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Opinion on Parker?

the bitsy spider is like… a mildly terrifying combo of steve and tony. he has all of steve’s moral uprightness and willingness to do what he believes is right, regardless of consequences, and all of tony’s i-will-do-science-and-thereby-solve-my-problems method of dealing with life. he’s good people though, despite an unfortunate tendency to eat pizza while sitting on the ceiling and drip hot cheese into my hair. not cool, peterbird.

what makes him kinda terrifying is that he physically looks like steve did pre-superjuice, plus a few inches and a few pounds, but he’s crazy strong. the only avengers who can beat him in sheer strength are hulk and thor. and neither of them really have a calculable upper limit on their strength, so.

but being able to kick both stevie and i across the room doesnt stop him from looking like he needs to be bundled in blankets and tucked in a corner where nobody can bully him. lemmie tell you, it plays merry hell on my nerves when somebody throws a bus at him and he catches it and throws it back

Secrets | 2 (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: Peter Parker is your kind, loving boyfriend of 2 years, who also just happens to be the web slinger, Spider-Man. And even though you support what he’s doing, you can’t seem to escape the thought that Peter is getting lost in this new superhero world.

A/N: Sorry that it’s short again!! Hope you enjoy, and we’ll see if this shall be continued….(aka please let me know what you think!!!)

Secrets, Ch. 1

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Hi :) can you do a fic where Pete and Wade are already a couple but one day Peter and Logan accidentally switch their bodies (so something like "Wade comes home and can't believe his eyes when he sees Wolverine is cooking dinner wearing an apron" may happen lol)?

(this is so funny omfg)

Today was a great day. Birds were chirping, aliens were nowhere to be found, and Wade had finally finished that stupid job in fucking Switzerland (of all places, why one so far away from Spidey?). Now he had a rather large sum of money in his pockets and he could actually stay home for more than just a couple weeks. 

And, bonus, Peter had said he had something fun to tell Wade when he got back. With any luck, it would be a dirty thing.

Wade giggled to himself at the thought as he walked up to the apartment door and used his key (which he never got tired of doing). The door swung open and he instantly smelled something delicious and spicy coming from the kitchen. He quickly shucked off his boots and ditched most of his weapons into the box they left by the door. 

Then Wade headed into the kitchen, and was promptly met by…Logan? 

Logan, who was standing in his kitchen, wearing a video game t-shirt Wade was fairly sure belonged to Peter and frowning at a cookbook. 


Logan spun around and looked at him, wide-eyed, revealing Wade’s apron. “Wade! Uh, you’re home. Hi.” he said in a very not-Logan fashion, waving. “How was the job?”

Wade looked at him with a lot of suspicion. “Fine. Where’s Peter?”

Logan scratched the back of his neck. “About that. Remember when you got a text that Peter had something fun to tell you?”

“If he was trying to tell me that he was being replaced, that’s not very fun news.”

Logan shook his head. “No, no. I…got into a fight, with Loki. He did a weird thing and Tony hasn’t managed to fix it yet.”

“Is Peter okay?” Wade demanded, suddenly feeling his heart drop. “Where is he?”

“He’s fine!” Logan quickly assured him. “He’s, uh, in your kitchen, actually.”

Wade slowly spun in a circle, finding no Peter in the tiny kitchen. “What?”

Logan seemed to struggle with words for a moment. Then he gave up. “Oh, fuck it. Loki switched my body with Logan’s. We don’t know how to fix it.”

Wade stared at him for a minute. He looked over the clothes again. And the apron. And the fact that Logan-Peter was scratching his neck again, just like Peter did. “Peter?”

Unfortunately, yes. I feel like a giant.”

Wade squealed and ran over, patting him down and ruffling his hair. “This is so cool! Omg, do you have his powers, too? Do the claw thing! Do the claw thing!”

Peter laughed, and it sounded weird with Logan’s voice. “From what we can tell, yeah. And I don’t like the claw thing. I’m bad at it.”

Wade pouted. “You’re no fun. Just once?”

“I already had to do it down in Tony’s lab. They got stuck and it was terrible.”

Wade laughed. “That’s awesome.”

Peter smacked him. “Not awesome. I nearly cut off Tony’s hand when I high-fived him.”

Wade just laughed harder. “That sounds awesome.”

Peter rolled his eyes. “Jerk. How much did you get from your job?”

“A lot. I don’t have to leave for a while.”

Peter-Logan grinned at him, which was borderline terrifying. “Nice. Now come help me with dinner, and I can try to explain what Tony’s trying to do to fix it.”

“Quick question first.” Wade said, stopping Peter.


Wade gave him a devilish grin. “What are the chances we can bang before this wears off?”

All he heard was the sound of Logan’s claws before he ran from the kitchen, cackling the whole time.

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Lena Luthor for character friend :)

003 | Give me a character & I will tell you

How I feel about this character: Lena Lauren Luthor (her middle name can be negotiated but I think something beginning with L would fit the Luthor tradition) is one of my all time favourite characters from any show. She is strong, smart, funny, flirty, brave, emotional and fierce. She is so determined and ambitious, she defies every wrong judgement, every person that underestimates her, everyone that compares her to someone else. Lena is such a complex and interesting character. She is an emotional abuse victim and she has several scenes with Lillian where she calls her out on how she’s treated her (do you know how difficult that is?! Do you know how amazing it is to have a character that actually talks about it and is aware of the fact that it is Lillian that is wrong?!). Lena is fantastic and I’m so glad I could relate to such a wonderful and giving character. She could go all Morgana and I would give her a hug and 10 puppies telling her she did an amazing job.

All the people I ship romantically with this character: Kara. (She hasn’t interacted with many other people but Kara 100%)

My non-romantic OTP for this character: Brotp? Brotp: Winn and Lena aka the small nerd squad.

My unpopular opinion about this character: I don’t really think I have an unpopular opinion on her to be honest.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Supercorp become canon okay but seriously I want her to have friends, like real friends. Her and Winn need to be best friends and be super nerdy bros and bond over their love of science and technology and how smart they both are. Plus with how winn felt about his father could help, I want a scene where Lena is upset about her family and always being seen in their image and Winn comforts her - he tells her a story about his father and he doesn’t need to say much but her head falls to his shoulder and they just hug because 1) Lena needs all of the hugs and 2) she needs to be made to feel valid and appreciated by someone besides Kara. ISOLATION IS NOT A GOOD CHARACTER ARC!


My OT3: Lena/Kara/James (aka Luverson), I also love the idea of Lena/Kara/Lucy and Lena/Kara/Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman)

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I just realized.... wtf happened to his spider senses???? There were so many moments during the film (like ant man taking back the shield) that nothing happened no spidey senses w t f

They actually mentioned Peter’s senses when he was talking to Tony in his room.

“When whatever happened, happened… It’s like my senses have been dialled to 11. There’s way too much input so, they (the goggles) just kind of help me focus.”

You can even see in a scene when his spidey sense works. His eyes narrow and you can hear the shutters in his eyes focus and he senses that thing Bucky threw at him even though it didn’t make a noise.

I actually made 2 GIFsets on my personal account, one of all the amazing stuff spidey did throughout the movie, and one with all the times he messed up.

As for the specific scene you’re talking about, Scott owning him, Peter says “Guys… Something–” until he gets hit. So he knew Scott was there before anyone else but he didn’t act fast enough on it.

And I absolutely LOVE how much he messed up.

He mentions how he only got his powers 6 months ago. Plus he’s 15. PLUS this was probably his first intense battle.

I love that he’s still very much a rookie and still trying to understand the powers he was given. While I love the Toby and Andrew’s spidey movies, they were so perfect as spidey as soon as they were bitten.

I love seeing this clumsy, swearing boy who is just trying to do his best. We’ll see him get better and better like we are on this journey with him. We get to see him grow and become possibly one of the strongest Avengers. But right now he is a kid who has only had these gifts for half a year and has no idea what he’s doing, and I love it.

You probably didn’t want an essay but I gave ya one anyways, haha.

Day 11: 30 Day Spider-Man Challenge

Spidey Tech you’d like to own

Originally posted by effyeahultimatespiderman

The Spider-Cycle!

It has all of Spidey’s power in one vehicle, and it’s freaking awesome! Imagine owning this piece of equipment???? You can build web bridges. Drive up the walls. And

it’s fast af

Why settle for just one power (web shooters or Spider-Tracers) when you can get them all in one badass looking vehicle?

And I know you’re gonna be like “oh what about the Spider-Mobile? It had more things” 

Well, I ask you, what looks cooler? A motorcycle? Or a jalopy? 

Spider-Cycle. Ultimate tech (haha get it? It’s a pun…because the cartoon is called…Ultimate….Spider-Man….)

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would you ever make prints of your dc art? or put your comics into a book or something

I do plan on making prints! As for the comics, I’ve been thinking about putting them together as a free downloadable thing (like Spidey Zine!) just so people could have them all in one place. But I’ll probably do that at a later date since I actually have less comics than I thought.

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#281 + Peter Parker please

Prompt: “You fainted… straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

The superhero Spiderman had always eluded the city of New York. There was no doubt that he was a hero, saving the city from a countless number of villains, including but not limited to; Doctor Octopus, Electro, Venom etc. Yet, he remained almost hidden away from the city, finishing the job with a few quips and jokes here and there before disappearing into the night. Not much was known about the said superhero, besides the fact that Jameson of the Daily Bugle seemed to absolutely have it out for him. Despite that fact, the whole city loved the idea of him as a superhero, almost the entire city recognizing that he was indeed not a menace but a savior.

Still, with all the fame and attention he was receiving, he only longed for one pair of eyes to be admiring him. Peter Parker wasn’t the only hero that graced the city of New York, in fact he supposedly had a rival, someone matched with him in combat, wit and skills. Flanked in all black, with only a red mask to tie the costume together, you had roamed the streets in search of those that couldn’t protect themselves. There was no known name for the masked heroine, so the city decided to dub you the Huntress, after the amount of dead bodies you had left in your wake. There was something about you that drew him closer, he wasn’t exactly sure what qualities it was, but he couldn’t resist your alluring presence.

Hell, he should despise what you’re doing, the fact that you were eroding away all of his hard work by killing and maiming those you felt deserved punishment. As Spiderman he work tirelessly for the past few years to advocate the fact that murder was not the solution, it would never solve the crime epidemic, that by killing you were already breeding the next generation of criminals to take to the streets. It took years for the residents to finally even consider his message, but with one life taken, you already held their attention. In memory of his Uncle Ben, he knew morally what you were doing was completely and utterly wrong, but being a teenage superhero with you around made his hormones kick into overdrive. These feelings should be harmless, considering the fact that the brunet has never once seen your face, let alone even approach you. Yet no matter how many times he attempted to deny his feelings, they kept bubbling to the surface, intoxicating and infecting him all over again.

In a way, he wanted to blame you for landing him a situation like this. After all, if he wasn’t so distracted with the very essence of you, perhaps he would be home, sitting at his desk and finishing his English homework. Instead, he lay surrounded by masked goons on the cold asphalt. The alley was dark and icy, clouding his vision with blackness—which only meant that he relied mostly on his spidey sense for protection. Despite the night taking away his vision, it didn’t matter at the moment, for all he could see were spots blinking in and out of his line of sight.

It had all happened so fast, something that even his spidey sense felt in delay. One of the masked goons whipped out a gun and before he could even blink, the bullet had already pierced his side, taking out a chunk of flesh with it. Then, all he could feel was searing pain. His hand immediately went to his side, pressing hard against the wound to suppress the bleeding. He had some close calls in the past involving guns, but never once has he been shot, at least until now. The situation that he found himself in had suddenly turned dire, which seemed like quite and odd turn of events. Usually he had things down to a rhythm, goons like this group falling prey to the simplicity of his plans. He knew there was no possible way he could fend off the entire group by himself, he was surely outnumbered and soon enough with the loss of blood he would pass out. Now, instead of doing the saving, he was the one who needed a savior.

He backed himself into a corner, enduring some jeers and taunts from the criminals, as they laughed at his injured state. For the first time in over a year of being the masked crusader, he came to the realization that he might die here in this alley. Murdered in cold blood by some lousy criminals all due to the fact that he was distracted. Mentally, he cursed at himself, blaming his utter attraction to the opposite gender.

For the second time that night, he hadn’t noticed the dark shadow that lurked in the night. The figure making its way toward the injured hero and before he could even register what was going on, the entire group of criminals were lying lifeless on the ground, their necks snapped. His spidey sense was going haywire, as he attempted to search for the unknown threat. It became quiet, almost too quiet for the usual bustling streets of New York. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t scared, his knees practically shaking from where he stood, his eyes nervously darting around. Whoever lied out there was possibly even a greater threat than the criminals with guns, someone who was able to snap the necks of armed group of dangerous offenders in a single movement, without him being able to even catch a small glimpse of the perpetrator.

A gentle hand was placed on the brunet’s shoulder, which nearly made him pee his pants. Jumping with fright, he was ready to fight for his life that is until he caught sight of you. It was different seeing you up close than admiring you from afar, from the distance of you standing only a mere feet away from him he could easily notice a few subtle details. For example, the way your black spandex suit hugged all your curves exactly in the right place; giving you the appearance of a beautiful and foxy vixen, he could also tell the way your simplistic red mask automatically brought out the intensity of your irises; the dim light of the street lamps which immediately brought out the glowing and hidden fire inside you eyes, and finally the way that you looked so goddamn beautiful up close and personal.

He had so many things that he wanted to say to you in this moment, but for the first time in forever, it seemed like you had rendered him speechless. There was no emotion that lied on your face as he opened his mouth to speak, but it seemed as if his luck had finally run out. Before he could even utter a single word, he had begun to see the sky above him spin. In a split second decision he grasped onto your wrist, careful to not drag you down as he fell towards the ground. The last thing he could remember was feeling your arms, snake gently around his body, as you attempted to keep him upright.

“Why its nice to finally meet you, beautiful—” the last semi-audible thing the hero had ushered before passing out in your arms, an odd turn of events if you had to admit. With a fallen superhero who was practically a second closer to dying as long as you stood in that alley, you did the only logical thing you could manage to think of in that moment, and somehow managed to take him to your apartment. All right, sure, it was the most viable option or even the smartest move that you had made all night, but you had faith in your decision. The only way you could somehow justify this was the fact that if you had taken him anywhere else, perhaps a hospital, too many questions would be asked as well as the authorities sticking their noses into places they didn’t belong—too many things that you couldn’t possibly think about at the moment. Plus, there was still a slim chance that you could save his life, after all, you were pretty experienced in the field of being shot.

Thankfully, the bullet seemed to have only slightly grazed him, whoever had shot him being a terrible shot. Easily you sewed the wound close, making sure to clean it and bandage him up, as well as take care of his other existing injuries. While he was resting up, taking a full three days before waking up, it gave you plenty of time to ponder over the existence of Spiderman lying unconscious in your living room. Of course you had heard of the hero, who enjoyed saving the city from dangerous villains while having a good time, in more ways than one the media assumed that you’ve had a grudge on him for as long as your career as a vigilante reigned supreme. After all, he contrasted you more than complemented, with his flashy colors, happy-go-lucky attitude, and his no murder policy—he was a serious case of buzzkill. Yet, you couldn’t help but admire him, from afar of course, some off connection that you have somehow entangled yourself into. Despite not even knowing his alias underneath the mask, you had no trouble saying that whoever he was under there was perhaps a damn knockout. Yet, you couldn’t help but feel withdrawn from him, the two of you were practically on opposite ends of the hero spectrum, you a lawless vigilante and him an admirable hero. And as professionally as you could, you attempted to keep that all to yourself, after all a rival was a rival; and you were certainly not willing to sacrifice your dignity for some really handsome hero in spandex.

The first thing Peter noticed upon waking up was the fact that he was definitely not inside his bedroom. Hs bed was definitely more softer and comfortable than the couch that he was lying on and his ceiling was definitely not that high. The second thing he noticed, was the fact that his back was as stiff as a board. Usually he would not consider that abnormal, considering the odd places and situations that he has found himself dressed as Spiderman, but with the odd and unfamiliar surroundings he found it highly abnormal. Yet, as he attempted to piece together where he was, his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets catching glimpse of you, offering him an omelet and a steaming cup of coffee.

Too astonished to take the food from your outstretched hands, you took no offense and instead set it on the table beside the couch, before letting loose a small giggle. With an eyebrow arched, no words needed to be spoken as you silently understood the boy’s question, and to spare him the misery of guessing; you spoke.

You fainted… straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes,“ you paused, “but the limelight is what you live for, isn’t that right, Spidey.”

Instead of answering, he had attempted to sit up, finding it quite difficult as he pressed his hand on his wounded side. As if the memories were suddenly rushing back to him, he pressed his hands on his face, feeling the comfort and protection that the mask provided for him. It would have been such a hazard of you had took it off, taking a piece of his identity with you, for those who knew who he was became endangered. He knew that you could take care of yourself, after all you had proven yourself more than worthy tonight, but he couldn’t help but worry. As if sensing his discomfort, you rolled your eyes and dismissed his worrisome thoughts.

“Don’t fret, as if I would disrespect your privacy and peek underneath your mask. The only thing that I needed to look under was your spandex suit, which by the way you have some nice abs, to patch up that nasty wound.”

You flashed him a quick yet flirtatious smile, before offering him your hand and helping him stand. He didn’t have a comeback for your comment, yet you could easily see the way your words had affected him, a rosy blush decorating his cheeks. As you guided him towards the window, you knew exactly what was coming next, and as he pushed open your window he only confirmed it. There were so many things on the tip of your tongue that you wanted to say to him, perhaps even slip him your number, but instead you restrained yourself. Yet, as he had one foot out the window, you grasped onto his wrist and pulled him for a kiss.

The small romantic gesture was brief and as you pulled away, you couldn’t contain the sad smile that encased your features.

“Promise me you’ll be safe.”


Surprise, Malia might be evil, an essay by me

Watching the ep the first time around, I thought Malia was pretty cool (not that I don’t think she is now, but you know what I mean) even though I was pretty jarred by the hooking up scene… That’s it ? where are the long shots on denuded skins and the romantic music ? How come they’re already wearing clothes ? (and let’s talk about the “silence” around it.. where is the #virginnomore ? the winks and jokes on twitter ? anyway). But what really made me tick was her last shot (I’ll come back to it). So I rewatched the episodes and here’s the weird stuff !

The 1st time Stiles sees her is pretty creepy (right before the suicide let’s not forget – suicide which results in the phone being cut off) – but I guess it’s in the tone of the ep.

But let’s go to their first interaction: It’s when Malia hits Stiles that he (re)discovers the basement:

Very convenient, isn’t it?

The next real interaction is the shower scene with the mirror motif coming back – and Stiles telling himself to stay awake.

Another pretty interesting thing was this line:

Which reminded me that when Stiles came in contact with the Nogitsune first he went to /her/ den. In retrospect, I don’t think it’s a coincidence.


What if Malia was the one to put this idea in Oliver’s head?


Ok, this is where my spidey senses are all tingling. In one scene, we learn two things: Malia is strong enough to break the lock AND she know of another passage to the basement. Why didn’t she propose one of those solutions before the whole fighting plan? Did she set him up to get sedated and thus weaker to defend himself against the Nogitsune ? (Hint: my answer to all this is yes)

If you ask me, that’s not a very usual way to phrase this, but okay. Anyway, what I’m getting at is that she doesn’t seems surprised, and she seems to know about trepanation, sending us back to Oliver’s line “she said they drill holes in your head”.

Also. Can we discuss how Stiles went through two out of the three things they just mentioned?! (And if we want to be far stretched, we could point out that lobotomy and frontotemporal dementia both target the frontal lobes of the brain…)

After that, we have the make out scene.  We went from this:


to this:

which I find a bit jarring because while the rest of the scene was pretty straight forward time wise, it feels like we suddenly have a pretty consequent time- jump.

Starting there, she’s the one leading Stiles to the Nogitsune’s body. And it’s pretty interesting to note here that the Kanji on the wall is not in her line of sight. She acts more like she heard something. 

Then she goes straight to knocking three times on the wall. And you’re going to see that knocking could be pretty significant.

 You will have to go back to the episode, but right as she says that, you can hear three answering knocks.  I mean, come on, with all the doors thing we had so far, it’s actually a wonder we didn’t get that before.  What usually happens after a knock on a door? Someone is let in.

(that must have been some sexy pillow talk, amiright ?)

Then, we have the confrontation with Oliver and the Nogitsune, and Stiles finally surrendering to save Malia’s life. How weird is the Nogitsune’s mercy for her, though? Why someone who strives on pain would stop their minion from torturing a girl? Seems like a good “snack” to me… And let’s not forget to mention the creepy smile

 Finally, we have Malia’s last scene. Her whole exit has something triumphant/determined to it.  This is what gave away fishy vibes to me the first time around.  There is her whole attitude, but also the fact that she seems way more in control of her capacities than she’s been saying (first the strength then the eyes… Season 1 and 2 taught us that it is something recently bitten/unanchored werewolves have a hard time controlling, especially when they’re experiencing strong emotions)

 And let’s not forget the smirk. (Also, what the hell is she carrying out? It looks like an arch or a sword, or you know, something ominous. Not your usual luggage).


So, here we are. It seems like a lot of coincidences to me. I really think there is something going on here and that Malia is either a pawn or in cahoot with the Nogitsune (or at the very least, she has an agenda). Don’t ask me how, or why, because tbh, I’m not that good at theorizing ^^ I’m sure someone will have a good explanation. I’ll be content with pointing out the weird stuff.  But really, given Jeff Davis’s history with women and villain, I wouldn’t be surprised.  On the other hand, this is Teen Wolf, and we can’t rule out the possibility that the writing is just not that good/a bit lazy and that Malia was convenient on top of being pretty. I guess we shall see !

Orphan Black meets Spiderman

There has been some pretty amazing Cophine Spiderman AU fics going around lately (like this and this by i-effed-it-all-up or these amazing ones by novelconcepts ) and I thought that Spidey!Cos should definitely have her own logo so I took a bit of both Spiderman and Orphan Black and combined it together.

I just wish I had my tablet. Doing this with a shitty pen has been a real pain. Plus I really want to doodle some Spidey!Cos. I already saw some awesome fanart <3

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So while waiting for your awesome AU fanfic to finish, any other awesome AU fanfics? Just started my holidays so i kinda need my bechloe dose a little lot. P/S, i cant wait till Track Star and Cheerleader to finish i need to read it!!

Hello there! Well, I’m not sure how different of an AU you’re looking for, so I’ll just list a few different ones:

Cobwebs by Redlance-ck, which is a collection of Spidey!Beca one shots and they’re all fantastic. Rated T

I Hate How Much I Love You by woahoooyeah, where Beca and Chloe first start off hating each other, but visit the Eden East resort from the movie “Couples Retreat” and end up falling for one another. This is one of my favorite stories of all time, I highly recommend it. Rated M

I’m Ready to Learn by Awesam, which is an AU where Chloe is the teacher of Beca’s younger brother. This one really hits you in the feels, so brace yourself for that. Rated M

Whoever Fights Monsters by getpitchedslapped, where Beca and Chloe are both FBI agents. This one is a great read, I really enjoyed it. Rated M

Hoofbeat by shadowswillscream, where Chloe works/lives at a horse ranch that helps troubled youth sort out their problems and Beca ends up being one of those youths. This one is such a cute read. I loved it. Rated T

Bigger Than Us, Beyond Bliss by CherishMimi. This one is an AU where Beca and Chloe are already dating and Beca finds out that Chloe has a secret thing for BDSM. This one sounds intense, but it’s written so well that it’s not just hot and heavy, but also very beautiful. Rated M

The Bond of Friendship or Something by sburch13, where Beca and Chloe have been best friends since they were kids and when they grow older they work on a tv series together where other feelings between them start to come out. Rated M 

Happy reading!