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how do you know if you're in love???

I honestly asked my friend this same question just hours ago as I was clueless myself but thinking about it now I think it’s when for the first time after what seemed like a dreadful year (or life), you look forward to waking every morning knowing he (let’s use he as it’s me talking) will be there for you. I think it’s just plain seeing him and being happy that’s he’s around. It’s being happy just by hearing his voice. No matter how bad your day is, one message from him would make your entire day. It’s when he makes you want to write long letters and huge poems. It’s not all about “lust”- it’s more of the intimate relationship you have together. It’s when the simplest of things count. It’s when you start to mature and start to plan something with him for the future. It’s when he makes you want to start fixing your life. It’s when he’s always in your head 3 pm or 3 am. It’s when you can’t stop talking or thinking about him. It’s when you just really always miss him even if he’s right beside you. It’s the “I used to like green eyes but now blue eyes are my favorite”. It’s when all love and cheesy stuff just apply for him. It’s when you begin to see nothing but him and you value him like you value yourself. It’s not the “heart pounding, hands sweating” feeling but more of the “I feel home” feeling. It’s more of like talking to yourself- being yourself with someone without worries. It’s when you begin to really trust him with everything and that includes your happiness. It’s when he’s your happiness. It’s when subconsciously you change for the better. It’s when you once again start opening up after a long time. It’s when you are denying it at most cause you are afraid of how strong you feel and last I think while you’re reading this- there’s someone in your head right now and you’re just contemplating whether you’re in love with him or not but hey the fact that he or she is the person (out of billions of people) in your mind while you read this must say a lot.

Snuggle up it gets cold ❄️

it would have been so easy for the scene in which Todd chases Neil to get his notebook back to end in one of them stumbling and the other one not reacting soon enough and falling on top of the other and they’re still laughing and out of breath, but when they realise how close their faces are they stop laughing and it’s this moment which they know can end up with them kissing, but then they get startled by noises from the hallway and so they quickly get back up again but neither of them can stop thinking about this and how fast their hearts were beating

think about how Neil’s giggling would have stopped suddenly as his eyes wandered to Todd’s mouth which was right over him, and Todd would have his arms on either side of Neil’s face and he’d be like, “well shit, why do I like this???”

So I was drunk and I had this dream where when you turn 17 a tattoo that represents your soulmate appears on your skin in a random place and its colour is proportional to the love your soulmate has for you.

Jimin has two little wings on his fingers, and he knows it’s Jungkook. He just knows it’s the maknae of his group, he has always loved him. Sadly, the wings are just black, so he always wear a ring because he doesn’t want to be reminded that his soulmate -the love of his life- doesn’t love him.
When Jungkook turns 17, he and the other members are gathered in their living room waiting for the tattoo to appear, but nothing happens. Jin tries to calm Jungkook with a “maybe it takes some time, we’ll se tomorrow, yeah?” So Jungkook goes to take a shower and HOLY SHIT there’s a super colourful flower on his hip.
He’s excited but also annoyed because “wtf I’m A MAN with a flower tattooed”.
So he never let others see his tattoo ‘cause “it’s in a very private part”.
Jimin looks under the ring on his finger: his tattoo is still black. He swears he’s never going to look at it again.
Time passes, it’s 2015 and Jungkook starts to panic because the colours of his tattoo are gradually becoming less vibrant.
He spends a lot of time walking around, looking at people, hoping to meet a person that would make his heart flutter, but nothing.
The flower on his hip, once painted with beautiful colours, now it’s almost black. He just gives up.
One day he’s putting on a pair of underwear after a shower and Namjoon -who never knocks- walked in their shared room and sees the tattoo.
“Isn’t that an hibiscus?”
“S-Sorry but don’t you know that hibiscus are Jimin’s favourite flowers?”
“What the fuck are you saying hyung”
So Namjoon takes him to Jimin’s room -thankfully no one is there- and points to a picture of baby Jimin where he’s holding a bunch of hibiscus in his small hands.
“Listen hyung, it’s a coincidence, how many people have a picture with flowers, c'mon”
“Yeah, but how many people have a picture with hibiscus AND a collection of dried hibiscus?” And he takes this notebook from Jimin’s bedside table and it’s full of hibiscus, and Jungkook wants to disappear because, 1) his soulmate is a man and it’s his band mate 2) how in the hell he didn’t know about these stuff.
So Jungkook tries to make Jimin love him again, but he doesn’t tell him he’s his soulmate because he couldn’t handle the rejection. He hugs Jimin, compliments him and all those cheesy stuff that he tought would make himself cringe, but he actually loves showering Jimin with attentions.
He loves Jimin, but, apparently, Jimin doesn’t love him anymore.
Does he even know Jungkook is his soulmate?
Run comeback is near and Jungkook is so fucking tired of trying to make Jimin love him again. His tattoo is colourless. So he just gives up, again.

Jimin Is on his bed, reading a really cheesy book, when he cuts his finger with the paper. He then goes to the bathroom to disinfect it, but a little bit of blood went under the ring, the one he never -never- takes off.
He takes a deep breath, preparing himself to the sting at his heart, and slides the ring off of his finger.
His heart stops.
The wings are painted in a beautiful golden colour.
He run towards Jungkook’s room.

Jungkook is working out in his boxer, when the door slams open.
Why doesn’t anyone fuckin knock?
He sees Jimin -so beautiful- and his eyes are glossy, his cheeks flushed and wet from the tears he’s shedding and he sticks his hand towards him, showing him the golden wings tattooed on his finger and Jungkook fucking loses it.
He runs and hugs Jimin so tight that he starts coughing, but he’s hugging him back so tightly, sobbing into his naked chest, tears flowing from the older’s eyes to Jungkook’s abdomen and even if they’re are basically squeezing each other, they feel like they’re breathing for the first time.
The younger cries too, one hand on Jimin’s back and the other in the orange hair and he’s so fucking happy.

They stare at each other, tears still rolling down from their eyes, the distance between their lips reducing, and they’re kissing, feeling the salt from their tears.

Jungkook -with Jimin surprise- pulls his boxers slightly down and looks at the tattoo : the hibiscus has never been more colourful.

1) Jikook is real
2) my English sucks
3) drunk me is a genius


robert „romance novel” sugden


“I’m sure the Library will be in good hands.”


Buckle up y'all this is gonna be a lonnggg one.

I know that I truly love her because she hurt me on a whole another level and I still love her. I have a right to be mad at her, but I’m not. I “should be” speaking poorly of her, but I’m not, I only speak positively about her. I could have flipped out on her, but I didn’t, I don’t want to, I see no need to. I could be the most bitter thing towards her, but I’m not, I don’t want to be, I let her go knowing that I love her and I always will, she will always have someone to turn to. I could have left her before she got the chance to leave me, but I didn’t, I gave her the decision, because if it was up to me we would be in each other’s lives forever. I want her to be free, I want her to be happy, I want her to know that she matters, I want her to know she is so dearly loved, I want her to know she is so incredibly unique and special, I want her to know I will always love her, I want her to know that my arms will always be wide open for her, I want her to know that I have yet to find anything that compares to her, I want her to know that she is so valued, I want her to know that there will always be a spark of love in my heart for her, I want her to know that I love all of her, even though I don’t know every single detail of her life, I see who she is because of it, she is strong and beautiful and so gentile and she has been hurt, I can see those parts of her and I love her. I don’t only love her because she is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, I loved her because she was raw, she had such spark about certain things, she understood, she listened, she was patient, she had a way with words, she could make me melt in a single sentence, she worked so hard, she made me feel like I mattered to someone, to at least her and that is all I needed in life, she gave purpose to life, she saw the beauty of things and the sad side of things, her mind took a while to learn, but once I got a drift of how it worked I fell in love, she has so much genuine love for her pets, she was true, she was the definition of cuteness, she was such a goofball, she had sass, she changed me, she made me happy, she made me smile, she made me cry, she made me sad. She was the only person I let my walls down for. I gave her my heart and forever I think she will have it, maybe one day it won’t be all of it, but she will always have the majority of it. I wanted to know all of her. I wanted to know her full story of life. I wanted to know why she is the person she is, I wanted to understand her in a way that no one had before, I wanted to be the one for her, I wanted to know all major events of her life, all the little ones too, I wanted to know the little things that she loved, the tiny facts that no one pays attention to, I wanted to truly know her, I wanted to feel her pain and joy, I wanted to know her favorite memories and her least favorite, I wanted to know her favorite thing about herself, I wanted to know her least favorite thing about herself. I wanted her to know I would love her no matter what. I wanted to spoil her, I wanted to take her on dates, I wanted to love her in her best and worst moments, I wanted to take her places, I wanted to finish that game of 20 questions, I wanted to love her through every mood and phase, I wanted to take her to the movies and leave not even knowing what the movie was about, I wanted to hold her hand, I wanted to give her my jacket when she got cold, I wanted to hug her, I wanted to kiss her forehead just because I could, I wanted to stare into her beautiful eyes and just think “wow”, I wanted to take her out to dinner, I wanted to stargaze with her by my side, I wanted to give her a massage after a long day at work, I wanted to dance in the rain with her, I wanted to hold her at night when she got frightened because of a nightmare, I wanted to fall asleep next to her, I wanted to wake up next to her, I wanted to see her do something she loved and watch how she would light up, I wanted to go on deep conversation walks, I wanted to be with her, I just wanted to be in her presence, I wanted to do that cute little run hug thing and then fall on our butts because it’s not a movie, I wanted to show her everything, I wanted to take her to New York City and Paris, I wanted to love her forever, I wanted to wake up every day just feeling so happy because I got to be with my love, I wanted to take her to that place she dreamed about, where we could love each other endlessly, where we could be ourselves without worries, where we would shiver from closeness, where nothing would stand in our way, where it would be every thing that she dreamed of and so much more, I want to take her there and be with her. I wanted to fall asleep listening to her voice, I wanted to show up at her work and order breakfast, only paying in change, because I know it annoys the crap out of her, I wanted to look at her, I mean just look at her, take in her beauty, I wanted to know every scar on her body and where it came from, I wanted to give her some of my own clothes, so that she would think of me every time she wore them, I wanted to buy her everything that her little heart desired, I wanted to give my little girl a kiss whenever she was down, I wanted to be a brat whenever she would try to kiss me and turn my head so that she would end up kissing my cheek, then she would get upset and she would make me kiss her, I wanted to tell her all of my useless knowledge, I wanted to tell her all of my stupid thoughts and ideas, I wanted to horribly sing love songs to her, I wanted her to meet my puppy, I wanted to meet her little bunny, I wanted to do all stupid cheesy sappy stuff with her, I wanted to teach her how to play soccer, I wanted to watch the sunset with her, I wanted to wake up early and see the sunrise with her, I wanted to enjoy her favorite month (October) together, I wanted to tackle her into a pile of leaves and then run away from her chasing me trying to tackle me, I wanted to carve a pumpkin with her, I wanted to just sit with her watching the leaves fall, enjoying the silence that we rarely ever have, I wanted to wake up extra early to make her breakfast, I wanted to get all bundled up with her go to the beach and watch the way the waves crash onto the shore, and see how the fall waves differ from the summer time waves, I wanted to catch lightning bugs with her and then let them go because we want them to be free, I wanted to take her to Starbucks and get the cliche seasonal drinks, I wanted to go through a flipping corn maze holding her hand, and I wanted to get lost doing so because we were being such morons, I wanted to watch her kick ass on the court, I wanted to kiss her in the moonlight on a night time fall walk, because I can’t resist kissing my little cutie, I wanted to be with her while the seasons changed and we had to deal with the terrible winters that we get up here, I wanted to play in the snow with her, because we truly are children at heart, I wanted to tackle her into pile of snow and again have to run away from her chasing me, I wanted to catch snow flakes on our tongues, I wanted to have snowball fights with her, I wanted to go ice skating for my first time with her, and you know of course fall on my ass and have her laugh at me, I wanted to go around looking at Christmas lights with her, and a cup of hot chocolate of course, then I wanted to kiss her when the ball drops and we start a New Year, after that I wanted to give her the absolute best birthday and birthday present ever, whatever that would have been, I would have made it happen. I wanted her to be my cheesy valentine I wanted to buy her a teddy bear and all of that stuff, I wanted to take her out on a ton of dates, whether that be dinner, a movie, stargazing, napping, breakfast, watching the sunset, dancing at 4 in the morning, watching the sun rise, cuddling, going to a carnival, or anything really. I wanted to get to know her in a way that I have never known anyone else before, I wanted to know all about her, I wanted to know all of her thoughts, I wanted to know all of her ideas, I wanted to bring her flowers, I wanted to give her everything, I wanted to be there when she gets sick so that I could give her soup and medicine and make sure that she rests and gets better, I wanted to be there when she gets a tummy ache and just needs to relax, I wanted to do all of this and soooooo much more. She will always be my 11:11 wish, my birthday wish, and my wish upon a star. I truly do think that I love her, I can’t say for sure because love never really was my forte. I believe that I am, because if I’m not in love with her, then what the hell does actually falling in love feel like?!?! Like that must be some crazy shit! I mean this is some crazy shit that I’m feeling to begin with soo….

Thank you for reading my “rant”. If anyone is hurting, I’ve heard that it gets better eventually. I feel your pain, we are all hurting together. Try listening to some Halsey she understands pain. Huge thank you to you guys too! Thank you for letting me air out my thoughts, feelings, and pain, it has helped me so much!

boyfriend!sodapop hc's :,)

— loves to play with your hair
— he even made you teach him to braid so he could do it to your hair
— hugs your waist from behind you and pulls you into him
— absentmindedly traces his fingers over your skin while watching tv or doing something else
— loves to hold your hands. literally he’ll just take your hand in his and not let go unless he absolutely has to
— this boy is SO cheesy, he loves cheesy pick up lines and all of that typa stuff
— overprotective af i literally cannot stress this enough
— but he respects you and your independence and trusts you. he’s not controlling at all
— thinks of you so highly it’s cute and sad at the same time, like sometimes he feels like he’s not good enough for you
— attempts to cook you breakfast even though he’s a horrible chef so most of time it’s just cereal
— but you love it and think it’s adorable nonetheless

Valentine's Day at 221B Baker Street
  • John: *obviously loves all the cheesy Valentine's Day stuff*
  • Sherlock: John let's not do all that stupid stuff today
  • John: *buys Sherlock roses*
  • Sherlock: thank you but Valentine's Day is dumb
  • John: *takes Sherlock on a picnic*
  • Sherlock: its a made up holiday
  • John: *takes Sherlock out for a fancy candle lit dinner*
  • Sherlock: it was invented to sell more cards and flowers
  • John: *buys Sherlock heart shaped chocolates*
  • Sherlock: people should love love everyday John not just once a year
  • Sherlock: *secretly loves all of the cheesy trash*
  • John: *secretly knows it*

Just know that there are a lot of people in the phandom that are lovely and deserve appreciation. A huge thanks to anyone that makes any kind of content. Whether that be drawings, fan fics, gifs, edits, screenshots, moodboards, or text posts that talk about their thoughts, feelings, and theories. We appreciate the content you bring to us. As well as people who just reblog, because of you reblogging a post, that is helping spread the post, and that means a lot. I enjoy seeing people’s faces in meet ups because everyone is so attractive (not fair) and it’s nice seeing people complimenting each other. You’re all great!

  • He’d be so into matching things like clothes and phone cases and all that cheesy stuff oml
  • and when you’d be like “noooooo, it’s too cheesy” he’d just say that he wants to show off his beautiful girlfriend and you’d let him buy it
  • so basically he would have you wrapped around his little finger
  • this would also include his obsession with cuddling you every moment possible
  • especially around the other band members
  • bc that boy has no shame 
  • so say you’d be watching a movie with the group and it doesn’t matter the genre tbh
  • they’d all be there sat like normal peeps (probably not bc its pentagon but lets roll with it anyway) 
  • and he’d just insist on cuddling you and holding you and it would be unbelievably cute so you wouldn’t be able to resist
  • whilst you’d be watching the movie he’d just constantly be pecking your cheek or kissing your forehead and the members would just cringe every single time but they’d find it real cute and would definitely tease him about it later.
  • One of the things you’d love most about him would be his thoughtful and small gestures
  • it would be things like opening the door for you, bringing you home your favourite snacks or maybe buying you a book whenever he went to the bookstore
  • it would be the tiny things like that, that would just make you fall in love with him even more
  • because every time it would make you realise that he paid attention to everything you said, he’d be so attentive it would be unreal
  • you wouldn’t want him to spend money on you or anything 
  • you’d just love the fact that he listened and he cared.
  • bc he’s a cheesy son of a yanan he’d make the ultimate cheesy jokes/puns
  • like you’d never hear the end of it
  • but because you laugh at it every time he wouldn’t be able to help himself 
  • he’d just love seeing you laugh and be happy, the sound of your laugh would just light up his entire world.
  • he’d be obsessed with your butt and he’d always just like touch it, squeeze it or pat it or something but let’s be honest
  • you’d dig it
  • like you’d be lying in your bed and you’d just feel his hand on your ass and he’d be like “hey” and you’d just reply with “can you not” but he wouldn’t move it so you’d just end up lying there, cuddling and a hand on your butt.
  • So basically to summarise this, Hongseok would be a pretty awesome bf tbh

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I have returned, even tho i didn’t really go anywhere but at the same time I just fell off the face of the earth and i apologise sincerely.

So here is a boyfriend!hongseok and I’m going to make a series of pentagon boyfriend scenarios bc why not ;p

so hello and I hope you enjoy!!! 


Got7 Hyungline reacting to you(reader) being cheesy:


He’d smile so brightly.
“Eyyy! I didn’t know you were capable of being so cute.” He’d say and pull you into a tight back hug, burying his nose in the crook of your neck. “I need more now.” He’d whisper sexily and you’d blush and stutter in attempt to get out another cheesy line. Jaebum, then would laugh seeing you stammer. You’d push him away for laughing and run away but he’d catch you just in time and spin you around, kissing you on the forehead gently.
“You’re too cute for your own good.”


Mark would blush so hard. He’d bury his face into the heels of his palms and laugh out so loud after a while. You’d get embarrassed upon seeing his reaction and smack him for laughing so hard on the arm lightly and then he’d apologize. “I’m sorry - but that was so adorable.” He’d pinch your cheeks in affection and you’d pout. “Don’t do that. It makes me want to kiss you bad.” He’d say, inching forward but you would pull away and get away, trying to tease him but you’d fail because Mark always gets what he wants. And then he’d catch you and then drag you to the bedroom. (Insert smirk)


Jackson would pout so bad and throw up his arms in the air. “Hey that’s my job! I’m the cheesy one in this relationship!” He’d say acting like a child and you’d laugh at his face and tease him for being so emotional over this. He’d shut up then but in the next few days you’d notice him saying too many cheesy things and then the both of you would get into a heated cheesiness competition; with the both trying to one out each other. Of course Jackson would win because he is hella cheesy and then he’d give you a punishment asking you to make his favorite dishes which you would happily and then he’d ask you to give him ten kiss coupons. He’d use them carefully.


Jinyoung would stop whatever he’s doing and gape at you with a face that says ‘are you serious?’ He’d ask you to never to that again and you’d get mad saying I was just doing it for you. You’d leave the room and Jinyoung would tell you that he was just joking but you wouldn’t listen to him. You wouldn’t even sleep with him on the bed and go sleep on the bed in the guest room. He’d get sad and look up cheesy pick up lines online and then sneak into your room in the middle of the night and wake you up, bombarding with all kinds of cheesy stuff. Even as far as doing ayegyo for you. You wouldn’t be able to resist his charm and give in almost instantly. He’d then carry you back to the bedroom and then you’d sleep together, cuddling and wrapping your limbs around each other.

Cat Got Your Tongue? : Bokuto Koutarou

Anon: Can I request a scenario of Nekoma’s manager having a crush on Bokuto? Maybe it’s weird but hahaha thank you so much, you are so lovely!

This was too amazing?? Also, I have personal headcanons for a Nekoma manager so they are written in my image!


Being Nekoma’s manager was…


To say that it was difficult would be an understatement. To say that it was like looking after nine stubborn and sometimes-insufferable man-children would be mostly correct.

The only time it got worse was when Kuroo and Bokuto spent time together, and not just for the team either, it got majorly worse for you. Not only did you have to stop those two from doing stupid shit and uploading it to Snapchat and the team’s twitter pages, but you had to put up with Bokuto’s flirting and Kuroo’s overprotectiveness.

You didn’t mind the flirting, really. It was all sweet stuff, if somewhat cheesy, and he never overstepped himself, but you thought the flirting as getting to you. Whenever Bokuto came over you felt your heart speed up, and had you spent way too much time looking at his arms lately? You couldn’t tell. Your face always felt hot and you maybe felt a bit too hot when you saw him play. What? You could appreciate an athlete’s physique and play-style.
Maybe you had been laughing a little too hard at his jokes. That was normal, Bokuto was hilarious. 

So, maybe you had a little bit of a crush. 

After not seeing Bokuto since the summer camp, you presumed the feelings had died down, but here you were at the Spring Tournament still staring at Bokuto Koutarou’s ass.

To be completely fair, it was a very nice ass, and you weren’t the only one who had noticed.

“Are you staring at the Captain’s ass?” Yukie asked you, and you replied by making your clipboard across your face.

“He’s not my Captain,” you replied, turning way to stare intently down at the team’s plays. The words swam in front of your eyes, not making any sense. “And of course I wasn’t. Koutarou is nothing but a friend to me.”

Yukie raised an eyebrow, a sly grinning crossing her shell-pink lips as she flicked red hair behind her. “Koutarou, hmm?”

“I didn’t mean that,” You protested, your cheeks aflame and you turned back to Yukie. You scowled at her, glaring fiercely. “You say anything and I find many ways to make you suffer.”

Yukie held her hands up in surrender. “I get it, just watch out because Mister-Nice-Ass is heading right this way.

“What?!” You screeched.

“Yo, Y/N!” Bokuto greeted as Yukie grinned a final time and moved over to Kaori. You turned, startled, and tripped right into his chest, he placed steading hands on your arms and pulled you up, laughing. “Watch out! Wouldn’t want you tripping and falling over.”

“Yes,” you agreed, nodding vigorously. “That would be unfortunate.” You coughed and pulled away, brushing invisible dust off of your clothes. “You’re on next, right? Yukie told me. You’ll play well.”

Bokuto brightened up and for a moment his grin rivalled the sun’s, before he leant forward and pressed a chaste kiss to your lips.

“Cheer for me, and give me some of that good luck you always give Nekoma,” he reached forward to caress your cheek before he smiled and moved away, turning with a wave. “Maneki-neko.

As he returned to his teammates, you pressed your fingers to your lips, eyes wide as you feel familiar arms around your shoulders, and the familiar tickle of black hair.

“We’re on against Karasuno next,” Kuroo said, grinning before he looked down at you, his grin turning into a frown. “Hey, what’s up with you? Cat got your tongue?”

You shook your head, your lips curling into a smile. “No, an owl actually.”