and all she can really do is stand back but not walk away

EXO reaction to other men flirting with you.

Xiumin: *gives a dirty look to the guy*

Luhan: Excuse me, really tall guy? Please step away from my girlfriend.

Kris: *After the other guy walks away* As long as I know you’re mine, it’s all fine.

Suho: *not impressed by the other guy’s flirting ways* 

Lay: Does this douchebag not see me holding her hand????

Baekhyun: WTF??? I’m standing right next to her.

Chen: Hey, you! Back away from my girlfriend.

Chanyeol: *Stands in the corner being cursing at the guy in his head*

DO: Excuse me mister, yeah I just wanted to tell you……*tall guy turns around*….holy crap you’re tall.

Tao: *Speaks to the guy* We’re on different levels, honey. She’s mine.

Kai: *Pissed af at the guy*  

Sehun: *goes nuts* This guy is just…..I can’t even like……why is he still there…..who the hell does he think he……I just….I need….I can’t….I want…..holy crap.

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*Last time we saw Homegirl she was drunk af at the Halloween party, and now she’s back trying to invite your boyfriend to an end-of-the-semester bash. This girl really won’t quit!*

N: Imagine N just standing there deeply sighing because he can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to you catching him having a conversation with Homegirl and you taking it the wrong way. Therefore, he won’t immediately follow you when you pout and walk away because he’s so tired of the continuous drama. However, later when he decides to talk to you, he’ll explain what Homegirl was blabbering about and leave it up to you do believe him or not. “She was trying to invite me to some stupid party. I promise that was all it was.” 

Leo: Leo would side eye you once he sees you pouting. He knows exactly what you’re thinking, and as much as he should leave Homegirl and meet you, he won’t. He knows that you’ll walk away, and as soon as you do he’ll either resume his conversation with Homegirl or leave her entirely so he can clear his head. Leo knows you don’t like Homegirl, but he also won’t tolerate you being childish when you know how faithful he is. “If you’re wanting me to apologize because I didn’t run after you, then forget it. I told you I have no feelings for her. And if you don’t believe me, then that means you don’t trust me.”

Ken: As soon as Ken sees you, he’d run away from Homegirl and grab you by the arms so you won’t resist. He’d immediately explain what the situation is because he doesn’t want you to infer the wrong the thing and create an unnecessary issue. He doesn’t have to explain anything, but for the sake of the relationship he will. “Yes, I was talking to her. No, I was not cheating. Yes, she’s still in love with me. No, I don’t love her. She invited me to her party. I declined. Now put that lip away.”

Ravi: Ravi would let out a huge groan once he spots you misinterpreting the situation. He’d try and tell you right then and there what the conversation was about, but then stop when he sees you walk away. At that point he’d remind Homegirl how things are supposed to be and then leave her and find you to explain. “Why do you always catch me at the wrong times? And why do you always jump to conclusions? You know she’s obsessed with me! And she was only inviting me to her party.”

HongBin: HongBin would be another one to sigh, except it would be more exasperated and annoyed. As much as it pains him to keep having you taking things the wrong way, he’d still run after you and try to explain. Hopefully, you’ll believe what he says or he just might pull his hair out. “There’s a party at the end of the month and she invited me. I respectively declined and told her to fuck off as politely as I could. Now please stop pouting and misinterpreting things!”

Hyuk: When you catch Hyuk talking to Homegirl, he’d immediately throw his hands in the air and leave the area, leaving both you and Homegirl behind. He does not have the time, patience, or mental capacity to deal with the drama. So, you wouldn’t even get a chance to pout or walk away and you’d have to go talk to him first. “Nope, nope! Not today. I’m gonna go get some gopchang because it’s good and drama free.”

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