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this is it guys, the last few hours until we see either the most groundbreaking romance ever aired on television or the floor is lava literally?? 

i want to thank all of you so so so much im not being even fucking soppy i’ve been through SO FUCKING MUCH these past 3 years since i joined this fandom i battled so many demons including depression, eating disorders, and just everything shitty and you, all of you helped me live through it all and here i am - waiting for the most beautiful thing to happen - sherlock holmes and john watson to kiss for the first ever time in 130 years 

i owe you my life guys, if it werent for you i would 100% dead im not even exaggerating i love you i love you i love im fucking drunk but johnlock helped me learn whats love and i finally escaped from a physically abusive relationship so thank you so so so so much

i want to break my heart into tiny tiny pieces and give it to every individual here and for all the people who follow me i love you u cant comprehend how grateful i am to be with you -  @bimartin (ily so much u fucking idiot), @quietlyprim @marcelock @cuccaine2 @glassofteajlc @hotsmugstache @johnlockfulfillment @teapotsubtext @cloisteredself @softlavenders @propergenius @johnlockogie @johnsjawline @1895ad @1895 @nondeducible @writemeastoryofsolitude @kinklock  @rainlock @szpok @gayufo @brothersholmes @sadlawyer @warmth-and-constancy @darkmofftiss @deserthearts @darlingbenny @deducingbbcsherlock @deducethegay @detectivelyd @dry @dramaqueern @drool-is-love @shylocks @shylockgnomes @thediogenes @balletlock @softelytjlc @jeslock @syupon @paintingwithpablo @theymakemagic @heartoftheconspiracy @sherrinfordholmes @grumpybijohn @grumpy-swoop @graceebooks @gaytheist @greglestrade @cakepopsforeveryone @therealmartinsgrrrl @rosegoldsherlock @rominatrix @susscx @theneckstroke @thecumbercollective @thetwelfthpanda @the-7-percent-solution @taikova

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because of you i am still alive and well and i cant wait till sherlock holmes and john watson kiss

i love you so much!!! thank you!

I’m very sad because judging from the posts on my dash I feel the fandom, or the part of the fandom I feel a part of, is going to change a lot. Many people will probably turn away, disappointed, and I get where this is coming from.

But I will stay, I liked this ep and the last one, and despite all the justified criticism, I still love the show and I am here and not leaving anytime soon -

I also think that Moftiss really let go a fantastic opportunity to make Johnlock more explicit because it is there, very much so, it’s what this is all about, for God’s sakes!

to protect you

Group/Member: BTS // Jungkook

Genre: Angst, Bodyguard!AU

Word Count: 2.428

Prompt: AU w/ Jungkook 17
I’m trying to protect you but you’re seriously just fucking with me now stop running around along rooftops and geT BACK HERE BEFORE I TIE YOU DOWN. (bodyguard!AU)

Summary: So originally my idea was to make this a more lighthearted and funny one shot, but it ended up being loaded with angst and I LOVE IT. I felt like i was back in touch with my classic writing style while writing this and I hope that you all receive it well <3 Sorry for errors, I’m a lazy bum when it comes to proof reading. Also feel free to send me feedback or request from my lists below <3

Masterlist // AU Prompt List // Dialogue Prompt List // To Do List //   Rules

The best time and place to watch the sunset was on top of castle right before the official super began. Jungkook had learned that after the countless times he’d been forced to chase you up there. He’d also learned that the sunset was best seen on the north side of the castle. All areas revealed a beautiful expanse of sky, but none quite as good as the North. The fluidity of the colors as it almost felt they were melting into one another. Beautiful pinks and red blending in with the darkening blues. Fire orange and yellow radiating from the sun itself before it tucked itself away behind the far-off mountains. Jungkook had marveled and grown up watching these sunsets while serving for the royal family.

From the time of his birth, his duty had been you. Watch over and protect the princess, even if it meant losing your own life. You were the only heir to the kingdom, and when the time came where your father could no longer serve his country as King, then it would be you who stepped in as Queen. As children, the weight of the situation had never been as stark or hard to understand. Back then, your status’ hadn’t meant much. You had played in the same rooms, with the same toys, and had snuck around the grounds hand in hand. You were Jungkook’s only friend, as was he to you.

As years passed however, understanding settled in more and more of the situation you were both in. He was part of the royal guard, your personal body guard as many would say. Though greatly respected, there were also very clear boundaries that were not to be crossed.

As soon as childhood had begun to fade into adolescence, Jungkook had been drilled and taught that being a ‘friend’ to the princess was not his job. He was to act accordingly and fulfill his spot as your personal bodyguard. Joining you to every meal, being aware of your whereabouts at all times, and most of all assuring that you were not hurt.

Like any member of the royal court, your life could be taken at any moment. Assassinations were not uncommon in this time and age, countries and regions often fighting to take one another over. Your father had had his own number of close calls throughout his life, but like Jungkook would do with you, his royal bodyguard had kept him safe.

While Jungkook had done as he was told and slipped into his role, quietly standing behind you, you had been a bit more hard to convince. Many nights, Jungkook had stood outside of your father’s quarters, listening to your angry and loud voice as you demanded that Jungkook be removed as your bodyguard if it meant that you could have your friendship back. You couldn’t handle the stoic look that was always on his face, or the way his features rarely changed anymore when you two were together. You knew he was doing his job, but you hated he good he was at it.

“I want my friend back Father!” he’d heard you wail through the wooden door and stone wall.

“[Y/N], you know perfectly well that Jungkook is the most qualified for his position. He’s been trained since birth for this position and you knew that. Now behave like a princess should and quit worrying about such nonsense things. You have lessons tomorrow morning, so you shall return to your own quarters this instance.”

Secretly, whenever Jungkook heard this fight, a small spark of hope would ignite within his chest. Deep down, though he would never admit it, he hoped and prayed that your father would give in. Give his one and only daughter the one thing that she wished for the most. It was a pointless hope though, and he knew that it would be best to smother the flame before it turned into something much more dangerous. So Jungkook would always silently follow you once you’d excited your father’s chambers. Acting as though he had not heard a thing, covering the pain that was deep within his heart, and pretending that it was never there to begin with.

You and Jungkook were no longer children, and somewhere you had realized that no amount of begging to your father would make things go back to the way things used to be. You knew that Jungkook would never willingly asked to be released of his spot, and you would never ask him to do so. So where do that leave you?

“Lady [Y/N],” the title made you wince, though Jungkook was unable to see so as he stood a few feet behind you, watching as you stood still on the ledge of the castle. “If you do not climb down this instant I will have to drag you down and inform your father of where you’ve been running off to.”

The tsk sound that left your lips only made Jungkook’s hand twitch. It was a threat he’d made many times, but had never gone through with. On the roof of the castle, he’d known that this was how you escaped your stress and woes. Despite how ridiculously stupid and dangerous it was, the light breeze that blew the few lose strands of your hair and brushed against your face was one of the few remaining things that felt like your childhood.

“I think we both know you won’t do either of those things.” The statement was true. Jungkook knew that you wouldn’t hurt yourself, and he also knew that he would never rat you out to your father. Doing so would make it so that you’d never be able to come to your safe haven again; if that happened then Jungkook knew you’d never forgive him.

“Everybody is waiting for you. Dinner will be beginning soon.”

“Then they can wait a little longer. I’m not ready to leave.”

Jungkook had no response to this. As your bodyguard, he had no right to give you orders. If you said you were staying, then so be it. He would remain here with you to assure that you were safe. The fact that he followed that so closely frustrated you more. The man that stood behind you may have the same name and appearance as the boy you’d grown up with, but he was not the same person.

Hands hanging down in front of you, they clenched around the fabric of your dress, frustration laced within their clutches. “Do you enjoy standing behind me like you do?”

It wasn’t the first time that you had openly confronted Jungkook about your frustration in regards to your relationship. Jungkook wasn’t sure that you understood the battle that was constantly raging within him when it came to you. Did you not realize that he felt the same way? Did you not realize that if he didn’t do his job, and that if he were to dishonor your family he could have his life taken for that? Did you not realize that he wanted to protect you? That he wanted to make sure that nothing ever bad happened to you?

“I’m afraid I don’t follow the question my lady.”

You spun so quickly on your heel that Jungkook was almost certain that you were going to lose your balance and fall to your death below. But you were quick on your feet and had leapt down with ease, eyes blazing as you looked at him.

“I mean, do you enjoy being in my shadow. Do you like being the emotionless person that you have become? To practically be a slave to his palace and wordlessly follow every single command that is thrown at you. If I told you to fling yourself over the edge of the castle right now would you do it?”

Jungkook took a deep and steady breath through his nose, willing himself not to fight you back. He knew how you could be, and it wasn’t worth arguing back.

“Well?! Would you!?” you yell again, hands clenched as you stare him down.

“Lady [Y/N], you know that I would not follow such a command, because then I would not be able to fulfill my job in protecting you.”

The scream that left your mouth could have rivaled that of a wild animal. You wanted to run over to him and slap him. To force back the person that you had known and loved all through your childhood. You wanted the man that you had fallen in love with to come back. You didn’t want this version of Jungkook anymore. Instead though you only turned back around and leaned over the edge, elbows propped on the stone as you buried your face in your hands and hid your tears from him. No matter how much you thought that Jungkook had changed however, he knew you too well. He could tell by the quiver in your shoulders and the hunch in your back that you were crying. He knew that he was the reason, but also knew that there was very little that he could do. Going and comforting you like he may have done as a small boy was not allowed, and he knew that once that barrier was broken, there was no going back.

He cared for you though – deeply for that matter – and something deep down told him that maybe this one time would be alright to show some comfort. Stepping forward he quietly made is way so that he was standing beside you. It wasn’t very often that he was in a position to look straight at you. Usually he was watching your back and the areas around you, or when he did see you it was because you were angry and yelling like a few minutes prior. Now though, as he looked at you from the side, he could see that despite your young age, the responsibilities of your position were taking their toll. He could see the tired droop in your face, could see the discoloration underneath your eyes from not enough sleep. He could see the way your posture drooped when you weren’t fully aware of it.

“I stand behind you before I care for you.”

The snort that you make, though meant to show distaste, comforts Jungkook. At least you’re still listening to what he has to say.

“I care about you [Y/N], despite how angry you may be with me.” The sentence causes your eyes to shift over to him, a little shocked that he didn’t use your title before your name. It had been years since you’d heard him only speak your name.

“I know you may hate me for the choice that I’ve made…and sometimes I hate myself as well. But at least when I stand behind you, I can always be sure that you’re safe. Behind you, I can watch you grow and learn. One day I will be able to stand by you and watch you become the best queen this land has ever seen. I can’t wait for that day to come,” he said, eyes soft and gentle as he looked at you. It felt like you were standing next to your Jungkook; not your bodyguard.

“Run away with me.”

Jungkook was not a man that was easily startled. He’d been trained to expect any sort of attack and react on pure instinct. As well as that, he had heard a number of things leave your mouth, both obscene and inappropriate, but had always been able to keep a straight face. This however had cracked his armor. The look of shock on his face was enough to prove it as your piercing gaze remained on him. The sudden increase in his heart taking more than a couple deep breaths to settle down. Somewhere within him, it felt as though that flame was being fed; becoming larger and hotter.

“Please, stop looking at me like you’ve never thought of this before,” you begged. “Somewhere I know that the boy I fell in love with is inside of you.” Turning, you reached out for Jungkook, biting down hard on your lip when you grabbed onto his arm, continuing to speak before he could pull away. “Let’s run away and be happy somewhere else. We won’t tell anybody; we’ll just leave in the middle of the night.”

Never before had Jungkook seen such desperation in your eyes. You were fanning the flame within him, and though he knew that he shouldn’t be listening, should stop you before this could become any more out of control than he could handle, he couldn’t pull away from your grip. How long had it been since you had had contact with one another?

“Say something,” you begged when an agonizing couple minutes passed by and he hadn’t said a word to you. You were a smart girl though, and you could see that Jungkook was fighting something. You could see in his eyes that he wanted to agree and be reckless. “Run away with me Jungkook…before we’re lost forever. Forget this kingdom, we’ll move to the countryside. No one will know us, and we can live on our own. We could farm, and live off the land. I know it will be different but- “

“My lady.”

Never had two single words shut you up more quickly. Like stones, your hands fell back to your side, releasing him. Almost instantly Jungkook wished that he be touched by you again. With his head hanging, he bowed quickly in apology and took a few steps back.

“I’m sorry, but you must be attending dinner soon. Everybody is waiting…”

Disgust, rage, frustration, pain…every single one of those emotions engulphed you. You put on a brave face though, lifting your chin up high as you looked Jungkook right in the eye.

“I hope that one day you can stop living in fear and listen to your heart. When that day finally happens,” you said in a stern voice as you began to walk away, back once again facing him, “don’t expect me to be waiting obediently.”

The words hurt, but they were exactly what Jungkook needed to extinguish the flame within him. If he had been born into any other position he would have fought harder for your love, but that was not his role to play. His job was to protect you, and to see that you be safe as you became this lands queen. Even if he died from the inside out while doing it.

“Yes my lady…I understand.”


I want Victor’s body confidence.

Like, look at this shit. He’s butt ass naked, standing there for all the world to see, and he doesn’t give a fuck. Not only that, but his crush is RIGHT THERE. Sometimes forced to look at Victor from a revealing angle. There is no modesty here.

Victor is my hero.


Hi ✨ I haven’t been posting for a while but here I am. It’s 7th day of 100 days of productivity and I’m quite happy I’m doing this. I feel way more productive than usual. Here are some pics from my bujo. I hope I’ll be posting more photos this week (I really hope bc school is killing me rn)

P.S love ya all 💞insta: sweetlighttriumph

im disappointed yeah but im more like. sad for the fans who were really hoping for representation. im sad for the people who thought maybe they could get a crumb from this show that by all means was pointing in that direction and then took that crumb away with shitty writing and insane wish fulfillment from people who could get that insane wish fulfillment from any run-down, shark-jumped show on television. but for the fans who came out because of the show, for the people who thrived on watching this love story unfold, for my queer friends who identified with sherlock and john, the rug was really pulled and now everyone else is standing and clapping and we’re down here on the ground thinking what the hell just happened?

it’s 2017. ambiguity is exhausting and television producers need to be better than this. they need to take risks (because apparently having two men in a relationship is still a “risk”) and stop with the boring tropes they claim are groundbreaking. because this really could have made history but instead we just got a boring, safe conclusion that doesnt make any narrative sense whatsoever.

this shit can’t be acceptable anymore. not when people are still desperate for crumbs.

Hi everyone! This is Choko, Kabula and I just wanted to say thank you to you and everyone who has been following us, new and old. We’ve had this blog up for about a year now and we’ve got close to 1k followers (we’re at 997!!!).

While both of us have had numbers like that before on past blogs, this is the first time we’ve sorta hosted a blog that has (almost) all original content on it. Kabula and I both ran Pokémon blogs before this. But getting as many followers from our own original creations really means a lot to the both of us! Seeing so many people like characters like Desi, Cadence, Janette, Thomas, and so many more honestly fills my heart with joy.

So thanks to everyone for being there to show your love and support for what the two of us do! You guys are awesome <333333 Here’s a Juli as a thank you, I’ve been trying to practice with some body references and stuff. I haven’t drawn Juli in a while!

The reactions I’ve seen of people who liked the episode are basically them saying anyone who doesn’t like it is just upset about jlock but take it from someone who ships jlock but left the fandom because of tjlc my dislike of this episode has shit to do with shipping.

This is like a bad episode of Doctor Who. All shock value and no real plausibility because the goal here is just to show how CLEVER they are. I don’t believe Sherlock had any real emotional break through with John and Mycroft and I would have LOVED to see more of what the Molly call did to him but no we get nothing except her in the background for .2 seconds at the end. Tell me what happened! Do they make up? Does he tell her he does actually love her or hey it was just a game sorry? What’s she going through??? Rosie is completely nonexistent surprise surprise, and it didn’t seem like John was all that interested in being her dad. Victor Trevor? Would have loved to learn more about that and what it means for Sherlock other than a short trippy sequence about death and water. Oh can’t forget those huge plot holes like where they didn’t explain how the hell John survived the shot??? HOW THEY WERE COMPLETELY UNHARMED BY THE EXPLOSION?? HOW JOHN WAS ABLE TO CLIMB UP THE ROPE IF HE WAS CHAINED?? oh and I’m sure there are LOADS more I just haven’t had enough time to process. 

Sherlock used to be clever in a way that was realistic, they didn’t just put in huge plot twists for the hell of it. Even Mary while stretchable was realistic because you’re 100% right John will always chose danger even subconsciously. I can’t honestly believe this episode was planned from the beginning. I think it only came together after His Last Vow and I’m very disappointed 

Fix-it Fic

If it would help anyone, I wrote “Home,” 21 chapters of my version of s4, some time back. It’s here for the reading.

John realizes Mary is abusive. Sherlock welcomes him home and helps him  protect himself from her and recover.

Neither of them manipulate or blame each other over things. They have honest conversations about their sexualities and their pasts and their fears and desires.

Victor was Sherlock’s first love.

Harry is a happy, sober, recovered butch lady with a badass career and a dating life.

Plus M16 and dark Janine and all kinds of things.

Can't Deny My Love (Sonny Carisi)


Hurray for collaboration fics! If you like this one, please head over to @lordhyorke and give her some love! Half the credit goes to her, (probably more than half, really, ‘cause this all stemmed from this post.) You can also read this on her Ao3 account here

NSFW and enjoy!

Word Count: 3,345 (it’s a long one, my friends)

Warnings: D/s relationship, the word ‘slut,’ spankings, rough-ish sex?

Originally posted by rahfaelbarba

‘Hey babe, I’m about 5 minutes away. See you soon!’

You shot that text off to Sonny as you got out of the subway. You two were finally going to go out with some friends tonight. Sonny had to cancel the last few times, and though you completely understood why, you had to admit it hurt a little every time he did. Still, you wouldn’t love him as much as you did if he wasn’t as dedicated to his job. It meant keeping people safe, and he wouldn’t be your Sonny if he wasn’t doing that.

“Hey! What’re you doing here?” Detective Rollins came over and gave you a hug.

“Hey Amanda! I’m just waiting for Sonny. Do you know where he is?” She frowned.

“Yeah, he’s in an interrogation. Should finish up soon, though.”

“Oh. Okay. I’ll wait right here for him, then.” You took a seat at his desk, hoping he could leave soon. Sonny was only running a few minutes behind so far, and that wasn’t bad. Your friends weren’t the most punctual people themselves, so there was no reason to worry. You pulled out your compact and touched up your makeup. You were putting away your lipstick when Sonny was walking towards you. You caught a whiff of him —the unmistakable scent of bergamot and cedar wood that reminded you of home.

You stood up, smoothing down your skirt and smiled, despite having a feeling about what news was coming your way. Sonny leaned in and kissed you gently. The look on his face spoke volumes.

“You look gorgeous, Doll…”

Your smile weakened. “…but?” Sonny slumped his shoulders and sighed. You knew he hated disappointing you, but it’s not as if you enjoyed being disappointed yourself.

“But, I have to stick around here for a while.”

“Do you really have to? Tonight?” You couldn’t help the note of hurt in your voice. Even though you quickly regained your composure, it was just long enough for Sonny to catch it. Hazards of dating a detective, you supposed.

“I know, we had plans, but this damn guy keeps changin’ his story.” He pulled you into a hug. “I’m so sorry. You know I’d rather be with you. I really thought I’d be done by now.”

You nodded, not moving away from his chest, you wanted to be as close to him as you could, especially since he wasn’t coming with you tonight.

He kissed the top of your head, “But don’t let me stop you from goin’ out. Go and have fun with your friends, okay?”

“Maybe I’ll find someone who doesn’t cancel on me so much,” You smirked at the look of panic on his face. “But I don’t think I’ll find anyone half as good as you.” You winked and kissed his cheek. “It’s honestly okay. I understand. You go and lock up the bad guy, I’ll see you at home.”

Sonny bent down and kissed you. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” You smacked his arm lightly.

“Just go and do your job before you’re stuck here all night!”

“Copy that, beautiful.” He kissed you one more time before heading back to the interrogation room.

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Hey there! How y’all doing? Been a looooooong while, huh? 

I want to apologize to all my followers for the extremely looooong hiatus on here and leaving you guys in the dark for so long. And I know y’all been messaging me seeing how I’m doing and I’m so sorry for not responding like I should ;A; I’ve kind of had lots of iffy things happen to me last year (then again, 2016 sucked for everybody, huh?) especially with some reeeeeaaaaally bad self esteem issues that pretty much made me extremely depressed and caused me to go into multiple hiatuses and huuuuuuge artblocks…like major. After that, I started questioning my own artwork and felt unworthy to posting anything here due to the fact that I felt like my art sucked more and more…but I’m finally overcoming it. I also want to give  big thanks for everybody who’s still following me, even if I was inactive for awhile. I love you all so much ;3;

So now that it’s 2017, a brand new freaking year (it’s crazy how fast time has passed), I’m going to try to start this year in a positive note AND BECOME A BETTER AND MORE POSITIVE PERSON!!!! Plus, I do have some artwork that I’ve been meaning to upload and I might spam y’all with it…sorry! It was going to happen eventually >w< 


Hello everyone! It’s #optomstudies here again with another study tip on Part Time Work! I received the following asks from anons, thank you for prompting this! :) I’m by no means an expert, but this is the advice that I gained while looking for my own job. 

hey, i recently finished reading all your study tips so far and i just wanted to let you know that they’re super helpful!! i’m starting uni next month and im soo glad that i came across your series bc now i feel less anxious about starting!! if you have time, i would love it if you have any tips about getting a part-time job in uni? like yourself, i didn’t think that i could manage high school + part time job so i would rlly love some advice from you again if possible! 

Realise that you can juggle part time work, but don’t bite off more than you can chew. Working more than 2-3 days a week will stress you out, as you won’t have time to complete both uni work and enjoy a little destressing time. I’d advise max 1.5 days a week for a 5 day degree, and that’s if you use 80% of the remaining time studying. Count any other commitments as part of these ‘work’ hours too - if you have church, younger siblings to cook for, etc. Most unis advise 2 hours of self-study per contact hour at uni for degrees like science/engineering, and up to 4 for arts/commerce degrees! So factor that in when you’re planning. 

Research an entry level job that relates to your degree. The best types of jobs would be those in which you are assistants to the position you want to work in once you have graduated. Just ensure that the position promises you on-the-job training, as most students likely have limited employment experiences outside retail and tutoring. 

Research how to write a great first resume and practice interview skills. Your university careers website will contain plenty of information, as well as templates for your first resume to highlight your strengths. There is a wealth of information out there regarding the actual process of CV-writing and interviews, so refer to those :) Make sure you research the company you want to work with, their values and also personalise your resume and cover letter to highlight why you would be suited for that position and what you can bring as an employee. 

Hand in your resume personally to each store you apply to. Politely ask if you can speak to the manager, dress in business clothing, introduce yourself in a friendly manner and ask them to consider your resume if a position ever opens. If it’s for an advertised position, call back in 1-2 weeks to check up on them and thank them for their consideration. Even if the position is filled, you can still gain valuable information by asking them why you weren’t hired (politely of course), since you have nothing to lose. They may have noticed something about your cover letter or resume that put them off choosing, or they might let you know it was fine but they just had a more qualified individual applying. 

Prepare for common questions on interviews, and just be yourself. My manager, who was so kind as to give me a chance despite not having much work experience, told me that she liked my honesty and enthusiasm which is why she hired me. Most of the time for an entry level position, they aren’t looking too much for technical skills as they are looking for personality (well at least for retail positions anyway) and transferable skills like communication and interpersonal skills. 

I hoped this helped everyone! I do have an #employment tag but tips don’t float around the studyblr as often as posts on study methods (please send me links if you find anything, thank you!! :D) so I’ve just linked the posts here:

My Study Tips

About me~ I am a 5th year optometry student in Australia, follow me for weekly study tips and daily-ish aesthetic pictures of my studying :)

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Can you recommended some of your favorite fan fictions?? I have been looking for good stories all day and can't seem to find anymore cause I think I've read about them all. I need something to read all night.

Here is a wonderful master-list by @diekleineelisabeth

Here is another one by @team-styles

EVEN MORE thanks to @escapeto-newyork

and here’s another one from yours truly!

Happy reading my love!

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Wcif the slightly pointed ears?? All of the ones I've found don't show up in game!

Sorry, had to use a dif wcif pic because I was lazy. :P

Alright, the Ears I use are by Arien Li and can be found here! 

but, but, but if you’ve already downloaded these and they don’t work in game it’s probably because u need this mod from the desc. in case u missed it. 

Anyway, thanks for the ask, it always makes my day! and hopefully I helped!

it was a great episode

no guys please listen. listen. it was the best episode possible. Johnlock IS canon. they made it canon in this episode. 

“You had sex?” asked his sister. Yes, he did. With John. Because we know for sure he never slept with women. He never slept with anyone before… Before TLD. It was the Hug and what we weren’t shown after the Hug where Sherlock had his first sex. 

“it’s a family business!” said his brother. “that’s why John’s staying!” - because John is officially family.

“my boys from baker street” said Mary, and here we have it, every fanfiction we’ve read: parentlock, fluff, raising their daughter together, (re)building 221B for themselves, for their new family.

this is as far as this show could go with Chinese and Russian audiences. It was explicit. Love did conquer all. It was family love, love for Sherlock’s sister, love for the lost and found daughter, but most of all, it’s love between Sherlock and John, which is real, and beautiful, and all-conquering.


Hello @taylorswift​ I just want to say something. I’m a girl from instagram account @taylorismyangel13 . My name is Ana-Paula,I’m from Croatia. You comment my post 4 months ago and I’m still in shook, I can’t believe that this happening to me. When I see comment that you love me I start shaking and crying so hard and my hands starts shaking, I just omg DIE?! But I’m still alive but I don’t know how hahah… I just want to say thank you, thank you milion times. You made my life happy and so much better. Every time when I’m sad I just look at this comment and I’m so happy. I love you so much and I’m so happy that you see that. I hope I will meet you someday and tell you that and hug you and kiss you and tell how much you mean to me. I love you since 2012 and I’m Swiftie since then, and every day I listening your songs,my room is full of your posters and stuff. I’m so happy that I found you,you’re the best idol and role model we ever have. I will always love you. You help me every time when I’m sad. When I’m sad I listening your songs,when I’m happy I listening your songs :) Everytime I listening your songs ;) this is my routine now lol :D … I think that that is routine of every Swiftie. We just love you so much. So I hope that you will read this :( and follow me, I just want you to know that you are the best idol, that you’re so so talented, that you so loved, that you’re the best okay I say that already but yea… Haha :D I hope that you will one day come to Croatia and that I will meet you, that’s my biggest dream ever.  So much love for you and I send you kisses. :* and big big big hug. LOVE YOU! ❤ @taylorswift 


God this whole thing took ages to actually finish.
Especially the last one cause persepctive and everything and I don’t really know how to draw proper backgrounds either so please bare with me ;;

Anyways, I headcannon My Farmer (who’s name is btw Jay now) and Harvey having small coffee breaks from time to time, talking about all kinds of things.
I still loves this game and I’ll definetely draw more stuff soon.
(maybe even of other characters but don’t take my word here :’D)

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What if Jyn is in a coed dorm and Cassian is her new roommate? Any ideas?

is this a situation that could actually occur? idec i love it anyway:

  • jyn moves in by herself. it takes one trip with a big cart rented from the front desk 
  • this means when she manages to unlock the room, she can’t really see around the pile of bedding and clothes in front of her
  • all she notices is a hand pulling something off her cart to set down and then –
  • wow. her new roommate is…wow.
  • “cassian andor” he says, sticking out his hand
  • she shakes it. firm, jyn notes
  • “and this is my friend kay,” he goes on. “he’ll probably be here a lot”
  • jyn greets him. he mostly ignores her
  • this year will…be interesting
  • jyn and cassian wind up being in the same 8 am calculus class
  • they get breakfast together most mornings to energize themselves 
  • cassian knows jun’s starbucks order by heart three weeks into classes (iced caramel macchiato) and brings it to their study sessions often
  • jyn knows he takes his coffee black and gives him shit for being soulless and hating fun
  • all of this bickering and breakfast eating and coffee getting leads kay to believe they’re an honest to god couple
  • cassian turns bright red when his friend suggests as much 
  • jyn just says “well i don’t know if he’s any good at kissing, but i’m sure i’ll find out before midterms” 
  • kay: !!!!!!!!!!!
  • cassian: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jyn: ?????
  • also jyn: we’re basically dating now so ??
  • cassian: !?!?!?!?!
  • kay leaves and lets them work things out
  • spoiler alert: jyn was right about finding out how good cassian is at kissing well before midterms 

Woke up so overwhelmed with messages from all of you. I have over 40 messages that I promise I’ll reply to, just today I’m going to be with my family. I do appreciate all of the kind messages thank you so much for the support. Sorry for giving into the negative anons. I’m incredibly stressed, but seeing all the support and love has been incredibly beautiful. Thank you to every single one of you who has taken the time to care and send a message. This here is my mom, one of the strongest women ever. Today I’m with her and the rest of my family celebrating my sister. This is hard, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with, and I know people want to criticize me for being active, but know I was alone yesterday, I needed the distraction, I needed to stay away from my thoughts. I love you all, and thank you for everything. Peace and love to everyone.