and all this for a dentist appointment

It’s Wednesday. Phin agrees.

It’s been a long week at work already. I have been doing analysis projects which are both more interesting than usual but at the same time I hate all the dead ends and lack of direction. But my boss is happy with my results, so that’s good.

Otherwise my week has consisted of potentially working out too much, not cooking enough food, and yo-yo-ing between happy, content, and frustrated with everything. Oh also, seeing a live show of Welcome to Night Vale! That was definitely fun.

I will be “working from home” on Friday, because I have a dentist appointment midday, which ends up meaning I’ll probably barely going to work and can enjoy my day at home, you know, after getting my mouth numbed and my teeth scraped. I’m looking forward to an early start to the weekend.

For now it is nice to just sit here, watch tv, and cuddle Phin.

stileswithderek  asked:

"i’m scared of the dentist so i brought my best friend along for support but they’ve been flirting with the dentist for the past fifteen minutes and now i’m third wheeling at my own dentist appointment’ au" Please? :)

May I present hot dentist Derek and shameless flirter Stiles! (also on ao3!)

“Dude, c’mon. Stop being such a freakin’ baby,” Stiles instructed loftily as he plopped down into one of the waiting room’s uncomfortable plastic chairs, crossing his legs to rest his ankle on his opposite knee, trying to get as comfy as he could on the hard blue plastic seat. He plucked a magazine at random from off the veritable mountain of tabloid spreads and old newspapers on the long coffee table in the center of the room, thumbing through it until he found some interesting pictures along with an article about lions.

Scott groaned low in his throat and begrudgingly took a seat beside him, pouting like a petulant little child as he folded his arms over his chest and stared down at the black and white tiled floor that looked like it had come right out of a 1980’s kitchen. Stiles nudged Scott’s arm with his elbow, flashing his friend a bolstering smile as he told him, “It’s just the dentist, relax. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Scott didn’t seem to appreciate the advice, sending Stiles a pathetic attempt at a glare that was supposed to be scathing but in reality just made him look more constipated than a Chihuahua. Apparently, Scott took his dental hygiene very seriously and while he had been going to Hale Dentistry ever since he was a little kid, same as Stiles, he had been anxious for his appointment since he was informed that his usual dentist would not be in and another doctor would be covering the checkup.

So, being the amazing, wonderful, out of this world best friend slash pretty much brother, that Stiles was, when he found out that Scott was worried about his appointment, he volunteered to go along with him. For moral support, of course.

It certainly wasn’t because his dad was trying some new diet that was beyond disgusting and was invented solely to torment Stiles’ taste buds, the Sheriff insisting that his only son stick to said hellish diet to show solidarity. Yup, it had nothing to do with the fact that he was hoping to stop by McDonald’s and Taco Bell on his way home. Nada.

Stiles had at first just thought that Scott was a little cagey because of the disruption to his routine, never a huge fan of change, thinking that his buddy was just a little nervous about meeting the new doctor that would have their fingers all up in his mouth. But that wasn’t the case. Scott was genuinely anxious, jumping from one worst case scenario to the next, one minute talking about how the new doctor might accidentally chip his tooth and the next talking about how he hoped the new doctor didn’t smell bad.

Stiles had a feeling that he was experiencing what it was like for other people when he inevitably wound up rambling on and on about something or another. He would have to bake his dad an appreciation cake. A low-fat, dairy-free appreciation cake, of course.

With his usual comforting tactics not working, namely self-deprecating humor and poor attempts at levity, Stiles decided to go the way of quiet comfort, gently patting Scott’s arm and giving him lots of thumbs up and encouraging smiles until the receptionist called them back to the exam room. Stiles hopped up out of his seat, feeling a bit fidgety and restless and extremely unfocused since he had forgotten his Adderall that morning. Scott much more reluctant to get back to his feet.

They followed the pretty nurse, who wore a nametag pinned to her orange fox patterned scrubs that identified her as Kira, into the exam room, Stiles thanking her while Scott continued to sulk like a kid who had just let go of his balloon. While Scott got situated in the exam seat, Stiles sunk down into a nice cushiony chair by the door, tugging his phone out of his pocket to check Pokemon Go, having been addicted since they added Gen Two.

He managed to catch two Jigglypuffs and a Cyndiquil before the doctor came in the room, making Stiles’ jaw nearly drop. Because doctors, especially not dentists, should be allowed to be that hot. Once someone achieved that level of hotness they should be promoted to Calvin Klein models or porn stars, preferably gay porn stars.

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Warnings: Fluffffffffffff

Word Count: 1304

A/n: Just rlly inexcusably cheesy. Like this is not okay. I am persONALLY ashamed by the amount of fluff.

Originally posted by xratherbeyou

You huffed, crossing and uncrossing your legs again as you leaned back in the tiny, uncomfortable chair. Three things you hated the most were doctors, strange drills, and people poking and prodding you and dentistry combined all of those things into one extremely-sanitized, linoleum-floored, overly-expensive hell. Even just sitting in the waiting room was giving making you feel sick.

How long did it even take to remove wisdom teeth? When Peter, your best friend, had asked you to drive him to the dentist for his appointment, you thought it would be a simple half hour affair but it had been an hour and a half now and he still wasn’t out. You supposed it was because he had waited so long to take them out, but still, it wasn’t that difficult was it?

“Excuse me, Miss?”

You started as a stout man walked towards you, his blue nurse’s scrubs swishing as he walked briskly towards you.


“You are here with Mr. Maximoff, correct?”

“Yeah, is he alright?” You frowned, were there complications? That would be bad, right?

“Yes he’s fine, don’t worry. Dr. Carlyle just thought that, because it’s taking so long you might want an update.”

“Oh, okay.” You breathed out in relief.

“Peter has all but one wisdom tooth out. His body fought the anesthesia in the beginning, more than any patient I’ve ever seen. His metabolism must be extremely high. Anyways, we upped the dosage which did the trick. He should be out in around ten minutes, but because of the high dosage, he might act a little more out of it than our other patients.”

“Alright, thank you.”

You sat back down, fiddling with your fingers. At least nothing bad happened, he was alright. But then again, there was no telling what Peter might do on all those drugs.

It was another fifteen minutes before Peter came out, a nurse pushing him on a wheelchair with slight difficulty as Peter’s head lolled against the back of the chair, an absent smile glazed across his face.

“Y/n… Is that you?” The silver-haired boy slurred as he craned his neck to see you from where his head was positioned.

“Yes, Peter, it’s me.”

“Aw.” Peter chuckled. “Yes.” He did a small fist pump as you thanked the nurse, taking Peter from him.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes that you’re here. I thought that bald-guy was gonna take me to his home.” He stuttered, jerking a thumb at the nurse. “But now I’m gonna go home with you.”

You smiled, thanking the people at the desk before promptly leaving, letting out a breath of a relief as the door shut behind you.

“So,” You began pushing Peter towards your car, drumming your fingers on the chair’s handles. “How do you feel?”

“Feeling scared.” He held the armrests tighter. “You’re going too fast!”
“What?” You slowed your walk to a crawl.

“Slow down, you’re gonna kill me, woman!” Peter leaned back in the seat, his knuckles white with the strain of gripping the armrests. This was going to be a long day.

After much struggle and more sweat than you’d like to admit, you had successfully made it to the car. Peter sat in the passenger’s seat, looking out the window, his eyes glazed over slightly.

“Hey, Y/n?”

“Yeah, Peter?” You drummed your fingers on the steering wheel, turning into the driveway of the mansion.

“Do you think cars have feelings?”


“Like, do cars have-” He waved his hands, wiggling his fingers slightly. “Feelings?”

“Um, I-”

“No!” He raised a finger to your mouth. “Shh. Shhhhhhhhhhhh.”


“Cause, uh, I was thinking like, you know when it’s really hot and you turn on the air conditioning so that you don’t die of heat stroke?” He feigned fainting, collapsing against the window and throwing his feet up on the dashboard. “Do you think it hurts the car? I always felt bad, what if it was too much for the car? What if we’re overworking the car, pushing past its limit?”

He was shouting now, accentuating each word with a punch to the car door.

“Peter, cars are designed to work that hard.” You pulled the car into the garage, the engine growling to a halt “Ok, we’re home!”

Peter jumped, leaning across you and fumbling with the lock a couple of times before pressing it down, sighing in relief.

“Ha, now I’ve got you trapped and you have to talk with me!”

“Ok. What.”

“Well, after thinking about if cars can feel I thought what if other things have feelings? Like clothes and stuff.”

You hummed, reaching down and leaning your chair back, pulling your legs into cross beneath you.

“I know you have that t-shirt, that red, button down with all the crazy flowers?” A piece of gauze fell out of his mouth and onto the car seat. “That super ugly one?” He shoved a finger in his mouth, struggling to put the gauze back into place.

“Yeah? My cousin gave it to me.” You chewed your bottom lip. “I’ve only worn it once, to that disco party Jubilee threw last year.”

“Ok, ok, but, do you ever think that maybe, maybe it just…” Peter tipped his head back, blinking away tears. “I mean you never wear it! It just wastes away in the back of your closet, watching as all the other clothes get worn, maybe it just wants to be loved?”

“Peter, I-” You bit back a laugh. “Are you crying?”

“Yeah.” Peter whimpered sniffling softly. “Just a little.”

You rolled your eyes, reaching for the door handle once more.

“Wait, no!”
Peter launched himself forward, into your lap, his body now sprawled across you.

“Don’t go.”

“Okay, okay!” You held your hands up in surrender. “What is it?”

He looked up at you, his brown eyes the color of amber and coffee as he peered through his thick eyelashes. It was moments like these that always threw you off guard. Times when he looked so effortlessly beautiful, especially when it wasn’t expected.

How could he look so good while so unbelievably doped up? The way his feathery platinum locks fell like silk around his shoulders was almost exquisite. And his whole “I-haven’t-slept-in-two-years” look complimented him even when, based on all scientific reasoning, it shouldn’t.


You drank in the way his lips formed so perfectly around your name.


Gently, as if he were expensive china, you ran your fingers through his hair, each strand shimmering as the light from outside poured in and washed itself over Peter’s face.

“I know I’m probably gonna regret it in the morning but I’m gonna say it anyways, okay?”

You grinned, tracing your index finger down the side of his face and along his jaw.

“Okay.” You breathed out in a barely audible whisper.

“You make me feel good, like really good. You make the bad days easier and… and there’s been a lot of those lately.” He licked his lips, his cinnamon eyes glued to yours the entire time.

“And whenever I hear something funny, I always look around to see if you think it’s funny too, even when you’re not there. And at night, when I’m cold or alone, I always reach out, expecting you to be there for some reason. When you’re happy, it makes me happy. And when you cried watching that Harry Potter movie the other night, even though I wasn’t watching the movie, seeing you cry, it felt like my heart was breaking.”

You breathed in slowly, scanning his face for any emotion, any sign to tell you where this was going.

“And I can’t help but think the same thing every time I see you.” He smiled reaching up and grasping a strand of hair between his fingers, twisting it slowly.

“I love her.”

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Secrets - Sherlock Version

Requested by anon:  Any Pairing: Reader x ?. I’ve got an idea where (Y/N) is hiding something and acting strange but when her boyfriend questions her about it, she avoids answering. This continues until he accuses her of cheating and during their argument she blurts out she’s pregnant (or something).

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,006

Warnings: None.

A/N: I was so close to just 1000 words…


Originally posted by cumbersnitchflabberbatch

Sherlock was staring at the window, violin in hand, immerse in his own thoughts. He was no longer playing, and the movement in him was minimal. Anyone with poor view would’ve thought he was some kind of statue.

“Sherlock.” (Y/N) spoke as she entered the flat. Sherlock looked at her intensely, noticing the details one by one.

“Grocery shopping, rainy, tired, hormonal, new haircut, less makeup, back pain, swollen feet, new manicure, cheerful, keeping a secret.” Sherlock’s mind spoke.

“Thank you, mister for helping your girlfriend to carry the bags all the way up.” (Y/N) spoke exaggerating her tone. Sherlock chuckled slightly and left the violin before walking over to her and hugged her by the back.

“Sorry.” He whispered in her ear and left a kiss on her temple.

“I can’t ever stay mad at you, can I?” She inquired playfully. Sherlock chuckled once more and breathed in her scent like she was used to, except this time he smelled something out of place.

Anaesthetics, but she didn’t have an appointment at the dentist. Bit of male cologne. Which man does she know that can smell like so? John, but he was with Mary all day long, perhaps that doctor friend of her.” Sherlock thought.

“How’s Pete?” Sherlock inquired, pulling away to help her get everything in place.

“He’s good, planning a holiday trip with his kids, why?” (Y/N) replied listlessly. She was used to Sherlock pulling tricks like so, and although it still impressed her she liked to act oblivious just to put him off.

“Is he married?” Sherlock continued, ignoring her question.

“Yes, twenty years together.” (Y/N) answered.

“It would be a shame if he cheated her after so long.” Sherlock commented.

“Thankfully, Pete is a good man.” (Y/N) said.

Sherlock nodded and continued to observe her from time to time, when she wasn’t aware of it.

She bought loads of snacks this time. Extra comfort food and too much fruit. Oven pizza, doughnuts, cake.” Sherlock listed on his mind, “Strange walk, maybe something is keeping her from moving properly but… Please don’t think of that, focus, what else do you see? Baggy clothing, perhaps from the plus-size shop. It’s too big for her, why would she buy such thing?”

“Sherlock.” She called, “You are staring.”

“My apologies.” He said, “You look lovely today, that shirt looks good on you.”

“Thank you, dear.” She smiled and walked closer to him to leave a kiss on his plump lips.

She was wearing lipstick this morning, but there isn’t any now. Just a sly glimpse of what there used to be. Her breath… She was chewing mint gum on her way here, why would she want to hide her breath? Maybe because Pete smokes often. I have shared a cigar with him before.”

“Stop trying to deduce my day, please.” She begged softly as she pulled away.

“I’m not…” She lifted an eyebrow knowingly, “Apologies.”

“What’s wrong?” She asked softly.

“I want you to be very honest with me, please.” He begged, she nodded, “Why did you go to Pete’s office this morning?”

“How do you know I went to his office this morning?” Sherlock sighed heavily.

“Do you really need me to explain?” She nodded, “You smell like hospital and his cologne is impregnated in your clothes, but it’s not a smell strong enough to have been recent which means you went this morning, before going to buy groceries. What I don’t know is why?”

“Think, detective.” She dared, “Why would a woman go visit a gynaecologist?”

“Check-up, but your last appointment was three months ago and a healthy woman like you should go every six months.” Sherlock replied quickly.

“Why would a woman like me break a pattern like that?” (Y/N) continued.

“I really don’t want to think of it.” Sherlock confessed, looking down at the floor.

“What do you mean?”

“You know how many women fall for their doctors?” Sherlock inquired raspily without looking up. (Y/N) took her time to process his words, and once she did she let out a loud laugh.

“You really don’t trust me, do you?” She inquired half angry, half mockingly. “I’m not cheating on you, Sherlock.”

“Then why would you break the pattern?” Sherlock asked, he was exasperated.

“Maybe because something in my life broke my own pattern.” (Y/N) replied.

“Like what?” Sherlock begged, but before she could reply her phone rang.

“Deduce it, Mr. Holmes.” She ordered, and took the call, walking outside.

Think. What patterns does she have? Eating patterns… No, he’s a gynaecologist. Which feminine patterns does she have? No infections, that’s for sure. No trouble with her hormones, at least not important ones. When was the last time she ovulated?” Sherlock rushed to their room, digging on her drawers to find the little note pad where she wrote down her dates. “Nothing for two and a half months.”

Sherlock ran back to the kitchen at the same time (Y/N) returned from her phone call.

“Is it true?” He asked.

“True that I’m cheating or…?” Sherlock shook his head, walking closer to grab her by the shoulders.

“There are only a few reasons why a woman’s menstrual cycle would suddenly stop, and you haven’t taken any pill to bring it back and… There’s only one option left.” He stuttered and (Y/N) noticed his trembling body. She was holding her because he needed support or else he’d fall to the floor.

“Just ask, solve the mystery.” (Y/N) encouraged.

“You’re pregnant.” He whispered.

“I wanted to let you know through some kind of game… You know, like the ones we do to look for clues all over the flat…” She confessed shyly.

“I did clued for looks.” Sherlock stuttered and (Y/N) giggled softly.

“Are you okay with… this? Because I’m keeping the baby.” She asked.

“Of course I am.” Sherlock furrowed his eyebrows, “And of course you’re keeping it… We are keeping it.” Before she could say anything else Sherlock kissed her hesitantly. He was scared but he was also excited for the upcoming gift.

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please read, feed back, help if you can

so I’ve been homeless living out of my backpack on other people’s sofas for about 2 months now? and I’m getting really ill - I have a degree to keep up with and until I stop paying rent in my old place where I can’t live because it was very bad for my mental health I can’t rent somewhere new. 

The problem now is that I need to have a permanent address in order to continue my X3 weekly therapy and I can’t afford to rent somewhere new until probably end of May depending on what my old housemates are doing. 2 month homeless has been really difficult and I don’t know if I can face another 2 month. 

I’m unable to work because I’m physically disabled (fibromyalgia and problems left over from leukima) and have learning disabilities (dyslexia and autism) and have diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and dissociative identity disorder as well as an undiagnosed illness that is causing malnutrition. 

In short I’m in a really tricky situation and I don’t know what to do, I feel really guilty asking people to donate money but I’m in my overdraft and I need money for my hormone prescriptions (I’m trans), a new pair of boots, a dentist appointment, a chiropractor appointment, a new walking stick, and travel seeing as I’m not always staying near my university.

If I made a page where people could make donations it would really help me out. I’m not buying cigarettes and I’m quitting drinking and I’m trying to cut all my spending by doing things like unsubscribing from things like netflix etc. It’s my birthday in 1 week and I’m asking all my family to give me £10 or £20 instead of a present.

If you think you could be willing to donate or help out in another way please respond to this I want to know if this is something I should look into. - it’s going to be £20 to see a dentist and £60 for treatment. My mouth is damaged from a past eating disorder and the illness causing malnutrition is making my gums break down I really need this fixed and I don’t know what to do.

Save Me [Part 1]

Originally posted by jengkook

hi! can i please request a kind of angsty vampire!au scenario with jungkook where he’s a vampire who has an interest in you and you have feelings for him, but he sleeps around with other human girls as well and when you start to get tired of it you cut off communication with him and avoid him so he tries to get you back through sweet gestures and staying with you instead of going around? sorry this is like one run on sentence omg. thank you, and i love your writing~ 

Warnings: Graphic violence, blood mention, death mention

You flitted through the stack of papers on your desk, fingers carding through them in a panic as the ringing of your phone blared through the silence of the office.

”Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You muttered in a frustrated mantra, needing to find that contract before your boss lifted her lazy ass out of her cushioned chair and came to rip your head off.

”What’s going on, beautiful?” A familiar voice spoke directly into your ear and you jumped with a high squeal, your hands slipping over the file you’d been flipping through. You hissed as you felt the edge of the thick paper slice the tip of your index finger, your face puckering in pain as you sucked it into your mouth, the metallic taste of blood hitting your tongue.

“I don’t have time to talk right now, Jungkook.” You mumbled around the digit, soothing the throbbing cut by suckling fervently.

Normally, you’d rather punch yourself in the head than pass up an opportunity to chat up your boss’ newly hired head assistant, but now was not the time. You had about five minutes before you risked losing your job. Jungkook cleared his throat, straightening up into a standing position and taking a couple of steps back from you.

“What, uh–What are you looking for?” He asked in a voice that seemed an octave or two deeper than his normal tone.

“Sunyoung needs the contract from the Hyatae deal.” You spoke in a rush, yanking your finger out of your mouth with a wet ‘pop’ once the frustration of sorting through papers with only one hand got the best of you.

“Mm,” He hummed and through your peripheral vision you could see him shift. “This one?”

Jungkook held the paper out in front of you, blocking your vision with bold black print. Your eyes moved over the underlined words on the very top of the page, and when you realized it was in fact the paper you were looking for, you snatched it out of his hand and bounced excitedly from foot to foot.

“Thank you!” You squealed. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh my God, I could kiss you right now, Jungkook. You’re amazing!”

He laughed at your excitement, tucking his hands into the pockets of his slacks and lifting his shoulders in a nonchalant shrug. “It’s nothing. I wouldn’t object to a kiss, though.”

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Fluff/domestic sentence starters

“Have you eaten today?”

“You wanna go cuddle and watch a movie?”

“Fix your shirt,it’s all wrinkly.”

“Let’s go take a shower.”

“I’ll rub your feet if you rub mine..”

“Why aren’t you dressed yet? We gotta go in like three minutes!”

“Chocolate or vanilla?”

“I think I like strawberry the best…”

“Do you want another blanket?”

“Just…just call in today,I wanna stay in bed all day.”

“I got your favorites!”

“Did you skip ahead?!”

“When’s my dentist appointment again?”

Dentist Appointment (Tony X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Tony X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: Could you write one where the reader needs to have oral surgery to remove some problem teeth but she’s petrified to make the call. But she’s in tears all nigh from the pain? Her dad Tony stark, makes the call behind her back cause he hates seeing her in pain. When they arrive at the hospital she nearly freaks out saying he betrayed her so he hugs her and says it will be ok; but when he did that he also got her in the neck with a sedative to knock her out to make it easier on everyone? Lol

Originally posted by fanfic-shiz

You could feel your wisdom teeth coming out, and you were in excruciating pain, and have been in the past couple of days. You had complained to your dad, Tony about the pain every day about it.

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  • Ezra: Fact the first, after years of not caring about my debt, you weirdly want me to pay it back now. That implies to me there is a sudden, unexpected expense.
  • Kanan: Or I got sick of waiting for you to do the right thing.
  • Ezra: Not plausible. You have endless patience for my shenanigans. Fact the second, you’ve had dentist appointments twice in the past two weeks. No one goes to the dentist that much. I haven’t been in seven years.
  • Kanan: You should go to the dentist, Ezra
  • Ezra: Probably. My teeth hurt all the time.
Pancake Day // Oli White

Word Count- 1005

Summary- based on olis vlog and part of caspars live stream :) tho i changed it a bit

A/N- also s/o to liv for giving me the idea. ilysm girlie


Today was February 28th. Which meant one thing.

It was Pancake Day.

Due to it being such an exciting day, Oli decided to vlog because you and he were going to celebrate.

He started the vlog a little after noon because he had had a dentist appointment earlier that morning. And you two may have gotten a little preoccupied after said appointment.

While he finished talking about his past few days, his book tour and his future plans, you patiently sat on the couch scrolling through various social media platforms.

The fans knew you quite well due to the many videos you had been featured in throughout all the buttercream channels. But you preferred to do the behind-the-scenes because the spotlight just wasn’t for you.

After an agonizing 10 minutes, the fun began.

You gathered all the ingredients onto the countertop as Oli pulled up a recipe on his computer, simultaneously talking to the camera.

He handed you the camera as he grabbed the bag of flour.

“Okay, so we’re going to start off with the flour,” he poured some into a bowl and grabbed the sifter. “Right, this is my sift. Um, I couldn’t find a bigger one than this. So this is what we’ll be using.”

You laughed from behind the screen, “Babe, you don’t really need to sift.”

“Y/n doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Of course you need to soft. You always need to sift.”

You got an up close shot of his sifting job.

He looked directly at the camera, “Look at this sifting action. This is what you call a world class sifter.”

“Just so you know guys, Oli yelled at me when I tried to help so that’s why I’m the cameraman.”

“Stop lying to the viewer’s, Y/n!”

“I’m not lying!” you giggled.

After a few minutes of sifting, Oli finally finished.

“Alright! We’re done sifting. Now we need to add the salt, butter and milk.”

He grabbed an egg and tried cracking it.

“God, I really hate cracking eggs.”

“Here,” you said, handing him the camera. “Let me try.”

“Okay,” he sighed. “But if I can’t do it, then neither can you.”

You grabbed the egg out of his hand and easily cracked in open, “I’m sorry. Can you please repeat what you just said?”

He flipped the camera so it was now on him, “its official guys, and I have the greatest girlfriend in the world.”

You just smiled, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“Can I keep that in?” he asked.

“Sure,” you smiled again, cracking the second egg.

“Okay guys, so for the rest of the ingredients, I’m going to speed it up and play some music.”

What was supposed to be just adding the rest of the ingredients, turned into a full on dance session. Oli was doing the moonwalk while you were pumping your fists in the air to the imaginary music.

“I can’t wait to see all the comments telling us to stop dancing,” you laughed as you stirred the batter.

“We won’t care though,” he said as he kissed your temple, wrapping his arms around you.

He quickly got his camera out, “Alright so that has to sit for ten minutes.”

You quietly covered your hands in flour then said, “Babe give me a hug.”

Oli shut off the camera, “Of course, love.”

He wrapped his arms around you and you squeezed his butt, causing two flour hand prints to appear on his pants.

“Whoa, love. We already did it once today. Looking for a second round?” he chuckled.

“Nope, just wanted a squeeze,” you said quickly, kissing him.

He let go of you and turned his focus to his computer. While he did this, you wiped off your hands and tuned on his camera.

“Alright, so I think we’re almost read- what are you doing?” he asked suspicious.

“Just vlogging,” you said smugly.

“Okay…” he said, turning around. However, his laptop had fallen asleep so he could see your reflection, he quickly turned around, “Why are you vlogging my bum?”

You busted out into a fit of laughter as he turned his head and upper body to look at his pants.

“Oh my god Y/n!”

“Sorry babe, but it was so worth it,” you continued laughing.

He took the camera and looked into the lens, “Well, we still have 5 more minutes of waiting. So in the meantime, Y/n and I are going to have a food fight.”

“What? Oli no!” you protested but he had already thrown a handful of flour at you.

“Oli!” you squealed chasing after him, grabbing the Belgium Chocolate Dipping Sauce on your way.

“Get back here!” you shouted, chasing him into the living room.

“Catch me if you can love!” he smiled from behind the camera.

You knew it was wrong but you couldn’t help it. Oli was so gullible.

“Ouch!” you screamed as you flung yourself onto the floor.

“Y/n? Babe are you okay?” he dropped his camera on the couch and rushed over to you.

“It hurts,” you fake whined.

“What does?” he asked.

“Seeing you lose,” you smiled.

“What are you on about?”

You stuck two fingers into the chocolate and smeared it all over his face.

“Y/n! That was so cruel. How dare you use me like that!” he said, inches from your face.

“Oh come here ya big baby,” you sighed as you grabbed his face, licking some chocolate off his face.

“Ew!” he pulled away.

You wriggled your eyebrows, “Wanna taste?”

He dipped his head down and captured your lips in a kiss. The kiss was rather short due to you accidentally putting your hand on his cheek which caused you to get covered in chocolate as well.

“Okay, let’s get cleaned up and finish the pancakes,” he stood up.

“One more kiss,” you whined, using his arms as support to pull yourself up.

Yeah, you guys didn’t get to cook the pancakes until later that night. Your afternoon was filled with way better activates.

The Simple Things Aren’t Always So Simple - A Little Patience

Word Count: 1582

Warnings: Smoking, drinking, mentions of divorce (kinda lame, really)

A/N:  So my dear good friend @spntrista tells me in great detail about a dream she had about Jensen. It has inspired this series. Let’s all remember that this is FICTION and I do not in ANYWAY condone cheating on your spouse or partner. This is simply a work of fiction, please regard it as such. I mean no disrespect to Jensen or his family. Thank you.

The Simple Things Aren’t Always So Simple Masterlist

I couldn’t believe the life I was living right now. I was Jensen Ackles’ nanny. I wasn’t just the nanny, I had been sleeping with Jensen for more than a week and it was phenomenal. Everything about this man was unbelievable. He was a good cook, he was an amazing dad, he was a great listener and an attentive lover.

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My dentist office puts on a local radio station in the background and today while I was having a panic attack during my appointment, Just Hold On started playing, and not only did it help me calm down, the dental assistant turned the radio up for JHO only... I've been thinking about that all day.


What was your first time lifting like?

Ok before I get into this, i want all of you lovelies to comment your story because you’re all so amazing and entertaining. ah, i dont like getting soppy but all the anti lifters who despise us have no idea how amazing this community is.

So the first time I lifted was last year in May. I knew nothing about tags, that bar codes didn’t set off alarms, absolutely nothing. alright so i remember what made me want to steal was this fantasy i had as a kid (DONT JUDGE ME OK LOL). i always dreamed that id have the superpower to freeze time, and id go to the mall and take all the stuff i wanted then unfreeze time and no one would know. i dont come from a poor family, we’re definitely middle class ( NO IM NOT SOME SPOILED KID WHO JUST LIFTS FOR FUN), but my mom raised my siblings and i on her own, and i hated asking her for things unless needed. i figured i would just start stealing makeup and clothes here & there so she wouldnt have to waste money on my wants. Alright so my girls decide to go the mall, but id already ask for movie money the week before, and my mom had to pay for my dentist appointment and other things so i knew she didnt have much money. however my mother is so sweet and wouldnt let me go to the mall broke, and gave me $30. The night before we go to the mall, i start going over how i was going to get some things. I figured id conceal in the dressing room but i didnt know what to do about the tags. Ok so fast forward. we got to the mall, and of course, only thing i could get was a shirt and pants, or some smaller things. all my friends had enough money to go to p1nK, and i felt like this stuff was just overpriced you know? Now, i didnt know anything about getting off tags, so of course i didnt have any tools so i didnt get any clothes. however there were three headbands I fancied, and i grabbed some clothes, put the headbands in them and went into the dressing room LUCKILY THE GIRL DIDNT COUNT. it was loud in there so i went to work, REMEMBER I DIDNT KNOW THE WHOLE BARCODE THING, so i RIPPED , YES RIPPED GOD I WAS STUPID, the barcodes up and put the headbands in my bra. i put the ripped up pieces of the tags in the pockets of the pants i grabbed and walked out and put the pants back where I got them. NOW THIS WHOLE TIME I WAS WITH FRIENDS WHO DONT/DIDNT lift and i was scared of being judged so i didnt tell them. I LAUGH AT MYSELF NOW BUT I THOUGHT THE HEADBAND ITSELF WOULD SET THE ALARM OFF LMAo. So the whole time, i was scared shitless and we all walked out as a group and when i didnt beep, I FELT THE ULTIMATE RUSH SINCE IT WAS MY FIRST TIME. so that is my first time lifting, and months later i found liftblr :-), now im here.

Dentist appt. (Lin x reader)

(AN: my mouth is in such pain, and has been for weeks but i have no money for the dentist, and my mom is going to tell me the thing she always does ‘just take some ibuprofen you’ll be fine’ even though i have two impacted wisdom teeth, two teeth that are cracked, like 7 cavities, and two wisdom teeth that are fine but are coming through and hurt like fuck…so enjoy me taking my feelings out in this)

Lin watched as his girlfriend sat on the couch, a mirror up to her mouth, a small flosser in her hand, he was used to seeing this, she often sat and scrapped at the spaces in between her teeth to lessen the pain in her gums. He would watch as her eyes shut as she scrapped her gums.

Sighing lin walked over sitting next to her the small folded up paper towel sitting on her lap, strips of blood on it, he was used to her doing things like this, anything to not have to show him she needed non-emergency based medical help. She sighed wiping the flosser on the paper towel. Lin sighed it had taken him over a year to convince her to let him get her the glasses she needed, almost 2 years to let him find her a therapist, and almost 6 months to agree to letting him buy her medication.

He knew how she felt, growing up it was a constant push back of things she needed, be it dentist visits, weekly therapist visits, her thyroid medication and doctor visits, she told him about it, as if it was nothing. Her mother always bringing up money and her guilt ever growing, he saw how it had warped her, shaped her money guilt and anxiety.

He saw it most when they would go out to eat, even at McDonald’s, he saw her eyes scan every menu item, always getting the cheapest thing on the menu, always telling him to leave it be when he tried to tell her to not worry about it, but he could see the guilt in her face when he said it. He could see her sadness when he would pay for her tea or coffee at his favorite coffee shop. Every night before bed he would find money he knew she had stuffed in his wallet quickly in attempts to pay him back, when he had paid for her glasses he was finding money in his wallet every night.

It broke his heart, seeing the effect of a life of always feeling anxiety and guilt when people spent money on her. The wide eyes, the lengths she went to not need to go to the doctor.

Lin looked at her sighing
“You need to go to the dentist….because this” lin held up the paper towel
“Is not good, you have been taking so much ibuprofen i fear your liver is going to shut down to get a break. Please let me take you to get your teeth checked, please…” lin saw her face fall to the floor, she was a waitress, its how they met, lin found himself going to that restaurant after he saw her, always finding a reason to talk to her, after a while it was talks outside on her lunch break, and then him walking her home and then it was a quick nervous kiss and so much more.

Her eyes looked at his behind her glasses, eyebrows furrowed
“I am saving up for it, don’t worry” her hands held the mirror up to her mouth, he saw her swollen gums and blood spotting out of the gaps of her teeth. Lin stood grabbing her hands and tossing the mirror on the couch pulling her up.

She fought all the way to the office, saying she was fine, he had signed her in, and dragged her to the waiting room, her arms crossed leg shaking.
“I said i am fine. Yeah my mouth hurts, but i…i’m fine…” Lin sighed looking at her, her head was down her eyes meeting the floor as she from what her saw made out the patterns in the multicolored carpet.

Lins hand went and tilted her head up making her look at him.
“Please…please let me help you. I know you hate this, when anyone spends money on you, or buys you anything, but i love you and seeing you in pain, breaks me.” Her head nodded slowly as she was called back. He followed holding her hand as tears slipped down her face as the dentist cleaned and scraped all the things in her gums out, lin rubbed her knuckles to calm her, kneeling down to hum to her, it was decided she needed 3 teeth pulled, 7 cavities filled, 3 root canals, and her bottom two wisdom teeth taken out before they started to push her teeth out of place. Lin nodded to them doing what they could today.

By the time they sat in the car her mouth was packed with gauze, an ice pack on either side to reduce the swelling, all in all it was 3 emergency tooth pullings, 7 filled cavities, and 3 root canals, her appointment was scheduled in 3 weeks for her wisdom teeth. Lin paid and thanks to heavy numbing and pain reliving meds she sat next to him as he drove head against the window a small trail of drool seeping out of her numbed lips.

Lin helped her into bed tucking her in, his lips pressed to her forehead as he went to leave before her grip on him held him back
“Stay…please….if….i can’t pay you back….wiff money…cuddles….will work” lin laughed nodding.

Lin set the alarm to wake him up to give her her antibiotic and pain med. Before stripping to his boxer briefs and slipping in next to her, pulling her close she sighed passing out quick.

“I love you….i will always take care of you”…

*and feels up the ass. So yeah i have to set an appointment for the dentist and all the stuff about money is true with me, i just yeah…anyway gonna tag some peeps i love so yesh. @imagineham @secretschuylersister @just-a-random-fandom-24 @raise-a-glass-to-hamiltrash @hamiltonwrotetheother51 *

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Imagine Stiles freaking out over Valentine's Day because he finds out that Derek is secretly really romantic and he KNOWS Derek is going to do something cliche and stupid like buy him a hundred roses or something so he tries REALLY HARD to do something corny but special and when he wakes up on Valentine's morning Derek has crafted a Star Wars themed Valentine's adventure for him, starting with a mini BB8 rolling breakfast in bed over to him


Because, like, Derek loves gift giving and he loves the look in Stiles’ eyes every time he gives him something because, well, Stiles is used to spending a lot of time on people’s birthday. Like, he makes lists and charts and spends so much time thinking about presents. But, you know, no one really ever does the same for him. Which is fine, Stiles doesn’t expect anyone to do the same for him because his methods are a little insane anyway, but, you know..sometimes he can’t help but feel a little disappointed when he spends ages trying to track something down for someone and in return they give him a gift voucher or something. 

And then ENTER DEREK WHO SPENDS SO MUCH TIME LEARNING ABOUT STILES. DEREK WHO LOVES LEARNING ALL THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT STILES AND A LITTLE MORE AND JUST…SPOILS HIM. And Stiles tries to get him to stop at first, but then Derek tells him it’s his version of all Stiles does for him, all those little things Stiles does for Derek he doesn’t realise he’s doing, like buying his favourite cereal and making appointments for him at the dentist, making sure the pizza place never puts mushrooms on their pizza because Derek hates them. And Derek, well, Derek just loves doing all the big things all the time. He likes taking Stiles out and buying presents and giving him massages with the really expensive oils. And of course Stiles does all that stuff for Derek too, just as Derek does little things for Stiles, but Derek has the means to go just a little more wild on presents and stuff- at least at the beginning of their relationship anyway- and does things like buy Stiles A BB8 LIFE SIZE ROBOT. 

It’s a nice balance, Stiles doing more little things, Derek doing more big, but they still do it all, and they don’t do it because of anything, they just do it because they want to, and that’s what makes it awesome. 

27 Dresses (Part 2)

Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You are the epitome of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  You think you know what love is, but sometimes you can’t see what’s right in front of you.  

Warnings – Angst, as usual

Word Count -  1,330

Notes – I’m absolutely in love with this fic!!  It’s so much fun to write!  I hope you guys enjoy reading this part.  I’m still sticking to the movie plot, but there will be a few more twists coming up!  As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!!

*Special thank you to the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower for allowing me to use them as my “brides!” Chanel @imaginingbucky and Nicole @buckyywiththegoodhair, you two are up next!

*Special tag: @stories-from-stark-tower

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Series Masterlist


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He finished making the drink and handed it to you.  “Wait.  You’re not the maid of honor in all of those weddings, are you?”

You took a sip of your drink and moaned in pleasure.  “Everyone wants the best.  You and I just happen to be the best at what we do.”

“So I’ve heard,” he acknowledged.

“I’ll be seeing you again soon, James” you promised as you flicked the nametag on his shirt and turned to walk away.

“Bucky,” he whispered to your retreating back.  “My name is Bucky.”


Steve had been gone on his business trip all week long, so at least you didn’t have to face him after that last blow to your ego. You were an attractive woman, even the bartender from the wedding thought so.  Steve may not have been there, but he was always on your mind. Wanda would catch you glancing at his empty office every now and then throughout the week.

“You need to get laid,” she announced after the fifth time she caught you staring at the closed door with a dreamy look in your eye.

“What?” you questioned.  “How could you even suggest that?”

“You need something or someone to get your mind off of Steve,” she clarified.  “Your sister will be here in a few.  I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to drag you to a club to meet some random, hot stranger.”

“You’re right about that last part,” you agreed. “But I’m not going to have a one-night stand in the hopes of forgetting about Steve.”

“What about me?” Steve asked as he came around the corner of your desk.

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