and all it meant


You have lived a thousand lives before, and darling, you will live a thousand more.
So remember as you lay in your bed at night, you will live without him.

happy birthday @sansaregina! ♡

Done in the stream. Thanks for coming guys!

Milo and Diogee are dressed for the Festival du Voyageur, western Canada’s largest winter festival. It celebreates the fur trades. They usually celebrate it during February, around Valentine’s. Everyone gets dressed up and learns of the history and learns dances, activities and foods that are all French Canadian. I meant to finish this in February but I got so busy with work. (Milo is wearing a Sash, btw, not a scarf. In french they’re called ceinture Fleshée.

Thanks for coming to the stream guys! It was fun!!

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pst whats cmyk?

its an acronym for cyan, magenta, yellow, key (black) which are the color used for color printing and they’re really heavily emphasized in graphic design but they also look really aesthetically pleasing next to each other.

basically I’m a massive nerd and i wanna mash all my interests into one physical object which is why i need a dice set in these colors 

I said it before and I’ll say it again, Kevin teaches Neil about chess and Neil gets a black pawn chess piece tattoo because if a pawn makes it through all the obstacles in its way then it gets to be whatever it wants👏 👏 👏

Game On, Charles

These doll pieces are all outfits that the liars have worn before, and it wasn’t on That Night. Only Alison wore that outfit That Night. (Spencer wore a red plaid shirt, Emily wore purple, Hanna wore blue, and Aria wore black) This means that A.D. has been there from the beginning. 

In a separate post @behzynn pointed out that Alison’s bottom piece is the only square one out of them all, so is this meant to be some kind of hint toward Alison? Is she a twin?

These outfits also look very similar to some of the doll house outfits, don’t they? Not all of them are exact - but they are similar. And the doll house had a set of two “Alison” dolls wearing that yellow top, too. A possible metaphor for twins?

Spencer : 5x24 vs. 6x01 (blue plaid)

Emily :  5x04 vs. 6x01 (Rosewood High Sharks outfit)

Alison : 1x01 / 4x24 vs. 6x01  (yellow top)

Aria :  1x11 vs. 6x01 (pink hair and/or cheetah print)

Hanna : 1x02 vs. 6x01 (pink or yellow floral colors and prints)

What does this discovery mean? It means that whomever A.D. is they have been watching Alison and the Liars since the very start. They have been here all along, hiding behind shadows and masks. 

My top suspects? EzrA, MelissA, or MonA.

Ezra - because he filmed, watched, and stalked the Liars using Aria as a means to do so. He also apologized once to Emily for the murder of her girlfriend and his apology was WEIRD. He flat out just said “I’m sorry, Emily” like he was apologizing for the act of murder, or for witnessing it. Ezra is also always missing or disappearing someplace, even his manager Sabrina tells the audience this after the time jump in 6B.

Melissa - because she is always conveniently out of the country (the same country that Mary Drake had traveled to, btw) and comes back just when -A has stirred the pot. She has connections to EVERYONE and “knows how to keep a secret.” Let’s also not forget her motives for Alison, Garrett, Cece, and Jessica DiLaurentis’ murders or attempted murders. She definitely ranks high on their suspect lists, Detective Holbrook even thought so considering how he questioned her after Mrs. DiLaurentis was killed, too. 

Mona - because she loves to play games and that is been mentioned several times in our show. She played them at Radley with Eddie Lamb, she played card games with Aria while she visited, and she played them with Charles. And before Sara Harvey was murdered she said to Mona about the Liars, “you played with them for too long.” (I don’t 100% think Mona is A.D., she’s on the list just because Mona is always in the middle and her motives are never clear.)

Nevertheless, I still believe that this A.D. is Charles. Whether Cece is alive and well and is actually Charles or if Charles is another character, it IS them behind the final mask. They never wanted to stop playing the game and it is them playing with the Liars now. 

Game on, Charles.

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I watched the video and I think it was clear that Lana was irritated a) by the question itself, because it was so obvious what kind of answer they wanted from her, it wasn't a question genuinely asking her opinion, and b) by people booing her answer. What it clearly wasn't: proof that Lana always hated SQ and that all her support over the last few years was fake and meant nothing.

agreed. and anyone who is drawing those kind of broad conclusions is only helping C$ and 0Q. 

THOUGHT: in breath of the wild, rito are stated to be masters of aerial combat, and all their weapons are built with aerial combat in mind. but how do they wield them? their wings are their arms. their arms need to be flapping or extended at all times in order for them to keep flying. if their arms are constantly occupied with keeping them in the air, how do rito hold and use their weapons? what do they fight with?

PROPOSAL: rito fight with their feet. all rito weapons are meant to be held and used in the talons. when link uses a rito weapon in his hands, he is technically Doing It Wrong.


their eyes
i’ll never forget those eyes
they were
glowing, orange, yellow… almost like light bulbs
for a second, i swore i saw red in those eyes
red like fire
like hell
like the devil himself
those eyes had me paralyzed, frozen despite everything in me screaming at myself to fight, to run, to scream
to do something – anything
but i couldn’t
all because of those damn eyes
then they grabbed me
their hands, they so cold
almost like a corpse
it felt like the living dead had grabbed me in the dead of night
the only light guiding us was the glow from their eyes
one of the last things i remember seeing
before it all went black
was two sharpened fangs revealing themselves over their bottom lip
slowly, they emerged, and i knew exactly what that meant
that was all it took to finally make me scream.
—  paperpensandothersmolfrens said: Can you write about being kidnapped by a vampire?
(cc, 2017)

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How much art and such do you plan to do for your roleswap au? I would love to see more of it! I know you spoke about possibily making comics based off of the episodes currently out but I wasn't sure if you actually planned on going through with it.

I can’t really quantify that since we don’t know for sure how long Star vs will be in the long run, nor can I predict whether or not I’ll be there for the full ride. 

I would love to make more meaningful content with the au outside of ramblings and doodles. While it’s fun to think of all the possible changes(since Mars vs is meant to be more “Shonen” compared to Star vs’ “Mahou Shojo”) actually drawing those differences is kind of a big endeavor. 

Basically it’s all something that I would prefer to approach in more manageable chunks.  Especially since we haven’t seen anything with Marco’s extended family outside of his grandma and a mention of a weird uncle. So making anything involving big family gatherings like in “Game of Flags” would probably fall into fan-oc territory. Which is probably also gonna be the case with the Diaz’s royal lineage. Hoping people won’t mind that, but I guess there’s still the possibility/hope of seeing more Diaz’s in the canon universe.(Though maybe we can handwave that Mars’ Uncle dealt with the rest of the family to secure his rule before Raf/his brother overthrew him.)

Here’s some of the requests I’ve gotten so far that I’m putting at the top of my “Mars vs au comics to make” list. (Sorry if I missed anything)

  1. Bon Bon
  2. Running with Scissors
  3. Into the Wand
  4. Stuff that relates to individual characters like, Tom, Janna, Jackie and Buff Frog. So technically episodes related to them and/or those that they have swapped with ie; Buff surviving the wilderness instead Ludo etc.

Some of the original show’s episodes are understandably more Star centric and may not translate at all or well in the Mars vs universe? Hope y’all won’t mind me skipping and/or merging a few.(Unless there’s some cool suggestions/ideas) Like I can’t imagine Mars having his own “Bounce Lounge” but I could picture him trying to help Starla save some local place from her younger days that’s near and dear to her. Or something like that.

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it's kinda ridiculous how 5h can't mention C's name. in that interview when N thought the tweet was C's she asked the girl "it's a 5h member or like..FIFTH HARMONY member?" and she didn't understand so N asked val if he understood and he said "yes she meant the current members" like all of this bullshit intead of saying C's name. i wonder if they are waiting to drop her name in like big interview or event

also i’m starting to doubt they’re going to talk about her in future interviews, i prefer it like that

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Harry would choose the best lingerie! He'd take it really seriously, go to the most exclusive shops, know your sizes and ask the assistant for advice. He'd buy way more than he meant to, in all fabrics and colours, and then come home and ask you to try it all on for him.

Oh my god he’d sit on his bed and watch you try on all the different pieces he bought…. oh my god

a quick thing

hi! if you read my fic you may or may not have noticed that I haven’t really been responding to my ao3 comments lately. i want to talk about that really quick.

responding to the comments has always been kind of difficult for me, but I have tried really hard to do it anyway because comments mean a lot to me and i want to show my appreciation for all the great feedback i get!

personally, though, i’ve always kind of felt like comment replies are a really ineffective way to connect with people. every single comment i get is a bright spot in my day!! i read and think about them all! I guess I just have trouble responding in a way that feels genuine.

This post is meant to be a blanket apology for all the beautiful, thoughtful, encouraging comments i’ve been getting lately but haven’t responded to. and a quick message to the world that i always want to talk to new people and respond to feedback and be mutuals with everyone, but it’s easier for me if that takes place outside of ao3. 

If my lack of response has made anybody feel like their messages aren’t appreciated, i’m so sorry. if you want to talk, let’s do it here or on twitter! 

writing for this fandom has been an endlessly supportive and fun thing in my life and i really hope that I never come across like i don’t appreciate all the great people i have met through it. it has been eating at me, so i just wanted to address it. 

ok i love you! bye


Can y'all fuck off maybe? Since when was ace positivity meant for aphobes? Don’t police it like you actually care about us.
Additionally: telling someone that they belong in the world isn’t fucking discourse.