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I think I'm onto something. So, s4 was weird and ODD because it aired in an ODD year. Like s1 -> 2010; s2 -> 2012; s3 -> 2014; TAB -> 2016. And all of a sudden the spell was broken with s4 airing in 2017. I think that is just one further proof that our timeline split after TAB and we got the parallel universe with all that weird stuff and s4 was basically fake/not the actual story. Thanks for listening


I’m convinced that somehow, we’ve all experienced the Mandela Effect and slipped into the universe where Sherlock is a completely different show, LOL.


okay, but we need to talk about this parallel. Ali’s dimples. Ali’s happiness. Ali’s happiness with Emily. And only Emily. You know what else is so beautiful about this parallel too? “That’s why I love you. You’re big on happy endings”. Ali said this to Emily in episode 1x09. You know what Ali also said to emily in 7x16? “I wanna do this together. I wanna be a family. I love you”. After all those years, after everything, after all this time, her feelings for Emily were always there and never got away, and this ladies and gentlemen is one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen, and i’m emotional now bye

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leo i love your meta so much! Pls make sheith/zaggar parallel post, i love the possible parallels between these two couples especially when they both went against each other in s1 finale^^

Oh thank you! And ya, sure thing! There’s…a lot. Honestly it’s hard for me not to read sheith as romantic, especially when all these parallels are drawn to two characters who are clearly a loving couple. So, sheith and zaggar parallels:

  • Zarkon proves that the black paladin’s fatal flaw is love. Seeing as Keith and Shiro are both black paladins themselves, their willingness to go to immeasurable lengths just to keep each other safe is unsurprising. Shiro trying to fight every one of their potential allies just to protect Keith, Keith valuing Shiro’s safety over the mission time and time again–it’s obvious they’re both willing to make big sacrifices when the other’s life is on the line. Just like how Zarkon is willing to give up everything for Honerva. 
    • In Keith’s case this is especially true, as there’s a great deal of foreshadow that he’ll eventually have to choose between saving Shiro and carrying out his duty as a paladin–a conflict that perfectly mirrors Zarkon. It’s a theme we see again and again–in Keith’s trial, when they lose Shiro and Keith is unable to move on, when he vows to save Shiro “as many times as it takes.” He loves Shiro above all else, and just like Zarkon, he’d go to great lengths to save his love.
  • The fact that we see Zarkon caring for Honerva when she’s ill and Keith tending Shiro’s bedside–and that these scenes are just a few episodes apart–I don’t think thats coincidental. It draws a clear parallel. Both Honerva and Shiro are cared for by the person who loves them most (both of whom are also galra black paladins)
    • In Honerva’s scene, Zarkon asks her what she needs, fully prepared to do whatever he has to so long as it ensures her safety. No matter what. In Shiro’s scene, Keith vows he’ll alway be there to save him “as many times as it takes.”
  • When Haggar looks into Zarkon’s mind, she finds fond memories of herself reflected there. When Keith’s mind is projected through his trial in BOM, Shiro sees that he’s one of Keith’s greatest desires, the person he most “desperately wants to see.”
  • When Zarkon is out of commission, Haggar tells him that his people need him. When Shiro is still in recovery, Keith tells him that his team needs him.
    • Even though Haggar and Keith both claim that their loved one must come back for the sake of others, it’s obvious they’re the ones who need their respective loved ones the most
  • Both Shiro and Zarkon are incapable of fighting in season 3, and Keith and Haggar must take up more of a leadership role in their absence. They also do this out of love and respect for their respective loved one’s wishes.
  • Haggar is the only one who stays by Zarkon’s bedside so no one else sees how bad his condition is. Shiro says he might not be up to letting the other paladins see him just yet, and so for a time Keith is the only one at his bedside.
  • I always thought the way Keith tenderly reaches out and turns Shiro’s face to him read as distinctly romantic. So of course, Zarkon also holds Honerva’s cheek and gently turns her to face him as well. Shiro and Honerva are also both unwell and being cared for by their respective loved ones during these scenes. 
  • In both these scenes, we also see that Shiro and Honerva’s hair have turned white for the first time. We can deduce from Honerva’s past and habit for experiments that Shiro’s hair probably also changed as a result of overexposure to quintessence. 
  • Red paladin Alfor is the one who tries to convince Zarkon to abandon Honerva’s research and the rift. If Zarkon told him what was really going on, I have no doubt Alfor would tell him he had to give up on Honerva because his plan just wasn’t worth the risks. Similarly, it’s both the new red paladin and Alfor’s daughter who are the ones that really push Keith to stop grieving Shiro and move on–to carry out his duty as a paladin without him. (Allura: “It is time to think about finding a new pilot for the black lion.” Lance: “But you know he would be the first one to tell us that we have to move on.”)
    • And just like how Zarkon is unwilling to sacrifice Honerva, Keith is still determined to save Shiro, refusing to abandon him: “No, I’m gonna find him! Shiro is the one person who never gave up on me, I won’t give up on him.
  • The sheith hug is easily one of the most intimate character interactions we see. The only other two characters who hold each other in a way that’s framed as so tender and romantic are Zarkon and Honerva 
    • Another parallel: Allura is watching the sheith hug. When Zarkon and Honerva embrace, you can also see Allura’s parents looking on from the background 
  • When Zarkon is falling back into death’s grasp again, Haggar says, “Now come back for me.” After being told that Shiro had died at Kerberos and effectively seeing the person he loved most come back from the dead, Keith said, “It’s good to have you back.” 
  • The first time Zarkon pilots the Black lion, Honerva is shown staring after him in amazement. Similarly, the first time Keith pilots Black, Shiro is shown looking up at him in awe
    • The first time Zarkon uses Black, he’s saving Honerva and the rest of his people. The first time Keith pilots Black, it’s to save Shiro.
  • They’re both ships between a galra soldier and a scientist who suffered unimaginable consequences for chasing after their passion (and said scientists needed to be rescued by the galra who loved them) 
  • As you’ve said, Shiro fights Haggar and Keith fights Zarkon in the season 1 finale
    • Keith also only takes on Zarkon because he saw that Shiro was in trouble, and Shiro in turn ends up rescuing Keith from Zarkon later on

Anyway, to me, it just doesn’t make sense to set up all these parallels in the narrative if Shiro and Keith aren’t intended to be each other’s love interests. Like honestly, I’m just…not sure why they would do that…??


It’s telling that John asks Dean why he didn’t share important information about Sam. Telling that both Sam and Dean seem to know immediately that Dean is the one being asked. Even more so that John tells Dean he’s supposed to tell him when something happens with Sam, when it would make a hell of a lot more sense for John to be telling Sam to take that responsibility, since they are his visions.  Mom and Dad both, and you can definitely see that happening to Dean right here. 


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  • Nov. 27-Dec. 03:  THE FOUR ELEMENTS  .
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Okay i know that you are so sure of klance becoming canon. I appreciate your meta and the evidence that you have provided with it but how can you just say it'll happen and not consider the other option, which is it wont happen. If klance didnt happen, if all your analysis is proven wrong what will happen then? At the end of the day we dont make the shots the writers can litterally just say the fans read too much into it and there was nothing romantic to begin with. Then what ?

because i like being optimistic. my life is already full of negatives in every other area so i’m not pessimistic about it. klance makes me happy, therefore i’m not going to sit here and worry about it not happening… that’s pointless. if it doesn’t, i’ll deal with it then (i’ll never have to though, it’s happening). i’ll never regret the time i put into my masterposts about klance and shit, it was enjoyable for me when i was doing it. i’ve made great friends because of it. i’ll always love klance no matter what because it literally changed my life and made me want to fall in love again, something i never thought would happen.

i’m so certain it’s going to be canon because LOGICALLY it’s the only main pairing that fits everything that’s been said about the romance and it’s the relationship that has arguably had the most consistent development/build-up/focus throughout the show. allura and keith are lance’s only viable love interests and EVERYTHING points away from allura. the VLD crew are secretive about who lance will end up with and his feelings for allura are not subtle whatsoever, in fact, they’re very out in your face (they’ve been on full display since the very beginning). lance has wanted allura since the first episode of the show yet lauren and joaquim implied that what he will be getting will be what he NEEDS, not what he WANTS, therefore he won’t get allura. this is foreshadowed with his line to blue, “sometimes what we want isn’t necessarily what we get”. he wants blue… but he gets red. he wants allura but he gets….. you know where i’m going with this. besides, allura has never reciprocated his affections in that way. she clearly cares about him but not in a romantic way. that being said, a/l being endgame would be the most predictable thing because we all know lance likes her. SHE knows it. the WHOLE voltron team knows it. THAT’S NOT A SLOW BURN. why put all this secrecy on lance’s love interest and the romance if it was going to be something so obvious in the first place? plus, it’s… it’s just not setup romantically. obviously, lance has a crush on her (jshada even said lance “still thinks he has a shot with her,” which implies that he doesn’t) but it’s. never. reciprocated. we’re well into the show already so making allura reciprocate at this point wouldn’t make any sense, especially when you consider that they put in little things to hint at this stuff. it’s never been hinted that allura has/will develop romantic feelings for lance. plus, lauren talked about how important expressions are yet there hasn’t been anything with allura towards lance like there has been with keith towards lance (+the fond looks towards keith from lance when keith can’t see him/isn’t around).

in s4, allura and lance parallel with keith and lance from back in s1 but the scenes are very different. with keith and lance, it’s framed much more romantically: they hold hands, they smile fondly at each other while looking into each other’s eyes, keith says “lance, are you okay?” softly, lance says “we did it, we are a good team” to his RIVAL all while soft music is playing in the background and they’re bathed in purple lighting. the moment is made very important in the show, visually and narratively. it’s made VERY important to keith and affects him deeply and is brought up again twice in the next episode… that does not happen with allura and lance’s scene. they don’t hold hands, they don’t stare into each other’s eyes, allura only looks at lance for a split second but he’s looking at her the whole time, they don’t share smiles, lance doesn’t say her name when asking if she’s okay, there’s no music in the background, lance doesn’t go on to say anything other than “are you okay?” to her. narratively and visually, it’s not made that important in the way keith and lance’s moment was. the camera doesn’t focus on either of their faces up close or anything. it’s just lance helping her up. the scenes parallel each other but there is still a very stark contrast between them. allura and lance’s suggests unrequited affection while keith and lance’s suggests mutual affection.

so, allura doesn’t fit being lance’s love interest and that leaves keith and he RECIPROCATES, that much is obvious (though, apparently not to lance, the fool). they are very much setup to be the main romantic endgame. i mean, just by looking at visuals and subtext alone, you can tell. they have so many trope-y scenes, it’s not a coincidence at this point and never has been because klance was planned from the beginning. they already started building the foundation for it in s1 so it would feel natural (lm: “we’re just doing what’s best for the story”) and it does! it fits the definition of a slowburn romance PERFECTLY and blends in seamlessly into the show. the bonding moment happened MUCH too soon in the show if all they were aiming for was a rivals to friends arc for them. they’re already friends, yet it’s apparent that there’s another step… their development is not finished, it hasn’t reached it’s final stop. i’m not optimistic just for shits and giggles, i’m optimistic because EVERY SINGLE THING points to it happening. i have a very logical and realistic way of thinking when i’m analyzing things and everything that’s been presented to me tells me klance is the main pairing. everything lines up too perfectly for it to just be a case of us “reading too much into it”. leave me be. don’t be a downer.


Supergirl // Captain America

You were meant for more than this, you know.


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How was Kara channeling Alex?

So, first of all: Kara has a tendency to mimic the women she looks up to whenever she’s feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. Alex is her default, but sometimes it’s her mom or Eliza, or Astra, or Cat. Kara draws strength from others – and borrowing what she perceives as their strengths is how she copes with uncertainty/anxiety.

Second: the EPs were not lying when they said they were refocusing on the core elements of S1. There are multiple callbacks to the pilot episode in 3x01, and several with Kara & Alex in particular.

Winn sets up this parallel early in the episode with his line, “[Kara] went from being Little Miss Sunshine, to, well, Alex.”

We’re supposed to laugh, but we’re also supposed to recognize the truth in this. How am I sure? Because the narrative reinforces the point – J’onn not only tacitly agrees but also highlights how Alex’s “unrelenting seriousness” is a) not Kara’s normal behavior; but also b) how she’s behaving right now.

The story then runs with this for the front half of the episode. Kara’s entire demeanor is more reserved, as is her body language. Her voice is clipped and more commanding. She’s mission-focused to the point of being brusque with everyone around her. And she’s superheroing at a breakneck pace even though she doesn’t need to, as we heard in several background scenes, because she has it in her head that it’s the only way she’s still worthwhile.

Kara is acting like an unhappy, passive-aggressive person with a work ethic that puts other overachievers to shame because she’s afraid there’s no worth in her humanity vs. superpowers.

In other words: Alex.

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Y’know, I was watching Daisy be a badass (again) the other night and especially seeing all these parallels to S1 I just wanna highlight how lucky we are. Like.

Chloe talks about how she used to get told she wasn’t white enough for the lead, wasn’t Asian enough for the best friend. “Skye” wasn’t originally written as Chinese, or as anything but default (which usually means white lbr). But rather than hire any of the probably quite capable others, they picked her.

And not only did they pick her, but they actually wrote China into her backstory and made her the goddamn lead.

And now she’s leading, she’s the key of the team and of the show, she’s the first woman with superpowers on our TVs at least in recent years and she’s a bamf woman of colour canonically recognised as a woman of colour as well as a representative of a marginalised people and ALL of this happened because Chloe is awesome, and because Marvel decided to give her that chance.

Every time I see her face I’m so so grateful I get to watch her shine.