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So, I was not tagged, but I wanted to do the “Whats Your Style” Meme! (Okay, I made it up but I’m so curious what other people’s styles are! And this all started because Hope told me I’m Throwback 90′s styled. She’s not wrong. So here you go. The “What’s Your Style” Meme!!

I’m tagging @hopeless–geek @riakomai @eyesoffelina @viperbranium @thebestpersonherelovesbucky @beardysteve @misspaperjoker @stephrc79! Feel free to show us yo styles! (or not!)

Honestly, I’m so used to being in the closet that I sometimes catch myself implying that I’m straight around people I’m already out to. So I just wanna give a s/o to any other LGBT+ person who catches themselves doing the same thing. Don’t beat yourself up if you accidentally use the wrong pronouns for yourself or if you have to pretend that you’re straight – it’s not your fault that you were forced to be closeted for so long. You’re doing fine.

good thoughts from good guys. two years until another senate race. four years to help protect and make a home for my neighbors and friends and strangers who may be in danger. four years to do whatever I can for my LGBT community.

the pendulum swings back with a vengeance, and I want to help.

all of us will. you’ll see.

What happens when @its-me-lsp leads the dance? THIS! Hnnnn touching!.. We talked about this! )^F<

( My GOD this was supposed to be a small doodle but oooh I just love these two so much I couldn’t stop there! <’D )

( I wonder when is she going to notice he can’t hear any of the music 8l… )

Get to know me

Rules: Tag 20 blogs you’d like to know better.

tagged by @animatedpretzelle 

Nickname: ktee, ducky, rice, katherine

Sign: aquarius

Height: i haven’t measured myself in a while but i think around 158cm/5′2

Last Thing You Googled: is it safe to eat soggy potatoes

Favorite music artist: tegan and sara………..shut your up i’m gay (also steel train)

Song stuck in my head: waterfall by tlc

Last movie you watched: scott pilgrim vs the world

What are you wearing right now: my pink tegan quin shirt and jeans

What do you post: what DON’T i post?

Why did you choose your URL: there was that meme where it’s like “your superhero name is the last thing you ate + your fav animal” or something like that and mine turned out to be bread dog and i thought that sounds pretty cool but there were several variations of breaddog taken on tumblr so i added the extra b, which is also there to balance out the double d aesthetic

Do you have any other blogs: i have a tegan and sara side blog @tesquin and another blog which i did own once about…a particular aspect……of steel train….which i regret…..i handed it over to a friend bc i didn’t want the username plaguing my screen every time i went into settings. she doesn’t use her tumblr much anymore so it’s just sitting there…out there somewhere… the world wide web. you’ll have a hard time prying the url out of my hands i’m never giving it out

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: i’ve never been in one before lmao

Favorite Color: blue or teal

Average Hours Of Sleep: like 6 ??

Lucky Number: 7 bc i’m harry potter trash

Favorite characters: FIRSTLY i know he can be a real dickhead sometimes but honestly??? i hate how relatable he is - connor walsh from htgawm. 

SECOND hernando fuentes from sense8 a REAL AND TRUE ANGEL he loves his art and he is so good at what he does and  he L O V E S LITO SO MUCH. 

also from sense8 AMANITA CAPLAN WHAT the fuc k she is so….SMART and amazing??? she loves nomi so MUCH she would do ANYTHING for her and she is so??? so smart about it what to heck she is so intelligent and incredible and her CLAP 👏 BACKS 👏 TRULY ICONIC. i would LET HER HOLD A GUN TO MY HEAD AND i would Thank Her.

fourth…maybe last, jacob kowalski from fantastic beasts what the fucking,,,he is so fucked over by all this wizard stuff but honestly???? he tries to wrap his head around it and with the things he can’t understand he just accepts without further question. admittedly he is scared bc really who wouldn’t be but even though he is scared he does’t try to fight whatever it is that’s scaring him whether that be wizard magic or a magical creature. and also he cares so much? he cares about the animals and he takes the time to understand and care for them. he doesn’t think newt’s weird for taking care of wild creatures like every other wizard does. these creatures are so (literally) otherworldly that yes he was scared of them at first but he was also?? fascinated and he was never aggressive to creature or human. he’s just….so…..caring….he is so kind and incredible and honestly i could see him cradling his and queenie’s daughter in his arms bye he is so loving and lovely and god what is there not to love about him

this has gone on for way too long

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: usually 1 but 2 if it’s cold

Dream Job: music theatre actor

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i’m two (too) short but i mean  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


※ All of my scanlations are now available in a separate archive blog!


I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now and I figured with the amount of scanlations I’ve posted so far (just posted the 101th(!)), things have started to become a little cluttered in my standard translation tag.
Also, there are probably quite a few people who only followed me, because of my scanlations and who don’t really care for all the other things I usually reblog.
So, if you don’t want all of that stuff on your dashboard anymore, feel free to unfollow me on this blog and follow the new archive instead.

What’s changing on this blog?
Nothing, really. I will continue posting my scanlations on here. New scanlations will be reblogged to my archive immediately after. When I post scanlations of whole books, which I don’t want to split into more than 2 photo-set posts, I will post them in a single entry on my archive blog, but will let you guys know about the new goodies on this blog, too.
So, whichever blog you decide to follow in the end, you will miss out on nothing scanlation-wise.

With the archive’s new tag system, it will be easier to find what you’re looking for. Posts will be tagged by pairing, family, artist, and type of genre. In addition, my full translation list will always be up to date as well.

Hope you guys like this change! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Oh shit!  I need more content on my dash so here goes another follow spree!

I am looking for blogs that mostly/primarily reblog one or more from the following list:

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Super kudos and extra bonus points to all the cool and awesome people who actually tag their posts.  It wont be a deal breaker for me if you don’t tag your posts, but if you do I am more likely to follow.

Other kudos and bonus points

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following me is not necessary, but I certainly wouldn’t mind it if you wanted to follow me anyway.  I make art and gifs and am a bit ridiculous.  

Please like or reblog this and I’ll check your blog out and give follows accordingly.  If any of my amazing mutuals would be so kind as to signal boost that I’ll shower you with infinite love!!  <333

2016 was a very very heavy year for me. Especially for personal reasons.

But having this blog, sharing my art, and talking to people here has helped me immensely. It helped distract myself when I needed to relax. It also inspired me to work harder - since I get a lot of feedback saying that seeing my art after having a rough day helps people feel a bit happier as well.

Therefore, I’d like to thank you, each and every one of you, for your kind words, support, and your feedback. For sharing with me some trivia, headcanons, stories and interests. 

Thank you so much! I hope 2017 treats everyone kindly! (*´꒳`*)

can’t sleep so here take this drawing of my favourite Paladins I did yesterday when I couldn’t sleep *jazz hands*

((please keep comments in the tags and don’t remove my captions))

i’m a little late to the party but here we pokemon Go

-when pokemon go comes out the fahc get all over that shit

-ray is unapologeticly team Instinct as soon as the trainer photos get released (”have you seen the fucking team leader? he’s literally a meme”)

-michael and jeremy are so Team Valor that it hurts   

-michael has actually and literally fought someone who took his gym before (the gym is still team valor to this day)

-ray convinced jack to join team instinct (”it’s the super nice team you’d love it”) but really she’s a mystic at heart and doesn’t know it

-jack honestly has no idea the leveling system of pokemon go or about CP or whatever she just thinks all the pokemon are so cute

-like she didn’t know much about anything concerning pokemon before so now she’s just like “look Ray!! look at this cute little pink guy I love him so much I named him James”

-geoff says he hates it and will never try it but honestly he downloaded it, wasted five pokeballs on one pokemon, and then got too pissed off to continue

-ryan honestly has no idea about pokemon but he’s that friend that will go with you on pokemon hunts and drive you to pokestops just to do something even if they don’t have the game

-”ryan we’re going to the maze bank tower to catch pokemon” “alright give me a second i’ll get my jacket”

-michael and jeremy are so into going to pokestops and whatnot it’s unreal

-like all those posts that are like “make sure to bring water and snacks and band aids when you play pokemon go and don’t overexert yourself and be safe!!!”  are directed towards them because there was one ‘trip’ that they took where they were outside for 10 hours and got sunburnt to all hell

-jack and ray just kinda casually catch them (ray prefers the DS games and jack plays if she’s out and remembers)

-jobs/stakeouts have gone horribly wrong due to pokemon go (”jeremy get the fuck back over here!!!” “ray there’s a goddamn nidorina over there if you think i’m not catching it you’re wrong”)

-they are banned from playing pokemon go on heists

-everyone thinks gavin doesn’t play (”gavin you literally look like the team instinct leader what the fuck do you mean you don’t play”) 

-in reality gavin has hired people and hackers in different countries and states to catch pokemon for him on his account and is probably one of the top players in the country


ching ching

why be sad about the seijou extras when you can still have them being dorks

I need to make an appointment to get the new tattoo :)))) but I don’t want to go to the place I had the other one done because it is way too expensive, you’re basically paying tons of money for the name not the work. A lot of people got tattoos after I got mine (don’t want to brag but I am 99% they got the courage from me) and I can go to one of those places. It is hard to choose and I need it to be perfect.

Imagine Person A being surprised when people say that they didn’t know that they and Person B were dating.

Wow. I’m truly appreciating all these #GrowingUp… tags. It’s like everybody had that one moment where they forgot to start cooking something/take something out before their parents got home, had that one food/seasoning to put on everything, not recognized people that remember holding you as a child, to other (apparently universal) coincidences. I’m really loving this.

By the way, don’t be afraid to start a new tag with your race after #GrowingUp____. This is a great way to bring your culture to the forefront along with many others! What a convenient way to have people who’ve lived a culture talk about their shared experiences.

this may be an unpopular opinion but i really hate when seb’s friends or people who are associated with him tag him in pictures on instagram and fan accounts and other people are all talking about seb in the comments and only liking the picture because seb is involved.
or else they repost the picture and tag the people who posted it. like what’s the point of doing that? they know they posted the picture lol. they’re not going to hop onto people’s accounts and attack them for not giving credit to them or some shit.
i feel like that’s why seb’s friend paul morente deleted the recent picture when he facetimed him and toby because the comments were nothing but about seb and more were on the way.
like they’re not celebrities, they are normal people who have been close to seb for years.
even when fan accounts follow his friends, that’s just so weird to me because they OBVIOUSLY can see they’re fans of seb’s and know they’re only following them because of seb. then they try to be all nice and talk to them hoping for a response ONLY because they’re associated with seb. his trainer don is an example and somehow he’s nice and patient enough to handle all the seb fans that ask him questions about seb. don’t use fake kindness hoping you’ll get recognition from seb and earn brownie points.
and i get that when fans try to do projects for him they tag him as much as they can because wouldn’t it be a fucking gift to have seb like or comment on it?
but when they tag ALL of his friends too, i can only imagine them letting out a deep and heavy sigh, face palming and saying “not this shit again.” because seriously, they’re getting tagged too many times for them to keep count within a matter of minutes of pictures that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with them, but because they’re best friends with a celebrity, people feel that they should be the ones to show pictures and projects to seb because they associate with him.
again, they’re not celebrities themselves. they’re normal people who happen to be best friends with sebastian stan. so have a bit of respect for them and stop bombarding them consistently with comments about seb, questions about seb, ASKING THEM TO UPLOAD PICTURES OF SEB, tagging them in pictures that have nothing to do with them, etc.
i am relieved now.

I noticed a lot of people don’t know how tagging stuff works so this is a little explanation

when you make a post (text, photo etc) if you look at the bottom it says #tags

if you want your post to show up in a certain tag (so people who track that tag will see it) you have to use that tag name in one of the first 5 tags (other tags past the 5th won’t show up on tracked tags) 

so if you want to show me something you have to tag me in it, that way I’ll see it

You see, the problem with doing what’s best for yourself, is that everyone else is trying to do the same thing. You will hurt people, you will lose pieces of yourself inside empty promises and open chests, and you will ache all over again. There will be times when what is best for you will crush the souls of others, it will grind their bones to dust and pluck at their heartstrings. Do not be petty, do not stoop so low as to not apologize. Apologize profusely, tear open your chest and let your heartbeat reverberate your “sorry’s” through the air, you never meant to hurt them. But do not apologize for growing, do not be sorry for moving on, never apologize for picking up your pieces, do not apologize for finally being happy. They will try to bring you down, they will try to crush your bones and pluck at your heartstrings, do not let them. Their life does not concern you and yours should not concern them. We are all just trying to do what’s best for ourselves, and sometimes, sometimes people can’t move on. So let go, let go of their poison and forget about their pain, your heart will beat again and this time, this time you will not feel sorry for being happy without them.
—  O.C.