and all of you other cool cats involved in this

“SO I–” He coughs, reminding himself exactly what kind of situation this was. “…So I heard about what happened.. And I just went and picked this up for you. I stole it from a chest in a creative mode server, a-and I got some diamond blocks too. You could maybe use it to incapacitate that Creeper guy, or if that doesn’t work any more use it to put some buff effects on yourselves.. Or something.” He sets the items on the ground in front of the group and turns to leave. 

anonymous asked:

Do your teachers care when you vine in class?

Oh yeah!! Well, sometimes they care more than other times. There were a couple I did that they got truly mad at me (One of them was when I sang “Y'all bout to make me lose my mind”) So I couldn’t do that anymore. As for the skits involving class, they loved that, because it brought the class together. All in all, the teachers love me, and I love them, because they’re pretty cool cats ;) #StewieJustSaidThat