and all your face actually


The only thing we need to worry about is the next minute. 

Newcomers Pt 7

The Benemar swarmed across Terra almost completely unchecked, their sheer numbers and the suddenness of their attack meant the Humans were unprepared for such and assault and even though their orbital defence platforms reaped a bloody toll on their attackers the Benemar overwhelmed them. Still the Humans fought, determined to make the Benemar pay in blood for every inch of Terran soil they took and for every Human they killed the Benemar would loose a hundred of their warriors.

The Benemar focused their assault on the heavily populated area with little military presence, the bombardment form space alone killed millions before they even began landing their warriors to begin culling the population. But as the attack went on the Humans were able to mobilize more of their assets and the Benemar’s advance began to slow. But they were still heavily outnumbered and out gunned, stalling is all the Human generals could really do.

High Chieftain Veetop sat upon his throne overlooking the planet below and watched it burn, it was as he thought, the Humans were weak and they ran from his armies and screamed as they were slaughtered. He wished he was down there but he had lost the bought with High Chieftain Beeqol so he was resigned to command the fleet.

The now slave Goolack was chained to his throne naked and forced to watch as his own warriors were now under the command of his rivals, his entire clan had been disgraced and disbanded but still he kept up the pretence that this will end badly for the Benemar.

“I wonder what Human slaves are like? I look forward to beating them into submission” High Chieftain Veetop said to himself, so far no Humans had been captured but there was still time, they had a number of outlining worlds and there were still billions left on their homeworld.

“They will not submit” Goolack said.

“Silence! You lost your right to ever speak again” he shouted hitting him.

“I shall show you how Benemar live, we do not let other races oppose us us, we conquer them!”

General Patton command the Terran defence force from an underground bunker hidden in the Antarctic, here he had access to the entire planets forces and his commanders and the picture was looking bleak at first look. But he had a plan and soon enough all the pieces would be in place, all that was needed was his reinforcements. He just hoped they would get there in time.

Outside the solar system the 8th army arrived and joined the task force that was gathering just outside of scanning range. Admiral Winston had wanted to attack the moment he arrived but General Patton had told him to wait, his captains were also getting impatient as the longer they waited to more people died.

“Are we really just going to wait here sir” Captain Clerk asked.

“Those are our orders, general Patton has superiority as he is the acting supreme commander and has some sort of plan in place” The Admiral replied and his tone betrayed that he did not like waiting either.

“But the longer we wait the more innocent people are dying!” Captain Kiev objected his thick Russian accent putting heavy meaning on his words.

“Do we at least know the situation on the ground sir?” Captain Williams asked polity.

“We know is the Benemar have landed close to 12 million troops but the figure may be more-”

“12 million!! There was only a fraction of the defence force on the planet” Kieve interrupted.

“Yes Captain and I would prefer if you did not interrupt me again” Admiral Winston said getting to his feet.

“Sorry sir”

“It’s all right, I understand your frustration but as I was saying because of the large number of enemy troops our forces have fallen back to more defensible positions but we have strongholds on all major continents”

The captains all fell silent, they had no choice but to wait and have faith in their comrades on Terra to hold the line.

General Patton held on tight as another bomb landed on the surface above, somehow the Benemar had found his bunker and were trying to dig him out, the intent was to cut off the head and body will die.

“Put me through to the enemy fleet, I think it’s we had a chat”

“Yes General” answered a com operator and he gave the thumbs up when the connection was made.

“This is General Abraham Patton of the Terran defence force”

The main monitor then shifted to show the bridge of the Benemar flagship, it was a dark and horrid place but sitting in his throne was the Benemar High Chieftain Veetop looking very pleased with himself.

“Ah General have you reconsidered my offer for your surrender?” he growled grinning all across his face.

“Actually I was going to ask if you wanted to surrender” he countered as another bomb hit.

High Chieftain Veetop gave a throaty laugh that almost sounded like he was going to choke and spat on the Benemar chained to his throne.

“Me? Surrender? Have you gone mad with fear Human”

“You really don’t understand us at all do you?”

“I understand enough that your kind are weak and cowards, your world burns before me, your people are being enslaved and if you think I am going to surrender then you are clearly mad”

General Patton smiled “I guess then that your answer is no?”


“Good” Patton cut the link and was put through to Admiral Winston.

“Admiral, you may begin your attack now, we are ready”

“About time!”

Patton smiled at his friends eagerness to get into the fighting and turned to his operators. “Are all systems ready?”

“Yes General, all platforms are powered and awaiting your order”

“Good, deploy the orbital guns and order the counter attack”

All across the planet the Humans suddenly stopped retreating and turned and fought back with every ounce of strength they could, all Benemar fronts began to encounter series resistance and could no longer advance. This sudden change In the Humans manner caught them of guard and many began falling back. But that was not all, underground and hidden from both scanners and prying eyes were huge bases, the ground parted to allow a cannon the size of a skyscraper to emerge and point up at the Benemar fleet above the planet.

“European gun ready”

“Mediterranean gun ready”

“Middle eastern gun ready”

“West and eastern Russian guns ready”

“Asian guns ready”

“Pacific guns ready”

“North and south American guns ready”

“African guns ready”

“All guns are deployed and ready to fire general”

General Patton gave a toothy smile as he imagined the Benemar’s faces at the sudden appearance of these weapons, they had no idea what was coming. He gave a single order.


The guns recoil was massive but was built to withstand it, but the earth around it was kicked up and sent anything close by flying as the immense power created it’s own shock wave. They were fast to reload too and could fire a single shell every ten seconds.

“High Chief we are detecting in coming fore from the surface”

“Impossible, no gun has the power to fire from the surface of a planet”

Just as he finished speaking one of the shells struck his ship, it was only a glancing hit but it destroyed a third of their port side guns, but the shell did not stop it continued on and struck and destroyed a cruiser that was close by the flagship.

The entire Benemar fleet came under fire, with thousands of ships in orbit it was impossible for the Humans to miss even if they tried, the Benemar captains panicked and tried to avoid this incoming fire but in the confusion they collided with each other.

“High Chieftain, we are being torn to shreds we must withdraw”

“I told you this was going to happen” Goolack laughed and was quickly shot by the High Chieftain.

“Pull the fleet back out of range!”

“More ships have appeared behind us!”

“Who’s!!!” he demanded to know as if he did not already know.

“Its the Humans”

“How many?!”

The Benemar sensor operator did not respond.

“I asked you how many?!”

The operator slowly turned “2064”

High Chieftain Veetop froze, that was almost the number of fleets in the entire Benemar fleet, and he only had half it under his command. “Get me High Chieftain Beeqol!”

“I can’t he’s dead, all of our forces are being overrun or are in retreat order is breaking down”

Veetop screamed in frustration.

Admiral Winston stood on his bridge watching the main monitor and the Benemar fleet desperately trying to get out of range of the orbital guns, he grinned as he saw what Patton was planning. The catch them between a rock and hard place.

“All ships, target the Benemar forces and engage on my command”

He quickly got his confirmations from his captains.

“2nd army fleet The Barons reporting ready”

“8th army fleet The Desert Rats ready”

“9th army fleet The Heavens Wrath ready”

In total there were 12 fleets in this task force under Admiral Winston and like Patton he gave one order.


If the fire from the planet was considered bad the fore from the fleet was catastrophic, the two points of fore tore the Benemar ships apart, those that were not destroyed by the opening barrage tried to make a run for it past the Human fleet. They too were shredded under multiple broadsides and their escape pods destroyed, there were to be no survivors.

The battle engagement last only a few scant hours but int hat time, close to 50 million Benemar were dead…none had been able to escape and no word got back to heir home world of what had happened.

“Your timing is excellent as always Admiral” Patton congratulated.

“As is your planning, well done”

“So I guess your men will need some rest?”

“Oh no, we have been attacked and this is a declaration of war” Admiral Winston grinned,

“To the Benemar homeworld then?” General Patton said.

“To the Benemar homeworld”

Bento Prime satellites detected incoming ships and rejoiced at the returning of their fleet, they prepared to welcome home their conquering hero’s

bedhead ereri and morning kisses!!
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{ he finds out you wear glasses! // hamilsquad x reader }

a/n: i like added a little drabble for each one. might do this with all of these in the future. not sure yet, but enjoy!


He noticed them when you slip them on while you’re working. He does a bit of a double take and when you look up from your work, you see him staring at you. His eyes are all big and wide and he’s so excited because he’s never seen you with them on before.

“What?” You ask him of course, a little nervous. You play it off like it’s not a big deal but it is to you. You were always kind of insecure about your appearance. You never really felt like your glasses suited you.

 It isn’t long until he points up to his own eyes, silently referring to your glasses. 

“Oh, these?” You laughed a little nervous. “Y-Yeah.”

“I like them!” He says happily.

He coos over you and insists that now you’re glasses buddies. He likes you either way of course, but to him, you look cuter with your glasses*. 

*You best believe he’s your biggest fan. 

“I hate these glasses. Ugh, I’m so blind.”

“Well, thank goodness I’m not because daaaaang, you look so good with them on.”


He’s the first to know! He noticed you’d have to ask him to read stuff to you whenever you two went out. It might be a faraway menu on a screen or small print on a paper that you couldn’t quite make out, but he’d always read to you. He loved helped you with whatever, especially if you asked him. But soon the tugs on his sleeve and whispers to read things grew more frequent. 

He nudged you to get glasses and you asked him to go with you since you were a little nervous. You went through all the weird tests and then they let you go pick out a set of frames you liked. You tried on several pairs with him and he told you honestly what he thought of each one. Some made you look more studious, others made you look much older, but you’d settled on a nice pair in a shape that framed your eyes perfectly and fit your face shape. 

 "John, what do you think?“ You asked, a little shy, but he had the biggest smile on his face as he took in your new look. He thought you looked even cuter with them on and was so supportive when it came to them. You didn’t really like having to slip them on, but he always told you how beautiful you looked to him when you did. 

“Hey, now, I can really see all your freckles.” You might say, poking at them as you laid on top of his chest. You could see them before. You weren’t that blind, but these glasses made everything look sharper. 

John was just smiling up at you. 

“W-What?” You said, biting back a smile.

“I wish you knew what these glasses do to me. You’re so cute. Please, wear them all the time.” 

“Johnnn -”

“You were like cute and so perfect before, like wow. But now I’m like ‘whoa, that cutie with the glasses is mine’ … Does that make sense? I don’t know. I just love you so much.”


He was actually the last person who found out. You’d forgotten to refill your prescription for your contacts and were forced to put on your older set of frames until your contacts came in. It was Peggy who actually blurted to him how nice your glasses were and he asked if he knew where you’d bought them. He hadn’t seen you in them. He didn’t even know you wore glasses. Not wanting to sound like a bad boyfriend, he just said he’d ask you for her. 

When you got home, he insisted that you put them on. You were hesitant to put them on, but with the smile that crept on Laf’s face and the sweet little sigh that passed his lips told you how much he loved you with them on. 

“Did my contacts come in, Laf?” You asked, coming into the living room. “My phone says they were delivered.“

“Yeah,” He said, looking at his phone. “They came.” He sounded bored.

“Okay, well … where are they?” 

“Dunno.” He shrugged and you glared at him. 

“I need my contacts. I look bad in my glasses so -”

He cut you off right there, practically tackled you, and told you how beautiful you were when you had your glasses on. He hugged you, making you blush scarlet as he started to kiss you all over your face.


You don’t try to hide it from him actually. He knew early on in your relationship that you wore glasses since you wore them one day to class when you were back in college. You guys took a art class together since Herc wanted to get better at sketching and you had just needed an elective.

You were very tired that morning and didn’t have time to put in your contacts so you slipped your glasses on, put your hair in a bun, and rushed off to get to class.

You sat next to each other like always, and he had to do a double take when he saw you. 

“A-Are they that bad?” You managed a little laugh, biting your lip slightly as you looked down a little. 

“No, no, no!” He said quickly. “Y-You look beautiful. I really like them. They suit you.” 

Which caused you to blush profusely of course, because you never really liked the frames you had worn throughout high school, but then Hercules Mulligan came along and made you feel all warm inside. You wore them more around him and seeing him smile a little wider at you made you feel good.

You often joked that these glasses were what got Herc to finally ask you out. 

For your final art project, you had to make a portfolio. One of the drawings you included had to be a portrait of a person. You decided to draw each other, so when you came over to his dorm and sat in a chair he had for you, you immediately went to take off your glasses.

He stopped you. “No. Keep them on, love.” 

You smiled and slipped the frames back on.

Boyfriend! Rowoon (SF9)

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  • thinks it’s funny when you’re too short to reach his face to give him a kiss
  • but he’s always willing to lean down and kiss you instead
  • cooks for you
  • always making sure that you’re eating
  • i mean if this boy is cooking for you i dont know why you wouldn’t eat
  • likes to rest his head on your head
  • if you can’t reach things, he’ll gladly get it for you
  • and he’ll purposely put things within your reach so you don’t have to struggle again
  • always ends up walking faster than you since his legs are so long
  • “hey (y/n), where are you?”
  • “i’m *cough* right here *deep breathe* behind you. My legs aren’t as long as yours, i can’t keep up with you”
  • “get on my back then”
  • so you get a piggyback ride because he doesn’t want to lose you
  • also he loves the close contact
  • finds all your attempts to reach his height utterly adorable
  • (i.e high heels, shoe lifts, jumping up and down or like standing on a higher platform”
  • constantly singing for you
  • only ever gets jealous if you like hang out with one of the members a lot
  • kinda just like
  • “i thought I was your boyfriend (y/n) -3-”
  • “rowoon, i can hang out with your members, they’re my friends, you have nothing to worry about”
  • “hmph, fine. just make sure you don’t forget about your boyfriend
  • always moving your hair out of your face because he thinks that you’re absolutely stunning and wants to see your face all the time
  • also likes doing your hair
  • and actually does a really good job
  • probably friends with your family on facebook
  • when you guys are cuddling his entire body is practically covering you since he’s so big
  • during cuddling sessions he likes to intertwine his fingers with yours and put his forehead against yours
  • and he’ll just stare at you so lovingly
  • gives short and sweet kisses
  • could go on for days about everything he loves about you
  • and will if he needs to
  • wonders everyday what he’d do without you he just loves you so much

The boys finding out their s/o can get easily overwhelm with affection and will hide their face in their hands because they’re blushing so much mainly because they’re not used to getting affection before? Please and thank you!

Sorry for the wait! I hope you like it!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • His hand reaches to hold yours
  • And gets smacked out of the way when yours flies up to cover your face!
  • It puzzles him
  • None of his past lovers have ever reacted like this to hand holding…
  • You tell him it’s nothing - you just aren’t used to affection, which causes you to react this way
  • His initial reaction is slight sadness
  • What was he doing wrong?
  • His beautiful s/o isn’t used to feeling loved?
  • That won’t do.
  • He must fix this.
  • Shinguuji decides to hold your hand and show you affection as much as possible
  • He shows up to dates with red roses
  • Compliments you every chance he gets
  • You still blush every now and then - and he thinks it’s adorable
  • You’re his lovable s/o, after all!

Rantarou Amami

  • He first realises when you’re sitting on the couch together and he goes in for a peck on the cheek
  • Your phone nearly flies out of your hands!
  • Amami what are you doing!!!!?
  • “S/o…? Did I hurt you?”
  • You say to him that you’re not too used to affection, it’s definitely not his fault, and that it’s really nothing to worry about
  • He’s not worried, but…
  • He still makes a mental note to try harder.
  • Aside from that, he thinks it’s really cute when you cover your face out of shyness
  • He finds you even more adorable when you blush
  • He gives you cute nicknames to match how cute you look when he shows you affection!
  • Hugs become a lot more frequent in the relationship
  • “I hope I make you feel loved, s/o. You really are important to me.”

Ouma Kokichi

  • The grin on his face when he sees you blush after he’d kissed your cheek
  • “The Supreme Ruler’s mere presence is enough to bring anyone to a blushing mess!”
  • You giggle at his joke, but tell him that really isn’t it at all
  • Instead, the reason for your blushing is that affection isn’t something you’re used to
  • He still teases you - it’s pretty adorable seeing your face go all red the way it does
  • He’s actually pretty surprised - you’re the most incredible partner in the world
  • How could you not be used to affection at this point
  • You tell him it’s because you hadn’t received it often in the past.
  • Oh.
  • On the inside, he’s pained
  • He’s angry at your past lovers - how hard is it to love your own partner?!
  • Especially when they’re as perfect as you?!
  • He holds you closer than usual
  • He reminds you of how dear and important you are to him
  • He loves you more than anything else in the world

Saihara Shuuichi

  • He finds out the first time he tells you he loves you
  • “…I love you so much, s/o.”
  • He’s blushing
  • You’re blushing
  • Both of you are blushing like crazy
  • You both share an internal monologue
  • You’re so overwhelmed by his words that you can barely reply
  • You’re just blushing and staring at him like !!!!!!
  • And he’s staring back like !!!!!!!! waiting for your reply
  • You finally manage to tell him you love him back, a few moments later
  • You apologise - you weren’t used to hearing people say things like that to you!!
  • He can’t believe it
  • He promises that he’ll tell you he loves you every day if it helps!
  • But all that does is make you blush even more
  • And now he’s blushing back
  • Not again-!

Kaito Momota

  • "Surprise hug!!”
  • He pries your hands away from your face to see if you’re alright
  • He’s concerned
  • It is red
  • That can’t be good!
  • Was his surprise hug too much of a surprise for his cute s/o?!
  • He’s sorry!!
  • You explain why you reacted that way to his hug
  • At least you’re not hurt…
  • He’s surprised someone like you hasn’t received much affection in their past
  • It’s fine, though,
  • It just means he’ll have to give you extra affection! 
  • And he’ll happily oblige!
  • Anything for his awesome s/o!


  • The boy is super confused
  • All he wanted was a cuddle!
  • He thought humans liked affection???
  • Was he doing it wrong????
  • Was his body too sharp??
  • “Why are you covering your face like that, s/o?!”
  • When you tell him he didn’t do anything wrong, he is so relieved
  • He understands now!
  • More than anything, he’s glad you’re not hurt or afraid of him
  • He does find it really cute whenever you blush or hide your face in your hands!
  • In fact, the blushing is contagious
  • Now both your faces go red whenever any of you show affection towards the other!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • “Gonta picked flowers for s/o!”
  • The alarms go off in your head
  • That’s!!!! So!!!! Sweet!!!!
  • You squeal a little bit and your face goes red, and your hands rush to cover it
  • Gonta is now worried!!
  • Gonta wants to know if s/o is okay!!!!
  • Faces aren’t supposed to be that red!!!!!
  • It must be the flowers! Gonta should call a doctor!-
  • You calm yourself down and assure him that it’s fine - you get like this when shown affection because you aren’t used to it
  • He’s shocked
  • It’s not very good that you aren’t used to affection - he’ll be sure to give you extra flowers from now on!
  • But he’s really glad you told him
  • And that he hadn’t accidentally hurt you!

Ryouma Hoshi

  • Much like Kiibo, he’s confused
  • Why are you covering your face like that..?
  • You remove your hands to show your blush
  • He admits, you do look rather cute
  • Then he learns the real reason why you’re reacting this way
  • He denies it
  • There’s no way you aren’t used to affection…
  • It makes no sense…
  • You’re so beautiful, kind, funny
  • The list goes on and on
  • Words couldn’t explain his love for you
  • He can’t imagine a world without you
  • He tries even harder than before from then on to make you feel like the most loved person on the planet!

OOOOOOOOKAAAAY, so I talked about this with @letliv3 so many months ago, and the idea is…kind of stuck? So here’s a little drabble for the @madakaka albums. I’ve been sitting on this idea for absolutely fucking ever. Take this little WIP?

In the AU where Kakashi is transported back in time, what if, after he’s transported back to his original time, Izuna still gets killed? Madara might still flip his shit and go through with his plans, not even realizing what they will cost Kakashi.

So when Kakashi comes back to the present, it’ll be the universe where Madara knows him. He should probably get there before Madara has the chance to actually kill anyone, that way everyone can just team up and kick the shit out of Zetsu. Kaguya never has the chance to be brought back. There are fewer casualties. Obito doesn’t have to die. Everyone’s parents are alive, and things are pretty fucking good- until Madara has to actually die. Because the Impure Reincarnation was never meant to be a permanent thing, right? And once Madara realizes what he’s done to Kakashi and the people precious to him, he wouldn’t want to be completely resurrected. Maybe.

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Concept: Lance doesn't know what cornbread is and Keith got so mad he started shaking

i think this fits more the other way around

keith: so it’s bread with corn kernels inside of it??

lance: no, it’s a whole different thing, it-

keith: i don’t like corn :/

lance: no listen to me it’s not-

keith: i hate how it always gets stuck in your teeth. it’s gross

lance: please just listen to m-

keith: and how you have to bite it right off the cob? it gets all over your face and it’s so messy and

Don’t you hate when your gf’s fight over stupid things. Good thing Lapis always helps them makeout make up in the end. 



I wanna think about you (Jerome Valeska imagine)

Request: Jerome Valeska imagine where he’s all popular and notorious in gotham and everyone admires him but his girlfriend Y/N is scared that he would grow bored of her and is worried that she would lose him to another girl?

Requested by: purityimagines

Warning: Jealousness from readers side, fluffy as hell

A/N: Thank you so, so much for your request, purityimagines! I honestly love the idea and oh, I also love your imagines, so I really hope you will like it! *-*

Yes, yes, dating a celebrity, blah, blah, seeing as his fans sends him naked photos and all these things, you still could be happy that this wasn’t you. But still, Jerome was known in Gotham a lot. It was just so easy: Blow up bus with cheerleaders; hated. Kill everyone from police station; hated. Tell super mega awesome quotes better than superman and bum! People likes him. 

When Jerome talked to the camera for the news, you were behind the camera and smiled at him, so much proud of your boyfriend with blood all over his face (and that actually turned you on). After the big action, you both run away and had a big celebration, just you two as in old times. 

You knew Jerome since you were 15. You guys spend a lots of time together and he sometimes ran to your house when his mother had “her moments”, you always took care of him and cuddled with him while watching movies like Lion King, How to train your Dragon etc. He loved it and you loved it. But the difference was that he loved the movies and you loved his touch.

Once, you even stood up to his mother, but it ended the way she just slapped you and was even worse with Jerome. 

After him killing her, you didn’t know. You actually had no idea something like that happend and you searched for him everywhere, until Jim Gordon told you what happend. And guess what? You didn’t believe him. How surprising, right? 

After a long time, you dedicated to went to Arkham and finally see him again. But the visiting hours still sucked, you had only one hour and you guys didn’t even talk much, you saw him after 2 months, new haircut, new friends of his, like Aaron or Robert, which especially scared you and his new personality. 

“It was nice to see you.” You said, when you walked to the door. 
“Y/N.” He stopped you and hugged you tightly. In that moment, you thought it’s the same Jerome as always, as before, the old puppy. But nah, he was totally different person now. 

After another one week, your mother drove you to shop, because of you wanted some new books for reading, but when the bus stopped, you two also had to stop. 
“What’s wrong?” You asked and looked over the seat at the bus. 
“I don’t know.” You mother answered and you just watched Jerome and Robert, Aaron plus one another guy you didn’t know go to the bus. 

“Look at the ginger boy,” your mother said, “he looks exactly like the guy you’ve been hanging with out before.”
“Yeah…” you whispered. 

Jerome didn’t notice you, he was just too much in his own things, but just that night, he came to your house, by window, obviously, duh? And since that night, you could proudly say that you finally had your first time, if you know what I mean. 

“Okay, babydoll, what are we gonna do now? Kill some cops? No, we did that already. Take some puppies! No… that’s too cruel.” 
You mumbled something, when you noticed two teen girls looking at their phones and screaming something about Jerome. 

“Oh, I think he’s cute, ya know? He had point with that prison thing, I also think that I’m exatly his type.”
“Since when do you like gingers?” The other girl asked.
“Since the day I started to like villains?”
“Since when do you like villains?”
“Since the day I saw Jerome Valeska in tv!” The other one screamed at her and send a kiss to her mobile display. 

“Hey, Y/N, are you listening?” He looked over at you and you just nodded. “Yeah, sure thing.”
“Okay, what did I say?” 
I don’t know, that you wanna take some puppies?”
“No, jesus, Y/N, you weren’t listening.”

“I’m sorry.” You mumbled and continued with walking in the alley between houses. Of course you couldn’t just go and walk in streets like some normal people, Jerome probably didn’t want that because of cops could take him (hah, they couldn’t, we all know he’s too good, but you just thought he thought that), but you were too scared that he would go to some other girls.


“Ouch.” You looked over at him when he pushed you to the wall and wanted to kiss you. “What? No celebrating?” 
“Not today…” you mumbled and he nodded. “Okay, fine. So I’m gonna go-”

In that moment, you kissed him and took him by his shirt tightly to you. “Let’s celebrate.”
“Y/N, you just said you don’t want to.” 
“But… I want to. I don’t want you to go to someone else.”

What?” He looked at you frowning. 
“I mean, that was what you wanted to say, wasn’t it?”
“No? I wanted to go to the shower, I’m all in blood. Why would you think I would want to go to someone else, Y/N?”

“I don’t know…” you mumbled and looked at the wall behind him. 
“Okay.” He took a chair and told you to sit. After a quite moment, you sat down. “Great.” He knelt in front of you. 

“Now, tell me.” 
You sighed. “You didn’t hear these two girls? They were acting like you would be the freaking celebrity! They are supposted to be scared of you, not fangirling over you like some stupid crazy heads. There’s one time when you hate it, you know, Jerome? And I do hate it, when other girls are talking about you. How much they want you in bed, how much they love your ginger hair. Ginger hair I’m supposted to have my fingers in. I mean, my fingers which you know too much, I mean… you’re the first guy I feel something for and I know how does it goes. When you are bored of one girl and a lots of girls like you, you will just throw her away and go with other one.” 

He smiled at you. “To answer your question, no, I did not hear any girls talking about me, because of I’m trying to listen to you, when I’m with you, I don’t want to look or listen to other girls, sweetie.”

“And if you’re not with me?” You asked slowly, still looking at the floor.

He looked at you and shook his head a little, then he smiled. “Then I wanna think about you and not about anyone else. Only Greenwood, to be full of honest, because of he’s just so interesting, you know?”

You chuckled a little. “Should I be jealous?”
“I think it was enough of jealousness for today, love.” 

You smiled a little, when he gave you a little peck on your lips.

Jerome stood up and looked at you, when he he reneged on the chair. 

“What about the celebration?” He smiled wildly and you kissed him without answer.

*Gifs are NOT mine, all credits to the owners!

Ice Cream Cuddles

Parings: Yoon Sanha x Reader
Notes: “Can I request some tooth rotting-ly cute Sanha scenario with cuddles and ice cream 😭” @cookiecait
Warnings: none
Word Count: 1119

Originally posted by lunarjun

"No, no get that flavor!”

“Wait, can we get this one too?!”

“Y/n, look we have to get this one too!”

Despite how annoying this all sounded, it actually brought a huge smile to your face. Watching Sanha dance around the little convenience store in search of ice cream was such task, seeing as you’d have to keep an eye on him and make sure he didn’t go overboard, but it was fun. With the large grin adorning his lips, and the pastel colors he had chosen to wear all made you laugh. Sanha was just a cute person in general, so hearing his excited little squeals and seeing his happy expression made you smile in return.

“Remember Sanha,” You called out to him, placing another pint of Strawberry ice cream into the small cart. “We also have to get some for the guys, not just for us.” At the sound of this news Sanha skidded to a stop, turning to face you with his bottom lip jutted out in a pout. “Whyy?” He whined, slowly walking to your side and glancing down to the eight pints of ice cream solemnly.

You laughed at his childish antics, pressing against your toes a bit as you gave his baby blue hat covered head a small pat. “Don’t worry,” You held up a pint of Mint Chocolate before placing it into the cart as well. “There are two for you, and two for me.”

Sanhas face lit up at this news, and he bent down to place a sloppy kiss on to your cheek before he threw his hands into the air. “Okay, that’s good!” He then ran over to one self, grabbing a box of waffle cone and holding them up for inspection. “Cones, or no cones?” You shook your head in reply, walking over to the same self but instead of grabbing a sleeve of cones, you reached further back and grabbed a carton of sprinkles and other toppings.

“We’re eating our ice cream out of the can.” You told him, motioning to your cart that had been filled with different assortments of ice cream and toppings. Sanha nodded excitedly, placing the sleeve of cones back on to the shelf and once again coming to your side. “Okay then,” You clapped your hands, and with much difficulty turned the cart around. “let’s check out before we end up buying the entire ice cream section.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“A stomach ache.”


It took a while for the two of you to head to checkout, but once it was done and over with, the two of you hurriedly made your way home. You were both met with happy dances and excited faces as soon as you walked through the door. You tried your best to hand out the correct flavor to the right boy, but you almost handed one of Sanhas pints to JinJin, making him yell out in protest before yanking his pint close to his chest and practically throwing JinJin his own.

You scolded him for his actions, of course, and after you were done with that, the two of you made your way back to the guest room, where the TV was still playing a random show you had chosen to play. You placed your bag of ice cream on to a chair, setting your two pints next to Sanhas as he grabbed two spoons. “So which first, Moose Tracks or Neapolitan?”

“Neapolitan!” He exclaimed, jumping up and down with excitement before reaching over you to grab his pint of ice cream. “Cause then we’ll get all three flavors at once!” You nodded in agreement, reaching for your own pint of ice cream and handing it to him before turning on a movie that the two of you had picked out. After the beginning credits began to roll, you jumped on to the bed next to Sanha and pulled the covers over you, leaning your head against his shoulder.

“I feel like I haven’t done anything like this in a while.” Sanha spoke, placing a spoonful of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla into his smiling mouth. “Thanks for doing this with me, y/n.” He turned his attention away from the movie and to you, his lips curling into another smile of gratitude. You titled your head a bit to return the smile, moving your body just a bit to press a chaste kiss against his cheek.

“It’s no problem,” You told him, setting your pint of ice cream on to the night stand and wrapping your arms around one of his arms. “but you should also be thanking Eunwoo. This was partially his idea. He thought that you were getting to stressed.”

“I was.”

“And he knew that.” You continued to speak, snuggling closer to Sanha as you lightly focused on the movie, but keeping most of your attention on the boy next to you. “So he, well both of us, decided that you needed some time to relax. Hence our little ice cream/cuddle session.”

Sanha placed a hand over his heart, pursing his lips together in a goofy smile as he hugged you close to him. “Aw, thank for you caring about me, y/n.” His voice cracked a bit as he spoke, a blush forming on his cheeks and neck as you laughed lightly. “Anyways, I’ll have to thank Eunwoo later. Cause right now we still have some ice cream to dig into!”

“Okay, but let’s cuddle for a bit first.” You stood up from the bed, grabbing both of the pints of ice cream and placed them next to your bag before jumping back on to the bed. Sanha immediately wrapped his long arms around your waist, and you snuggled deep into the covers as you wrapped him into a big hug. Sanha took his hat off, throwing it gently on to a near by chair before nuzzling his face into your hair and breathing in the comforting scent.

“Our ice cream better not melt.” He mumbled, moving his gaze to your face as he narrowed his eyes in a joking manner. “Otherwise I might get angry.” Sanha playfully dug his fingers into your sides, eliciting a series of laughter from you as you ran your fingers through his curly hair.

“Might?” You drew back from him a bit to give him a questioning gaze. The serious look on his face lasted for about two seconds, and he tried his hardest to keep it there longer, but he melted into a pile of giggles and smiles. “No, never mind. I can never be angry at you.”

“You can try though.”

“I’d rather not, actually. I like you too much to hate you.”


Off with the masks

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@whothehellisbella @sad-af1121 @writemarvelousthings @buckyslion hey guys! soooo update…. I cannot draw people to save my life 😕 but I promised doodles so y’all are going to get them. I was thinking about doodling little objects that remind me of you guys with cute faces… if that makes any sense. is that alright? 💕

Request: “Ed Nygma/The Riddler breaks you out if Blackgate”

A/N: I’m sorry, this was supposed to be posted last weekend and then I was supposed to post yesterday….my bad fam

EDIT: Pic belongs to: @pennypersnickity

“Inmate: 270!” A guard roared you’re number. You rolled your neck and rolled your eyes out of frustration, only wanting to finish this meat patty that sat upon your lunch tray. “Telephone!” You waited, taking a few more bites. “Now!” You pushed your tray away, an annoyed grunt as you stood.

“Can I have the rest?” An inmate across form you asked, you answered with a simple nod. You walked past each table, occasional navy blue or beige inmate glancing at you, some of their uniforms dirtied by their sloppy eating. You meet eyes with the guard who had bellowed you, both of your glares attack each other. You snatched the phone from his hand and pressed the phone to your ear with your back towards him for the little privacy you had.

“Hello?” You answered, praying it was a bailer or a lawyer who thought you should get another chance.

“How’s Blackgate?” The voice replied making you let out a relieved chuckled.

“Its, um…” You rested a hand on your temple, body leaning against the cracked wall. “It’s so clean and everyone has the warmest manners. You’d be amazed, Ed’.”

“Really? I bet.” You could hear the grin through the phone. “Press these buttons in this exact order –”

“Why?” You cut him off, glancing back at the officer who caught you looking at you. The eye contact made it awkward. “Is it going to give me money so I can buy some gun from the concession?”

“I’ll get you a muffin when you get out. #276-#94.” You weren’t going to question his plan and immediately pressed into the buttons. You pressed the buttons and glanced around, nothing was happening.

“Alright, you’ve had enough time.” The officer told you.

“One more minute!” You groaned, giving your attention back to the phone. “Nothing happened!” You whispered harshly. “What was that suppose to–” the lights go dark, excluding the emergency lights and flashes of red. Immediately prisoners start to riot, fighting amongst each other and with the guards. You let the phone fall, swinging by it cord, ducking from incoming food.

More guards thunder in, batons in hand. The door they trampled through struggled to closed, giving you the opportunity to run out, avoiding swinging punches, ducking behind walls to keep out of sight from the guards, who were either handling other prisoners or calling for local back up. All you felt was a grin on your face as you actually made it to the front of the prison, well you hid in a janitors closet and tried to figure out to pass the crowd of guards outside and not get blinded by the flashing blue and red lights.

You hear stomping coming from the halls, blue and beige uniforms of both guards and inmates running ignorantly past the cracked door, racing to freedom. You stepped out of the closet then out to the exit, the riot distracted every guard. You groaned, standing at the top step, glancing around the scene, hoping to see that familiar green or even something that he’d place that was out or the ordinary.

“Freeze!” A guard aim his gun at you, his hands shaking, and clear sweat on his brow.

“Really?” You rolled your eyes, shrugging your shoulders, taking at couple steps down.

“Not one more step!” He yelled, he straightened his posture, hardening his grip on his firearm. “I have every reason to kill you.” You squinted in annoyance at the guard. “So, not one –” the guard is hit on the back of his head by a baton, by one of his partners in fact. The guard grabs and pulls you by the arm, dragging across the field of chaos, in which order was winning.

The guard pushes you in the backseat of his cruiser, immediately taking off once the ignition started.

You watched tress, street lights in front of closed store fronts, and a couple of police cruisers sped by. You removed your shirt tossing it to the side, not wanting anymore to do with the prison. The thought of actually getting away with busting out the prison wasn’t surprising.

“I’m surprised you didn’t leave your trademark on this lovely crime.” You leaned over his seat, wrapping your arms around him and nuzzling into his neck.

“I’m baffled that you’d be surprised that I wouldn’t.” He chuckles back.

The following evening you woke up in one of Edward’s safe houses. It was a classic, out of the city apartment, though able to have a view of the freeway going into and out of Gotham. A warm, one bedroom, a bed filled with pillows and blankets; the kitchen was welcoming yet yet dishes piled the sink, little food was left in the fridge except eggs, milk, cheese, and bed frozen in the freezer; the living area set with a small round table with two comfortable wood chairs; large window opened up from behind heavy velvet curtains, reveling the lights of passing cars, loud music, honking, or revving as they passed by.

You walked to the newspaper that sat at the foot of the dark green door, mailman had slipped it through the mail slot earlier. A yellow sticky note stuck to the door:

‘What can’t you have for breakfast?’ It simply asked. You assumed he’ll be back in a bit and smiled. You picked up the newspaper and sat at the small table, enjoying the view before the green ink of the newspaper catchers your eyes. “Oh.” You simply chuckled.


It read above the picture, a green question mark laid painted from the entrance, to the curve of the prison, and the very back. The only way to properly make out the mark was from a high view and a precise position. It impressed and annoyed you how he could leave something like that. You briefly read the article and spotted your name, under the article, along with multiple other inmates who managed to escape.

The creaking from the door made you look up, entering was the man himself, holding a bag of take out and pushing the door behind him with his foot. He grinned, walking towards you, reading the headline that you held up to him, placing the bag on the table.

“I still don’t understand where you get the time.” You tossed the paper down. “Let alone not get caught.”

“Would you rather I was caught?” He sat, taking both of the boxes out, placing one in front of you.

“Absolutely not.” You smiled.

“Besides, I planned it but I wouldn’t be foolish enough to do it myself. If I had, it wouldn’t be as crooked as that.”

“Of course it wouldn’t.” You blankly agreed, taking a closer look at the mark. It looked irregular to him yet you couldn’t spot the flaw.

“Wait!” You yelped, his box open, he was ready to start eating. You jumped to his side, hugging his tightly and kissing him roughly on his cheek. He simply patted your arm for he didn’t give too much affection. “Thank you, love.” He kissed you back.

Poofy Hayor (Hair) ft. Hoseok (Jhope)

“hobi can you come home now? you’ve been gone since this morning and now it’s almost nine o'clock.” you pouted, while sitting alone in your empty house.

he let out a huge sigh of relief. this was the sixth time you called him today and everytime you called him he would tell you that he couldn’t come home because he was trying to get a choreography right but now, he could.

“im on my way after i take a quick shower, i love you.”

“bring food!..and i love you too.” you stopped yourself from almost hanging up without telling him you loved him back.

you were hungry and bored. the only resolution to this problem was hoseok of course. he was the most cute, energetic, warm, positive and caring boyfriend that you had ever had.

he would kiss you any chance he got, cuddle with you, tell you how beautiful you are on a daily basis, ask cute little questions about your culture, buy you whatever you want, and overall be the best, most influential person that you had in your life.

“y/n im home!” hoseok yelled out into the quite home.

“hobi!” you were in the bathroom, moisturizing your hair and singing songs to kill time.

you rushed to the living room, forgetting about the other side of your head. hoseok was home and that’s all that mattered at the moment. you quickly found your boyfriend and jumped into his arms, wrapping your legs around his small waist.

“somebody missed me a lot.” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around you to keep you up after placing the take-out box on the table.

he planted a few random kisses all over your face before actually kissing your lips and plopping down on the couch.

you straddled him, examining his facial features. he looked tired and that worried you, so you crawled off of him. that only made him frown, but you didn’t notice it.

“why’d you get off?” he asked.

“you seem tired.” you replied, sitting on the floor and opening up the food.

“well, you’re right…i am but that doesn’t mean that i don’t want you…” he didn’t know how to finish the sentence, which made you admire his cuteness even more.

“you’re not eating?” you asked.

“mmm, no i’m alright.” he gave you a reassuring smile, still thinking about how embarrassing his little moment was.

you hid your urge to laugh and started eating. for the whole ten minutes, hoseok stared at you. smiling a little here and there while watching your hair plop down when you leaned over into the plate. he also smiled when you’d lick your fingers, he loved watching you enjoy your food. he loved feeding you.

“you’re full now aren’t you?” he asked, while laughing a little at how your stomach had grew a little bigger due to the meal.

“duh look at me hobi! im-” you were interrupted by a sudden burp that made you cover your face in embarrassment and hoseok laugh his ass off, dramatically hopping around in the chair.

“you’re cute y/n.” he tugged on your hair. “your hair is so cool.”

“i know, you tell me everyday.” you sat down beside him.

he pulled you closer, and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “i know you’re tired, so how about you lay your head in my lap? i’ll play with your hair.”

“you just wanna play in it don’t you? all you have to do is ask me hobi.” you squinted your eyes, making him pucker his lips and look away.

“okay you caught me…i…want to play in your hair. it’s so pretty, i love it.” he smiled.

you nodded and got up to go back to the bathroom to get the hair moisturizer. might as well make him do it.

“here, put some of this on the right side. then you can do whatever you want.” you handed him the pink bottle and sat on the floor between his legs.

you felt like a little girl getting her hair done again. the way he softly finger combed through your hair, reminded you of those days where you could just sit and fall asleep because it felt so good.

“you know one of the pros that i have of dating you?” hoseok asked, breaking the comfortable silence.

“ooh what?” you were curious to know if it was gonna be serious or funny. because he was so unpredictable.

“if you ever got lost, i could find you fast because your hair stands out. it’s the prettiest out of them all. it’s black and poofy and curly and just unique!” he leaned over and kissed your forehead.

although he would always compliment you and your hair, it never got old hearing it. everytime, you were a blushing mess for him. but you pretended to be annoyed.

“baby you’re seriously more in love with my hair than me!” you nudged his leg.

he dramatically gasped, with his hand on his chest and everything. “that’s a lie! how can i not be more in love with you? you’re so cute and intelligent, you take care of me and you’re my number one fan. and lastly, did i mention that your skin is the sexiest thing to ever be created? you’re my girlfriend, my beautiful girlfriend with daebak* hair.”

“thanks but did you really have be to add that hair part in it?” you giggled as you got up to your feet.

“yes, now…for the last time, i know that we’re both tired so let’s cuddle.” hoseok suggested.

you playfully sighed, climbing into his open arms and kissing his cheek. a few seconds later, you felt a hand roam around in your hair. you decided to say nothing and see how long he would do this.

eventually, you fell asleep due to the satisfaction. hoseok though, was still wide awake and he was definitely tired but he stared at you a little while longer before forcing himself to sleep.

“ahh i love you y/n.” he kissed your head and closed his eyes.


jhope playing w/ his (poc) significant other’s black poofy/curly hair.

*daebak (대박) literally means awesome or anything along those lines.

pendaly  asked:

I've gotten my sister to watch the show on the condition that I watch iZombie with her so I've got that going for me at least XD. I appreciated ur freight-train metaphor immensely. It felt pretty accurate. Also knowing ur a filthy homestuck like me may I politely suggest you think about the idea of burner!Karkat and Kane Co. Employee Kankri? Because this brings me great pain and joy. Also Meenah as The Duke of Detroit. I mean the fish lady has a gold statue of herself?? Idk I have many thoughts.

YAAAAAASSSS  Meenah would make a fantastic Duke!  Have Feferi be Kaia (the extremist “well-intentioned” ecological terrorist, wa-hey) and you can make the three main villains a Pexies triad! >:D

Kankri would be such a Deluxian tho lbr Deluxe and Motorcity are a lot like Beforus and Alternia.  

Presenting also as counterpoint: a mutant limeblood, a psionic who dresses up like he thinks he’s a seadweller, and an actual seadweller who thinks you’re all trash.