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Long Lost Love: Pt. 2

Pairing: Kol x Kai x Reader

Warnings: Kidnapping

Word Count: 2498 aka a lot longer than part 1


Today, there’s a free music festival going on in the lovely city of New Orleans. The weather is amazing and all you see is happy faces surrounding you. Freya joined you and Kol, then ended up heading back home after a couple of hours to help out Elijah. Klaus was miles away taking care of what he called ‘business’.

As you were dancing to the upbeat music with the rest of the crowd on the freshly cut grass, Kol left to buy the two of you a beer. Wine was never your thing.

Moments later, you were at a loss for breath from all the dancing, so you stepped aside from the crowd to quickly rest. Admiring the music and soaking up the sun felt just amazing, but that fun soon vanished because a hand covers your mouth and you quickly pass out.

Finally, you wake up sitting on a chair. But this time, you aren’t at the festival. You are in an unfamiliar place, an empty warehouse from the looks of it. The first thing you tried to do was stand up and stretch, but your hands were tied behind you with vervain ropes. It stung like a motherfucker. “What the hell?! What is this?” You said aloud to yourself.

You hear footsteps approaching you, so you turn to face whoever it is. “You’re awake! Great!” The stranger says. He was a tall, dark male wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt.

“Who are you? What am I doing here?” You wiggled your wrists, but the vervain only pierced your skin once again.

“You’re Klaus’s precious sister in law right?” He asked with a smirk on his face.

“Do you see a ring on my finger? No. At least not yet.” You spat.

“Who cares. I needed someone to get to him. And you were the easiest target. Poor Kol is probably wondering where you are.”

“Well Klaus isn’t in town. And even if he was, screw you.” You looked at him in disgust. There was no way you were going to rat out Klaus’s whereabouts. Especially to any enemy. No matter the consequences.

“Feisty one you are. Damn!” The man yelled in amusement and you scoffed at him. He sure was annoying.

“Since you won’t tell me where he is. Maybe this will help.” You furrowed your brows at his statement, then suddenly, his eyes turned yellow, revealing his fangs and didn’t hesitate to take his time sinking his teeth into your neck. The pain took over you, making you scream your lungs out. A werewolf bite is lethal to vampires and you thought to yourself how dead you are.

Finally, he stopped, but the dead weight of his body laid on you and the next thing you know, you see Kol above him, ripping his heart out of his back. Kol then threw his body off of you like a piece of trash.

“Oh my god, Kol. Thank goodness.” You sighed in relief. Your boyfriend sure is your savior.

“Hello darling.” Kol smiles as he’s wiping the blood on his hand to his shirt, then he quickly goes over to release your wrist from those damn ropes. He can handle the stinging of vervain way better than you can. “That’s a rather nasty bite you have there. Are you alright?” He added because he didn’t see it healing.

“Yup. Werewolves.” You shook your head as your were watching your wrists heal.

Kol cups your cheeks with his palms to draw your attention to his face. “I’ll call Nik so that he can cure that godforsaken bite.” He plants a kiss on your forehead, then reaches in his pocket for his phone to call Klaus.

“I should’ve listened to Elijah when he said for me to keep viles of Klaus’s blood. Now look where I am.” Luckily for the Mikaelsons, a werewolf bite won’t ever kill them, you were the odd one out.

“Not to worry, darling. He’s only a town away, last I heard.” Kol put his phone to his ear, waiting for Klaus to answer.

“Douchebag.” You sneered, looking down at the man that kidnapped and bit you.

“There you are, baby girl!” You flinched from the loud voice that wasn’t Kol’s. You couldn’t believe who it is. It was no other than your ex boyfriend, Malachai Parker walking in. This has to be the side effect of the werewolf bite making you delusional. But no, you noticed that Kol sees him too. “Out of all places you could be. New Orleans? Really?” Kai added, tilting his head in confusion.

You were speechless. Frozen. How is Kai he even here? The last time you saw him was years ago when Damon separated his head from his body. But you have to admit, he damn sure looks good.

“I’ll ring you later, brother.” Kol says to Klaus over the phone and hangs up. Kol looked confused as ever at the fact that you didn’t deny knowing Kai and you just stood there not saying a word.

“And who the bloody hell are you?!” Kol asks angrily.

“I’m her lover, duh. Cool accent by the way.” Kai jokes, then approaches you to look at your bite but Kol stops him by pushing his hand on his chest.

“Pardon?” Kol narrowed his eyes at Kai.

“Hmm…Did I stutter? Yeah. I don’t think so.” Kai quickly grabs Kol’s hand and siphons his magic. Kol tries to fight it, but he failed as he was weakening to the floor.

“Stop! That’s enough!” You vampire sped up to your boyfriend and your ex boyfriend, putting yourself in between the two. “First of all, how are you even here?” You asked Kai.

“Long story, babe. But please tell me who is this vampire that is that’s getting all worked up. You got a body guard now?”

“Kai, this is my-” You paused. “-boyfriend, Kol. He’s an original.”

“Yeah originally annoying. But ouch. I have to admit, that cuts deep.” Kai fake pouted on the outside, but on the inside, he was pretty hurt that you moved on while he was stuck loving you all these years. “And don’t tell me he’s the one that turned you. That was supposed to be my job.”

“Yes. But it’s been years, Kai. Years.” You over exaggerated the word ‘years’ because it’s really been that long. “I’ve moved on. Not to mention, you killed Jo. You killed all of those people. If you ran off with me instead we wouldn’t even be in this position.”

“This is enough. It’s no time to reminisce, love. Leave him be.” Kol looked at you while grabbing your waist, then looked at Kai. “Leave her be.”

“At least let me siphon her nasty bite.” Kai implied.

“She-WE don’t need your assistance. My brother’s blood will happily do the trick.” Kol glared, pulling you closer to him. Jealousy definitely took over him that he had to be stubborn.

“Kol, it’s alright. Let him help me.” You insisted.

Kol took a deep breath, scowling at Kai. “Fine. But make it quick.”

As Kai is siphoning your bite, he whispers in your ear. “This is what you really want?”

You looked back and forth between Kai & Kol. The old memories with Kai flooded your thoughts, but you fought it, replacing it with memories of Kol instead. “Yes Kai. This is.” You said while making eye contact with Kol. You knew that he was listening. And finally, that werewolf bite was all gone.

“Alrighty then.” Kai turned you around so that he’s hugging you from behind, then cloaks the both of you. 

“Let go of me! Let go of me now, Kai!” You instantly try to free yourself from his grip but he was too strong, especially with the help of him siphoning some of your magic as well while he’s holding onto you. 

“Y/N! Y/N!” Kol cries out for you. He looked around 360 degrees and couldn’t see you or hear you, but you were right in front of his eyes.

“Don’t worry, babe. Your little boyfriend can’t see you. Boo hoo.” Kai’s voice started to fade as you were passing out from his constant siphoning.

(1 Hour Later…)

Waking up feels like deja vu. Only this time, it was your ex kidnapping you for your affection, not some stranger looking to kill you. Instead of waking up in that warehouse this time, you were on a bed in what looks like a hotel room. Kai was sitting on the edge of the other bed waiting for you to wake up.

“So….How was your nap?” Kai asked smiling.

You instantly vampire sped up to him, grabbing him by the collar. “Kai what the hell is going on?” You were so enraged that your eyes turned red and veins started forming under your eyes.

“Aw, someone’s groggy from their nap.” Kai joked, but you weren’t laughing. 

“This isn’t a fucking joke. You kidnapped me! My supposed-to-be-dead ex boyfriend kidnapped me!” You shouted, tightening your hold on his collar.

“Okay okay. First of all, you can let go of me now.” Kai uses his strength and grabs your arms, pushing you so that you’re sitting across from him on the bed, then he started walking back and forth from the nightstand to the TV. “And secondly, I just missed ya, puddin. I thought maybe we can hang without that Mikaelson pest that you’re grossly screwing.” 

“And how do you know that I wont try to escape?” You straightened yourself sitting on the bed, crossing your arms in front of you.

“Trust me, sweetie. You won’t. Because if you do, i’d happily put your boy toy in a sleeping spell how I did Elena.”

“You wouldn’t.” You exhaled through your nostrils, giving Kai a death stare.

“Oh I would. And good luck asking Bonnie for the spell because last I heard, her and the Mikaelsons aren’t exactly buddy buddy. Unless, she and rest of your gang know about you being with Kol Mikaelson.” 

Kai was right. Bonnie and the rest of your friends would like Kol dead just as much as Kai. Not to mention, the part where they have no idea that Kol is even alive. There’s no need to get them involved in this funny business at all.

“Okay, so basically you kidnapped me in hopes I’ll fall in love with you again? Yeah Kai, that makes perfect sense.” The sarcasm in your voice was hard to miss. The word ‘love’ triggered Kai. He stopped his pacing and sat next to you on the edge of the bed.

“You know I’ll never in my life hurt you. A day, all I need is a day. Maybe two to make up for lost time. And if you still want to be with that pathetic vamp, then I’ll let you go.” Kai frowned.

“Okay fine. Deal.” You agreed. “At least let me tell Kol that I’m safe. I know he must be worried.”


“We need to find her!” Kol commanded to Freya, breaking his bourbon glass he had in his hand. His voice was so loud that you can probably hear it all around the compound.

Freya had her witchy knick knacks laid out on the table including a map and your hair brush to try and locate you. “Just calm down. I’m trying. But he must be using a cloaking spell on her because it’s like she doesn’t exist.” Freya made known.

“What’s going on? What’s with this shouting, Kol?” Rebekah rushed into the room.

“Y/N’s past lover took her and vanished because she chose me.” Kol said as he was pacing back and forth.

“What? Who?” Rebekah asked.

“Some wanker named Kai. What I heard, he was dead and now he’s alive.” Kol turned his attention back to Freya. “Please Freya, I must find her.” There was desperation in Kol’s eyes as if he was afraid. Either he was afraid to lose you to Kai or he was afraid that Kai will hurt you.

“Do you think he’ll hurt her?” Freya started to feel worried at how upset her brother is.

“How should I bloody know?” Kol started losing his patience.

“Trust me, he won’t. That boy loves her.” Rebekah implied. 

At one point you’ve told only Rebekah all about your relationship with Kai because she was always there whenever you needed an ear. There was no way you were going to vent to Kol about him. She’s also confident in her answer because from personal experience, no matter what goes down between Marcel and the Mikaelsons, Marcel would never lay a hand on Rebekah because he loves her.

Kol’s phone starts to ring in his pocket, so he quickly took it out in hopes that it’s you calling. Lucky for him, it is you that’s calling, Kol’s eyes lit up and he answered it immediately. “Y/N. Where are you? Are you safe? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine. I’m safe. I don’t know exactly where I am but don’t come looking for me.” You informed Kol.

“What? Are you mad? What has he done to you?”

“He needs me for two days and if I try to leave or if you come for me within that time span, he’s going to put you under a spell that even Freya can’t reverse. Kai won’t hurt me. I promise.”

“So the two of you expect me to just do nothing and wait for you to come home then?” The thought of you spending time with Kai made Kol sick to his stomach. You’re his and only his. He doesn’t want anyone else getting in the way of that.

“Pretty much.” 

Kol snapped. “That’s rubbish! You tell that bastard I’ll tear him limb from limb if he dares to lay a finger on you.”

“Kol, I love-” Kai takes the phone from your hand and breaks it in half. Tossing it behind him on the middle of the bed.

“Wow. He sure is violent.” Kai felt no guilt disrupting your phone call.

“You’re so annoying.” You scoffed, grabbing the nearest pillow, smacking Kai in the chest with it. This is the man you have to put up with for the next 48 hours. You felt terrible for how worried Kol is going to be, you’re just hoping that he doesn’t lash out and go on a killing spree or something.

“Yup. But remember, you loved me at one point and I’m hoping to bring that spark back you know.” Kai smirked. 

“Yeah yeah yeah.” You rolled your eyes. Yes, you did love Kai at one point and part of you will always have love for him, but you have Kol and he’s just an outstanding lover and friend. From listening to your gossip to telling you how much he loves you before bed and even making you coffee every morning.

“Alright come on. Go freshen up.” Kai patted your thigh as he lunged off of the bed. “We’re going out.”

🖤Drug Lord E [Part 4] (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Ethan brags to everyone in his crew about getting head from Y/N and one of them gets an idea.

Warnings FOR ENTIRE SERIES: Drugs/sexual assault/Violence

A/N: Twins are older in this. So I’ve never wrote anything about these subjects before and at any point if you are uncomfortable please stop reading! Also, requests are on hold until I finish the series! Still open, just won’t be posting! Now without further ado, I present Drug Lord Ethan.

Part 3

Ethan’s POV

I decided Grayson needed to come with me on his job. This guy who knew Y/N’s boyfriend had been giving us some trouble. Apparently Justin was apart of a new gang and was determined to get back at me for keeping Y/N. I wasn’t worried though. Grayson had already gotten the media to brush off Y/N’s disappearance as if she went on a random vacation or something. Grayson and I exchanged a look, before Grayson went into the fight as I watched Nate slammed this guy’s body against the brick wall behind him. Grayson was kicking the poor guy while slamming his head against the wall. Alex was keeping a lookout while Cameron kneed the guy continuously. I pulled out my knife ready to show this guy I don’t play games. He had stolen a bunch of money from me in product and I wasn’t about to look like a fool around here. Especially with this Justin dude coming around. I already didn’t like him and I wanted to end him. “Dolan!” My cue. I put a smile on my face as I walked over to see what my crew had done to him. His nose was busted and bloody. He was even spitting blood. After being punched, kicked, and thrown into a wall repeatedly I would probably be spitting blood too. I pulled my switchblade out and I pressed the metal against his throat which he winced. I leaned in close to his ear and I whispered.

“Don’t double cross me Evans.” I then jabbed my knife right in his stomach while he banged his head on the wall behind him. He let out a groan as I twisted the knife just a tad before pulling it out. Blood began to pump out of his stomach as he grasped his new wound with his hand. “Tell Kelley he has week to give me my money or his pretty girlfriend gets it.” I demanded and he nodded showing he understood. The other guys looked to me. I closed up my switchblade before leaving the scene. The guys followed behind me.

“What the hell was that Dolan?” Alex belted.

“Why didn’t you kill him? You’re not going soft because of that girl are you?” Nate asked but I chuckled.

“I’m anything but soft when I’m with her. Actually about 25 minutes ago, she sucked me off.” I bragged and they stopped walking and looked at me in awe.

“What?” Grayson asked confused.

“Dude was she good?” Nate snickered and I nodded.

“I’ve gotten head from a lot of women, but Y/N’s made me bust faster than I ever thought. I honestly wanted to fuck her right there on my bed, and I probably would have is Alex didn’t text me saying you guys needed me.” I looked at Alex. “But it’s whatever. Most likely Kelley won’t be able to pay off his debt and I’ll have to kill him. Then I’ll keep Y/N around for some time.” I gloated but Grayson looked irritated at me. “And the way she moaned daddy.” I bit my bottom lip as I remembered the memory.

“Dude maybe we can pass her around? It’s been sometime since I got some good dick sucking.” Cameron chuckled, but I felt something snap in me.

“Go for it.” I smirked to myself. “It felt hella good. Like damn imagining her naked with her ass in the air–”

“Dude stop you’re making me hard.” Aaron says which we all just belted with laughter. Grayson was speed walking way ahead of us. “Damn Y/N is pretty hot.” He chuckled

“Gray where are you going? We have other stops to make.” I hollered, but he didn’t stop.

“I’m going to check on Angie. I’m sure you can do this next round without me.” He snapped back but I just shook it off. I knew he was getting angry with me. I didn’t really care at this point to be honest. He was just being a bitch since Angie is staying around more so now he’s being all sensitive.


I was lying on the futon crying. I missed Justin, but I know if I see him again I won’t be able to look at him the same. I know he would be furious if he knew I sucked another guy off besides him. Justin was the jealous type, but it wasn’t cute. He was scary when he was jealous. It was like watching all hell break lose. The thought of what he would do to Ethan after he found out that he forced me to suck him off was unfathomable. Yes I didn’t want to do it, but that didn’t mean I wanted Justin to hurt him or anything. I just wanted Justin right now. I wanted to go home and pretend all of this never happened.

“Hey Y/N?” I recognized the voice as Angie. I wish the door would lock on the inside instead of the outside so I could lock myself in here to die. “I brought you some clothes.” I turned around and she noticed my ripped blouse. “What the hell happened to you Y/N? Did Ethan do this?” She demanded as she rushed over to me.

“It’s nothing really. It just happened okay? Don’t tell him I don’t want to get in anymore trouble.” I stammered as I could feel tears pooling in my eyes. Angie wraps me in a hug while I cried into her shoulder. The bedroom door opens as Grayson walked in.

“Grayson did you know about this? Did you know he did this to her?” Angie questioned Grayson sternly. He was speechless at first, but finally spoke up.

“Ethan was telling us about it. I left to come back here while they went to go find some other people that owe us money.” He looked to me sympathetically. I remembered I was still shirtless. I quickly grabbed the clothes Angie brought me while I excused myself to the bathroom so I could get dressed.

I opened the door and looked at what I was wearing in the mirror. I was wearing a black sweater with skulls all over the fabric as I was wearing red pajama shorts. “Did you guys get the Evans dude?” Angie asks which peaked my interest. I pressed my ear against the door to hear better.

“Yeah Ethan gave him the message to give to Kelley and he stabbed him.” Angie was wrapped up in Grayson’s arms. Obviously she was worried about the life Grayson lived and she wanted him to always be safe. Then it clicked what Grayson just said.

“Ethan stabbed Justin?” I shouted in shock. Grayson and Angie both jumped at my outburst, but I didn’t care right now.

“No no no Y/N calm down.” Just then I heard the front door of the house swing open. I heard a group of guys chuckling as I ran into the living room.

“You stabbed Justin? How could you?” I could feel tears brimming in my eyes and he Ethan looked at me confused.

“What the fuck? Calm down damn.” Ethan laughed as the rest of the guys did the same. Grayson and Angie ran into the living room standing behind me. The dirty blonde guy and the dark haired white guy move to sit down on the couch while they lit up a joint. “I didn’t kill anyone, but I will if you keep acting like this. Damn Y/N.” He chuckled while looking to his friends. I’ve had enough of this. I was hungry, tired, and still in complete shock over the fact that my life was completely flipped upside down all in one day. My hand raised up as I slapped my hand across his face hard.

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Ethan’s POV

She fucking slapped me. The room grew silent as she looked me in the eyes. Her brown eyes were filled with tears and hurt. “Ooo Y/N I’d be careful or else you may have to suck his dick again.” Cameron says but I raise my hand to signal him to stop talking. I looked back to Y/N who was still crying.

“You told them?” She asked between tears. “Wow I’m not surprised considering you only ever look out for yourself. You never loved or cared about anyone, but yourself.” A smirk appears on her face. “That’s why you want to kill Justin. You don’t want anyone else to have me.” I scoffed at her statement.

“No I want to kill him because he double crossed me sweetheart. I don’t care about you or anyone else, but me remember?” I snickered at her, but she stuck her bottom lip out. “Don’t make me show you who’s boss again. Unless you want me to.” I said with a wink while Alex and Cameron started wooing.

“I hate you.” Was all she said as she turned around and shoved passed everyone else to get back to her room. I just laughed as I walked into the kitchen having some dinner finally. Everyone stood silent, as I made me something to eat.

“Are you fucking serious Ethan?” Angie asked me as I shrugged at her. “The poor girl has had everything she has ever known ripped away from her in a day. Please try and sympathize with her Ethan.” Angie defends.

“Yeah that was kind of harsh. I mean even for you dude.” Nate chimes in and I just groaned.

“Look if you’re both so worried about her go talk to her about feelings and shit. She tried to runaway. I’m not the one who made the dick sucking comment.” I argued pointing at Cameron. “Besides she’s here because of her boyfriend. She didn’t have to come here to pay off his debt.” I shoved a spoonful of cold pasta in my mouth.

“How would you feel if someone treated Sam like this.” Grayson asks and everyone grows silent. I grabbed my bowl of pasta and pushed past everyone and stopped by Grayson. I gave him a look of pure hate.

“Tomorrow by sunset if Justin still hasn’t paid you kill him.” I mumbled coldly. Grayson and Angie give a light gasp.

“Eth–” Grayson tries to empathize, but I smacked his hand away.

“That’s a fucking order. If you won’t kill him I’ll do it myself!” I snapped as I pushed past Grayson. “I’m through with these fucking games!” I shouted as I stormed off to my room. I looked at the half smoked blunt on my nightstand. I gazed at my pasta thinking it would taste better if I was high. I sat my pasta bowl down while I grabbed the blunt and placed the blunt between my lips. I lit one end as I inhaled deeply as I felt the smoke burn my throat. I was feeling myself unwind until I heard a scream in the other room.

Part 5

francoisebadass  asked:

Hi Claire! Maybe you've already heard the question before but anyway... how do you imagine a possible kabby baby? I mean, when you think about this precious little ray of hope... what do you see? Short/long hair? Dark eyes? Any distinguishing mark? Grounder/ark/mix of both clothing style? I actually think it'd be nice to collect the kabby fandom's most popular ideas to find out if we are all thinking about the same girl (because for me it's a girl) :D

When did we all sync our consciousnesses up to the Kabby Hive Mind and collectively decide through osmosis that the Kabby baby is obviously a girl? Because as far as I’ve seen there is 100% agreement on this question, which I absolutely love. My two favorite name options that I’ve heard – which I believe are both from fanfics, though I don’t recall whose is whose – are Eden and Hope. (Everyone appears unanimous that her middle name should be Vera.)

I would go with brown hair, around Abby’s color; Jake and Clarke were both blonde but Kane and Abby are brunette so their child (let’s call her Hope) (SEE WHAT I DID THERE LMAO I CRACK MYSELF UP) probably does too. Preferably curly, because that’s adorable. As far as clothes, I’d like to think that by six years in, everything is all jumbled up and we’ll come back after the time jump to see that everyone wears some combination of Grounder and Skaikru clothes (and hair; still keeping my fingers crossed for Abby in Grounder braids someday). Especially for the children, I’d imagine that they’re limited by whatever is available to fit them as they grow, and it would be pretty much a jumble of hand-me-downs of anything available to be passed down from older children once they grow out of it.

As far as what she’s like, I think she’d be a calm and thoughtful and serious child who is always asking big questions and wants to learn everything, but there are a few people in the bunker who can make her just light up and turn into a sparkly silly giggly ball of sunshine.

Jackson and Miller are her favorite babysitters; Uncle Nate teaches her pranks to play on her parents and goofy little-kid jokes, and one day Kane catches him teaching her how to pick a lock. (Which he’s not pleased to discover she’s very, very good at.) Uncle Eric is her best friend; he lets her hang out in Med Bay sometimes and keeps an eye on her while Mom is working, and puts her to work doing things like rolling up bandages that make her feel helpful and important.

Auntie Indra always address Hope very seriously, as though she is a tiny grownup, and claims she has no time to be bothered with a small child who is too young to fight; yet somehow, Hope always manages to find her to pester her with questions. Around age five, she startles her parents by casually switching every once in awhile from English to Trigedasleng midsentence.

Auntie O manages to get her hands on a wooden toy sword from a Grounder child who has outgrown it, and secretly begins teaching Hope how to use it (but secretly, to avoid Abby’s wrath if she ever found out). Sometimes when she babysits, Kane stumbles upon the two of them squished together in the big leather armchair in the bunker library, Hope sitting on her aunt’s lap while Octavia reads to her from Bulfinch’s Mythology.

Every night her parents tuck her into bed with stories about the family that she hasn’t met yet, but someday will. She knows all about her sister Clarke, who lives up above where the trees are, and about her Uncle Bellamy who lives up in the stars.

Hope grows up hearing everybody’s stories. She learns about the people who live in the bunker with her, but she also learns about everyone they’ve loved and lost, whose memories are kept alive in the stories they tell to the first Skaikru child born on the ground. Dad teaches Hope how to be the one who tends the tree, which he dug up from the earth with his bare hands and planted in a metal box in the bunker. He tells her all about his mother, who gave Hope her middle name. Mom tells her stories about her big sister Clarke when she was little, about the games she played with Wells and how she was scared of the dark and how much she loved to draw. Auntie Indra tells her stories about Lexa and Luna and Roan, and about the world of Grounders that used to be. Uncle Nate and Uncle Eric tell her all about the kids who live on the spaceship in the sky, how they lived there all their lives, then crashed down to earth and had so many adventures, and now they’re back up in the sky again. But someday, everyone promises her, someday they’ll all come home.

The Vesta IV returns to Polis a year overdue – a year of rationing and limited medical supplies and escalating tensions and Hope asking her parents every day when her family is coming home. When they finally clear away enough of the rubble to open the door, Hope knows them all so well that she greets them by name before they even know who she is. She wants to touch Raven’s leg brace and Emori’s tattoos and Harper’s blonde hair. “Who the hell are you?” says Murphy dubiously, and she flings her arms around his leg and exclaims “Hi, Uncle John!”

They spill out into the desolate land around Polis and begin the quest to resettle. They find a patch of green forest and the whole crowd, all twelve hundred or so, make their way over the wrecked, dead ground towards it.

Hope is riding on Dad’s shoulders, and she sees the flash of blonde hair in the trees before anyone else does. She begs him to set her down and takes off running as fast as her little legs can carry her. Abby chases her down, calling her name, but Hope is off like a rocket, leaping over logs and bracken until she reaches the clearing, sees the girl standing on the edge of the creek, and yells, “I found you, I found you! You’re my sister!”

After that, it’s as though they were never apart.

All-Time Favourite Ships!

From books, movies, Broadway, and TV shows!

(list not in any particular order and may contain spoilers).

1. Bellarke: Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffen from The 100 (TV)

Okay, I know I said that the list is in no particular order, but this ship is my all time OTP since I started watching The 100. And I can’t sleep at night knowing that they are not officially canon yet, even if it was pretty clear in Praimfiya that it will be endgame! So exited for their reunion in Season 5. I spend hours on end reading Bellarke fan fiction all day, every day. And Bellamy is my baby and I love his so much. And I can’t wait to see how he is after the six-year time jump on the show. Sometimes, I think that I watch the show just for these two.

2. Haleb: Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers from Pretty Little Liars (TV)

Again, like I said that this list is in no particular order, this ship would defiantly be in my top 5. Anyway, I still have to properly sit down and watch Season 7B of Pretty Little Liars so don’t spoil anything for me. Haleb in my opinion, is the best ship on this show, but I think towards the early seasons I used to ship Ezria more but when Caleb showed up with his long hair, I died. And therefore, they became my favourite ship. I remember, I put watching the show on break after Caleb left to do his own show is either season 3 or 4, I don’t remember exactly. But yeah, these two are pretty cute together and I hope it stays that way.

3. Stydia: Stiles Stilinksi and Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf (TV)

Okay, again, probably in my top 7. So, the thing with Stydia is that they dragged it out for so long that the anticipation killed me. But I love them still so much. And Dylan O’Brian is just on a different level of awesomeness (and cuteness). And Lydia, even though she used to annoy me at first, and Teen Wolf is probably not my favourite TV show, but it’s still good, and Lydia’s character started to grow on me and I need to catch up on Season 6, (don’t judge me guys, the past few moths for me have been really busy) and I just recently started to watch this show, like maybe two years ago, but still, love love love.

4. Linctavia: Lincoln and Octavia Blake from The 100 (TV)

Okay, so another The 100 ship, but oh my lord I scream every time someone mentions them! They are so adorably cute and the flyest of power couples who don’t give a damn about what people think. And every time I think of Lincoln, I just might well cry because he didn’t deserve what he got. Fucking Pike. I’m glad Octavia killed him. And the song to which Lincoln dies to, and the one where Octavia’s scream and cries are kinda muffled, it’s called Cloud by Elias, and it’s in my playlist and then I have a mini breakdown when it comes on and think of Lincoln falling on his knees in the tiny puddle and Octavia and I just cry a little more on the inside. Anyway, probably the best couple to ever exist on the show and maybe even ever in this whole damn world. They were so fucking badass together, I loved every minute of it.

5. Sciles: Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf (TV)

Okay, so this is like my favourite BROTP of all eternity. I just think that their relationship is so cute and how much they care about each other, and the hug in season 3 is my everything, ahhh, I just love them so much it hurts. And throughout the show we can see their friendship grow even though they have been friends since they were little. Damn, I wish I had a friendship like that. 

6. Chair: Charles “Chuck” Bass and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl (TV)

Ahhh, Blair and Chuck, Chuck and Blair! I don’t think anyone will ever know how happy I was when the endgame for their endgame actually happened. Honestly, I was rooting for them since Blair’s birthday episode in the first season, even when everyone was after Nate and Blair, but no, not gonna happen. I just thought that Nate was very innocent and nice for Blair. Blair needed someone like Chuck and I don’t think anyone ever loved anyone else as much as Chuck loves Blair. I love them, they are so perfect for each other, with their games. I wish I had a Chuck. Blair’s lucky. Haha.

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D A N G E R O U S: Chapter 1


Summary: It wasn’t her destiny, but sometimes the world can get switched around and it seemed to happen a lot to her. She always assumed that she would hate it, she wouldn’t be able to stand the thought of it, but as time grew on she realized she loved it, and that made her dangerous.

 "Johnson, we have a meeting in 15 minutes, I want everyone at the table ready to go. This is serious" I tell Jack before walking off to grab plans and notes for tonight’s meeting.

 I enter the meeting room and set a schedule infront of everyone’s seat. Tonight was out last meeting before tomorrow’s big plan. We had a huge shipment in and I just knew, Vincent was going to try and interfere. He always did. 

 "Y/N? CAN YOU COME HERE REALLY QUICK?“ I hear Johnson call me from the top of the basement steps. I rush up cussing under my breath.

"The meeting is starting soon, what the fuck do you need?” I say to jack. That’s when I notice the unfamiliar boy standing next to Dillon.

“The fuck are you?” I ask rudely. I can’t have strangers in this house. 

“Im Taylor Caniff, a good friend of Dillon. I was kinda hoping I can join your gang, I feel I’d be a great asset and I-" 

"This isn’t a fucking job interview. Dillon, do you trust Taylor 100%?” I look at Rupp.

“Absolutely. I’ve known him almost my whole life.” Dillon says nodding rapidly 

“Alright. I’ll think about. Leave and I’ll call you tomorrow with my decision” I say nodding at him to leave my house. 

“but don’t you-" 

"I’ll get all your info don’t worry babe. Now get out” I say turning towards the boys. “You really brought someone I didn’t fucking know in this house? What the hell is wrong with you Dillon? You know we can’t do that.” I say glaring at him before stomping back down the steps.

All the guys followed me sitting in their respective seats. Tatyana was on my right while Kenny was on my left. We 3 sat at the head of the specially designed table. On the Right side sat Johnson, Kenny H, Nate, Matt, Swazz and Nash. On the left side sat Gilinsky, Dillon, Sam, Hayes, Derek and Shawn. 

“Alright everyone. Nash, what’s the status on the actual shipment?” I ask standing as everyone else sits.

“it’s on its way. It’s still on schedule to arrive at approximately… 9:36 pm.” Nash nods up from his laptop. 

“Good. Gilinsky, Johnson, are the trucks and cars ready? Everything packed? I want a checklist of everything you packed now” I turn to look at both boys.

“Well I did the trucks and we have: Specialized Guns, 12 Ak-47’s, 17 Blades, Clubs, and 4 of the bombs made” Gilinsky says reading from a clipboard he has. 

“Okay, directly after the meeting, pack the grenades and fire starters, just incase. Johnson, your turn." 

"In the cars we have, duffel bags, emergency kits, personal hand guns, personal switch blades and body armor." 

"Good, Sam, is the security set up?” The boy stands up and almost knocks shit off the table. 

“Yes mam, I went down today to double check and everything’s good. We will be able to see what’s happening from Nash’s laptop.” He nods with his hands behind his back. 

“Perfect. Nate, remember the plan for you?” I ask quickly.

“Yes mam, we arrive I get ready and me, you and Dillon walk to the warehouse to retrieve the actual shipment, talk to the man, pay him and get out. If Vincent shows up I call in a code red to Nash and Sam and then Swazz, Derek and Matt come in with their job.” He recites straight from memory.

“Exactly. Hayes and Shawn, you’ll have watch duty. We should be back no later than 12. Dillon you’re coming with me and Nate to the actual deal, everything make sense?” I speak to each one of my men. Everyone nods and says yes as I dismiss them. “Nash” I call before he leaves the room.


“Send me all the info you have on Taylor Caniff. I want in within the next three hours okay?” I say at the boy packing up my things. 

“Of course. I’ll have it to you before dinner.” He smiles before walking out of the room and up the stairs. 

“I really hope Vincent doesn’t show up" I say to Tatyana and Kenny. I gather my things and walk up the stairs with the two trailing behind me.

Once I reach the top of the stairs I smell delicious food. I look over and see our professional Chef, Jared, making us lasagna with garlic bread I smiled and cheered.

“Dinners almost ready, so everyone wash up” Jared says kindly to us. All the boys rush either to their rooms our fight for the kitchen sick and hallway bathroom to wash their hands first. I roll my eyes and walk up stairs to the bedroom beside mine.

I walk in and see my babygirl standing in her crib. She’s teething so her toy is stuck in her mouth with drool running down her chin and chest. 

“Baby girl, are you hungry?” I speak lightly to the little girl. She’s a little over a year old and I love her with my heart. All the guys do. But only they know she exists. 

First rule in running a gang, don’t have fucking kids and tell the world. People will come after the child and it will be so much drama.

I named her Nyx, after the Greek goddess who is the embodiment of night and darkness. Her hair is dark but she actually has light eyes. Her skin is fairly tan and her lips are already big. I carry her downstairs and she gets excited when she sees all her uncles and her aunt. 

“PAPA” she squeals when she sees Kendrick. He’s basically her grandfather so she calls him papa.

We all play with her while bring her into the kitchen and at the dinner table. She sits next to me in her high chair while we eat. 

We all make casual conversation and to anyone who’s never met us, or doesn’t live with us or even know us, we look like a family. A somewhat normal family, who’s happy and doesn’t worry about anything. But that’s not what we are.

We’re the Norths. The scariest and best gang in the untied states and probably the world. We’re located in Northern California, hence the name. But only other gangs know that. To regular citizens, we’re the Titans.

Our enemies our the Vipers, or the Wests. Their leader is Vincent Makoff. He’s an asshole rapist and the “father of my child”. Nobody actually considers him the father, we just don’t talk about it. It’s actually best that way. 

Our allies are the Easts or the Skulls. We mostly just trade with eachother and help business. 

We basically rule over the Souths, they have an “alliance” with the Wests, but they’re way more scared of me and my gang. We mainly use them for information and money. 

“So Dillon, you really think Taylor would fit in here?” I say feeding Nyx a small piece of meat. 

“I actually do, he’s a good fighter and he can help Kenny make bombs.” Rupp says nodding towards our explosives expert. 

“I’ll do a check on him, then I’ll decide by the morning if he can begin training, if he does begin training, I want everyone to treat him like a rookie, no speak of Nyx and no talk about plans infront of him. Understood?” I say my voice booming over the dinner table. 

Other gangs find it funny I’m a woman running a gang. They think it’s a weakness but I’m anything but weak. The best way to be a leader is to establish respect with only a little bit of fear, treat your members well and they won’t run off looking for a better leader.

I have a lot more people than just the guys and Tatyana, but they don’t live with me. 

After dinner all the guys kiss Nyx goodnight and go off to do whatever the hell boys do. I go up to her room and put her pajamas. I read her a bedtime stories and sing songs to her to help her sleep. When she’s finally asleep I place her in her crib with her favorite blankets and stuffed animals. 

I walk into my own room right next to hers and turn on the security system. The rules in this house are, after 9 pm there is no leaving with out permission because our security system is very advanced and if anyone leaves or comes in it goes crazy. 

I turn on the camera for Nyxs room so I can see her. I then look at the info Nash sent me on Taylor. 

He really has knows Dillon his whole life. Family issues, chill, funny and kinda cute. I look into the darker stuff. He’s been in one other gang, luckily it was a respectable gang I have an alliance with. Apparently he left because he wouldn’t be staying in the same area.

I decide to call taylors old gang leader.

“ahh y/n. Haven’t heard from you in a while. How are you?” I hear the mans voice speak. “I’m well garret. Though I have a couple questions for you." 

"I might have some answers." 

"Taylor Caniff was previously with you correct?" 

"I feel like you already know the answer to the questions you’re asking, but yes that’s correct” Garret says chuckling. 

“Very funny. I was thinking about recruiting him and I wanted your insight before I made any final decisions." 

"He was a good kid. I think you’d like him a lot. Hard working and very talented. If you’re asking my opinion which I don’t think you are, I’d say recruit him" 

"Alright, that’ll be all. Oh and you’re next shipment of supplies will be there in 2 and a half weeks.” I say pulling up the supplies I was supposed to send him. 

“Thanks y/n. Have a nice night” I hang up the phone and pick up my cell phone. I text Dillon to come to my room. He knocks on the door before slowly opening it. 

“Hey y/n/n. Is Nyx asleep?” He says coming over to my desk and looking at the sleeping infant.

“Yea. So I looked into Taylor and I’m going to recruit him, only if you think I should.” I say as Dillon takes a seat on my bed.

Me and Dillon have been friends even before I was leader. My father got younger guys to handle his important business mainly so my brother could form a brotherly bond with them and things would go over smoothly. But I actually bonded with the guys more than my brother. 

“I totally think you should. He’s also good with kids when the time comes, I know you feel bad about always sticking Hayes with watch because he’s young.” Dillon says watching me move to the bed next to him. 

“I can’t have just everyone in the house watching her. Do you think he should get to stay here, or should he be one of my field guys?" 

"Here. He would get bored in the field and bother us all the time” Dillon laughs throwing his arm around me. 

“Alright. I’ll call him tomorrow. Remember I don’t care how close y'all are. When he’s trading he’s nothing but a new kid. Understand?” I say sternly.

“Yes mam.” Dillon says kissing my forehead and walking out of my room. I fall asleep and prepare for out big day tomorrow.

Requiem: Part Eighteen


*Living with the Verrums and their constant family drama was something Cyrian would never get used to. It was providing him with a continent sized head ache and it didn’t help that the Morrigan was too friendly for her own good. Cyrian walked into the dining room and he grimaced when the still pregnant female waltzed over to him, squeezing him around his middle.

Cyrian tried to push her away and luckily she didn’t burst into tears like the last time. “I still don’t do hugs.” Cyrian brushed off his shirt, feeling her cheeriness like a palpable thing. In fact, it was. His Shadowsinger powers were quite different from her sons’ and Cyrian doubted she would ever understand. While her sons sensed lies and false-truths and darker emotions, Cyrian sensed and choked on happiness.

Happiness, joy, love, laughter, things he never thought he would have. Cyrian looked up and saw Maze biting into her toast, circles under her eyes, and he gave a slight smile. Morrigan - Mor as she tried to insist, but she was lucky Cyrian said her name at all - followed his line of sight. Cyrian looked away from Maze and awkwardly patted her head, before pulling up a seat next to Nate.

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First Post!

Dec . 6 . 2016

Title: Till the Morning

Muse: Skate Maloley (Nate)

Word Count: 1,494

He comes just past midnight his urgent knocks pulling me from the fitful sleep I had just managed to fall into. I rolled onto my back a sigh held back at the base of my throat. don’t do it. don’t do this. my conscience begs me to stay put but my conflicted emotions aren’t enough to keep me away. Just the thought of him leaning against my doorframe with a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips urges me into a standing position. I find myself in front of the mirror next to my bedroom door, glaring at the girl in the reflection her hands clenched together against her chest in an attempt to guard herself from what was to come. When did you becomes so weak?

It was dark as I made my way down the hall from my room to the front door, my hands gliding against the walls for some support so I wouldn’t fall over from the nerves that shook up my legs. I held my breath another knock causing an ache to surge through my chest, my fingers blindly finding their way to the doorknob. His lips pulled up into the lazy smirk I knew all too well, his dimples giving him an innocent aura that only a fool would believe he possessed.

“Took you long enough Elani,” He teased disregarding any formalities as he grabbed my waist his lips drowning mine in warm bliss every movement I made matching his without hesitation or question. He pushed me down hallway kicking the door shut as he ran his hands up the thin t-shirt that kept my skin from him. His calloused fingers brushed against my stomach feeding into lustful hunger that was quickly shutting down every sane part of me. “Did you miss me?” the question was painfully familiar the words like poison, part of me convinced he asked with purpose to find reassurance he still had me wrapped around his finger. Defeat warmed my blood as I let his touch weigh me down.

“Yes” one word became another confirmation of his power over me. A smirk became visible in the shadows his hands gripping onto my hips as my legs wrapped around his waist, our bodies carrying on to the living room where moonlight peering through the sliding glass doors of the balcony gave us a chance to look eye to eye for the first time. Although the shadows of the night made his eyes look black I could still see the brown of his irises from memory, his smirk ever present as the cycle ran its course my shirt finding it’s way to the floor. His body hovered over mine on the couch his familiar cologne mixed with the scent of marijuana so warm and intoxicating I felt dizzy like he had me under a spell. “Nate” I whispered his name with such need I almost moaned in relief when his teeth grazed against my jaw hands expertly gliding across my skin until they grazed the lace material of my underwear. I let myself unravel underneath him as he sent me into a frenzy with his fingers teasing the most sensitive part of my body.

“Tell me what you want” his voice was slow and gruff eagerness seeping through the undertones of his words. In my muddled state I could barely think up a coherent sentence my lips drying up as I said,

“You” that was all he needed to pull me over the edge, his gruff voice whispering devilish things that made my body shake.

“Scream for me Lani” I responded with my hands balling up the material of his t shirt into my clenched fist, animal like sounds bursting through my open lips from deep within me. I barely let myself catch a breath as I rushed to get his belt unbuckled his shirt finally finding its place next to mine. Our bodies melded together in a mess of sweaty skin and reciprocated moans, my nails digging into his bare back while I begged him for more. We crashed in a burst of blinding pleasure my fingers tugging at his brown locks as the heat slowly faded into warmth. He stood bare in front of me leaning down to lift me into his arms, I closed my eyes breathing him in as he carried me to the bedroom. I felt the surface of my bed against my back his weight falling next to me with the warmth of his arms pulling me into him. I lay still counting the soft kisses he left on my bare shoulder allowing myself only a moment to fantasize they held some meaning.


It was quiet early signs of dawn peering through the shades guarding the windows of my room. He lay sprawled across the bed tattoos and bare skin covered by a thin blanket tangled around his torso, reminders of last night painted on the length of his back and arms. I stood at the doorway assessing the damage a joint in between my fingers all I had to keep me from falling victim to the thoughts of disappointment just as regret surfaced.

He shifted onto his back eyes fluttering open chocolate brown irises meeting mine in the dim light. “Morning” he flashed a lazy smile in my direction the dimples in his cheeks giving him a more boyish essence I adored.

“Good Morning” I returned the smile surprised when he sat up and motioned for me to situate myself in the empty space. While I passed him the joint I lay with my head on his lap tracing the outlines of the tattoos on his arms a comfortable silence falling between us as he played with my hair. I reveled in it all feeling cold when he broke away in the moments just before the full sun shone across our skin.

“I should get going early studio session,” He murmured leaving a kiss on my neck, as he went to find his clothes. “I’m free tonight if you wanna come through to my place this time, won’t have time to come by before I leave” he reappeared fully dressed a suggestive grin awakening my conscience from it’s break as I realized he was leaving yet again.

“I can’t do this anymore” the words spilled through my lips in a rush his features furrowing in confusion,

“What do you mean?” He stood at the edge of the bed the better part of me wishing I could take them back, but the other part of me forced it’s way through me.

“I can not keep putting myself through this shit”


“don’t talk” I brought the covers up around me in an attempt to give myself a sense of security, “You only come around when you need some satisfying that’s all I am just one good fuck every once in awhile.”

“Elani stop-”

“Stop what telling the truth? Like excuse me for being sick and tired of playing this game. You’re this up and rising star you’re barely around, and when you are I see you for a few hours and then you’re gone for however long. We ain’t together but it feels wrong to me to look at someone else. The moment I feel like I’m moving on you show up at my door. I sit around hoping you’ll come around so I can feel whole again but then when you come you always leave me feeling crazy because you aren’t mine and you never could be.  And that isn’t your fault…I knew from the start what this was but I can’t help that I started to want more than just being one of your girls…but that won’t ever happen will it? I’m just someone for you to use when you need me and the sick thing about this all is that I don’t care because I love you” He stares at me speechless face blank as he takes in all I’ve said, his lips open and shut a darkness falling over his features. I stood waiting for him to say anything needing him to say something even if it hurt me, but words never come he only lets out a deep breath turning his back to leave. Anger tore through my chest the ‘I love you’ from earlier faltering.

“So that’s it you can’t even say ‘hey I don’t feel anything for you’, you’re just going to walk out and just further prove I’m worth nothing more to you than a night of sex!” his head fell and he started walking down the hallway, causing a grey tone to dim my surroundings my shoulders falling from a weight that seemed to suddenly crush me. When the front door slammed shut i let myself fall to my knees tears shaking my body when I picked up the faint smell of his cologne on my bed sheets.

*Yo hey guys this is my first post on this blog so that’s exciting…used to have another blog I wrote on but it was just something I had to put aside. This blog is a bit of a start over to have space to enjoy all aspects of my musical, book, tv, movie fandom related things. I take requests, submissions, any questions or comments, or to talk.

*This is actually something I wrote a little over a year ago, I published the initial one and it’s still out there somewhere but I really wanted to rewrite it basically from the time I first posted it. Now I sort of like it more and unlike the original that I had no intention to do a part 2 for I have left this one open for suggestions just so I can tell if anyone actually wants to read more of what I write! -Bee

anonymous asked:

hey, wanna give me a mini primer on jo/nate? because i see you post a lot about it and i wanna know more!

Ohhhh man anon okay buckle in. A primer on the history of Jonathan Drouin and Nathan Mackinnon, ex-teammates, best friends, and soulmates.

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Summary: Bucky needs to get away from the city and The Avengers. The one person he knows can help is Clint. \

Tagging: @virtualgirlfriendsan @loricameback @sarabeth72 @marivela14 @mightymelly @angryschnauzer @funnygirlthatgab @harperhug @gwaciechang @bonnie-gates

“Bucky? W-what are you doing here?” Laura asked with a hint of shock. Her brown hair was frizzy from the humidity of the warm spring day in the country.

“Clint said I should come.” I murmured, my shoulders hunched. “But I can go if it’s not a good time.” I added in a mumbled rush. She put two fingers under my chin and lifted my head, my eyes meeting hers. I knew what she saw when her eyes went wide. She saw my reddened eyes and the heavy bags from stress and sleep deprivation.

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A Hard Love Part 10/10

Originally posted by sebastianstanlover

Warnings: Swearing, Smut!!!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name. Y/L/N - Your Last Name

A/N - Last part….. sad to see it end :(

A Hard Love: Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10

After her conversation with Clint, Y/N was worn out. It had been a long day already and she needed to rest. Bucky took her back to their house and she was too tired to argue with him when he insisted on carrying her up the stairs to her room. He laid her down on her bed and she got herself comfy while he lay down in the bed next to her.

“So how are you feeling? Do you need anything?” He asked running his fingers through her hair.

“No babe, I’m okay.” She rested her casted arm on his side and closed her eyes. “How are your memories coming along? Do you have most of them back?”

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Anon asked: Can u please make an imagine about Dj Rupp where you get mad at him for his new music video because there is a part where 2 girls are touching him inappropriately and he makes it up for you? Please ? 😁❤️

“Y/N, your gonna wanna check out your man’s new video” my bestfriend Maggie shouted from the kitchen, “it dropped today?” I whipped out my phone, “yeah and I don’t think your gonna be too happy.” She walked into the room with a sincere look on her face, i furrowed my brows. “Your kinda freaking me out, but okay?” I searched up Dillon’s name and the video popped up. I sat there and watched it, Maggie was completely correct. I wasn’t pleased at all. Would you be pleased if you saw your boyfriend of 2 and a half years touching females and letting them touch and kiss up on him? No. I threw my phone, “y/n… Chill” Maggie came to me, “why does he not ask me shit before he does it” I cried out. This was the 3rd time he’s done something like this and every time before he disregarded my feelings and I’ve had it. I’m a woman not an object and I’m not about to be disrespected. I sat there thinking as Maggie tried relaxing me, “he’s got one coming when he steps in that door.” I got up and sat on the kitchens island in plain view of the door.

An hour later Dillon pulled up along skate and Derek and entered the house. “Hey bab–” he stood there, he knew I was mad. “What’s up?” He questioned, Derek and Nate looked at me and knew Dillon was in for it. “You know wassup.” I rolled my eyes, “are we finna do this shit again.?” He rolls his eyes, I took a deep breath in and hit my fist on my leg. “I’m so sick of this man” I laughed out, he stood quiet. “I’m sick of the miscommunication, the fucking secrets, the disrespect and the lack of appreciation Dillon” “what the fuck are you talking about” he scoffed. “Don’t act stupid dillon, you never tell me shit no more, you kept the whole video concept away from me, you kissed some females and let them touch you and shit, you’ve done this 2 other times and when I tried fucking talking to you legit laughed in my face and said you wouldn’t do it again, stupidly I fucking stayed because I’m in love with you. I try and chill with you and have our random date nights and you never have time for me but got time to go with your boys?” My brows scrunched up as I gestured over to Derek and Nate. “I get it, I’m no longer your priority and that’s cool, I can get any one I fucking want but I only want you but I’m so done to be honest” I hopped off the counter, “you are over reacting” Dillon laughed, “bro” Nate held on to his shoulder.

I laughed to myself, “you know what, I always over react in your eyes so lemme do us a big favor, I’m done. Consider yourself single and no longer held down.” I let tears slide down my face. “Your not leaving” Dillon laughed. “Dillon I am. I hope your happy. Let’s go mags” I grabbed my purse and walked past him, he grabbed my wrist. “Where are you going?” He looked painfully at me, “that’s no longer your concern, Imma dip catch you whenever kiddo” I pulled my wrist and walked out the house. I made it into Maggie’s car and the whole time cried, I layed on her sofa and relooked over every memory. I got message after message from Dillon.

Dills ❤️✨: babe.
Dills ❤️✨: please come back.
Dills ❤️✨: I don’t wanna loose you, please I’m begging you.
Dills ❤️✨: baby, I can’t live without you. Please don’t do this to me…
Dills ❤️✨: Y/N…
Dills ❤️✨: I love you please don’t do this to me, I don’t wanna wake up without you there.

I know me and him aren’t over, but I need him to appreciate me and show me that he cares. Until then, I don’t wanna be around him. I layed there for the next 3 hours looking at every memory of me and Dillon and decided to check his Twitter. One of his tweets caught my eye, it was 2 hours ago. I clicked it and it directed me back to his Instagram, up popped up a picture of me and Dillon when we went to Puerto Rico with Nash. “11/7/2015. I’m never one to be all cakey, but this female means so much to me, y'all don’t even know. 11/7/2015 her birthday and the day I made the woman I wanna marry… Mine. I admit I’m a screw up, I do stupid shit and I question everyday how does she put up with me? Today we had a big fight because I made a stupid choice of not speaking to her. I didn’t write this for y'all to send her hate, so please don’t. I wrote this to just hopefully get at least a text back. Y/N I’m sorry for not talking to you, for lying, for not appreciating you but please don’t leave. I’m trying so hard to work on me, for us. At the end of the day none of these females have what you have, they don’t have good cooking skills, amazing humor, sarcastic jokes, a sexy ass attitude, the best lips in the world and a smile that makes me fall in deeper love with you… Every Time I see you, I get so nervous as stupid as it sounds, I turn into a child with a crush. I love you, and your attitude and everything just everything. Please respond to me, the thought of you leaving and finding someone that’s not me, kills me. It wouldn’t make everything I fucking have worth it, if your not here with me. Please baby respond or at least see me. Love your baby face dill 😔❤️🐷”

I stood there and thought,

Me to Dills ❤️✨: I’ll be home in 10.
Dills ❤️✨: oh thank god. I love you ❤️
Me to Dills ❤️✨: whatever.

I approached the house, grabbing my purse and making sure to keep my guard up. I opened the door and called out for Dillon, I had no response before making it to our bedroom. On the bed stood a big bear, with flowers and a picture of when we went on our first date. Cute if you ask me, I wanted to forgive him in that moment but I needed a little more begging. “Babe..” I heard him step in, “yeah” I sternly said, he walked over to me holding one of my hands in his, “I’m sorry…” He rubbed over it with a finger. I rolled my eyes, “okay.” “Baby, I really am. I get it I get that I’ve been acting like a fucking ass but man I don’t wanna loose you. Your legit everything to me, it would kill me to see you happy with someone that’s not me. I wake up everyday blessed to be next to you, to have the memories I have with you and to go to sleep every fucking night with you. I’m new to this being in love shit and it’s not an excuse why I shouldn’t have asked you but dammit I’m begging literally to give me another shot, I have a lot I wanna make up to you. I wanna spend the rest of my days with you and I’m gonna learn to tell you everything before I do it just please don’t leave.” He pulled me into his arms holding me tight breathing quicker than ever, I took a moment for everything he said to sink in. I pulled back, “Dillon… I” his eyes turned to the side painfully as he let my hand go. “Of course I forgive you, you think you’d loose me that easy? Hell no, I just wanted to teach you a lesson stop being an ass or next time Imma really leave” he turned back smiling brightly as ever before lifting me off the ground and planting a soft gentle kiss on my lips. “ I fucking love you and Imma make up for everything.” “I love you too and you can start making up by putting a movie and having a day to just cuddle me” I laughed “yes ma'am” he laughed placing me down before putting a movie in and lying in bed with me. As stressful as he may make me, it’s worth every tear,sweat, heart ache and headache.

Aaron Carpenter - Announcement

Request:  Aaron Carpenter imagine where your also a youtuber and y'all go on you now to announce your relationship can you put Greyson ( his nephew in there too )


“Okay, the stream is all set up!” Aaron shouted from downstairs.

“I’m coming!” I yelled back as I finished getting Greyson dressed.

We were babysitting Aaron’s nephew today but we also decided we would do a YouNow to announce our relationship. We had been dating for five months but neither of us confirmed it yet, also everyone was sure about it so we figured out it was time to talk about us.

I walked down with Greyson in my arms. Aaron was sitting in front of his laptop and I sat besides him.

“Aw, come here buddy” he babbled to Greyson as he took him into his lap. “What a handsome guy!” he laughed seeing his outfit. I put on him a nice little shirt and a pair of jeans, he looked like a miniature adult, also I was sure he would get his clothes dirty in a minute, but he looked too good like that. “Can we start?” he asked turning towards me. I nodded smiling and the Aaron started the live stream.

“Hey guys!” we greeted the viewers as soon as we were online.

Greyson started to babble pointing at the screen, he was so adorable.

“Hey, I’m Aaron and I’m here with the beautiful Y/N, who is well-known for his beauty videos” Aaron commented and I was just sitting there smiling and watching over Greyson.

I started to upload videos to my YouTube channel a year ago, mostly I had tutorials.

“And Greyson is also excited to see you guys” he added laughing. “So we are basically here to tell you something important.” Aaron glanced at me trying to hide his smile. “I think all of you can guess what it is, but we thought it would be good to make everything clear.”

“And I hope you won’t kill me” I muttered avoiding to look at the camera. I spent half of my life in front of the camera but now I was a bit nervous.

“Yeah, it’s important to stay calm. So the thing is, that we would like all of you to know that we are a couple, we have been dating for a couple of months and we are really happy together. There, I said it finally!” he laughed and turned to me. I smiled at him. Greyson pouted his lips at me and stretched towards me. I picked him up and sat him on my lap so he wouldn’t start crying.

“Thanks” Aaron said quietly. “Okay, so we are here not just to announce you our relationship, but also to answer your questions about everything, so tweet us what you want to know.” He took his phone from the table and opened Twitter starting to scroll down his mentions.

Greyson started to play with my hair but I was still too nervous to say anything.

“Okay, here is one. How did you meet? Oh, this is a good one” he laughed and I joined him thinking about the day we met.

“They will think that you are a stalker, Aaron” I laughed but he just waved his hand at me.

“They already know that I am weird. So basically we met at VidCon” he started.

“It was my first time there”

“Yes and I already knew she would come and I kinda stalked her” Aaron admitted awkwardly smiling.

“Don’t worry, I thought you were cute standing at the line with those girls at my booth” I caressed his arm.

“Oh, I’m sure about it” he muttered. “Anyway, I just kinda went to her and started to talk with her about things. And we ended up like… So I just asked her out” he shrugged like it was nothing but I knew he was nervous when this all happened.

“And I said yes, so we met yesterday, he took me to a restaurant, even though I told him Burger King would be fine, but he insisted on taking me to a nice place.” I leaned closer to him and kissed his cheek. He was a little bit blushing as I was telling our story. “He was a real gentleman.”

“I was just determined to get to you.”

“And you succeeded, because I let you kiss me when you walked me back to my hotel” I admitted smiling like an idiot. Our first date was so cute and romantic, it was one of my favorite memories.

“Okay, that’s enough of our first date” Aaron said still blushing. “Here is the next one. Y/N, it’s for you, our viewers want to know how good kisser I am.” He turned to me with a proud smile waiting for me to worship his kissing skills, but I wanted to tease him.

“I’m sorry, I won’t talk about things like that in front of the kid” I nodded towards Greyson.

“Aw, just admit that I’m the best kisser in the world, everyone knows that it’s true” he sighed and then smiled at me.

“Yeah, whatever” I rolled my eyes playfully. “Let me pick out the next one.” He gave me his phone and I started to look for a question that would absolutely make Aaron uncomfortable. And I found the right one. “ This one is good. Have you guys already had sex?” I asked and when he heard the question his face immediately went red, I couldn’t stop laughing at him.

“What the hell, you said no dirty talking in front of the kid!” he stated laughing awkwardly. “Okay, guys, you are so inappropriate, so we will say goodbye now” he said turning towards the screen while I still was laughing hard. Even Greyson started to laugh when I couldn’t stop. “Bye guys!” he waved and then shut the stream down. “What is wrong with you?!” he asked me, but I was still laughing.

It was funny because we slept together for the first time only a week ago, it was the first time for both of us. It wasn’t a big deal for me, to talk about things like that but Aaron was so shy about these things he always got nervous when sex came up, now he had to deal with it on a live stream.

“I’m sorry it was just… Your face was… Oh my God!” I barely could breathe.

“That wasn’t funny!” he stated but I could tell he wasn’t mad at me.

“Yes it was, but sorry baby, you know I love you” I said leaning closer to him giving him a peck on the lips.

“You are lucky I love you too” he muttered and kissed me.

You’re A What? - Nate Maloley Smut


Can you do a smut imagine of nate, where him and yn are in high school, and they are rlly good friends and yn finds out he is a virgin??? Like she had no idea and she is his first? ? Thank you xx

I put a bit of a twist in it sorry if its not exactly what you wanted!




I walked down the barren hallways of my dark high school passing awfully painted blue lockers to the lighted courtyard where my boyfriend Nate was sitting with his crew.

I step out onto the concrete and make my way over to his table and sit next to him he slings his arm around me and kisses my cheek. He continues his conversations with his friends as I place my hand on his thigh moving it ever so slowly up.

He shifts uncomfortably and continues talking. I move my hand again moving closer to his bulge until he abruptly stands up causing me to have a shocked but mischievous smirk on my face.

“Y/N and I have to go. I have to teach her a lesson.” Nate says taking my hand.

“For what class?” Sam asks raising his brow.

“Chemistry.” I smirk swinging Nate and I’s hands back and forth.

We walk to his car and I get in the passenger side as he gets in the drivers seat.

“It’s not nice to tease, Y/L/N.” Nate says gripping the steering wheel.

“I don’t know what you are talking about Maloley.” I say keeping a skillful innocent look on my face.

He simply scoffs and mumbles a yeah right and continues the drive home. Nate and I have done things before but we have never gone all the way. He always wants to stop before we go any further. Maybe it’s too early in the relationship? I mean we have been together for 6 months already.

We arrive at his house and his parents are out of town for the weekend, his brother is the spending the night at a friends house and his sister is out apartment hunting in L.A.

He leads me into his oh so familiar house and I run up the stairs him close behind. I go into his bedroom and bed down to get my text book our receiving a quick slap to my ass.

I snap my head around to see Nate smirking. “I told you not to tease.” He says a smirk still evident on his lips.

“Like I said, I don’t know what you are talking about.” I smirk turning on the balls of my feet staging my hips as I walk over to him slowly grazing my fingers across his clothed torso.

“Do you want this off?” He seethes removing my hands from his now wrinkled shirt ripping it from his body and dropping I to the floor.

I scan his body with vicious eyes as he takes a daring step towards me lifting my maroon sweatshirt up and over my head and scanning my breasts with lust.  I take pride in my self and meantime thank the lord for being smart enough to put together a nice bralet and panties set.

Nate bites his lip as he unbuckles his pants and I unbutton my jeans shimming them down leaving both of us in our undergarments. Our lips collide and tongues battle for dominance over the other. His surely winning. He pushes me back on the bed and unclamps my bra throwing it to the side it landing peacefully on the lamp shade.

I move my hand down to run his already formed budge but he grabs my wrist. “I can’t take any teasing lil ma.” He says through gritted teeth.

I nod my head quickly as I pull down my panties and he discards his boxers. He grabs a condom and rolls it down is long cock making my mouth water. He quickly positions himself over me as I place my hands on his tattooed biceps.

He takes a deep breath before sliding into me giving me time to adjust to his massive size and then moving once I nod my head encouraging him to move. He starts with long slow thrusts curving up and brushing over my sweet spot. Eventually we both can’t take the slow pace anymore and he lifts my leg over his shoulder and starts to pound into me merciless. All that can be heard is my moans and his grunts.

“I’m close.” I whimper out.

He nods his head and goes faster bringing him closer to his high. I hit my peak and scratch down his back leaving memories for tomorrow as I feel him fill up the condom with his warm liquid. He pulls out and lays next to me both of us panting.

I roll over on my side and trace tattoos on his sweaty body as he runs his fingers through my matted hair.

“I have to tell you something.” He whispers.

“Your not pregnant are you?!” I joke smiling but he keeps a serious face.

“Oh this is serious. What is it?” I ask starting to get nervous.

He takes a shaky breath and rushes out “I was a virgin.” His cheeks turn a shade of peek as my eyes widen in shock.

“What! Oh my god, if I would have known I would have made it special for you.” I start to ramble but he shuts me up by placing a lingering passionate kiss to my lips.

“I loved every minute of it and I love you.” He says caressing my cheek.

“I just wished you would have told me.” I say shyly smiling looking into his eyes.

“Even if I did I wouldn’t trade this for anything and I’m glad you were my first.” He says before placing a kiss to my forehead.

“I love you.” I say snuggling into his chest.

“I love you too lil mama.” He says wrapping his arms around me protectively.

“I’m gonna teach you some stuff tomorrow.” I say winking and kissing his ‘blessed’ tattoo.

He chuckles before pulling me closer into him inhaling my scent. “What ever you say.”


I swear every time I write a smut I feel like I needed to be bathed in holy water! 

Im really awful at smuts don’t hate me! 

Love you all, 


Punk Daddy Michael Imagine

Being a kindergarten teacher was something that you had always inspired to be, you loved children so it was always the perfect job for you. There was always something about being a kindergarten teacher that just made you smile, you loved that the students were always so bubbly and happy when you would teach them something new, like colors and words, and other things. And most of all you loved that you were helping them learn the basic skills to be able to continue on with their education, to go on become something great and amazing in the future. You loved the children you worked with just as equally as they loved you; it was just the perfect job for you.

You began you morning routine; pulling on your work clothes they were never anything special, relaxed but professional at the same time. A pencil skirt and a (favorite color) blouse, along with a cardigan, and flat shoes, because it was never a good idea to run after kids in heels. Another one of the benefits of being a kindergarten teacher was that there was never a lot of paperwork that you had to do, the less work you had to mark the more time you could spend with the children that you teach, which also helped because that meant that you wouldn’t have to carry a heavy bag that would make a shoulder ache.

Opening the main door to the school, you walked into the office, punching in to work. You checked your box to see if you had mail, or any announcements that needed to be made, as well as talking with the staff and wishing them good morning. The office was buzzing with life, as you could also hear the sounds of the students walking into school, as they laughed with their friends.  You still had half an hour before the class would start, so you headed to the cafeteria to go get a cup a coffee.

“Good Morning (Y/N)”, you heard as you served yourself a cup

“Ah, good morning James”

James Smith, the principle of the school you worked at he was a tall man with blonde hair with icy blue eyes. The two of you had become good friends over the course of your working life here at the school.

“Have you thought of a course of action for…?”

“James please” you cut him off instantly knowing who he was talking about, “The boy is young he just needs a bit more support that then rest, just let me do my job I have it under control”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure”

James sighed and nodded; you grabbed your cup and waved a goodbye before leaving the cafeteria and back to the sanctuary of your classroom. You sighed, thinking about the boy that James was asking about. He was slightly troubled, and had a fiery attitude, which would make it hard for him to play well with others. He is also hardheaded, passionate and impulsive which are attributes of his strong determination, to do things as perfect as he could. So when something wasn’t going his way he tended for him to at times throw fits or yell at a few other student, which resulted in you giving him timeouts but after he had calmed down he was a fantastic child to work with. 

The bell rang, which you got up from your desk to go open the door to let in your students with a large smile on your face. The first faces you were greeted with were the inseparable best friends Jason and Isaac, followed by the comedian in the making Dylan, behind him Alice, the one who you had to scold on a regular basis for trying to eat the other kids lunches. Next was Hunter, Caleb and Sophia the girl who wasn’t afraid to give anyone an icy glare if they got into her space, the just as inseparable Krista and Emma, Madison and the very shy and timid Zack and last but not least, Nathan Robert Clifford. 

Nathan was the child that had the fiery temper and had Principle Smith concerned. You on the other hand weren’t concerned all that he needed was a little bit of care and more support than the others. You noticed that his bright green eyes lit up the moment that he saw you and told you good morning. You smiled and told him the same; his dimpled smile grew on his face as he went to his seat, far happier than the other children to see you.

“All righty, let’s get started class, today we are learning about the many amazon animals!”

The day went by with barely any issues, Nathan and Jason argued a few times which landed them both in the timeout, but soon things went back to normal, and before you knew it the school day was over.

“Okay, tomorrow as you all know is ‘bring your family to school’ day, so you can bring your mommy’s and daddy’s or whichever family member you choose to come and spend the day and learn with us!”

Ah yes, tomorrow was bring your parent to school day, it was your least favorite day of the whole year, most of the moms were stereotypical, cliché type of moms that didn’t approve of the way you ran your class, saying that you weren’t doing a good job. They would sometimes mumble to themselves about the clothes that you would wear, or that your hair wasn’t nicely styled. You tried to not let their hateful comments get to you, since usually your students loved bringing their parents, so for their sake you would go through with it.

You watched as one by one as the kids left until all but one was left, “Nathan is Julia picking you up today?” remerging the name of his babysitter

“No my daddy is”, he said with a bright smile on his face, as his dark blonde hair was messy from running around during playtime.

You nodded and gently smiled at the boy, you had never actually seen Nathan’s dad, you just knew that his name was Michael; you had heard some of the things that the other mothers had said as they picked up their children. They referred to him as a neglectful father that didn’t care for his son, since he hired a babysitter to take care of him. You kept an open mind, Nathan never came to school with any bruises or cuts that were anything more than an accident, he was well fed and he was overall a happy child, so there was no way his father was neglectful.

You felt a small tug on your cardigan; you looked down already knowing what Nathan wanted. There on the floor the green eyed child had his arms stretched out, indicating that he wanted to be picked up, you happily obliged, lifting him into your arms rested him on your side. You smiled as you felt the small messy haired child snuggle against you, resting his head in the crook of your neck, as you could hear his small snores, “Someone’s tired”, you said with a small laugh as you started to sway him putting him into a deeper sleep.

Michael practically spirited across the car park and into the school, his last appointment had taken longer than what he had thought, he was almost an hour late, and he now wished that he had called Julia to pick up Nathan, so he wouldn’t have to wait too long. Michael came to a sliding stop just outside Nathan’s classroom, he looked through the glass window on the door to make sure that he was still inside and had not been taken to the main office, but that is when he noticed, You.

Michael watched for a moment as you swayed with Nathan nestled comfortable in your arms, almost treating him like your own son. He watched the scene with soft green eyes, this was what Nathan needed and he couldn’t even provide it for him, a mother. Michael shook the thought out of his head and gently knocked on the door. You glanced up and with a smile signaled for him to enter, Michael entered quietly not to wake his sleeping son.

“Are you Michael? Nathan’s dad?” you spoke quietly as you took in the appearance of the man in front of you, he was quite tall, making you look up to look directly into his eyes. His messy blue colored hair, reminding you of Nathan’s except his was blonde, and eyes a beautiful shade of green, Nathan practically looked like his father. But the most prominent features that you noticed was that Michael was covered literally covered in tattoos, his body was a canvas of ink, as his eyebrows and ears were pierced. His black sleeveless shirt perfectly showcasing the tattoo sleeves that he had.

“Umm, yeah, Sorry for the time, I had work”, he said quietly taking in all your features.

“That’s no problem”, you shifted Nathan, careful not to wake him, and so you could gently place him into Michael’s arms. “Will I see you tomorrow?”


“You can come along with Nathan to school, be a part of our lessons”, you explained.

Michael’s eyebrows furrowed then raised slightly, “Oh yeah, ‘bring your parent to school’ day, Nate hasn’t stopped talking about it, yeah I’ll be here”, he said as his red lips smiled as he looked down at his sleeping son.

“See you tomorrow, Michael”, you smiled seeing him interact with his son.

You watched as he nodded before shifting Nathan into a more secure hold, you could see the love that he held for the boy in his eyes. Michael left the room closing the door with a soft click, he was surprising different from what you imagined but from that small display you could clearly tell that the mothers were being their rude selves, he was in fact not a neglectful father but one that was struggling, working for his son, sure he was covered with tattoos and didn’t look like a responsible dad, but he was a good father regardless of what he looks like.  

Michael buckled Nathan into his car seat, the lad was still softly snoring, his brain recalled the memory of you cradling Nathan in your arms and the soft smile that adored your face as you peered down to look at his sleeping form. It was the first time he’d ever seen Nathan settled in someone’s arms that weren’t his own not even Julia, one of his closest friends and babysitter, could get him to settle down like you did. Yes, he’d admit he was struggling to balance Nathan out but he would not admit that he needed anyone’s help. 

Ever since it had happened he wasn’t willing to trust anybody, he wasn’t going to let his guard down ever again. He looked through his mirror to look at the boy sleeping, drooling; he was the only thing that made all the pain worth it no matter how much trouble he sometimes was. He didn’t want to go to tomorrow; he didn’t want to put up with the mothers that he knew would judge for his appearance, seeing as he already gets enough of it when he goes out with Nate. But he would go for his son, since Nathan had been excited for a while and Michael had taken the day off of work just to be with him.


You stood in front of the judging eyes of the mothers as they sat with their children, after introducing yourself and giving out a schedule of the day you got straight on to work. You were stood watching like a hawk as some children painted, some colored with crayons it was exhausting but if something went wrong you would have a group of angry mothers to deal with. Glancing at the clock you only had two hours left and you’d be home free, so far the day had gone by without a hitch.

Your eyes fell to the back of the class, seeing the blue haired Michael. Nathan was happily sat in his father’s lap as you’d like to say coloring, but it looked like he was obliterating the paper with the crayons. Michael ruffled the boy’s hair and watched with a small smile on his lips, his arms were wrapped very protectively around his son, his green eyes watching his every move, as he would occasionally scribble all over the paper joining in on his son’s fun, making him laugh as he would draw small dinosaurs and animals, which Nathan would name, and telling him stories of what he learned in your class. It was a beautiful display of affection coming from a man that you could tell mothers were judging, you knew that Michael could hear them gossiping saying how could someone like him be a father, and other hateful comments. But Michael didn’t care, he was here to spend time with his son, and have fun with him, not to hear people judge him. he looked up and saw you staring, he smiled at you and waved to you, a smile appearing on his face, which you shyly returned.  

You just had one more hour to go, one more hour and this day would finally be over. You were glad that everything was going great, nothing too bad.That was until, crash. Jason and Nathan had gotten into another disagreement and decided to battle it out on the floor; you imminently rushed over and pulled the boys apart.

“Okay, that’s enough”, you voice was low but stern, “Jason, you will sit in the corner over there and Nathan, over there”, you pointed to were you wanted the boys to sit. Jason went with ease but Nathan decided to put up a fight.

“No!” the young boy continued to stamp his feet, angry tears cascading down his face, as he glared at Jason.

“Nathan”, you said getting down to eye level to see that you were being serious

“No!” his tears still coming down his face.

Without a second thought you picked up the crying child and placed him down on the timeout mat. “You will sit here for five minutes, I will come and get you when time out is over” Nathan pouted and folded his arms over his chest.

Michael watched with unsure eyes his child was crying and daddy mode had kicked in all he wanted was to comfort the crying child, you noticed and laid a reassuring hand on his arm. “I can see that you don’t like this but this has to happen, it’s the rules.” 

Michael nodded, you were right. He sat down in Nathan’s chair, waiting for those five minutes to pass by quicker. He looked over at you and noticed you picking up some of the things that the boys had dropped, before looking over at his son and noticing that he was sitting still, with his arms still crossed. It amazed him how perfectly you managed to handle the situation, since at times he found it hard to even to get Nathan to do something when he threw a fit. But he noticed that while he couldn’t get his son to sit still for five minutes, for you he was able to do it.

After telling him his five minutes were up, you first went over to Jason to ask for his side of the story. Nathan refused to move from his spot even after Michael tried to coax him but he still refused, saying that he had to wait for you to come and get him. You returned and picked him up taking over to the sink that was at the back of the class, setting him down on the counter you gestured for him to give you his left hand, which he offered it to you willingly, he opened it and you saw the raw skin that had grazed off in the confrontation. 

Michael watched you while you worked cleaning his hand and wound before sticking a band aid over the top. Nathan then reached his hand out towards Michael his bottom lip sticking out into a pout, Michael placed a small peck to the injured hand and Nathan beamed up at his father, making you smile at the soft affection that he had for his son.

“Now Nathan, tell me what happened”

“Jason was mean”  

“How was he mean, Nathan?” you asked softly as he bottom lip began to tremble again.

“He said mean things to me because I didn’t have a mommy”, you saw Michael tense slightly you knew that something that was sensitive for them, seeing how both of them seemed saddened by the topic. You nodded explaining that it still wasn’t a reason to fight with Jason, you set Nathan back down on the floor, “You know what you have to do now?”

“I have to say sorry?”

“That’s right”

You called Jason over who was sat on his mother’s knee he, very reluctantly, walked over. Both boys apologized to one another and soon after got back to playing.

“Now I know why Nathan talks so a lot about you” Michael spoke as he lent against the wall next to you, keeping a watchful eye over his son.

You chuckled slightly, “He does?” he nodded and you smiled. It was silent between you that were until the bell rang, signaling the end of class.

“Thank god” you both muttered, you both looked at each other with a smile seeing as you both thought the same thing.


Since that day, you and Michael had seemed to grown considerable close. It started off with him picking up Nathan after school more frequently, which would lead to small talk to good conversations between you and him. Then one day he asked you out for a coffee date which you happily accepted. And before you knew it, a few months later, you found yourself falling for the blue haired man. Despite his punk attire, and appearance, he was a great man and an especially loving father.

For Michael it was exactly the same, he’d fallen for you and he had fallen hard. Ever since it happened he’d closed off his heart and become cold but you had melted away the cold bitterness that surrounded his very fragile heart. It wasn’t just your beauty that attracted him, it was many things like the day he first met you when he watched you sway with Nathan in your arms, seeing how motherly you looked with his son. After all these months he now realized that he needed that, despite how hard he worked for his son, what Nathan needed the most was motherly love, something that he couldn’t do for him, but he could see you providing that for him.

It was these feelings that lead to tonight…

Michael had asked you out for a dinner date to a nice restaurant and you were just finishing of the last touches to your hair, you’d gone all out wearing a stunning black dress that complimented your figure perfectly, for the first time in a while you’d put effort into your hair making sure that it was perfectly styled.

Michael had also put in an effort swapping his ripped skinny jeans for dress pants and a white crisp shirt that allowed the tip of his neck tattoos to be on show, he was nervous, Very, very nervous. Michael pulled up outside your hours taking in a breath before he climbed out and knocked on your door.

He heard you call out a quick, “Just a minute!” You were running around your house like a madwoman gathering your things before slipping on your shoes, taking one last look in the mirror you take in a large breath; “You can do this (Y/N), you can do this” 

With a smile you open the door; Michael thought in that moment that the air from his lungs had been stolen as he looked at you. “Hey (Y/N)… You look… Beautiful” he stammered, trying to calm himself.

Your cheeks blushed to knowing that he found you beautiful, “You don’t look to bad yourself”, you said with a large smile.

The restaurant was fantastic, as soon as you both entered you were shown to your seat and food was ordered. At first it was just small talk between the two of you which progressed over time to much bigger and serious topics.

“Why a kindergarten teacher? I mean with your degree you could teach at a college level, any reason why you didn’t?” he asked his attention solely devoted to you.

A sad smile formed on your lips, “A few years back, I was with somebody. He was what some people might say a “perfect” match for me. We’d been together a while and even got engaged and we planned to start a family together, after a year of trying I was nowhere near close to being pregnant” you said feeling your old wounds start to hurt again.

You swallowed and Michael’s hand covered yours giving it a squeeze of reassurance, “We went to the doctors and after a few tests they found out that I wasn’t able to have children of my own” you finished trying to no let the honest truth of not having your own family make you cry.

Michael’s eyes soften the grip on your hand increasing, as he began to draw circles on the back of your hand, soothing you and keeping you from crying. “I’m sorry, that must have been horrible”

“It was, my fiancé well ex- fiancé promised to stand by me but that same night he packed his bags and left, after saying a few horrible comments, and I haven’t heard from him since” 

Michael let out a scoff, “asshole”, he said not understanding why someone would ever leave someone as beautiful and perfect as you, both inside and out. Whoever your ex-fiancé was, he had the perfect woman and he willingly let you go.

A small laugh left you, “You can say that again, so that’s the reason I teach kindergarten. To fill that empty part of me, if I couldn’t have children of my own, then I’d teach them, I mean it’s sort of like raising them, you learn to love them like your own” you said thinking of all your students that you have thought and the ones your currently teach, and seeing how in some way you shaped their early lives.

Michael smiled, “You do a great job of it too, and I don’t think you give yourself enough credit” 

You placed your free hand on top of the one that was holding you, “Thank you that means a lot to me”

“I can relate, with the part of someone you love leaving”, he said at his eyes gave a hint of sadness.

“Nate’s mom?” you asked.

Michael nodded.

“We weren’t together for that long when she fell pregnant with Nate. I was so scared when I first found out, I wasn’t ready to be a father, but I would never leave her either. She was carrying my child, and I couldn’t just walk out on her like that. It was terrifying but I got over my shock and worked harder so I could support her and him. When she had him, I remember holding him for the first time and in that instant, I didn’t care how hard I worked, I was just so happy to see my son. I was no longer scared, I was just so happy. For two years things were fine, we had few ups and downs but then one day she handed him over to me and left”, he said seeing him start to bite his lips, showing that just like you, he was still hurt by old wounds.

“No explanation she just left, leaving me with Nate. I was left alone and I didn’t know what to do but I worked through it and then Nathan started asking questions about his mom that I couldn’t answer. I was always constantly worried that I wasn’t doing a good enough job, I knew what other people were saying, saying that I was neglectful, that at times I thought I was”

His eyes cast downward, at letting other’s words get to him. You lifted your hand, placing it on his cheek. You felt him lean into your touch, loving your tender touch. You tilted his face, making him look at you, “You are far from a neglectful father Michael, Nathan adores you and you adore him. He talks about you all the time, when you came with him to school you watched his every move. You are a wonderful father and you don’t give yourself enough credit either” 

There was something about that moment were everything just clicked for the two of you. Both of you needed each other, you could heal his wounds, and fulfil his needs, and he could do the same for you. It was just a matter of time. Michael had paid for your dinner. As you both exited the restaurant, he asked if you wanted to come over to see Nathan, which you happily accepted, wanting to spend more time with Michael.

You were standing in front of the Clifford household, as Michael paid Julia for her babysitting services, she said that Nathan was sound asleep in bed, and kept mentioning that Nate was happy that you and Michael were out on a date.

You didn’t want to be rude, and felt that maybe you should leave; you told him how you were going to call a taxi, since he had already paid Julia and didn’t want him to wake up Nathan, so he could drive you home. You said your goodbye, but as you were turning around, you felt Michael’s warm hand grip onto yours pulling you back to face him.

“Michael?” you questioned.

His arms wrapped themselves around your waist, “please stay with us… with me and Nathan”, he whispered to you.

Your breath caught in your throat at hearing his confession. You bit your lips, to keep you from letting your smile grow onto your face, but with was still showing. Your arms wrapped around his neck, as your fingertips toyed with his blue hair. You looked lovingly into his eyes, and Michael did too. Everything was just coming together perfectly. In that silence between you ad him, was a lot of unspoken communicate, as you both were expressing your love for each other. You were both starting to lean in; your faces only inches apart, but the both of you unaware of the green eyes that were looking at you both.


You both jumped at the sound of Nathan’s voice, you laughed finding him completely adorable, and Michael glared at Nathan for ruining the moment, before lowering himself and spreading his arms wide for his son to come over. The giggly child ran down the hall and straight into his father’s awaiting arms, he easily lifted him up and held him between both your bodies, as you and Michael leaned in to place a kiss his cheeks, making him laugh at the warm affection.

When you moved away your eyes caught Michael’s and you both leaned in to complete the action that Nathan had interrupted, Michael’s hand placed itself on the back of your neck to pull you closer. Your lips met in a soft meaningful kiss; in this moment everything fell into place it was absolutely perfect. 

“I love you, (Y/N)”

“I love you too, Michael” 


“God dammit, Nathan”, Michael said as he tickled him as he led you both into his home, that soon became your home as well.



I’m sorry, I know I should be updating my other series, but I just couldn’t resist writing this, like I saw punk edits and dad edits, and I’m like what if they were combined, and then when I saw those edits, I coudlnt help but write about it.

I’m literally fangirling at the thought of it.



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Dear lord! This is happening!

It’s Christmas time, so I decided to challenge myself artistically (?) and share my ‘dream time-team’ illustration along with a fic inspired by this particular piece of art. I’m kind of nervous (af) right now, because that’s the very first time, my drawing has colours and patterns. As for the fic… I hope it’s not complete disaster ;)

Well, it can’t be, because the lovely @flabbergabst was my beta (once again thank you darling), so this is for her and also all of those Captain Canary fandom members, who didn’t have time to sign up for Secret Santa 2016 <3

I hope this gift will be enough. Enjoy!

(I own nothing)


Time-Family Portrait

Waverider, Christmas Day 2017

It was the team’s first holiday together after getting back Rip and brainwashed Leonard from his stint with the Legion of Doom. The return of their teammates was enough reason to celebrate, even if the Team Legends was still floating in space, waiting for a warning to fix time aberrations.

Despite Rip’s efforts, he could not convince Sara to stay with them as a captain. She refused, explaining that it was too much responsibility and stress to bear. She always loved to be a fighter, not a mastermind. Rip understood and took the position, which once was meant for him. Deep down, Captain Hunter knew she was right.

Unfortunately, being the Waverider’s captain for a long time made her feel older. She became more experienced in fact, but the burden just made her become worried for everyone. It made her become afraid of failure. Still, this didn’t stop her from teasing Rip about her innate talent for leadership.

One of those discussions started exactly before Ray prepared a camera for taking a special Christmas portrait of whole team.

“Oh come on! You know I was born to be in charge!” Sara proudly exclaimed, with raised eyebrows and a wide smile on her face, as she sat on Leonard’s lap, who looked at her with a smirk, like she was a goddess.

“I never said you were not, Ms. Lance! It was you who refused my offer of being the captain of the Waverider. Not me,” noticed Rip, pointing at himself in defensive gesture and sitting next to the crook and assassin, none of them hearing the sound of the flashlight.

“Yeah, Blondie! Why didn’t you say ‘yes’ to that? I liked you being my boss. At least I trusted you more than I trust him,” Mick pointed truthfully in Hunter’s direction as Amaya shifted to get herself more comfortable on the pyro’s knees.

“You know that was rude, don’t you Hothead?” teased Vixen, leaning slowly to whisper at Mick’s ear.

“I’ve never been good at lying,” Mick responded. “Besides it’s me who has the longest experience with piloting a timeship so cut me some slack, Foxie.”  He shrugged and sneered as he spotted Amaya rolling her eyes.

“What? Choosing Blondie to take Time-Dad’s place while he’s been gone, was the best idea we ever had. I’d vote for her for the next elections, to be honest,” Rory said, raising up his beer toward Sara, receiving a little wink from resurrected assassin.

“I don’t think there will be another election Mick,”  Len smirked at his criminal partner. He knows that they share the same opinion regarding Sara being captain but he knows it’s a delicate matter, therefore refusing to show any sign of agreement. Sara knew better, so she took the opportunity to lightly punch his shoulder and give him murderous look, playing it off with a smile.

Resigned, Captain Hunter shook his head and raised an eyebrow after Leonard’s comment, not even trying to read between the lines. He then again spoke with confidence. “Was that a suggestion to make ‘you’ a captain, Mr. Rory? If that’s what you want, I can offer you some probationary time. Will you take it?”

“Better question is, would anyone want to stay on a Waverider with knowledge that Mick is responsible for fixing the timeline?” Sara seemed a bit perplexed both about Rip’s suggestion and Mick’s final answer, so she just exchanged a look with Snart to hide her exasperation.

It was then Martin’s turn to have a say in the conversation. “Considering that Mr. Rory has an extraordinary tendency to light things on fire and to ‘blow stuff up’, I suppose this is a bad idea,” he said, finally taking his eyes away from a book he was reading.

“Hey! I would have trusted Mick with my life… eventually,” Amaya interjected furrowing her forehead, pouted lips on her face. “Would you?”


Leonard, Rip, and Sara said at the same time, causing a burst of laughter from every ‘time-parent’ or ‘rogue’ sitting in a first row.

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"We did good, didn't we?" - Nate Maloley

3rd person

“You look really beautiful.” Nate says in awe seeing his daughter in her wedding dress.

“I haven’t even had my make up done yet, but look at you dad! You look really handsome.” Nour says tugging on Nate’s tie making him laugh.

“I’m not used to seeing you in a suit.”

“I thought I’d dress up for the occasion.” Nate grins.

“How are you feeling?” Nour asks and Nate looks at her confused.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that question babygirl?” Nour laughs.

“I just really wanted to talk to you, before you walked me down the aisle.” Nour nervously smiles at her father. This was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, but she couldn’t help but feel like it was the saddest day as well. She knew her father was happy for her, but he also felt like he was losing ‘his little girl’. Nour just wanted him to know that wasn’t the case at all. Even though she wouldn’t officially have her own last name anymore she’ll always be a daddy’s girl and she just wanted to make sure he knew by taking him on a trip trough memory lane.

“I can’t believe this day’s finally here.” Nate says tucking his hands into his pocket.

“I know right. I’m going to be someone’s wife” Nour says smiling widely.

“Do you remember when you used to take me to the studio? I just remember watching you work so passionately on something that you love. It inspired me to always do what I love amd follow my dreams no matter what.”

Nate gives her a small smile and clears his throat. He knew this day was going to weigh hard on him, but he didn’t want to cry even before the ceremony began.

“And the days I couldn’t go with you, I jumped in your arms when you finally came home from being at the studio. I was always so happy to see you.”

Nour chuckles and takes her father’s hand in hers.

“Do you remember when you found out I’d been on my first date and had a boyfriend?”

“Oh, don’t even mention that bastard.” Nate answers making Nour laugh.

“You’re right. He was a complete bastard. Of course I couldn’t see that then and all I wanted to do was impress the guy. I even got that stupid tattoo.”

Nour used to date a ‘good for nothing low life’ as Nate likes to call him. Rick. The guy was constantly in and out of trouble with the law, disrespectful, and honestly just not doing anything with his life. It came as a huge shock when Nour introduced the guy to her parents. Nour has always been a good girl, a little bit shy and Nate was not about to let this boy ruin thay. He immediately took a dislike to the guy while Y/n wanted to give him a chance. When Nour came home with a tattoo Nate had had enough, and threatened to snap the boys’ neck in two if he ever saw him around his daughter again. With Rick having a sleeve of tattoo’s Nate knew she only got hers to impress him. Luckily it wasn’t a huge tattoo and to make her feel better about the life long commitment she made at the age of sixteen Nate and Y/n decided to get the same one.

Nate chuckles

“I called you crying, I was so scared to tell you, but I was even more scared of mom killing me so I ended up calling you. I’ll never forget that day. You could have said ‘I told you so’ but you didn’t. Instead you suggested you’d get one just like mine and just like that you made everything okay again.”

Nate laughs.

“Yeah I remember that babygirl.”

“To me that was just the ultimate proof, no matter what mistakes I make you’ll be there for me, and I can never, ever thank you enough for what you did for me.”

“Nahh, babygirl that’s my job. It’ll always be my job to protect you, no matter who’s wife you are.” Nour smiles and she can feel herself starting to tear up.

“I always used to look at you and mom and just hope I could be as fortunate as you two were. I used to see the way you treated mom and I just wished I’d someday find someone just like you.”

“Have you? It’s never too late to come back home, mama.”

“I did.” Nour says smiling widely. 

“I really love him dad.”

Nate smiles too, but Nour can see a little hint of sadness in his eyes.

“If Michael were to leave me hanging at the aisle today, I mean he isn’t going to, I mean I’m not assuming he does, but íf he did… No matter how heartbroken I’d be I know I’d be okay. You can’t ever be replaced dad, not even by Mike.” Nour says and she can feel tears start welling up in her eyes. Not because she’s sad, just for the simple reason she’s now realizing how lucky she’s been to have an amazing man like her father in her life. Through all the years he understood her fears and protected her, he loved her unconditionally and even now when Nour knows he’s having a hard time letting go of her he’s trying his hardest not to let it show.

“I’m happy for you Nour. And I never thought I’d ever say this, but I actually do like the guy.” Nour smirks.

“I know you do dad. I mean this whole intimidating act you’ve been putting up is just you being protective over me but I do know how to pick ‘em dad. You thought me well.“ 

“I sure did. And I need you to know I’m proud of all you’ve become.” Are you ready to walk that aisle?”

Nour nervously nods and fiddles with her hands.

“I’m ready! extremely nervous, but ready. I’m just happy you’re walking me.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. ” Nate says and kisses his daughters’ cheek. 

“I’ll leave you to finish getting ready baby. Do you want me to call over your mom?” Nour nods.

“I love you dad. Thank you for everything.“She says while hugging her father tightly and for some reason it feels really special. It might be because this is probably the last embrace Nate will spend with his daughter while she’s still carrying his last name. When she’s still his girl. After tonight Nour will be someone’s wife and even though it’s hard for Nate to let her go, he knows she’ll be in good hands with Michael.  

“Wait, dad” Nour stops her father in his tracks before he can leave the room. 

“I wrote you a letter.” She says quietly and hands him an envelope from under her make up bag on the table. Nate can tell she’s having a hard time keeping her tears at bay and he can feel tears forming in his eyes as well. 

 “I’ll see you at the altar babygirl.” He whispers, earning a small nod from his oldest daughter. The minute he closes the door he opens the envelope. He smiles when he sees Nour’s handwriting all over the piece of paper. 

 Dear Daddy, 

We both knew this day was coming. While it’s the happiest day of my life, it also comes with a heavy heart. For as long as I can remember, it’s been you and me. Now the day has come and you have to share me. I know your heart broke when he asked for your blessing and I bet you held back tears as you said yes. To give away someone you love most you must believe that he can handle the responsibly.  

I know I won’t make it to the end of the aisle without shedding many tears. But you should know the man that stands before us, is only there because he has some of the great attributes you have. From the moment I was born and every day since, you have demonstrated what I deserve in a man. You have shown me love and respect. I spent many hours wondering if there could possibly be another man who treats me as well as you do? And with much trial and error and tears shed over the men in my past, you always held me, reassuring me that pain always goes away and hating the men my heart couldn’t. I’m happy to say I’ve finally got it right.

I won’t be turning to you for every single thing anymore (like understanding taxes or understanding exactly what was said in a political debate). But I promise I’ll save a few questions for you. The man before us is someone I spent my entire life wondering if he even existed or that you were the only good guy out there. 

 I know love because you loved me unconditionally. I believe in love because of you.   I know I won’t make it through our dance without bawling. And I know you know the song I chose; it’s the same one that has been our song since I was 7. I still remember our first daddy-daughter dance, when mom bought me my first pair of heels and I stood on your feet dancing. 

For me it seems it took a while to get here, but I know for you the years flew by. I still remember running down the staircase every time you came home from work. I still remember every Saturday morning when you’d make breakfast, or when you’d drive us to school while insisting that we were going to Disney World. While I never quite understood the sacrifices you and mom made to give us everything we ever wanted, I know, as I embark on this new journey to start my own family, I’ll get it someday. 

Thank you for every family vacation. Thank you for the love and support you continue to give me. Thank you for believing in my dreams even when I failed to believe in them myself. 

While marriage means vowing to share my life, the only reason I can share a life with another person is because you have given me the fundamentals to stand on my own two feet and confidence that I can.  While it may seem like you are losing me to the love of my life, my future husband, you aren’t. You are handing me off to a man who will forever live in your shadow and spend the rest of his life trying to reach the bar you set so high.

 I love you.

“Nate, are you okay?” The melodic voice of his wife sounds and soon after she has her hands wrapped around his shoulders and her head pressed to his chest. 

 “It’s hard isn’t it.” She asks into the crook if his neck and he simply nods. Y/n pulls off and uses her thumbs to wipe away his tears. 

 “We did a good job Y/n.” 

Nate says looking deeply into his wife’s eyes. She simply smiles and nods. “We really did didn’t we. Who would’ve thought.” She says chuckling causing Nate to laugh as well. 

 “Nour needs you though. I think she wants to have a heart to heart with you as well before the make up people come.” Y/n nods and pecks his lips. 

 “Oh, and no smoking! I know you’re anxious, but I don’t want you high off your ass at you daughter’s wedding. ” 

 “What I look like mama? I wouldn’t do that.” Nate answers, feigning to be offended.

“I’m just saying. John’s already mad at me because I threw his blunt away. I’ll tell him I’m sorry later but you know I’ll do anything to make this day perfect for her.” Nate laughs. “Babe why you’d do that for.” He says still laughing. 

 “Swazz can’t stay mad at me anyways, so it’s all good.” She answers, also laughing now. 

 “Now go. Nour needs you.” Nate says while smacking y'n on her ass when she turns around causing her to giggle. “I’ll see you in a bit Ma.” He says smirking, thanking his lucky stars he’ll always have one of the Maloley women to come home too. 



An Open Letter to My Dad on My Future Wedding Day - By Kirsten Corley

 These Nate imagines seem to be really popular, thank you all for the love. Let me know what else y'all like to read!

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Hayes Grier - Memory loss

Request:  Can I have a Hayes imagine were you are in your way to see him cause he got back from tour but you got in a car accident😫 and had amnesia and u can’t remember him😦 and he shows picks of u 2 and u Finally remember😁 thanks💕


If you think that getting into a car accident will get you an experience like in the movie ‘If I stay’ you are wrong. Completely and terribly wrong.

I was on my way to see Hayes since he finally was home. One of my friends offered me a ride and I gladly accepted it because I didn’t want to waste any time. I missed my boyfriend too much to wait until my mom gets home and can give me a ride.

So we were heading to their house, talking about some school gossips, when a douche didn’t see the red light and ran into us from the side. Everything went black, I couldn’t hear, see or feel anything. I thought I died.

“Why isn’t she waking up?” I heard a boy’s voice. I wanted to open my eyes, but I just couldn’t, my body didn’t obey to me.

“You have to be patient. She is going to be okay,” another voice spoke up. I didn’t recognize them, who were they? And what happened? I didn’t have much time to think because a moment later I passed out again.

“Baby, please, wake up, I love you, I need you to wake up,” I heard the same voice as last time when I woke up again. Baby? Who was he? What the hell was going on?

I tried to open my eyes once again, but a sharp pain shot into my head and it total knocked me out.

The next time I managed to be conscious I finally could open my eyes. It was too bright at first, I had to blink a few times before I got used to the sight. I was in a white room that I assumed was a hospital room. I had a cover on me and a few machines were working text to me. I looked around and found a boy sitting in the corner looking at his phone. He was gorgeous with his dark hair and bright blue eyes. I didn’t understand why he was there, I didn’t even know him.

As I started to shift in the bed his head shot up and when he saw that I was awake he rushed to my side.

“Oh my God, Y/N you are awake!” he breathed out smiling in relief. He pushed the button to call the nurse and then sat down next to me. I just stared at him still trying to figure out who he was and where my family was. “How do you feel? Do you need anything?”

As he asked that I felt how thirsty I was and my eyes moved over to the desk where a bottle of water was. I didn’t say anything, but the boy immediately knew what I wanted. He helped me to sit up and then handed me the bottle. “Slowly,” he whispered as I started to gulp from the bottle. When I was done he took it and put it down, then a nurse came in.

“Our sleeping beauty finally woke up! Rise and shine girl, how do you feel?” she asked checking the machines.

“I sore,” I whispered and then cleared my throat.

“Alright, do you know your name?” she asked standing next to me and taking notes.


“Good. Do you know the date?”

“Um,” I wanted to say it but then I realized I had no idea what month it was, let alone the day. “Not really.”

“Okay, no problem. What is your last memory? Do you know how you got there?” she asked and I could tell she already knew something was wrong with me.

“I-I don’t know. I don’t have a particular memory. Why? What happened?” I asked, but as if I didn’t say anything, she continued asking me.

“Do you know this young man here?” she asked pointing towards the blue eyed boy. I looked at him, I could see how hopeful he was, but I just shook my head no. The brightness immediately vanished from his eyes. He was devastated by my answer.

“Alright, no problem, Dr. Marshall will be here in any minute and we will figure out what is the problem. You just rest girl, and try to think of anything that comes into your mind. Young man, I would like to talk to you for a minute.”

The guy sadly nodded and they both exited the room. What was going on? Did something happen with me? I couldn’t remember what I was doing yesterday. And I definitely did not know who the boy was, but I guess I should have known it. I felt bad, but I really had no idea.

A few minutes later they came back with a doctor who I assumed was Dr. Marshall. he told me he would check some things out and that my parents are on their way and would be there in any minute.

“Can you tell me why I’m here?” I asked as he was checking out my eyes with a damn lamp that made me half blind.

“You had an accident a few days ago, dear. A car ran into the one you were sitting in, and you were unconscious for a few days.”

“Do I have serious injuries?” I asked furrowing my eyebrows at him as he took notes.

“No, some bruises and wounds, but I’m afraid you are having temporary memory loss,” he said sighing.

“How much did she forget?” the boy asked from the corner of the room. He insisted on staying with me even though the doctor asked him to leave the room while I’m being examined.

“I don’t know, I would say the past year maybe. Did she have a big trauma lately?” he asked.

“Um, my brother died…” I wanted to say how long ago, but I still didn’t know what the date was. “In 2013,” I finished my sentence.

“Then I guess your brain shut everything down since then, it’s a common case. You remember who you are, who your parents are. How long have you been known her?” he asked turning towards the boy.

“One and a half year.”

“Then it makes sense. Her brain locked out the things happened since then, but in a few weeks hopefully everything will come back.”

Hearing that I lost my memories from the last two years made me frown. How can I forget that much? And I still had no idea who this boy was.

The doctor told me some stuff about my recovery and then left the two of us alone. The boy sat back to the chair next to my bed and I stared at him with an apologetic look.

“I’m really sorry for asking this, but could you tell me your name and who you are?” I asked sitting up a bit. He showed a bitter smile leaning back in his seat.

“I’m Hayes and I am your boyfriend.”

Boyfriend? Damn, I have a good taste.

Hayes chuckled.

“Yeah, you do.” Oh God, did I say it out loud? I’m such an idiot.

“Um, sorry,” I smiled at him awkwardly. “How long have we been together?”

“One year and three months,” he said with a proud smile.

“Wow, then it must be serious. And how did we meet?” I was interested in it, it felt like one of my friends were just talking about their new partner, but it was all about my life.

Hayes took out his phone and showed a photo of us hugging and smiling to the camera.

“We met at a concert, you were there with your friends and one of them recognized me, we started to talk and I asked you out.”

“Recognized you? You mean, she already knew you?” I asked looking up at him from the phone. He chuckled once again shaking his head.

“No, the thing is I’m kind of famous.” I could tell he felt awkward for having to say this, but it surprised me.

“What? Are you kidding me?” I asked with wide eyes. “What do you do?”

“There is this app called Vine, and me and my brother started to do videos, people liked them and we have a lot of followers, we even had a tour with other social media celebs.”

“Oh my God, that’s amazing. I can’t believe I really am your girlfriend,” I laughed and finally I saw him smile happily.

A moment later my parents rushed into the room and almost drowned me by their love and worries. The asked questions and all kind of stuff, my head started to hurt actually, they were a bit too much. The nurse came in and she told them what the diagnose was, that I have to rest and my memories will come back soon. My mom had a little breakdown but my dad told her to keep herself together, because I didn’t have anything serious. Typical scene.

“Do you want us to leave for a bit so you can rest?” my dad asked. I looked over to Hayes who was still in the corner of the room, his eyes never leaving me.

“Um, actually, can Hayes stay a bit more?”

I guess everyone was surprised I wanted the person I didn’t remember to stay.

“I can stay if you want me to,” he said stepping closer.

“I do.”

Alright, then, we are going home and getting the things you need, okay? We will be back in an hour,” my mom said heading towards the door. We said goodbye, they left and it was again just the two of us.

“How do you feel?” Hayes asked sitting down.

“Can you show me some more photos?” I asked. Ever since he showed that photo of us I felt something crawling into my mind, but everything was all blurry. He smiled at me taking his phone out and handing it to me. He had a whole fold full with photos of us. I started to go through them as he was commenting where and when they were taken.

“This was your fifteenth birthday,” he pointed to the screen, where he was hugging me from behind. “And this was taken when we were in LA in the summer,” he said to the next where we were goofing around somewhere in the street.

“Where was our first kiss?” I asked scrolling through the photos.

“It was in your room.”

“Really?” I asked smiling. “Tell me about it.” He laughed but then gladly started to tell me the story.

“Okay, so after the concert I had to go to New York but we stayed in touch, and I told you I would take you out when I’m home again. But when I was at home you were too busy, and then I had to travel again, so it took us two months to set a proper date. By that time we both confessed that we would want more. So I was finally back at home and you also had a free day, so we agreed on the date. I went to your house to pick you up, but you weren’t ready yet, so we went up to your room. You were still doing your makeup.” He was deep in his thought recalling the memory and I started to feel that I was in the story too, I lived it, it didn’t just feel like a story someone was telling me. I could feel it was mine too. “You were standing in front of the mirror and you looked so beautiful, I couldn’t resist. I stood up, walked to you and just kissed you. I thought you would be mad at me, but you weren’t.” He slightly laughed looking up to me. Smiling at me he continued. “We ended up staying there, just watching films and doing nothing in particular. I love how we didn’t need to do anything fancy, we could just spend the afternoon and the evening together.”

As he finished I gasped lightly, because I actually remembered to it.

“And you were wearing a blue shirt with jeans,” I said happily, because I had a picture in my mind of him as he was standing at the door that day.

He looked at me with wide eyes and nodded.

“Yeah, I were. Do you remember?”

“Yes,” I nodded. “Keep telling stories, I think it helps.”

He told me about silly memories we shared, and I slowly started to remember them as he showed photos also. I wouldn’t say I remembered everything from that one and a half year, but I finally knew the most important things. Hayes was so happy that I could recall the memories and he kept telling me about everything. He laced our fingers together and I could tell how relieved he felt that my memories were coming back.

“Hayes?” I said as he was looking for another photo he wanted to show me.

“Yes baby?” I lifted his head so he would look at me and before he could say anything I pressed my lips to his. His soft lips worked against mine perfectly and I immediately felt home. I knew those lips so well, I was ashamed I forgot about them. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close. “I was so worried, baby,” he mumbled between two kisses.

“That you would have to win me over again?” I asked laughing.

“No,” he chuckled. “That you would get seriously hurt. I freaked out when your parents called me.”

“But it’s okay now,” I whispered. I knew I still had a lot of thing to remember, but I already was happy I remembered Hayes. “I promise I will know everything soon.”

“I know baby. Just please don’t ever scare me like that.” He looked at me in the eyes.

“I won’t. I swear,” I said caressing his cheeks and kissing him.

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Hi! Could you please do a Derek Luh imagine no. 25. 'Everyone always leaves' Thanks! 😄

“Everyone Always Leaves”-Derek Luh


You and Derek were walking in from your annual week night movie date. “I told you the doctor was evil!”, you exclaimed. “You called it babe” derek said kissing your nose. Just then your phone rang, it was your aunt. “Hey Aunt- woah Elle slow down. No, no please tell me your lying! I’m, i’m on my way”,you said dropping your phone and running upstairs. “Woah, baby hey what’s going on?”,Derek said running after you. 

“I,I,I need to go, my dad needs me.”, you pleaded with tears down your face. Derek embraced you and you held on to him for dear life. You then broke down in his arms. He rubbed your back and stroked your hair till you were done. “What’s going on baby”,he said softly. “M-My dad had a accident at work today, a-and he a-apparently loss a lot of b-b-blood”,you said looking at Derek. “Derek,I’ve got to get home to him, he’s all I got”,you said. Derek nodded his head and with that you two were out the door.

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You and Derek finally got off the plane and headed to the hospital. You finally arrived to see your Aunt Elle and Uncle Keith. You and ran to her and began crying again.”Remember the last time we were here, I was 7″,you said to her. “Hey, don’t think about that”,she said hugging you. You wiped your tears and continued to embrace your aunt. “Shhh honey, it’s gonna be okay, he’s going to make it baby”,she said comforting you. “You said that about mom remember”,you said picturing the little girl sitting in the waiting room waiting for some type of good news that never came. “I-I miss her so much”,you said while your voice shaked, Derek then came over and hugged you, making you cry even harder. “Derek, I-I can’t loose him, I can’t”,you pleaded. “I know babygirl”,he said rubbing your back.

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After 4 long hours, the doctors finally came out of the surgery room. “Ms.(y/l/n)?”they asked. “Yes”,you said standing up. Derek was right behind you, putting his arm around your waist. “It looks like your father didn’t make, we’re terribly sorry. We did the best we could”, they said. Your body turned weak and you couldn’t speak. You felt numb and limb. Derek then embraced you, making sure you were secured. You cried and cried, you cried for what felt like hours. Your Aunt and Uncle were also shocked. They finally left the hospital to make the funeral arrangements. You sat in the chairs waiting for Derek to come back with your coffee.You then thought about your mom and sister, and now your dad in Heaven. You wondered if Heaven was nice or even real. You felt alone and unneeded on earth now since your whole family was dead. “Ready to go baby?”,derek said snapping you out of your daydream. “Yea,babe”,you said smiling at him. “Thanks for being with me for this”,you said to him. He then kissed you with love and passion. “I love you (y/n)”,derek said. “I love you”,you said.

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We finally got back to the house. It brought back so many memories. You and your little sister playing school. Your mom and dad dancing in the kitchen. And especially when they kissed, and you and your sister would almost puke. “Wanna see my high school bedroom?”,you asked. “Sure”, he said following you upstairs. You walked in and saw that nothing had changed. (y/s/n) side was the exact same as she left it too. “Babe, you never told me you were a cheerleader”,derek exclaimed. “Oh,God”, you exclaimed. “Wanna show me some moves”,derek said jokingly. You then walked to your desk to find a picture of your family on their annual beach trip. “Baby, what happened to them?”,derek asked quietly. “Well, my mom and sister and baby brother were coming home from my Aunt Elle’s because they were planning my little brother’s baby shower. It was January so there was ice on the road, a-and um when my mom went to stop her brakes they locked up and they slammed into the back of a semi truck and it killed them instantly. My mom was pregnant as the time”,you explained”. “Ready for bed?”,you said changing the subject. “Yea baby”,derek said. You both fell asleep not ready for tomorrow’s events.

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The sound of Derek’s phone woke you up the next morning. The constant dinging of texts from Nate were so annoying. You picked up his phone from the side table, to turn his ringer off when a text caught your eye. 

“See you today at 3 for rehearsal. Glad you talk to (y/n) about you skipping the funeral today. Send her my love” -Nate

You got up and immediately started packing Derek’s things. “Yo mami, what are you doing?”,he said in his sexy morning voice. “Packing for you”,you said in a annoyed tone. “Why baby, there’s still things to do today”,he said sitting up in bed. “Oh I know that, but since Nate’s expecting you today in the studio”,you said throwing the bag on him. “Look baby, that’s before I knew your dad passed away. I made the plans before you got the new”,Derek said. “Look Derek, you don’t have to lie. I’m used to being on my own. My dad worked all the time first of all. Friends have come and gone, same with boyfriends. Everyone always leaves, its nothing new.

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“Baby, I’m bot going to leave you, I promise”,he said hugging me. “That’s what they all say”,you said with tears rolling down your cheeks. “I’m not going anywhere baby, you’re going to have to do a lot to get me to leave you”,he said kissing my tears away. “You promise?”, I said putting my pinkie up. “I promise forvever”,he said intertwining our pinkies.

Nervous - Cameron Dallas Imagine (requested)


Request: Can I have a cute Cameron imagine where he wants to kiss you but is too shy My name is Sophie and I have blonde hair and blue eyes and freckles on my nose and under my eyes Thanks you so much!

Sophie’s POV

I’ve been trying to get a hold of Cameron, but he won’t answer my calls or reply to any of my messages. He’s completely ignoring me. 

Yesterday, all of our friends went to get froyo, but he said he was ‘sick’, Cam never gets sick, and if he did, he’d tell me. I don’t know what’s up with him but tonight is our day to hang out. We had planned everything so if he doesn’t show up I’m going to be really mad. We’re meant to go to the fair tonight. 

I get changed into my outfit consisting of: a daisy long sleeve, turtle neck crop top, my high-waisted black skirt and my all-black high tops.

 I curled my hair slightly into loose waves, so the blonde tresses cascaded down my shoulders. I put on mascara and eyeliner to enhance my blue eyes, as I don’t like to wear too much makeup. 

Cameron was going to pick me up at 6, it already 5:45. If he doesn’t come, I’m going t- 

I got cut off as the door bell rang.

I walked over and looked through the peep hole, and of course Cam is there looking handsome as always. I open the door tempting to stay mad at him, but once I see his dorky smile, I gave up.

“Hey.” Hey? Hey is all I get, not a ‘sorry for completely avoiding you even though you’re my best friend’. No, just a ‘hey’.

“Hey, hey is all I get after you completely avoided me for the past couple of days! What’s up with you? Did I do something?” I became worried. Maybe it wasn’t Cam’s fault; maybe I did something that pissed him off?

“You did nothing! I’m sorry, Sophie, I shouldn’t have avoided you. It’s just I had a lot going through my mind and I didn’t want to be a burden.” Cameron didn’t make eye contact and fiddled with his fingers, a clear giveaway that what he was saying wasn’t the whole truth. I decided to drop it and just hang out with him. It felt like forever since I last saw him.

We made our way over to his car, and then drove to the fair. It was quite, it was odd and awkward, but neither one of us wanted to fill the gap.

Cam parked his car alone the edge of the fair grounds and got out. I grabbed my bag and unbuckled my seat belt ready to open the door, when Cam opened it for me instead.

“Why thank you Mr. Dallas.” I giggled as Cam bowed. Whilst walking to the ticket booth, Cam intertwined our hands. Before it used to be a friendly gesture, but now I can’t help but think of how perfect our hands fit and the way Cam’s hands are soft and warm against my own.

“50 tickets please.” Cam ordered our tickets and, while still holding hands, we walked into the fair and decided to go on the bumper cars first.

~Time skip~

My stomach hurts from laughing too much and my mascara is almost running down my face from all the happy tears I’ve shed.

Cam thought it was a good idea to go in separate cars as there was almost no one around and we could battle each other. Instead he ended up hitting the same kid four times and then the kid went on a rampage and bashed into Cam’s making him loose control. 

Afterwards we got candy floss, he let me hold it, but that was a bad idea. I thought I heard my name, so as I was turning around Cam was going in for a bite of the sweet treat and instead got a face full. There was candy floss all over his face and some of it got stuck on his eyebrows.

Throughout the day there were so many accidents that cause Cam and I to burst out into laughter. I loved hanging out with Cam, but the one thing was still on my mind. Why did he avoid me in the first place? So once we had enough of the fair, we decided to walk down to the Jetty. No one was there considering it was dark.

We sat down and dangled our feet off the edge. Cam found a couple of small rocks on the way and decided to skim them across the water. It was now or never.

“Cam, I know you weren’t telling me the entire truth earlier. Why did you avoid me?” Cam glanced at me then looked at the rocks in his hands.

“I-I was just nervous.” Cam threw another rock into the water, I watched as the rock skipped three times and then a small plop was heard.

I sat in silence, urging him to explain.

“I was nervous about seeing you.” He took a deep breath.

“Okay, Sophie, I have to tell you something, but you have to promise that it won’t ruin our friendship?” Cam wasn’t stuttering but you could sense he was nervous.

“Cam, nothing you can say or do, will ruin our friendship. Just please tell me.” He took a deep breath and then-

My mind became blank; all I could concentrate on were the lips on my own. Cam’s lips.

I kissed back as soon as I cleared my head. His hands cupped my cheeks causing the kiss to become deeper. My hands rested on his chest. His tongue traced my bottom lip asking for entrance. Soon our tongues were moving in sync. We pulled away, Cam panting, whilst I was red faced.

“Nervous for that. God I really like you Sophie. Actually no, I love you. I love the line of freckles along your nose and under your eyes, your golden-like hair, how soft it is. And your eyes, they’re perfect, just like you. I was scared to kiss you, because someone like you deserves someone way better than me. I don’t deserve you, yet, you kissed back.” I cupped his cheeks and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

“Cameron Alexander Dallas, you to me, are the definition of perfect. I’ve liked, maybe even loved you ever since we met that day in Science class. That’s why I was so hurt when you ignored me, I thought I did something to push you away or you didn’t want to be my friend anymore.”

Cameron’s arms encircled around me and brought me in for a hug. My face was against his chest.

“I know, I know. I’m so sorry Sophie, I shouldn’t have done that. I didn’t realize you had feelings for me. I didn’t realize I hurt you so much. I promise I won’t ever do that again.” I looked up to meet his eyes, I saw the sincerity in them. I kissed him one more time letting our lips move together once more.

“Sophie, will you be my girlfriend?”

“I’m pretty sure kissing back was your answer.” Cam chuckled. I laid my head against his shoulder and just smiled re-living the memory. We fell into a silence, not awkward, but comfortable. I looked over at Cam, he looking down at our interlocked hands, smiling.

“I’m glad you’re mine. I’ve been waiting forever.”

A/N: hope this was what you wanted Sophie!

Birthday Surprise (Smut)

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A/N: HELLO! It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted a smut (I got tired of using the same sex positions and ended up researching different ones). This is in honor of natexsk8′s birthday! mafiosoluh I know you missed my smuts! Also Nicki, I hope everything is alright. Sending my love. 

If you haven’t already check out my Wedding Series

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     “It’s gonna be a partay, it’s my girl’s birthday!” Nate started to rap, beginning to dance in his spot and snapping it all. Your laughter could be heard from somewhere in the room. Nate had been waiting for this day all month and had started planning your surprise party two months in advance. All he told you was that it was going to be the time of your life. “Ah you know we’re getting turnt! Yo everybody go on Twitter tweet @Y/T/N and wish Y/N a happy birthday,” he said this time, turning the camera to face you. You were sprawled out on the couch, glancing in his direction and waving at the camera. It seemed like he was more excited about your birthday than you were.

Turning twenty-one was a big deal when it came to Nate’s crew. It was a chance for you to actually drink alcohol legally. Being under twenty-one never stopped you all from drinking, but now you didn’t have to worry about getting caught for underage drinking. Maybe tonight would be different. With how much Nate was bouncing around he must have really had something special planned. “You would have thought it was his birthday with how excited he is,” you mumbled under your breath. Skeez let out a hoot of laughter, catching Nate’s attention. 

“What’s so funny?” he questioned, plopping down on the couch and pulling you into his side. You began to laugh also, shaking your head and sending Skeez a look. Nate looked between the two of you in confusion, rolling his eyes and pouting when you didn’t reply. 

“Aww, it’s nothing major you need to know,” you cooed patting his cheek. The pout didn’t leave his lips and you giggled, leaning up to give his cheek a kiss. A smile embraced his face, pinching your side in satisfaction. It was still early in the day, so not much celebration was happening. You had spent the morning with your family. They took you out to breakfast like every year. You never became tired of it, being able to chose where you wanted to go. Now that you thought about it, you had no idea where you were going tonight. “Babe,” you mumbled, receiving a hum from him in return. You moved around around in his lap so that the two of you were facing him. “Where are we going tonight? I need to know so I can plan my outfit,” you told him, letting out an exasperated sigh. 

“I actually chose your outfit for tonight,” he replied, eyes still glued to his phone. Your eyebrows rose in shock and you moved back to give him a confused look. Nate chose your outfit and you knew it was probably too revealing.

“You chose my outfit?” you questioned, letting out a snorted chuckle. Finally Nate looked up from his phone, giving you a nod.

“Yeah, it’s one of your birthday gifts,” he said, “You’ll like it a I promise…we leave at six, so I suggest you start getting ready now.” 

     The metal was cold against your back, moans muffled as Nate’s lips worked against yours. This whole night had been amazing. Nate went all out with your birthday party. Renting out a warehouse and setting up a small carnival. It had been something you wanted to do ever since you saw The Vamps music video for Last Night. You didn’t know how he did it, but Nate somehow managed to recreate the video. He made it even better though, half the warehouse holding a bar, table for food, a dance floor, and the DJ booth. It was like a dream come true and Nate really treated you like a queen.

You weren’t planning to have sex in a place where a lot of people were, but that all changed sometime during the night when somebody suggested body shots. Since you were the birthday girl, you were the first to go. Nate had drowned the tequila shot that was rested between your thighs, licked the salt off the valley of your breasts, and placed his mouth against yours to bite into the lime. Everything about the moment had set your body ablaze, creating a pool of wetness in your panties. It’s what led you to the position you were in now; making out between a wall and behind one of the rides. Your knees weakened beneath you as Nate sucked on your sweet spot. His hand slid under your shirt, grabbing one of your breasts and squeezing. You knew what this move entitled, making you shake your head and immediately move away. Nate began to whine, pulling you closer by the waist. “No come on I need you!” he mumbled, mouth going back to marking your skin. 

“I want you too, but not with about 100 people watching,” you hummed, a smile embracing your face as he continued to fondle your breasts. 

“Then let’s go to the car,” he grumbled. He was conflicted between wanting to stay at the party and wanting to give you pleasure. The only option to not leave your guests was to have sex in the car. 

“Oh no! I know you remember the last time we tried that,” you said, shooting the idea down right away. Nate rolled his eyes, face scrunching up in a grimace at the memory; it wasn’t a pleasant one. “What about the bounce house,” you suggested, pointing to the inflatable castle a few feet away. That part of the “carnival” had closed early due to how long it was rented out. It wasn’t going to be deflated for a while now. That section of the warehouse was darker than the rest, slightly illuminated by the attractions, so it was perfect for what you planned to do. Before Nate could even reply, you pulled him in that direction. Your laughter filled the bounce house as you slipped inside, immediately discarding your clothes.

“Whoa hey, that’s my job!” Nate scolded, trying his best to walk closer to you on the bouncy floor. You sat up on your knees, now only wearing your bra and panties. “I thought you didn’t want to do this with people around?” he said, reaching behind your back to unclasp your bra. He gave your shoulder a light push, indicating that he wanted you to lay down. His mouth trailed down your body, taking one of your nipples into his mouth and nipping at it. He blew cool air on it until it was a hardened bud, then moved to show the same affection to the other. 

“Well it’s dark and I guess we just have to be quiet,” you replied, biting your bottom lip to suppress a moan. Nate chuckled at your answer.

“Yeah like you could ever keep quiet during sex,” he commented, words muffled since his face was in your breasts. You playfully it him upside the head receiving a harsh bite in return. His tongue lapped over the love bite, sliding down your body and warming your skin up even more. He stopped at your pubic bone. A soft hum came from you as he sucked at the skin, nibbling to form a small bruise. Your hips rose as he slowly pulled your panties off with his teeth. Luckily for you there was a ton of people at this party, so finding out where you two were would take a while. Goosebumps rose against your skin when you felt the scruff of his beard tickle your thighs. It was something that turned you on more than anything. Your wetness growing by the second. The tip of Nate’s nose brushed over your bundle of nerves making a moan slip past your lips. “Shh,” Nate hiss in return, kitty licking up your folds. A shiver ran down your spine at the feeling and your hips rose impatiently. “Shit, who made you this wet?” he asked, blowing cool air onto your clit, he took you by surprise sucking at your clit full on. “Mhm, who makes you feel this good?” he asked this time, slipping a finger into you. 

“Y-oh god, you do,” you choked out, felling him add in another finger. Nate smiled into your core, beginning to thrust his fingers in and out of you. The bounce house provided a new level to the sex. Each movement you two made the castle moved. Nate nipped at the bundle of nerves, curling his fingers up to reach a different angle. Your back arched off the rubber floor, a gasp leaving your lips. “Don’t stop,” you whined, circling your legs around his head and pushing his face more into your heat. Nate’s tongue replaced his fingers, plunging it inside of you. His arms wrapped around your legs, pulling you even closer. Your chest rose at a rapid pace as you felt your release approaching. To your dismay Nate pulled away from you, beginning to remove his clothes. His length throbbed at the thought of being inside of you. The adrenaline of possibly being caught ignited a fire within him. His eyes clouded with lust, flipping you over and giving your ass a slap. An audible gasp left your lips, a moan following after. You loved when Nate spanked you; one day you had come to the realization that you had a pain kink. More series of spanks was sent to your backside and you had to bury your face into the rubber floor to muffle your moans. Your juices began to leak out of you, sliding down your thighs. A louder moan left your lips when Nate gave your ass a playful bite, licking between your folds. The head of his length was leaking with precum, pulsating with desire. 

“How much do you want me?” Nate questioned, rubbing at your clit slowly. You whimpered, incoherent mumbles leaving your lips. Moving between your legs, Nate ran the tip of his length between your folds. The sensation making your body jerk. It happened for a split second. Nate only pushing the tip in the pulling back out in a teasing manner. He continued to do this, making you whine in frustration.

“Nate please,” you whined, “Don’t tease me just fu-hum.” The words were cut off by him entering you hard. He waited a few seconds for you to adjust, then began to curl his hips into you. Your cheek rested against the bouncy floor of the bounce house, teeth sinking into your bottom lip. Nate held himself up with his forearms, head leaning down to kiss at your neck. You pushed back into him, feeling every inch of his length leaving and entering you. A deep moan erupted from deep within Nate’s throat and he picked up the pace. His gaze shifted down to where you two were connected and he pulled out till just the tip was in. A tiny shrill left your lips as he gave a sharp thrust back in, repeating the action. He stopped thrusting letting you do the work for a few minutes. You rose your hips back into him, sweat lining your skin as you worked into him. 

“Just like that baby girl,” Nate whimpered. A series of moans left your lips when he pounded into you. Face burying into the bounce house floor. Your makeup had to be smeared all over the place by now. Lips swollen from the harsh kisses you received. Nate leaned back onto his feet and you sat up, back pressing flush against his chest. The new angle had him penetrating you at a deeper angle. His tip hitting your g-spot expertly. You couldn’t help the loud moan that left your lips, Nate immediately pulling you into a passionate kiss. Your tongues battled for dominance, him letting you win in the end. It was almost the same position as the reverse cowgirl. That would have been a better position than standing in a squat, trying to balance on a bouncy floor. This of course didn’t last long the two of you loosing your balance and falling back in a fit of giggles.

“Spoon position,” you mumbled, turning around so that you were facing him. Your leg hooked around his waist, head rested on his arm. His fingers gripped at your waist, starting to push into you once more. You began to suck love bites into his neck, hands fisting into his long hair. It didn’t take long for you to straddle him, beginning to really ride him. The bouncy castle began to shake as you bounced on and off his length. There was no hiding what you two were possibly doing in this thing now. Nate sat up, showing your breasts affection and bucking up into you. You were already close to your release, Nate depriving you of it when you two first started things. You rotated your hips down in figure eights. The sounds of skin slapping against skin mixed with the motor blowing air into the bouncy castle. Nate was close to his release and you could feel his length twitch inside of you. Your hand reached down to rub your clit at a fast pace, trying to get yourself to your release. Nate slapped your hand away, replacing it with his own. One arm circled around your body, pulling you closer and thrusting in deep. You began to wither undone atop of him, face nuzzling into the crook of his neck to muffle your moans. With how much you were clenching, it made his thrust become sloppy. Your nails digging into his shoulders. Nate released, still riding out your high and finally stopping. 

Sweat lined your skin, heat spreading between you two. You smiled down at him, cupping his cheeks and pecking his lips. A hum of satisfaction left your lips when he pulled out. You rolled off of him, reaching out for your clothes that had moved to the corner of the bounce house. “The night’s not over yet,” Nate told you, tossing your shirt over. You gave him a confused look, slipping the shirt over your head. “You still have a cake to cut and presents to open” he said. The words seemed like clockwork and seconds later the DJ was announcing the exact same thing Nate just said. 

“Then we better get out of this thing before people realize we’re missing,” you smiled, making your way to the exit. Once you were out into the light again, you pulled your phone out to fix your appearance in the camera. Nate’s arm snaked around your body, sending a kiss to the side of your head. “Thanks for the best birthday ever,” you mumbled, pulling him towards the cake.