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Jon and Sansa managed to share the most intimate goodbye smack dab in the middle of a war council in the Great Hall I mean how iconic is that?

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Though!! Imagine since they're all basically papyruses and sanses, if one of them had a resonance, wouldn't the rest have them too?

Not necessarily!  The soul resonance in my take is just someone who has the traits within them that best compliment yours/are something you need.  And I don’t mean a specific soul trait, per-say, I just mean something within your SOUL that draws you to someone.  

Axe, for example.  If soul resonance was a thing, then someone patient and understanding, perhaps that had gone through some kind of trauma and pulled through (lots of perseverance and patience in their SOUL) could trigger a resonance.  

So even though they’re the same monsters, if your SOUL is everything that makes you… you, then I think they’d have different SOULs.  

But take that with a grain of salt.  

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YOU UPDATED SO MUCCCCH oAo I'm scared of the amount of work you put in this week's update ;v; All these pages look amazing! I could even say... George-ous! :D Anyway, I also need to say... THE LIGHTING OF PAGE 87 IS OUTSTANDING!!!! Hnnnnnn, all your coloring skills are stunning! NGAAAH!! (To be honest, if I hear "Undyne" your goofy warrior fish immediately appears in my head) Good luck with chapter 5, George! Stay determined!


I was gonna save this for when I answer all the rest of the asks I have built up from the past week-ish (or however long it’s been) but this one is just too heartfelt to leave!!!

Afhandkdkfnfkfdkfk thank you so much for all your kind words… I’m so glad to hear that you liked the lighting, I worked SUPER hard on that and it’s always nice to hear feedback like that T v T

Many thanks for this wonderful message, my smol friendo. You made my morning brighter!!✨

Jealousy - part 2

I hope it’s not too late to upload this! I wrote part 1 for the Jumin x MC Week (link to AO3), and now I finally found the inspiration I was lacking to write part 2! There’s a link to AO3 in case you prefer reading it there :) And here’s the Masterpost with all of my contributions for that week!

The whole thing’s under the cut, hope you enjoy it! <3

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hey quick question why the FUCK are the accent colors on wasp so fucking flat?

like, I don’t even care so much that they don’t always match well, just, like…they look really out of place next to the rest of the body. would it have killed them to put a little shine on horns and fins too? and yes i know glimmer’s a thing but the you cover up the beautiful belly (the one time we actually get a good belly pattern on a gene ever!)

seriously i ain’t paying gems for that ever now just because i noticed this. and before you ask, it’s on all colors and all breeds

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I just wanted to know how to talk to your god(s). Its just you seen to talk and get a response easily. I just want to know where to start

Well, for starters it’s easy for me ‘cause I never ask them anything and also because I work with spirits regularly. There are no offerings involved at all, so there is no ritualistic aspect to it. As for the rest, let me copy paste an excerpt of the answer I gave someone who made almost the same question the other day

Them: Alright. Thanks :) If you’re not too busy, you do speak with your gods right? I was just wondering how you personally go about it

Me: I’m secular, I don’t involve deities in my practice. When I do, they’re just imagery to focus my intent. My power doesn’t come from them

Them: Ah I see. for some reason i thought i remembered you saying that apollo had said something to you idk maybe it was someone else haha

Me: Oh, he has. Haven’t seen the scoundrel in a while, now that I think of it. But Apollo doesn’t get near my witchcraft

Them: so they just talk to you?

Me: He’s just a spirit that visits. Yup. He’s… a friend? I guess? Eh

Them: so do you just instinctively know when it’s em talking in your head?

Me: Yup. It’s more complicated than that. But basically, yep. I first met Apollo in a dream, and then I called him during meditation and we had a chat 

Them: Wow i would love to be able to talk to spirits like that 

Me: I’m a spirit worker, so I’ve got a bit of experience in differentiating my imagination from actual spirits. It’s simple. Not easy, takes practice, but it’s like a really simple process. Requires quite a bit of regular meditation, for you to know yourself.

Them: would you be willing to teach me or point me in the direction of something?

Me: Sure! First of all, find a way to meditate that suits you. Now you know that typical image of the person sitting in a lotus position going “ommmmm”? Forget about it. I don’t really *know* anyone who meditates like that. My favorite way to meditate is while I water the lawn. Big property, over 1000 square yards/meters, so that’s like two hours of solitary meditation. Then start learning about spirits. I have a cosmology based on fiction, so I avoid cultural appropriation. Roses by other names are still roses. I organize spirits my way, basically. Then you just… reach out and talk to them. You’re gonna freak out when you start hearing them respond. It’s not a voice, and they don’t talk with words. Just with concepts. Don’t get scared tho. Spirits only have as much power as we give them

Them: Wow thank you so much! Do you have any advice on where to learn about spirits? i feel like there’s probably so many different beliefs out there

Me: Oh man, everywhere hahaha I would begin with local spirits. The ones you’re more likely to encounter. I personally, as I told you, based my cosmology on fiction, so there are some role playing games I could recommend. But probably you should start the other way around. Research local legends, about the spirits people that lived there hundreds of years ago believed in, etc. And go from there

Them: Do you think it’s bad to involve deities in your craft?

Me: Naaaah. I just personally can’t do it. I have commitment issues. Any god I would drop without notice and without reason. I can’t adore them either. I bow to no god, same as I bow to no human

Them: I see. I have commitment issues too but I really love Aphrodite I hope it doesn’t falter. I don’t really bow to her or think that’s necessary. Maybe it’s more like I love her than I worship her

Me: That sounds healthier. I just… I see some witches choosing their gods, and their gods being so unhelpful sometimes. I would switch deities on the daily. I prefer to keep them away from my craft and just treat them as equals 

Hope that helps!

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SQUAD REACTING TO SMOL SLEEPY FEMALE MEMBER WALKING OUT OF THEIR ROOM IN THE MORNING WEARING AN OVERSIZED TSHIRT AND THIGH HIGHS Like with messy hair and blanket draped over them, still half asleep bumping into members on her way to the kitchen and then dozing off when shes at the table

Melone’s little heart swells. He thinks she is the cutest little angel he has ever seen. He springs to her side, helping her with sides for her breakfast, insisting he is the one to call for help. He will offer to give her more rest in her room if she wants, and if she needs anything all day her sleepy little head can lean on him.

Prosciutto thinks she is fucking adorable, but he’s tired too, and he woke up early enough to make breakfast. He jokes about her bed head, and asks if she sleeps in those thigh highs. He hands her her plate and winks. He whispers in her ear, “You look fucking adorable, bella.” And lands a brash little peck on her cheek.

Ghiaccio is tired too, but he thinks shes adorable. He will bump back into her, telling her to watch it, and how maybe she can dress better for breakfast. He then proceeds to sit next to her, handing her things she knows she needs to eat her meal, and is nice the rest of the morning. If she looks closely she can see him giving her bedroom eyes.

Risotto keeps his mouth shut for his own good, but he thinks she looks beautiful. He will quiet anyone giving her a mean comment, reminding them how angry they themselves get when not fully awake. She will ease her mood with Risotto looking after her. He will usher her away after breakfast to start her day’s work, to everyone’s dismay.

Illuso will say, “Sit down and let me help you, sleeping beauty.” He will get her a plate and serve it to her, with everything she wishes for on the side. He will talk about his night, and engage her in conversation, offering to get her coffee.

Pesci will try to stay out of her way, worried her anger may turn towards him. He stares from a far, admiring her beauty of being half awake, but his eyes stray when he sees her or Prosciutto give him a death glare.

Formaggio will crack jokes at her. “What kept you up all night?” She will grow angry at the innuendos, but may end up laughing by the end of breakfast, swearing to herself to get Formaggio back soon.

I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too  


If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!” |
  Happy Birthday to my lovely Annie~ ✿♥‿♥✿ ( @shotous )

Lance: (lying down on the floor, smiling)

Pidge: what are you doing?

Lance: stargazing

Pidge: what? But we’re indoo— (looks up at the ceiling, which is covered with pictures of Hunk) oh. (Lies down next to Lance) don’t mind if I do

Lance: (nods)

Keith: (walks in) hey guys what are you doi

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Hi ^^ i was wondering if you could tell me why jhope is being called jay all of a sudden? D: I saw that rap monster changed his name to RM.... so did hobie do the same? (Btw i love your blog ❤❤thanks for sharing those airport pics omg they were lookin hot 🔥🔥🔥)

This ask is about these posts HERE & HERE & HERE

Jay is the name we give Hoseok when he goes to America. In Korea and the rest of the world, he is the Jhope we all know. However, in the U.S he turns into that rude overly sexy man called JAY DOPE

This is JHOPE

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A ray of sunshine

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A happy soul smiling and laughing all the time

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And most of all, an adorable being that cannot even harm a fly (because he is scared of them …)

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NOW This is JAY

He is the bad boy your mom told you to stay away from. 

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As soon as he breathes the US air. His forehead gets revealed and his arms too. He turns into such a stan attractor that …

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Even the members cannot keep their hands away

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His moves scream ‘I am taking your innocence away' 

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His walk yells 'Moooove btch get out the way’. Suga who is used to look the coolest can even lose in that department next to Jay.

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During concerts … even Jimin’s hip thrusts start looking cute next to his. He goes OFFF!

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When in Korea he tells whoever wears a simple V neck shirt to cover themselves while in America he only wears shorts and his 6 pack 

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His tongue goes wild for unknown reasons. Maybe it’s the climate?!

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His whooooole aura turns into a ladies/men/aliens whatever species killer

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And please it’s not the styling or the makeup. His attractiveness in no joke also when he is barefaced with messy wet hair. 

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So yeah! That’s JAY one of the most powerful personas in BTS that scares the hell out of ARMYs.

I just thought of an EVIL dungeon.

Backstory: i work for a company that does vacation packages (I’m not a travel agent because im hourly with incentive not purely commission). One of the partner hotels gave THIS as a way to encourage us to book through them. It’s basically a six sided maze with pits where the ball gets stuck but the more i stared at the it the more i wanted to make it in a game.

So you’ll need one of these, that way you know your map is properly aligned. Photocopy it and trace it (to scale) onto grid paper. Let your adventurers go around on it.

The goal is to clear all the sides and get to be center. The pits i mentioned earlier are designed to get the ball stuck but i say make those lead to other sides like short cuts, and in doing so your players will see there is a portal to go through in the center they must find the right one. (They can’t go into the wrong hole see the portal and travel to it like by flying).

When they first begin they think it’s just a maze but when they get to the edge it looks like a cliff with canals cut into them vertically. As they attempt to scale down it it, the gravity shifts and they’re walking right side up. If they get to the hole and attempt to scale down it, same thing. If they throw something down the side it will land on the floor and reveal the gravity shift and the 3 dimensional nature of the maze.

Each side has some small villains, a mini boss (your discretion) and there’s a major boss blocking the portal in the center. “Find the path” and “guidance” doesn’t work, and you cant raise above the wall. Once they defeat a mini boss give them a hint which way to go so they can clear all six sides. Obviously give them some dead ends where they can rest and recover. This will REALLY aggravate your players but give them decent rewards along the way to keep them motivated, don’t skimp out on the magic items (if you don’t want to get too many magic items make them consumable magic items like spell scrolls and potions).

The maze is on a demiplane. Once they clear it and get to the center, perhaps they can use it as their own prison for future encounters.

Variant: if your players are god tier (in the 20 range) then maybe you can add a divine twist to it: those who know the Kobold legend know they constantly seek their god Kurtulmak who was trapped in an underground maze by the gnome god Garl Glittergold. But they’ve been digging for eons now and no sign of their god. Maybe that’s because Garl was a crafty gnome and didn’t hide Kurtulmak on the material plane but a demi Plane. Maybe your characters are in the same maze being chased by Kurtulmak and they must escape without freeing him.