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can we just appreciate how nice @sleepy-kinq is ,? Like??? Hecc what the fuc

He goes through alot yet he still manages to be compassionate and stuff,
dude if that was me i would stone!!cold!!! honestly this is why it pisses me off when people find the decency to hate on him like the fuck,, ples shush your mouth go to the corner you niplple
he’s real nice to everybody, literally e v e r y b o d y
the only person he’s ever snapped at is prob birdie, but even then he wasnt even that,,,??? mean about it?,
skrill is extremely mature for his age,
honestly, he really is, because he owns up to his mistakes and never sugarcoats anything
ples,, jsut,, stop judging him and calling him heartless and stuff, he really isnt, at all.
hes a really cool dude if you get to know him, hes not just some person who drew sensitive art in the past
instead of giving him hate give him lov, its easier to giv lov then hate my fren

so apparently i have synesthesia  and i didnt realise not everyone sees things like i do and i’ve been living my whole life oblivious 

On gendered pronouns:

Something you may see pushed a lot here is the idea that pronouns are not inherently gendered. I understand, this may be confusing especially if you are new at identity politics and all this cool new nonbinary stuff! So allow me to explain a little about what we mean:

Yes, pronouns have very specific connotations in regards to gender, this is true. “he/him” is regarded as masculine, “she/her” as feminine, and “they/them” as functionally neutral; qualities ascribed to the words themselves that help an individual express their gender and identity. However, pronouns are not the only ways people express their genders, or express how they interact with their gender.

Let’s say, for instance, dresses. Commonly seen as “women’s clothing”, right? Usually, you see only women wearing dresses, but that does not mean that women wear only dresses, or that they are the only ones who do. Women can also wear traditionally masculine clothing, and men can wear dresses as well! While seeing a cis man in a dress may not be as common (or often played for laughs), it does not mean that a man who wears a dress becomes a woman solely because of what he is wearing. It just happens to be something he is comfortable wearing, it is his and he likes it. Similarly, a woman in masculine dress is not suddenly a man, for both the way they dress are just ways they present who they are to the world, like with any form of dress.

A transgender man may not be comfortable wearing a dress, either because they just. Don’t want to. Or because he is uncomfortable with how gender becomes ascribed to it- and as a result, to him- regardless of how the item may be used, and is uncomfortable with associating himself with femininity due to the struggles of being transgender. A transgender man may also be perfectly happy and comfortable in a dress! They are nice, they are pretty, and regardless of what he is wearing, he is still a man, just in the way a cis man wearing a dress remains a man as well. Of course, it becomes more complicated than that, but this is just a surface level example.

Pronouns are much the same way. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have use for gendered pronouns, we could be safe and free to express ourselves in any way and have our identities accepted without assumptions being forced upon us by others. But this is not a perfect world, and so, “he” is masculine, “she” is feminine, and so forth. A nonbinary person may be comfortable with the pronouns they were assigned, because they just feel right and good to have, but that doesn’t make that person any less nonbinary than one who uses “they/them”, it just makes them….a person who uses traditionally gendered pronouns. A cis woman can use “they/them” and still identify as a cis woman, because “they/them” is just how they feel is the right way to be addressed. Pronouns, like dresses, have gender ascribed to them but are, like dresses, not inherently gendered; their only gender is that of the person using them.


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Noooo don't delete!!! How is the world supposed to know that ily?? I mean, they probably already know that you're an absolutely amazing and beautiful and sweet person but-- okay I lost myself in how cool you are

(( But….but you don’t even know me really! ;A;  I’m flattered but oh no, I’m worried too, you think I’m cool and all that other stuff and that is like the biggest misconception a person can make about me, XD )) 

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*


for those who can’t watch the overview, or have not yet

  • Doomfist is one of the leaders of Talon
  • He is an offensive hero
  • He uses his gauntlet in a “rocket punch,” which is a wind up attack
  • His rocket punch ability passes through shields/barriers to do knockback and damage (it’s a projectile like fire strike)
  • He’s sort of like a fighting game character, has combos 
  • Rocket punch does more damage with the knockback if the enemy hits an object, like playing pool
  • His other ability is an uppercut punch, launching himself and the targeted enemy into the air
  • When Doomfist is in the air, uppercut ability or not, he gets an attack reticle on other characters that allows him to “seismic slam” them
  • His primary attack is a shotgun shell in his fist
  • Ultimate ability Meteor Strike - target reticle like mentioned above, he rises in the air, crashing down on them and stunning them. Like a Reinhardt ult from above (He’s like Thor from Smite)
  • His passive is a temporary shield, gained by punching enemies

So in conclusion, he will be harder to kill the more combos he is allowed to land because he has a shield (though it will decay) He is an excellent dive character and will quite possibly be one of the most tankiest offensive heroes


I needed to figure out how to draw Aurene for reasons.

Other NPCs: *help out in battle, give important story info, sell cool things, etc*

Me: Okay.


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Me: You are my precious princess, the best thing that ever has and ever will exist, the pinnacle of all that is good in the world, my fat lumpy adorable perfect dragon child.


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

  • Hanamaki: *trying to cheer Oikawa up after break-up* Oikawa, you have a lot to offer someone! You're funny, you're smart.
  • Matsukawa: You're creative, you've got style!
  • Iwaizumi: ...
  • Iwaizumi: Oh, did you want me to say something?
  • Iwaizumi: You have hair. Your name is Oikawa.
  • Oikawa: Thanks, Iwa-chan.

Shirtless, Senior year, ok-about-his-scars, bandanna-wearing Captain Neil.
Here we see the results of Neil having possibly channeled all his nervous energy- re:Andrew being away- into gym time and runs.

Idk I drew this at work. Stealthily. So my coworkers can’t guess how gay I am.

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