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Wednesday and Amelia are officially owners of their very own townhouse! 💛🌱

i say over and over again that you can’t be in a healthy relationship all by yourself. you can’t love someone into loving you, and you can’t perform the role of a perfect partner for someone that doesn’t want you. you can try, but you will exhaust yourself. i will never take for granted being in a relationship with someone so willing to put in the effort, to make the changes, to commit to this and us and me. i am thankful that we can both see where things need a little refocusing, and we both put in the work to get back there. i appreciate that it’s not one of us holding on and the other giving up. we’re both all in. we’re both ready to do what ever it takes to continue to grow and push and build

There’s a Fine, Fine Line

Jughead x Reader

The Reader and Jughead have a complicated relationship. Based on the requested song: 7 Things by Miley Cyrus

Warning: some swearing

Word count: 2,562

A/N: I know the request wanted it focused on one line and I tried I really did but the other parts were too cute once I started writing I’m sorry I hope you like it still. Also PS  It would have helped if Miley would have numbered the seven things because like I swear i was counting like 9 things at one point in my childhood. Also speaking of childhood the flashback actually happened to me let’s all relive my worst middle school memory yay.

You make me laugh, you make me cry

I don’t know which side to buy

There’s a thin line between love and hate. Jughead Jones rides that line with you, and it frustrates you to no end.

You had been ‘friends’ with him since you can remember, now only hanging out when Archie and Betty are there. You didn’t hate him at first, in fact, when you were a kid you had a crush on him for what seemed like the longest time.

At the 8th grade dance, you even asked him to dance. You remember what happened vividly, almost like a movie.

A short blue dress, black flats, and a braid down your back. Your makeup is done to perfection, and you feel on top of the world. Betty meets up with you at your place before the dance, her dress is a short milky white with a black necklace and earrings. Her blonde hair  tied up in a bun, a few strands hanging down in a perfect messy kind of way.

“Wow.” you say.

“Do you think Archie will like it?” she asks, going to your mirror and fiddling with the hem of her dress.

“If he doesn’t I will punch him.” You say with a small giggle.

“Thanks.” She smiles in return.

A car horn beeps from outside and you both jump up. It was Archie and his dad. They were going to drive you there.

You both race down the stairs and out the door, tickets in hand.

Archie sits up front, and so you both open the door and get in the back.

“There are my girls.” He says with a smile. All of you, plus Jughead, have been an inseparable crew since the beginning of time, and it all seems to work. You like Jug, Betty likes Archie, Archie and Jug are best friends, and you and Betty are best friends. It all just works.

You arrive at the dance and meet up with Jug, going to the dance floor to sway and jump the night away at your last dance of middle school. Half way through the night a slow song begins to play.

Archie smiles as you see him searching for Betty, and Jughead goes to the side of the dance floor. It didn’t look like he was going to ask someone.

Betty seems to have disappeared, probably to the bathroom, and before you know it Archie has come up beside you and has asked you to dance.

You say yes, of course. Archie was your friend, and you know nothing could ever come out of it. He is just a friend, this is a friend dance. People do that right?

His hands are on your hips and your hands around his neck. You can’t seem to look him in the eyes. You didn’t want to see him looking at you, as this should be Betty’s dance.

Soon, one slow song ends, and yet another begins. You thank Archie, as you see Betty coming back from the bathroom, and almost immediately he makes his way to her. He is just being nice, wanting to dance with both of us on our last 8th grade dance.

You search out Jughead on the side of the dance floor, finding him walking out of the room. His body seems tense, like he wants to leave.

You approach him, trying to chase after him.

“Juggie!” you say, touching his shoulder.

He stops and turns around.

“I don’t like you, (Y/N).” he says plainly.

A pain shoots through your body. The boy you had liked since the 2nd grade was standing before you, one of your very good friends, saying that they didn’t like you.

He turns around again and storms off, before you can ask what exactly he means. Did he mean that he doesn’t like like you? Or does he mean that he just doesn’t like you in general? Does he not like you as a person?

Your head spins as you go out to the hallway, sitting against the wall in your dress and braid, putting your head into your knees as you take deep breaths, already trying to deny what just happened.

That was only two years ago. After thinking about it over and over again, you came to the conclusion that he meant that he didn’t like you in general. It was a painful discovery, but it was one you learned to deal with, and one you’re still dealing with to this day.

You seem to only tolerate each other now, never speaking outside of when you hang out with all four of you. Like today.

You aren’t entirely sure what the plans are, but you just know that he will be there. You take the whole day to mentally prepare yourself before texting Betty.

‘what’s the plan?’ you send.

‘Pop’s, then a movie at Archie’s place.’ she replies.

You respond with a smiley face emoji, and as the last bell rings you pull your hoodie up over your head and walk to the diner.

They’re at the normal booth when you get there, Jughead on his laptop, a space open across from him. You scoot in across Archie, taking your spot and ordering a milkshake.

“How was your day?” Archie asks.

“The usual.” you say, shrugging your shoulders, “I went to Geometry class, my calculator died, and continued to spiral into the torturous hell of triangles.”

Your friends chuckle, but Jughead only raises his eyebrows.

“Are you sure that’s not just high school in general?” Jughead smirks, causing even more laughs from Betty and Jughead. Oddly enough, you can’t help but crack a smile yourself.

Your friends they’re jerks

And when you act like them, just know it hurts

Jughead doesn’t have many friends he hangs out with besides you and Betty and Archie, but the ones he did have weren’t the kind of people you would think.

He basically lives at the Drive-In, and you can’t help but notice that some of the Southside Serpents are starting to hang out around there.

Okay, so technically you can’t exactly call them Jug’s ‘friends.’ They more are just forced to hang out around each other because of a common interest, but he’s still starting to pick up on some things that weren’t exactly desirable.

He’s late all the time, cancelling plans all of a sudden, not telling even Archie where he is or how he’s been. He’s dropped off the face of the planet, you actually haven’t seen him in a few months, and neither has Archie, and you can tell it’s taken a toll on him. Even you were starting to worry about him.

On your walk home from school you decide to take a different route. You had to cut through a few yards and walk down a trail through the woods at the back of your house, but the day was beautiful and you couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the leaves change.

You see a figure sitting on a bench with a big backpack on the path, and only when you get closer do you notice the familiar beanie. It’s over his eyes, like he’s sleeping.


“(Y/N)?” he jumps, nearly falling over. He lands in the leaves on the ground, his beanie falling off on the path. He straightens himself up, quickly grabbing his signature hat and putting it back on his black locks.

“Where have you been?” you ask, putting your hands on your hips.

“Around.” He says, putting his hands in the pockets of his sweatshirt.

Really?” you raise your eyebrows, challenging him to tell you more.

“Yeah.” he responds, not taking the bait.

“Well Archie is worried half to death, so is Betty. You should probably talk to them.” You say, deflecting the conversation away from how you might be affected. You cross your arms and shuffle your feet on the path, causing some gravel to kick up and roll towards his feet.

“I have been. It’s only been like a week since I saw you guys anyway.” he shrugs.

You look up. Did he not realize how long he’s been gone? “It’s been two months, Jughead.” you tell him.

“Oh…really?” he raises his eyebrows this time, genuinely confused as to how that amount of time has passed.

“Yes. Please explain.” You state simply, looking at him.

“Why would I tell you?” he smirks, scoffing at the implication of telling me.

“Okay, whatever.” you brush it off. You are used to this by now, “Just please tell Archie about whatever this is.” you say, giving him a look up and down.

“What does that mean?” he challenges.

“You don’t think I don’t notice? You hanging out with all the serpents at the drive-in?” now it was your turn to raise your eyebrows at him.

He looks shocked, and doesn’t say a word.
“They’re making you a different person.” you tell him, walking away.

“Wait,” he says before you get too far.

“What?” you say, spinning on your heels and turning to face him again.

“I’m not hanging out with them.” he tells you, his eyes to the ground.

“Really? That’s what it looks like. And it hurts Archie, and Betty and it hurts-” you stop yourself from saying it hurts you. You’re too busy trying to pry it out of him you don’t notice that he’s looking at you now.

“Hurts what?” he probes.

“It hurts the relationship you have with them.” you cover for yourself.

It’s silent for a minute, you now meeting his gaze.

“Come with me.” he sighs, picking up his backpack and walking in the direction opposite of where you were going initially.

You didn’t argue, though.

Maybe today will be different, maybe today he’s decided not to hate you.

And the 7th thing I hate the most that you do

You make me love you

He leads you to the Drive-in, going to the back room.

He opens the door, leading you into a room with a mattress on the floor, a mirror on the wall, and some clothes and posters tossed carelessly around the space.

You instantly realize, that’s why he’s been spending so much time here. He lives here. This is his home, and nobody noticed it. Not even Archie knew.

“Jughead, why didn’t you come to any of us?” you finally ask, looking around the room, walking to the center.

“I can take care of myself.” he says simply.

“The thing is, you don’t have to. You have Archie, and Betty,” you say, looking him dead in the eyes.

“Really? Cause last time I checked you seem to hate me.” he takes his hands out of his sweatshirt, taking a few steps toward you.

“I’ve never hated you, Juggie.” you say, not breaking eye contact.

“Don’t,” he takes a breath,  “call me that.” His voice is rough and deep, pointing at me with every word. His eyes are flaring, yet stone cold. He is angry at something or someone, you can’t tell.

“I don’t know what I ever did to make you hate me, but I know I sure as hell wasn’t the one who started this.” you say, throwing your hands up in defeat, waiting for a response.

All he does is scoff.

“Fine, have fun being alone, but don’t say I never tried.” you say, pushing past him and making your way towards the door to leave.

“Tried? You’ve barely given me the time of day.” You turn around at this, walking back over to him.
“The only reason I haven’t is because you said you didn’t like me.” You tell him.

“Why would I say something like that?” he gets defensive.

“Don’t act like you don’t remember.” you scoff now, folding your arms once more and rolling your eyes.

He just stares at you.

“You don’t like me, I get it. I’ve moved on with my life. I’ve accepted it. You’ve never liked me.” you say, wanting the conversation to be over.

“I don’t think you do get it.” he says, looking down at his feet.

“Then tell me what I’m missing.”

“The way he looks at you. The way he smiles when you walk in the room. His attention, devoted to you.” he looks at you again, trying to meet your eyes.

“What? What are you talking about?” you ask, confused as ever.

“Archie! It’s clear he likes you. He has since 8th grade. I wasn’t stupid, (Y/N), I saw you dancing with him.” he nearly screams.

“Wait.. what?”

“He only had eyes for you.” He says, hurt now behind his eyes.

“Oh my god.” You put your hand to your head, bringing it down over your eyes. You can’t help but crack a smile and let out a little laugh at how fucked up the situation is. It’s been so muddled and there’s been so much miscommunication.

“What?” he says, his face a mix of confusion and sadness and still some anger.

“Jug, I like you.” You say without thinking.

“What?” he asks.

“He asked me to dance because Betty was in the bathroom. I thought he wanted to dance with her.” you ramble, not realize what he’s asking.

“No, no. What did you just say?”

You pause a moment, just hitting you that you just admitted that you liked him, that you still like him. He obviously heard it, there was no turning back now.

“I- I like you, Jug. I always have.” you let out with a sigh, unable to look at him.

You’re afraid of what he’s going to say, bracing yourself for another rejection. Instead, you feel his hand going to the back of your neck as he pulls you close, placing a kiss on your lips. It was sweet, and simple, a thousand words said in just one touch.

“I’m so sorry.” he whispers against your lips as you break apart, keeping your foreheads together.

“For what?”

“For saying I didn’t like you. When I saw you guys I got so mad, and when you came up to me afterwards it was the only thing I could think of. I was… well, I was in middle school.” he lets out a small laugh, unable to find another explanation.

“It’s okay, we both were.” you come back, letting out a small laugh as well.

He takes a small step back from you, brushing the hair out of your face with his fingers, but you can still feel the heavy weight in the air, a mix of your heavy breathing and the anticipation of what could happen next.

“I hate this.” Jughead breaks the silence, and you’re unable to read his expression.

You pause. The memory flashing in your mind. This was going to be a repeat of middle school, you could feel it.

“Hate what?” you ask this time.

“I hate that you make my stomach tie in knots, I hate what your smile does to my heart. I hate that I’ve liked you for such a long time, and I’ve been too blind to see that you liked me back.”

“There’s a fine, fine line between love and hate, Jughead,” you say, “you just have to decide which side to be on.”

“Then I don’t just like you, (Y/N),” he says. You can feel yourself stop breathing.

“I love you.”

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i was looking through your tags and noticed that (a month ago) someone asked you whether you preferred pining!mitch or pining!auston. that's a valid question, but also: why not both. at once. double the suffering double the fun


My new Fannibal blog!

Hi all! Welcome to my brand spanking (hehe…) new side blog for NBC’s Hannibal!

My main blog @littlethingwithfeathers has slowly started to drift back to being more multi-fandom and general in nature, and I didn’t want to lose track of followers and friends I’ve made in the Fannibal community. So here we are!

I’ll post a little more about myself later on (I did one of those #Beyondtheflowercrown things a little while back). If you’re interested in fanfic, I’ve got a general sampling of both my own, and some of my all time favorites. And I’ll be reccing on here as well.

Much love!

PS: There will still be Hannibal content on my main blog. It’s not all moving over here.

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Could you write about how murdoc would be in a relationship? Please and thank you!!

- With all of the money he has from the band being such a success, he’d buy you anything you’d like. He’s constantly surprising you with gifts and things you’ve mentioned wanting.
- He doesn’t like cuddling as much as you’d like him to, but he does kiss you a lot. 
- But with that being said, for someone who doesn’t like cuddling, he wants your attention quite a lot. He’s constantly wanting to be with you.
- He calls you pet names a lot!!! Expect the typical pet names like love, baby, darling, etc. but he also makes them up based on your appearance/personality (i.e if you had freckles he’d just call you “freckles” a lot.)
- He’s very protective over you and likes showing others that you’re his. While in public he constantly has his arm around your waist.
- He’d talk about you a lot during interviews. 
- The both of you have pillow talk fairly often
- He writes songs about you. He shows you some, but most of them are hidden.
- Sometimes when the two of you are sleeping together, you’ll wake up to him holding your hand or being snuggled up against you. Every time you bring it up he always says that you must’ve done it while you were sleeping (He lies).
- Occasionally you and him spend the whole day in his Winnebago. Watching movies, listening to his old records, etc. He enjoys your company 
- He would ABSOLUTELY teach you how to play bass. 
- He’d never admit it, but he loves it when you show him genuine affection. It makes him feel valued.

im feeling real emo rn lets go 

i just wanted to show love for my friends on here, because you all really mean so much to me and i want you all to know you’re loved 

@cxrnys my internet friend but not internet friend, i’ve never really met someone I could connect with over things I love so much, you’re also so understanding of everything and i’m so thankful to have you on this crap website 

@miladyaelin you’re so motivated and inspiring, your love and devotion to the characters you love is beautiful and meeting you was a coincidence i guess but i would never want to change it 

@looonyluna you’re actually one of the nicest people i have ever met, i know we don’t talk much but the few times we have just made me smile so much. you bring so much joy and light to this world thank you 

@ohbrekker you’re so smart honestly?? your edits are perfect and you’re so hardworking and lovely and i can’t wait for our network and friendship to grow thank you for being such a wonderful human being 

@henryjones i’m so so grateful to have gotten to know you, you’re unbelievably sweet and so strong, i consider you one of my best friends and look up to you so much, you’re beautiful and intelligent and i love you

woW ok thats enough emotion for one year, hit my quota, love you all :) 

Yo, brahs. I got some pics to share with you guys. Last year, we had a little photo shoot for Halloween. We all had some kickass costumes, one was the Grand Wizard King, yours truly, and the King of the Drow Elves, Kyle plus two new members. It was just some stupid thing Eva really wanted to do, and I can never say no to my little ginger princess. 

Here’s the cutest elf princess you’ll ever see. Just look at her. The pastel purples compliment her hair, the subtle blues from the flowers. She’s so hella cute, you guys. 

The heir to the Kingdom of Kupa Keep’s throne and a badass little thief. He had a bit of help designing his outfit from the king himself.~ 

The two kings of the conjoining kingdoms, one hella rad Grand Wizard and one lame Jew elf. I really like the contrast of the night sky with our costumes, it adds a nice touch. The slight glow of the moon really gives this photo the atmosphere it needed. 

It’s nothing fucking important or anything, I just wanted to share some photos and show off my kids. Kyle and I want to get Eva’s birth pictures up this week. We wanna get shit done but work gets in the way. But we’ll get shit up, I swear on my life, you guys. 

Don't piss me off

“Tyler stop. I don’t want to fight right now. Just leave me alone, I’m going to bed.” you said standing from the couch where Tyler sat.
“Y/N I don’t want to fight either. Wait don’t go yet. Let’s talk.”
“No. Goodnight, and don’t bother sleeping in our bed tonight. The couch is yours.” you shut the bedroom door with a slam. You don’t even remember what started this fight, all you know is Tyler said one thing that pissed you off and you snapped.
You got into bed and fell asleep fast but you woke back up around 12:30 in the morning missing the feeling of Tyler’s warm body in bed. You weren’t mad at him now and you really weren’t in the first place either. He knew that but was still respectful of your request of him sleeping in the living room. After a year of marriage he knew what set you off more and knew when to not push your buttons.
You walked out of the bedroom to see your home dark. You made your way to the living room where you found Tyler scrunched up in a ball sleeping. You admired him for a minute at how peaceful he looked. Then you walked over and placed a kiss to his head before laying down next to him. He moved over to let you cuddle into him.
“Hey baby. Are you still mad?” he asked with his eyes still closed.
“No I was never really mad at you. I love you too much. I missed you in bed and wanted to see if you wanted to come back to bed with me.” you said with your head on his chest listening to him breathe.
After a few moments of enjoying eachothers company Tyler had you in his arms carrying you to the bedroom. Placing you down on the bed gently.
He scooted in next to you. Even though you had a king size bed you slept like it was a twin. In his arms that gave you so much happiness.
“Y/N?” Tyler whispered unsure if you fell asleep yet.
“I love you. I’m sorry I pissed you off earlier.”
“Don’t be sorry I was just being over sensitive. You know how I get sometimes. I love you Ty.”
“I have a question?”
“Can we go looking for a new couch. That one isn’t comfortable, and I have a feeling that I’ll be put on the couch again.” Tyler said.
You chuckled and kissed him. “Sure or you can just not piss me off and you can be in this big bed with me every night.”
“Deal.” he smiled as you two kissed and you fell asleep in his arms.

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Coldflashwave, A/B/O, alpha mick, omega Barry and alpha Len?

I’ve already done an abo one, though it wasn’t coldflashwave. You know what, I’m going to go regency AU with this too.

1 - Barry’s family is in disgrace after his father’s arrest, so he’s pretty worried that he won’t be able to attract an appropriate alpha. He doesn’t really care all that much about money or status - he just wants someone who’ll let him keep up with all the things he loves. And at first when he goes out for his first ‘showing’, something between a bachelor auction and a cotillion, no money, no connections, family in disgrace, his worst fears come true: no one bids to take him courting first. And then two alphas get into a bidding war over him. (Len wins.)

2 - Len and Mick are con artists who deliberately bid against each other to raise the price, use that as an entryway into the high bidders room, then use that to steal the other bidders’ donations, but Barry is so goddamn cute that Len can’t seem to bring himself to ditch him until the first date that he 'paid’ for is actually over. And then he can’t get him out of his head.

3 - Mick thinks Len being distracted by Barry is funny, so he decides to go take Barry on a date himself to make Len jealous. Except Barry is really awesome and adorable and now Mick is kinda jealous. Of course, that doesn’t last too long - Len and Mick are partners, through thick and thin, and they decide to present Barry with a joint suit.

4 - Joe tells Barry that they’re con artists, expecting that this will cause the whole thing to stop in its tracks. Barry is upset and goes to prison to tell Henry all about it, but Henry remembers Len and Mick and recommends Barry ask them. They confirm that they’re thieves, but that their suit is legit.

5 - Barry insists that they straighten up and become more vigilante than pure criminal, but if they’re willing to do that, he’ll take them. Which is how Barry ends up leading the Rogues. He’s…really not sure how that happened.

@ all anti-kallus people. You say that Kallus is irredeemable, you say that he is a completely evil Nazi, and that he’s redemption arc is the worst thing swr has ever done. Well, I have a counter argument.

Isn’t star wars all about seeing the good in everyone? I mean, all through out the prequals Obi-wan (and qui-gon) saw the best in Anakin. Padme tried to see the best in Anakin after his turn. Obi-wan didn’t want to kill Anakin, even after he murdered those younglings, he wanted to bring him back to the light. 

Luke always tried to see the best in Vader, even after he watched him kill his mentor. He wanted to bring Vader back to the light. And he did. I mean, the only reason the Emperor died is because Luke saw the good in Vader, brought him back to the light, and then brought down the whole empire.

And no one ever argues about Vader’s redemption arc. Besides the emporer he was the biggest Nazi in star wars. He participated in order 66, he killed younglings, he cut off Luke’s hand, he killed Obi-wan, he blew up alderaan, he tortured Leia, he tortured Han, he froze Han in carbonate, and yet no one ever argues about that.

Is Kallus really THAT irredeemable? I mean, there are so many others who have done much worse things. 

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Top 10 of your favorite aspects you have and why!!

OMG! Thank you for this question, it seems fun to answer! ❤️ These are my favorite aspects I have and why:

Mars conjunct Pluto

I usually have great control over what I’m putting my energy into and even though I have a Sagittarius Mars and I get bored super easily, I can still stay committed if I wanted to! My anger is also very controlled and my Sagittarius Mars needs it because this temper is outrageous.

Moon conjunct Venus

Ha! I’m a super romantic. Especially since both are in Leo! I can’t help but to be sensitive and all heart. I live for the Arts, I live for love, I live for creativity and romance. I truly do live for all things beautiful and I am madly in love with all of my loved ones! I crave harmony, peace and stability. 

Sun conjunct Mercury

I like to consider myself a pretty cerebral person because I a. It’s super funny because both my Sun and Mercury are in Virgo, I am super calculating, observant, analytical and intelligent. I do have a fine eye for details and can read body language like no other. I know I’m an intelligent person.

Sun/Mercury Trine Saturn

Both, I absolutely love! I’m wise and I’m serious when it comes to conversation. I mean what I say and I say what I mean. I’ve always been wise beyond my years and academically advanced. I get told that all the time and it makes me happy because I wish to spread all my knowledge with everyone. I am mature and I’m aware. 

Mars/Pluto Trine Midheaven

ANOTHER ONE OF MY FAVORITES! I’m an Aries Midheaven btw, and I adore this aspect. Naturally, as an Aries Midheaven I know who I am and I know what I want. Having Mars trine my Midheaven just gives me even more of a strong and powerful drive to go after my career or the person I want to become. Pluto trine my Aries Midheaven helps me to destroy what I want to be destroyed. I can transform my image whenever I want to.

Moon Trine Lilith

This is pretty dark… the negative is that it makes me emotionally manipulative and persuasive. But I’m a good noodle and I don’t take advantage of people like that!!

Neptune Sextile Juno

TBH, at this point I’m picking aspects I think are cute. IF MY MOON CONJUNCT VENUS WASN’T ENOUGH CUTENESS, THEN THERE’S MY NEPTUNE SEXTILE JUNO!! I am a certified lover who loves with all my heart and all my being. I LOVE TO LOVE!! ❤️


while we’re on the subject of phineas and ferb here’s a list of a few of the countless things id change about it

  • get rid of isabellas crush on phineas and let them just be friends i just want them all to be friends its so much better that way
  • give the fireside girls more screentime if irving got screentime then milly can get screentime i love milly 
  • vanessa is gay like lets be honest here no one is that punk and still het 
  • id say AYA but saying it needs to be changed means im acknowledging its existing which i refuse to do 
  • honestly just more of the girls in general blease
  • let phineas say fuck

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There needs to be more gay Elsa fics, well written non squicky ones are so hard to find.

I’m all for writing whatever you want and all but I’m really not into Elsanna stuff. 
As a big sister myself…uh yeah no. 

that being said I agree wholeheartedly. 

I used to see a big post around the Frozen phase of tumblr about Elsa meeting an Indian girl who could control fire. No idea if it ever actually became a thing, just one of those “What if” posts, but I was tempted to write it myself 

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I'm curious as to what you think Harry's ultimate kink would be, let's say you gave him a free pass to do anything he'd like, what do you think he'll do?

I think he’d pick something that would really spark his curiosity and he would definitely take his time to search through his mind and see what attracts him the most. He wouldn’t want to jump at a decision, cause then, if it’s just one free pass and he picks wrong… he’d regret it and he can’t have that.

I think it would be a mixture of a praise kink + a bit of dom/sub + a bit of bdsm. Harry loves to be in control of things, as I think we’ve all noticed, so he would definitely want to be the one calling the shots in the bedroom. Lots and lots of compliments would also get him going and as we’ve also noticed before, he doesn’t shy away from a bit of pain… a balance between all of these things I think would be the perfect kinky free pass for him.

My main focus right now is Korean mythologies. I want to know more about how the spirits from both NK and SK acts towards each other after all the things that happened. But let’s not… Do that for now. I feel like they’re all(spirits) won’t mind each other companies, especially the old ones, but honestly I kinda want to know how the political situation between the two countries might affect the spirits?

Speaking from experience, Indonesian spirits are “fuck off” towards foreigners/mixed, especially those who have Dutch roots. We know what the Dutch did. We know what they did, along with what Spain, Portuguese, and England did. Also Japan. My Japanese friends don’t seem to have any problems, but I think it’s because they never tried to approach our spirits…? Idk

I’m pretty sure that there’s a few Korean spirits around, especially in the areas where Korean live.

I think I’m thinking too much about this and tying it with the human life a lot more than I should, but I just can’t stop thinking about how it also affect the spirits life, like what happened here.

I need good sources…. And to talk with the spirits by myself.

-slams head on table-
Why am I suddenly interested in Korea?

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What about the Little Sisters or Purification? That's really old lore, and people love that shit. I mean, have you seen how many people want Squats back? Hell the Genestealer Cult wasn't mentioned for the longest time and now they are a full blown faction. Imperial Knights have returned and that's one of the best things GW has done for a while. It doesn't have to even mean all chapters have women, galaxy is a big place after all.

That’s no longer canon material, regardless of its acceptance at the time.

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Do you have a list, or can you make one, that links all of the FiCoN flash-fics? I love that series and want to read EVERYTHING! :-)

Thank you! We’re working on a completely different tumblr blog to organize things on (as that is not my specialty). There’ve been a few answers to asks that sort of verged on being their own little fics. But for now… 

September 2045 - Ameliam and Bethany

June 2036 - Amelia and Jules (most of this will be worked into a later ficlet that’s posted in Pieces of Always)

Around Spring of 2026 or 2027 - Olicity and Will

Sometime in 2027 - Oliver and Jules 

As I take more flashfics, I’ll tag them as ‘flashfic friday’… as my tentative plan is to try and do them on Fridays here and there (though not weekly). And once the new blogs specifically for FiCoN ‘verse are up (there will be two - one a lexicon of characters and the other for the stories and for asks), it’ll be much, much better organized. Because @dust2dust34 has a thing about layouts and making it neat and pretty. I frankly haven’t the skill for that, but she does, so… yay!

Got confirmation at around 4 am that these guys that I preordered months ago

Are officially on their way to me! 

I love them so much and yet I keep going back and forth on whether I want to keep them all or not (I am 100% keeping Kara, Jyushi and Totty) but haven’t decided yet if maybe I want to sell the other 3 or even hold a small giveaway for Oso, Choro and Ichi (it’d probably be a 3 winner thing). I’ll probably make a decision once I actually get them :)