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When it comes to Saiko's speech, I remember it being said once that she talks old fashioned. Is it a consistent speech-type thing, or is it more of a deliberate sprinkling of words for flavor?

No, she’s not old-fashioned! She’s actually talking in otaku-ben, an (unofficial) “otaku dialect”. From time to time she’ll talk in different dialects like Kansai dialect or Nagoya dialect, and sometimes she’ll throw in old-fashioned phrases,  but all of it together just sounds like someone has watched a bit too much anime and now just imitates different characters’ way of talking. 

It sort of sounds cute and it’s too bad English translation doesn’t pick up on her speech patterns - although in many cases it would be hard to find an appropriate translation for a certain accent.

There are few important things I really want to talk about. Please reblog so everyone who’s in Eddsworld Fandom can see.

FIRST OF ALL, I just want to make sure people understands that what they are doing is wrong and how they are ruining the fandom. Here are some points I sorted out.

1. TomTord Fandom


And now for the people who hates the ship. Look, I get it ㅡ you guys probably don’t know why people ship them because they clearly hate each other but look. There’s a thing called “hate ship”. You pair two characters who hate each other. Basically every fandom has one so you need to get over with it. Don’t tell tomtord shippers weird or don’t just swear at them. Nobody’s the same so you should respect what others like or ship.

2. Shipwars

Oh god where do we start… Everyone has their own OTP and you should respect others. People can ship whatever they want if it’s fictional! Please don’t say this ship is better than the other. That’s only your opinion. Everyone can’t be the same. If you keep saying them aloud you’ll bring hatred over some people. DON’T.

3. Forced Shipping

For all eddsworld askblogs ㅡ this message goes to you. Except for the blogs that’s about specific ships. (EX. Ask toredd! Ask tomtord!) That way people knows what ships they have so who hates it can easily avoid it.

There might be some people who are very uncomfortable with the ship you guys are including on the blog. Especially in the au blog. People there are following the blog because they’re interested in the plot and the story line the au follows. Well, maybe some ships but you shouldn’t put that in the middle.

4. Using arts without credit


5. Harassment

As you know, Tord and Tom left because people wouldn’t stop forcing them to make out or be together in real life ㅡ same goes to Paultryk now. I’m not saying that I’m against the ship. I’m saying that don’t cross the line. Imagine if group of people shipping you with your friend and won’t stop talking about it and forcing you to kiss your friend. How annoying would that be? Also, please when you draw fan arts or write a fanfiction don’t use their last name because that’s just messed up. They’re real life people just like you and me! Later, if they get a job or something normally their boss searches up their name to see who they are. WELP IF YOU LOOK AT THE RESULTS THERE WILL BE GAY FANARTS ALL OVER THE PLACE PLEASE DON’T RUIN THEIR LIFE. PEOPLE ALSO SENDS BUNCH OF GAY FANARTS TO THEM ALSO?! WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT’S A GOOD IDEA?!??!

Tord can’t even use his own name now because of you guys. He disappeared because he was scared, disgusted by you people. Tord’s youtube channel is gone too ㅡ why are you doing this to them? 

6. R.I.P


It’s not fine at all.

What the fuck is wrong with you all? Why? We all love Eddsworld but you guys are ruining it for many people.

So Target has these little bitty pots in the dollar section and they come with a little seed kit. They had sunflowers and poppies and I was a little skeptic thinking, “This is too cute to work for a dollar”. But look! Bitty sprouts!! Great for witches of all sorts!!! And if you keep an eye out, they usually have different ones throughout the Spring seasons :) maybe it could be something for Ostara?

Lams Fic Rec: Fluff

props to all the authors who provide this stuff. they’re the real heros. i’m just here to read all of it. feel free to recommend anything that you think deserves to be on this list. fics aren’t in any particular order.

laurens, i like you a lot, word count 5176, rated explicit

its got a teensy-weensy tiny bit of plot but I thought it was a really cute premise and it got sexy at the end (fake dating au? sort of)

Bold Strokes, word count 1777, rated teen

this!!! Im crying!! Alex thinks john is mad at him but really john just drew alex a bunch of times and feels guilty about it!!! My babies are too much!!

conifer, word count 1748, rated teen

historical lams, this one was so cute!! The emotions were very raw and you could tell how much they cared for each other (warning: gore for bandaging a wound)

And Now, word count 1578, rated teen

very sweet historical lams, complete with a john that needs reassurance and a love confession

visit philadelphia, word count 3575, rated general

wasn’t sure exactly where to categorize this. Historical lams, honestly the dialogue and just alex in general are golden in this one

sharing body heat in the passenger seat, word count 1626, rated teen

this one is very cute and popular! I wish it was longer!!

Cold in my professions, warm in my friendships, word count 607, rated general

I love this so much!! Its so cute and fluffy and it’s way too short (aka misunderstandings are my weakness)

take me home, word count 4492, rated teen

this one’s really cute, historical but I’m pretty sure its musical!verse, because a lot of the dialogue is modern. Anyway alex and john are in love and im in love with them being in love

The French Mistake, word count 3043, rated mature

a classic. Washington walks in on alex and john making out so they convince him that it is a customary French greeting, hilarity ensues. Includes Washington/lafayette

// isn’t roasting just sort of being an asshole though
everyone uses the term roasting and me, a grandmother to a multitude of fictional characters; does not know what the fU KK that is

science, explain


- calm the FUCK down because he cannot take anything you say or do seriously it’s all so funny to him; you’re so cute when you try to act all angry.

- once you called him a stale undercooked marshmallow and he couldn’t comprehend that

- If anything he would be a beautiful, sugary, toasty marshmallow; thank you very much

- He’s too nice to strike back but he loves watching you go on your rants, especially online. you’re so intense it’s scary.


- Isn’t roasting the act of cooking something over an open fire

- He doesn’t understand? Why are you being mean to people and calling it roasting MC don’t act like this

- You call him a cat mother a lot and he hates it even though he is one

- It’s so funny to watch him try and come up with his own “roasts” because they’re awful and they’re lame insults

- Thinks “ a meanie ” is the BEST insult there is no questions asked



- You said his hair looked like hay once and he sobbed don’t do this to this man

- Gives you big lectures about how “roasting” and “being a roast master” is just BULLYING stop THAT


- Not allowed in this house

- She will activate Mom Mode™ and remove your privilege to roast

- If you’ve ever seen lilo and stitch; she’ll make a map of MC, a good and a bad percent.
MC is 5% good, 95% salty and it needs to end.

- If she needs to she’ll smack your knuckles with a ruler to get you to knock it oFF


- You may be a roast master, but you have never met the Roasty Toasty the Mosty Roastiest God there ever was to Roast

- You “roast” his name and it’s on, battle of the Roasties™

- Roasting Jumin in the chatroom is always fun with you because trustfund never knows what’s going on and Seven thinks it’s funny seeing him so confused


- get away from my man with your roasting he is innocent and untouched leave him alone never roast him, his friends, his family, his cats, the air he breathes; none of it don’t touch him


- He calls what he does roasting too but it’s just being a borderline asshole honestly he doesn’t have a filter

- Brutally honest to everyone even you have to take two steps back and maybe even hand over the crown as well because it’s so intense

- He calls your roasting weak you need to upgrade the fuck UP


Stop being so cute, it kills me. Shiemi is just too precious for this world. She’s always so genuine. And Rin always stopping himself from expressing his true feelings out of consideration for Yukio. Okay and maybe not super tactful on Rin’s part lmao

Shiemi was so sheltered as a kid that I think it’s hard for her to understand all these sorts of feelings. She already knows there’s a difference in how she feels about Yukio and how she feels about Rin, and maybe Rin’s silence as his answer will make her think about what exactly could be there.  

Nina’s Fic Recs

Week 2 - In which Nina realizes she reads way too damn much oops

Date Night by @impalaimagining - Sam x Reader, bit of angst, smut.  Man, when Sam apologizes, he really brings out the big guns… HOO BOY.

In The Beginning by @cleverdame - Daddy!Sam x Reader drabble of sorts, heartbreakingly cute fluff. Just… sweet, loving, gentle, nervous first-time Daddy!Sam. IM NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING

Escape by @lipstickandwhiskey - Sort of Dean x Reader, kind of angst. Warnings for some torture/violence. Reader is an absolute badass, and while we all like the idea of being badass enough to save ourselves, who wouldn’t want knight-in-shining-armor Dean Winchester riding to the rescue??

Just Another Monday by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing - Dean x Reader, fluff. Oh Dean… so oblivious. Your feelings aren’t gonna bite ya know… 

All Is Beautiful Pt.1 Pt.2 by @cleverdame - Sam x Reader series, Angst, smut, and fluff (the whole shebang lol). Some sexual themed violence, so heed the warnings. This is just everything Sam is, all wrapped up into one fic… the sweet, sensitive, fierce, amazing protector and hunter we all care about. What I wouldn’t give to be able to run away with him.

Close Every Door by @jotink78 - Dean x Reader series (completed), mostly angst with a happy ending.  Some heavy descriptions of torture, so definitely heed the warnings.   I just started reading this series the other day and ITS SO GOOD I blew through the whole thing in a day I just COULD NOT put it down. 

First and Last by @scorpiongirl1 - Sam x Reader, A/B/O dynamics, SMUT. Uhmm. Holy fuck. Dayummm. Just… damn. Stock up on batteries/towels/water bottles/what-have-you before you read this one, kay?

Mysterious Hazelnut by @deanwinchester-af - Sam x Reader, fluff. This story is the kind of coffee shop AU that gives me unrealistic expectations about coffee shops…. like, WHY CANT THIS EVER HAPPEN TO ME ITS SO CUTE AND PERFECT 

This gif drabble by @cleverdame - Sam x Reader, smut. Ok so I know her writings are on here like 3 times but I just discovered her this week so I’ve been slowly reading over her Master List so forgive me… And uhhhh for this one, I’m gonna need a minute over here… and maybe a change of undies.

Laundry Day by @moonlitskinwalker - Dean x Reader, maybe a little bit of fluff, and smut. Domesticity looks DAMN GOOD on Dean Winchester. Also, WHO WOULDNT WANNA WEAR HIS SHIRT… AND ONLY THE SHIRT???

This gif drabble by @impalaimagining - Sam x Reader, smut. No one in their right mind would consider that either Winchester would ever have trouble… ya know…. getting the job done… But man, do you have all kinds of fun finding a workaround ;)

Wanna Build A Snowman? by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog - Sam x Reader, fluff. We just had a huge snowstorm here and now I’m so sad that there’s no Sam to come and play with me

The Oldest Man In The Room by @winchester-with-wings - Steve Rogers x Reader, fluff. Oh my god I have never heard of anything more romantic than Steve Rogers, dressed as Captain America, being dropped from the sky practically into your lap by Tony Stark (as Iron Man). WAY better than flowers and chocolate :D

A Time To Celebrate by @littlegreenplasticsoldier - Cas x Reader, fluff. Oh my god, Cas, could you BE any more adorable??? I just love how seriously he takes things; this man does not know how to do (or more importantly, FEEL) anything halfway. One can only hope that intensity and passion will eventually translate into the bedroom…..

Sweet Relief by @winchestersnco - Nurse!Sam x Reader, fluff, smut. Another “oldie” but definitely a goodie. Just…. 10,000k+ words of PURE AMAZINGNESS 

The Fair Sun by @lipstickandwhiskey - Dean x Reader, slight angst, fluff.  I will literally NEVER tire of the trope where boy and girl are so totally in love with one another but are SO BLIND to the fact that their love is most DEFINITELY not unrequited. Like it’s just SO DAMN OBVIOUS and yet they still need a friggen Norse god to literally beam down from the sky to tell them to get their heads outta their asses. Amazing. 

And that’s it for this week! Now go read these - y’all have a lot to catch up on ;)


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Donatello x Reader


Prompt: Are you going to do soulmate scenarios for every turtle? (Because that would be AWESOME) I feel like Donnie would find his soulmate by just bumping into them by saving them and their chests would suddenly start glowing


Of all of the things on your docket for the day, having a run-in with the Foot Clan was not one of them. Of course, you didn’t mean to run into the villainous ninjas, it had just sort of happened, as was a somewhat common occurrence living in New York.

So you sat tied up with the other hostages, a gag soaked in vinegar was tied tight around your face. It was too dark for you to see anything in the subway station they were holding you in. It was humid, muggy, smelled like hotdogs, and you knew you already had rope burn from the binds that held you. Your eyes darted around in the darkness. The Foot Clan never kidnapped people without good reason. You just hoped whoever, or whatever they were trying to draw out would be there soon.


After much debate on the turtles’ part, they were headed to the subway station. It seemed as though lightning had struck that place twice, as that was where they had met April O’Neil for the first time a few years back. But the Foot Clan’s bait was effective. There were too many people there to risk losing. So they headed out.

It didn’t take long to take down the Foot Clan and it didn’t take long to free the hostages, and as quickly as they had come, they left, although Donnie felt something was wrong. Incomplete. But he couldn’t place what he had missed. According to his readings, he wasn’t missing anything.

“Come on, Donnie, mission accomplished! Let’s move!” Leo pulled his brother along and out of the subway station, to the roof above to regroup before heading back to the lair.


Something was wrong. Something was missing. You had been saved, but something still wasn’t right. Suddenly, your heartbeat seemed wrong. Like it was half of what it was supposed to be. Like everything had stopped and it wouldn’t start again until you figured out what was wrong.

You didn’t know where you were going. You had no idea what you were doing, but you followed your feet out of the station and up the fire escape. It was unfamiliar, but it felt so right. And so you kept moving.

Your head leveled the top of the building and then you saw something unexplainable. Four giant green turtles loaded with weapons. Your stomach tied in a knot, but not in fear, in anticipation, because the tall turtle with the purple mask had his eyes locked on you and suddenly everything felt right.

You took a few steps forward, slowly, carefully. So did he. And then something happened.

It was slow at first. A spark. A little droplet of light rising from your chest. And then another, and then another until a million fireflies were drifting from your soul. His too. When you were standing close enough, the streams of light melded together, flying around the both of you in a graceful spiral.

“What the shell…?” Raph muttered, watching the fireflies dance around you and his brother.

“I’m, um, I’m (Y/N).” You introduced. Your cheeks flushed when he smiled nervously.

“D-Donatello. Um, nice to uh, meet you.” He offered his hand, but you pulled him into a hug instead, which was very awkward given his height in comparison to yours. “I don’t understand what’s happening right now.” He confessed, looking down at you for an explanation of some sort.

“I think this is what happens when you meet your soulmate.”


Donnie liked the sound of that. And God, he was going to treat you like a princess. That was a promise.

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I know nothing about lytnes or his personality or who he is or anything but all I know is that hes cute and needs cuddles and fuzzy socks and a good movie n some popcorn. Oh, and ily your art is a+ and rlly good I love it

hes a reaLLY FUNNY GUY, although simultaneously really cunning and smart (unbelievably strong too). 

he was once with (insert cool name here) gang along with kagana. some things happened but i cant really share much since its sort of spoilery. :3c

a younger ver??? (16-17??)


Okay, the discourse grew really heated in my inbox, I’m glad everyone’s so passionate about this. (As you should be because positive lgbtqia representation is important haha)

I can’t answer all of these without flooding your dashboards, so this is a collective answer of some sorts.

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Zero-context dan mentions + describing the male trainer as attractive + insight into the way phil literally endures physical discomfort to avoid awkward public situations - my takeaways. Are you going to analyze this one?

you hit all my main points friend!!!!! it was so so so lovely and just what i needed today. seeing phil reiterate that he too suffers from the exact same sorts of social anxiety that people always associate with dan is always so exciting to me. i think too often there’s a need amongst viewers to focus on dnp’s ~yin and yang~ differences which is a cute trope in theory but sometimes it causes people to create differences in their personalities where they don’t actually exist. to that end i always see ppl say that phil is more confident in social situations than dan is or that he acts as dan’s anchor when they’re in public, but it’s clear from so many stories recently that phil’s feelings about human interaction are essentially the exact same as dan’s are, and i was so happy he made a video based off of that fact!  

hearing phil talk about male attraction so casually genuinely made my day. it’s not something we hear as frequently from him so every time it happens i feel literal days being added onto my lifespan. he used the words PERFECT and HUNKY i mean ffs this was basically a story about phil being nervous around a cute buff guy and then nearly vomiting on him. amazing. the stuff of dreams 

the sketches in this were also genuinely hilarious like i was truly giggling out loud. i actually always think phil does such a good job at playing other characters in his videos and this one was no exception 

on the subject of casual mentions of things, the casual dan mention was such a standout to me as well. in the same pattern we’ve been seeing on dan’s channel for a while, and on phil’s as well but to a lesser degree, he mentions dan with absolutely no context or clarifier as to his role in phil’s life, and just says they enjoyed stuffing themselves full of indian food. it makes me so warm every time they casually allude to the way in which their whole lives are intertwined and i was Emotional.

honestly i’m just in shock this actually happened to phil like. can we just take a second to process that phil actually, literally allowed himself to be subject to mild physical torture by a muscley dude and didn’t protest bc he was too awkward and probably too smitten, and he let it get to the point where he literally had to go vomit in a toilet ………….. ……. …… what the hell. i hate infantilizing him but my reaction was and still is one of deepest, almost maternal concern. leon is also inept and shouldn’t have that job lol 

ahhh i love phil’s dumb life and his colorful animal similes (‘kicks his legs forward and back like a frog on loads of drugs,’ ’the disappointment of a lion that is about to eat a trembling deer,’ ‘running up [the treadmill] like an elephant that had just been born,’) and his ability to find the humor even in situations where he’s cripplingly awkward and ultimately humiliated w his head in a gym toilet (whereas someone else might tell a social anxiety story like this with heaps of self-deprecation and insecurity, phil rightfully points out that nothing about this situation was his fault and leon is an asshat jfc). in short. i love phil. i loved this video. i’m so content <3333 

(why i can’t go back to the gym)


So i need to take a moment to gush about this trade i did with megan of MallowSoftGoods <3 
She made me this incredible cross back apron which is PERFECT for someone like me who is constantly collecting/harvesting little trinkets and gems along my hikes and woodland walks … it is also perfect for the home creator and artist <3 Super light weight, comfortable, easy to wear and has nice deep set pockets for you to fill with your tools, collected trinkets and all sorts of other treasures. 
Nice thing about this too, is that it is so comfy,cute and practical , you can even just wear it over a pair of leggings and go out. 

LOOOOOVE this apron so much 
Many thanks to megan 

You can find her:

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i wish you would write a fic where the raven boys are basically the marauders bc i literally just realized that the raven boys are basically the marauders???? i think you'd come up with really good animagus forms for them and you would sort them extra well bc ur really good at that and there would be like hijinks but also heartfelt cute moments and the characterizations would be spot-on and i would die

I know!!! It’s kind of nuts how well they slot into the Marauders, right? I mean. The sortings would obviously be different, but the Raven gang all basically work as the four houses too, which is amazing.

(I’m not sure about animagus? I’ll have to think about it ahhh)

Ronan definitely has a pet raven, but his patronus is the white/magic deer in he has at the barns? oh my god.

Noah is definitely still a ghost, though. Hufflepuff ghost! it takes, once again, forever for the others to realise, because, well, they assume he eats in his dorms since he’s near the kitchens or whatever, and he doesn’t ‘work’ like the other ghosts? He looks alive, mostly.

Adam was super nervous when he first got into Hogwarts, because he cares a lot about how he appears and all that, but he realises quickly that some of these other Slytherin kids, the magical racism group, doesn’t represent his house at all - they’re just this noisy rude entitled group - and he doesn’t hesiste to be the first to put in them in their place when he hears the shit that they say. (When it’s about him, though, he’s quieter, but he’s going to prove them wrong). 

Also Adam is 100% a prefect. Gansey is, too, and then Head Boy (Headboy Cellphone?), and he’s about to march into the Headmaster’s office to tell them to give the Headboy badge to Adam before Adam stops him.

Ronan could have made prefect too, except he was failling too many classes. He’s always hanging out in the forbidden forest and it drives Gansey nuts, but turns out he’s hanging out with a couple of centaurs and talking to all the creatures there? What are you doing, Ronan, how are you never getting hurt. He’s absolutely amazing at Care of Magical Creatures.

James Imagine 6

Request: I just saw your James fic and OH GOD FEELS cAn yOu MaYbE dO another James fic? but based off so close from the enchanted movie? I just re watched it and i thought of James when the song came on! and if you cant thats fine too!! 

of course!! ik they don’t have the yule ball during the marauder’s time at Hogwarts but for the sake of this imagine lets pretend they do or at least have a dance of some sort.

“-and so then, Levi said….”

You were sitting with the boy from Durmstrang, Davit Runkel, who had asked you to the yule ball at a table off to the side of the dance floor. Sure he was cute, all the girls had been praying he would ask them, and you were lucky that he took an interest in you, but you had to admit, you really weren’t that interested in him. 

He was about to continue his story when another song began to play, this time a slow song. He got up and extended his hand to you, asking you to dance, when Dumbledore made an announcement over the music.

“I would like to ask the gentlemen to perhaps invite a lady that they haven’t attended the ball with to dance.”

You gave him a sad smile at hearing Dumbledore’s announcement and he turned to the nearest girl, Lily Evans, one of your closest friends, and extended his arm to her. 

She looked at James, her date (as friends apparently) and your best friend, and smiled encouragingly before accepting Davit’s invitation.

You shuffled over awkwardly and stood next to James, waiting to be asked. 

A few boys walked over to you as the song was starting but it seemed they all changed their minds right before they reached you. You sighed, a little disappointed. 

Right before the tempo picked up and the music really started, James turned to you and in a very rushed a mumbled voice asked you, “Do you wanna dance?”

At first you really didn’t know what he was saying and gave a confused look. He looked at the ground and it dawned on you what he was asking. 

“Oh! Yeah! Uh, yeah.”

He grabbed your hand and led you to nearly smack dab in the middle of the dance floor.

You felt your heart flutter. 

He put his hand on your wait, you held your breath.

He pulled you closer and your heart exploded in fireworks and you thought you might as well die right then and there. 

You two began dancing and you thought of all of the times there was an ‘almost Y/n and James.’ 

Third year. James asked you out and you panicked and said no even though you liked him.

Fourth year. You were still pining after James and you kissed him. He was your first kiss and you were his. After he went ‘wow’ and you ran away. Who knows what would’ve happened if you’d stayed put for another thirty seconds.

Fifth year. James liked you but kind of liked Lily. You got into a fight and he kissed you. The day after you asked out Amos Diggory, a seventh year at the time. He said yes.

Sixth year. You and James were best friends. He was pining after Lily. You had made things easy for him. Amos and you broke up. James smiled when he found out. James asked Lily to the Yule Ball. You convinced her to say yes. 

You sighed, kind of wishing you told Lily to continue the ‘turning James Potter down’ streak. 

“Are you okay?” James asked, seeming genuinely concerned.

“What? Oh yeah. I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” you said unconvincingly. 

James raised his brow. You didn’t even believe yourself, how was he supposed to.

“You know, me and Lily aren’t dating.”

“Wow,” you shot back sarcastically, “you know I figured she wouldn’t be able to stand you.”

He laughed and rolled his eyes, “That’s not what I meant.”

You smirked at him.

He waited for you to say something.

When you didn’t he gulped and asked, “Are you and David or Davis or whatever dating?”

“It’s Davit and no, we’re not.” 

James took a breath and nodded, “Okay, okay.”

“Is that a good thing?”

“I don’t know.”

You nodded and looked back down at your feet trying to keep up with the song. You felt James looking at you and you looked up. Your eyes locked. 

It almost felt eerie. You felt like the only two people on the dance floor, but you knew you weren’t. You knew probably everyone was staring at you. James spun you around and you kept your eyes locked at every possible moment, both of you taking in every glint, every reflection of light, every sign of a smile. James spun you around again and when he pulled you back he reached out and touched your jaw, like he was about to pull you in for a kiss. You felt your heart leap. His eyes flickered to your lips and you were about a millimeter apart when James was spun away from you.

Lily gave you a slightly hurt smile, holding James’s arm and asked, “Can I cut in?”

You smiled and forced a laugh, “Of course.”

You went back to dancing with Davit, the song was almost over. You and James kept making eye contact at every spin, turn, and chance you got. 

The song ended and Lily leaned in to kiss James. You pulled away from Davit and began walking out of the Ballroom. 

You had reached a little past the middle of the stair case when you heard a panicked, “Wait!”

You turned around and then room was silent. James was looking back and forth between you and Lily. 

“Just-” James looked incredibly stressed, “Wait,” he said to Lily, holding up his hands. 

He rushed through the crowd and sprinted up the stairs to you. Every watched expectantly. 

“James….” you said in a tone that almost sounded like you were warning him. Maybe you were.

“Look, y/n,” he was speaking breathlessly, like he had been holding everything in for eons and it was pouring out of him now, wether he wanted it to or not, “I know we both -well me- haven’t been clear about how we feel about each other. I mean, I never really said how I feel. And I know after I kissed you at the end of last year you made it pretty clear you weren’t interested, but I have to tell you this before anything else happens. I know you’re not interested and you don’t feel the same but I can’t keep carrying this around. I need to bloody say something about it!”

You remained there, eyes wide in shock. You nodded at I’m very subtly to continue, mainly because you didn’t think you could move.

“I love you.”

If you had been frozen in shock before, now you were definitely paralyzed.

He sighed, “I know, I know, you don’t- I just needed to say.”

He looked down and turned back to walk down the stairs. You realized a second later what was happening and snapped out of your daze. You grabbed his jacket and pulled him around.


You pulled him into the most fierce and desperate kiss possible. 

Everyone in the Ballroom collectively gasped. 

You pulled away, “Sorry,” you said, apologizing, “I wasn’t thinking straight.”

James pulled you back in for another kiss, “I was.”

okay so i ended this on a happy note after the song part which ends after “…began walking out of the Ballroom.” i just couldn’t stand for them not to end up together. this was painfully cliche but it was fun to write. lmk what u think!!

headcanon that El absolutely loves stuffed animals - like sure, she’s a little old for them, but they comfort her, and they are soft and fluffy, and really for a little girl who grew up in a lab training to be a weapon, that’s what she needs. so she FILLS her bed (the fort?) with all sorts of stuffies - cats, monkeys, pigs, fantasy animals too. is it cute? SHE HAS IT. she says doesn’t have favorites, of course, she loves each one equally, but when she sleeps, she cuddles up to the one Mike gave her because really, anything from Mike is her favorite. 

Tabimatsu: Super Ultra Rare Episode 003 (Kanagawa)

EP 003: Mutsugo to SAAFIN / 6つ子とサーフィン
EP 003: The Sextuplets and Surfing

should it really be called “the sextuplets and surfing” when in actuality only 3 of the fcking turdballs are featured

that feel when you come back from fangirling and listing all of your favorite things about the horse racing special and you take a look at the tabimatsu skits and realize that you just can’t view some of these the same ever again…

this skit is good tho. some good shit. I like it. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

T/N: Kanagawa is known for having multiple surfing destinations.

Todomatsu: As expected of the holy land of surfing. People are gradually gathering all around.

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nct u as things i heard on valentine’s

taeil: “i may be lonely today but i assure you that by midnight i’ll be somewhere in a closet having a grand ole time. i wont be doing anything weird, just crying and eating cake”

taeyong: “it’s the day of love. time to go commit a hate crime lol”

ten: “instead of getting a teddy bear in my locker, i got 6 penis shaped lollipops”

doyoung: “lissen,,, i kno you may like me nd all but i think we can all see i’m too cute for you, man.”

jaehyun: “catch me in the janitor’s closet sucking all sorts of di- hi mr. richards!!! - ck.”

mark: “i’ve received so much love today. bout damn time. just saying.”

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Headcanon based on Nora’s little tidbits about A&N’s future teams (the Literal Worst):

• Andrew’s second pro team has a bunch of ex-Ravens, so they get on much better than his previous one, except for that Andrew gets along with like three people in the entire world and even then only sort of?
• And yet, somehow he manages to accidentally make friends with these crazy Exy-obsessed people who are all at least six inches taller than him
• Not just in that they respect him as a player and he almost kind of respects them, but they actually consider Andrew as a friend
• Even though he never socialises with them ever off the court
• And barely talks to them, and basically never smiles, and is sometimes downright rude and also violent
• This is Raven Friendship™, where the fact that he’s instrumental in them winning games makes them Friends
• They also have no idea about Neil because when Neil visits they never see him (they aren’t privy to Neil in Andrew’s bed and in his kitchen and sitting cross-legged right up against the railing on the balcony in the apartment so he can look straight down)
• So when the media starts to portray Neil and Andrew as rivals (probably because of some straight-faced terrible joke/not joke that Kevin told some journalists.  Fucking thanks Kevin), obviously they side with Andrew
• Andrew looks bored when his teammates mention that they’re on his side, and smirks when they slag off Neil and his current team (who are pretty bad.  Better to be the worst on a good team than the best on a shit one, Neil tells him tiredly over the phone)
• So when Neil is traded onto their team, the others are horrified?  Like, their tiny angry goalkeeper is going to have to work with someone who he hates, and who they all now hate out of blind and stupid loyalty (Raven Friends™)
• Their coach, who is much less oblivious and who actually noticed when Andrew kept leaving to visit places where Neil Josten also happened to be, despairs a little bit but says nothing other than reminding them that they are adults.  Adults who would benefit from having a striker of Neil’s calibre on the court with them, adults who are professionals?  
• Neil and Andrew do absolutely nothing to dispel the idea that they hate each other, constantly mocking each other from opposite ends of the court, snarling and rough with each other in scrimmage and constantly speaking in a variety of mean-sounding languages during games
• (German and Russian are not like French – they don’t sound pretty at loud volumes, they always sound angry.  Even when Neil says something sweet or congratulatory it sounds rude.  Andrew still mostly tells him to shut the fuck up anyway)
• Though by god do they elevate each other on the court, Neil as fast and fierce as lightning and Andrew going harder and harder to thwart the opposing teams in goal
• There are threats?  Some worse than others but nothing to put Andrew’s back up when Neil tells him about them, not least because Neil laughs a little at them in private and secretly likes that the others care about Andrew
• There are thinly-veiled comments made to the media about whether Neil is really good enough for their Winning Team.  Andrew can’t be reached for comment ever
• Also, they trip Neil on court until Andrew starts retaliating by hitting them with balls.  They figure that Andrew just doesn’t want an injury on the line so early in the season probably
• This goes on for weeks, until their teammates realise that despite everything, Andrew hasn’t actually committed body harm on Neil yet (which is surprising, because a few of them have imagined doing it themselves just to shut Neil’s infuriating fucking mouth) they start to think that maybe he’s…not completely terrible?
• Also, they’re winning in part because of him
• So they start trying to socialise with him in their very socially maladjusted ways.  Invitations with a bit of stalking mostly (Raven Friends™)
• In short, this is how a few of them wrangle an invitation to Neil’s apartment, only to find that he and Andrew share it
• Neil never lets any of them ever forget it for the entire rest of the time he spends on the team
• They like to say back that Andrew did effectively let them be horrible to him for ages without saying anything, which makes him a shit boyfriend.  Neil tells them he knew that anyway, though it’s obvious he’s lying.  Andrew rolls his eyes and tells them this is why he hates Neil