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I definitely think theres definitely feelings for H on Tarjei's part. Because he is so private, I think his emotional outlet is via his friends, who all seem trustworthy and really protective of him. I started to realise Tarjei has feelings for Henrik when noticing the way David (one of T's closest friends on the show and IRL = he knows how T is like working with H) behaves whenever H and T are around each other. David opening will call out T on his bullshit (the phone using) so he seems like th

(cont) the kind of person to either call out T on his hopeless crush?? on H or to really help T get his feelings to H. During G, his reaction towards the kiss cam is obviously way more pleasantly surprised than excited, unlike marlon who kind of plays it off as an exciting joke, D seems to be really happy for T. In fan photos at Bergen, D is quite protective of T and will maintain touch with T whenever H is around, maybe more so to reassure T or protect him from being hustled around..

(cont ii) And then during the photoshoot yesterday with all the boys and s1 elias, David is the first one to walk away, and kind of asks Marlon to follow him (and elias too), which leaves T alone with H for the photo opp. Theres when he gets more touchy with H, especially with the back rub and the arm! I think thats D signaing to the boys and the media to give H and T some private 1 on 1 time.

T and D has a special relationship that’s for sure, they’re great friends, you can see that. I love that you’ve switched the perspective and you’re gathering the clues from D’s pov. These are great clues imo. D being a protector of T’s. It was quite obvious that D was really happy for T (or for both of them) when the kiss cam happened. That’s why I thought it wasn’t really planned because D’s reaction was so telling. I hope D will help T even more in the future. He’s a great friend.

fic rec friday

Random fics I finished this week. 

Camp Wolf by  mikkimouse | 18.2K

Stiles jabbed his finger at Boyd, and then at Derek. “We’re going to have a long talk about information that is important for the rest of the pack to know. Like where you’ve been going every summer, apparently?”

Derek sighed and crossed his arms. “It’s a summer camp. For born werewolves.”

Scott spun around so fast he nearly fell off his stool and careened into Allison. “There’s a summer camp for born werewolves?”

I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You by  Cobrilee | 12.8K

One love letter from Stiles starts off a chain of events that changes Derek’s life. Funny enough, the letter wasn’t even for him. He just stole it and fell in love.

On the Ropes by  42hrb | 5.4K

College is a time for growth for Stiles, both literally and figuratively. With the help of his college friends he finds an outlet for all the anger and frustration he has in his life.

And then Derek Hale finds him. He’s not exactly mad about it.

The Light in the Woods by  DiscontentedWinter | 12.2K

To honour a treaty with the people of a strange land, Derek Hale, prince of the kingdom of Triskelion, has to marry Stiles.

you know you’re on my mind by  bibliosexual | 16.3K

If there’s one thing Derek’s learned in life, it’s that crushing on someone who lives on an entire other fucking continent is probably a bad idea.

An Unpredictable Amount of Turtles by  skoosiepants | 5.9K

Stiles says, “I have a five year plan. A five year plan to popularity that will tank the minute I meet this guy.”

“I feel like you’re exaggerating,” Scott says, but Scott has a katana-wielding badass waiting for him at the other end of the rainbow, and Stiles has terrariums.

One Day I’ll Accept Normalcy (But That Day Is Not Today) by  jettiebettie | 15.9K

“You know this still really weird, right?” Stiles asks around the toothpaste in his mouth.

“What’s weird?” Derek asks. Stiles spits and rinses his mouth out.

“The cuddling. The cuddling is weird. This-” Stiles says, holding up his toothbrush to the mirror. “-is weird. The fact that I have spare clothes here is weird.”

to bring good fortune by  billtheradish | 7.7K

In which Derek doesn’t remember getting into bed with this guy, and that’s only the beginning of the surprises in store for him.


Special thanks to @stanfordpines-phd for helping solidify this theory and idea. Note: There are slight journal 3 black-light spoilers here, but they are in code, and are not necessary for this theory.

Bill was a monster.

Ford had hardly slept in weeks, and was constantly under threat of painful and injurious possession, the world was at risk of Armageddon, and it was all his fault.

He was hell bent on destroying Bill’s presence in his mind, body and in the world. 

So why not allow Stanley to burn the journals?

After all, he had no problem telling Stanley to leave, to take the journals to the ends of the earth, far from Bill and his home.

So why not destroy them?

One might suggest that it was out of sentimentality — for the last year that journal had been his lifeline, his outlet through all the painful and insane trials he’s overcome (Brief semi-related Journal 3 Blacklight Spoilers: Kh hyhq vdbv zkhq kh fuhdwhv wkh lqylvleoh lqn wkdw kh zrxog jr edfn dqg uhdg wkurxjk wkh sdjhv kh kdg douhdgb zulwwhq, wr khos jurxqg klp dqg pdlqwdlq klv vdqlwb.)

But there’s a more concrete evidence beyond that in the journal. 

Let’s think about what Ford says as he prepares to hand his journal off to Stan.

“If I am ever to continue my work, then my enemy must be confronted and defeated forever! I must begin a several-day journey to the accursed caves that brought him into my life. If there is a way to destroy him, I will find it there.

But before I can begin this odyssey, I need to dispose of my journals. They’re too valuable to destroy, but the information contained inside is too dangerous, and I shudder to think what might happen if they were to fall into the wrong hands.”

Ford was about to venture into the caves, in the dead of winter (there’s more detail on the time-sensitivity of the changing weather on the next page), in search of a way to destroy Bill. Fair enough. 

So, wait, why not destroy the journal?

I mean, he obviously wants to “dispose of them” and get them far away from dangerous hands. He admits that Stanley is well-traveled and would be able to hide the journals far from prying eyes, and he is able to trust his brother to keep it safe. How do I know that?

Well, let’s first think about that opening line: “If I am ever to continue my work…”

Ford was not trying to get rid of the journals permanently, he just needed them safe until a way to stop Bill was discovered. Then he would be able to get his journal back, and continue his life as a scientist in Gravity Falls.

So how does this come back to Stanley?

Well if the journals’ information is valuable as Ford’s life work, and as a way to scrounge success after his awful experiences in Gravity Falls, then he would need them back later on, right?

And if he trusts Stanley to take the journal away, then that means… he would have needed to ask Stanley to come back.

So no. He was not sending away his brother for good after 10+ years of radio silence. He was initiating contact again. He was extending a lifeline to the one person he could trust in the world, knowing that the separation would be temporary. 

He even says that this would be Stan’s redeeming moment in Ford’s eyes — after years of what he thought to be an intentional sabotage on his brother’s part, Ford was ready to extend this lifeline again. 

I know what you’re thinking: In that case, why not clear that up for Stan? Why not emphasize that he was not sending him away for good? Why all the vagueness and awful wording?

Well, for one thing, Ford was running on fumes, with no sleep at all. He was exhausted and stressed and half-insane. So, we can give some leeway. 

Secondly, Ford fails to grasp a lot of social interactions, and his tendency to botch them would definitely be in the spotlight here. 

Third of all (minor black light spoilers here, again: Eloo kdv vkrzq wkdw kh frxog olwhudoob pdqlsxodwh Irug'v yrfdexodub, olnh zkhq kh hudvhv wkh zrug “exughq” — vr zh fdq'w uxoh rxw Eloo pdqlsxodwlqj wklv frqyhuvdwlrq hlwkhu.)

TLDR: Ford was going to ask Stanley to return  with the journal after he found a way to destroy Bill, and after Stan had earned his trust in a time when Ford could trust no one else. Taking the journal “to the ends of the earth” was to be a temporary solution until Bill was gone, and afterwards, they would reconnect.

Bonus angst: Imagine Stanley reading this in journal 3, and realizing the misunderstanding…. :(

On the Ropes
Sterek | Teen | 5.5k
Also on ao3

College is a time for growth for Stiles, both literally and figuratively. With the help of his college friends he finds an outlet for all the anger and frustration he has in his life.

And then Derek Hale finds him. He’s not exactly mad about it.

Stiles loved DC. He loved the sounds that the city made, even at night. He loved his classes. He loved his new friends, the ones whom he had never hurt, and who had never hurt him. It felt like a fresh start for him, something that he hadn’t realized he was longing for until he had it. Even though the quality of the air in DC was surely worse than it had been back in Beacon Hills, he finally felt like he could breathe.

He had always thought that college would mean less free time, but he discovered that when he wasn’t spending his nights researching one supernatural crisis after another, he had time to sleep and do his homework. Beyond that, he had time to actually have a life.

It turned out that Stiles didn’t do well with free time. He joined an intramural soccer team with a group of his friends, he found a couple clubs on campus where he fit in, he started getting a full 8 hours of sleep a night, but none of it was enough. He still had too much time on his hands.

That’s where his new and probably-soon-to-be-best friend Erin came in.

“Come down to my gym with me! I swear you won’t be disappointed,” Erin said one night as they walked back from their soccer game. “If you are, I’ll buy you two pizzas.”

“Two?” That caught Stiles’ interest. He was a poor college student after all; two pizzas was at least two days worth of food.

She nodded. “I know you’ll like it, and my brother’s a trainer there so we’ll get free entry.”

“Fine,” Stiles said, “but you’re buying me a pizza regardless.”

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Even When You’re Down

Batfam Week Day 4: hurt/comfort 

Rating: Gen

Words: 4,632

Characters: Jason, Bruce, and Dick

AO3 Link

Summary:  Jason is expecting pizza at his door, not a very sick Dick Grayson. When he can’t figure out what’s wrong with his brother he turns to the only person he can, Bruce.

When Jason opened his front door he expected the pizza guy not Dick Grayson. His brother stumbled in, pale faced, hair slicked back with sweat, and mouth gaping.

“Not feeling so good.” He mumbled, before falling into Jason.

He didn’t have time to even attempt at catching Dick as the other man pushed against his chest and used it as leverage to propel him onto Jason’s couch where he face planted with a groan.

“Oh no.” Jason said, shutting the door behind him and turning to glare at his brother, and they said he was dramatic. “You don’t get to do that. Don’t you dare stumble in here and get your sick all over my couch. Go to the Manor. I’m sure Alfred will be happy enough to fix you up. He probably looks forward to putting you in your place.”

Dick raised his face from the cushion. “Don’t want to get Damian sick. He’d hover.”

“The demon brat could use to get knocked down a couple of pegs.” Jason shot back. It wasn’t exactly fair since their youngest brother had been better lately, but it was a good outlet for his irritation, after all, Damian wasn’t there to argue.

Dick’s eyebrows narrowed in what Jason assumed was either a frown of disappointment or disapproval, instead it looked like he was about to be sick. “ ’s not nice Jaybird.”

Jason rolled his eyes, “Yeah, yeah.” He snagged the waste basket he kept by the door and shoved it by Dick, “If you throw up on my couch I’ll kill you.”

His brother smiled at him, lopsided and genuine as he took the bin, patting Jason’s arm with his other hand. “I knew you cared.”

“Nope.” Jason pulled away. “I don’t want to get sick by touching you. The moment you can walk again you’re out.”

This close Dick looked even worse. His eyes were glassy, his face sunk, and Jason thought he was shaking. He reached a hand out and pressed the back to Dick’s forehead it was overly warm, and not in the just came in from the sun kind of way. He was starting to think that Dick might be worse than he’d initially assumed. Maybe he wasn’t being so dramatic after all.

“Your burning up. What’s wrong with you anyway?” He frowned.

“Dunno.” Dick said, rolling over so he was laying on his back, head resting on the couch’s armrest. “My chest feels like it’s on fire. I thought it was a patrol thing, but it’s been a week. I’m all achy and it’s tender.”

“And?” Jason raised an eyebrow.

Dick sighed. “Fever’s been here a few days, but when my stomach started hurting and I got the chills I figured I should get help somewhere. And you were closest.”

“Great, so I’m nursemaid by convenience.”

He was protesting, but he wasn’t going to kick Dick out, not when he looked that bad. No one stumbled into his apartment, it was his space, if they wanted to see him they waited for patrol or him to show up at the manor. That was the rules, the unspoken agreement that kept the peace. Jason was on better terms with everyone these days, but that didn’t mean he wanted the smothering that came from regular close contact with his family. So, Dick coming here, and breaking that, said he was in a bad way, one even Jason couldn’t refuse.

“Not really.” Dick tried.

“Yes really.” Jason sighed and crossed his arms. “You look like crap. I don’t guess I can kick you out either. You’ll probably die and then B will blame me.”

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  • meet jeon wonwoo
  • he’s actually a really great artist like his parents got him a lil blank note book with yknow crayons and stuff and he used to go ham on it like all the time
  • as he grew up, it became his outlet to getting thru life bc even as a kid he was pretty intimidating and it wasn’t like he was very outgoing anyway so it affected the way other kids treated him
  • they always shunned him, telling him to go away and often equated him to that kid from the ring when it came out so he just stayed away from people and lived in his own bubble
  • art was a companion that could never shun him
  • however art also became a detrimental coping mechanism so excessively to the point where he was often doodling instead of completing his schoolwork so the only way his teachers could think to get him out of this mindset was reprimanding him for it
  • of course, it had an opposite effect
  • he continued to do as he pleased, becoming a lot more stubborn in the time that he was ostracized by his peers for not finding enjoyment in the same things as them and the older he got, the more this mindset became ingrained in him 
  • no matter what art was an important part of his life and no one was going to take that away from him
  • inevitably, wonwoo found interest in different forms of art from paint to colored pencils
  • but his ultimate favorite art form was graffiti
  • there was a united front about the way other graffiti artists in the ways each of them made their art their own, formulating their own stories without establishing an actual face
  • the artist was who they made themselves out to be. not rumors or stories about a boy who had no friends aside from the paintbrushes held between clenched fingertips 
  • and for him, he became someone more than just that weird looking grudge boy kid
  • he was someone…. he belonged somewhere
  • throughout high school, he developed a persona called jeon. given that’s his last name, he formulated this just for the sake of vaguieness and cuz he couldn’t really think of anything else LOL
  • so jeon is someone who battles his demons with a stare, kinda like medusa but he doesn’t turn them to stone. he turns them into paintings
  • he memorializes them for what they really are- mean people, demons, scary stuff only little kids dream of and for the most part, they become a hit to his graffiti buds and for anyone who is everyone (though those who aren’t in the graffiti community have no actual clue that this cool dude is wonwoo even if they share a surname)
  • this goes on for some time, even into wonwoo’s final year of high school where he’s graduating cuz mingyu, his new bff and only friend, encourages him after he told the older boy how he wanted to go to the city for school and it motivated wonwoo to spread his wings from his small town and wander ya know?
  • around the time when he’s integrating into college life with mingyu and their other friends scoups and vernon, he actually continues jeon throughout seoul city in subtle ways though not many people recognize it
  • anyway, with being in college, his maternal aunt sends her son aka his cousin, jeon jeongguk over just to experience some of the college life. she wanted wonwoo to show the younger jeon how college is beneficial even for misfits like himself (passive aggressive way of going abt it but wonwoo is just like “ok whateves”)
  • although it makes mingyu whiny that they have to lug around a kid who’s only two years younger and just as lanky and tall lol, wonwoo doesn’t mind showing his cousin around the city and letting him touch his stuff and eventually jeongguk discovers wonwoo’s sketchbook snippets of jeon and he gets all “??? what’s this??” finally an interest piqued in their time spent together and wonwoo lets him in on the secret after seeing how into the art his cuzzo is
  • as wonwoo explains the piece, jeongguk is so immersed and interested, he actually gets into the whole bit, wanting to do his own kind of art form bc he’s always enjoyed doodling and well, wonwoo can’t resist so he agrees to teach his cousin the craft
  • they go out to the tunnels near this abandoned train, just spraying around but enjoying themselves as twilight breaks and it’s nearly pitch black (though they have flashlights to help them out), jeongguk makes up a persona called kookie
  • he says he’s kind of like jeon but the art he memorializes highlights the good possibilities, that there’s light in darkness and he turns around those shitty monsters so they can be happy 
  • it’s cute really and wonwoo loves it cuz his cuzzo is happy too
  • unfortunately, there’s a patrol cop on the prowl trying to get his mitts on people like wonwoo and he sees small lights emitting from the tunnels and the two get caught tho wonwoo is quick to shut his light off, shutting guk’s off and telling the younger boy to run until he’s a safe enough distance that wonwoo feels relieved 
  • they decide not to go out for a while, hoping to avoid the same situation they suffered thru
  • but guk’s not done. he has more to add, and well, bc he went alone, he nearly gets caught before he sprints off and calls his cousin in fear and panic bc he doesn’t know what to do and fuck he rlly doesn’t want to go to jail or something 
  • and well, wonwoo can barely register his actions before he goes to the very tunnel and makes it blatantly obvious that he’s the one “defacing” the wall and he gets the blame for “kookie” 
  • he gets put on community service duty, forced to clean up the “vandalism” and set a 700 dollar fine that he knows his family can’t pay
  • of course his family doesn’t want to help, only wishing for him to learn from his mistakes and be an adult so he gets a job at the local convenience store and although he isn’t allowed to talk to jeongguk, his younger cousin feels awful, trying to keep in contact with wonwoo despite having to cut all ties with him
  • and that small convenience store is where you and him meet actually
  • it’s your second year at the university like wonwoo and as part of your work-study program, you decide to take up a position at the nearby convenience store since it’s close to your dorm and you really didn’t want to work at the sporting goods store on campus
  • going there, wonwoo is at the register, looking pretty bored and when he sees you, his eyes go a little wide before he asks if you’re y/n bc he’ll be training you and you agree only flushing a little bc wow he’s pretty cute and holy shit he looks intimidating (well at least until he starts trying to “train” you)
  • to say the least, wonwoo is only a little flustered by you bc holy shit you’re so nice to him
  • you don’t care if he’s too quiet or too shy sometimes and if anything you make it blatantly obvious that you like talking to him and he doesn’t get that at all
  • but bc of this mild confusion from him, it’s a steady burn for you two actually get to know one another but like most burns it’s an ache that soothes the coldest of hearts and it’s exactly that for him
  • you two will talk about your majors and what you like and he gets happy when he hears you gush about art especially pieces that obviously mean something 
  • don’t get even him started when you say you like banksy work and even these subliminal pieces you catch on the street aka his cuz he actually didn’t realize how mini jeon pieces would catch anyone’s eyes and yeah he gets unbelievably happy to see you talk about it with wonder
  • it’s really cute bc your training goes on for two weeks and he’s made it an unconscious effort to walk you to the dorms after closing
  • even afterwards, he still continues to walk you 
  • he can’t explain why even when you ask but it’s something he does and he continues when you make no moves to protest against it and he can’t help but smile to himself abt that
  • for some reason, he can’t get you out of his mind 
  • maybe it’s the nice gestures or the fact that you like his art or something but there’s something about you that gives him this swell of emotion he hasn’t felt since he created jeon tbh
  • you’re so new and different to him and for all the kindness you show him he’s truly grateful 
  • he isn’t sure how to express it tho especially when even talking to you is still new for him so he actually asks his friends for help
  • seungcheol told him to just let you know how he feels 
  • (wonwoo: hell no)
  • vernon: ummm…. idk bro 
  • (wonwoo: (-: thanks…. Bro)
  • (wonwoo: you punk what the-)
  • the ironic part: so, one day when you two are working together and it’s nearly time to go, it actually begins to rain and this moment where he shrugs off his leather jacket and drapes it above your heads as you wait for the rain to cease beneath the thin canopy, you look up at him with those fluttery eyes and his breath just catches in his throat and you glance at his lips, biting at yours with conflict in your eyes and suddenly-
  • you kiss him
  • you just do it after you release your lip
  • and he’s all red in the face trying to make sense of it before you start apologizing and he has to stop you, practically dropping his jacket on you which he apologizes profusely over
  • “d-dammit, i’m sorry god i’m a klutz… that kiss just rlly got to me cuz i wanted to kiss you and you just kissed me and holy shit did i just say that am i still talking why am i still tal-”
  • you hop on your tip toes and peck his lips once more and smile “well i’m glad i kissed you, wonwoo… i rlly like you” 
  • and he’s just in awe like wow YOU LIKE HIM TOO and naturally y’all go out on a date but one insecurity about him that he still hasn’t mentioned to you is the fact that he got busted for graffiti and that’s why he’s at the convenience store
  • he always danced around the subject so now that you two have become even closer, he finds it hard to admit to his crime bc before it never mattered when no one else really mattered to him as much as you do…
  • it really upsets him when that cop who busted him sees him and starts messing with him in front of you on your date together and although you’re confused he actually doesn’t tell you anything about it
  • no phone calls, no texts, and when he calls in sick from work that following weekend, you’re determined to figure out what happened
  • so you hunt down mingyu and ask him where wonwoo is, he tells you where the dorm is bc he knows that you mean a lot to wonwoo if he was that upset abt you knowing why he was working so when you get there you use mingyu’s key and searching for wonwoo who’s hiding in his bed 
  • not that he’s noticed you yet
  • his hair’s a mess and he actually looks paler than usual 
  • you can see in his hands are holding a black leather bound sketch book and he’s doodling away, possibly trying to cope and you sigh
  • when he hears your voice, he freezes up, trying to burrow away in his blankets until you stop him and try to get him to open up to you bc dammit you care so damn much abt him and him trying to push you away will only bring you back trying to smash that damn shell of his harder
  • until finally he relents and tells you abt what happened and you just hug him, telling him to move over and you lay beside and ask why he didnt want you to know that
  • and yeah he’s surprised you’re not condemning him to hell like so many other people have but he can’t help but cling to you as he replies “it’s not the most optimal thing you tell your significant other yknow”
  • you shrug, giving him a squeeze
  • “Well you can tell me anything and i’ll accept you, wonwoo. i promise” 
  • from then, he’s a lot more open with you tbh
  • he’ll show you sketches about jeon and you make him tell you every story he has about those ones just because you love to hear his voice
  • you don’t really mean to be so forceful with him but it takes prompting for him bc he gets so scared that you’ll reject his ideas but when you don’t he gets so confident and happy, he’s like a puppy 
  • on your dates he likes to doodle on napkins and you collect every single one
  • one time he just doodles a mash potato monster and you kept it in a scrapbook with the rest of the doodles and he just giggled at the sight
  • on your anniversary he actually drew an companion for jeon named miss jae. although she wasn’t battling monsters, she helped him with her powers of support and light 
  • as a surprise he actually took you out to a different spot and graffiti’d the two together and it was just the sweetest thing ever 
  • it’s his way of saying “i love you” and even when you complain that you have no super talent like this he still grins and says “yes you do. just say that and i’m all yours” 
  • (he’s a closet greaseball y’all)
  • the rest of the boys were rlly happy to see how happy you made wonwoo, even inviting you to one of their shows where you discovered yet another talent of his 
  • and you couldn’t help but gush about him bc of it
  • sometimes to people at the store, to his friends, to his mom (who loves you btw), and basically anyone who listens 
  • even when he’s begging you to stop with pink cheeks, you just grin up at him and say “no way. you’re amazing and everyone should know it. EVERYONE”
  • those are the times he likes to shut you up with a kiss 

Lance would be the type of person to do beauty tips and such, but I don’t think that Lance would be the type of person to do it alone. I think if Lance were to do a youtube channel, his bestfriends would appear on the daily in the videos. If Lance didn’t do a youtube channel, Lance would test out makeup on his friends. He’d do eyeliner on Shiro and then ask him, “Is that good enough?” and Shiro would be absolutely proud. He’d do beauty stuff for fun. All of Lance’s friends are so proud of him for finding his outlet. Lance used to be depressed and lonely. For days on end he would stay in his room and not do anything but sit and think. He needed something to get off his mind, he needed a creative outlet that calmed him down. Beauty, makeup, etc did that just for him. There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do with makeup. His friends were proud.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Yuuri has high emotional intelligence, that sometimes being fucked up by his anxiety?

This is a really interesting question that I’m not sure I’m fully capable of answering properly, but I’ll do my best. 

Ok looking at the most common model for emotional intelligence, you can measure it in 5 traits. So let’s look at how Yuuri does in each. By the way I’m kinda ignoring episode 12 for this.


Self-awareness in the context of emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your own emotions as they happen and being in tune with your true feelings. Also the recognition of your own self-worth and skills.

Yeah, Yuuri “I don’t really have a name for this feeling” Katsuki has some trouble with this one. With the self-confidence and recognition of his own merit as well, as we know. Here though, I do believe anxiety plays a huge factor. Yuuri is very prideful, and stubborn and he’s not completely lacking in awareness. He has his moments.

Also, I think Yuuri’s problem is mostly that he’s extremely self-absorbed and hyper aware of himself. Which you know, comes with his anxiety. He is very aware of what his failings, to the extreme where he can’t see his assets a lot of times. 

He has difficulty identifying his own feelings a lot, particularly when it comes to Victor, but he seems to be very aware of how his anxiety works from how we see him react to it in episodes 1, 7 and 9. A good example is this little piece of dialogue in episode 7

I know. As in, he’s aware that his fear is unfounded, he’s aware that his feelings are irrational but he can’t help feeling them.

He certainly lacks in accurate self-assessment with how he’s constantly devaluating himself, but the anxiety is clearly playing a role in that. So the jury’s out on this one. He doesn’t excel at this, but it’s not where he lacks the most out of the five.


This is the ability to have self-control and managing your emotions, being adaptable and open to new things and ideas. 

I actually think Yuuri does a lot better here than what it may seem at first.

Of course, the entire series happened because Yuuri was not able to deal with his emotions during the Grand Prix Final. But let’s look at what those emotions were. Yuuri was grieving. He had just learned that Vicchan died, so that on top of the pressure of being at the GPF, of wanting to meet Victor as an equal, plus his usual insecurity, it’s no wonder the whole thing spiraled out of control. Can you really blame him for not keeping his emotions in check and underperforming in that situation? 

Besides, Yuuri does a really good job at holding it together. He only allows himself to cry when he’s by himself.

But what about episode 7? Well, episode 7 shows us once again Yuuri doing his hardest to keep it together. The difference here is that, for the first time, he’s not doing it for his own sake, but for Victor’s as well, which is why the whole thing blows up once Victor pulls the “I’ll quit” card. Even with all that though, after being given an outlet for his emotions, Yuuri is able to regulate them well enough that he skates one of his best performers, completely relaxed, and while suffering from sever lack of sleep and having just come out of an anxiety attack.

In episode 9 Yuuri is completely alone and he manages. I wrote about this before.

He also regulates his anxiety through skating and going on runs. We seem him do both often throughout the series and Minako even spells it out for us that whenever Yuuri is nervous or troubled he skates it out. So he’s very aware of what methods work for him to calm down. 

As for adaptability and innovation, he’s constantly showing heaps of both throughout the series. Since Victor’s arrival, he is forcefully thrown into new situations and his comfort zone is pushed to the limits and he always adapts. Eros is the best example. He both adapted and innovated there.

Yuuri’s entire style of skating require a lot of self-regulation. It’s canon that Yuuri’s skating is immensely emotionally driven. He can’t skate what he doesn’t feel. So for him to be able to perform he must be able to control his emotions. And again, any time he fails to do so, it’s his anxiety overtaking him.


The ability to motive oneself, having clear goals and the drive to achieve them, having initative, being able to commit and keeping a positive outlook in the pursuit of one’s goals despite obstacles. 

Ok so maybe Yuuri is lacking a bit on the last part of keeping a positive outlook. Otherwise though? Yuuri is extremely driven. He has worked his entire skating career with the very clear goal of meeting Victor as an equal. He needed time to work through the setback that was his first GPF, but he still actively tries to get out of it on his own

I’ve talked about this before in my analysis of his character arc. Yuuri is very much driven by his desire to win the GPF and his wish of becoming an equal to Victor and keep him by his side. Even though all his lows in the series, his goals are ever present and he is capable of motivating himself to get back up again and pursuit them. He experiences a lot of physical and mental strain and he still pushes forward. His initiative, while lacking at first, is one of the things that grow in him as he goes through character development. 

The optimism needs to be worked on though. 

Social Skill

This involves a lot of things, from good communication, ability to be persuasive, conflict management, nurturing bonds with others and being able to cooperate and work with others as a team.

Here’s where Yuuri is probably lacking the most. But he gets better. 

Communication is not Yuuri’s strongest asset, not by a long shot. I mean the boy has a very hard time expressing his feelings for Victor without using skating metaphors. He has a lot of trouble communicating with almost everyone in the rest of the cast, as we see from his inner monologues. He’s better with Phichit and gets better with Victor, but still terribly lacking by the end of the series.

We’re told he didn’t really have friends growing up aside from Yuko (and later Takashi as they grew), and in present day, aside from them, the only person Yuuri considers a friend is Phichit. Despite the fact that, as we see, other characters express interest in being Yuuri’s friend. 

Both Yuuri and Victor have poor social skills in entirely different ways, and that’s what makes their relationship difficult, especially at first. But they do manage to reach a balance, work together and develop. They meet each other half-way. 

So yes, not bit on the EQ here.


Recognizing other people’s feelings and understanding them. 

Yuuri is not completely hopeless here but he’s still got a long way to go. He has a hard time reaching that awareness of other people’s feelings. He didn’t recognize the love of his family and friends as such as instead saw it as pity (that’s the anxiety), he didn’t recognize Minami’s admiration for him, he wrongly assumed that he was holding Victor back and that Victor would be happier not being his coach, he didn’t seem to notice at all that Victor had feelings for him before the kiss. 

Thing is, as soon as he’s aware of people’s feelings, he’s very understanding. He’s so grateful for the love of the people surrounding him the makes it his theme, he accepts Minami’s feelings and cheers him on. Even the whole issue of “I’m holding Victor back”, that’s empathy. That’s Yuuri being so concerned over someone else’s feelings he is willing to sacrifice himself for them. 

Anxiety does probably play a role here in the way he’s lacking. 

So overall, I would say Yuuri has an average level of emotional intelligence. His anxiety certainly screws it over a lot, but he has many moments where he shows a surprisingly high EQ. He really needs to work on his social skills and self-awareness though. Could do with more empathy as well. Here’s hoping for more development on that in s2. 

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Hello! I just read a great boxer!Stiles fic and I was wondering if you know of any more that are out there?

we have a boxing au tag that has some

On the Ropes by 42hrb (1/1 | 5,477 | PG13)

College is a time for growth for Stiles, both literally and figuratively. With the help of his college friends he finds an outlet for all the anger and frustration he has in his life.

And then Derek Hale finds him. He’s not exactly mad about it.

Be Your Own Hero by FreezerM (5/5 | 8,320 | NC17)

Stiles is very familiar with being bullied. For a year now it has turned into serious beatings. One day it goes too far, leaving Stiles with some serious injuries that change his look on life.

Deciding to become a stronger and better person Stiles decides to sign himself up for self-defence classes at X-SPORT. Enter Derek, the supportive trainer/coach that helps Stiles to become stronger, helps him with his PTSD and together they become an amazing team.

Azriel Meta - Shadows

I started replying to this post by @abookandacoffee but, well, I’ve been meaning to talk about this theory/idea for ages and it got…long…and it kind of started going beyond the scope of the original post SO NOW IT GETS ITS OWN (alo *apologises in advance because I’m going to disagree with a few points of yours SORRY*) 

I’ve seen the shadows disappearing/leaving him completely theory a few times and it’s always confused me a little bit? For a start I think it’s something that’s inherent in Az, like Mor’s magic or Rhys’s daemati powers but for another I could never figure out why people wanted them to go. Then I realised people figured that they were somehow sinister, that they might even whisper bad things to him, make him worse, that they were connected to his trauma and I never read them that way? (Which apparently makes me in the minority here but what else is new?) 

I never actually saw the shadows as a symbol of Azriel’s childhood trauma? (I think that the scars on his hands do that more than anything else and there’s soooo much symbolism in there especially given what he does now for his court but that is a meta for another day) 

As for the shadows I always thought of them as…Well the opposite actually?

In the centuries I’d known him, he’d said little about his life, those years in his father’s keep, locked in darkness. Perhaps the shadowsinger gift had come to him then, perhaps he’d taught himself the language of shadow and wind and stone.

I think the shadows are a positive thing for Azriel actually? I don’t want him to lose them, I don’t think he wants to lose them either. They’re a part of him. A good part. I think they represent something like freedom to him. When he was chained up in a dark cell the shadows connected him to the outside world. They told him what was happening, warned him about what was coming, probably made it far easier for him to protect himself and for him not to fear the darkness that surrounded him when it confided all its secrets to him.

I also think those shadows lead to his release. The incident with his burned hands happened when he was eight but he wasn’t released and allowed to go to the war camps to be trained until he was eleven. When he arrived he knew nothing - nothing of fighting, nothing even of flying. But he was a shadowsinger. Rare and coveted I think if anyone sought to use Azriel and his gift it was his father and that that was the only reason they let him out, let him go to the war camps to be trained. (That’s all very guessworky I admit that but it’s not too huge a leap.)

I don’t think the shadows are a result of of his trauma, not exactly, or that they were somehow caused by what he suffered. Maybe that caused them to wake sooner than they might otherwise have done (I don’t think the high fae for example come fully into their power before they mature (for Mor it was reaching 17 and her first period) But I don’t think it’s a manifestation of it - I think they’re a shield.

I think they protect him. I think they tell him things to keep him and the people that he loves safe. I think they’re a defence mechanism, they’re a kind of armour:

It was almost enough to distract me from noticing Azriel as those shadows lightened, and his gaze slid over Mor’s body: a red, flowing gown of chiffon accented with gold cuffs, and combs fashioned like gilded leaves swept back the waves of her unbound hair.

A wisp of shadow curled around Azriel’s ear, and his eyes snapped to mine. I schooled my face into bland innocence.

(Az’s shadows warning him Feyre is being an interfering little so and so is one of my favourite parts of this and I’ve been meaning to parallel it with Mor for ages but it’s coming out here so WHAT CAN YOU DO?)

This is obviously a fairly bland example since Feyre isn’t actually causing him or Mor any kind of harm - but it’s something Az clearly wants to know about and so the shadows tell him. I’ve never been able to see them as negative or bad in any way. I think they’re positive. And I think the only reason that they lighten around Mor is that he trusts her and that he allows himself to be vulnerable with her. Rhys has told us that Mor is the only one who can get Az’s guard to drop and get any real truth from him about how he feels. I think the response of his shadows is symbolic of that more than anything - it’s his guard dropping around her. He doesn’t need his shadows to protect him as much around her, it’s instinct.

So like on a personal level I think the shadows are good for him? And I don’t want him to lose them. But I also don’t think that it’s something Rhys uses and I don’t think what they offer Azriel is…Inherently negative. (This is…complicated…because in a lot of ways those shadows are tied to Azriel’s self-worth and the value he feels he has to his court because they’re a huge part of him being able to do his job. But I think that’s more…a personal thing than a thing that’s exploited)

I think Rhys definitely worries about Az and if Az were to say he was done with this/he couldn’t do it any more that’d be that no questions asked from Rhys. Whether or not he would is another story but I think…I don’t think it’s a result of power imbalance. I don’t think it’s because Rhys has made him feel like he can’t tell him. Rhys isn’t putting any pressure on Azriel here - Azriel is putting pressure on Azriel.

As with what we’ve discussed about Moriel this is something that comes from Azriel’s personal insecurities and it is not up to anyone else to ‘fix’ that for him. That’s just downright disrespectful of Azriel’s independence and agency as a person tbh. Rhys can’t take Az’s job away from him/lessen his demands on him for the same reasons Mor won’t go to him and try and force his hand about their relationship. It’s Azriel’s choice. Even if they think his insecurities and what he does to himself is unhealthy, I think it’d be more unhealthy if either of them (in this case more specifically Rhys as he has more direct ‘power’ over Az if you like as his High Lord) tried to stop. It’s not Rhys’ place to decide what Az can or can’t handle, that’s up to Azriel.

I also think that….There’s something of Mor and the Court of Nightmares in what Azriel does. I don’t think it’s exactly good for him (torture probably doesn’t do wonders for one’s mental health after all) but I also don’t think it fully prevents him from healing and moving on from his trauma. I think in a lot of ways it’s like Mor and the CoN and giving some control over something that was directly used to hurt them. (Azriel’s is just…a much darker, more twisted and uncomfortable and difficult thing to talk/think about version of that but there’s similar logic)

People often made the mistake of assuming Cassian was the wilder one; the one who couldn’t be tamed. But Cassian was all hot temper—temper that could be used to forge and weld. There was an icy rage in Azriel I had never been able to thaw.

I think this is a part of Azriel that is entirely his own and it’s not something that Rhys (try as he might) has any great influence over. There’s a darkness in Azriel that’s hinted at a fair few times and while I don’t think he relishes what he does I think he’s capable of it. In a way that say Cassian would not be, I think Az has the ability to…compartmentalise in a way.

I also think that it’s important to note, when talking about Rhys and Az which I’ll get to more in a minute, that Rhys is aware that Az has a support system in place? He knows that he won’t talk to Cassian about it and he won’t talk to him (which implies that they’re both concerned and have both tried, probably more than once) but Rhys knows that Mor will talk to him and that Azriel will (eventually) talk back. He knows that Az isn’t fully dealing with this all on his own and that he does have an outlet and someone he can discuss these things with and who will help him work through things if he’s struggling which is important. Rhys isn’t indifferent to what Az is doing or oblivious to it either he’s aware of it and he’s aware of the support Az has as well. (Also I think it’s important to note that the only thing we see Az torture in ACOMAF is the Attor. Which was….vile. Az isn’t out there torturing innocent servants for information and tbh I don’t think he had any great issue chopping the Attor into tiny little pieces)

Okay last point (I PROMISE) is the power imbalance thing you mentioned between Rhys and Az and Azriel maybe feeling beholden to Rhys and therefore somehow obliged to keep doing this. This idea makes me…Uncomfortable. It’s too Tamlin-ish for me to entirely happy with it but I also don’t think it’s happening? Not in that way. Okay this is also Complicated (goddammit Az) but I think it comes back to the same thing of self enforced pressures vs external pressures. And there’s basically none of the latter coming from Rhys in this equation.

Theoretically there’s a definite power imbalance between Rhys and Az (and Rhys and…..Everyone in the entire Night Court since he is their HIgh Lord after all) but….The thing with that sort of dynamic is like anything in these books. The thing itself is not inherently unhealthy or toxic or abusive. (This is also seen with Tamlin’s protectiveness: the desire to protect someone is not inherently negative. It’s only negative when it’s taken to the extreme where it starts to wear on their mental health and the protective person doesn’t take that into account because they’re too busy making themselves feel better to care. Protectiveness= not unhealthy Using that protectiveness as a way to control someone while dressing it up as caring about them = deeply unhealthy)

So yes Rhys has power over Azriel which creates an imbalance between them in a theoretical sense. Practically though…Rhys doesn’t enforce those ideals. He doesn’t pull rank. He doesn’t order any of his court to do things that they haven’t consented to. (Which is something that opposes what Tamlin does with say Lucien - he uses his power to force Lucien to do things he isn’t comfortable with) There’s a dialogue with them. When they’re deciding what to do it’s a group decision, they talk things over, they debate plans, they’re encouraged to offer their own input. Rhys isn’t running a dictatorship. He has the final say and his court will obey him I’m sure if he does give them a direct order but that’s rare.

I also don’t think Az is in a position where he feels he can’t say no to Rhys/challenge him. (This is…Something that we do see with Lucien/Tamlin which I keep coming back to because it’s a good parallel. The few times that Lucien actually pushes back or attempts to stand up to Tamlin and make his own view heard he’s belittled, intimidated and outright violently punished for it. That’s a power imbalance. That’s a situation where a person cannot speak up or say they are uncomfortable or unhappy with what they’re doing.) This is not what Rhys is doing with his court. Az can and has voiced opinions that Rhys flat out does not like:

Azriel pushed, “It’s a solid plan. The king doesn’t know our scents. We wreck the Cauldron and vanish before he notices … It’ll be a graver insult than the bloodier, direct route we’d been considering, Rhys. We beat them yesterday, so when we go into that castle … ” Vengeance indeed danced in that normally placid face. “We’ll leave a few reminders that we won the last damn war for a reason.”

Cassian nodded grimly. Even Mor smiled a bit.

“Are you asking me,” Rhys finally said, far too calmly, “to stay outside while my mate goes into his stronghold?”

“Yes,” Azriel said with equal calm.

Az is perfectly comfortable with, and capable of, disagreeing with Rhys even when it comes to Feyre. And this is a plan that Rhys ultimately accepts and agrees to (with Feyre’s consent) Azriel’s opinions are validated and properly considered and I have no doubt that if he ever personally feels like he wants to walk away from his job telling Rhys about it wouldn’t be the thing that stops him.

Which is important because it’s not that Rhys has set up an environment in which Azriel feels forced to keep doing something he doesn’t want to. It’s more like Azriel himself is an environment that forces him to keep doing this.  But that’s on Az to sort out and come to terms with. It’s for Az to set his own boundaries and decide what he can and will do. Mor tells us the lengths Az pushes himself are bordering on sadistic but I don’t think anyone in the Inner Circle ever even comes close to agreeing with this or encouraging it. In fact they do the exact opposite.

But there’s a limit to what they can do without imposing their own wills and agencies on Azriel which would then be a power imbalance because that would involve Rhys using his authority over Azriel to compel him to do something that he doesn’t want to that would likely damage him. (Atm I think what Az does (and does well) is important to him. It makes him valuable. It makes him important. It gives him worth. And obviously he doesn’t need to do that for his court/family to love and protect him and value and respect him but he needs it personally for himself.)

(I know you said you didn’t think that Rhys was expressly doing this but I think it’s more like he’s…actively avoiding doing so and I don’t think he ever would. Azriel has never and will never be put in a position where he feels he’s being forced to do something that he personally - for his own reasons not because he feels indebted to any member of the circle - does not want to do)

So…yeah. I think the shadows thing is…An entirely positive thing for Az. And…just because it means someone covets him doesn’t mean he’ll be used? Those shadows give him power - and power over people - since he can read their feelings, intentions and possibly thoughts (we’re not sure, we just know they tell him things he shouldn’t otherwise know) But that puts him in a position of power. And I suppose he could be exploited and used for it but…tbh I think the shadows would protect him from that? (We’ve already seen that they rush to tell him about Feyre being nosy which is an incredibly innocent thing to ‘protect’ him from. If someone was using him…He’d know it.


TL;DR: Azriel’s shadows are a positive force that do nothing but actively benefit him and protect him and why do people want to take them away from my shadow son/think he will lose them and this would be a good thing, I am confused? 


Temeraire Series: In His Majesty’s Service - [Part 2]

“If you would like to have your ship back,” Temeraire said, “I will let someone else ride me. Not him, because he says things that are not true; but I will not make you stay.”

Laurence stood motionless for a moment, his hands still on Temeraire’s head, with the dragon’s warm breath curling around him.

“No, my dear,” he said at last, softly, knowing it was only the truth. “I would rather have you than any ship in the Navy.”

-His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik

why plagg’s grumpy ass is good for adrien

so when i first started watching ML, I was lowkey pissed about the fact that Adrien got the asshole kwami

like, don’t get me wrong, i love Tikki with Marinette… but poor Adrien has such a shitty life that honestly he doesn’t need some rude grumpy cat spirit fucking things up for him further

like why couldn’t my sad cat son have a positive, supportive kwami like Tikki?

i was salty

but recently… i’ve realized that Plagg is actually perfect for Adrien

think about it. plagg consistently does 2 things:

1. piss adrien off

2. break the rules

you may thnk that these are not good!!! but ur wrong

think about it: adrien is the Perfect Son. he’s a model. he’s gotta smile allllll the time and be perfectly polite and constantly impress important people. he’s not allowed to express anger at his father or nathalie because they’ll just make his life more hellish. he’s literally forced to constantly be calm, cool, collected, AND charming. adrien is literally not ALLOWED to be angry

so what does plagg do? make him angry. plagg helps adrien stop repressing all his emotions. he makes himself a convenient target for adrien to express his frustration towards. he gives adrien an outlet for all of his irritation. and in doing so, he lowkey reaffirms that it’s okay for adrien to be angry. plagg is like the one person adrien can actually get away with being angry at, and plagg delights in it. it AMUSES him to see adrien angry. it’s actually a really healthy way for adrien to get out his frustrations, as clearly plagg isn’t hurt or offended when adrien gets pissed at him

additionally, adrien is clearly the type of dude who doesn’t break the rules. ever. like, the day that he snuck off to school was probably the first time he had ever actually done something he wasn’t supposed to. he’s been trained his entire life to be obedient, and there’s a 95% chance he has a complex about breaking the rules. he probably has a heart attack every time he even thinks about stepping out of line as his civilian self. so what does plagg do? break the rules and get him in trouble

plagg helps show adrien that some rules are stupid and ought to be broken. he demonstrates that the world isn’t gonna end if adrien does something wrong. he helps adrien get comfortable with the idea of not being perfect and messing up sometimes. he pushes adrien to be a little bit less rigid and obedient, and a little more human and flawed

in his own grumpy way, plagg is showing adrien that it’s okay not to be perfect and allowing him to really be himself, not just the actual poster boy of a perfect son

tldr; plagg is actually lowkey helping adrien recover from years of psychological trauma

Flaw in our code (Jason Todd/Red hood x Reader)

A/N: Once again I’ve proven that Jason is my fave. I know there are a million ways to do Soulmate AU’s and this is what inspiration brought me to. This CAN be read as a sequel to, well, most of my Jason fics but ESPECIALLY this one.

Somehow something always drew you back to him. Just as strongly as something gravitated him to you. Each night he wound up at your door, or you at his. He never seized to get your heart racing again, your blood running a little bit faster. Most fights were because he was too forgetful…. he couldn’t seem to remember that he was still mortal. You had broken up a couple of times over it, but somehow your lives seemed intertwined. Teenage lovers to … whatever it grew into. You knew he was yours to the same extent you were his, but some days that was all you knew. Especially since…

Since the last thing you heard of him was a message on his death. The realisation had been creeping up on you. You weren’t together at that but it tore you up from the inside. Even more because you had gotten into that fight with him the night before. He might have been with you otherwise. He didn’t come for you the very same night to make up… that was the first sign.
You felt such a sense of despair, inexplicably and you knew what that meant. You had looked for him but you couldn’t find him. The second sign.

That was the one that made sure you knew he had died in a lot of pain in hindsight. After finding out through, from all things, a news report. Someone who trivially read what had happened in a solemn voice only to move on the next day. Then, there was darkness, emptiness, a void. Like a dark hole it seemed to suck up all the light in your life indefinitely. You didn’t feel guilty because you feared he died not knowing you loved him, you knew he knew that, but you did feel guilty because the last memory he had of you was fighting. For about a month you had been on auto-pilot. As sobbing mess on the floor, with friends regularly stopping by to remind you the world hadn’t ended. They didn’t realise that to you it had. How do you go on with half your soul missing?

Your answer? By avenging him. 

One suicide mission later you had to be saved and you had hoped it would be him to save you. Of course but it wasn’t. You tried to move on but the world felt grey and white. Your soul numb. Maybe you had influenced this new… version of him. He might be channeling your reaction to his death through whatever connection you shared. Or, maybe he was always going to turn out looking for revenge and you just got a headstart because he was six feet under. One way or another. You understood what drove him now, because you shared the feeling that the Joker had to die for what he did to Jason.

And then tonight happened. He was back. You figured your suspicions would either get proven right or adopting Jason’s impulsive nature would get you taken out. You had sought out the dangerous Red Hood and found him. As soon as you saw him walking around, you had known. You weren’t wrong. And now he was back in your bed. Just like always, holding onto him felt right, just like always, his body fit against your like a glove and your missing piece clicked back into place. Like he had never even been gone.

You felt fingers tracing your back and turned around in the bed, leaning against him, pressing your body against his while he took you in his embrace. He muttered an ‘I love you ‘ against your ear and you reveled in it. You could remember how much you had craved to just hear his voice again. You knew nobody would ever love you like he did. All-consuming but right. You knew he would have your back through anything, protect you even if it cost him his own life and would be there for you through anything… with a sarcastic comment to boot.

He had come back different. No way to deny that. But you knew for a fact that in the end there was no version of him, in any lifetime, in any time, you wouldn’t want, no,  need with you. He was still Jason, but a more dangerous version. He was living the saying ‘what doesn’t kill me better start running’ but this time with an AK-47 in hand. You would oppose it but you knew damn well he needed the rush of the chase after all that happened, of that kind of constantly shifting goal in life. He didn’t even need to tell you. Just like before you understood him without words. Just as long as he would come back to you. And that was your main concern. He had become more wild in every way possible. That meant taking all his usual outlets and pushing them to the limit… including those that took place in bed. By lack of better words; he fucked as if the Lazarus pit treatment could wear off any day.

“ Why aren’t you asleep yet?” You turned around to face him.
“ Cause I’m scared you’ll be gone when I wake up.”
“ Babe, you’re never gonna get rid of me, ever again.”
“ Good.” You kissed him, hard, desperate and he returned the kiss with the same passion and fervor while you ran your hand down his chest again. You wanted to get as close to him as possible, skin on skin, because as long as you were touching him and he was touching you he was alive and with you.

He had gotten… a bit crazy perhaps. But you couldn’t blame him for it. It’s what happens when you go to hell and back. And damnit, when his hands were running over your skin and you felt your body pressed against his you knew for a fact you were a little too willing to go along with whatever he was up to. You’d join him to the ends of hell because you couldn’t save him from it when he was taken. You would be the one to makesure he forgot all about the shit that happened that day and all days before. Just like he made you forget all that happened in yours.

Scribble-Doodle: Definitely Good Enough (In My Eyes)

A parabatai ficlet for @morgandeeyue who has her B-Day today! Woohoo! *throws confetti* (The ages are based on the TV show!)

Jace hasn’t been back to the Wayland mansion ever since his father died, he simply couldn’t return there. Every time he visited Idris with the Lightwoods, he stayed with them, in their house in Alicante.

But now he is back. Because tomorrow, Alec will be nineteen. Tomorrow, his parabatai will officially become an adult in the eyes of the Clave and everybody else. And Jace suspects that many things will change…

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i must be missing something… is it obvious that louis has a say in things when his management would rather spend their time promoting everything and everyone surrounding louis but won’t even tweet about his song? is it obvious when they’ll post pictures in la or nyc or miami partying it up but don’t post about his performances on any of their social media? or is it obvious when his pr team let media outlets all over say that he’s irrationally violent, in spite of there being actual video proof to the contrary? or when the media used his mothers passing to talk about how he’s not mentally stable? if you could just point it out to where he has a say, and where any of this benefits him, i would appreciate it


Note: Follow up to (.76)! I feel like these two might get a few more stories out of me beyond this one.
For: Well, @dreila03​ had asked for more of this recovery.
Warnings: Mentions of hostage, assault
Word Count: 1,562

You curled your toes over the middle cushion, hands resting on your knees, deep purple and oversized mug filled with chicken noodle soup warming them easily. Your eyes were trained on the broth, watching as the steam rose and dissipated quickly. You swallowed hard.

Rafael was trying to help. He’d done everything he’d promised the night before. Carmen was holding his calls, his cell phone was on silent – plugged into an outlet in the kitchen, and all of his meetings had been pushed. He used a day of personal time. You felt safe when he was next to you, arms holding you close, lips peppering your hair with sweet kisses and voice wafting with sweet nothings.

He was trying so hard.

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