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character study: im jaebum (insp


Luke is a great guy. He’s very special, and he really wants to take care of you and make things right for you. You’re incredibly lucky to have him.  If you give this situation half a chance, you might be surprised at how good it can be, how much you like living here, and how comfortable it feels to have someone like Luke you can really depend on.


awkward angles but cute snapchat filters Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ  SORRY ANUSHKA THIS ISNT POKEMON

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Okay this is (probably) the last thing I’m gonna say about this so:

Tyler Posey has teased about his sexuality multiple times in the past. Either he’s extremely comfortable in his masculinity and isn’t afraid to speak up about finding other men attractive, or he really isn’t straight. That’s honestly none of my business and it’s up to him to decide what to do with it.

If what he said on Snapchat was in fact a joke, it wouldn’t be a funny one. Posey is known for his weird sense of humor and no filter, so sometimes things he meant jokingly don’t come across like that. But I will also not stand for people already villainizing him for this when he hasn’t spoken up on the subject himself, even if his PR team or whatever did. The only peron who can be 100% sure about whether it was a joke or not is Tyler himself.

You’re all honestly so fucking transparent jumping on a neurodivergent brown man (that is if ADHD is considerend neurodivergent? Please correct me if I’m wrong) suffering from depression when your white faves can basically get away with murder and y’all will still stan them.

Again, if this was a joke, you won’t catch me crawling up his butthole worshipping him and ignoring what he did. But I want every single one of you to look at how you’re treating a man of color for doing a relatively minor fuck up (again, if this was a joke it isn’t okay to joke about it. Coming out is hard, trust me, I know. And it shouldn’t be joked about) and then look at all your white faves and what they get away with. And I want you to really re-evaluate your life and your choices if you’re ready to lynch Tyler for this but still stan people like Holland Roden, Colton Haynes, Ian Bohen, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, etc.

Calming down after a fight. 

Im not sorry.

anyway i know tumblr is probably going to do that ridiculous thing w/ tyler posey that happens every time a fave does something remotely Not Cool, where nobody is allowed to like him anymore and anyone still enjoying his content is immediately labeled a Homophobe so this is just a reminder that your faves are allowed to fuck up! It’s ok if you can’t see him the same way anymore and it’s ok if you decide not to interact with his content anymore but its also ok if you ignore this-especially because I have seen so many latinx people excited about a mainstream latinx actor, y’all have no obligation to “cancel” him just because he fucked up. You’re fine.

Y’all are cracking me up with these nicknames for Pastel Corriander

  1. Pulley California @abwatchesbb
  2. Polly Pocket Crackerjack Cauliflower @itsjustayoyo
  3. Poppy Cockroach- @bigbrothalova
  4. Prickly Cockroach @rainbowsadness
  5. Polly Cauliflower - Multiple people
  6. Pablo Casserole @cheerleadernatalie
  7. Piston Calafiore anon
  8. Polyp Colander @tiffanysgorilla
  9. Prentitious Cinderella @insert-castmember-name-pun-here
  10. Pollution Crackpot @theorangeiguanas
  11. Parsnips Cauliflower @stuontrickstermode
  12. Porridge Cantaloupe @meyermeech
  13. Pasty Cappuccino & Personal Computer @ pandorasbox15
  14. Potty Chimichanga @d0nnythompson
  15. Pidgeotto - multiple people
  16. Pollypocket Cucumber @bridgette-is-adorable
  17. Princess Cuticle @bbtrashbag
  18. Patchy Cumberferry @bb18hater
  19. Pancreas Crabcak, Pinterest Claymation, Patrick Cranberry @drunk-michelle
  20. Pootie Cobblestone @evictpaulie

Having a bad day? Feeling down? Need something to cheer you up? I know just the thing!

Star Trek: The Original Series, episode 01x15, Shore Leave.

Because how can you fail to laugh at McCoy with Alice and the White Rabbit. Spock being an absolute little shit and tricking Kirk into beaming down. Sulu getting excitable about his antique gun. Kirk having the time of his life fighting Finnegan. Bones getting his gentleman on with Yoeman Barrows and her princess gown, then with his cabaret girls later.

I mean. Just look at them.

Don’t leave me here alone. Don’t go where I can’t follow.

so @watson-sighs-and-tuts made this gifset and the tags are everything I need in season 3

You would think that of all things- the heat of Arizona wouldn’t be what was getting to me. But no one likes to see the new guy complain, so I’ll get directly to the point. I need the who’s hot/who’s not lowdown of this campus STAT, as well as where the best parties this weekend’ll be.

For all of those who are attractive– the name’s Maxim. You’ll want to remember it… and maybe want to do a bit more than just remember it.


If Stormpilot happened, I’ll be happy,

If Finnrey happens, I’ll be happy, 

If Kylux doesn’t happen… I’ll be happy!

Tbh the story has nothing to do with General Hux, I mean he got three minutes of screen time. As much as I love him as a character, my love for him doesn’t take away from the fact that the story is very much so about Rey and Finn. Not some fascist ginger fuck.