to Bjorn and give him the slap you meant for Ivar. He turns his head to the side and grins, teasing that if you knew what was coming, you’d work on your follow-through a little more. You look to the side, perplexed, not sure what he’s alluding to … but you brush it off, thinking it must have been Bjorn’s tenth cup of ale talking. 

Next you come upon Ubbe and grin, thinking there was no way you’d do this sober. You pick up his hand, bend down, and lick his palm as if you’d just been to visit the old seer. He jokes that there could be a new man in your future, someone very near to you who can’t seem to shut up about you. He then chuckles smugly as if he knows something that you don’t. 

You knit your brows together in confusion at Ubbe’s prediction, but then move back to Ivar, noticing that his nostrils are flared and his cheeks are red, as if embarrassed. He has to know what’s about to happen, what was obviously chosen for him, as he must have heard the slap across Bjorn’s face and also figured out what you had done to Ubbe. 

You think about what you’d wondered earlier that night, after you and your friends had decided that Ivar was the Ragnarsson with the best hair … at how you imagined running your hands through his longer locks. You decide … why not? You thread your fingers through his hair, nails running along his scalp and you think perhaps you hear a soft moan on his lips, but you cannot be sure. His hair is so soft, just as silky as you imagined, and you can’t help but smile like an idiot. Somewhere in the background you can hear his brothers drunkenly teasing and cheering the two of you on. Ivar sucks in a breath and holds it, letting you do what you will. The mead has made you brave, or perhaps stupid, and you take a seat in his lap, sliding your hands down the back of his neck, to his shoulders, and then his biceps. You give them a good squeeze and gasp at the hard muscles you find. You are impressed. Very impressed. 

What in the name of Valhalla is he hiding under there? 

You are suddenly hit with the desire to see for yourself. 

“Od-in’s beard,” you muse. “Am I in trouble.” 

He finally releases the breath he’d been holding, opens his eyes, and suddenly all you see is blue. “Yes,” he says with a single nod of his head, his eyebrows raised. “You are.” 

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Filling the prompt “Fic inspired by the Catfish song A.S.A?”

Note: Somewhere in the world Larry somehow knows we’re still listening to this song, and his little fists shake with rage. I’ve always preferred Broken Army, though.

The night you met Van you were really very drunk. You had told your friends the goal of the party was to make out with as many people as possible. You had seen him across the room and your friend said he’d been tracking you all night. You made menacing eye contact, then disappeared into the kitchen. He followed, and you laughed as he told you stories about his band’s tour. You said you liked his leather jacket, and the holes in his jeans. When he told you, “Oh, babe, probably think I’m going for that rockstar look, yeah? Nothin’ like that though. Just spent all my money on the tour van. Gonna wear these till they fall off, you know?” you knew you wouldn’t fuck him. He was too sweet. He was drunk and flirty, but he’d not asked you to find a bedroom with him. He was just too good for you, you thought. You watched as he typed his number into your phone and added a photo to the contact.

You had wasted a whole night of his life, making him follow you around a party with promises of smut hidden in looks and between laughs. You’d led him on, and even though he probably knew it was happening, he hadn’t complained once. When the crowd at the party thinned, and everyone went out to bars and all night diners, you stayed back. You asked him what he thought was going to happen, and he said he didn’t care. You kissed until your lips were bruised red. Before anything else could happen, you said goodbye and got into a waiting taxi. Too good for you.

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“Um, hi, Don.” Cassandra said with a wave. “Weird seeing you here…outside my house.” She was trying really hard not to pay attention to his glistening toned chest and stomach.

“I jog by here all the time.” He said. “I’m friends with your stepmom, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember….” Cassandra grumbled.

“But…it doesn’t hurt seeing you, either.” He winked, and kept jogging. Cassandra felt like she might pass out.

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a - age: 15!
b - birthplace: America
c - current time: 6:12
d - drink you last had: lemonade!
e - easiest person to talk to: My friends and bf!
f - favourite song: Ah I have a LOT!!! Let me name about five- Broken record (Atlas) , Put your head on my shoulder (Paul Anka), Kill all your friends & Thank you for the venom (both by MCR), all of Jojis song tbh…but I’ll choose Thom for the moment.
g - grossest memory: not sure…
h - horror yes or horror no: YES ALL MY YESS!!! I love horror so much…horror movies horror anything I love horror so muchhg!!
i - in love?: Yes! With Tom!
j - jealous of people?: not at the moment! I’m pretty happy with what I have.
k - killed someone?: No, but mostly because I had to have my gun and knives removed by force because of my issues! (I steal them back sometimes hehehe)
l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: I don’t understand
m - middle name: Secret!
n - number of siblings: two older brothers!
o - one wish: hehehe world domination!
p - person you called last: My brother, to pick up more sushi.
q - question you’re always asked: can you draw ___? (From my art blog)
r - reason to smile: Tom! And Edd…and Paul…and Miku…and Sal! (They know who they are!)
s - song you sang last: kill all your friends!
t - time you woke up: 2:30 Bc I slept late!
u - underwear color: Red!
v - vacation destination: Legend of Zelda (ha…I wish!)
w - worst habit: scratching and cutting/even stabbing my thigh with objects at times :( )
x - x-rays: nope! No x-rays, we die like men.
y - your favorite food: Sushi…or just any Chinese food.
z - zodiac sign: Gemini!!

I tag…. @nintndoswitch @ajin @zmirnoff @nyu @knifetothroat @scaretheater
You don’t gotta btw! But I’d love to see!

too many white ppl not wanting to speak up bc they’re scared of bein ostracized by their white friends…and u know what i’m really sick of? white ppl who never bring up issues on their own. they wait till all the people of color on their twitter feed, on tumblr are discussing something and post a shitty rephrasing of a post a person of color already made and better to seem involved. they try to rehash a point that has been made millions of times to the point where it’s common knowledge and play this off like they’re accomplishing something. you don’t have to teach poc about racism. we fucking know all about it.

y’all are silent 364 days of the year but then when poc are upset about something you decide to chime in with your obligatory white two cents that accomplishes nothing. and you won’t bring this stuff up in front of other white people either. not ever. you’ll listen to the white people around you being openly hateful and you’ll keep your mouth shut. all this talking like you care and then you refuse to confront your racist and hateful white friends because you don’t want them to exclude you or get mad at you. if you care about us why the fuck you want friends like that in the first place? 

we can tell when you’re posting shit just to seem like “one of the good ones” and we can tell when you post stuff bc you’re scared the big bad people of color will come for you if you don’t and you’re just trying to cover your ass



(A copyable version of the chain text is under the cut. Annoy your friends!)

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  • Person A: *runs up to friend/Person C panting* YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!!
  • Person C: What?? What happened??
  • Person A: (Person B) just read Killing Stalking!
  • Person C: So??
  • Person B: *running after person A with kitchen knife* COOOME BAAACK~ I WANT TO TIE YOU UP IN MY BASEMENT~~
  • Person A: *unholy petrified screeching*

Oikawa Tooru for  @shizumar​ ♥ ♡

Merry Christmans Mar!!Hope you have a wonderful day!!I was so happy to be your secret santa!! Χρόνια Πολλά, καλά Χριστούγεννα και καλές γιορτές!! ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡