and all of this is irrelevant

The problem here is not where he goes to promote the song, he can go to Radio Bella e Monella for all I care, the problem is that his team wants him to spend 8 minutes out of 10 talking about Nasty, giant kid & irrelevant things like  ‘do you like love island? what’s your latest tattoo?’ and 1 minute talking about the song or the writing process or things actually relevant to the promotion of what he did. and yeah he can be asked a few ‘personal’ questions here and there (even if the majority of fans/gp don’t care) but talking about the product he sells should be the priority no matter where he is. 

Author Highlight Thursday: suitablyskippy

suitablyskippy on AO3

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If you enjoy analyzing the possibility of Teruki canonically being some sort of sociopath and/or taking a look at the more violent aspects of mp100 though a ONE-esque humorous lens, suitiblyskippy has the content you need! They’ve written a variety of oneshots, drabbles, case fics, 5 times 1 time fics, and even a Gintama Crossover! On to the individual works!

tomorrow isn’t always another day

Kageyama “Mob” Shigeo & Reigen Arataka. Case Fic, Time Loop. Completed. Rated: T. Word Count: 18,000.

It’s like Reigen’s been waiting for the question. He stops dead on the pavement, grips Mob by the shoulders, and stares down into his eyes with an expression as haunted as though every ghost the pair of them has ever exorcised has taken up residence behind it. “Mob,” he says. “Mob,” he says again. “Tell me, Mob. Look at me and tell me. Tell me truthfully. Do I look cursed to you?”

Mob looks at him, and tells him truthfully. “No.”

“Well, you didn’t look very long,” says Reigen. “Let’s just stand here for a moment, like so, and you can have another look, a nice long look, and really think about it…”

(There’s nothing strange about being called back to exorcise the same haunted photocopier six days in a row. It must just be a very haunted photocopier.)

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☕ tbh steve and Loki had more chemistry on their fight in avengers than Natasha and Bruce ever did

hahahahaha anon I’m cackling but also yeah, agree. I mean, I’m biased here, because the force of my Steve/Loki feelings is very, very strong, but the chemistry between Bruce and Nat was also nonexistent, so…

at least if you’re me there’s almost always at least a little chemistry when two people are trying to kill each other, it’s just kind of a Thing. 

(one sided murder attempts do not count, it has to be mutual.)

Remember, children:

Friends don’t let friends ear-candle.

If you could find a single “health” practice (please note the absolutely massive use of both text and air quotes) that’s based on less actual science, then frankly I’d be surprised.

So do the right thing and stop your friends. Stop yourself. Not only do you risk burning yourself, you also look really, really stupid - which is so much worse.

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I know this sounds crazy but my Finchel shipper heart won't let me think otherwise but in regards to Rachel saying "I want more than anything for you to be my last" she technically kept her promise because we never got her saying "I love you" to Brody 😤Sam 🙄or Jesse 😖 after Finn even in her Tony speech she doesn't say I love you to Jesse just my husband b/c lets face it it was stupid they even married them so in my heart Finn was her last love.


unhahahaa yes i’m telling you all this bastards can you read?

yes you did when you said in your own post “fuck you ss retards”.

“its ss tards way to play vitctim now”

Originally posted by gif-weenus

yes i am playing victim  because when you tell an entire fanbase that they should die over a ship i shouldn’t feel offended and really nice use of an insult as an argument.

hope sasuke kills that useless shit again like always. 

Originally posted by lifetimetv

what you just said is was irrelevant because not once in my responds did I bring up sasusaku 

that what ss is. that what you retards support

Originally posted by gifsnthangs

ahh yes because ME supporting a fictional ship makes me mentally disable not the person who wishes death amongst a fandom.

SK fandom please come pick up your trash 

SS fandom please reports this blog 

‘I find it funny that people would rather ignore something and label it “drama” when it’s a real fucking issue’ big mood. @ this point? who follows or unfollows me is irrelevant because this needs to be said. if writing certain themes is a coping mechanism for you and has been discussed with a licensed therapist , then okay. however. don’t sleep on issues and pretend as if being 'anti callout culture’ and 'anti drama’ fixes any damn thing. some things need to be addressed and some people frankly have to be called out. having fun on a public platform is all well and good but remember that is in fact a public platform. this aint even about this topic specifically. just in general. the people who call out toxic behavior arent the ones giving any select fandom a bad name. its the ones who look away in hopes that it just wont be an issue at some point down the line and claim that the prior behavior is just senseless bullying because ‘we’re all here to have fun’ that do. besides… everyone knows that , even if you ARE being guided by a licensed professional, those aren’t the sort of things you write publicly. thats just common knowledge. if anyone is too hurt or whatever by my point, feel free to unfollow, but this is, imo, a point that needs to at least be acknowledged instead of ignored and filed away as ‘petty drama.‘ peace out dudes.

nutshell? yes, role play is about having fun, but you need to take care of what you put out there. you can explore those topics privately with the knowledge that you won’t be potentially harming any one on your dash. even once is enough. just keep that in mind.

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This is completely irrelevant, but as a monolingual person who loves learning new languages nothing makes me angrier than having bi/trilingual grandparents that never taught my parents their second/third languages. I could be sitting here knowing more than one language, but they had to make the horrible decision to not teach their children the other languages they know. How annoying!

It’s not irrelevant at all! That annoys me too. My parents know Russian, the rest of the family as well, but no one ever tried to teach me that. I understand your frustration anon, like, i could be bilingual. 

However, now you can use that anger/frustration and learn even more languages!^^

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"The official WB instagram tagged him as tyler hoechlin too. Hes so irrelevent they cant even be bothered to know his name" What is this about? I've been off tumblr since all that shit happened and trying to catch up.

there was a cast pic on the Warner Brothers TV insta and they tagged Tyler Hoechlin’s account instead of crispy on it, idk if they fixed it since but it was fucking hilarious

ooc shit; don’t reblog

idk bout y’all but i still wanna know the precise process behind sharing lucian royalty’s power. like– how the chocobros can summon their weaponry and stuff from noct’s power ( and yet apparently cannot warp or use their own magic despite the fact that the kingsglaive folks sharing regis’ power could ). like??? is there a ritual?? do they drink royal blood??? do they get stabbed w/ the armiger?? does noct warp tf through them and leave some sparkly power in there???? what do

and can tenebrae royalty like luna & ravus share their own powers with people??? how does it work


Don’t fall in love with a woman who reads, a woman who feels too much, a woman who writes. 

Don’t fall in love with an educated, magical, delusional, crazy woman. Don’t fall in love with a woman who thinks, who knows what she knows and also knows how to fly; a woman sure of herself. 

Don’t fall in love with a woman who laughs or cries making love, knows how to turn her spirit into flesh; let alone that one who loves poetry (these are the most dangerous) or spends half an hour contemplating a painting and isn’t able to live without music. 

Don’t fall in love with a woman who is interested in politics and is rebellious and feels a huge horror from injustice. One who does not like to watch television at all. Or a woman who is beautiful no matter the features of her face or her body. 

Don’t fall in love with a woman who is intense, entertaining, lucid and irrelevant. Don’t wish to fall in love with a woman like that. Because when you fall in love with a woman like that, whether she stays with you or not, whether she loves you or not, from a woman like that, you never come back. 

—  Martha Riveria Garrido

Steve has no shades of grey when it comes to Bucky and I love him for it. Bucky’s in Austria, whats he gonna do, walk there? If that’s what it takes. He’s been brainwashed Steve, he doesn’t know you. He will. Steve he’s wanted by multiple governments, why won’t you hand him over? He’s my friend and it wasn’t his fault. Like, there’s no question for Steve, there’s no part of him that hesitates, no other factors play into it, is it Bucky? Does he need help? Steve will do whatever it takes to give it to him. Can you believe how much he loves Bucky wow.

100 questions
  1. Is a kiss considered cheating?
  2. Have you ever faked orgasm?
  3. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
  4. Do you think you are going to be rich in 7-8-9 years?
  5. Tell us some funny drunk story.
  6. Why are you no longer together with your ex?
  7. If you had to choose one way to die, what would it be?
  8. What are your current goals?
  9. Do you like someone?
  10. Who was the last person to disappoint you?
  11. Do you like your body?
  12. Can you keep a diet?
  13. If the whole world listened to you right now, what would you say?
  14. Do you work?
  15. If you could choose only one food to eat to the rest of your life, what would it be?
  16. Would you get a tattoo?
  17. Something you don’t mind spending all your money on?
  18. Can you drive?
  19. When was the last time someone told you you were beautiful?
  20. What was the last thing you cried for?
  21. Do you keep a journal?
  22. Is life fun?
  23. Is farting in front of people irrelevant?
  24. What’s your dream car?
  25. Are grades in school important?
  26. Describe your crush.
  27. What was the last book/movie that really impressed you?
  28. What was your last lie?
  29. Dumbest lie you ever told?
  30. Is crying in front of people embarrassing?
  31. Something you did and you are proud of?
  32. What’s your favourite cocktail?
  33. Something you are good at?
  34. Do you like small kids?
  35. How are you feeling right now?
  36. What would you name your daughter/son?
  37. What do you need to be happy?
  38. Is there some you want to punch in the face right now?
  39. What was the last gift you received?
  40. What was the last gift you gave?
  41. What was the last concert you went to?
  42. Favourite place to shop at?
  43. Who inspires you?
  44. How old were you when you first got drunk?
  45. How old were you when you first got high?
  46. How old were you when you first had sex?
  47. When was your first kiss?
  48. Something you want to do until the end of this year?
  49. Is there something in the past you wish you hadn’t done?
  50. Post a selfie.
  51. Who are you most comfortable around?
  52. Name one thing that terrifies you.
  53. What kind of books do you read?
  54. What would you tell your 12 year old self?
  55. What is your favourite flower?
  56. Any bad habits you have?
  57. What kind of people are you attracted to?
  58. What was the last thing you cried for?
  59. Is there something you don’t eat? Some food that truly disgust you?
  60. Are you in love?
  61. Something you find romantic?
  62. How long was your longest relationship?
  63. What are 3 things that irritate you about the same sex?
  64. What are 3 things that irritate you about the opposite sex?
  65. What are you saving money for?
  66. How would you describe your bad side?
  67. Are you actually a good person? Why?
  68. What are you living for?
  69. Have you ever done anything illegal?
  70. Do you like your body?
  71. Have you ever made someone feel bad about themselves intentionally?
  72. Ever sent nudes?
  73. Have you ever cheated on someone?
  74. Favourite candy?
  75. Is there a blog you visit every day, or almost every day? Tag it!
  76. Do you play any computer games? What is your favourite game?
  77. Favourite TV series?
  78. Are you religious? Does God exist?
  79. What was the last book you read? Did it impress you and why?
  80. What do you think about vegetarianism/veganism?
  81. How long have you been on Tumblr?
  82. Do you like Chineese food?
  83. McDonalds or Subway?
  84. Vodka or whiskey?
  85. Alcohol or drugs?
  86. Ever been out of your province/state/country?
  87. Meaning behind your blog name?
  88. What are you scared of?
  89. Last time you were insulted?
  90. Most traumatic experience ?
  91. Perfect date idea?
  92. Favourite app on your phone?
  93. What colour are the walls in your room?
  94. Do you watch Youtube? Who is your favourite youtuber?
  95. Share your favourite quote.
  96. What is the meaning of life?
  97. Do you like horror movies?
  98. Have you ever made your mum cry? What happened?
  99. Do you feel lucky or special in a way?
  100. Can you keep a secret?
Every Unanswered PLL Question from every episode

Since I think the Charles is CeCe reveal is fake, I’m going to watch the show from the beginning and see what questions I have. (Any “answers” given in Game Over, Charles are irrelevant to me because I think they’re fake). All answers given in the show will be bolded with the episode it was answered in, in parenthesis. Just a warning this is going to be long hence the show has over 100 episodes. Also, I have a lot of -A related questions that have never been confirmed. Even during Mona’s reign as -A, some things just don’t add up. I know Marlene says that everything from season 1 and until the end of season 2 is Mona and season 3 starts a new -A, but like I said, some things don’t add up.

Pilot (1x01)
Spencer heard someone scream ‘that night’, who was it?
Why did the Montgomery’s leave Rosewood for a year? To get away from Rosewood after Alison went missing. (2x19)
Did Ezra follow/know Aria was going to be at the Hollis Bar & Grill or was he there coincidentally?
Why did Hanna roll her eyes when she waved to Aria in class?
Who was the blonde in Maya’s (Alison’s) room?
How did Hanna start off in the crowd looking at the chaos of Alison’s house when a body was found then ended up behind Spencer and Aria (behind the crowd)?
What’s the “Jenna Thing”? Alison lit a firecracker in the Cavanaugh’s garage while Jenna and her step brother, Toby, were in it. The firecracker ended up blinding Jenna. Alison told the girls to keep it a secret and they let Toby take the blame for it. (1x02)

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milk and honey for the signs


if you were born

with the weakness to fall

you were born

with the strength to rise


my favorite thing about you is your smell

you smell like




a little more

human than the rest of us


you were so afraid

of my voice

i decided to be

afraid of it too 


when my mother was pregnant

with her second child i was four

i pointed at her swollen belly confused at how

my mother had gotten so big in such little time

my father scooped me in his tree trunk arms and

said the closest thing to god on this earth

is a woman’s body it’s where life comes from

and to have a grown man tell me something

so powerful at such a young age

changed me to see the entire universe

rested at my mother’s feet


if you are not enough for yourself

you will never be enough

for someone else


you look at me and cry

everything hurts

i hold you and whisper

but everything can heal


you might not have been my first love

but you were the love that made

all the other loves



you have to stop

searching for why at some point

you have to leave it alone


you deserve to be

completely found

in your surroundings

not lost within them


you were a dragon long before

he came around and said

you could fly

you will remain a dragon

long after he’s left


every revolution

starts and ends

with his lips


to be



to be



100 Days of London Flat Memories → (37/100)

WHO’S YOUR YOUTUBER BFF? - Dan and Phil play: PopJam

When you start to know someone, all their physical characteristics start to disappear. You begin to dwell in their energy, recognize the scent of their skin. You see only the essence of the person, not the shell. That’s why you can’t fall in love with beauty. You can lust after it, be infatuated by it, want to own it. You can love it with your eyes and your body but not your heart. And that’s why, when you really connect with a person’s inner self, any physical imperfections disappear, become irrelevant.
—  Lisa Unger