and all of the plain color ones


I love the new opening but one thing that came to my mind was you see how in the beginning of the shows the opening had no colors or anything to just how its just plain. I think that kinda shows how all the main characters were probably in a point of there life where they didn’t know where to go or what to do. Where they felt kinda lost.

Now the new opening is so vibrant and colorful. Its shows how they found something to fight and live for. They found there hope in life. It just shows how there in a better place.


calendar lockscreens for the next 2 months are finally here ! i made these before i realised that there were 2 plain color ones for april and 2 pattern ones for march🙁, nevertheless! hope u will like these💗💗💗, desktop wallpapers are on @emmastudies blog🖥💻(also, to answer all ur questions, may and june will be out on either end of february or march😊)


I like keeping things organized, but on the other hand, recolors of my CC make me happy and I feel the need to share them all, so I’ve decided to compile them in one post.

/!\ This post is intended to be regularly updated ! I highly recommand you to reblog or like the creators’ original post instead of this one if you plan to download it ! /!\ This list can be accessed from the original mesh post and my reblog tag.

  1. 55 plain colors by @icemintbows
  2. 8 graphic swatches by @chaiberry
  3. 10 graphic swatches by @kosineko
  4. Band t-shirts by @seabubblee
  5. 53 graphic swatches by @simblrdearie (Meraki)
  6. 7 Kpop swatches by @simistersims
  7. Valentine’s day recolors by @tinysimghost
  8. 24 simlish band swatches (Woowho) by @bottsbotts

Orginal mesh

Thanks for recoloring !

I took this picture earlier tonight and I’m in love with how it turned out! I hope you all like it as well! I’ve always favored colored fairy/christmas lights over plain white ones. To me colored lights are more nostalgic than the white ones, I also feel the colored ones can feel more festive. 
I do have to admit I keep colored lights up all year to remind myself of the comfort of the holidays. 
Anyways! I hope you all like this photo! I love hearing you feedback thank you all for the amazing support. Love you all! Stay Jolly! 

Apartment style and your Venus sign

You could also look at the sun, moon, 4th house or rising. 

Aries: You’re not one for confined spaces or clutter. You want to find what you need without hassle and you might opt for big windows that let in lots of light. I can see Aries Venus liking plain colors like black, white, and beige but with bold accents and wild patterns. Scents are crisp and clean (linen, ginger, or citrus), giving a fresh and new feeling.

Taurus: I think a comfortable couch with plump pillows that you could sink into would be the centerpiece. Woods, browns, greens, and other nature colors and materials are used. Vases with flowers for decoration. Some sort of small window garden would be used. Candles would be lit so that when you enter the room, you’re hit with a pleasant scent. Maybe you have a record player in the corner. Anyone who visits would feel very at home. A nice and well-used dining table would be another investment. Your style is beautiful yet functional. 

Gemini: I can see Gemini in a loft apartment. It’s spacious and likely close to the action of the city. The open nature of a loft is mentally stimulating. Your music and movie collection is likely on display. There’s plenty of room for friends when they come over. Board games may be under the coffee table. The design is sleek,  state-of-the-art, simple, and uncluttered. A chalkboard or notepad is good for writing down ideas on the fly. If you’re an Apple lover, you probably have everything connected so you’re always on top of things.

Cancer: You would focus a lot of the decorating on displaying and storing memories. Hand-made art, blankets or rugs. Things that you’ve collected. I think Cancer Venus would appreciate a comfy corner for reading with a big chair, pillows and a blanket. Pastel colors come to mind. Silver frames hold pictures of loved ones or your own artwork. Cooking utensils are frequently used and on display in the kitchen. The kitchen will likely be a gathering point, so attention is given to it. Try scents like vanilla, apple, or nutmeg.

Leo: Leo Venus loves luxury and if we can’t have it, we’ll fake it. Your home represents an extension of you so of course you want the best. Leo Venus is willing to spent a little bit more for the good stuff. Leo loves shiny accents such as gold, silver, or polished black. Mirrors of all kinds might be in every room. Ruled by the sun, the natural light would be a let in via large windows and sheer curtains. The mirrors will help reflect the light. The combination of natural light and mirrors will help you put your best foot forward before you step out of the house. Beautiful paintings or other pieces of art are boldly displayed. You want people to be wowed by your home and you will bask in this praise. Part of this opulence is because you do want to show off, but also it brings you great comfort for the sake of it. It makes you feel secure.

Virgo: Like Cancer, Virgo decorates with storage and display in mind. Trunks can be used for storage of unsightly things, but also have the added bonus of being visually appealing. Your apartment is likely quite clean, except maybe your bedroom that no one sees. Virgo would probably like the Scandinavian style with lots of white and wood. It’s uncluttered, which is important. You need a retreat from the hectic buzz that is your mind. Plants would help you stay down to earth and give you something to care for. A work space is necessary so a desk with many drawers and a comfortable chair is an option. Books and CDs are organized in alphabetical order and possibly are there to show others how well-read they are. Good lighting is also a must (especially if you want to find all the dirt you missed). You might like woodsy scents.

Libra: A Libra will be sensitive to the energy of their home. Color coordination will be on point and it will look very tasteful. A space to retreat to where you regain balance is a necessity. The world is chaotic and your home should be as light and neutral as possible so you can renew yourself. 

Scorpio: Ah, Dracula’s lair. It’s certainly not going to be in a place where others could peep in on you. If that’s the case, you will invest in some heavy shades. The place might seem small, but feel big. Rich textures like leather, velvet, and silk might appeal to you. Even metals, perhaps. You have a light dimmer, rather than a switch. You might also place a few odd or shocking pieces around the house such as a sexual book or a frightening looking piece of art. Dark and rich is the theme of your style. If not, it may be deceptively light and airy, as to not lead people on to your true ways.

Sagittarius: Another sign that would not like clutter. Not particularly domestic, Sagittarius would prefer to keep it minimalist so there isn’t much cleaning that needs to be done. Unless they live with someone who doesn’t mind cleaning up after them. Minimalism is also good for those who don’t like to be tied down. The less you have, the easier it is to move on. The Sagittarius home buzzes with energy and movement. I could see framed maps on the walls and souvenirs from travels on shelves. Funky, one-of-a-kind pieces are appreciated and are used as conversation starters.

Capricorn: A classic style that lasts. Like Leo, you are willing to dish out cash for quality, but you’re delighted if you can find a good deal. Oil paintings and nice towels are some things you might find in the Cap home. Like Taurus, you go for stylish yet functional. Nothing in your home should go out of style so that it will last you a lifetime. Degrees and other trophies will be displayed. You probably have a monthly planning binder at your organizational station that holds your meal plans, bills, and to-do list.

Aquarius: An Aquarius apartment is likely to be a mix of the Sagittarian minimalism and the Scorpionic quirkiness. You also do not enjoy being tied down, so too much “stuff” can weigh you down. Furniture should be easy to move around when you want to change up your style. It’s likely that what’s “in” will not matter to you. Matching and harmony is not the key. You might even get a kick out of the reactions your place gets. Strange novelty items will be displayed for guests to be shocked with. Guests will probably be a regular thing, since as a fixed sign, you prefer others come to you.

Pisces: It’s hard for me to pin down just one style for Pisces. But they certainly will have a place to create or daydream. Blues, purples, silvers, and natural tones would be used. You probably daydream about moving to a house on the lake, away from the world. I think Pisces would appreciate a beautiful bathtub with places for candles and lotions. Soft rugs are great for sensitive Pisces feet. Antiques or family heirlooms may be used too. Soft and indirect lighting from behind sheer curtains is an option for you.

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Oops I think I may have made a typo, I think it was 34. The mascarade one :) Just If you want to tho, I mean

this is really bad and i lost the other ask lmao im so sorry but its BLURB NIGHT

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another set. basically this was a what-if.. i finished this in less than 2 hours. been feeling a bit sick lately, not very well. aside from maybe one other thing don’t expect much for a few weeks..

 it’s bad enough his anatomy is very screwy, he somehow wears clothes (that fit), and he’s not a true crocodile at all… but it’s as good as it could get for what it was.


Westport: Apricot Lokos’ furnished apartment

I really wanted to decorate one of the Sapphire Bay apartments, but I didn’t have any new sims to add except for the last two Beyond The Scale sims (that I’m adding next round), so I put Apricot on the lot. :>

Which worked out pretty well because I wanted her to be the “whimsiest” (vimpsiest?) out of the five of them; and I felt like decorating in fun colors since all the walls are completely plain.

Why is it hard for people to understand that a genderfluid person doesn’t have to be one day feminine and the next masculine. They don’t have to have long hair some days and others short. They don’t have to wear colorful dresses some days and baggy jeans and a plain tank others. Gender has nothing to do with appearance unless they choose to. A genderfluid person can be feminine all their life and some days identify as a boy or vice versa. Gender identity doesn’t have to go with your clothes.

Chapter Two: The Family You Know

A rough life from beginning to now, (Y/N) hadn’t expected it but, it had at the time, gotten much worse. Her seventeenth birthday was the day. At that time, birthdays weren’t much celebrated, but the Mikaelsons didn’t let it pass by without recognition. To celebrate, the four: Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, and (Y/N), all went down to the alomst-adults favorite place to relax. A wide, empty meadow, trees and flowers outlined it, colors and variations of all kinds surrounded the area. But, (Y/N)’s favorite thing about the meadow was the thin, rocky river the weaved and curved around the grassy plain. It was one of the few places in which no one had inhabited, and that was increasing to everywhere with the Vikings and Native Americans about.

“What about Bears? Or Wolves?” Rebekah questioned, still weary on the idea of sitting out in such an open place.

“Don’t worry, sister.” Klaus answered, a grin on his face. “I’ll scare any wolf off.” Rebekah frowned at him, an unamused look on her soft features. It was only a moment of glaring at her big brother before she let out a laugh, she tried to hold it in but failed horribly. Klaus let out a laugh himself, glad to amuse his sister. Elijah spoke through their fits of laughter.

“When was the last time you saw a bear anywhere near here, Rebekah?”

“A few weeks ago. Big and brown, horrid looking.” She replied after gaining back composer. She motioned with her arms, as if showing the size of the bear.

“Don’t ask if she’s seen any wolves, please.” (Y/N) added quickly, not wanting to hear any more talk of wolves. Rebekah and Klaus, as expected let out restrained giggles. “I haven’t seen either in the times I have come here.”

“Maybe they moved in.” Rebekah joked, a smirk forming on her lips.

“Alright, that’s enough talk of wolves.” Klaus cut in, though a small smile still hung.

“I agree, brother.” Elijah said, he still looked quite unamused.

(Y/N), hearing enough talk of nonsense, moved further into the meadow, drawing nearer to the river. Her heart thumped with excitement, eager just to sit by the river and watch the life the moved through the woods surrounding. Watching other life was one of (Y/N)’s greatest pleasures in life, and also something she valued. She knew what the Mikaelsons were. A myth in the human world, but feared: no life, no aging….Immortality. She knew that she never wanted to be like one, not ever. She eventually wanted a family of her own, she wished to grow old and die, and she wanted nothing more then the 14th century, and that was all. Not the 15th or 16th or any after. She wanted to remain human. Pure and innocent, and Mortal. Yes, she loved the Mikaelsons, and if she was Immortal shed remain with them, but as a Mortal, she knew they didn’t have forever together and eventually she would, by choice, leave them. She didn’t want a child, her child, near people who could kill others so easily, let alone ones who had the desire to do so.

“So, this is where you come everyday.” Klaus said as he came near the river. (Y/N) already sat perched on a rock, her legs hanging off the side. Elijah and Rebekah followed after Klaus, also curious of the new place. The three siblings spent a few moments glancing around themselves, taking in the woods and river, and life.

“Yes, no one knows this is here, so no one else comes here.” (Y/N) answered, a sly smile playing on her lips. As the three Mikaelsons continued to explore around a bit, (Y/N) continued to watch around herself, her eyes glinting with happiness.


The day drew on, and eventually the siblings grew anxious, and began to want to wonder back home.

“(Y/N), the moon is almost completely up. We should head home before werewolves come out.” Klaus spoke. “I honestly do not feel like fighting with them.” He tossed another rock into the river before standing up, taking a moment to gain balance.

“I am growing restless too. I know you aren’t one for sleeping, but the rest of us enjoy it.” Elijah added, coming to stand next to his younger brother. Though, as the two turned to face where they thought (Y/N) had been sitting all along, they saw she was no longer there. Sharing a glance of confusion, Klaus and Elijah searched around themselves expecting to find the human near by.

“(Y/N)? Where did you run off to?” Klaus called out, panic beginning to set in.

“Where has (Y/N) gone?” Rebekah questions in a tired voice. The girl-Original had decided to rest up against a truck of a large tree awhile ago, clearly getting bored with the activity. Being awoken by the sound of her brothers calling out for their friend wasn’t exactly nice.

“I’m not sure. She’s seem to have run off.” Elijah answers, a confused look on his features.

“I thought she grew out of these games.”

“So did I-” The conversation was cut of by a loud scream from not too far.

“Help! Help me!” A spine-chilling screech came from the opposite side of the meadow. The Mikaelsons knew immediately who was in danger.


As quickly as they could, they were across the meadow in search of (Y/N). It wasn’t easy to see, only the light of the moon lit up the made path. None of them knew what kind of trouble (Y/N) was in, but it sounded terrible. In the years they knew her, she never screamed like that, she never called for help. She wished to get herself out of those kinds of things. She was in a deadly kind of danger, they were sure of it, and it was enough to send them into panic and anger. Who dares touch their (Y/N)? Who tries to put her in danger when she is part of the Original family? A deadman, they knew that for damn sure.

“(Y/N)?” Rebekah called out in a panic, but Klaus quickly covered her mouth with his hand, shushing her.

“Do not let them hear you, little sister. We don’t know what kind of danger they’ve put (Y/N) in.” He explains, removing his fans from her mouth.

“I can’t hear her.” Elijah whispers.

“I can assure you, we will find her.” Klaus replies, a confident yet frantic look on his features.

~This ones kind of long, but I hope you enjoyed. Chap. 3 soon! -Ky
VS/Pink Clothes Tips

Okay so I honestly don’t know how I started doing this and got away with it cuz I was so sloppy but here is how I used to lift clothes from VS without going in the dressing room or detagging (but better obviously because I was stupid about it)

•Gravitate towards the shelf displays in the middle of the store, not the hangers. Empty hangers would be sus and most of the clothes on hangers have tags.

•The piles of plain shirts and leggings are randomly tagged, or at least at my store they are. Yoga pants and yoga leggings are all tagged. Regular leggings are folded in displays.

•I would just rummage through the drawers and pretend I’m trying to find my size or color, meanwhile I’m rolling an item up into the smallest roll I can with one hand, moving stuff with the other. For leggings, do this from the ankle up and make sure it’s really tight. Then, with the rolled up item in my hand, I quickly close the drawer I’m looking in and open the one below it or two down, and while I’m opening it my hand passes over my bag and I drop the item in.

•By rolling it up, it’s easy to find tags because the item has to be completely flat so the tags won’t roll properly. Double check by just pretending you’re holding it up to look at it if you’re nervous. Holding it up also helps if the item is folded and you need to unfold it to roll (leggings need to be unfolded). I’ve never heard of VS using soft tags but if you can nonchalantly rip a tag in half then it’s better to be safe than sorry.

•Rolling it up also makes it easier to just drop into your bag since it’s not loose fabric and you won’t have to stuff it in.

•A lot of the time those types of displays are in the corner by the hanging clothes, sometimes it’s easier to just turn around with your back to the camera and just pretend you’re looking through the clothes on the hanger really closely and drop the item from there. That works with the perfumes, phone cases, and socks as well.

I hope this helps, I have a lot of lifted leggings and shirts from VS and like 20 pairs of socks that never even saw the dressing room

     The Ningen (Human) is a Japanese cryptid that appeared in the early 1990′s when Japanese fisherman claimed to have seen an extremely large creature that resembled that of a whale but looked eerily humanoid. This report and a few others brought the Ningen to life for the rest of the world.

     There have been a few different descriptions of the Ningen. One person reported that the creature had the body and arms of a human with the tail of a fish or whale. Another report described the creature as having no arms, legs of a human with a humanoid face having very little detail. All accounts of the Ningen however have had one common trait though, a whitish skin color and plain face. These creatures supposedly can reach close to thirty meters long.

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Undertale Cookbook - MTT's Starfait

Recipe by alizardnamedtopaz

See the cookbook master post for more recipes!




1 24 oz Container of Vanilla Yogurt

Red, Light Blue/Blue, and Yellow Food Coloring

Topping of Choice (As long at it can be shaped into a star)








Art by hyenafu

See the cookbook master post for more recipes!

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Do you live in the Mojave or just a fan of it?

I follow @mojave-wasteland-official, and find those posts about it interesting, especially the unique plant life. I reblog them all at one time instead of queuing them so it’s one big block at once instead of my blog becoming randomly dedicated to the Mojave for a week.

Plus, the southwest is absolutely beautiful, with those orange walls of stone in water-carved canyons, revealing millions of years of history in their colorful strata, and the wide-open plains of sand that surround them, dotted with some of the hardiest plants and animals this continent has to offer.

So yeah, I guess I do sort of like the Mojave, though it would be more accurate to say I love the beauty of nature in general, especially the stranger, less well-loved stuff. The desert isn’t exactly a popular tourist destination, but neither is Socotra with its enormous amount of endemic species, or Cappadocia with its fairy chimneys in Göreme National Park, or Fynbos with its numerous endemic species of strange but beautiful flowers.

okay but writers (white) listen for a sec

Here’s the deal, pahtnah: If you wanna be a writer you gotta know how to write physical descriptions of characters of color. If you’re unwilling to do that you shouldn’t be writing. Plain and simple. 

You can’t just say “she was a black woman”. Viola Davis is a black woman. Zoe Kravitz is a black woman. Black people literally come in all shapes and sizes, all colors and hues, from straight up white skin to onyx you gotta tell me the shade. 

You can’t just say “the latina woman”. Salma Hayek is a latinx. Rosario Dawson is latinx. They look nothing alike. Because for one thing latinx is not a fucking race like it really is such a vague thing to say. For fuck’s sake don’t use ethnicity or race as a defining characteristic, yes even if the narrative has not yet introduced the character by name. Use their skin tone, be descriptive about that. What shade of brown are they? And don’t fucking use food as a reference. Be creative. That’s what writing is. 

(I know there aren’t only two types of people of color but these are my examples)

Simply saying “they’re [insert race/ethnicity]” as their only descriptor is a cop out and it tells me that you don’t care enough about people of color to really look at what makes each individual special. People of color are like flowers. So if you just say “it was a flower” What the fuck type of flower was it???? One race may be the same type of flower but even then there are subsections to the types of flowers, they don’t all look the same! White characters are described down to the last “smattering of freckles” but I can count on one hand the amount of times a person of color in a writing work wasn’t just some uncharacterized blob of nonwhiteness. 

Describe the imperfections, moles, freckles, yes we have them too, birthmarks, scars, dimples, motherfucker! Describe the way the character’s hair falls, how it moves. We have those things, because we’re human, and by not using the same amount of description on people of color that you use on white people you are actively dehumanizing people of color, whether you intend to or not. 

I know, I know. I rant a lot about how to write people of color. And I know I don’t have a lot of published work out myself. But dammit, I know what good writing looks like. And I want to see writing that waxes poetic about characters of color with the same detail that is shown white characters. That’s not too much to ask. 

I make a lot of these, and I feel like I should explain myself but at the same time, fuck that. Everyone deserves to have reading content that they can enjoy and relate to, that makes them feel good and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. 

AquarianValentine’s Glorious Troll Horn Fabrication Guide

so hey i could get  all fancy with a ridiculous and self aggrandizing intro, but frankly its already pretty late and this will take long enough as it is. Basically most ways to make troll horns either don’t turn out good enough, are way too expensive, or are the plush monstrosities at the what pumpkin store. So using whatever i could find lying around the house, i crafted a pair of amporas i used for cosplaying, and i must say they came out better than expected. The rest of this post will be explaining how you can make a pair yourself. So you’re welcome

Step One: Materials

You’ll require 

1 Wire coat hangar, the more malleable the better

1 roll of aluminum foil, you want use all of it, dont worry

an unspecified amount of regular glue, not a lot, as well as access to some water and a washable cup 

1 paintbrush, doesnt have to be fancy

Several sheets of colored tissue paper, in the horn colors. Alternatively you could use plain white paper and then just paint/marker the colors on instead, which would certainly work; however this requires fewer steps. 

i mean this is pretty cheap stuff, right? none of that weird polymer clay stuff, which is bound to cost you

optional: i would suggest finding a hammer or pair of pliers, it makes bending the wire a lot easier, it will save you a lot of pain in your fingers. but maybe dont take my advice. what is art without suffering after all?

Step 2: basic head shape

this is for the basic shape that the head band part will take, pretty much regardless of whatever troll you are doing. A pair of full on Nitrams might require some more support, but idfc, its your problem for cosplayin a lowwblood like them, not mine. anyways

first youll need to bend out the wire, untwisting the top hook, and into this basket shape. its your starting point, and it should be pretty easy

then, youll need to bend the bottom piece of wire into this headband shape, making sure to keep the remaining spans of wire perpendicular to the plane created by the loop. doesnt have to be perfect, but it helps for later on.

now bend the two ends back onto themselves, so that they are parallel with the headband, but not touching! if you were to put it on your head, you should lightly feel it curving over the top of your head with the small horseshoes on both sides sitting directly BEHIND your ears (the Do Not loop under your ears, if they get snagged i would place my bets on the horns over your ear skin), and the end pieces hovering over your temples. now if you have a smaller head than i do, which is likely you poor poor saps, youll probably need to bend the wire a bit higher on the headband piece, making it so theres less of the headband and more of the end pieces. this will help it fit better, and not rub against your ears unpleasantly. if you scroll down a bit there is a picture of how it rests on my head, and roughly how it should on yours. 

now, you need to bend the end pieces towards each other, which translates to bending them into your temples. not uncomfortably, but enough so you can feel them.

Here you can see ive bent the endpieces out again, about where you want the base of the horns to sit. i prefer the idea that the horns sit just behind the temples, but you have the capability to make it as you please.

this is the start of a more tricky maneuver, but its rather vital for the horns stability. i call it the lock bend. first you need to straighten out the very end of the wire, without bending the work youve done so far. then, youll put the indent pictured into it. its important that its shaped like this, with the spiral at the end still in line with the main portion of it. 

now, bend that key like segment back onto itself, so its parallel with the main section of wire. its okay if they are touching now, its supposed to be rather compact.

not pictured: removing that hook by repeatedly bending it back and forth in the place where i wanted it to break. yeah basically do what you just did to the other side, they dont have to visually match, as long as a pattern is present on both sides. you are probably wondering AV, that was complex and painful, why did you make me do it? to which i respond i am but a humble space player, your thoughtless actions are on your own head bud. however, there is intent to my rambling. i hope. but it is called a lock bend because when the tinfoil is wrapped around it, it stops it from moving about, thus locking the horns in place. 

and thats what it should look like so far! that is also the end of the basic shape, everything from now on will be based on what specific pair i am making.

but before we move on

this is roughly where they sit on my head. eventually the front will be moved up a bit, but its close enough. 

IMPORTANT, DO NOT SKIP   for how it should feel to your head, you should only be able to really feel it in four places, where the horseshoes touch your head behind your ear, and where the base of the horns will be on your temple. thats it! the headband should be hardly noticeable. also, the places that touvh your head should have a firm presence there, but they should NOT hurt. dont worry, the whole thing is so light they dont need to be tight, and they will still stay on all day. Seriously, these things hold so well i went to a rave with them on and they held just fine. only thing they cant handle is headbanging. i was a little disappointed at that, but oh well. anyways, if your horns are too loose, just bend them in at the the four places, the temples and behind the ears on both sides. but they should not get so tight as to immediately cause discomfort. after a whole day of con going they can get a bit uncomfortable, but just moving them a bit fixes that.

Part 3: Magnificent Maryams

who i think would appreciate some pleasant alliteration every once and a while. specifically i am doing Porrim’s, so they will be slightly bigger than kanaya’s.

here, rip a sheet of aluminum foil off the roll, about the length that you think you will need for the height of the horns. dont fret over this part, its very malleable.

put the edge of the tinfoil between the lock bend and the main piece of wire, and proceed to start wrapping foil around the wire. you will want to compact it down to the wire as much as you can, this is the base of the horn, and will be used to determine the length.

look at how big that is, and straight! it wouldnt do at all for our darling porrim. so i bent that one (also, remember kids, images in the mirror are flipped, so for non symmetrical horns make sure you have the right side where its supposed to be, because i almost didnt) and pushed down and bent the wire itself a bit, to give it the slow graceful curve i was looking for.

see? much better! now all it needs is a few more layers of tinfoil 

dont those babies look swell? make sure to have them be thicker at the base, and i would compact them at the top so they are stronger. and although you cant see it in this picture, the very bottoms of them are flat and at an angle so they are flush with my skull, which looks very nice. if youve gotten this far, you aught congratulate yourself, for you are very courageous! and dont worry, its almost over.

Part 4: applying the colors

now it seems i erred and did not take any pictures of this process. oh well, its all rather self explanatory. first mix a bit of glue and water together in the container, it doesnt really matter concentration wise, just get your finger tips wet and if they are a bit sticky you are good. 

then, take the paint brush, dip it in the slimy solution, and paint a bit of it onto the horns, and put a little piece of the colored tissue paper onto the horns. obviously, make sure the colors go where they are supposed to, there should be no tinfoil left when you are done, actually eeach color should have several layers. since my yellow was a bit too pale for my tastes, i put a layer of the orange underneath it, and that worked for me, but you might not need to do this. 

a couple hours later, and they are all dry! they are ready to go to your convention now, or maybe just around the house. idk, do whatever you want with them.Good job! you made it to the end of this large and rather incoherent crafts guide on how to make an aliens horns. this whole post took as long as actually making the horns, so around 2.5 hours. i am so tired right now. its 4 am. id be more than happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments. heres a picture of me wearing them

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i really love this photo because it’s so raw. nothing was edited or tweaked. i walked into my room one evening and this was the riot of colors i got to see. there is something so magical about all the things the sun can do; the way it can make eyes shine and skin glow, the way it can turn a plain blue wall into a mess of purple and pink and the way it can warm even the coldest of hearts. i feel like if ever one could take a candid of the sun, it would look something like this: a stroke of luck, a coincidence, a private show we chance upon one day when everything aligns to allow you to see it. 

Under the cut is 87 circle rp icons of the very talented Brandon Soo Hoo in his role as Scott Fuller in From Dusk Till Dawn: The TV Series. These are all from s03e08 Rio Sangre. Brandon Soo Hoo is Chinese and he was born on November 2, 1995 and was 20 during the filming of this episode and can play ages 15-23.  Half of these screencaps were taken from and the other half I screencapped myself along with cropping, coloring, and texturing (?) everything else and that’s all mine. So no stealing or I’ll send my dead fish Red Eye after you. If you want to resize than go ahead but if you want edit beyond that please contact me first since these aren’t plain. FDTD is basically one huge trigger warning of a show but—(5/?)


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wildestdreamsrps  asked:

Thank you so much for your posts abt that GODAWFUL yellow monstrosity. Like Cinderella's dress isn't my favorite but the artistry is amazing! It sparkles and shines from all around! The real dress is multiple colors! It has VOLUME!! Emma's Belle gown looks like tissue paper! It's one ugly yellow with no embroidery or structure or volume or ruffles. It's not gold, there's no rose detailing, her hair and make up look so plain and basic af. The prototype/merchandise version is even WORSE God.

yeah yeah yw. its so bad.