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I've always wondered how Kirigiri and Ouma were able to explore the schools in their respective games alone without anyone or even the masterminds knowing. Especially if some areas weren't unlocked yet. There's cameras everywhere and in V3 there were the hidden cameras.

Well, part of it comes down to the fact that Kirigiri and Ouma are both highly resourceful, intelligent, and determined. Both of them have a love for snooping and an inherent need to investigate the places around them on their own—Kirigiri because she’s a detective, and Ouma because… he’s Ouma (and he might very well be a detective too, for all we know about his real talent).

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Who is Mr Oz? UPDATE! Spoilers for Action Comics #984

So this week saw the release of Action Comics #984 and as promised we got some hints about who Mr Oz might be (Check out my previous Mr Oz post here).

In this issue of Action Comics, Superman and the Super Family consisting of Lex Luthor, Superwoman Lana Lang, Super-Man Kenan Kong and Steel AKA John Henry Irons are transported to the Phantom Zone by General Zod along with the villains Cyborg Superman and The Eradicator, while Supergirl, Lois Lane, Superboy Jon Kent and Krypto try to stop Zod from pilfering the Fortress Of Solitude.

The story concludes with the Family escaping the Phantom Zone but leaving Cyborg Superman behind, believing him to be too dangerous to be allowed to go free and revealing that Zod and The Eradicator’s plan the whole time was to actually release Zod’s wife Ursa and their son Lor-Zod (who in previous continuity was known as Christopher Kent, Clark and Lois’ adopted son).

This was a huge story and it opens up for a future conflict between the Zod and El families, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about….

The Whispering Man

Throughout this issue, Zod has the upper hand in the Fortress, with most of the big hitters in the Phantom Zone, Supergirl, Lois, Jon and Krypto are terribly out matched but Jon gets a helping hand from someone he calls the “Whisper Man”. First hearing his voice in Action Comics #982 while admiring a piece of Kryptonian Battle Armour, Jon would go to tell his parents about the voice before Zod and the Revenge Squad decided to show up.

Two issues later and with Zod firmly in the Fortress, Jon throws caution to the wind and climbs into the battle armour he saw before before he hears the voice again.

The voice guides him in the armour, telling him that he has Jon’s best interests at heart and that he knows the armour well. Throughout the battle between Zod and Supergirl, he causes enough distractions to allow for his father and the others to come back from the Phantom Zone. The entire time the voice that Jon hears is calming and soothing and correctly guesses how the fight will pan out.

With the Fortress later cleared of the Revenge Squad, Jon asks his mother Lois who the mysterious Whisper Man was but Lois tells him that no-one else was there, and then we pan out to see Mr Oz himself sitting on a chair viewing the conversation before cryptically saying that he hopes Lois will expand her way of thinking before they actually meet.

So what does it all mean?

If we believe the rumour that Mr Oz is in fact pre-Crisis Jor-El, there are a lot of things about this issue that make sense. First of all, Jor-El would be very familiar with the Battle Armour because they were used quite often on Krypton not just for war but as hazmat suits for dangerous, radioactive areas where scientists like him would go.

Secondly, the fact that he has Jon’s best interests at heart would make sense as he would technically be Jon’s grandfather and Jor-El is not a cruel man in that respect.

Thirdly, the comment about Lois expanding her way of thinking before they meet. The whole Rebirth story would take some mind expansion in an effort to understand, and let’s not forget that both Lois and Clark had their timelines altered in Superman Reborn so they don’t remember the pre-Flashpoint universe. With this knowledge of the Crisis events erased from their mind, it might be hard for them to believe he is from another timeline entirely.

And lastly, Jor-El being able to help Jon by predicting what Zod will do makes a lot of sense as he has a big history with the man he knew as Dru-Zod.

The events of this story pave the way for Jor-El to be revealed as the man behind curtain but we won’t know for certain until Action Comics #987 comes out on September 13th.

Either way i’m excited, one of the biggest Rebirth mysteries is about to come to a head.

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The Padawan and the Son

I haven’t watched all of Rebels yet, so I don’t know exactly what happens to Ahsoka. But I’ve always wanted to write her meeting Luke regardless, so I just rolled with it. Takes place during ROTJ. 

“Ahsoka Tano?”

The name hung in the air as an unanswered question. Ahsoka clenched her fists, shutting her eyes and trying to rid herself of the feeling that had washed over her since she heard those footsteps approach her open door. It was a presence she hadn’t felt in so long, and presence she knew she was never going to feel again. Clearly, she was seeing visions, hearing his voice over the Force. In the darkness of the outside, she could see his shadowy figure in the doorway, black Jedi robes with a single leather glove, and all. 

Anakin Skywalker was dead. He may still be walking in some form, but he was dead.

She’d come to this backwater planet to escape mentions of her past. She’d sometimes considered rejoining the rebels to take down the Empire, but Vader knew her too well. He could sense her. Part of her wondered if he still hoped to turn her as well. So to save everyone the risk, she once again ran; this time not to figure herself out, but to simply escape it all. Just for the time being, at least. 

But there, right in her little hut deep in the woods beyond the beach, right when she was just trying to sit down for a little root tea, was a vision of that past she wanted so badly to lose.  

“Go away,” she mumbled to the apparition of her former master. She had no time for the games of the Force now. 

“Sorry? Excuse me, I just needed to talk to you.” Ahsoka’s eyes shot open as the figure stepped forward into the light, finally revealing his face. 

That was not Anakin Skywalker. 

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Each Time, A Little Different

Original Characters // Post DAI // SFW

It had never been weird before, looking her in the eyes, so why was it so different now?

A/N: For picchar, I went way further than I was going to. Also I took some liberties with this, I hope you like it. <3

Fereldan’s were not people of pageantry. They had no stories of grand balls, of elegant galas, or 100-man hunting expeditions. They had not the elegance and flair of their neighbor Orlais, or the grand amalgamation of style as the Marcher cities did, nor the dazzling colors and lively movement of Antiva. Nay, Ferelden existed almost in defiance of those things, a nation and people carved from the wind-beaten cliffs that faced the Amarantine Ocean and from the ancient gnarled trees of the Bannorn. Their colors were earthy, their buildings strong enough to withstand Ages, their fashion practical and proud, reflecting their land, and their decorations: decidedly less shiny. 

The measure of a man, to those tenacious people, was judged by one’s accomplishments, by their honor and their word, and never by the length of their title, weight of their power, or depth of their pockets.

Thus, Prince Duncan Theirin, only seven years of age, knew something was awry when the royal palace underwent a subtle, yet distinct change. Tapestries were switched out to new, grander ones, the carpets in the hall were replaced. He overheard the servants gossiping about important guests, and suddenly not a speck of dirt could be found and the armor of the guards had been polished to a mirror’s shine. 

Additionally, someone had thrown away the collection of rocks he’d been hiding. 

Wholly anxious to see who could prompt such a change in decor, Duncan slipped from his lessons every day to race across the battlements impatiently waiting for the future guests to arrive in the city. Fortunately, the young boy’s curiosity was not long to be sated, banners announcing a retinue of powerful guests streamed through Denerim two weeks later; the sword and eye in white rippling across a black field.

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Okay, sure.

But when, why did you even reveal your identity and join up with the other girls to begin with?

This is yet another baffling writing change, because in the manga, Minako teamed up with the others immediately, and even hung out with them. (Which of course we didn’t see because Crystal hates friendship.)

If Minako wanted to keep the others out of it all and keep fighting on her own, then why didn’t she just keep up the mysterious Sailor V act? She could have easily helped Sailor Moon last episode and then just disappear again.

Crystal, there’s more than a dozen things worth changing from the manga, how about picking the ones that actually make sense?