and all the sudden i am crying

Day #12

So yesterday was a real emotional roller coaster.
I was thinking about #MothersDay and my thoughts were all good at first, I have a few mother like figures in my life that I am so blessed to have. But then, all of a sudden my brain took a detour and I was literally boo-hoo crying at the thought that one day, my moms, the women who very much contributed to who I am today, will one day pass. … I have never NOT been able to control my emotions like this. I have always been one of those people that in times of high anxiety or stress, something in me switches off, and I show little to no emotion. But yesterday… It was like every time I thought I had it together, thinking good thoughts… nope, brain detours back to traumatic thoughts and she is crying again. So basically I cried a lot yesterday over Mother’s Day.

Good News!
Today I feel better.
I have plans to have dinner with My mom tomorrow, going to go where ever heart desires. She has transformed her life lately with a knee surgery and some major life changes that have got her out camping and doing the things she loves again. It is a beautiful thing honestly, it has inspired me so much to take charge of my own body, mind & spirit. Then on Sunday, We are going over to cock dinner for George’s Mom, she has been in okay health as of late, so not good but not awful. So we are going to go spend some time over there. She doesn’t know we are coming so we hope she is pleasantly surprised. We also managed to get his sister’s in on it, and together were going to grill out and we created a meal with all of the things that his mom can eat. She has a lot of diet restrictions, so getting together for a family meal is a little more difficult, but I think George & his sisters really pulled something nice together, I’m excited.

HRT is a huge milestone for me and I wonder often, how in the deep south I managed to be blessed with not only a loving and accepting birth mother, but in my 24 years I have met and been loved & accepted by so many other mom’s.
Love on your Mama this weekend!

-Elliott Alexander

when ppl describe having bpd as “literal hell” and all the sudden ur spiraling into panic bc is my life actually hell?? if it’s not, do i Not have bpd??? am i making this all up???? what does “normal” even feel like??? is what i’m feeling “normal”???? is my functioning even at all impaired, or is my level of dysfunction “normal”??????? did things used to feel worse????? bc i can’t remember at all what i’ve felt before????????? who would i be without my bpd label???? who am i???? am i ok??????????


Summary: Realization strikes you once you’re suddenly overwhelmed by your feelings for your roommate, blaming yourself for being so clueless all along to see what was really infront of you.

Word Count: 1,931.

A/N: Enjoy this Roommate!Bucky fic I decided to come up with. Surprisingly, I really like how it came out. Hope you enjoy! And as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Me & Sertraline

- I want to and need to eat but deciding what to have is so fucking difficult.
- “Oh, you wanna orgasm? Good one…”.
- I can’t cry, which makes me want to cry.
- I’m sleepy.
- Are my dreams actually dreams or memories?
- I don’t give a fuck anymore.
- I’m smiling like an idiot for no reason. Why the fuck am I so happy all of a sudden? Okay cool.
- 2 drinks of alcohol aaaaaand I’m drunk.
- I’m fucking worthless.
- I’m going to research more suicide methods.
- This food makes me feel sick.
- I’m sleepy again. Nap time.
- Can you like, fuck off? Kthxbye.
- Is this stuff even working?

Second Chance - Part Four

I will never be able to get over the responses I’ve been getting to this story. If I could, I would hug all of you for your comments, your messages, all of it. I’ve decided I’m gonna try to make Sundays update days, so I have enough time to work on each next chunk the way I really want to, and then so @sannvers has enough time to proofread them. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you like chunk four! Let me know if you’d like to be added to the tag list!

Title: Second Chance

Pairing: Eventual Gaston x Fem!Reader

Rating: T

Words: 6,405

Summary: You try to stop Gaston from shooting the Beast and falling to his death, but you arrive too late to save him. As you sit there, sobbing, the Enchantress overs you a second chance to save him.

Tagging: @i-wished-upon-a-star-one-night @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @hobbithorse19 @leah5684 @princessbelgoof @captainskyline @theoncergames @geeky-girl-394 @were-allstoriesinthe-end084 @brooke-supernatural16 @certainasthesvn @jordyhaley @superlokidwholock @smilesnjh @prongspower @bitchingqueenoferebor @scarletdarkholme @hemmingbaes @bae-kage @areuslow @lovelylpevensie @uknwwhttheysayboutthecrzy1s @moonbeams-and-pie @17gnomes-in-a-trenchcoat @superwholockedrosx @panda-reads-stuff @ultimatetrashlord @elenawrit @the7thsilence @blackxthexbeast @rainwing-galaxy

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bpd is like… oh you say you love me? no, you don’t, you fucking liar. where’s the evidence?

bpd is like… oh you cause me pain and make me feel unloved? I fucking love you so much. I will try so hard to get your attention and I’ll never get it.

bpd is like… you haven’t replied to me within five minutes. who is the whore? are you leaving me? oh god, anxiety attack.

bpd is like… holy shit, I’m so hot. Oh, nope, there’s the ugly. Oh wait, I’m hot again.

bpd is like… I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Oh, a little inconvenience? Now I hate you and you’re trash.

bpd is like… Oh, you cancelled plans because you had something important? bull shit, you hate me. Your love for me has faded. all of a sudden I feel like dying.

bpd is like… oh gosh, my heart is breaking. time to throw everything and cry uncontrollably.

bpd is like… I’m doing all this stuff I usually have fun with, but I’m so bored. No matter what, I’m bored. Empty, too.

bpd is like… I wanted to do this, but all of a sudden my goals have changed. I don’t even know who I am. they like that, so I guess I like it now. I don’t know what I like.

bpd is like… I did something really embarrassing three years ago. They probably remember It so vividly and think I’m stupid. I’m embarrassed all over again.

bpd is like… gosh, I’m going to do this so they give me attention. I’m so manipulative but I need that love and attention so bad.

BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend Being In The Hospital (Sick)

Namjoon: When he received the call that you were in the hospital for the second time he quickly rushed to you. You apologized for making him miss practice again feeling guilty. But he saw how your once warm hands were as cold as ice.

“What’s more important to me right now is you, not practice. Stop apologizing (Y/N) this could be something serious and I need to be here with you.“

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Taehyung: You woke with a terrible pain in your abdomen again causing you to land in the hospital. He sat down in the waiting room, anxious about your health. Your crying pain was still echoing in his ears.

“Please let it be something minor, please,” he’d quietly beg as the doctor went over to him.

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Hoseok: He was waiting for you to come home when the phone rang. He quickly went and answered it expecting it to be you but it was one of your co-workers telling him that you had fainted and that you were headed to the hospital. He quickly rushed to go see you wondering what might have caused you to faint. That’s when he recalled all the small signs of dizziness and sudden tiredness prior to the incident.

“I should have taken those mishaps seriously. Why am I so stupid?”

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Jin: When he came home the phone was ringing. He called out your name lazily but you didn’t answer as the phone continued to ring. He’d answer and that’s when his tired state went away in an instant as he headed out to the hospital. It was your sister who had found you holding your sides in pain, crying. When he got your room number he quickly rushed there seeing you. You’re glowing skin looked sickening, your lips had lost all color, everything in you was drained. He couldn’t enter the room as  he watched you tears forming in his eyes.

“Please be alright jagiya.”

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Jungkook: You had minor health problems but never too serious to actually land you in a hospital bed. Jungkook rushed to your side as you gave him a weak smile saying everything is ok. But he knew this is something that could be brushed away.

“I’m going to take good care of you. I don’t want to see you like this again and neither do you, right?”

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Yoongi: He had turned off his phone when he arrived at the studio and had forgotten to turn it on again when he was taking a break. It was almost 11 at night when he turned on his phone with a ton of messages from your sibling telling Yoongi that you were in the hospital. Everything around him froze as he read the message again and then looked around for a cab. When he arrived to meet your sibling to find out what room you were in. When he saw you in the faint blue hospital gown and the bags of your eyes seemed more prominent.

“Why did I leave my stupid phone off. I should have stayed with her maybe she wouldn’t be here.”

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Jimin: You had woken up with a pretty bad headache and the both of you didn’t think much of it but when the pain grow worse to the point that you couldn’t even move he quickly rushed you to the hospital. He couldn’t think straight when he saw that they were taking you away to emergencies.

“Could have there been a way to prevent this from happening? She has to be alright.”

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Hoshidan Festival: Saizo and Kanna Parent-Child Convo


I deeply enjoyed translating this one. It’s hilarious to see that if Saizo is Kanna’s father, then Kanna takes after… his Uncle Kaze the most. His dear Uncle Kaze who is a bit of a manipulative tease and has his brother wrapped around his finger. Seems that it runs in the family, hmmm? Asugi also could probably wrap his father around his finger if he outright tried.

(It may be purely localization, but if you marry him, Saizo will confess that he’s ticklish in a lovers’ bonding quote… and then if you wake him up roughly, he’ll panic and then say “I was afraid that you were Kaze for a second.” Looks like Kaze was the mischievous little brother type, eh Saizo?)

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Clearing Confessions Part 2 (JUNGKOOK ANGST + FLUFF)

Read Part 1 here:

Part 2:


I’m frozen, paralyzed sitting on the bench. My favorite person in the world just told me she loved me. I lover her too, but not like that. Do I? I don’t realize Jimin is calling me until the fourth ring. I pick up and say “Hello,” absent-mindedly.

“Hey man! Great news. I got Hwasa to get Lisa to come on the date tonight.”

When I don’t respond, Jimin says, “Hello, Jungkook are you there?” I hang up. I begin to pace back and forth in the clearing. Anxiety builds up in my chest. I can’t imagine not being friends with Y/N but odds are now she will never want to talk to me again. I sit down on the grass, trying to get my thought together. I’ve known Y/N for as long as I can remember. She’s smart and so quirky. She’s beautiful too, i’ve just never thought of her as anything more than a friend.

I lay my head down on the grass and sigh. I open my phone and scroll through my camera roll. I stop at a picture Taehyung took of Y/N last year on the trip to the amusement park. I laugh to myself seeing Y/N’s sheepish expression in the photo. I remember I told her to not where those new shoes she had bought the day before but of course she didn’t listen to me. And she calls me stubborn all the time? I scoff to myself. I ended up carrying her to every ride on my back. It was fun though, I would spin her around and she would squeal and laugh her perfect laugh. She paid me by feeding me slushies in this cup we bought with crazy-straws. I smile to myself, the sound of her laugh from that day replaying in my head. And then all of a sudden the pain is back because I realize there is a chance I may never hear her laugh again or if I do, it won’t be with me.

I pull myself up off the ground and am about to sprint out of the clearing to find Y/N. I feel trickles of rain on my forehead but I ignore it, my attention focused on the crumpled up piece of paper on the ground.


I’m struggling not to cry as I maneuver my way through the trees. I can’t stop thinking about the way he looked at me. Like I was different person for loving him. I’m the idiot anyways; for thinking this could work. I just wanted it so bad. I’m mad at him, and I’m embarrassed and i hate myself because I already miss him. I left angry and i miss his voice. He left me rejected and dejected so why do I feel like he’s the only person who can make me feel better.

The rain is trickling down now but I don’t even care. I want it to keep raining. I want the rain to conceal my tears and wash away my hurt. I want it to wash away my love for Jungkook.

I’m walking for what feel like minutes but by the way the rain is pouring now it must have been a while. I look around and see that I don’t really recognizes anything near me. I start to panic, my skin cold and my clothes drenched. I try to hop around, looking around frantically and avoiding puddles.

In my frantic state, I trip over a branch and cut myself on a stone. I yell out in pain. Eventually my yelling turns into a loud, uncontrollable sobbing. My sobbing is cut off when I hear the distant sound of a voice beneath the sound of the rain hitting the ground. I look around and see Jungkook, equally drenched and running towards me.

“Y/N! Are you okay?” He asks worriedly, kneeling down beside me to examine the large gash on my knee. I retract my leg away from him. “I’m fine.” I say as coldly as I can muster in between sniffles.

Jungkook tilts his head at me. “Y/N, I know you. You aren’t fine.” The rage I had built up on this endless walk is unleashed on him at that. “No Jungkook. You don’t know me. You don’t know how I feel or how I’m feeling and you never will!” I struggle to get up with my wounded leg but Jungkook takes advantage of my injury and pulls me into his lap. I’m completely shocked and taken aback by his actions.

Jungkook pulls out my letter and says, “I read it.” If it wasn’t so dark with the cloud cover and the shade of the trees, I would have been a red beam of blush. I quickly look away but Jungkook pulls my chin to face him. “Y/N, I didn’t know what to say when you confessed like that. But when you left, I felt how empty it was without you.”

“Jungkook..” I begin. “No let me finish,” he insists.

“Y/N you are so annoying. You always break off pieces of pastries before you eat them and it drives me crazy. You are a terrible driver not because your reckless but because you always let people cut in front of you, you’re always way too nice. I remember I asked you why and you said you were afraid of karma so now I am too but it’s made me a better person. You made me a better person. Your laugh makes me laugh but not because it sounds funny but because you have this face when you laugh where you scrunch up your nose and close your eyes and it’s just the best thing I’ve ever seen. Sometimes I feel like I make it my job to make you laugh because I just want to see it again. You are absolutely stunning and it’s annoying how you never acknowledge it. I’ve always thought you were gorgeous I just never really said it because I didn’t want it to be awkward between us. Y/N, I know you. You like comedies and you hate sci-fi. You never go to bed with socks. When someone asks you what your favorite food is you say Lasagna but I know that it’s really rice pudding but you don’t say it anymore because you don’t want to explain yourself. Y/N you don’t have to explain yourself to me because I love you.”

I was speechless for a moment. My brain wasn’t able to process any of what he just said, especially those last three words. My brain also couldn’t process when he pulled my face to his and kissed me passionately. With the rain pouring down on us and our lips moving in sync, it felt like we were the only two people in the world. Two best friends in love.


Hello! Special special thanks to @rajwah12345 for requesting Part 2 <3<3 Sorry part 2 literally took forever!

If you liked the imagine and want request more checkout our prompts list or send us an idea! Thanks so much!

~ Armygirl

Unintentional Chapter Nine: No Strings

Chapter Summary: You head over to Jared’s place after Misha leaves you a crying mess on your floor. You open up about your past and make an important phone call.

A/N: PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS FOR THIS CHAPTER!!!!!!! And PLEASE feel free to message me if you have any concerns or just need to talk, this chapter does get a little dark for a bit.

Pairing(s): ????

Warnings: DISCUSSION OF RAPE. It is not described in great detail, Y/N talks about it as part of her past. Discussion of addiction, lots of tequila, implied smut.

Word Count: 2.4k


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You tried to keep yourself from hyperventilating but there was no stopping it as you sat there. Tears streaming down your face as you sobbed, the realization hitting you and making it even worse. You ignored the beep of the microwave, signaling that the popcorn was done. You tried to work yourself towards numbness, but you couldn’t. You fucked up, and now you were alone.


By the time you’d stopped crying, the blood on your face was completely dried and it was almost nine o’clock. The only thing that you knew was that you did not want to be alone anymore. You were nauseous from how upset you’d been and had you not been too scared to wake up alone, you would’ve passed out.

You finally cleaned up and changed before doing the only thing you could think of to do; you headed to the liquor store for a bottle of tequila and made your way over to Jared’s apartment. You knocked on his door nervously. You’d been here plenty of times before, so you weren’t nervous about that. You were nervous because you didn’t want to have to explain all that had just happened, and you knew that you’d probably have to.

You took a deep breath as he opened the door.

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REQUEST! - MC with a tragic past x 707/Saeyoung

Hiiiiiiii there little beans!

So… okay, maybe it’s a little too long (?) But I wanted this request to be like a “mini one-shot” so I could explain the character as you wanted it to be. There’s no way I could write about an MC like that by writing an scenario…  Am I explaining myself? Dammit, sorry ;;

And one more thing before you read this… so, I think this is the first time I write such a long post in english, like I said it’s not my main language although I do write and talk in english almost every day (I’m studying English and Spanish language and literature at university) but it’s not that easy to me yet… So just that, if you find mistakes or any typo please tell me nicely and be patient with me, I’m trying my best ಥ_ಥ

This was a difficult request tbh, but you know what? I LOVE CHALLENGES! So, here you have! I really hope you enjoy reading this and please tell me if you like it and request and ask and askdfnsdf no im not nERVOUS YOU aRE ;; omfgfuck


The first thing Saeyoung did when you joined the RFA was do a background check, he didn’t found much and that really surprised him, everyone has something, either is good or bad, but you? You were clean.

He found some profiles on different social media platforms but that was it, you didn’t interact that much with people, no actualized information about family or friends, just a few photos and the list of where you had studied and worked within these years. The only interesting thing he found about you was something about adoption, he found out you became orphan when you were ten and then they adopted you and you spent the rest of your days in Korea. 

That made Saeyoung wonder… What kind of past might be hidding under the covers? You were always so shy and serious, at first he thought you were the poor version of Jumin, dammit, your politeness and your serious manners almost fooled him. But, for some reason, he started seeing something that the other members of the rfa didn’t seem to notice, your serious attitude was just a façade to hide how damn broken you were inside. Maybe he knew something was wrong, maybe he knew you were wearing a mask because he was wearing his own mask to hide his own demons. Maybe that was why you could unterstand him better than anyone, and you were able to say what he needed to hear in the exact moment he needed to hear it.

He didn’t know anything, he tried to search more than a couple of times something that could have led him to understand why you were like that, what had happened to you… he tried to pull the threads of the adoption issue but nothing came out, just names and dates, nothing relevant. It almost seemed like you were a ghost, a fantasy of his shattered mind to release some pain, to feel loved… 

You always tried to avoid talking about your past and he did too, it was something mutual but, when everything went bat shit crazy and Saeran appeared and you finally discovered Saeyoung’s past… You felt kind of guilty, guilty for not being able to tell him about yours too, every damn time you tried but couldn’t tell him felt like a knife stabbing your chest. 

You felt that you owed him that much, the truth, the… the pieces to the puzzle you were, you wanted him to fully understand you, and for that to happen you needed to tell him the truth. Not telling him was betraying his confidence in you and you just couldn’t afford losing him, not ever, not in a million years. He was the only thing you had, he made you feel loved for the first time in… well, too many years, and you couldn’t risk that, just… you could never risk that much.  

So one day, after three months of dating, you gathered the courage to tell him the truth. You cried, it was the first time in years you opened to someone, so everything you had been hidding inside a box in your heart suddenly opened and floded your entire being; every memory, every word, all the lonely nights suddenly came to your eyes and your lips. You cried, and sobbed and hiccuped and you explained him all about you, what you remembered and what you knew from your adoptive parents, everything. 

You remember you had a poor family but you were happy and everyone was kind and loyal, you had such lovely, brave parents… But the fairy tail ended once the war started in your country, with such bad luck that your house was in the same district were the rebellious were hidding. 

It was days since you had eaten, the war had stopped the whole city on an hiatus and without a job your parents couldn’t gain money and without money there was no food… so they sneaked out to try to get something to eat for you and that was the last time you saw them, they got killed in the middle of a gun fight.

The only memory you have after that it’s about you, wandering through the streets, crying and calling your parents until someone picked you up and the nightmare begun. You were alone, the people who picked you up used to beat you up and used you as a slave until war paused and someone from the gobernment found about you and picked you up to south Korea. 

Your adoptive parents were good people, you needed time and therapy but you finally could start to love them and be kind and more open to them. They died in a car accident when you were twenty and you ended up alone once again, that was the moment you decided you wouldn’t open to anyone again, you wouldn’t love or care for anyone again, everyone that you loved ended up dead, that was the reason why it was so hard to get to open to Saeyoung, and you still were afraid to fully love him…

All the time while you were trying to explain yourself Saeyoung was hugging you, kissing your tears away, kissing your hair, your forehead, your hands, every scar you have… He tried to gave you strenght to continue and smiled tenderly every time you stopped to breath and wash your tears. 

He was finally able to pick up the pieces from the puzzle but he couldn’t believe how bad, how traumatic your past was, how broken you might be inside, he couldn’t even imagine how fucking hard that could have been for you. He cried too that night, he couldn’t sleep in days thinking about your history. He tried to be the best person for you since that moment, the most lovely and tender and understanding, always there when you might crash down from memories suddenly floding you head, always there to hug you to sleep after every nightmare. Always there.

He understands you’re not a prankster like him, he still do prank you anyways, he loves teasing you and see you laugh, he adores you. Oh, and that time you bought that “MEME GUIDE FOR DUMMIES” He felt something warming up in his soul, that was so cute… He laughed a bit tho, the moment had been pretty hilarious. Nonetheless, he will do whatever it takes to make you happy, even if that means watch romantic movies and take long walks or go buy you some ice cream at 3AM at that Mc Donalds drive thru at the other side of the town.

That’s one of those nights, you had a nightmare and he couldn’t sleep either so… It was something like this:

You were sweeting and moving to much in bed, he tried to cuddle you but then you started screaming and crying and he had to wake you up.

-Hey! MC…MC! MC are you okay? Please wake up babe, you’re scaring me, wake up my angel… -He tries to wake you up with sweet words and tender touches.

When you finally wake up you’re dead scared and still crying and sobbing. He sits in the bed with his back to the header, you’re lying on your side in a fetal position, in between his legs and with your head on his chest (I don’t know if it’s clear, if not I’ll search and post a photo of this posture). He’s the sweetest and the most understanding boyfriend you could ever ask for. 

-Okay, it’s okay little alien, I’m here, I’m not going anywhere, I’m here with you… -He sing-songs, like a lullaby, calming you down.

-They… they were… and you-You try to speak but still the fear is more powerful than you.

-Shh babe, I’m here with you, listen to my heart, it will be alright alien -He says with a sweet voice, slowly running his fingers through your hair, giving you all the time you need to recover.

After a while you’re relaxed and feeling almost at bliss, he’s like a balm, his voice, his touches, his kind and lovely words… He’s the best thing that has happened to you, the best thing ever.

-I love you, you don’t know how much… don’t ever leave me, please Saeyoung… -You say and then you re-position yourself to be able to kiss him.

And you do, slow and smooth, you try to express how you feel through the kiss but it’s not long before you two start wanting more and run out of air, you move away from each other lips just to breath and clash again in a quite suffocated kiss, he cups your cheeks in his hands and you put yours in his shoulders so you don’t lose balance and you sink your nails on his flesh, his response is almost immediate, he moans and brokes the kiss to grasp for air. 

-MC… You… I… I love you -He says and looks at you with tender eyes.

Sometimes you love teasing him, you’re not a cheerful person, you’re quite serious most of the time to be honest, but tonight you feel like teasing him a little now that you’re feeling better -maybe it’s your way of avoiding your thoughts tonight, who cares, if it works for you then it’s okay- so you stand up from bed and look at Saeyoung, who’s looking back at you with a mix of lust and confusion.

-I want ice cream, let’s go to Mc Donalds’s drive thru! -You say all of a sudden, and you obviously think it’s not going to work, you think he’s going to grab you by the waist to drag you back to him and kiss you again… but, oh, dear… you’re quite surprised when he stands up too.

-Let’s go then, nothing I wouldn’t do for my little alien! -And he smiles and starts dressing, leaving you standing there, half naked and confused af.

So that’s how you end up in a Mc Donalds’s drive thru at 3 AM to buy a fucking McFlurry. That’s how it is, one moment you’re crying in the middle of a nightmare, then you’re kissing him and an hour later you’re buying ice cream. You’re happy just like that, it may seem crazy… but you love that, you’re in love with him, with his madness, with every inch of him, you’re in love with the life you’re living, even if it’s hard as hell sometimes.

And one day you’re going to marry him in the space station, that’s for sure.


That’s it, have a nice day little beans  (っ◔◡◔)っ ❤


That was also an improvised decision by Up-Front to make Matsuura’s very first performance on stage happen in a 2001 New Year H!P concert at Nakano Sun Plaza. It was completely unplanned, wasn’t told her at all in advance. She was told to do it by Tsunku as she was there only to learn how things going on in H!P concerts. So she, only 14 yrs old back then, all of sudden had to show herself up in her own casual clothes and sing a song, which was still in progress, in front of the audience of more than 2,000 without having any rehearsal for it. Despite all those adverse conditions, she did it amazingly in that confident manner. She started getting nervous and crying only after she’d returned to her dressing room. More than 16 years have passed since that happening. Now, am I the only one who’d expect Yamazaki Yuhane to be another crack just like Ayaya?

Dominating Him When You’re Jealous (M) (SCM Version)
  • Featuring: Leon, Scorpio, Dui, Huedhaut and Karno from Star Crossed Myth
  • Warnings: Mature

You wrapped your lips around one of the little pink nubs, sucking hard then biting into the stiff nipple and soothing the sensitive skin with the flat of your tongue.
“Having fun down there? Punishing me?” Leon panted heavily, glaring down at you as you feasted on his body. You hummed your contentment, smiling at how he tried to sound displeased despite the tremors you could feel running through his body every time you sucked at his chest.
“Like you wouldn’t believe.” You ran your fingernails down his sides, making his spine arch, and you trailed your lips down his rippling abs, poking your tongue into his belly button. “Beg me.” You demanded.
“I’m a god.” Leon snapped, cheeks still flushed and pupils dilated from your ministrations on his nipples. “I don’t beg for anyone.” Glancing upwards, you saw the hickeys covering his chest, his throat and one on the underside of his jaw that would be impossible to hide.
“Ah yes, you prefer making others beg.” You bit into the god’s belly button, sucking it into your mouth. “Like those slutty goddesses.” You snarled as you lowered your face even more, his happy trail tickling your nose. Leon growled through gritted teeth as you tugged at the thickening hair at his hips, the sensation being painful but slightly pleasurable. “They all swarm around you and you just let them. I’d almost think you enjoyed it.” You looked up at him and saw him staring down at you, eyes hard.
“I do not.” He denied. “Where did you get these things, anyway?” Leon breathed, jangling his wrists above his head again.
You had wanted to restrain him, to let him know who was in charge. But he was a God. So the normal handcuffs you’d get at a porno store, even a police station, wasn’t going to cut it. Fortunately for you, Karno was willing to help. Happy, even.
“Karno.” You told him, knowing Leon would find out sooner or later.
“That conniving son of a…!” Leon’s spine arched in shock as you nibbled on his ball sack, sucking the swollen globe into your mouth and biting down softly.
“Don’t call Karno conniving.” You scolded, running the tip of your tongue over the painful hickey you’d just left on the juncture between balls and cock. “Karno is kind, thoughtful… handsome.” Leon’s head snapped downwards.
“Don’t talk about another man when you’re on my cock.” He grunted, wrapping his legs around your torso and crunched his torso, lifting his legs and forcing you upwards. “Ever.”
You stared at him, ripples of excitement rushing through your body.
“My, my, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were… jealous.” You asked, reaching down to push aside your panties. “I thought you were only jealous over my tears.” You challenged, taking his length in your hand and rubbing the head of his cock over your lower lips.
“Your tears are mine.” Leon jutted his hips upwards, timing it perfectly to slip inside you. You gasped but allowed the intrusion, sinking down to make it easier for Leon to rut inside of you. “Your love is mine.” He thrust upwards again, pubic hair scratching against your clit in a way that made your eyes water but your toes curl. “And this tight little pussy… mine.” He rolled his hips and you cried out, loudly.
“You are mine, Leon.” You informed him as you began to ride him, slowly, torturously slowly. “Your mouth, your chest, your arms, your love, your legs, your cock… all of it. You’re mine.” You leant down, pressing your lips to his nose as you began to grind against Leon’s hips, making him rub against that sweet spot within you that made you sweat all over. Leon gave you a rare, sweet and genuine smile. He craned his neck upwards and planted an even more rare chaste kiss to your lips, whispering words against your mouth.
“I know I am.”

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anonymous asked:

Sheith - BOM!Keith introducing Shiro to the Dads of Marmora (Thace/Kolivan/Ulaz) for the prompt?

This got sadder and weirder than I wanted it too and i kinda forgot the prompt halfway through, but it’s done! Forgive me, anon.


Shiro had been missing for a total of nine Earth months. Keith was restless. It felt like it did when Shiro had been captured by the Galra. The boy was kind of lost. They couldn’t form Voltron, despite Keith having taken over Black, Lance having taken Red, and Allura having taken Blue, so trying to stop Prince Lotor was pointless. They wouldn’t win even if they wanted to.

The Black Lion didn’t respond to him. They were bonded in the sense that they both loved Shiro, and the fact he was gone made them both anxious, but other than that they had nothing in common. He knew Lance and Allura were having problems with their own Lions as well, because even just flying in formation had become nearly impossible. They needed Shiro.

Keith had tried to busy himself with other things. One of these things, was working more with Kolivan, and the other Blade’s. It took his mind off of the fact he had no idea where his partner was, and it gave him something to do. The others had stopped protesting at this point, but Keith knew they were still uneasy about letting him go on those long missions, given to him by Kolivan himself.

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My Worlds recap

Here I was, on March 30th, in my hometown Riga with bus and ferry tickets and most importantly - tickets to Ladies practice and Short Dance in my pocket. I could not believe I was going to Worlds after many years of living and breathing figure skating. This was a dream of mine that I thought would never come to life. It felt so surreal I had to pinch myself a few times. 😅

When me and my mom made it to the arena at 8 AM on March 31st, it was so difficult to hold back tears ( i am literally tearing up as i’m writing this 😂). Watching figure skating has been one of the biggest parts of my life for five (!!!) years now and I don’t think I can put my feelings towards it in just some sentences. It is better than all the movies because it’s the real life - but with the spectrum of emotions I only get to see in the cinema. It doesn’t only show “the movie” (aka the performance) but also every behind the scenes action (like the emotions before and after the performance, the training process, the challenges along the way) which makes it so much more interesting. So when I walked in the arena it felt like a dream come true. They didn’t have doors heading to each sector, but a curtain instead (to not make a sound every time someone enters or exits) and because it was the practice time for Ladies the curtains weren’t closed but fully open instead. So even when I had just come in the arena, I could already see a glimpse of the ice rink which felt so surreal and that was the first time it hit me so hard that I was actually really here - at the World Championships.

It felt fantastic to see stars like Ashley Wagner, Kaetlyn Osmond, Gabrielle Daleman, Evgenia Medvedeva, Anna Pogorilaya and Carolina Kostner skate so close to me (we were seated really close to the ice), to see their determined faces and to live through their great performances. Incomparably mesmerizing.

Before the short dance there was some time to kill so we just walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere which is SO unique! There is this buzzing feeling which makes you feel warm and welcomed and everyone looks nervously excited. We walked through every booth/shop there was, I even got some beautiful postcards from John Wilson Blades booth (they were handing them out for free?! 😧) with Ashley, Patrick, the Shibs and Chock/Bates. There I met a lovely French fan and we had a brief talk about our journeys as fans and let me add that it feels so weird to actually talk with someone about figure skating after you’ve mostly only shared your opinions online and have never had a legit conversation live??! 😂

Then it was the time for the short dance (oh my, hearing the ISU fanfare live was hands down the best experience ever 😂😂😂) . I have been a massive ice dance fan since forever and I am a big supporter of Tessa&Scott. They are the main reason I was actually here - I can’t put into words what they’ve done to me in these past years - they have held me up every time I felt down in various ways - with their performances, life stories or just small interviews. I just wanted to give back to them a little with my heartfelt support. However, I joined the V/M fandom in 2012 when everyone was furious about D/W and their success (which would happen in 2013 and 2014) and I quickly learned to be as bitter as everyone else. It feels sad to look back now and think that we used so much time to just talk about Meryl and Charlie - more than about great things of Tessa and Scott. I only understood this after T&S took a break after 2014 and I just became this casual ice dance fan who wanted to see the best in everyone and was listening to everyone’s stories of ups and downs. It was the same fantastic atmosphere - just without all the rage. During this period of time I really fell in love with Kaitlyn&Andrew, Maia&Alex and Gabriella&Guillaume. When Tessa&Scott came back I couldn’t believe how great I felt during the season - it was now 100 times more exciting as I had so many couples I loved and supported throughout (…well, i did love t&s a little more than anyone else though 😆) . And you have NO idea how much I loved the theme of this years SD. SOOOO much spunk and sass! I hope you don’t mind me saying that pretty much all of these were the best short dances I have ever seen from the top teams.

First of all, let me say a word about the atmosphere live. It is absolutely incomparable to the TV. The audience noises are lowered for about ten thousand times and are almost inaudible in the TV which is the biggest change. The ovations are so impressive you can’t believe them at first. Second of all, the skating skills and the speed is insane live. And thirdly of all, the costumes look SO. MUCH. DIFFERENT. (they are much more sparkly and colorful 😍✨).

I was actually worried that I might not last for seven freaking groups but the time went so fast. I still can’t believe the zamboni breaks. I swear to god they didn’t last more than five minutes 😅 (I always get cranky during the resurfacing breaks when I watch TV - feels like hours). From the first four groups couples that stood out for me the most were Smart/Diaz, Kaliszek/Spodyriev and Lauriault/Le Gac - they all had great stage presence and superb feel to the music.

Then the fifth group came. All of a sudden Tessa and Scott were on the ice and I was like one of these crazy Bieber fans who can’t stop their tears. I tried my hardest to bring the tears back but I miserably failed (I had promised myself that I would act NORMALLY NOT START CRYING ON MY FIRST OPPORTUNITY I AM SO WEIRDED OUT OF THE SUDDEN EMOTIONS THAT CAME OUTSIDE IN THAT MOMENT - I am a very reserved person who always puts herself together 😂). Tessa’s costume is SO much more beautiful live. I wasn’t a fan of it when I first saw it but DAMN she looked hot. Also the golden sparkles around the cutouts on the pants are basically not seen at all in the usual professional pics but they were actually unbelievably shiny. And Scott just has this amazing aura around himself. He seemed to ooze confidence but also some sort of humbleness. And OMG - they’re fast. But the thing that struck me the most was the non-touching step sequence. They did it once in the warm up and I legit thought it was some “easy version of this sequence without the hard steps just to get warmed up” and you can’t imagine how surprised I was when they performed it in the actual dance. It WAS the sequence. I swear it looked like anyone could do it. So light and easy. Now THAT was the moment I understood how superior they actually are. Everybody else’s StSq looked, you know, like a StSq should look like - a hard element hard to execute (don’t get me wrong - they were mostly done beautifully but it was visible that this is a hard element - which it is 😆). After the warm up ended I was probably still in shock so I have no recollection of the first two pairs in that group. Sorry. 😁 Then they came up on ice for a short warm up again while the previous teams scores were announced. And this includes the moment I think nobody has caught on camera (I don’t think I have seen any pre-sd videos at all which is such a shame). They were just gliding on ice separately with Tessa slightly in front of Scott. Then they started to slow down because they were coming to Marie France. And while they’re slowing down, Scott skates right in front of me with the biggest grin ever and his lovey-dovey eyes focused on Tessa’s back slightly in front of him. And that is the moment I calm down. His eyes bring the sense to me that everything is going to be okay and he is confident about it (i swear to god he’s a magician or whatever but that look was SO calming and surreal). And Tessa just turns her head, looks at his face and literally rolls her eyes with a smile on her face (okay i might’ve imagined the eye rolling but you all know that face when tessa looks at scott and thinks ‘god you’re such an idiot i love you’) and then they’re already with Marie France with last words before performance. The actual performance was unreal. They did their beginning moves right in front of me and that was SO sharp. Also when they did these moves there were quite few “eeeaaaww” kind of shouts or whatever the Michael Jackson kind of short screams sound. That was superb and I’m so sad NONE of them are audible during the actual recording. It gave a great atmosphere. Scott did the kneeling thing right before the end of the first section right in front of me which left such an impact. SOO much control. The blues sequence was hella smooth (and twizzles were ok but i was so scared about them) BUT THE LIFT. THE STADIUM FREAKING ERUPTED DURING THE LIFT. I felt as if I had wings and had been accepted into paradise. And then it ended and I was on my feet and there was an ocean of tears (whoops😅). It was an experience I will never forget.

Then it was time for Group number 6. I have to be honest - I was a little disappointed with Stepanova/Bukin. I’ve been a huge fan of their SD but seeing it live was a little bit underwhelming. It’s the way of skating - they skate “small”. However I still loved the choreography and their chemistry is certainly the best in the younger ice dancers field. If they can improve their skating skills, I’m completely on board.

Piper and Paul were a huge surprise for me. Even when they were warming up with everyone else, you could feel their presence the most. And let me just say this - Canadian men are superior dancers. Scott, Paul and Andrew all felt a bit similar to me. They makes themselves look extremely confident (i mean their skating skills also are 😍) and they lead their ladies better than anyone else - it just feels extremely natural. So, back to Piper&Paul. This was a huge hit in the arena (and for me!). The feeling was great throughout the performance and I just want to say it one more time - the skating skills (piper has improved so much)!! the twizzles! they took my breath. I have to admit I didn’t think this dance would actually work for me but it did.

Another team which surprised me in a good way were Bobrova&Soloviev. As the season progressed, I always felt as this program was a little “pushed”. They tried to bring the sass, but instead it came off as a vulgarity. However the forms they create on ice are very clean and blade work is beautiful so I was actually scratching my head after watching these two because I’ve never really liked them but somehow they look better live (I just don’t understand why?)

I was also delighted by Anna&Luca’s performance. That dress looked even more beautiful live and they also made me like them more than on TV. They just draw you in and you can’t do anything about it. I just wish they would be more versatile (but i still love them!)

The seventh group started with the Shibs who I think had the very close second short dance choreography-and-idea-wise behind T&S. I’ve absolutely adored this dance all the times this season and this was no exception. That lift was badass and man, those twizzles… I didn’t think that was going to leave such a big impact on me. SO sharp in every movement. Alex just needs improve his facial expressions a bit and then they’d be even more perfect (also maia is a literal goddess).

I have to say my sentimental favorites of the night were Kaitlyn&Andrew. Their skating on TV looks a bit like Stepanova/Bukin’s so I was a little bit worried that it would fall flat. It was the DIRECT opposite. I think their skating skills were second only to VM that night because damn, they skated with so much speed. And their chemistry just went sky high. Also that lift made the arena erupt (again😂). It looked so much more powerful than on TV. The move where Andrew just rolls Kaitlyn on his back was hands down one of the coolest of the night. I was just so happy to see them perform the best they can after some disappointing starts. It was truly wonderful and after they finished I was standing and in tears again. I thought they were terribly underscored, but oh well, #twizzles. (they are both also incredibly hot 😏🔥)

Gabriella&Guillaume were also amazing live. I loved that they did the most program to the blues music which I truly respect because it is so much harder to keep an audience interested with blues than with hip hop. But the slow section was amazing - the attention to details and the blade work was soooo smooth. I’ve got to say although Guillaume’s skating skills and dance moves are through the roof fantastic, he doesn’t “lead” his partner that well - the Canadian guys do it so much better. I don’t think he has any rivals in the “best male ice dancer by himself” category, but he has a lot to learn to be the best in the “best male partner in ice dance” nomination - he isn’t the full package yet. However I’m a big fan of hard work and dedication (and I’m sad people only appreciate Guillaume’s because he is the more gifted one) so I’m a big fan of Gabi, her personality and facial expressions during the performance. She sells everything better than Guillaume but I don’t think she’s being recognized enough for that.

Madi&Zach also surprised me live by looking far more polished than on TV. The movements were sharp and they’ve got this weirdly different blade quality compared to others that I can’t explain (but i liked it). I certainly was a bit cringey about the music at the beginning of the season, but I’ve got to say that crowd really appreciated it and I was also on board. I smiled so hard when the scores came up because I absolutely love it when underdogs show everyone what they’re capable of.

Last up were Madi&Evan and this unfortunately turned out the same way I felt about Stepanova/Bukin. I had also been a big fan of this SD all season but their way of skating didn’t seem to impress me. I had also liked how Evan just tossed around Madi various times in the program but live it just seemed a little too much? BUT I totally respect that they have worked so much with their chemistry because it was nonexistent some years ago but now they just scream the word “FIIIIREEEEEE”. 😉

Afterwards there were about a hundred of people making a crowd close to the door which skaters entered to go to the draw for the FD. Well, I think it’s not a very good way to get a skaters autograph. They are very tired after the competition and it’s not even over - there’s still the FD so they got to keep focused. I think a moment between a skater and a fan should be much more personal than just blocking an entrance just to get your autograph. I don’t know, it just made me a little uncomfortable when everyone was waiting for them just to come like they’re some sort of zoo animals or whatever. I didn’t want any autographs or anything, it was just SO hard to get through the far-too-excited crowd (to the exit of the arena) I decided to wait until they go away. I didn’t even register that I was standing right after the entrance to the draw (where it wasn’t crowded at all, in fact I was like the only person there) and the wall was from glass so you could see the skaters after they entered the “closed zone”. And then I turned my head and saw FREAKING TESSA AND SCOTT in the closed zone. About a meter from me there was this crazy crowd waiting for skaters and turning their heads in the other direction while I was enjoying my view of Tessa and Scott having a conversation. 😄 They were kind of afar from me though and I was trying my best not to stare ('they are not animals and it is rude to do that’ I muttered to myself) - I don’t think they even saw me because they looked completely in ease as the glass wall separated them from everyone. Then they left further for the draw and I couldn’t see them anymore. Tessa&Scott were already in the closed zone because they skated early but the skaters from the last group still had to come. I’ve got to say it was a bit sad to see the guards having a hard time taking the skaters from the crowd to the closed zone. People went crazy every time someone came. But I, still not accompanied by anyone, just had the best view of my life of skaters like Maia&Alex, Kaitlyn&Andrew, Gabi (Guillaume didn’t show up because he was getting his hand stitched) , Piper&Paul, Madi&Evan and Madi&Zach after they had gone through the crowd. Madison Hubbell actually turned around to see the crowd once again, laughed, then turned in the other direction, saw me all by myself, smiled and waved at me! 😎😱 I was so surprised but also very thankful for such a nice gesture! (jeez, but I hope I didn’t look like those weird, creepy stalkers 😁). The crowd finally went away and I got to walk out normally.

My journey was over but the memories were never going to fade. It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world as it brought the whole spectrum of emotions to me. It was the best day of my life. I can never thank enough to my mom who came up with this idea and travelled with me. We had the most fantastic time ever. ❤️

(thanks for reading, this was suuuuper long 😂)

Love or gratitude ? BTS Jimin (M) chap 02

“pairing: JIMIN X  reader y/N

                   ft Yoongi 

Genre: angst/smut/ best friend 

M= mature contents

summary: what will you do when all of sudden you find your self getting married to someone used to be your best friend’s lover just because he turned to be a father !!!


chap 01

Originally posted by bwipsul

chap 02 : pregnant ! 

present time 

i’m picking the red one” you told the seller who was smiling hugely for you ,you felt happy finally you would be able to come back to Seoul 

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Meeting Him (Lee Jong Suk Scenario)

Genre: romance, fluff, comedy

Word count: 2 055

Warning:  none

Summary: A drama-like meeting.

You went back to the hotel, dead tired from all the walking around the city. Seoul was surely exciting and full of life, but you were exhausted and all you could think of was a nice bath in your nice hotel room, an episode of whatever drama was on TV while enjoying the luxury of having room-service in a five stars hotel.

Stepping inside the hotel drew you some curious looks which made you blush as you fumbled for your phone. Your shorts and simple t-shirt surely didn’t match the hotel’s image, nor did the dusty sneakers or backpack full of trinkets. Thank God you had the roaming services activated and were able to call your friend.

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I immediately felt compelled to give them the nine dollars I had in my purse and say ‘you are the best looking person i have ever seen so i think you deserve it and i was going to buy my lunch with this but whatever’ but decided against it. and then i started crying. i seriously cried for an hour. i ran to the bathroom and came out later and i was even more tired before. i was overtired and btw i am a girl. i dont know why i cried because of that and he was better looking than all the models id seen ever!

Catch Me pt. 3

Originally posted by kim-kaai

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Genre: Angst/ Fluff/ Smut

Characters: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: Not caring was part of your everyday life. Some consider you to be rude but you say that’s just how you are. Meeting a certain boy may soften your strong personality. He isn’t really your type and you definitely aren’t his either, it all kind of just happened.

Time for lunch rolled around, you bought some food on the nearest fast food place and came back to campus. You found yourself sitting in one of the tables around and set down your food. You texted Baekhyun where you were and waited for him. You had to admit, you started to feel a bit nervous waiting for him.

You already came up with a few ideas of how the project could go but you didn’t know if he’d like them too. Not only that but you were also worried that what if he didn’t get along with you? What if you hated each other and had to forcefully make the project together? Or even worse, what if he got along with you perfectly? Oh no, that would be so bad. You’re already attracted to him and if he’s nice with you, boy are you going to be in trouble. And the inevitable fact that he does have a girlfriend, well that’s just the cherry on top of the sundae.

While waiting for Baekhyun, who was taking a bit longer that expected to come, you started to take out your food and eat it. You were going to wait for him to start but he was just taking to damn long and your stomach was already growling from hunger.

As you ate your delicious food, you were about to take another bite but suddenly someone called “Hello!” from behind, startling you and almost making you choke on your food. You started coughing and the person who had nicely greeted you was now apologizing profusely. “Oh god, are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you at all, I’m so sorry” he said to you as he looked at you and walked to the other side of the table to sit. You recognized his voice quickly and looked up to confirm it was him, Baekhyun.

He was wearing a simple sky blue and white stripped shirt combined with a pair of light blue jeans and white shoes. His pastel colored outfit made the vivid red in his hair stand out even more. It made him look almost angelic, in your opinion. A delicious sight indeed.

He sat down and spoke to you “Ah, you already started eating? You must have been waiting for me for a long time, I’m sorry again” you shook your head and gave him a look “Nah, don’t sweat it. It’s fine now that you’re here” you said making him smile and thank you either way for waiting for him.

After a minute filled with silence mainly because both of you had your mouths stuffed with food, you decided to speak up. You placed your fork down and said “So, about the project… I had a idea on what we could do” he looked up from his food and replied “Really? What were you thinking of?”. You then said “Well since the project is based on art, we could go out on a road trip to somewhere cool and make a photo album about the artistic things we find” he nodded his head and grinned as he said “Oh~, that’s a great idea! I was thinking we could make a painting together but your idea is way cooler and creative”. You grinned back, feeling a bit flustered that he complimented your idea.

You did think of it before meeting him but you weren’t sure if it was that good, you were almost positive that he’d have a better idea for the project. But anyways, it made you happy that he was into your idea.

You made little small talk here and there as you ate, nothing too over the top that would make you feel nervous. As you both were finishing your meals, you started to debate where you should start the project. You both decided on going to a beautiful forest Baekhyun had suggested since he had been there before and said it would be the perfect place to take photos. You trusted his word and went with the idea, hoping it would work out and the professor will like it.

Because as much as you like this handsome guy, wouldn’t let him get in the way of your work. Maybe you sometimes slacked off a little in class because of zoning out in the middle of the lessons and commence departure to your daydream, but even then, you’d get your shit done. People could call you rebellious and reckless all they wanted but the one thing you were the most careful about was your education. And no cute guy or even Baekhyun would make you lower you grades.

“So when are you free?” he said catching you by surprise. You were thinking grades and his sudden question left you confused. Free for what?, you thought as your mind raced to find a logical answer. And just as he could read your mind, he added “For the project, so we can met up and go take pictures at the forest”. You nodded slowly as you understood now what he was asking. The possibility of him asking you to go out as you may have interpret it to be was clear now to you how unreal it was since he is in a relationship. Needless to say, you felt pretty stupid for thinking it.

“How about tomorrow in the afternoon?” Baekhyun requested. You were about to accept it but then you remembered the party Sehun had been hyped up about and it so happened to be tomorrow night. You promised Sehun you’d go with him (even if he’d leave you alone in the middle of the night to get it on with some girl) but you weren’t about to tell Baekhyun you were going to a party. “Actually, I’m busy with homework tomorrow. But we can go Sunday” you said and he replied “Sunday it is!”

He then collected his stuff and said “I’ll text you in the morning to see where we’re going to meet up or I could pick you up if you want”. You were about to reply but a high pitched voice interrupted you “Planning things behind my back, baekhyunie?” you looked to where the voice was coming and there was a girl standing in front of the table you were seated with her arms crossed and blank expression directed towards Baekhyun. “Oh, j-jagi. This is my classmate Y/N, Y/N, this is my girlfriend Jiwoo” he said introducing you two. You looked at her but she was still stiff and staring at him. “What are you doing here?” he asked her and she said in an angry tone “I’ve been looking all over for you, you didn’t even answer my calls”. His eyes widened as he took out his phone and saw all the notifications he had of her missed calls.

He then stepped closer to her and grabbed her hand. For a minute there you felt invisible. Don’t tell me he’s about to kiss her or something because if he does I’m gonna puke, you thought. “I guess I was too distracted, I’m sorry jagiya. We were discussing a upcoming project we have for art class” he said while looking into her eyes. Her expression softened a bit and she just hummed as a response.

She finally turned to you and looked at you. There was no surten expression of her face so you did the same to her. “Well, Y/N we have to go. Nice to meet you though” she said to you and you nodded. She walked away and Baekhyun got a hold of his things to then follow her like a lost puppy. Before leaving, he turned back to you and shouted “See you on Sunday!” you nodded and waved him goodbye.

You let out air you didn’t even realize you were holding in and looked at them as they went away. She sure was something alright. She seemed like your typical popular girl on campus but by your first impression of her today, you couldn’t say she was exactly nice per say. Well, not as nice as Baekhyun at least. Maybe it was all a show to scare you off or something, which didn’t work if that was the case. But you kinda understood why she attempted to scare you off, hell, you wouldn’t want your boyfriend hanging around someone like you either.

You started to hear footsteps coming your way so you turned your head to see who it was. A tall, lanky and annoying boy was grinning at you as he took seat next to you. Yep, there was no mistaking him, it was Sehun. “Hi babe” he said playfully “I’m surprised your alive” he continued. You turned to him asking “Why?” and he replied “I saw you with little Baekhyun over here and I was about to go and embarrass you in front of him but his girlfriend was faster than I was”. You hummed and look back at your leftover food.

“I was expecting her to hit you by the look she had on her face” he added and you chuckled “Like she would even try to put a finger on me” he laughed and said “Uh, look who’s getting cocky all of the sudden”. You rolled your eyes and said “I’m not being cocky, you’re honestly going to tell me she would have the guts to fight me? I mean I don’t know her but she seems like the type to cry if she ruined her manicure or something”. Sehun shrugged and said “I don’t know her that well either but I guess you’re right” you turned to grab your things and replied “When am I not right?” making him roll his eyes at you, get up from his seat and follow you to your dorm.

A/N: Next chapter will possibly be a smut! This one was pretty short but the next one will be longer. Any questions or whatever runs through your mind, you can leave it in my inbox. See y’all later *finger guns* take care ♡