and all of her outfits

Hey @fireflyfish… I made you something c:

(For anyone who doesn’t know, this is a Jedi version of Ahsoka from Firefly’s timetravelling, swashbuckling, emotional rollercoastering, all around excellent fic ‘Tano and Kenobi’! I wanted to draw her in Jedi robes. Go read it!)

PS She has her beaten-up Rebels boots on because I feel like she is a woman who knows to hold on to comfortable footwear when she finds it.

some people asked for more big 3 and of course i couldn’t refuse :”)


L U N A F R E Y A   A P P R E C I  A T I O N   W E E K

August 29th: luna + favorite outfit(s)

“La Canción de la Madre" 

Cracked the whip to finish a Beyoncé tribute illustration for Pensacon 2017. Her Grammys performance and outfit threw me ALL the way back to my art history days and I just had to get it down! This print is debuting at Pensacon, but I’ll be working on some limited gold-foil prints to sell online, too.