and all three god cards

*Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Junmyeon sitting at the lunch table playing with Pokémon cards*

Junmyeon: “oh god, here she comes…”

*all three of them quiver in fear as I️ approach them my leather jacket squeaking as I️ walk, I️ accidentally got the jacket too big so my fingers poke out the ends. I️ remove my sunglasses to replace them with my real glasses because I️ am very blind then I️ put my leg up on the seat beside Baekhyun, he flinches*

me: “still playing Pokémon I️ see…”

Chanyeol: “leave us alone! Aren’t you tired of picking on us?”

me: “shut up furry…Join my Yu-Gi-Oh club.”

The Battle City Begins event has… well, begun in Duel Links! :D This time it uses manga panels to tell the story in some cases!

Tour Guide from the Underworld: You’re invited to “Duelist Chronicles: Welcome to Battle City!” For this trip, journey with me to… Seto Kaiba’s premier Duel Monsters tournament: Battle City! It all begins when a mysterious visitor from Egypt invites Seto Kaiba to a private exhibition.

Ishizu: Kaiba, behold the origin of Duel Monsters!
Kaiba: The carvings on this tablet look like Duel Monsters cards!
Ishizu: You have have heard of the rare Hunters - a ruthless underground sect of elite Duelists. They rob and steal rare cards, and they desire the rarest of all: the three Egyptian God Cards. I’ll let you borrow this card yo aid you in your fight.
Kaiba: This is one of the three Egyptian Gods! Obelisk the Tormentor!

Game: And when Yugi sees the tablet…

Yami Yugi: This ancient Pharaoh from thousands of years ago… He looks just like me!
Ishizu: I’ve been expecting you, my Pharaoh. You will face a foe unlike any before. The one with the seventh and last Millennium Item. This battle will be the key to unlocking your lost memories.
Game: The top duelists will compete…in legendary battles… to etch their names in history!
Kaiba: Listen up, Duelists! You’re no longer dueling in Domino. You’re dueling in Battle City!

Full Confession:

Atem using all three God Cards in the Ceremonial Battle in the show bothered me a lot. In the original story, Yugi even thought to himself that Atem wouldn’t include more than one God Card in his deck because it would be a pain to have a lot of high-level monsters, and it was a plot twist when it turns out the card he discarded with The Tricky was Osiris. It was a superb way to win, but they cheapened for the “cool” factor of the “challenge to beat all three God Cards”.