and all the support

Too often
it becomes a status symbol
“Oh, you think you’re sad?
Well I’ve cut into myself”
“Well I’ve been recommended
 psychiatric help”
“Well I’ve been institutionalized.”
“Well I’ve tried to kill myself,
five fucking times.”
Pain is not a competition.
It is something to understand
and we, of all people should know
the best thing for healing
is support, not belittling
This is not a competition
it is something we’ve been through
and now have the opportunity
to use what we knew
to support those
who’ve been through it too.
—  J.H.


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Hey cuties!! First off thank you all so much for all of the love and support you all give me on here, i am forever grateful for it all. Also a special thanks to @thejourneyisthegift for being my 20,000th follower! As a big thank you i thought i would do another giveaway for my followers! So here it goes:

What the winner will get:

  • Gemstones hand wrapped by me!
    • Labradorite necklace , Clear quartz necklace, Rose quartz necklace 
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  • Gemstones!!!!!
    • Amethyst (x5), Moonstone, Selenite, Sunstone, Clear quartz, Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Red tiger eye, Brown tiger eye, Unakite
  • Give Love candle (fresh lilies and citrus)
  • Colored branch pencils
  • Moon and stars incense burner
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The Rules:

  • Must be following me (this is a thank you to those who follow me)
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  • i will ship anywhere
  • The winner will be picked on April 2nd, they will be sent a message on here (have your ask box open) if they do not reply in 48 hours then i will choose another winner.

Enjoy and good luck to all you lovely souls!! Any other questions can be sent here!!

How is this really happening? I feel like Pete King must have been watching a different video than mine if he can walk away saying: 

“The mainstream media’s acceptance of her pro-Black Panther and anti-cop video ‘Formation’ and her Super Bowl appearance is just one more example of how acceptable it has become to be anti-police when it is the men and women in blue who put their lives on the line for all of us and deserve our strong support,” [X]

It’s apparently anti police to think that police shouldn’t shoot a child dancing in the street? 

I dunno, but here is a photo of Pete King I found that seems to summarise his feels very well. 

anonymous asked:

you should know that those stupid ass Bernie memes are sexist as all hell. painting Hillary as unintelligent/not in the know of whatever. not fucking cool, man.

It has nothing to do with sexism and everything to do with the fact that Hilary is a horrible typical “white feminist” who supports wall street imperialism and throws queer, black, and other marginalized communities under the bus until it’s politically expedient to support them.  While the republicans have all gone off the deep end, Hilary is an old-school republican in all but name.  Claiming that bashing Hilary is sexist sounds an awful lot like Gloria Steinem and Madeline Albright claiming that young women only support Bernie Sanders to attract boys.  Hilary and her ilk are out of touch with millennials, out of touch with feminism, out of touch with progressivism; just out of touch completely.  And these memes aren’t painting her as unintelligent.  They’re just pointing out that she’s out of her depth with appealing to young people and the actual left in this country because with her Wall Street ties and her terrible record concerning actual progressive voting she IS the old center-right establishment candidate.  So call me uncool for it all you want, but all this bullshit claiming we should vote for Hilary (and the status quo) because she’s a woman just isn’t going to fly.  Misogyny, racism, classism, and the status quo in a female package is still white-centric patriarchy, and I and others who agree aren’t going to stand for it.

So everlasting-contrast suggested that we send Sue a drawing, along with all of our names, to show our support for her stepping out to discuss Dylan and Columbine.  I think it would be a wonderful idea. It might seem inappropriate to try and contact her out of the blue, but E-C mentioned that she’s going to get a lot of love but a lot of hate following her interview and book release. That’s why we want to do something special, some small way to show that we care for her too. And I’m sure Sue would very much appreciate it.

 What we have in mind is to send her: 

  • 1-2 high quality art prints
  • A handwritten letter of thanks
  • A personalized note featuring the community’s names 

Anyone can submit their name to be on the letter, you can include either your first name, first and last name, a reasonable alias, or a scanned signature in a .jpg or .png format. 

I’ve created a poll for the two drawings to send. Ideally we would like to have (1) portrait of Dylan and (1) image of Sue and Dylan together. But it’s all up to you, please pick whichever drawing you’d prefer. Once the vote is finished, I’ll have them printed likely via DeviantArt (or any other easy-to-use art print site) with a matte finish. They will be cleaned up and optimized before being sent to print. The entire process should take about 1-2 weeks depending on shipping time/my class schedule. I’ll also shop around for some nice but minimal letter paper, too. I have a very nice fountain pen with beautiful Iroshizuku Japanese ink I can use as well.

Please enter your name (if you’d like to be included) and select which 2 drawings you’d like Sue to have/what you think she might appreciate. If you choose to include your signature, please scan and upload it. Save it as either a .png or .jpg file and send it to as soon as you can.

The survey will close on February 16th! But if everyone isn’t able to complete it in time, we will extend the deadline another week. 

Thank you! Let’s show Susan Klebold some love and support. 

Complete the survey here.

Just hit 30,000 followers! Thanks for all your support. 😊 Keep re-blogging, and supporting with shout outs!

Message me with suggestions and what you want to see!

anonymous asked:

what are the arguments FOR self-diagnosis? I know one girl who gave a strong argument against them but I've always self diagnosed myself with everything that I have

Self-diagnosis is important because it helps people who either can’t or don’t want to get a professional diagnosis. Though there are many reasons why someone might self-diagnose, and they should ALL be accepted and supported, here are some of the more common reasons why:

  • because they can’t afford a professional diagnosis
  • because self-diagnosing helps them find a community of people with similar experiences and helps them feel less alone
  • because self-diagnosing makes them feel like their experiences are valid and reassures them that what they are going through is real
  • because their disorder makes them too paranoid to talk to a professional
  • because they’re afraid of psychiatric negligence or medical abuse
  • because their disorder is heavily stigmatized and they don’t believe they’ll get the proper care for it
  • because their disorder is heavily stigmatized and they could lose basic necessities or things like their job, housing, kids, etc.
  • because they’re too young/a minor and might not be diagnosed with their disorder given their age 
  • because their parents won’t help them, they’re living in an abusive or dependent household and/or they can’t get in to see a professional
  • because they fear misdiagnosis
  • because of religious beliefs
  • because they just prefer it over professional diagnosis
  • plus any combination of the above

Essentially, people know themselves and their brains and its processes better than professionals do. Because professionals are not objective, and are often working off of ableist stereotypes and standards, and because they have an agenda that is generally centered on perpetuating psychiatric abuse AND because they don’t have these disoders themselves AND because of stigma, underdiagnosis and misdiagnosis that is generally centered around racism and misogyny, they become very subjective. They can withhold treatment and a proper diagnosis, they can gaslight and outright lie to their patients, and they can commit hosts of ableist atrocities against their patients for as long as they see them and for no reason at all.

Professionals fear self-diagnosis because they capitalize off of telling people things about their brain that said people might already know. They want to surprise us with our diagnoses because they’re relying on our ignorance and naivety to further their abuse. Self-diagnosis allows us to end that cycle and take away this monopoly that professionals think they have on mental health. Just the fact that the DSM-5 and mental health checklists exist and are readily available online and everywhere is proof that we are enabled and allowed to discover these things for ourselves.

Going off of that, it’s perfectly normal for someone to look for the reason behind their behaviors and actions. It educates us and enables us to get the help we need, especially if we’re experiencing scary symptoms and feeling uncomfortable in our own skin for them. Living for so long without knowing why you blow up so easily or why you think certain things or feel so suicidal all the time is scary, and I talked once about being self aware and how self-diagnosis can provide reassurance and support here.

If you’d like more arguments that are pro self-diagnosis,here’s a really good post where someone picks apart the typical ableist argument against it piece by piece. Additionally, know that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with self-diagnosing for any reason, that it’s okay to self-diagnose yourself the “wrong” way and decide later that you don’t have what you previously thought you did, that it’s okay to say with certainty that you have a disorder that you’ve self-diagnosed with, that even if a professional says that you don’t have what you think you have, you 100% could still have it. It’s okay to use these tools that you have to help explain your behaviors, to figure out more about why your brain works the way it does, and to create a community of people who support you.

People who are anti self-diagnosis are strange, because a disorder doesn’t just magically come into existence once someone is professionally diagnosed. It exists often times looooong before a professional diagnosis ever comes to pass, so they’re basically saying that people who can’t or don’t want to see a professional deserve to suffer because of that. They also believe in professionals 100% without understanding that they’re not objective (for the reasons I mentioned above) and that they’re just as fallible as anyone.

Hopefully this is a good start to answering your question! The lists of benefits behind self-diagnosis are so vast that I couldn’t possibly list them all, but I hope that the few I outlined above help to validate you and anyone else who self-diagnoses.

It’s sappy message time fight me if I’m gonna cry you’re gonna cry, too

Okay so, in all honesty, I never thought I’d get this far, and frankly, I’m overwhelmed that I even did. I ditch blogs a lot. I can never stick to one muse long and my last experience on an OC I was dedicated to was cut short due to certain events. So, naturally, I was apprehensive about going back into an OC blog. But Dominic has been so welcomed and received with such positivity, that it honestly overwhelms me considerably. Honestly, I don’t know what to say anymore, other than thank you all so, so, so much. I know virtually, it doesn’t mean a lot, but I really do mean it. I wouldn’t be here without the continuous support of you all, and frankly, I’m so… I honestly can’t handle this. I’d say more but I haven’t even written down people yet and I don’t want this to be some long thank you essay but!! This fandom has been very kind overall despite the roughness a few days ago, and I feel honored to roleplay with you all since you’re all so fantastic. And for those I haven’t with yet: I look forward to it.

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i support all native girls. i hope all native girls get enough rest. i hope they wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to take on the world. i love my sisters

larry moments i’ll never forget

1-when they we’re put together as a band 

2-i’d marry you harry

3-the tour video diaries moments like

4-oh and let’s not forget this 

5-the paris interview

6-looooaaads of interview moments

7-really, really loooooaaads


9-a lot of moments on stage, whispering, serenading, touching and stuff

10-the vma hug



13-supportive boyfriends

14-all the tweets, but mostly, the aimh tweet

15-lyrics changes

okay, i know, there is a LOT more, but i can’t sit here till the end of the world, haha

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Thank you all for being supportive of my fanfics and your kindness. As stressful as my life has been right now and how frustrating this website can be, you all make it enjoyable. To those that I’ve tagged, thank you for filling my dash with the kind of content that I always look forward to seeing when I open my laptop or open the app. There have been a few of you who have made this entire experience worth while and you know who you are (: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making me one happy girl. 

So, ONWARD TO THE FOLLOW FOREVER! I know it’s small, so, I hope it will grow in the future! I’m so sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone… If I notice it, I’ll definitely add to the list! 


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Thank you all, so much, for making this experience worth while. <3

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Not to give tumblr a big head or anything... But just imagine what it's been like for H&L to see actual support for them one here throughout the years of harsh closeting, mental abuse, and lying. To know that they are not isolated. That every time they were told it would ruin them, they knew that there was a community supporting and loving them, just the way they are. Yeah I could ignore all this, no skin off my nose. But they need us now more than ever. It's been so long but now we're fireproof

I’m sure all support matters, but can you imagine the first time they played a show a noticed loads of rainbow flags in the crowd?

Damn, I bet that was amazing.

OTRA Baltimore was apparently a giant pride parade, they must have felt so supported and I love that.

My friend Jody - today’s newest kidney donor hero!

Jody is a work colleague and one of the first people to hear my kidney donation story.

Before talking with me Jody had never considered kidney donation. Inspired by my decision and encouraged by my recovery he decided to check it out for himself. Supported by his family, Jody passed all the tests and today he made an altruistic (non-directed, anonymous) donation.

Jody’s a hero and all the credit goes to him, but I’m proud of the role I played.

Congratulations Jody and best wishes for a speedy recovery!