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as of the most recent episode, Jaime x Brienne is cancelled forever. I like Jaime but every time he does some cool stuff, his character growth ends up regressing afterword anyways. It’s one step forward, two steps back with this guy.

Tormund, on the other hand, is a good man with a big bi heart who wants to conquer the world with big, monstrous babychildren. Repeatedly shows he wants to show everyone a good time. 10/10 would make Brienne happy. #MakeTrienneHappen2k17

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do you have a favorite historical figure? since you study history?


I mean how can you not love this beautiful man who spent his life building lots of castles based on myths just because he could, while being madly in love with musicals and theater and worshipping Ludwig xiv and richard wagner

he was also a drama queen, didn’t liked people and being in crowds and he was probably gay and I love him and have read entire books about him just because I love him so much

Ludwig II is my favorite dead king and no one can convince me there is someone greater out there

I went to a Gym to leave there one of my best Pokemon but suddenly!

I noticed all of the Pokemon there are purple. I wanted my ‘mon to be a happy member of the Purple Club, so instead of Rhydon or Snorlax I put there…

…a Weezing I caught at a raid. (I would choose Cloyster but it’s already there).

Then I was waiting to see the last ‘mon to join our club…

Well, close enough. Pink is the same as bright violet, after all.

You know what's funny to me

Social networks have successfully introduced the verb “like” into German vocabulary, since the German translation sounds weird in some contexts.

But now Germany collectively, albeit silently, puzzles over how to spell the germanized participle of “like”. We all know what it should sound like: it’s [gelaikt]. But do we spell it “geliket”, which just looks very weird and like we don’t know how to spell “liked”? Or do we spell it “geliked” which is grammatically incorrect since German participles that are formed in that way are spelled with a t? Or, weirdest of them all (and by the way the version the German tumblr app opted for) “gelikt” which is grammatically correct, but completely disregards the actual root of the word, and looks like it should be pronounced [gelikt] rather than [gelaikt]. As you see, it’s all very stressful. Damn you, social media!

a Linguist (almost) , a Bullet Journaler & a Bibliophile

Hallo! 你好!Hello!

I’m Alicia (from @byaliciagrace on Instagram) ! I am finally going to begin using my Tumblr! It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time but have never really gotten the motivation or knowledge to do so! But I’m back in the game. 😆

I wanted to dedicate this blog as a little diary or a blr for my studying. A little bit about me: I love languages. It’s a love I didn’t realise I had since the beginning of this year. I’ve been learning German for about 4 years, Chinese for almost all my life and Cantonese as well. My native language is English (natürlich- this whole post is in English).

I want it to make it a goal to speak German somewhat fluently at the end of two years. At the moment, my German is a bit broken- I can probably speak broken German but I know about 80% of the grammar. However, this is what this space is for. I want to document my learning and help other German learners out there. I want to meet more native-language German speakers and grow my learning here! I also practice Chinese and Cantonese and I would love to share my advice and learning-tips for these two languages!

I have always loved Chinese because my family’s ancestors come from China and I think it’s such a pretty language. Every character is a painting and every word and phrase has so much meaning behind it. Similarly, German has a language I’ve always enjoyed. It’s nice learning something so different to Chinese and Cantonese, it’s like a fresh splash of water under the hot sun. I hope that one day I can speak it fluently. I have no background in German and to be the first one in my family to speak German, that would be an amazing achievement.

Okay, enough rambling… this Tumblr is for all the German and Chinese tips, vocab and tricks that I’ve learnt along the way, it’s a place for any other study tips I have and a place for me to share more bullet journaling photos. (I also have a bullet journal that I absolutely love) This will also be a mini place for me to share my love for books and reading!

DO you have a studyblr or langblr? I want to follow you all! PS: let me know if you know or are learning German! Let’s be study buddies!

That’s all! I’m signing off xx See you in my next post


Reblog if you‘re  a german-speaking autistic.

I’ll make a list of all blogs related to autism or aspergers of german-speaking tumblr users to connect the german autistic community

Ich möchte eine Liste von allen deutschsprachigen Tumblr Usern, die einen Blog über Autismus oder Asperger haben, erstellen, um die deutsche autistische Community besser zu verknüpfen.

Auch Autisten, die keinen Blog zu diesem Thema haben können rebloggen und in die Liste mit aufgenommen werden.

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"Brought up in a fully multilingual home, he speaks fluent German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Catalan." :OOOOOOOOOOOOO dude speak SIX languages, FLUENTLY. RIP @me

omfg also he apparently loves talking about languages wtf

“German is a very technical language, a very precise language, which I love, so you can describe things in a very efficient and clear way,” he says, and then switching into a thick French accent, “then you have French which is very passionate blah-blah-blah.”


“Spanish, he says, is also passionate, and he admits that unconsciously he changes his tone and the way he acts when speaking his mother’s language.”

(im dying omg this is real and cute af it’s his mom’s language halp)

“He says that though he understands Portuguese, he could not – yet – feel comfortable taking on a role where he would have to speak it.” 

AW LOOK HE HAS A FLAW *points at a minuscule micro-pixel*

“I love Italian as well, and they move their hands big-time,” he says with a laugh.”


question 1: why is my tumblr dashboard german all of a sudden?

question 2: why isn’t it english even though that’s the language tumblr is set to?

question 3: how long has it been german without me noticing? has it ever been english? have i hallucinated the last 13 months of my life?

My German-speaking tumblr family will probably find it funny that I thoroughly enjoy jamming out to Peter Fox’s music, even though I only know what the lyrics mean because I have googled them once or twice. (I should probably learn German, but THIS IS WHAT WE ARE DOING RIGHT NOW!)

Me after my car dance party and butchering every lyric:

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Roman never said, he wouldn't change his club. He said he wouldn't go to an other Bundesliga club. And to be honest, the Bundesliga isn't as good as it used to be. Look at the international competitions. All Bundesliga teams are really bad. When was the last Bundesliga club winner of the champions league? Or the europa league? La Liga and Premier League are way better. And for all foreign Tumblr users, it's not only hate on IG. German journalists & football experts act with no respect!!!

Yes, I know the German journalists and football experts are also to blame for the excessive criticism on Roman, that’s why I said “fans and media alike”.

Sure he could move to other clubs outside Bundesliga, provided they want him. But we’ll see, shall we? It’s no use speculating over whether he’d extend his contract or not.

Bundesliga has little chance to compete internationally because it adheres to both the FFP rule and the 50+1 rule. It has little chance to win against clubs who leisurely spend €€€€€ on players like in other leagues.