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please enlighten me on why you think it's appropriate to ship a 15 y/o with a 28 y/o at all? because i literally don't understand how you can look at paedophilia and go 'mmm yes that's 100% okay and good gimme it', whether it's fiction or not.

How can i enjoy Hannibal and not think it’s awesome to eat people and gaslight your love interests?

How can I enjoy heist and con-man films and not think that stealing and tricking people out of their money is wrong? 

How can I enjoy sitcoms like Malcolm in the Middle and not think that screaming at and ignoring your kids feelings and needs is a good way to treat them and makes the foundation of a good family?

Sometimes people like to watch things that in reality would be bad to live through. 

When I was Yurio’s age i was completely in love with one of my teachers, would it have been good if something happened, absolutely not! That would have been bad for both of us and caused a huge amount of trouble even if i 100% wanted it at the time. But is it fun to think about a fantasy where something happened? Sure! In a fantasy you can control all the variables that make it wrong and dangerous.

The thought of having an experienced older person guide a person through their first sexual experiences (shocker, for me that was WAY before i turned 18) is an appealing fantasy. In practise it’s a lot more complicated but stories are under the control of the writer.

If you’re ever torn about what to write, please consider a Leverage AU:

Here’s why:

You get your modern Robin Hood jollies, where you can have your characters be heroes without having to get trapped by the law.

You can have both your Team Mom/Team Dad ship and your OT3. Or literally any OTP+OT3 set.

You get to give people roles, and I know that’s always popular:

  • The Mastermind: This is the person you see planning every con, every heist, every destroyed reputation. They know their team’s skills and they know their target, and they have a way to make it all end in success.
  • The Grifter: Someone’s acting their way into every situation imaginable. Faking your own death? Getting a free pass to the Oval Office? Convincing people you’re a head of state? Sure, why not. (Stage/film acting skills not required. Really, really not required.)
  • The Hitter: Every team has the muscle. In this case, the muscle is probably also the cook, has a number of very strange skills (which they probably picked up from listening to old S/O’s talking about their interests), and can identify a gun by the sound of it from three blocks away. It’s a very distinctive gun, after all.
  • The Hacker: TBH probably the best person emotionally on the team. Very good with computers. Not just hacking either, but also photoshop and whatever else is needed to create the identity of the day. May or may not include references to nerd media in said identities.
  • The Thief: They can steal anything. Anything. Had a very inconsistent upbringing. Emotionally complicated and has trouble understanding people. May or may not drive like they learned while driving getaway cars as a preteen.

More people you can choose to add:

  • Interpol: This person isn’t really a friend or an enemy. More like… an occasional opponent who’s legally obligated to attempt to arrest you at every opportunity, but still comes to you for help to get their child out of a bad situation.
  • The Sixth Ranger Grifter: The Grifter’s friend who got called in on a favor as a replacement when the Grifter went soul-searching. They’re very good at their job, even if their ‘characters’ are often quite different from The Grifter’s, and may or may not have trained at Quantico at some point.
  • The Ex: Actually still on good terms with the Mastermind, even after the divorce. Specialist in something tangentially related to cons, like art history. Slightly confused but willing to help when they think it’s a good idea.
  • The Rival Hacker: Kind of a misogynistic jackass, but played by Wil Wheaton, who makes it hilarious. Yes, Wheaton plays them even in your AU of another series. Trust me on this.
  • The Mentor: The Thief’s old teacher. Replacement parent. Made a lot of mistakes, but knows what they’re doing. Has a cane that has either a 10,000 Volt tazer, or a 6-inch stiletto, but they’ve forgotten which.
  • The Detective: the friend on the force. Officially, they know nothing about the team’s activities. Unofficially, they know a lot and would very much like to thank the team for taking out the guys that shot them that one time.
  • Those Two FBI Guys: May or may not be guys. But there are two of them, and they are completely and utterly convinced that the Hacker and the Thief are legitimate FBI agents who do a lot of undercover work. They sometimes collaborate.
  • Quinn: I’m not even sure what to say for Quinn. Gave the Hitter an ACTUAL fight on one job. They kicked each others’ asses, but are apparently on good terms a few years later when the Hitter shows up to ask Quinn for some help on a job (with a six figure payment, of course).
  • Various others that you can check out on TvTropes

I just really love AUs and would really like to encourage you all to consider a Leverage AU at some point.

I want an awesome fantasy book.

I want a fantasy novel with strong female characters.

I want a fantasy novel that addresses racism in America, both from before the civil war and today.

I want a fantasy novel with an original magic system that ROCKS.

I want a fantasy novel written by a religious man that addresses the pros and cons of religion in a respectful way for everybody.

I want a fantasy novel with basically magic ninjas.

I want a fantasy heist book.

I want a fresh new take on the idea that “There’s one king that’s in charge everywhere and is totally evil.”

I want a fantasy novel that leaves very subtle hints by the author to a huge and epic plot that’s going on in the background of almost all his books.  I also want to figure out this back plot with an excited fandom online.

I want one of the best freaking fantasy novels ever written.

the grift of the magi is the novella that is the queen of all novellas and this is your friendly reminder that heist society is an amazing series that doesn’t get nearly enough praise as it should and to read it asap if you like cons and smart clever banter and it comes with a generous serving of hale the fifth who sets the golden standard on fictional boyfriends


Robbaery Week. White Collar Criminals AU. In which both Margaery and Robb are con artists that keep tabs on each other’s work (and have this flirty-rivalry thing going on) until there’s a major heist opportunity and they team up.

“No” he says, roundly. Honestly, Margaery wants to slap him. “Look, I’m all about screwing Lannister Incorporated,” technically, they’d be stealing from Cersei Lannister’s private collection only, but she doesn’t point that out. “…but I’m not working with Tarly”.

“Why the hell not?” she demands. Granted, Dickon Tarly is not her favorite person in the world, and she much rather deal with his brother Sam (hell of a hacker, that one), but surely Stark must see the benefits of having him as the muscle.

“I’ll tell you why not. First,” he says, holding up his finger “I’ve worked with Dickon Dickhead before, he doesn’t like me. Second, what he does like are guns and using them. He will hurt someone, I assure you” Margaery starts to protest but he cuts her “His methods are tactless, crass and violent. To join forces with him would be an insult to both your intelligence and my abilities.”

Well, fuck. He touched a nerve there, and judging by his smile, he knows it.

“That heart of yours is gonna be bad for business” she says, suppressing a sigh.

“Oh, don’t I know it” He answers, and there’s a strange gleam to his eyes as he looks at her.

One day, one rhyme- Day 878

Low lying land near eerie swamp,
Sure to receive a lot of fog;
Hard wood floors, great to clomp and stomp;
High ceilings echo dialogue;
All furniture is unsecured,
So can be scraped about with ease;
Large brick basement where all are lured;
Nice space between walls, no more squeeze;
Hidden passageways, with spy-holes
Behind creepy portraits in paint;
Large rooms, to meet all ‘wailing’ goals;
Old floorboards creak without restraint;
Plenty of pictures on the walls,
Ready to fling at any time;
Terrible lighting in the halls
To make creepy shadows sublime;
Nearby substation provides hum
Of unsettling background music;
Throughout, the decor is grey glum;
Old staircases that squeak and click;
Outdoor fire pit and drowning pool;
Has been the scene of seven heists;
Air-con for ghostly breezes cool":
Selling realty to poltergeists.

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Ocean's 11 type AU with the 7+others robbing some rich ass place.

ok I think the most important part of this Au would be Percy and Annabeth as a divorced couple that still has insane chemistry!!! HOLY!!!!!!! 

  • Percy gets out of prison and flies to California to meet up with his best friend Jason and to discuss a new heist 
  • they fly to Vegas to propose the plan to their wealthy friend/former Casino owner Nico Di Angelo who is hesitant at first but then sees the silver lining of sticking it to an old rival, Luke Castellan who owns the casinos they plan on robbing 
  • they move forward by recruiting former colleagues who all have different specialties 
  • Travis Stoll who is a talented pickpocket; his brother Connor who is a con man and works in a casino; Leo and Nyssa, a couple of great mechanics; Argus, a surveillance expert; Charles who is an explosives expert; Hermes, an old man who is a seasoned con artist; and Frank who is a very accomplished acrobat 
  • while casing the casino the crew stumbles upon the fact that Percy’s ex wife Annabeth is Luke’s girlfriend 
  • Jason suggests they abandon the plan, because Percy has never been able to think clearly when it comes to Annabeth but Percy refuses to just give up 
  • as events unfold, Percy tricks Luke into admitting that the money means more to him than Annabeth
  • Luke has Percy escorted off the property and turned into the authorities for violating his parole, for which he receives 3-6 months 
  • when he is once again released, he is welcomed by Annabeth and Jason and the three drive off in a blue Maserati (with Luke’s body guards in pursuit)