and all our wishes will come queue

After almost 3 years, we would like to announce that fyeahsportsanime will be closed. We do not know if this will be a temporary close until more sports anime come out but we do know that for now, this blog will cease its queue and will remain inactive. This hiatus may be until possibly HQ!!S3 or until further notice because we’re honestly not sure what we’re going to do yet. 

We would like to thank all of you for your support for all these years. Thank you for reblogging our edits, following us , voting in our polls, and just for being great people. This blog will remain up and open so people can still access it if they wish but don’t expect any posts from us for a while (unless they are updates as to whether or not the blog will reopen). We’ll keep the askbox open in case anyone wants to reach us but if not, you can find the links to our personal blogs on our main page. 

Any updates we’ll do will be posted under the #fyeahsportsanime tag. Thank you guys again ~

Recruitment Coming to a Close

Starting 9/30, the Sunguard will no longer be accepting new applications to our guild for the next several months. Since the end of Act 4, we have had an influx of almost 150 new characters and dozens of new players. Right now our officer corps would like to take the time to develop and work with the talent we have.

All applications on our applicant queue prior to 9/30 will be reviewed until they are closed. So if you wish to join, get your applications in ASAP.

Thank you all for understanding!