and all the rest of you too

A week ago you said to me: “Do you believe I’ll never be too far?
If you’re lost, just look for me, you’ll find me in the region of the summer stars.”
The fact that we can say goodbye means we’ve already won,
A necessity for apologies between you and me, baby, there is none.
We had some good times, didn’t we?
We had some good tricks up our sleeves.
Goodbyes are bittersweet, but it’s not the end:
I’ll see your face again.

Rest in peace, Robin Twist. All the love.

Robin was a good man, a loving husband, and a great father. He may not have been harry and gemma’s biological dad, but he was way more than that. He was so supportive throughout the years he has spent with the styles/twist family. It was obvious how much he made their family happy, always considering them his very own. Life will always be unfair, to take away the people who mean so much, but at the same time it’s a reminder of the goodness and the love he has given their family. I hope through this hard time people respect their family and give them all the time they need; they are all strong, but at the moment, broken. Though gone too early, may you always rest in peace, Robin.

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I hate the fact the kaneki just forgot about the q's and stopped caring about them even after spending years with them as a parental figure.

I don’t think he stopped caring about them. He cares about them a whole lot, even breaking his hold on contact to beg Urie his least favorite Q to save Mutsuki, and having Furuta spy on them. 

TLDR this is how Kaneki’s caring for most people ends up manifesting though.

If you don’t mind it being too long, the rest is under the cut.

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hi! i need some hoe/makeup advice i have a dick appt with someone new today and i'd like to keep my foundation on if at all possible. usually it flakes off around my chin, nose, and lips. i already use a primer and setting spray; do you have any other tips for keeping a face on during a good dick down?

To have a great base u need thin even layers. What I do:
Moisturizer (I use an oil/serum), pore filling primer on my pore areas, Nivea shave balm on the rest of my face (small amount), apply all of that by hand and make sure it’s even applied, then use a egg sponge to blend in foundation. I take the foundation and put it on my hand and dip my index finger and swipe once on each cheek but don’t apply too much product.
When you have even thin layers you can add more while avoiding caked up makeup. So apply a thinner layer making sure to do short bounces all over the cheek, forehead, nose, chin.
Usually I apply concealer in that triangle shape cuz my foundation amount layer is so thin yet so hydrated that it doesn’t reach all the way to my lash line.
Ok so apply ur concealer and then blend same patting / bouncing with sponge. THEN TAKE UR SPONGE, bounce it into ur powder (translucent) and then bounce is lightly over your whole base. Trust me you won’t need toooo much and you can always add more.

This is when you can start to use powder because you’ve set your base. That’s my method. Do your other makeup steps + set with a setting spray and dry with a fan or fanning motion

Also, I’ve heard if you set your primer with translucent powder, THEN do your base and powder again that it’s AMAZING. I have yet to try it.

Star Trek Discovery airs in the UK the day AFTER America. Ofc if you want to watch it earlier than that, there is always a way

Originally posted by hereisyourhell

For your own country y’all have to google it. But I think most it is the very next day. Unless you know ^^^^^^^^^

And when it comes too ^^^^ do you know how many shows get that?! An UNPIRATED show is not a popular one. GOT is a fine example. THE MOST PIRATED SHOW OF ALL TIME. And it is about to get it’s 7th series. What happens is people pirate these shows, love them, then buy the merch. They end up buying the DVD sets. They go to cons and meet the actors. They make the money back from pirating ten-fold. 

Like I know people hate that is on CBS All Access, but the rest of the world exists outside America. Some people have to get Netflix to watch it and don’t want it. TRUST ME I know MANY people without it who do not want it

And if it was on tv, it wouldn’t be on a free channel. It would be on Sky or whatever. Which you have to pay to even get. In my house we can’t afford anything more than free channels. All the good shows, like Hannibal or newer ones like Westworld, are not on Channel 4 in England! And I know the cable situation in America is A JOKE. Imagine it round the rest of the world. Me having netflix, is CHEAPER than having Virgin Media. If I had to put CBS on top of that, it would STILL be cheaper. Heck I pay for WWE Network bc it is cheaper than paying for Sky Sports! And i get as much WWE as I want, when I want. There IS an appeal to streaming services. That is why they do so well. Even really specific ones like WWE or CrunchyRoll which does anime do super well.

But canble tv, and the prices they charge for packages just so you can get ONE SINGLE CHANNEL to watch a show on, is WAY more expensive that streaming services. 

Not only is Star Trek Discovery has to move with the modern times in ALL ways.  Streaming services ARE becoming popular. Youtube is massive. There are youtube channels which get more viewers than national TV shows. 

CBS re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-release all the movies and box sets time and time again. And people lap em up each time (otherwise they wouldn’t keep re-releasing them). Let’s be honest, they get money thrown at them. 

Basically what I am saying is, yes, it is annoying. Yes, it is shitty. Yes, people outside the US don’t get to even see it till the next day (unless you know, wink wink), but this is how things are now. Amazon has it own shows you can ONLY get on it’s service, same with Netflix. CBS are now going for it too. It’s a fucking top trump card to play, heck Netflix brought the rights to be able to air it for the rest of the world. 

Star Trek doesn’t exist in it’s own world sadly. It is in ours, where this shit happens. And it is going to compete. Because it is a business.

(Also there are loads of ways round it don’t worry about it losing money from pirating worry about it losing money from the bigots and the idiots who support Axanar trying to shut it the fuck down)

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jealous jihoon please! hehe~

(i’m gonna assume you want a one-shot type scenario here so)

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member: jihoon

rating: G


“Hm?” You hum, eyes never leaving your phone screen. You can feel Jihoon coming up to stand behind you on the couch, his hands immediately resting on your shoulders.

“Can we talk?” Jihoon asks, thumbs gently kneading right where your shoulder blades are. You couldn’t help the small groan that escapes your lips as Jihoon continues to massage your shoulders.

“Sure,” you answer. “What’s up?” You look up at Jihoon and he looks back at you, all serious. His expression worries you a little, but you know Jihoon’s a sensible guy. You rarely fight because of this.

“I think Guanlin got a little too…handsy with you, don’t you think?” Jihoon says carefully, hands unmoving on your shoulders as he stares down at you. 

“Jihoon,” you start. “All he did was hug me. He hugs me all the time, but you didn’t seem to mind until now.”

“Yeah, but he didn’t have to run his hands up and down your back like that,” Jihoon pouts. For a moment, you find it adorable.

“Come here,” you say, tugging on Jihoon’s hand. Jihoon moves so he’s standing in front of you. You get up, your arms automatically winding around Jihoon’s neck. Jihoon rests his hands on your waist and buries his face into the crook of your neck.

“I’ll tell Guanlin to be careful next time, okay? But, don’t blame him, either. He probably didn’t mean anything by it,” You reassure Jihoon, playing with the hairs near his nape.

“Alright,” Jihoon mumbles against your skin, placing a soft kiss on the side of your neck.


So back in February, @lesbianjackrackham​ and I had a 7 hour brunch theorizing what would in Season 5, assuming that they didn’t make it into the Framework until then. So we wrote this right after 4x13 (“BOOM”), the Agnes episode. Because we’re too damn proud of ourselves, the first seven seconds of the video is a screenshot proving that this was all done on February 11.  The video takes you through the midseason finale of Season 5.  The rest of the season is below the cut (under the text of what’s in the video)

Here’s a list of things we accurately predicted:

  • Someone will have to go into the Framework to rescue May
  • Jemma is dead in the Framework
  • Mace dies at the end of season 4
  • Radcliffe dies in season 4
  • A character doesn’t want to leave the Framework because of a child that doesn’t exist outside of it
  • Ward comes back
  • Trip comes back
  • HYDRA comes back
  • There’s a scene where power is draining on someone who is plugged into the Framework and they have to decide what to do
  • Fitz makes some ethically questionable decision
  • They have to track down a dead Radcliff in the Framework to help them escape

If you don’t want to listen to us talk over each other for 13 minutes, the text version is below the cut, along with the second half of the season 

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How would got7 react to their s/o having good poisoning and can't hold down even water or sleep.

I guess you mean food not good, Shane?😉 but yes ofc my dearest! Thank you for always giving me requests, it’s like you know when I need them✨

Mark //
He’d be so worried about you and would just be there for you staying up all night with you, and just making sure that you get everything gross out of your system, he wouldn’t care if he saw you with sick all around your mouth, he’d still think you look perfect

Jaebum //
Would stay up all night cuddling you even if he was over tired himself, he’d always be holding any loose strands of your hair back too making sure that he can make this as comfortable for you as possible

Jackson //
Jackson would be so upset seeing you feel ill and would wish that it was him instead so that you could just rest and recover, but he’d be there to sit with you and keep you company through your illness

Jinyoung //
Don’t even doubt that he would like read to you or talk to you about random topics, just anything to take your mind off the sickness, he’d also swear the two of you off the food that you ate forever, just to be safe

Youngjae //
Would panic so much, then when he realised it was food that caused this problem, he’d be there to look after you and make sure to keep an eye on you so that you can just get it all out of your system quickly

BamBam //
Bam would be so calm in this situation, he’d just know that he needs to just sit there with you and rub your back, keeping you at the right temperature and then he’d make sure the first thing you eat is something healthy and nutritious so you can get back to your perfect self

Yugyeom //
He’d be worried that he was annoying you whilst you’re ill, but he’d stay by your side making sure that you feel loved and he’d constantly reassure you that it’ll be over soon and then he’d start making some plans for what you two can do together once you’re feeling better

RIP Robin Twist

Your family loved you, your friends adored you and we were all your fans too. Your love for your family and friends and for us the fans was evident every day. 

We thank you for your kindness and generosity and you will be missed.  Rest in Peace. 


rise and fall of your waves of breathing; i’m forever washed by the tide of your soul.

let your dreams carry you far away from this world. i can only hope that you can hide from the monstrosities of life within your mind, but that thought wavers. the mind can make monsters of its own.

i wish i could be so carefree, living in a world where everyone is, for better or for worse, singing.

the amber glow. the unfamiliar scents of faint musk and dryer sheets. this palace has you in everything it holds, and i shouldn’t be surprised. this home was never mine.

i was never mine.

i really should be getting some rest.

with all the chaos a day can bring, we need a few hours of utter silence

ironically, everyone is too far off to appreciate it.

the night when it rains, that’s my favourite. then there is truly a whisper: a lost language of sorts that brings cleansing aromas and a feeling of warmth against the heresy of indigo.

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oooook first off we missed you!! second,, I heard you maybe sorta might write voltron so here my garbage ass is lol. I always see a shit ton of sickfics for lance, which is great lol I'm not complaining abt that, but I've hardly if ever seen hunk sickfics. we are lol. you can do whatever you want to him, just don't bang him up too bad lol. Thanks!!

I’ve had this sitting in my inbox since I got back from Europe, I am SO SORRY. I hope this can do him justice! 

Warning: vom and all that

Hunk groaned into the toilet bowl, listening to the pitiful echo. He had been awake for hours, during what was usually considered nighttime on board the castle ship. After waking up and puking all over his bed, Hunk had stumbled into the bathroom and proceeded to spend the rest of the night hunched over the toilet, letting whatever he had eaten flow out of his mouth.

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I got really into MP100 and shou is my favorite character so some of your art would always pop up in the tags. So I checked your blog out and the first thing that really caught my eye was your banner artwork - cause characters wearing collars is a big thumbs up for me. Then I checked out the rest of your artwork and it was all so good. You have an amazing style

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Shit man, it's 2:30 am and I have a job interview in the afternoon, but all I wanna do is draw now o3o Also, you could never disappoint you are a great papà

YOU…YOU NEED TO REST UP bc jobs interviews are important and i would not be a good parent to encourage staying up too late on the night before a Fateful Day

I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too  


If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!” |
  Happy Birthday to my lovely Annie~ ✿♥‿♥✿ ( @shotous )

Lance: (lying down on the floor, smiling)

Pidge: what are you doing?

Lance: stargazing

Pidge: what? But we’re indoo— (looks up at the ceiling, which is covered with pictures of Hunk) oh. (Lies down next to Lance) don’t mind if I do

Lance: (nods)

Keith: (walks in) hey guys what are you doi

melodrama (track by track)

green light: the haunting revelation of being free after the break up. but you don’t know what to do with that freedom. it’s frightening and beautiful and inspiring and it makes you lonely and excited all at once. you want to dance with friends and scream out the car window but you hit every red light just at the mere thought of ever moving on.

sober: depression and anxiety is wasting away your youth. you live for the weekend to come. you live for any kind of buzz. you sleep until the bright orange afternoon creeps into your window. but the night is always there for you. the parties, the confetti and the blue lights that rain down, is all worth it in the moment. until you realize you’re all alone.

homemade dynamite: all your decisions and all your actions are self destructive. every bottle of liquor you finish and every house you destroy, you know it’s a form of self hate. but it’s how you cope through all the bullshit.

the louvre: a evening drive through the city with your lover. the day is warm and the tar on the road is hot. the window is down and the air feels liberating. you want to love them forever. but it’s a sunday and your stomach sinks and nothing lasts forever. and now your at a house party months later and everyone is high and the music is booming and you see your ex across the room and you feel like you know no one there and you want to hide away so you leave and no one notices anyways.

liability: you blame the break up on all your insecurities. you blame it all on the way you’d call them every night crying. you think that maybe your sadness is contagious. you should’ve known to sterilize yourself from the start.

hard feelings/loveless: you pack up everything that belonged to them and put it into a box. you practice not having their name on your tongue. you attempt to forget the taste of them. you consider holding on and staying friends, but that anger overrules and you throw that box off the highway bridge. you’re over the aching and now you moved onto the hard feelings. you want to blame them for everything. summer nights are too long. mornings are empty without their texts of “good morning” and you taste this endless nostalgia for the rest of your life. but you don’t let them see this side of you. you let them see the anger. you let them think you’re indestructible.

sober II: growing up with drama stuffed inside of you like all the drugs and alcohol you consume, is tiring. you go through the motions and you nod to their questions and laugh at their jokes. but you know that this misery and that this young love is timeless. so you continue to go through the expected motions.

writer in the dark: that hollow ache in your chest when you realize that the break up is permanent, that this feeling of loss is forever. that nervous ache as you stalk their snapchat and Instagram and any other social media outlet, trying to see if they found someone else. that obsessive need to know if they still miss you, if they still love you and need you. that sickening feeling that makes you numb as you send them text after text but they never reply.

supercut: all the memories are blurry footage winding through your head. the time you ran down the hill, drunk. the time you said “I love you.” the time you looked at them on the roof of the car while you thought “I’m gonna be with you forever..” all the memories are fast forwarding and rewinding and pausing in your head and it is perfect and it is never going to happen again.

liability (reprise): you warned them from the very start. but did you ever listen when they warned you?

perfect places: everyone has a perfect place that is their getaway. but the reason for getting away isn’t perfect. it’s ugly and damaging and it’s cold nights like this that make you realize that nothing will ever be perfect. only for the moment will it seem like a person or a place can be your sanctuary. but the feeling never goes away. remember that.