and all that fancy shit im gonna be educated on eventually

In case you’re curious about the other things I deal with/have been being tested or treated for some is listed on my blog page, but I’ll write some out here: fibromyalgia, endometriosis, cholingeric urticaria, possible lupus, TMJ syndrome, asthma, dissociation, hallucinations, ocd traits, phobias. Helping me out through this is huge for me, because it means I’m more able to afford having to call in sick, go out of town for medical, cover the cost of living (food, rent, etc.), and that I’d have an easier time with leaving my job for next term while I take 5/6 courses. Until then, I NEED to maintain a GPA over 3.5 (it’s currently 3.7) so that I can have a better chance at receiving scholarship money as well.

You’d all be doing me such a huge favor, and when I get my degree I’m going to try and offer online counseling services by donation so everyone can have access to professional counseling in a more confidential manner and since it would be offered over the internet those who are unable or unwilling to leave their home for counseling wouldn’t have to!

Please remember regardless that I’m always here to read your messages and give advice on anything whenever you need, you can reach me both at my main blog illusoryacid but also on the advice blog our-angel-olivia ! :)

Stay frosty,


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