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For better INFPs : to cope with Inferior Te and upgrade yourself

I see people being annoyed by  unhealthy INFPs, including me. That’s basically because they’re undeveloped. So I want to share some tips(?) to cope with Te. This is also a kind of self reminder, so I am part of it :p. I am still too lazy to fix my grammar errors and since this is not a thesis, I’ll let it go.

here goes

#1 First of all, accept totally that you’re an INFP. Don’t try to be other type. Let the people who label INFP as wimpy and ineffective without getting to know YOU first forever roam in a shallow stereotype perspective. Like, do we even wear an MBTI tag when we go outside?  MBTI is a base, not box. Don’t mix an INFP who has evolved into a Gyarados with Magikarp INFPs (Actually, I realized some INFPs wanna be INFJ for the sake of being ‘unique’. Please don’t. Special MBTI type doesn’t mean you are special. We’re not an elementary student)

#2. Accept the role of INFP, that admittedly isn’t quite everybody’s delight. You know, the real world works like a machine system. We’re the low harmonies in an orchestra that people mostly don’t pay attention to, we’re the complementary colors of a painting, which of course people would be more attracted to the main RGB. Don’t bite for what you can’t chew. Be vibrant even though you’re just a complementary colors, some people will appreciate them, really. Of course, not many. But it’s just that way.  There are people who feel like a balance is off without this complementary  colors. There are people who needs this complementary colors.

#3. Stop blaming yourseeeeelf, everybody make mistakes too. And basically when you see it as the third person, probably the ONLY person who still feel guilty like you have made such big sin ever  is ….you. Make a list (hey, don’t be lazy now!) and write down this mistakes that made you feel guilty. Write the opposite actions, and then DO IT. For example if you feel guilty for breaking your mom’s jar, you write down that “I’ll help mom fixing some…”. The only mistake that is remain “alive” would be only when you aren’t doing what you’ve written. So, do it. And then after you’ve done, crosscheck it. You’d feel at least a bit better.

#4. Stop blaming the woooooorld, well the world consist of cold and asshole evils but that’s just how it works.  Anyway, why don’t do something for the victims? You can write an inspiring book, or (like I usually do), write a (banter) book that give people idea about what’s happening and what is better to do. Focus on the people who are victim of this ‘evil world’ so that the world will see. There are still good in humanity, so I believe even  in a small amount, there will be people who pick up this idea and willing to help. A good example is Liar Game manga…. or BTOOOM! (I am a manga sucker sorry. But you might find a good movie or novel too).

#5. Read beyond the words. Don’t quickly filter everything to your Fi.  Don’t trust your Fi easily.  “To doubt people is part of understanding them. Being indifference is the actual evil” This applies to everything our Fi has chosen. Suspect your idealism and compare it with the valid data about what is occuring in the world before you whine like a Social Justice Warrior. When you feel it dissonances, don’t be such a stubborn kid and learn to accept it. Use your Ne to find a bridge where your idealism and the fact can “sing” in harmonies. Why do you think INFP is blessed with Ne and not Se?

#6. According to psychology theories (in pscyh101) humans has subconscious mind who only God knows how it is actually works (It is still abstract). But this mind knows yourself best. A developed Fi can ‘read’ what it might be (or maybe that’s not Fi, but well, humans can). When someone delivers a harsh criticism you’ll feel absolutely crushed. But think of it like your conscious mind accepts the harsh criticism, and your conscious mind is affected by many facades judgement of the external world that’s why it is easily hurt (because like I said, that’s how the real world works). Your internal world should know how to work yourself best. So, take it. And swallow it. And then with Ne, try to tinker better with that critics. If it’s good for you you will feel  how precious it was.

#7. Don’t be denial that you’re easily hurt or easily cry. Show them that you still doing okay by expressing your emotion in a healthy way.  Write, Draw, Sing, compose, dance, …. Do everything that you like. 

#8. Only people who know their strength, became wise and accept their weakness. No matter what, humans can’t be perfect in every subject. We’re basically puzzles of each other, just like how the ecosystem was created. Accept your empathy as your strength and let people do pedantic work, for example. As long as you’re DOING something, you’ll eventually come to realization of what your strength and weakness is. Don’t be such misanthrope who spends time at home because you feel alienated. Even if it takes a lot of energy try to find something to do. Start with things you like or help the few people you love.  THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO WILL ACCEPT YOU. You’re blocking yourself with perhaps laziness to move on by thinking there aren’t at all.

#9. Stop.being. effing. naive. Sorry if this is offensive but I’ve been there so I have the right to say it even in rudest way.  Don’t say things like “I don’t need money as long as I can be useful for humanity. I don’t wanna be a money slave like most people in the world is.” You need money, dear mate. Ironically, to save humanity and the world first you have to STAY ALIVE, PRIOR , dear pepperhead. And tell me if we can actually stay alive without money or support needed.  So before reaching to your Fi ideals tower top, build the foundation first. This never be my favorite part, yes I know. but you have to find a work that reward you a lot of money even if you don’t like the work when you have such noble goals. 

#10. One game at one time. You see there a lot of things to do but we (lazy) INFPs are never good setting ourselves in a timeline. Start by making a small, spacious schedule. For example just one to do list “Everyday from 3PM to 5 PM I will do xxxxx”. For a while just stick to that-laughable-for-ENTJs schedule list. When you start to feel comfortable, add more to your schedule. Outside the schedule you can laze off, randomized, I’d recommend you to really be random and have fun. One thing to remind to yourself is to consistently follow the schedule. Once you see results of your everyday consistent work, you’ll want more.

#11. Cry whenever you want. To be honest is the best thing when you’re in progress of developing yourself to be a better person. A  good cry will help you to gain positive thoughts and remind you that some humans might suffer and cry more than you. That’s why you’re in your way to upgrade yourself, to perform your noble goals.

#12. Speak up. Don’t be such a passive aggresive hedgehog (tch, I wanna use swear words here oops).  What makes you look like a wimp is not because you’re easily hurt and easily cry. It’s beacuse how you put up with it. Being whiny and act like a victimized subject is what one would call a wimp.  So, speak like a commander of what you like and you don’t like when it is already not tolerable for you (I know that some of us can.  and prefer to tolerate something that pissed us). It’d be better if you can deliver it in a funny acceptable way. Like, “Excuse me but I dont recall I ask for such hippie table decoration, oh sorry are those your stuffs? Then put them in your desk, because I have a better idea to decorate my table, thanks”

#13. Take a good rest. You can work your Te out  but you can’t never be an ENTJ/ESTJ. Don’t make the lots of work  change your nature, take it easy. It’s Fi’s specialty to remains true in whenever the situation. Basically our Si and Te is to adapt, not to make us to be an ESTJ, lol. So, if you’re still not a  outrageously successful logic-based peep, that’s okay. Keep track of your progress and feel good about it. Do help people when they need and do things in your pace. Embrace some guilty pleasure for your reward after your work. ( I like to be malicious sometimes)

#14. Don’t sulk. What you can’t do today, doesn’t mean you still can’t do it tomorrow. We read a book forward and not backward, yes?. If you want and willing to do, you can learn how to do it. Still, if it’s not perfect, don’t sulk. Keep doing it until you find it good enough, even though it is not as good as others, or ultimate perfect.

#15. Be moderate. The reason why people  got stressed easily is because something is either too high or too low. This apply to basically everything. Like, too much money will make you feel insecure than when you have moderately higher than average, but when your financial statistic is too low you will also feel so insecure. (Yes I love talking about money, mwahahahaha. Okay, no. Jk. Money is the easiest thing to pick as an example).

#16. Stay hopeful! INFPs have their own strong principles and beliefs regarding whatever matters in their life.  To dive into darkness and close yourself, giving up and being hopeless to anything isn’t healthy at all. So, whenever you failed or meet something unexpected, find a source of hope even if it sounds ridiculous for logic-based people. Don’t listen to them. Your goal is to gain back your motivation by being hopeful, not to be clingy at hope. Be hopeful, hopeful, hopeful no matter what people say, they won’t affect your result. 

Remember, even only one, find someone, well, friend or parents who understand you and will support you in your change. To keep your track in progress, etc.  But remember he or she is not there to dictate you. You know yourself best.

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Hiiii! Just wanted to say I am in love with all your writing, and I kinda feel bad when I just like it without reblogging and gushing over how much I love each piece, but it's only because its late and I'm too lazy to type out tags and paragraphs 😒 It's still amazing all the same, you're the best! 😘

Oh never feel bad for that!

Likes are also very important too and I love seeing when people drop some likes too! I’m just glad that others enjoy some of the works going on here and that people even take the time out to read!
Thank you so much for your kind words!