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I saw you had a steven universe playlist and I got so excited because I thought you put your favourite SU songs into one playlist ;_;

Haha if they were available on Spotify, I totally would include them in my monthly playlists! But nope, if you read the description on that playlist, they’re all songs that are inspired by characters from the show! And YES, I need to add more songs based off of the new characters and the citizens of Beach City! I have slacked on that haha!

I was at a board meeting tonight and we open each meeting with an invocation. A man on our board, an immigrant from Central America, led that invocation by praying for immigrants and refugees in this time of university and for God to protect us all.

When I left that board meeting I had a CNN update on my phone that Trump had rescinded protections of transgender students in public schools.

On my way home I listened to MSNBC in the car. They were playing one of the many town halls happening right now. I heard the desperate pleas of a mother whose son will lose his ability to be insured under the new healthcare plan being proposed. I heard her congressman talking, dispassionately, over her desperation.

I got to my garage, parked, and just cried at the everyday reminders of how our government is so poised, willing, and able to sacrifice our humanity.

They sacrifice our humanity for money.
They sacrifice our humanity for power.

We need to sacrifice them at the ballot box in two years.
Do not stop fighting.
Do not lose your passion for what’s right.

A brand new ladder appeared in my yard.

Let me back up a little.

Look, I’m no storyteller, I’m just a high school kid living in literal hell on earth right now. I’m going to try to tell you my story exactly the way it happened, and I really, really hope some of you can help me.

I work in an AMC theater at the local mall. My parents got me the job since they know the owner. The mall itself is a shithole waiting to be turned either into a parking lot or a Costco. I mean, most of the stores are closed and our theater is the only business getting some traffic.

I started working at this AMC about 9 months ago. It pays shit, $11/hr, but I get to see all the movies and eat free stale popcorn, so it’s not totally bad. Unrelated, but one thing I found strange was that we were always closed on Thursdays. Nobody knew why, and my manager told me it’s always been like that, so I never questioned it.

So last week, we all get called into a team meeting where the manager tells us that someone has to work Thursday night. He said the orders came from the top and we had to be open that day. I look around and nobody’s volunteering. Shit, I could use the extra cash, so I raise my hand.

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Seeing all the ghost stories makes me wanna share, ? Employee here. We had a day where I, my old SM & another employee were closing and counting registers, when we hear a loud growl come out of the vents. We just got really quiet & looked up,& about two minutes later the door that leads to the backroom closed shut in front of us. Needless to say, we went got our stuff & booked it outta there. Later we had someone check the vents & they said it was all clear & functioning, so it wasnt an animal.

okay but they they were all in London until this morning and suddenly they all DISAPPEAR and liam showed up out of nowhere got the award and fled the stage? this after the entire crew around HARRY tweeted about voting even Jeff my metric is existing Azoff???? i dont understand 

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were you disappointed by the caryl moments in 710? do you still think that they are endgame and will go canon early in season 8?

*wades into middle of inbox to pluck this anon out*

I’ve had a few questions about specifics of the episode and I might get to them, but I thought I’d tackle this and splurge all my episode feels into one post, save us all. :D

Was I disappointing? Yes, I always am because there is NEVER enough of anything - enough time, enough dialogue, enough scenes, enough touching. But was I disappointed at the outcome of what we got? No, not at all.

In many ways this episode really was not at ALL what I expected, but all in good ways. 

So many non-carylers had written off the caryl scenes as Daryl just “touching base” with Carol. He’s arrive, check she was okay, Carol would give him something to eat , they’d hug and he’d be on his way. People were imagining it as a very casual affair for Daryl - just making sure his buddy/mom is alive and well, and he’s happy with that and off he goes. I didn’t expect it to be like that, but I didn’t expect the tone of what we got.

I expected Carol to be guarded and Daryl open. Instead it was the other way round. Carol was utterly open and out there, and Daryl was keeping a check on his emotions to protect her.

I expected Daryl to try and help Carol, and he did but not in the way I imagined. I knew he’d lie to her, and knew it would be to protect her but I didn’t think it would be because he realised he HAD to. And I didn’t expect his lie to her to be the pivotal to the emotional theme of the episode.

I expected their scenes to have moment so humour and banter, but I didn’t expect it to come because Daryl was desperate to make her smile.

I didn’t expect Carol to reveal Daryl is the one person she cannot lose, and thus he is the reason she left.

I didn’t expect Carol to say “ And there wouldn’t be anything let of me after that.”. 

I didn’t expect Daryl’s motivation to be so clearly protecting Carol from being lost to herself and to him forever.

I didn’t expect Daryl to be SO clearly devastated by her leaving in the first place.

I didn’t expect Daryl to be so in control in their final hug, and to see Carol so obviously in two minds about wanting to go with him.

Really, everything in this ep had a different tone to I imagined. There was less physical affection that I imagined but there was SO MUCH MORE in the way of showing how much Daryl loves Carol and is heart-broken that she left, and how much Carol simply can’t be anything other than 100% herself and open in front of him.

In those aspects the episode blew me away, it truly did. And Honestly, I have to give a lot of the credit of that to Norman and Melissa’s acting. We all know Melissa is a goddess who can do inhuman things with her face in conveying emotions, but Norman really matched her beat for beat this episode.

I know we’ve gone over the whole mother kid thing, but this episode did make me think of Consumed so much because I have never seen Daryl be more of a man than in this episode.

His defence of Carol, his inherent knowing of her, his ability to put away his needs and be what she needed at that time, the fact he didn’t badger he to change her mind, or guilt her - seriously, heart eyes all over form me.

Do is till think they are endgame? MORE THAN EVER BEFORE.

My god, I don’t think this ep could have made it clearer. She literally closes the door to Ezekiel and opens it to Daryl, emotionally and metaphorically. Daryl’s scenes with Richard and Morgan bookend the episode, giving us the biggest lesson - Daryl isn’t like Richard, he hasn’t lost everything, there’s still something he’s holding onto, and that is Carol.

Carol’s total openness, her real smile and laugh, the way she watched him eat, the sheer bliss to just BE with him, the fact his presence made her reconsider her choices in a way no one else has… 

This made it totally and completely obvious that Daryl and Carol are each other’s person - the most important thing in their life. Introducing any other love interests into that would be suicide. It simply doesn’t work to have someone in a relationship with a person, when ANOTHER person is their whole world, priority and the thing they care most about. 

And you know, even some ABC/Ders saw this. Before the episode they were sure this episode would show that the connection Caryl had was in the past - it would show they can’t help each other, show they don’t put each other first like they once did, would drive a wedge between them, would taper out their friendship - because dampening their connection is what’s needed if either is to have a relationship with someone else. And they are right.

Except… the episode did the opposite. It highlighted their connection. It showed Carol reacted to Daryl like she has no one else, let him in emotionally in a way she hasn’t with anyone else. And they showed Daryl was willing to do anything, including a HUGE lie, JUSt to protect her. That he’s willing to put the lives of everyone else, the future of the war at risk, JUST to allow Carol to stay out of the fight.

That is the opposite of what ABC/Ders wanted from this ep, no matter what they may say now. This episode didn’t do for them what they wanted. It didn’t end the Caryl connection, it reiterated it strongly, firmly and in a way that clearly is leading to more connection

I do believe we’ll go canon in 8a. I do still have a little hope for the finale, despite all (very trustworthy) spoiler sources saying it doesn’t happen. I’m willing to wait until the week the finale airs, so we get spoilers from the actual ep as it is airing before I rule it out completely.

But if there’s nothing in the finale, yes I believe it will happen in 8x01. They have set up things to be discussed between them. I knew that it had to happen for some time, because fo Daryl’s lie to Carol and knew that would have to be discussed by them. But Carol’s line about why she cannot fight, means it’s not 100% certain they talk again because Daryl will need to know HOW and WHY she can fight again without losing herself - what has changed? 

I suspect we the audience will know SOME of the answer to that in ep 13, but we may not get the full story and we may have to wait until Carol explains it to Daryl herself to know all the details.

And I can’t wait.

After we did the Hall Of Fame thing we were all getting ready to get into the elevator and we grabbed him (Dee Dee) and we were like, “he’s coming with us,” and brought him in and he was like, “where are we going?” and I’m like, “we’re going upstairs to the party,” because there was a giant party that was going on upstairs. Then the elevator got stuck so we had to crawl out of the elevator. But I would have been fine getting stuck in the elevator with Dee Dee Ramone any day of the week.
—  Billie Joe Armstrong, talking about his favourite memories of Dee Dee Ramone shortly after his death

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My friend said Tamlin is as bad as how Arobynn was. And I was like no??

No. Not at all. Arobutt had a personality disorder. People like him can’t change. He VERY VERY directly and ACTIVELY abused Aelin in order to subjugate her and make her obey him. Tamlin, while he was always an ass, doesn’t have a personality disorder. He didn’t start abusing Feyre until his PTSD and trauma got the better of him. Maas gave us no indication that Tamlin can’t change. Yes, he abused Feyre. But his motivations were completely different than Arobutt. And I would argue that while Tamlin on some level knew that he was hurting Feyre and that what he was doing was wrong, he was not in a position to see it because he was stuck on this mode of hyper-protection. He had to protect her at all costs and the cost ended up almost being her life. Arowhateverthefuck his name is doesn’t have the capacity to care about anyone. He saw Aelin as a mark to a throne, and then as a piece of ass. He actively abused Aelin and made plans to abuse her.

Two totally different situations. Abuse and the label of “abuser” are a spectrum and they’re rarely, if ever, black and white.

Valentines (except not really): Zen

A/N: LOL MINE ISN’T IN FIC FORM LIKE 404’S BECAUSE I’M NOT TALENTED LIKE THAT SORRY NOT SORRY BYYYEE <3 I’ll be posting Jaehee’s tomorrow and V’s on Friday! These aren’t even really Valentine’s but I really needed to write these omg, hope y’all are doing great! Btw, whoever requested the RFA members in a musical, it’ll be posted soon too <3 ~ 626

- The second you woke up you were expected to be showered in gifts
-  And by expected, it’s not like Zen had to actually do anything for u but I mean, it is Valentine’s Day and Zen is a very extravagant person
- But there was nothing???
- Turns out he got called in for a role bc some poor person got sick and couldn’t make it (Zen totally didn’t dance and break something while u were asleep, nope didn’t happen)
- But he didn’t wanna wake u up on your day off so he made breakfast and left it along with flowers for u on the table <3
- But you don’t see him again for awhile???
- And he’s being very, very suspicious about what he’s doing?? He hasn’t even told what character he’s playing
- But you don’t say anything (make his dick hard not his life amiright), you know how hard it can be to memorize lines so last minute so he probably just doesn’t want to talk about his role when he’s not at work (haha yeah right he’s a little attention hoe
- And ofc, two weeks later, he invites you out <3
- aND HE’S TAKING YOU TO A TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT??? (if ur not into taylor swift, u r now it’s important for the story mkay)
-  he gets to your seats but ofc his hoe ass excuses himself to look at himself in the bathroom because “I need to make sure I look good for the pictures, mc” as if he doesn’t know he always looks good
- but he doesn’t come back??? The show is about to start??
- Ur so hyped omg, ur lovely little Zen dancing to some of your favorite songs??? (if u all don’t at least like one TS song,,, ur lying,,,)
- she’s walking towards you??? dIRECT EYE CONTACT, WHAT DOES THIS SNAKE WANT
- ??? she’s holding out her hand for you??? Does she wants you??? To get on stage
what is happening
- if we’re being honest ur not even paying attention to zen bc hOLY SHIT TAYLOR SWIFT INVITED U ON STAGE
- You dunno what to do??? Ur standing awkwardly watching her sing as everyone dances around u???
- “Is this in my head? I don’t know what to think, he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said..”
- Taylor Swift turns u around aND ZEN IS ON ONE KNEE??? WITH A RING??
- U end up bursting into tears and nodding ur head and ofc zen isn’t done with his dramatic ass proposal
- some very good loving that night wink wonk

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I found that weird wording as well on Liam's tweet. And also Louis' msg the way he said he wanted to be with his family and do something nice for them when he was literally papped in London a few hrs b4. It's all really strange 👀

I mean louis my love, I adore him but my poor boy can’t lie for crap

that part was a lie (the special thing for family part, he was really w/ family i beleive)

I really think this whole night of shenanigans was deliberate on the boys part

i think simon probably wanted them all to go, but even if he originally didn’t, i don’t think he thought they were going to, so i think liam went to spoil it so simon couldn’t speak for them.. and Louis got himself papped at sony bc DAMN if that isnt telling as fuck 

gah :)

one time in high school, i got incredibly drunk. wasted out of my mind, complete with drooling and passing out. it wasn’t pretty. i was also dumb enough to do it at home, with a bunch of my classmates, all of whom, with the exception of two people, were my bullies. it’s a long story. anyway, everyone got drunk, people dragged other people out, and one girl stayed behind to watch me cause i was incapable of moving and she didn’t want to leave me inside an unlocked apartment.

my mom got home and, upon discovering her daughter like this, nearly lost her mind. she’s never been more pissed. i got beaten sighing an inch of my life, and she called my aunt to come and get us cause she was afraid she’d actually kill me if someone didn’t interfere. I was living alone with my mom at the time.

in the following weeks, my mom treated me like shit. she constantly yelled at me and of course I was grounded for an infinite amount of time and I had to clean every single day. honestly, I was fine with it. I felt extremely guilty and I though I deserved every punishment she dished out. even when she hit me. and she began to do it more and more with each passing day, taking out all of her aggression on me. and I silently took it.

one day, though, I told my best friend at a time about it. I didn’t complain; I just let it slip that she was hitting me. he grew quiet for a long time, and at one point I thought he hung up on me. but then he said something that never occurred to me. “she can’t hit you,” he said. “you can’t let her. you have to stop her next time she tries.”

“but I deserve that,” I told him.

“no one deserves that,” he replied, and the conviction with which he said that quite literally turned my world upside down. we talked some more, and when we were finished, I felt different. I think I felt like a human being again. he said I should try and talk to her about the whole situation, because what was happening wasn’t normal, and it had to stop.

that very day, my mother came back from work slightly tipsy. she asked me if I cleaned today, and I said yes; but she said there were crumbs on the table, and she raised her hand, ready to strike me.

I caught it just before it made contact with my face. “don’t touch me,” I said.

she shook with rage, I remember that very clearly. she yelled at me again and she shamed me for standing up to myself. but. she didn’t try to hit me again. all it took was fighting back once to show her I wasn’t going to tolerate that any longer. sometimes, that’s all it takes.

we managed to mend our relationship after that, slowly but surely. I know she regrets a lot of things now, and beating me up is definitely one of them. but who knows where we would’ve ended up if I didn’t know I could and should stand up for myself?

I had a friend who helped me see that, and for that, I’ll be forever grateful. no matter what you’ve done, no one has the right to abuse you. especially when they are using that as an excuse to harm you, just to feel better about themselves.

Golden Dress [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader is Lin’s date for a pre-Oscars party and decides there’s no better way to celebrate than with a little teasing. 

Word Count: 5,286

Warnings: smut, papi kink,a slow burn??? - it’s long u guys.

Authors’ Notes: 

Mickeyi’m bad at this but ren is good at it & i will love and support her always (also the word vajajaja has been removed 4 more sexy reasons)

Ren: So as you can see I had a little help! This is my first smut you guys so take it easy on us, okay? I really loved writing this fic and Oscar season just got us really inspired! Hope y’all like it <3 

mickey’s masterlist | ren’s materlist | askbox

When Lin hired a whole crew to assist you getting ready for one of the many Oscar’s press parties, you were sure that was too much.

That didn’t stop you from making the best of it, though. A silky blowout, beautiful makeup were done, a gorgeous golden dress with a seductive thigh-high slit was waiting for you on a hanger near your vanity: you were almost red-carpet ready.

“I don’t know how you do it; you’ve got the seduction of Marilyn Monroe with the elegance of Audrey Hepburn!” The compliments from the hired makeup artist made you blush under the contour you didn’t necessarily need, but made you feel like a million bucks.

“Lin messaged me to tell you that he’ll be downstairs in the limo in 15, okay?” You nodded at Lin’s assistant, Sarah, who’d joined you while taking care of the press calls.

“All that’s left is the dress and the shoes, [Y/N]. Slip those on and you’re Oscar-ready!” your stylist beamed.

“Of course, just slip them on quickly.”

“Right, of course - and thanks for the dress, Marc,” you smiled sheepishly, watching him gaze at the gown on the hanger. You were still mind-blown by how amazing the team made you look. Only three people did the job you thought an entire army wouldn’t be able to; you were mesmerized by your reflection in the mirror, to say the least. “You think Lin will like it?”

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Comfortably Numb.

Chapter 1- Broken Hearted Girl..

Word count; 4,445

I hope you guys like this chapter!

comment below your thoughts!!!

This chapter is about the day Luke told Sophia he was leaving..

6 years ago..

Sophia’s Pov

Ugh! Why does my alarm have to go off so early, i could have swore i only set it.

I turned it off and groaned as i got out of bed.

I need more sleep, Luke kept me up till 1 last night and then he snuck out of my window to go home.

Luckily my parents never found out and that he lives close.

2 years being together and you would think my parents would allow him to sleep over, i get that i’m only 16 but are they forgetting Luke would sleep over all the time when we were kids? I think they have.

I picked up my phone to see i had some messages, I smiled while reading Luke’s.

He’s so cute, sending me a good morning text with a kiss emoji.. How did i get so lucky?

Then the next message from him isn’t so cute but it didn’t stop me smirking at it.

I also had messages from my best friend Jessica who was texting me about of course her boyfriend. I don’t know why they are still together. He isn’t good for her and no matter how many times he cheats she always taske’s him back.

I scrolled through the messages she sent.. The usually.

-“Toby never called her back”

-She texted toby a billion of times and she got no repily"

No surprise there.

I didn’t bother repilying to her because there is no point, i will just see her at school.

I was about to put my phone down because i need to get ready for school but Luke messages me again

“Meet you at our corner baby usual time”

I smiled at his message, i love that we have our own meet up point. No one knows about it and we only meet each other there before walking to school. It’s nothing special really it’s just the corner of the end of our street, Luke lives at the other end of the street and i live in the middle so we thought this would be the best place to meet when we started school and it has always been our place when we were just friends and now when were more.

I got up and started getting ready because it was almost time i needed to leave.

Black skinny jeans and Luke’s simple grey top and my leather jacket and converse.

Outfit of the day is pretty important to me, i wouldn’t say i’m popular but dating Luke hemmings sort of makes me popular, of course we were friends i was sortive popular but it’s different when your dating.

I grabbed my grey handbag that i use as a school bag, it’s normally filled with food and Makeup and hair spray because i’m a teenage girl and i need to look pretty all throughout the day.

Yes i love my looks but who doesn’t at the age of 16.

“Make sure you hand in your maths homework that you didn’t and make sure you go to every class today Sophia” my mum lectured to me before i got to my front door.

“Of course mum, don’t worry i’ll see you later” i said hoping she wouldn’t talk to me anymore.

I shut the door and let out a breath,

Will i ever leave the house without a lecture? Oh wait? That’s a no because no one has parents like mine.

i walked down the street smiling at my boyfriend that was standing waiting for me at our spot.

“Hey baby” Luke said as i neared and i wrapped my arms around his neck as he pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me.

our lips touched and i smiled into the kiss.

we pulled away staring at each other..

“Sleep well?” Luke asked as we held hands walking to school.

oh i slept very well..

“Of course, you tired me out i went straight to sleep” i said to him

it wasn’t a lie he really did tire me out.

“So did i, i was so wore out i didn’t even have any morning wood” Luke whispered to me

i couldn’t help but laugh

we arrived at school 5 minutes later and he went off to Calum and Michael while i walked into school to go see Jessica.

if i didn’t she would have a melt down in class over Toby.


Luke has been in a weird mood all day.

It’s really bothering me.

Especially after last night, i gave him a blow job and we had some amazing sex, now he is getting on like we had a fight or something.

He was fine this morning but ever since we got to school he just hasn’t been the same.

Jessica made a joke saying that Luke was on his period, which i found so funny and so did Gwen.

My friends always know how to make me laugh.

Even the rest of the boys have been in a weird mood as well, Calum could hardly speak this morning and well nothing was really different about Michael’s behaviour..i’m kind of surprised to see him in school. He only appears once a week.

Maybe he has something to do with this band of theirs. Luke was telling me this morning about how they have written 2 more original songs and how proud they all are of them but i don’t see why that would have them acting like this.

It was time for Maths class and it’s the only class i have with Luke so i was happy about that.

I walked in holding my homework that is way overdue. I walked up to Mrs.Baird and handed her my homework with a fake smile and then i walked to my seat.

Luke still hasn’t appeared, i was just about to text him when i heard him walk through the door.

Finally.. I feel like i have hardly seen him today.

He smiled as he walked over to me and he dropped his bag and sat down and put his arm around my chair and leaned over to me

“Hey baby” he said sweetly

Oh so he’s back to his old self?

Luke’s Pov

I am so happy.

Finally our band is getting bigger, who would have thought with just starting a band with your friends could lead to this.

Going on tour with One Direction.

The biggest boy band in the world, i know they play/sing different music than we do but it is such a pleasure that they have checked out our youtube page and have asked for us to support them on tour.

It is a dream come true.

But there is one thing i need to do.

We leave in one week and i need to tell Soph.

I have decided that we need to end things, she is my best friend. The girl i have fell in love with since i was 8 years old but we are going to be gone for 8 months and there is talk about us staying in London after the tour for writing session.

I couldn’t let her wait for me, i might not come home for a while and i know Soph. She is smart and brave but i couldn’t ask her to wait for me that long. Even though the thought of Sophia with anyone else makes me want to be sick.

She is mine and she always will be but my mum has talked to me about this and i think it is the best thing for us.

She is the best person and i love her so much and i know how hard this is going to be but i have to do it.

No one else can do it, although i wish they could. When my mum talked to me about this i asked her if she would tell Sophia i don’t want to be with her but only because of this but she said no and told me i had to do it on my own.

I am not looking forward to this one bit.

I can see that she is figuring out that something is wrong with me today but i just can’t stop thinking about this talk i have to have with her after school.

I wish she could come with me but she has school and i know if i asked she would say yes but she want’s to become a teacher she won’t if she drops out of school for me.

I can’t do that just like she wouldn’t stop me from my dream, she has always been so supportive of my music so i know i have to do this.

I remember for my 10th birthday she bought me my first guitar. I had been practicing with my brothers old guitar which was almost ready to break and she surprised me with a brand new acoustic guitar.

I still use and it helped write some one these songs we have written.

She really is my bestest friend.

Which makes this even harder.

Sophia’s Pov

I thought Luke was acting weird earlier and now walking home he is acting even weirder.

He is walking in front of me, not even beside me like we usually walk. He hasn’t touched me much today.. I don’t mean sexually. Like we haven’t held hands at all today.

I know something is up.

Is he going to break up with me?

Oh my, he is isn’t he??

“Okay Luke what is going on?” i said just as we got to his house.

I stopped in my tracks making Luke stop as well, he turned and looked at me with a sad smile.

“I need to tell you something but inside” he said

He turned and walked over to his door to open it, his parents weren’t home which i was glad about.

He is choosing the right perfect time to dump me.

He should have done this morning.

I followed him in regretting it because this could be the last time i speak to him, if he does break up with me.

I followed him into the living room, he sat down but i didn’t want to sit. I was scared as to what he was going to say.

I don’t think i could hear him say the words.

“Sit down Soph” Luke said

He sounded serious, oh no he is going to break up with me.

I sat down near him feeling the tears already form in my eyes, this is it. I am going to get dumped.

“I have something to tell you” he said

Something to tell me? That doesn’t sound like he is going to break up with me

Did he cheat on me? Oh my god.

He grabbed my hand which made me smile, i looked into his eyes and he looked at me but he turned his head and spoke

“You know how our band 5 seconds of summer is getting more views on youtube?” he said

I was confused but i nodded my head agreeing with him waiting for him to continue

“Well last week we got this email from a music producer asking us if we would like to go on tour with One direction” he said this time he looked at me

My eyes widened and the feeling of sadness disappeared. All i could feel was happiness.

Luke has done it. I am so proud of him.

I screamed and jumped on him saying “ Oh my god this is brilliant, i’m so proud of you”

He didn’t look as happy as i thought he would.

When i pulled away he could hardly look at me.. There must be more than he’s letting on

“What’s wrong Luke?” i asked him

“ The tour last 8 months” he said

Is that why he is sad about? He knows i’ll wait for him.

I’ll always wait for him.

I waited for him when him and the boys went to london for 3 weeks for writing.

I can handle 8 months because i love him

I smiled at him and said “ That’s great and when you come back i will be here to hear all about it”

He didn’t smile like i thought he would, he looked even more sad.

“That’s what i wanted to talk about Soph.. i don’t want to go and have you waiting on me. I couldn’t do that to you” he said

What is he saying?

I’m so confused.

“What do you mean Luke?” i asked him

“I don’t want you here waiting for me to come back, i shouldn’t ask you to do that. It’s not far” Luke said

I stood up from the sofa standing in front of him and said “ What are you saying? You want to break up?” i heard the crack in my voice at the end but i am trying to keep it together

Holding on to the hope that Luke doesn’t actually mean this. I mean how could he mean that, it’s Us. Me and Luke forever.

“I leave in a week Soph and i’ll be gone for 8 months but that’s only for the tour i will probably be gone for much longer, i don’t want to string you along like that it would hurt me knowing that your waiting for me when i may never come back” Luke said

“But it’s us Luke, we have always been together.. you can’t just drop me and expect me to be okay, i love you Luke” i said to him

my heart was breaking, how could he do this to me.. to us.

has he forgotten all what we have been through?

“I love you Sophia you have no idea how much i wish i didn’t have to do this but for us it’s is for the best, i wouldn’t want to hurt you like this if i didn’t think it was the right thing to do” Luke said

he reached out to grab my hand but i pulled it away, i don’t want to touch him right now.

i don’t think i could handle it.

Anger. Anger was all i was feeling right now.

How dare he think like that.

“2 years we’ve been together Luke, you want to throw that away because you think i shouldn’t wait for you while you go live your dream? We have been friends for way much longer, how could you do this” i said to him almost screaming at him

Luke looked up at me with sad eyes but right now i didn’t care and then he said

“Exactly and you deserve way more than that because we have been friends forever, i love you Sophia and you will always be the girl i love forever but it’s what’s best for us, you may think you can wait for me for 8 months but it will kill you, me and us. I will be away in different countries, different time zones we aren’t always gonna be able to talk or see each other, it’s best if we just break up” Luke said

He didn’t break eye contact.I could feel the tears running down my face.

I can’t believe this is happening.. Well fuck him.

Fuck him and this relationship and our friendship.

I slapped him. I slapped him so hard my hand turned red and started to sting but i didn’t feel the pain.

Luke held onto the cheek i slapped and i snapped.

“Fuck you, after everything we have been through you want to end us? Well then okay that’s us over for good. I hope you have a nice time on tour, i hope you get laid and have all the sex you want because i know that’s why you don’t want me to wait because you want to be single on tour so you can get girls. Well if that’s what you want Luke you got it. Don’t ever contact me again, we are so done” i yelled at him

I took one last look at him and then i walked out of his house.

I ran home but i heard him screaming my name when i left, but i didn’t stop.

Once i got home i ran upstairs and to my bedroom.

I cried and cried.

I have never felt this pain before.

Me and Luke are over.. Forever.

I never thought that would happen and now it is.


School is the only place i feel safe right now.

Luke and the other boys are getting ready to leave and so i heard they dropped out of school yesterday.

They leave on Saturday. Today is Thursday.

Luke has been over at my house but i have stayed in my room, of course my mum thinks i should let him come up but i can’t see him.

Were over, i know if i see him i will just run into his arms because the truth is.., i miss him.

I miss him so much it hurts me. We usually spend everyday together and i haven’t seen or spoken to him in 2 days.

I want to just to go over to his house and for him to say he didn’t mean what he said and that he loves me but i know that won’t happen.

Jessica and Gwen have been at my house looking after me, even tho i told them they didn’t need to but they won’t leave me alone.

I appreciate it of course, they are my best friends but nothing is helping right now.

I am losing the most important person in my life and i can’t do nothing about it.

laying in my bed feeling sorry for myself is not helping but the only place i want to be is with Luke.

i turn my head and see that his hoodie, the one i love so much sitting on my chair.

something cracked in me and i jumped out of bed, i was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt so i got some clothes on and i grabbed everything of Luke’s i owned.

i don’t want them, it’s too hard to look at them and i think i will break down if i wear any of his clothes.

i had 3 t-shirts of his, 2 sweatpants and 3 hoodies that all belong to him.

i grabbed them in my arms and i marched out of my house and to his.

i knocked on his door and his mum appeared.

she gave me a sad smile and then she looked down at the clothes in my arms confusing and then said “ Sophia it’s so good to see you, Luke told me what happened are you here to see him?”

i have always loved Liz.

She is like a second mum to me.

“Is he here?” i simply asked

i didn’t want to be here longer than i needed to.

“Yes honey, he’s up stairs in his room” Liz said and then she stepped aside letting me in.

i looked up at the stairs, i could see the door to his room.

this is so weird.

i feel like i don’t belong here anymore.

i walked slowly up the stairs, his bedroom door was closed. I have never been so scared right now.

standing outside Luke’s room feeling like a stranger. How could this have happened?

we have been friends since we were 8 years old. Best friends for 8 years and lovers for 2 years and i can’t even bare to open his bedroom door, there are many of times i have been pressed up against this door when we have been making out, i remember being 10 years old and hiding in Luke’s room from him when he didn’t even know i was here.

Back then it was all so simple.

i knocked on his door and i heard movement inside. My heart started beating faster and faster.

Luke’s Pov

i hate packing.

my mum has been helping for the most of it but i can’t stand it.

i have texted Sophia but i got no repily, i sort of thought i wouldn’t but it’s us and i wish she would talk to me.

she probably hates me right now, when i called to her house her mum answered and told me she wasn’t home, i didn’t believe her but i knew she wouldn’t want to see but i miss her.

i wish i wasn’t going away but it is my dream.

I wish she could come with us but i know she can’t.

i couldn’t keep her waiting for 8 months, it wouldn’t be fair.

i was sitting on my bed looking at old photos of me and Soph from when we were younger,i could feel the tears form in my eyes and then there was a knock at my door.

Strange.. my mum usually doesn’t knock and i don’t see why she is choosing today to knock.

i set the photos down and walked over to the door and opened it.

“Sophia?” i said shocked.

i was not expecting to see her here and holding clothes?

are they my clothes?

“I only came here to give you back your clothes so here you go” she said

she didn’t look at me, she kept her focus on the clothes.

i’m just glad she’s here.

we can finally talk.

“Keep them Soph i know how much you love my hoodies” i said to her hoping she would look at me but she didn’t lift her head.

“I don’t want them, i want nothing that reminds me of you” she said

well that hurt.

“Soph, we can still be friends..please come in and we can talk” i said to her hoping she would but she made no movement.

she shook her head and said “ No i don’t want to talk and i don’t want to be friends, here are your clothes take them so i can go”

she finally looked at me, her eyes are puffy and it was obvious she has been crying.

my heart sunk at the sight of her, she has probably been crying herself to sleep. This is the last thing i wanted.

“Sophia please don’t do this, come and sit down.. i leave soon and i don’t want to leave on bad terms with you” i said to her

i just want to hold her in my arms and never let go.

i wish i could touch her.

she didn’t look at me when she spoke “ what you want doesn’t matter anymore, you broke up with me, your leaving me so no i don’t want to come in and sit down. I came here to give you you’re fucking clothes back so take them so i can go home and pretend that at least for a minute i am happy”

i was no expecting that but i deserve it.

i looked down not knowing what to then, she held the clothes out in front of her so i grabbed them out of her hands. It’s what she wants i know i can’t win this. She’s right, i broke up with her and i am leaving so i need to just let her be.

“Will you come on Saturday to see us off?” i asked, it;s worth a shot.

i really want her to be there but i understand if she won’t be.

she looked at me and i could tell she was going to cry but she was keeping it together.

she’s trying to be strong but she can’t fool me.

“No, i’ve already said goodbye to the boys” she said

why can’t she say goodbye to me?

now i’m angry.

i clenched my clothes in my hands as i watched her walk down the stairs to the front door, i threw my clothes on the floor and ran after her.

she was just about to open the front door when i reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Don’t i get a goodbye?” i said

she turned right around,tears running down her face.

she stopped and stared at me and then she spoke “ You think you deserve a goodbye?”

is she for real?

“We have been friends for so long and i have been in love with you for years, we have been through so much together does that not count for something? don’t i at least deserve a goodbye?” i said to her

she wiped the tears from her face and then she stepped closer to me and spoke

“Don’t i deserve more? you broke up with me after everything we have been through, after years of being friends and in love with one another you just end things all because you think it’s best for us, well you know what Luke. No you don’t deserve a goodbye because the thought of actually saying goodbye to you breaks my heart, you are my best friend, my boyfriend i can deal with saying goodbye to the other boys but you..i can’t. Saying Goodbye to you means you are actually going and i can’t.. i can not deal with this” Sophia said and then she turned and ran out of my house in tears.

i wiped the tears of my face feeling my heart break.

i wish i could make this all go away. In this moment i wish i never started a youtube channel because seeing my best friend break in front of me is not worth it.

Sophia’s Pov

I packed.

I packed my suitcase and a bag and i left.

i left a note to my parents explaining why i was leaving, i also wrote one for Gwen and Jessica because they are my best friends.

i can’t stay here.

How could i finish my last year of school knowing Luke isn’t here?

i can’t do this without him, so i’m leaving.

i don’t know where i’m going but i will figure it out.

It’s a Friday night and my parent’s are out so they won’t know i’m gone until the morning.

i need to leave.

Not for Luke but for me.

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All the men I'm my life are abusive and defend each others abusiveness. They literally say "hes a guy, he's supposed to" when when I got mad at one of them for making a girl upset by loudly talking about her tits like she wasn't there "its your fault he does this because you made him feel bad about being sexist and he feels like he has to more now". Feminism didn't make me hate men. Men make me hate men. They're all trash and don't think were people. Theyre all the same no exceptions.


The Philinda Drink Saga:

Coulson to May [4x14- flashback]: “You and I could talk about that….over a drink.”

Coulson to Agent 33 disguised as May [2x04]: “How about when this is over you and I finally go get that cup of coffee we were supposed to get all of those years back?”

May to Coulson in a different dimension [4x07]: “We promised that we would open that bottle of Haig.”

Coulson to May [4x07]: “You know when this is over, you and I have a bottle of Haig to open.”

Coulson to May [4x08]: “When this is over, its time…we are cracking that bottle.”

LMD May to Coulson [4x08]: “Once we crack that bottle its open…no going back.”

LMD May to Coulson [4x11]: “Long day….drink.”

Coulson to LMD May [4x12]: “Got your green tea.”

Coulson to LMD May [4x12]: “Maybe we should toast to that.”

LMD Coulson to LMD May [4x15]: “Why don’t you and I have a glass of scotch? Or many?”


i wish in bioshock you had the choice not to splice up at all. the game forces you to get a few plasmids like electro bolt and incinerate and telekinesis, but it would be cool if plasmids were entirely optional and you got a different ending if you made it through without splicing.

Something New - One

Summary: A year had come and gone, Jyn and Cassian were acclimating to a peaceful life on Takodana, even K-2SO was beginning to take some joy in finding new risks to calculate, such as how badly Jyn would burn the food she was attempting to cook without Cassian’s supervision. Jyn getting pregnant seemed the next logical thing in their family they were building despite Jyn’s fears about it. Even Kay can’t help but be jovial in his own way, driving Jyn and Cassian crazy lists of what they should and shouldn’t do to ensure the birth of a healthy companion for him.

A/N: This is purely just pregnancy/little family fluff cause we all deserve it, Jyn and Cassian deserve it, and I got a prompt for it for my birthday last month. So yay! Here’s some fluff, it might not be too long but I haven’t decided yet, hope you guys like it! <3

Pairing: Rebelcaptain


Words: 1,750

AO3: (x)

    Jyn stared at the positive readout on the test, she’d waited to take it until Cassian had gotten out of bed to go check on the field droids outside, unsure of not only how he’d react, but how she would react herself. She suspected something was different for about a month, her cycle had normalized over the past year of peace since the war was won, and she tried to dismiss the skipped month though she knew something was wrong. And there is was staring right at her, a positive readout on the pregnancy test, and for the first time in a year, Jyn was terrified. Hearing the familiar heavy footsteps of Cassian heading back towards their bedroom again had Jyn frantically shove the blood test in her nightstand drawer and trying to keep the covers arranged over her still naked form.

Keep reading