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IN CELEBRATION OF FIVE HUNDRED FOLLOWERS //<3// ZORO IS NOW HOLDING A PARTY/AN EVENT (In a rented villa with a pool so don’t break anything please oh god please thank you.)

The event is called Suits & Dresses and it will run for a whole month on discord. STARTING DATE IS SATURDAY 29 JULY// ENDS ON 26 AUGUST.

You can draw your muse in a suit or dress//little reminder that women can wear suits and men can wear dresses too!! CLOTHES HAVE NO GENDER.//

I’ll try to reblog all your drawings to my blog,, please notify me if I missed your drawing, thank you for your participation in advance! 

The mods are @ask-captain-kid, @pheonyxie, @askhildon and myself. We’ll be there to keep everything under control so everyone can enjoy the event. The chat will have rules, please read those when you join, thank you.


Even on your worst nights, I’m into you

Jonathan is preparing dinner when an unexpected visitor shows up to the apartment he shares with Steve and Nancy. Content warning: Language, violence, implied abuse, Lonnie is a homophobe. For @dadharbour who sent in the title and therefore inspired this. 

Jonathan hummed along to the radio as he rummaged around in the fridge trying to visualize something appetizing in the haphazard assortment of food that remained on the near-empty shelves. They’d have to go to the grocery store soon; maybe tomorrow, if Steve or Nancy objected to the pizza he’d likely propose ordering.

A crown of broccoli, browning at the edges, caught his eye, followed by a lone onion next to the milk carton and half a green pepper Nancy had left behind from her snack earlier in the day. Stir-fry seemed a good option. Jonathan quickly gathered the vegetables in his arms and set to work, chopping away on the engraved cutting board that had been his Christmas gift from Steve.

Cooking had always been a pleasure for Jonathan, a distraction from issues in his life he’d rather not deal with, a way to show his appreciation to the people he loved without ever having to speak a word. It was also difficult to deny how much he enjoyed the swell of pride in his chest whenever he saw the satisfied looks on Nancy and Steve’s faces after a meal he had prepared. Cooking was, Jonathan believed, his most important contribution to their odd arrangement.

The onions had only just started to sizzle in the pan when Jonathan heard a heavy knock on the door and glanced through the kitchen’s open archway to the entryway on the other side of the living room, his eyebrows knitting together.  It was impossible that Steve and Nancy were knocking—Steve had taken his keys to pick Nancy up from the library—and they didn’t get many visitors. Sometimes Max would show up, sometimes at odd hours, though she usually called to say she was coming.  

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Imagine having the talent, personality and art consistency to get more than 5 comments in the tags of your art.


Actually why do I care? I don’t know. Wish I didn’t.


Virtues of a Traitor - Chapter Two- Bushido Virtue: Respect

Naruto fan fiction: Sasuhina samurai AU



“I remember you,” she said, “from the War.” He did not quite know what it meant when she pressed her lips together like that. “You were death personified. Even shackled, your power is extraordinary.”

Sasuke almost felt like laughing in her face. Lacking an arm and any kind of chakra stamina, he felt impotent. The less he could use his eyes, the more it reminded him of how much he had forgotten the basics. Yet her words seemed to make his spine straighten. Imagine that. The only compliment from a woman that really had any sway over him was a subtle confession of how much he terrified her.



My YOI Mermaid AU is far from complete– actually i’ve created it like…three or four days ago ffffft so a big chunk of it is still underdeveloped/WIP

Because of that, i’m open to suggestions! If you have any ideas for the other characters,such as what their tails look like etc, or any ideas regarding merpeople as a species, feel free to tell me! 

I’m all open to new ideas <3

anonymous asked:

niall is so fucking ugly why do you even stan him. he has no talent, no stage presence.... if he were even remotely cute id understand but he even fails in that department

Yeah, like I’m pretty sure that a huge fucking crowd singing along to Slow Hands and This Town and audience members screaming for him is proof that he has no stage presence.

Niall, who is still rocking the charts months two months after the release of Slow Hands and TEN months after This Town made its debut, has no talent and cannot produce good songs (FYI both songs have been certified platinum and gold).

Niall, a perfect combination of ruggedly handsome and boy-next-door cute, who has made girls (and guys too!) all over swoon over his beautiful blue eyes and soft fluffy brown hair and sunshine of a smile and his deep, sexy voice and Irish accent and has made my heart (and another body part) melt on more than one occasion, isn’t attractive at all.

Okay, so his looks are subjective as we all have our own preferences. I’m cool with that because we all like different things.  But to belittle his talent… to say he is incapable of producing good music… to say he he can’t rock it up there on stage shows that you, dear anon, are the one who is misinformed.

Niall is wonderful, Niall is talented, Niall is amazing, Niall is kind, Niall is funny, and Niall is one hell of a man and nothing you say will ever change that for me.

So here’s a nice GIF to sign ya off with:

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I reached 200 000 followers on Tumblr, this is just so crazy!!
Your support is so amazing, thank you all so much for your love and for supporting me that much!
I can’t wait to share so much more with you in the futur!!

If someone told me that I could reach that number with my DSi and 3DS animation, I would just never believe this at all

But there you are, supporting me all the time, sending me amazing messages everydays, thank you so so so much everyone, This is a big step for me!

10000 merci tout le monde, c’est vraiment incroyable !

Je continuerais a poster pleins d’animations comme à mon habitude :)

Merci tout le monde du fond du cœur 


Master post with all four chocobros!
This was such a fun series to work on and all the feedback I got from them were lovely as heck! The shop is going to have all four available for prints and such if anyone is interested! Thanks again for such a fun trip!