and all the other champions

but what if Vax’s whole Fate Touched gig isn’t directly related to his own actions but rather how he holds his family together


Dybala: ‘Not easy with Barcelona’

“We are so happy with this achievement against a great Barcelona side, considering all the games leading up to this, including PSG, we knew that we had to be solid. Keeping a clean sheet over two legs against Barcelona is not easy.”

“My ‘new’ boots brought me luck with the two goals in the first leg and the qualification, so I’ll continue at least in the Champions League.”

“Messi? We didn’t really talk, we just said hi, along with all the other players.”

“When we watched the Champions League draw, we wanted anyone except Barcelona and picked them out the hat. So now we’ll just see what happens – there are no favourites.”


Maro, Amel Majri, Wendie Renard, Corrine Petit, Claire Lavogez, Josephine Henning, Alex Morgan, Sarah Bouhaddi, and others all singing “We are the Champions” after OL wins its 11th title.


“I’m thankful for wonho because he thinks of the team a lot and always protect the team and also for being the same age as me” Shownu

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I know someone else asked what you thought about Sidon, but what do you think about the other new age champions (Riju, Teba and Yunobo)?

“The other  new champions? Hm.. They’re all remarkable in their own way.  Sure, some of them might be clumsier than others and some more intimidating, but with collaboration and teamwork, it could actually work out. I ultimately befriended all of the previous champions, so I can’t see how they would be unable to do that.. I haven’t built up a concrete opinion on each of them personally, but I might update on that as soon as I get to know them better.”

Rito/Revali Rant

I’m gonna rant about Revali and the treatment of him and the Rito in Breath of the Wild because I love this asshole and I hate how little information we got about him from the game because I noticed many things that piss me off-
There will not be any spoilers of the main plot below, just general things I’ve noticed throughout the game. 
Please note: This isn’t supposed to be an official thing, just something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while because it just makes me sad. I’m not trying to start any sort of argument or anything, just releasing some thoughts here. 
Also, I have yet to actually get to the Goron part of the game-! So this isn’t an entirely fair “Critique”, but it’s something I’ve noticed so far and blah blah blah here we go-

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environmental rambles #1: the market is unequipped to handle the fight against climate change

It just occurred to me that for all I post about politics, I don’t actually post about my area of expertise—that being environmental policy and sustainable measures. And as I’m getting deeper into conversations with people, I forget how much I just assume is known. So here’s a loose series I’m going to begin. I have no outline or general idea about how long these posts will be.

The key issue when tackling *climate change* or environmental degradation (ugh do I have to write a post that explains how this is a real problem? Please no.), and frankly the key issue when tackling anything in this political climate, is money. Because solving any problem usually requires shelling out, and we have a very entrenched economic system where profit is valued above all else. For instance, with healthcare, consider how many conversations there were about the burdens on small to mid-sized business, or costs shifting to states, or how best to implement price controls. It’s the first thing anyone looks at.

Climate change is tough, because our largest sources of GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions are electricity, transportation, and heating. It seems logical to tackle the actual shit we burn to power this stuff, which is why there’s a push for renewables, or for nuclear energy (97% renewable, but that 3% is a Problem). Ditto for mixing our gas with ethanol (there’s claims that GHG emissions are net-zero because corn fields act as carbon sinks, but honestly, corn production in the USA is its own damn topic), or the push to mass transit, telecommuting, the purchasing of off-sets for travel, and electric cars.

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The Jadefire Festival [Friday through Sunday, April 28th to 30th at 5:00 PM Server]

The Jadefire Festival is soon to begin, and you’re invited! Celebrated in the relative peace of Greenstone Village, the Festival is a weekend-long celebration of the vibrance of spring. Immerse yourself in the colorful legends of Pandaria, starting on the 28th with the story of Hatiss the Demon-Dog, one of the first saurok to rebel against the iron fist of the mogu. On the 29th, relive the tragedy of twin jinyu Xichun and Yingchun, as their love for the same man leads to a feud that would last long into death. Finally, on the 30th, experience the blessing of Yu'lon as the wise Jade Serpent declares spring to be officially sprung!

Aside from the opening and closing ceremonies, each day will leave festival-goers with a good chunk of free time to go where they please and see what they wish. Catch one of the solo acts twice an hour, join in on one of the seasonal activities or just browse the merchants available. The choice is yours!

Children’s Hour

Every day from 5:00 to 6:00 PM, a Children’s Hour will be observed before the festivities get in swing. Throughout the hour, a special trader will sell family-friendly wares for parents to browse, and anybody can challenge the daily pet trainer for tokens. At the end of the hour, the Nearly Departed will be providing babysitters free of charge so older members of the family can enjoy the rest of the night uninterrupted.

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Children’s Hour

The Day of the Demon-Dog

Even in death, it seems the Demon-Dog is far from through with mischief. Be the hero and fight to stop his designs on the festivities when some of the attendants find their palms a little too sticky for their own good! Challenging them to a duel will surely get you glory, but only defeating them one-on-one will force them to surrender their coveted prizes.

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Spoils of the Demon-Dog
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The Day of the Moon

Take a side as Xichun and Yingchun reignite their age-old rivalry. Attendants can choose to champion either sister in a game that is a little chance, a little planning and hopefully all fun! The last champion standing will win the night for every other champion who brandishes his or her lady’s token.

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Battle of the Twins
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The Day of the Fires

On the last day of the Festival, an auction will be held featuring a variety of relics from Pandaria that were donated by local collectors. The proceeds from the auction will benefit the restoration of Yu'lon’s statue at the Serpent’s Heart. If bids reach an especially generous threshold, the winners will receive a commemorative work of art of themselves with the lot they won!

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Pieces of History
The Daily Raffle
The Daily Roster

The Token Trade

Exchange your unwanted materials with our trader throughout the festivities! In return, you will receive tokens that can be used to save money for the duration of not only the Jadefire Festival, but every future event by the Nearly Departed. On the Day of the Demon-Dog, tokens can be exchanged with the other traders for a blanket discount on any and all goods purchased from them. Using tokens in this way costs one token per three percent of discount, up to a maximum of thirty percent. You can do the same in the days following, with the exception of the Souvenirs of Jadefire trader on the Day of the Fires who will accept only tokens. They can also be used in place of gold to purchase raffle tickets and participate in activities with a gold cost.

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Token Exchange Rates

anyways i love all the botw characters more than i love myself

To this day, I still get giddy and break out a huge smile whenever me and my distant S.O. play together. Now that Rakan and Xayah are a thing we always take a little time in the match to just do cute stuff like dance together, or talk to each other via champions. Most of all we love their recall; I used to think at first they were kissing, but even though they aren’t it’s my favorite thing to do. I can’t physically be with him… So I love being able to do cute stuff with him virtually.

Confession by @fff-furry-for-finnick

Art by @oct0nami

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Fenhawke 4 :3

4.       throwing their arms around the other person, holding them close while they kiss

“Boy doesn’t this feel familiar?” Hawke said, and winced as his own attempt at levity fell far short. “Shit,” he added for emphasis. Fenris was silent.

It was not the kind of thing Hawke wanted for the elf: life on the road, once again. Tiny, filthy inns, food that was little better than slop, exhaustion and sweat and fear and days of constantly looking over their shoulders.

When they settled down after fleeing Kirkwall, Hawke had sworn to the both of them that he would never let them live like that again – and now here they were. Everything went to shit at Weisshaupt, and when it was over, they had to leave fast. Oh, the remaining wardens might not have killed them, had they stayed, but they were nevertheless strongly encouraged to get the fuck out as fast as they could.

Hawke’s let his head rest with a soft thump against the doorframe as he watched Fenris explore their little room – the greasy-paned window painted shut, the lopsided mattress, the rat that scurried quickly out of his way. With an unreadable expression, the elf flicked a roach off one of the pillows. Even this hovel had cost them dear coin, but Hawke had been determined that he wasn’t going to let Fenris sleep on the ground, or sneak into strangers’ barns. Not if he could help it. Now it seemed like a foolish waste. The only good thing he could say about it was that he didn’t think they’d been given such a room because they’d been recognized. Things had gotten hard all around since the mage rebellion and the Breach and all the other shit. No one cared about Kirkwall’s disgraced Champion anymore.

He thought of the home they had made – the tidy little farm out by the coast. Those quiet, happy days felt very far away. Fenris had told him he had to sell it when he left to join Hawke at Weisshaupt. The Breach had caused the crops to fail, and even with it now closed their neighbors couldn’t afford to take care of it for them while they were away – not and see to their own farms, too.

They were starting over at rock bottom again.

“I’m sorry, Fenris,” Hawke said. “Maker – fuck – I’m sorry.”

The elf looked at him, then. He was silent as he crossed the room.

Hawke watched him approach, and didn’t move. He felt so tired, defeated, worn out. He had done everything wrong, again. He had failed, again.

Fenris’s gaze was sharp. It seemed to see right through Hawke, right to his soul, as if he knew what the mage was thinking. He took Hawke’s face, firmly, in his hands, and he told him, under no uncertain terms, to “just shut up.”

Fenris pushed up on his toes and kissed him, his arms sliding around Hawke’s big weary shoulders.

Now that it’s actually canon that Nadia Pym and Viv Vision read Kamala Khan’s fan fiction, I can’t help but imagine that they share them with everyone from the Champions and all the other new teen heroes and then get together to act out all of the stories she writes about them as well as all the other weird stories they find (*cough* *cough* “Ms. Marvel and the Teenage Love Triangle in Space” by Miles Morales).

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I don't really know much about how voice recordings work in studios but I'm curious about whether you got to meet the voice actors/actresses for the other Champions? If so, how was the experience? Besides your Revali voice, I really really like Urbosa's voice!

Before tonight, no! But I literally JUST got back from a cast/wrap party for Breath of the Wild and got to meet every other Champion from the game all in one place (one of them is actually my coworker elsewhere, too).

It was a really wonderful gathering, and I was super glad to get to share my gratitude and compliments to the director who made it all possible for us.

We did a lot of talking about the Internet’s general reply to the game, and many of us are happy but also concerned greatly for Sidon’s actor. He seems to be gladly taking it all in stride though.

…the praise, I meant; not the other thing.

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Heyo u for them headconons for revali trying to slap people but his feathers just kinda, lightly graze their cheek. All he does is cause a small wind

-The other champions have never actually seen him try, other than Urbosa

-That’s because she pulled him aside and goaded him into trying to hit her out of curiosity

-He immediately realized his mistake and made her swear never to tell the others

-She constantly teases him about it in private


The one TMNT crossover I would love to see (but will probably never happen) is a crossover between the current IDW comics and the 2003 tv series.  I feel like it would be more interesting because it would not be the usual “completely different ‘verses meet each other and wacky antics ensue” and more “very similar ‘verses meet each other and an interesting character driven plots ensue”

Like for instance:

- IDW Raph talks to 2003 Raph about IDW Casey’s situation, and 2003 Raph is just so stunned and angered about what happened to another version of his best friend and that Hun of all people is his father.

- IDW Donnie and 2003 Donnie both admit to each other the trauma that they have hidden inside them after their respective incidents (i.e. IDW’s near-death experience and 2003′s experience with SAINW)

- 2003 Leo gives IDW Leo some advice on how to heal, and reminding him that the weight of the world is not strictly on his shoulders.

- 2003 Mikey and IDW Mikey both hanging out and having a great time.  2003 Mikey feeling super proud of his alternative ‘verse self for being so responsible, but worrying about his emotional health.  IDW Mikey fanboying over a version of himself being the Battle Nexus Champion (*cue groaning from all the other turtles*) and wanting a cat of his own

- April and Casey seeing what happened to their relationships in different ‘verses…And the IDW turtles interacting with 2003 Splinter…

- 2003 Angel fangirling over her IDW self and becoming best friends with Alopex

- The general confusion over certain details (i.e. “What do you mean the Utroms are good?”  “Leatherhead did what?”) and meeting characters that don’t exist in their universes

…Wow this is a lot of angst, my apologies.  Regardless, I still feel that this would be an awesome crossover opportunity, even if it can only happen in one’s imagination