and all of season 5

Honestly tho, Twincer itself was brilliant but the writers are just SO lazy! Like, its not that hard to connect Alex back to season 4. Say she impersonated Spencer for a scene or two. THAT would’ve made us happy. Marlene seriously thinks she wrapped up 1-6A in 610 but she is dead wrong & i dont think she will EVER admit it. She literally created a new show from 6x11-720 and it was so unnecessary. WHY COULDNT ALEX HAVE BEEN BIG A?? Screw CeCe, we didnt NEED that bullshit reveal, it would’ve made more sense to end the show 6x10 with Alex as A. They wasted all of season 5 with non sense and fillers when instead we could’ve learned about Mary Drake and Spencer way back then, there was NEVER a reason to do a time jump and i think being renewed up to the 7th season wayyyy back when they were on 5 was what ultimately ruined this show. It gave the writers a chance to drag it out and “fulfill their personal fantasies” rather than doing justice to the show and the viewers. Did pll NEED musical scene? Absolutely fucking not.. but thats what happens when you give a reckless writing crew extra time and extra scenes. This show has just been handled so poorly, the last truly good plot line was A is for Answers because things still made sense then, characters (like Wren) were STILL relevant.. I wouldve rather had the show end on good terms, with everything we know now revealed and tied up neatly. Such a shame, Marlene King, such a shame. You’ll now be known for a show that was WONDERFUL in the beginning but ruined by the greed of wanting to expand your show but not giving it enough TLC.

i dont think marlene ever really clicked that literally no one gives a shit about the new characters introduced after like season 5… like all the fandom wanted was an A that had to do with the story line from season 1

the finale was completely focused around Cece, Archer, Alex, Mary etc. which is not what we wanted

We wanted something to do with the 5 liars, Mona, the Jenna thing, Wren, Ezra, the people who were part of the show back when it was good

When they started introducing Cece etc. i never grew emotionally attached because that was when the show started getting shit so I figured they were just filling up time and they would bring it back to the original characters at the end

Fuck my life. 

Pretty Little Liars

I really loved the twin reveal, I was a huge believer of twincer and I always thought Spencer would have the twin back before Mary Drake was revealed and then it started back up again with the clues in the last season. Troian’s acting was amazing even if the accent was a little off. I loved the character of Alex Drake however I just didn’t like that she hadn’t been there the whole time. Also Marlene said this A is the smartest of all the A’s but I just don’t see how Alex was a smart character like to me she was more funny and crazy but not an epic mastermind like Mona was. I would have loved if Wren was working with Charlotte and they both found Alex and then they were all working together since season 5. Then they gave up on the game after letting Charlotte reveal herself and then when she died Wren and Alex came back but Wren being the mastermind and Alex being the sidekick. Idk I just got really bad Harley Quinn vibes from her like with the way she was crazy but not in a dark way more like in a, I find this really funny that I’ve locked up my twin sister kind of way.

I think the whole backstory that they did was actually good with wren finding her in England but I just don’t get why they didn’t just say that was way earlier on in the timeline? Like why make Alex be A for just the last two seasons when they had the opportunity to make it seem like Alex and Wren had been working with Charlotte and all of them could’ve taken the game way back when Mona went to Radley? Like it would’ve cleared up a lot of plot holes about Wrens character because even though we now know he was working with Alex, it doesn’t explain why he was so shady prior to season 5 which is when I’m assuming he found her? They really could’ve made the whole reveal so much better with just a few details tweaked 😭😭


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

Nap time.

Why can’t things be nice for these soft cutiesss T♢T)ノ
I’ve been seeing a lot of dad Jack AU’s from so many artists and I was just so full of feels–
This version in particular is my take on it, but I was mostly inspired by @witchy-fan’s ‘Daughters of the Samurai’ AU!

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I know we're all dead but can we talk about how cute it was that he said thank you when she took her top off? And how intimate that moment was when he just took a second to look at her, to breathe her in, to confirm that this was really happening? Cause of death: Olicity.

Oliver was the perfect gentleman throughout that entire scene. 

Starting from the beginning, he was… everything. He was a man who was clearly still in love with this woman, but he’d also heard her last season when she said she was, for all intents and purposes, done. He was a man who was willing to get every tiny scrap of her natural sunlight, no matter what the cost for himself. Y’all are lying to yourselves if Felicity wasn’t doing exactly what Curtis suggested when the idea of her trying the salmon ladder came about. She’s all cute and flirty and doing something that shows a lot of skin, and yet, the entire time, Oliver was just so sweet. He didn’t push it, he didn’t take what are pretty obvious signs, he didn’t do anything without her explicit permission and direction. They went through two bottles of wine, my friends, they were quite a few sheets to the wind and still, he was the perfect gentleman. Even when she asked him to help her down, when he grabbed her waist, when he held her close, letting her down gently, cradling her like she’s the most important thing in his entire world (she is)…


He was just… 


… so Oliver and so respectful and I loved it so much.

But then it gets better.

Felicity finally makes the first move, she kisses him and remember the way he responded? 


(wow they kiss really well like damn well done a+)

He gives it his all because that’s all he wants to give her. He messed up so much in the past, and while the source of those issues are deeply buried and require a fucking bulldozer to unearth, it doesn’t change that it effectively ruined the best thing in his life. But now, now he has her back and it’s everything. Yes, the wine has stripped their inhibitions, but it just scratched off the surface, revealing what they’ve always, always wanted.



(This was cute af, anon, I so agree. He’s so totally getting swept up in the sensation of having her in his arms again, of kissing her, tasting her, feeling her, and it’s intoxicating. It takes over everything, leaving no room for anything but continuing to feel those wonderful things. We see that in the way he suddenly spins her, with so much intent, so much purpose - I know I’m not the only one who thought that was going somewhere else - but then he’s so painfully gentle with her. He could absolutely rip her sweater to pieces if he wanted to and he knew she probably wouldn’t complain one bit until later, but he didn’t, because remember, this is the Oliver who has been in love with this woman forever and he lost her and he’s been respecting her wishes in not pursuing a relationship and suddenly she’s here and she’s with him, but that doesn’t change where they are mentally, where he’s at mentally. (Wow, tangent.) It’s marked with that soft, adorable smile of his - that happy smile of his - and the way he says, “Thank you.” It’s really as if he’s thanking her for giving them this chance again.)

And then…


The passion is back, brimming over, all-consuming, burning them from the insides out, taking over everything, pulling them together like the magnets that they are…

But that’s not all it’s about, not quite. It’s about that, oh yes, but it’s also about connecting again, not just physically but emotionally and mentally, with their very souls. This isn’t just physical for Oliver, nor is it for Felicity, which is what he needs to double check, he needs to see, to make sure that… 

Well, that this is happening, that it’s what he thinks it is, that she’s on the same page, that she wants this, that she wants it as badly as he does, that she’s doing it for the same reasons, that… 


(the way he whispers her name, a gasp, a breathless plea… a prayer…)

He has to make sure. He has to. One, because it’s Oliver and when it comes to Felicity, there’s never been a halfway. 

Which is so very interesting considering what happened tonight - thinking about it from Oliver’s perspective, he honestly thought he was giving Felicity everything he could. He didn’t know at the time that he was only giving half of himself, only giving her the pieces he felt worthy of her, not realizing that he was hiding things from her, all under the guise of trying to protect her, in his own warped way. He has been broken, in his mind, for so long, but it’s only when he’s whole within himself that he can finally be with her, which we’re finally seeing, thank goodness.

He’s all in or he’s all out and he needs to know that Felicity is there with him.


But not a simple “Are you sure this is what you want,” no, it’s more than that.


It’s about them, and their love for each other.


And there it is. She’s right there with him, her love for him shining through, bathing him in its purity, a cleansing feeling that shines light in the darkest corners of his being (even if he doesn’t recognize it until much much much later). 

Cause of death: Olicity 

Indeed, anon. Indeed.


favourite the vampire diaries characters: kai parker
I guess I liked my brother, Joey. We played Dr. Mario together and he’d always win. Actually, one of my favorite memories is when I finally beat him. Of course, my favorite memory is when I finally beat him to death. You don’t have to waste your energy trying to change me. If Ricki taught me anything, it’s that liking yourself is the most important thing. And I like me.

All the new Gems from the “Steven Universe: Wanted” Season 5 Premiere (SPOILERS)

Blue Zircon- 
Purpose: Lawyer
Personality: Nervous
Alignment: Homeworld & Steven (as Lawyer)
What they did: Revealed the truth

Green Zircon-
Purpose: Lawyer
Personality: Coolheaded and Snooty
Alignment: Homeworld
What they did: Prosecuted Steven

Rutile Twins-
Issue: Born as Siamese Twins
Personality: Focused
Alignment: The Off Colors
What they did: Saved Steven and Lars and brought them to the Off Colors base

Issue: Fusion of a Ruby and a Pearl
Personality: Nervous/Anxious
Alignment: The Off Colors
What they did: Helped fight drones

Issue: Gigantic Fusion of 6 gems
Personality: Kindly Old Grandma
Alignment: The Off Colors
What they did: Gave grandmotherly advice

Issue: Like a Sapphire, can make predictions, but has a defect where she can only make prediction of events directly after they happen
Personality: Energetic and Positive
Alignment: The Off Colors
What they did: Acted adorably and became a new fan favorite