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Can we get some Rose (preferably Storm Trooper) in here? It's getting a little annoying, seeing all the Rose posts with her general attitude being 'I don't fucking care' or 'And the point of this is...?' Rose must have some adorable fluff!


Zero couldn’t get a word in edgewise.  Rose was panicked, having just woken up, flailing her blankets off and rushing around her neat campsite to try and get her gear together in only a few minutes.


He stopped trying to talk and simply floated after her, wondering when she’d realize.

It took a helter-skelter run into Sander proper for Rose to finally stop and think.  The market of Sander, an exclusively weekend activity, was bustling with shoppers who barely glanced at the disheveled Stormtrooper in their midst.

“The market-” she stammered, and Zero grinned and dropped down to hover above her shoulder.

“Yep.  It’s Sunday.”

Rose flushed red.  Zero grinned wider.

“And your shirt is inside out.”

The slap he got was totally worth it.

Start Respecting BTS Members

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No, I’m not talking about ANTIS or HATERS. But Fans.

I understand that a lot of fans are young, in middle school or their teens. However, that does not excuse some of the behavior that I see. BTS is made up of SEVEN members and that it would not be BTS without ALL OF THEM. Yet despite that there seems to be some kind of rivalry amongst ARMY.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and something that bothers me a lot. There seems to be mutiny within ARMY. Which is something that can do nothing but HARM both BTS and ARMY.

It is understandable that you have your favourite. Your bias. But at no point, for NO REASON should you disrespect the other members.  Namjoon, Hoseok, Yoongi, Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, Seokjin - they are PEOPLE with feelings and emotions just like us.

If you are ARMY there should be NO REASON why you want to hurt any of them with your thoughtless words or actions. Not realizing is NOT an excuse. Rule of thumb is if you would NOT want someone else doing that to you, then you should NOT do it to them.

1) and Fanmeets -  I have seen many instances where people have thoughtlessly gone on and on about other members while someone else is on vlive. This isn’t giving them the respect that they deserve. Even if they are not YOUR bias they should be allowed to have time on without others continuing to ask for other BTS members. It is EXTREMELY RUDE.

Would you like it if your bias or friend kept asking to talk to other people? I doubt it. Equally there are people who disrespect or treat members badly at fan-meets because they aren’t their bias.

2) Invading privacy - Don’t take photos without permission in bathrooms or airports. Don’t purposefully get the same flights so that you can take photos or bother them. They have such little privacy already. If possible don’t crowd in the airports I’ve seen the disaster that can become. People getting knocked over or injured in the mass of people.

3) Inappropriate comments - I’m sure I’m not the only one who heard that they stopped reading comments on their bangtan bomb videos and other videos due to content. Filled with inappropriate comments and ships. What you do behind closed doors is up to you but don’t throw it in their faces.

Yes they are affectionate and IF they ever came out gay i’d support it but until then people need to cool down shipping them romantically and sexually where they can see. Would YOU want to be shipped with someone you saw as your best friend almost to the point of BROTHER??

4) Judging or criticizing other BTS members over opportunities - Complaining or whining, or generally making things unpleasant that they have more opportunities than your bias. Complaining about the amount of screen time one member has, or how many lines they have.  I’ve HEARD people doing towards members such as Jungkook in the most recent performances.

Please take that negativity elsewhere. NONE of the members get to control what Bighit Entertainment decides that they are or are not going to do. They may get some input but they don’t get to decide these things on their own.

Others have been making comments and complaints about what other members are doing. About why YOUR bias doesn’t get to do that too. About why only Namjoon and Yoongi have mixtapes. Why only Taehyung gets to be acting when Jin has acting qualifications. Why did Jungkook get to go solo in Rainism. Why is Jimin the only one who’s shown off his solo song from the album. These are just examples, but it is all such UNNECESSARY negativity.

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DON’T attack them for any reason. You don’t need to put down other members in order to hype up your favourite members. All you’re doing is damaging BTS.

BTS loves ARMY unconditionally, no matter who your bias is. You should at least show them respect, support them unconditionally in all that they accomplish. 


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Note: I posted something similar on my BTS Amino.

it was a shitty thing that happened to isak. he never should have had to answer to people about his sexuality. it was wrong, and it would have been important to see that conversation with emma, to see them both sorry for how it played out.

but it makes me think, too, where does the finger of blame stop? even knowingly hurt sonja. sonja told emma. emma was thus hurt by isak and probably told some close friends who she trusted. so then who knows who told who?

it’s ugly, what happened, that’s the point. there’s unknown consequences in talking out of turn. (this was seen again when vilde text isak about even’s bipolar). and I think skam did a great job of showing just how detrimental our words can be. words said on a whim, words without thought or feeling, words hateful and against other people (and ourselves as well).

the beautiful thing here was isak taking a step back from all that, thinking, I don’t want to live like that any more, I don’t want to be dishonest or scared or resentful any more, I just want to be me. and I think we saw that person today.

I have been a babysitter in a Christian community for over ten years now. Before I say what I’m about to, just know that I love all the families I babysit for and have nothing against Christianity. I actually have my BA in Religion, so I totally understand the pitfalls and high points. 

Over the years, I have seen some pretty terrible things that parents tell their children to protect them from the outside world. I get that parents should do that, but when you start hurting your child’s emotional state because you think your religion says that these things are wrong, something needs to be said. 

There’s this little girl who loves to draw and talk about horses. As an artist, I would always teach her to draw horses when I came by and that would be our thing. With the new Pokemon Go game becoming so popular, I didn’t think anything of it when she asked to see my horse Pokemon. Her mother ripped my phone from that little girl’s hands so fast I thought I was about to have a broken phone. She told me that her daughter cannot play that game because it has monsters and monsters are Satanic. 

Another family who have four kids, three girls and a boy, are a little more relaxed than the previous family. However, I noticed that the oldest girl acts very different, like she’s uncomfortable when I say her name. She told me that she wants to be called Edward, so I started calling her by the name she wanted. She likes to play as Ken, the Prince, the Dad. Her younger siblings started calling her Edward too and she became so happy and relaxed. When the parents came home, everyone was told to stop calling her that. 

This last family, also has four kiddos who greet me with smiling faces and big hugs every time. The problem is that this family is much like the first. They tell their kids certain things are demonic, and these kids are ages 4-10. I’ve been gasped at for things like saying I do yoga, drawing a peace sign, or letting the four year old boy play barbies with us. 

I see first hand what this kind of brainwashing does to children. Yes, brainwashing. Kids don’t have a sense of gender until you teach it. They don’t have a sense of “evil” or “demons” until you teach it. That first girl refuses to draw horses now, afraid that she will get in trouble if she gives it a fire mane and tail. Edward is going to hide how she really feels from her parents which will eventually tear that bond. And the last four kids will be confused as they grow up and see that these things are not demonic and have nothing to do with right or wrong. 

This isn’t fair and I can’t do anything about it.

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Honestly? Jin and Jimin are /adults/. They’re not catty teenage girls going behind each others backs and insulting each other, this was a part of a /game/, where the point is to roast someone basically.

Obviously, no one is trying to say that the statement that Jin made was okay or not uncalled for in any way (it personally made me cringe, and yeah, I’d rather it not have been said). But to criticize those kinds of statements means you should criticize them when they’re being used against anyone, including the /countless/ times they were used against other members i.e. Jin.

Going back to the adult thing, Jin and Jimin work and live together, and have for almost 5+ years. All of the boys are very close, and if there is an issue, I am sure at this point they are mature enough to address it with one another and talk it out.

100% there are teachers at st Bart’s that think butler is artemis’ step dad. Pre series butler was definitely the only one showing up to parent teacher night and the teachers probably just assumed that butler married Angeline, got divorced after Juliet was born, and then stepped in to raise Artemis at some point (bc it’s canon that Artemis looks very similar to his father). Artemis corrects people initially but eventually like??? He comes to the conclusion that Hell Yeah Butler is dad 2.0. “Butler come to my parent teacher night so u can hear how clever I am. Tell me which of my teachers u hate bc I despise all of them and have my notes ready for when we Talk Shit”

Mor/Moriel Support post

Because there’s been some stuff going around recently that has been making me feel sad/mad on this subject I thought I’d spread around some love and positivity for my favourite ship. 

One of the biggest reasons I love this ship is the obvious history they have together and the mutual respect and  trust that that’s built up over the years. these two know each other so, so well. They understand each other’s reasons, motivations and histories - they were both there when most of the others’ demons were born. They care about one another so much and I love the…subtlety with this ship. They’re both quite quiet about things but…The depth of feeling and compassion they have for one another is…soul destroying to be frank. I’m just going to quote…a hundred or so of my favourite ‘tiny caring moments’ and scream about them all because this ship is just so good. And they love each other so much I can’t deal. Ahem. This post is gonna be loooong in case you hadn’t guessed. 

It’s really just…extended Mor, Azriel and Moriel meta. That’s it. All the things. All the meta. All the feelings in one easy to access place. 

I’ll do some Az first. The interesting thing about this dynamic is that his…devotion to Mor seems much more apparent emotionally. But it’s quiet and shadowed and rarely brought to the surface directly from him. We hear more about it from other characters or see it through Feyre’s eyes. Mor tends to be more…vocally explicit and also physically explicit (she does things whereas Azriel more just…feels them and lives them. This will become more apparent when I pick apart examples. I hope.) 

Rhys said with soft wrath, “Eris left her for dead in the middle of their woods. Azriel found her a day later. It was all I could do to keep him from going to either court and slaughtering them all.

I love this bit, obviously for the insight into the history that we get, the fact that it was Azriel who crossed court lines and located Mor and brought her back to where she was safe. Which is..incredibly important for both of them as characters. Azriel has lived his entire life feeling and being treated as though he is unworthy of basic rights. His blood family saw him/treated him like an animal, he has never felt as though he had any value. Naturally Mor’s family almost repeating the abuse that he suffered and turning her into what he was perceived as (worthless) upsets him, it makes her want to help him and it makes her want to hurt the people who hurt her as they no doubt remind him of his own abusers. 

I think there are some..really interesting parallels going on here. Mor, had a very different upbringing to Az, she had so much power, so much status, as essentially a princess, but she almost had a similar problem? She was never treated as a person, as an individual. No-one ever so her, no-one ever saw her value as her. They saw her power, they wanted to breed that into their bloodlines, they saw her as little better than a prize bitch that they could use. 

Once she lost her virginity she no longer had any value to them any more. Her father brutalised her then left her with a sadist telling him she was ‘his problem now’ She went from broodmare to worthless problem all because of how her family perceived her. Which is exactly how Az grew up too. He knows exactly what she’s going through and that he is the one to save her, to think her worth saving despite the fact that all of her ‘value’ is now deemed worthless is…Important for their story. 

Maybe I should have asked Mor to come. But she’d left after dinner, pale-faced and jumpy, ignoring Cassian’s attempt to speak with her. Azriel had taken to the clouds to contact his spies. He’d quietly promised the pacing Cassian to find Mor when he was done.

I think, and I’m doing a liiittle bit of leaping here but I don’t think it’s a huge stretch, that Mor and Azriel can talk to each other about things they can’t really put on the others. And that’s because they understand each other. As I mentioned above even though the…class if you like, of their upbringing was totally different, their situations, the abuse that they suffered, is incredibly similar. It allows them to relate to one another, it allows them to understand one another and get through to one another even when no-one else can. Even when they won’t let anyone else…They’ll let each other.  There’s such a deep bond between these two, so much care and so much love, they’re constantly, quietly, looking out for one another. 

“Does he mind what he does? Not the spying, I mean. What he did to the Attor today.”

“It’s hard to tell with him—and he’d never tell me.[…]But Azriel … Cassian tries, I try—but I think the only person who ever gets him to admit to any sort of feeling is Mor. And that’s only when she’s pestered him to the point where even his infinite patience has run out.”

Two things in this part - as above, even when Az pushes others away and won’t let them in…He will with Mor (as she will with him) The second thing is Mor’s persistence. One of the arguments I’ve seen a lot about Mor is that she doesn’t seem to care about Az that much or that she doesn’t push him enough into overcoming his insecurities when it comes to a relationship with her. She doesn’t seem bothered enough to make the effort to get through to him but..That line of thinking is completely and utterly countered by this? We know how much Az will shut himself off and brood, we know how much he represses, how much he contains, how little of himself he wants to show, how hard Feyre has to work to even wring a smile from him when he’s upset with himself. We know how much patience Azriel has so we therefore know how much effort it must take for Mor to get through to him, to open him up, to let her in, to let him share his burdens and allow her to help. And she does that. She does that for him, she sits and she works away at his endless patience because she knows him and she knows that he needs to talk about this he just can’t. So she makes it possible for him to do that. 

Azriel continued his attempt to infiltrate their courts—still to no avail. I heard about it mostly from Mor, who always knew when he’d return to the House of Wind, and always made a point to be there the moment he touched down.

There’s just…so much in here if you actually dig into it? The fact that she knows when he’s going to get home from his super secret spy missions. (which is…a whole other can of worms that may or may not get opened at a later date) but the fact that she always makes sure she is there. She is the first thing that he sees when he gets back from spying and torture and risking his life. She is there and she gives him that opportunity to be vulnerable, to just be Az before he has to be the High Lord’s spymaster and report to him. She gives him the chance to talk to her and decompress and open up if he needs to. And just the fact that she’s there. Every time. Not even Az can mistake that, the effort she puts into this, into him, into making sure that she’s there to take care of him is just…So much? 

Especially when you factor in that this is the House of Wind. She can’t winnow in there and she doesn’t have wings. So unless she pesters Rhys or Cassian to carry her up every single time Az comes back (which I doubt) she climbs up ten thousand stairs just so she can be there when Az lands, just in case he needs her, just in case this time he lets her in and lets her help him (because this is Azriel. she probably satisfies herself that he’s physically okay, tries to ask after him emotionally and he just nods and tells her quietly, politely, but coldly, that he has to see Rhys) I have Feelings about this, okay. 

And this isn’t the only example of her going above and beyond the call of duty to help Az and make him even a little bit happier: 

Getting Azriel to take any time for himself that didn’t involve workor training was nearly impossible. And when I pointed out that he didgo to Rita’s with her whenever she asked, Mor simply informed me that it had taken her four centuries to get him to do that.

Four hundred years. It took her four hundred years to convince him to just let himself have a night off and go dancing with them. It took her four hundred years to convince him that he deserved that, that time off, that time to be a little selfish, to think about himself for once. She spent four hundred years doing this for him, she never gave up with it because she cares about him, she loves him, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes her, how much effort and energy she has to expend to coax him into doing these things…if it will benefit him she does it. And she ‘simply informs’ Feyre. She doesn’t make a big song and dance about this. She doesn’t wax eloquent about how difficult it was for her, how stubborn he was, how hard she had to work to get him to do this. Because it’s not about her. It’s about Az. And this has made his life a little bit easier, has made him a little bit happier…and that’s enough. 

Mor keeping her distance from Az and not crossing lines with him, not pushing him into a relationship with her and not trying to fix all of his problems isn’t because she doesn’t care. It’s not because she’s not willing to put in the effort. It’s not because she doesn’t love him. It’s not because he’s not worth it. She spend four fukcing centuries coaxing him into taking a little bit of time for himself. She would probably spend eternity convincing him that he’s worthy of her. The reason isn’t her lack of care/empathy/love/patience/whatever. It’s respect. 

(if you haven’t sussed it out yet…this is going to be Long. so. cuts are being introduced now…venture onwards for more of the above)  

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Basically you're saying being stupid is fine and nothing's wrong with it and that people pointing out stupidity are automatically ableist and that it's wrong. Are you just an insecure person that always gets called stupid, and you know you're stupid so now you're getting all defensive? Seems like it. What is your mind for, God's gift, if you wont utilize it properly? What are you even living for? Yes some people are just really slow, but that doesn't excuse them from trying to be better.

i’m sorry i have to publish this y’all i just think that the fact that anybody would think this message is remotely insulting is laughable.

somebody was so bitter that they typed this out.

they took an attribute (intelligence) i clearly do not think is valuable in regard to a person’s worth, and tried to make me feel like i as a person am worth less.

how misguided and petty can one be at the same time?

The thought of dating as a demiromantic

I’ve never understood the way people date. They like think somebody looks good or things then to be funny or something and then ask them out without really knowing much about them? This had confused me already all my life. I also figured out that I am demiromantic and demisexual through this. The only people that I had dated to that point had been two very close friends with which I would text and talk all the time and therefore knew very well. It highly confused me when one of my classmates was telling me that it was normal to go on a date to get somebody know instead of knowing them already.

Please know that you don’t have to rush anything with dating. I personally think it is way much more enjoyable when you know each other already very well (aka have that close emotional bond) since instead of exploring each other’s character and breaking up very soon after, you two can enjoy dates, places, and activities of which you both know that your partner enjoys them.

i think my biggest pet peeve is when people use astrology to pursue their crushes. like it’s not wrong to do synastry and all of that, but if that’s the ONLY thing you’re using astrology for… then don’t talk to me.

there’s so many other cool things, and i’d hate it if people just made astrology into a simple tool to “read” their crush. and the worst part is that some people don’t even pursue their crushes after. like… what’s the point of reading and learning about your crush, only to not pursue them because you’re scared of rejection?

i sound insensitive, but rejection isn’t something to be scared of. dating isn’t even that fun tbh because logically, dating makes your life worse because not only do you have to pay attention to yourself, which is already a big pain in the ass, you have to pay attention to ANOTHER person.

with that being said though, i don’t mind helping people with love advice and stuff like that, but i’ve personally found that i can’t stand people who never pursue, yet they’ll work so hard on looking at synastry charts and everything that could only show what would happen if you DID pursue your crush.

Penelope’s Conflict

I won’t lie, it kind of bugs me that some people have problems with how Penelope reacted to her daughter being gay. Some people accused her of making it about herself, but I think they wildly missed the entire point of that episode.

Pretty much every single parent on the planet has aspirations for their children. Penelope even says she imagined having talks about boys with Elena. That’s not unusual for a parent AT ALL.

While someone coming out is indeed all about them, ignoring the fact that it still has an impact on your loved ones is extremely insensitive to those loved ones. Penelope wasn’t making it all about her, she felt guilty and confused that she was so conflicted about it because she didn’t want to make her daughter feel like she wasn’t accepted.

There’s a transition phase, which was explained in the episode but somehow completely ignored by people, that the parents go through. Almost every parent does to a lesser or greater extent. It’s why some parents can disapprove of it at first and then come around later.

In Penelope’s case, it was a problem with letting some of those dreams go, like for example, talking about boys with her daughter. It may seem like a small thing, but try seeing it as something easy to let go of when it’s been on your mind for 15+ years and then tell me how simple it is.

Penelope felt guilty, she felt like she was betraying her daughter, and she didn’t know why she was okay with it and NOT okay with it at the same time. I’m sorry, but a lot of parents with gay children go through that at least once, but just like Penelope, they rarely tell their children about it because they don’t want to make their child feel like they’re not loved.

But it does happen regardless, and saying that the parent is in some way being selfish, or making it all about them because they need some time to adapt to this HUGE change is so naive, so insensitive. I personally was proud of this show for addressing that. 99% of them ignore that it even happens. Emily’s mom from Pretty Little Liars went through it, although we didn’t get a real look at her point of view during her…difficult transition to accepting her daughter.

As was also said in the episode, Elena had been thinking about her sexual orientation for months, maybe even years before coming out. Expecting Penelope to just let everything she’s held on to for over a decade in less than a day is ridiculous and highly unrealistic.

Tbh if I was on a first date with a woman and she started talking about some “men are pigs” and “all men suck” garbage I’d ask for the check and leave that bitch there. Don’t think because I’m a chick and I’m on a date with another chick that I wanna hear it.

Misandry is not cute. I have males in my life that I care deeply for, and if you’re a woman I’m dating, your ass is potentially gonna meet them at some point. I’d rather not have my uncles or male friends or my nine year old brother around a woman who talks shit about the people I love just because of what’s in their pants.

Yes, some of the people who have wronged me are male. No, I’m not about to blame ALL men for their actions. I’m also not about to fall in love with someone who preaches hate. Full stop.

Some Lloyd-centric headcanon/ideas because I started watching Ninjago again and I’m very passionate about this kid:

-He still loves candy even as an older teen but hates making a big deal about it. He never goes anywhere without half a dozen lollipops stuffed into his pockets. He gnaws on them when he’s stressed or thinking. He has a lot more in his room. He’ll share them if you ask, but don’t touch his stash without permission
-Lloyd idolizes the hell out of Nya. As much as he loves the other ninja, they all have traits that can drive him up the wall some days. Nya he just finds easy to talk to and he’ll go to her most for advice or for help. They train together a lot
-He and Kai most certainly at some point had a long, emotional, and somewhat awkward talk about their shared experience of losing parents. Kai was the one who approached Lloyd during a… stressful time to talk. No one knows exactly what they said but it was apparently good for both of them and they came to understand each other a lot better
-There was at some point probably maybe some calling out of Misako from the other ninja about abandoning her kid at a crappy boarding school without explanation. Because Lloyd was pretty fully one of them at that point and in what world would the ninja not stick up for each other like that
-Kai was Lloyd’s awkward first crush and Nya was probably a second or third. There was a phase when part of him just died with embarrassment when reminded, but he’s over it enough that he can actually occasionally talk about with tripping over himself
-He actually… has some anger issues that he tries to keep tightly controlled. Mostly because chosen one, green ninja responsibility, and he’s got pressure on him to keep it together up the wazoo. Lloyd is basically that one friend in the friend group who’s perpetually two sentences away from decking someone
-Okay but he actually does love dragons. They’re cool as hell and flying is cool as hell. Nothing brings out geeky joy in him like getting to serious riding an actual dragon!!

I also have some vague ideas swirling around in my head that are basically just a lot of Lloyd-Morro parallels and how Morro is basically Lloyd if he didn’t have the team. This will probably lead to fanfiction being written in the distant future (definitely maybe)

Musical motifs in Pokémon Sun/Moon

Sun/Moon have a very well thought-out soundtrack with lots of recurring leitmotifs, so I thought it would be fun to write about it! In this post I’m going to point out some musical connections you might not have thought about. I’m not going to write about every single recurring motif in the game, just the ones that I think are interesting and/or non-obvious. Still, if you find something that I missed, please let me know!

Oh, and I’ll refer you to YouTube videos of the songs so you can listen for yourself. I won’t embed them, since that would take up tons of space, but there’ll be links. Now let’s get started!

The Kahunas and the Tapu

Let’s first talk about some motifs that seems to be strongly associated with the Island Challenge and Alolan culture.

To begin with, there’s a recurring phrase associated with the Kahunas and the Tapu that appears all over the soundtrack. Let’s say we call it the “Kahuna leitmotif”, for lack of a better name. You can hear it prominently in the Kahuna battle theme at 0:03 and at 0:17. It’s also the melody of the (out-of-battle) Kahuna theme (kicks in at 0:05), so it seems pretty firmly connected to the Kahunas. At the same time, it also appears in the Ruins theme (try listening at 0:16), as well as the actual Tapu battle theme (try 0:38), so it’s definitely associated with the Tapu too! Since the Kahunas are pretty much appointed by the Tapu to be their human representatives, it makes a lot of sense that they have a shared leitmotif.

Secondly, there’s a short phrase that appears in the Tapu songs but not the Kahuna songs; let’s call it the “Tapu leitmotif”. You can hear it right at the start of the Ruins theme, and in the Tapu battle theme at the beginning and at 0:33. Unlike the above Kahuna leitmotif, this one is exclusively associated with the Tapu, and only seems to play when you’re actually in their presence.

Finally, the main melody of the Kahuna Battle theme is of course that of the Trial theme, thus musically connecting the Kahunas to the Trials and the Trial Captains. Makes sense, since battling a Kahuna is in itself a Grand Trial. It also happens to be the catchiest, snazziest song of this generation, so it makes for a great battle theme, hehehe!

Team Skull and the Aether Foundation

Team Skull’s leitmotif is pretty easy to pick out, it’s right there at the start of the Team Skull theme. It’s also in their battle theme, and in Plumeria’s battle theme, and… well, you get the picture. The melody of Guzma’s theme is actually also the same leitmotif, but with a different rhythm, so it sounds quite different. Still, listen closely and you’ll hear it’s the same ten notes in the same order, hehe!

The Aether Foundation also has an easily recognizable motif that appears in most of their tracks, perhaps most notably the Aether House music at 0:14 and the (more sinister) Aether Foundation battle theme at 0:16. But you knew that already!

What’s really interesting, though, is that you can find a trace of the Aether Foundation leitmotif in Guzma’s battle theme, starting at 0:42. It’s heavily distorted, but I would argue it’s there! Nice bit of musical foreshadowing, perhaps?

The Ultra Beasts

The Ultra Beast battle theme is pretty cool, but did you know the same melody plays in Ultra Space, slowed down? Most people don’t pick up on this since the Ultra Space music only plays for a very short segment of the game, but it’s a cute detail, hehe.


This one’s not too easy to catch either. Try listening to the Solgaleo/Lunala battle theme at 0:26, where the melody comes in. Now compare it to the Altar of the Sunne/Moone music at 0:08. Again, even though it’s slowed down, you can tell it’s the same tune! Cool!

Regular Alola Battles

The Wild Pokémon Battle and Trainer Battle themes don’t really contain any overt references to other songs. (I guess it’s fitting that “regular” battle themes should have their own independent identities, since they help establish their generation’s unique atmosphere.) However, both of these battle themes make use of a descending blind octave passage - I’d say that’s a big part of what gives these Alola tracks their distinctive sound! So I thought I’d point it out anyway, hehe.

Check out the Wild Pokémon battle theme at 0:16 and the Trainer battle theme at 0:37, and I bet you’ll hear it too!

Gladion and Voltorb Flip

Okay, listen to the beginning of Gladion’s battle theme and tell me he’s not connected to the Goldenrod Game Corner in some way. I’m sure we can find an in-universe justification for this somewhere…

… r-right?

Advice - Part 1

I intend for this to be a five to six part little series of a Val and Sharna present day type fic. The idea just hit me all of a sudden and I’m super excited! Also, I think this is my first official Val and Sharna fic?! Big day!

Sharna had already warned Peta a couple weeks ago that they needed to squeeze in some girl talk time during her visit right after the tour ended.

“Just a few minutes,” Sharna promised when she called Peta to tell her about her travel plans. “That’s all I’ll steal you away for.”

“You seem pretty upset,” Peta pointed out, and Sharna could hear the concern in her voice. “Are you alright?”

“Oh, it’s really not that big of a deal,” Sharna lied. “Just something I’d rather talk about in person.”

“Are you sure everything is okay?”

“Yes,” Sharna said quickly, trying to convince both of them. “I just need some advice. We’ll just have to distract the boys and keep them busy and away from us.”

“Maks and Val, you mean? You haven’t even talked to Val about this?”

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Snape is neither unequivocally good nor bad, and that is what makes him interesting: an analysis

Fan conversations about Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series are very polarized. There are fans who are very sympathetic towards him and others fans who think he is the worst, to put it in simplified terms. I can’t help to think both of these stark sets of opinions are wrong and I really wish fans were more willing to analyze Snape’s role in the overall story (rather than just his individual actions) and what they mean thematically and symbolically. So here we go…

We’re supposed to draw specific parallels between Harry, Snape, and Voldemort. In Deathly Hallows, Harry specifically refers to the three of them as the lost boys of Hogwarts. They all are (1) half-blood wizards with (2) not-so-great home lives (3) who have some particular magical talents (4) who find a place and home at Hogwarts.

Now the connections and similarities between Harry and Tom Riddle have been pointed out explicitly since at least Chamber of Secrets. However, this is also the book where Dumbledore tells us that it is our choices, far more than our abilities, that determine who we are. Snape fitting into the comparison with Harry and Voldemort is only uncovered in the last book, when his full backstory is revealed. Because there is so much going on in that book, including just what’s going on with Snape, this nuance gets overlooked in the analysis of the Harry Potter saga.

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anonymous asked:

So I've always wondered why L&H would get jealous when the other boys would talk to them or get their attention and same as Z&L getting jealous cause they couldn't possibly think their friends would steal their boyfriend right? Like why get jealous?And the only conclusion I can make is that they have all had a crush on each other at one point/experimented with each other and even though logically none of them would come between the couples they still get worried old feelings might come back.

I think it’s important to reiterate that, whilst I have no doubt that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have romantic feelings for each other, I have absolutely no idea what has actually happened there beyond what I can piece together from their breadcrumb trail of gayness…


I mean…to me this looks like some lifetime commitment type of shit, but who’s to say? 

In regards to jealousy, I can say that when I was younger it didn’t take much to set me off. Between 16-24 are some of the most hormonally charged years of your life. Biologically speaking, I didn’t chill out when it comes to jealousy…actually ever. Still get jealous. It’s irrational, and I try to suppress it, but it’s an actual biological response so I don’t know why they’re all like 

when it comes to each other, purely in terms of OT5. 

I feel like it’s easy for people to lose sight of the fact that these are actual people, who have problems just like you and me. I think it can be very easy to romanticise, and sometimes fetishise, the members of One Direction together. Were it not for the aggressive amount of information at my disposal that would suggest that Louis and Harry (and Liam and Zayn for that matter) love each other then I’d probably think it was a cute idea and think nothing further of it. The fact that there are so many tattoos, stickers on the bears, actions, and words that suggest that they’re banging on a glass closet is why I don’t think, “Well they probably want to closet themselves.” 

They literally dressed up two rainbow coloured teddy bears in wedding attire, put a picture of a man named Larry in front of it and put blue and green stickers on it. 

They did that.

I’m not going to sit here and theorise what the hell happened on their tour bus, but if you spend almost every day of your life with four other people you’re going to know how to push their buttons and the fact that they were almost always being recorded means that we got to see a lot of different kinds of moments. 

However, I’m definitely not going to indulge in some kind of OT5 orgy theories because whilst I don’t deem it to be completely out of the question, it’s really none of my fuckin business what they do with whom. If they want to shove gay teddy bears, blue and green, “larry ok”, etc… in everyone’s faces, fine, I’m here to talk about what I’ve seen, not about hypotheticals. 

Observations and guesses: chapter 116

Hello, my dear fandomhives! 

Ch.116 came in short and sexy. Little dress-up game with Sebastian ended with Lizzy’s yandere mode attack and left us too much space for thought… that’s why I’m writing this post.

Some people have already come up with theories on this matter. Most of them talk about Lizzy being brainwashed and guarding the Sphere Music Hall, or finding out about the contract and trying to protect Ciel. I do agree that she’s trying to protect Ciel… only that he’s not our Ciel.

If you hate the 2CT, stop reading at this point because this is gonna be all about it.

First of all, let me review again why I think it’s not our Ciel who was with Lizzy in the music hall.

As you might have noticed, on all these frames except the first one, Ciel wasn’t at the music hall. But the first frame proves that the person who was there with Lizzy looked exactly like Ciel. His silhouette is identical to the one from the last frame, so it’s the same person, a person who looks like our Ciel but is not our Ciel because he is at home at the moment. Simple enough, isn’t it? If you want to know more on what’s supposedly going on there, please read this post.

Moving on to ch.116, what do we have? Sebastian is sniffing (literally) the way to the room where Lizzy was with the second Ciel and gets attacked by her:

But who was she trying to protect? There was no one else in the room and the chair “Ciel” had been sitting on before, was empty:

Which leads us to two important conclusions:

  •  Lizzy was expecting Sebastian to come and was waiting there to attack him. 
  •  Lord Sirius a.k.a. the second Ciel moved to another place. Does this mean he lives somewhere else and comes to the hall only for blood treatments, or perhaps… has he finished the treatment?

Again, we won’t know for sure until the next chapter. What strikes the eye here is that Yana deliberately delays the revelation of the secret, which can only mean that we’ve come to the main point of the manga from which it will inevitably start running towards the end, revealing one secret after another.

I also want to point out the fact that Lizzy abandoned our Ciel and stayed at the music hall with the real Ciel. This detail though quite unsignificant on the first glance, but gives us a major clue about her feelings for our Ciel and on whose side she is from now on.

From what we have now I can tell you some of my guesses:

  • Undertaker is using Bravat’s blood transfusion method in order to resurrect Ciel’s sacrificed twin.
  • Lizzy was told about the contract and how our Ciel sacrificed his twin a.k.a. the real Ciel a.ka. Lizzy’s fiance in order to save his own life.
  • Lizzy probably hates our Ciel now. He stole her precious fiance from her and took his place. He was lying to her the whole time. She will be fighting for the real Ciel and helping him to return his status of the head of the Phantomhive’s.
  • Once the real Ciel returns, he isn’t going to run at his little brother with hugs and kisses. He is probably seeking to get revenge for his stolen life, name and title.
  • The real Ciel was always stronger, healthier and more confident than his little brother. There is going to be one hell of a battle.
  • Our Ciel and the demon - on one side. The real Ciel and the shinigami - on the other.

Whose side will the Queen take? That’s going to be interesting.

That’s it for your servant’s humble opinion.

Thank you and have a great week❤

i was reading a couple of ‘don’t say kaisoo is a coverup for kxk’ posts from several months ago and most of them significantly missed the point.

for example, this one user wrote 'when yall are here writing 50 page essays on the way k*isoo glanced in each other’s direction when there’s laysoo in some corner holding hands and trying to touch each other’s dingleberries, that goes unseen because it’s not as important or real (according to you) as k*isoo.’

which implies to me that most of these people have no idea what we’re talking about. the fact that other members are allowed to freely interact and touch all over each after the blind item, is very very significant. so in some ways, these people have noticed something? but they’re not, 'observant’ enough to realize what they’re looking at all. or they still think two idols dating in the same group is merely fantasy or fanfiction. it’s not even the most dramatic thing in the world.

kd glancing at each other is not what i’m ever talking about in my 50 page essays. i’m talking about videos of jong_dae and su_ho holding ji to the side as they awkward get into formation, when he was trying to approach ks. i’m talking about the biggest otp in exo never getting promoted and fanserviced for the $$. and don’t try that 'maybe they aren’t close’ bullshit with me. especially after the fan signing where dks indirectly said he was more significant to ji than other members and other people were, 'even to me’. i know you understand exclusive dialogue. that was exclusive.

i’m talking about ks looking complete shut down during lotto promos without ji and you written it off as external factors when ji looks the exact same when ks is absent. but you people assume we spend time talking about looking. which i mean, kji did kneel down on a red carpet and starred at ks for more seconds than what’s cool lmao.

i don’t listen to those people any way and knowing they literally have no defense or explanation for other things we know (jagi moment, 2012 insider post, etc) is very interesting. ji can look at all the other members he wants to, that’s not what we’re talking about.


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Mina x Fem!Reader



Word Count: 501

“And when you divide the two numbers, you get…”

Mina had been taking notes when the class first started, but her attention had shifted from her notebook and towards the girl sighting in the corner of the room. Chewing on the eraser of her pen, Mina was fantasizing all the things that she would say.

You look really pretty today. I like how you did your hair. Do you wanna have lunch with me?

She kept thinking these things but knew that the chances of her actually saying them were very low. It was only when the girl made eye contact with her that Mina finally turned back to the front and tried to hurry up and scribble down the notes. During the break, Momo leaned across the aisle to talk to Mina.

“You were staring again,” she whispered. Mina’s face flared up, causing Momo to laugh. “You’re gonna have to talk to her at some point. How you’ve managed to avoid it when we’re in the same class is honestly amazing.”

“I can’t do that,” Mina sighed. Her eyes drifted towards you and where you sat in the corner with your friends. “How do you even do that? How do you just tell someone you like them? It’s embarrassing.”

Mina looked back at Momo would gave her a small smile. “Well, you could start by saying hi.”

It wasn’t until after class that Mina finally gathered the courage to go over to you. Most of the other students were already gone and you had already said goodbye to your friends. As you were heading towards the door, she stopped you, reaching out to grab your arm.

It had been an instinctive move and she honestly hadn’t been trying to get your attention. After lots of thinking back and forth about whether or not she would talk to you, she panicked as you were passing and grabbed you. As soon as the two of you locked eyes, Mina let go of you, whispering an apology.

“What’s up, Mina?” You asked. Mina was honestly a bit surprised that you knew her name since you two had never actually talked to each other.

“Uh, I…I was wondering if you wanted to go get food?” There was a pause and Mina quickly added, “With me!”

You smiled softly, apologetically, and Mina could tell by the look on your face that you were going to say no.

“That’s okay…Sorry to bother you…”

She started to head out before you but you stopped her.

“What are you doing tomorrow?” You asked. Mina stopped, turning towards you in confusion. “I can’t go today because I have another class,” you explained. “But if you want, I can buy you dinner tomorrow.”


You nodded and Mina smiled brightly at you, nodding excitedly. The two of you exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up tomorrow after you both finished your classes. You left first, leaving Mina to dance her way down the hall as she went to meet Momo.